Don’t Blame Him — He’s Only the President

Not My FaultConservatives have been unfair to Barack Obama.  They blame him for all sorts of things.  But it’s never his fault.  Just ask him.

The economy?  We all know that was Bush’s fault.

The fact that millions of Americans are still out of work, the lucky ones settling for part-time jobs?  Hey, he’s president not a magician!

Who was responsible when the nation’s credit rating was downgraded?  Obstinate Republicans, who else?

Who should take the rap for Solyndra, the solar company that President Obama helped finance with $535 million of our tax dollars before it went bankrupt?  Blame that one on the Chinese, who the president says “flooded the market” with subsidized solar panels, which made it impossible for Solyndra to compete.

And now we have the latest example of how nothing is Barack Obama’s fault – even if it happens right under his nose: the White House tour fiasco.  Just the other day, the president told ABC News, it’s not his fault that the tours got cancelled. The Secret Service made him do it.

“You know, I have to say this was not a decision that went up to the White House,” he told George Stephanopoulos.  “But what the Secret Service explained to us was that they’re going to have to furlough some folks. What furloughs mean is that people lose a day of work and a day of pay.”

That makes sense, right? The leader of the free world, the most powerful man on the planet, simply could not tell the Secret Service to cut something else and keep the tours going?  Sure!

When I heard him say that to Stephanopoulos I thought, this isn’t something a man would say.  It’s how little kids talk when something goes wrong.  It’s never their fault.  Somebody else is always to blame, somebody else always made them do it.

In addition to having only a distant relationship with the truth, Mr. Obama has that rare ability to be breathtakingly hypocritical and not so much as give us a wink while he’s being two-faced.

Remember in 2008, when he was running for president, when he slammed then-president Bush for adding $4 trillion to the national debt?  He said it was “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic.”

“The problem,” candidate Obama said, “is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion dollars for the first 42 presidents — number 43 added $4 trillion dollars by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion dollars of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child.”

Candidate Obama said that on July 3, 2008, at a campaign event in Fargo, North Dakota.  But now that he’s president and has managed to make George W. Bush look like a cheapskate, the debt crisis suddenly is no big deal.

In that interview on ABC, the president said, ““We don’t have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. In fact, for the next 10 years, it’s going to be in a sustainable place.”

So let’s see if we have this right:  President Bush was “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic” for racking up $4 trillion-plus in debt … for taking the total to about $10 trillion … for putting “every man, woman and child” in hock for $30,000.

But now President Obama says we have no debt crisis even though he will wind up adding — not $4  or $5 trillion to our national debt — but about $10 trillion before he leaves office and finally gets some free time to play golf.  And while every single American was in hock for $30,000 because of Bush’s “irresponsible” accumulation of debt, today every man, woman and child is in hock for over $53,000 – and counting.

If George W. Bush was “unpatriotic” this ought to make Barack Obama an out and out traitor, which is why I marvel at how he can blame everybody but himself for our problems, how he can speak out of both sides of his mouth — and get away with it.

Yes, it’s true that his approval numbers are dropping.  Real Clear Politics puts his average at 48.5%.  A couple of reputable polls have him at 45%.  Maybe the American people are finally catching on.  I hope so.  But somehow I doubt it.

Stay tuned.



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  • hekesq

    So I guess if it was Obama’s fault the economy suffered you will be the first in line to hug and kiss him because we have the strongest economy in a decade. I am holding my breath.

  • Adrian Vance

    Hey if in high school you awaken to the fact that you are not very smart and lazy too, what can you be? A liberal Democrat taking other people’s money! That is you path to success!

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Phil Silverman

    “slobbering love affair” is the unfortunate title of a silly book I borrowed from the library. Based upon Bernie’s outrage over an African-American correspondent showing emotion when he learned – on camera – that an African-American had been elected President.

  • Adrian Vance

    Hey, where were you when the Affirmative Action goodies were passed out? What’s-a-matter? You white?

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • americalsgt

    Well, I don’t remember Harry ever passing the buck, and I do remember that he went to the funeral of an old friend even though it was political poison. As for President Obama, just for starters, I think it is childish to avoid taking responsibility for Benghazi. Also, I see you want to base it on race. Well don’t lump me in with the 50% who are, according to you, are pro-segregation ( would love to see where you got that source), and as for my voting for an American with a high degree of melanin in their skin and no hyphens in their name, I would vote for that person if he or she were who I thought would make a good president. So please chastise me after you read the book I recommended and without beginning the conversation with race. Oh and who are the us you want me to tell this to?

    • Phil Silverman

      Obama taking responsibility for Benghazi? The GOP leads the charge to defund security there and its’ Obama’s fault? By the way, Mr. O’Reilly Premium Member, the CIA responded within 25 minutes – it was a CIA site.>>> I don’t know how you translate what I wrote being about “race” but if the GOP is going to say “race” got him in why not say a good # of folks voted for Romney’s WHITENESS? It is a fact that this new Tea party Brand is absolutely pro-segregation. The Koch Bros. Dad was a founder of the John Birch Society and the TP is in that chemistry, a front group for the Kochs. Not saying they are not patriotic. But they are essentially extremist and want the 1964-5 legislation to go away.

      • americalsgt

        Next you’ll be telling me that LBJ started the great society because he cared. Phil we don’t agree fine. But you did bring up the race issue twice in the first sentence. African-American and accusing half of Americans of being pro segregation. 1+1=2. You think Obama is swell. I don’t because his vision for America is not the same as mine. We’ve spent 15 trillion dollars trying to end poverty in this country and it hasn’t worked out and instead, we have increased the number of people who are beholdened to the government for their sustenance. Wanting to turn the US into a Socialist country is not a good thing. Because I’m old and with and ETS of less than 10 you will be able to judge who was right and who was wrong.

  • Phil Silverman

    Come on, man. The S & P downgrade WAS Boehners’ fault! He was terrified of upsetting the Koch Bros. & their front group, the Tea Party. He dragged out a routine debt ceiling debate. The eco. has stagnated because of both parties but since Obama has taken office, it’s been the Republicans and their war on the blue collar (those who work on infrastructure, dig?) which has screwed everything up. Obama only “blamed” Bush II when the Hard Right BLAMED HIM for the 11+ trillion dollar debt, the unfunded wars – one manufactured, and the unfunded phrama. Gee, I thought you were…fair and balanced. Come on, now….please reply to my post.


      You are a real idiot MOONBAT!!

      • plsilverman

        I can see that all your worship of William F. Buckley has paid off!!

        • GOLDCLAW

          What mental ward are you replying from?–you ignorant POS!!

          • plsilverman


          • Michael N.

            So you call names to a person that disagrees with you….
            That’s real mature….
            Yet you have to ask “what mental ward he is from”?


      oblamer has increased the debt to over 17 trillion with his big government spending and taxing the working class–how in the hell do you retarded liberals even walk and chew gum at the same time??–you MORONS are the most naive STUPID people on earth and want a socialistic America–I hate all liberals!

    • Thomas Watson

      Hmm and who is to blame for the 3+ trillion dollars of extra
      debt because of Obamacare ? Who looked into the camera
      and lied 30+ times saying if you like your healthcare
      and your doctors , you can keep them under Obamacare > Small businesses going
      out because of ACA burdens and State taxes ? Going
      after news people unfavorable to him ? Fast and Furious (1,000 deaths so far )
      Mess in Egypt , mess in Syria , mess in Libya Bergdahl trade, and now de facto amnesty for
      5 million illegal aliens ?

      Meanwhile – Middle Class wages continue to go down
      as prices for everything , go up .

      He taught classes on Saul Allinsky at the U of Chicago . Hello ?

    • Thomas Watson

      You are so so naive and ridiculous . Look around you !
      Or come to CA and see the ‘effects ‘ of decades of
      Democratic misrule .

    • Thomas Watson

      So that makes it alright to add another 7 trillion and counting ?
      We could easily eliminate whole departments in the
      Federal Government and no one would care . In fact,
      it would actually help the economy but placing more money
      in private hands .

  • hihoze

    Saul Alinsky didn’t teach leadership. Candidate Obama pointed to his work experience as a Saul Alinsky Community Organizer for his qualification to be president of the United States of America. A Saul Alinsky community organizer adheres to amoral, dishonest tactics designed to polarize and ridicule an enemy. Alinsky promoted an “any means justifies the end”, winning is all that matters philosophy that completely avoided and shunned any sense of ethics. We should not be surprised to see that President Barack Hussein Alinsky is a divisive, polarizing, name calling, blame laying, ideolog. After all, he was taught to win dirty but not to lead.

    • plsilverman

      Alinksy!! I went to two very Liberal colleges…I can say that his name never, ever came up. First heard it on the Beck Fox travesty. repeated and repeated …and………….. / and > Barack HUSSEIN Alinsky! ooh, that mioddle name soundz like a name we would associate with middle eastern enemies!! yay!!! Obama, the blamer!!! Esp. after HE was blamed for the 11+ trillion dollar debt left to HIM!!!

  • r toll

    wow, you a real genius

  • JohnInMA

    What’s he got to loose? No more elections. And a post 2-term president will get any honorarium he chooses. In fact, challenging Obama now could be more risky for Pelosi or Reid. Of course when his personal popularity declines to some magic point, maybe then he has lost his last item to leverage. And then those who he challenges (or throws under the bus) can fight back.

  • Bob Rothman

    I doubt it too.

  • wally12

    I think you are right. Obama will never get the blame he should since the MSM will come to his rescue.

  • Bruce A.

    If liberals always eat their own, I expect some in the gushing main stream media to start reporting the truth.

    • suki33

      Don’t hold your breath. Obama is their guy, He’s The One they were waiting for. He’s helped them dream the impossible dream and the fact that he has not done anything in the fiscal area nor does he accept accountability or responsibility for anything matters not a whit. He’s their guy and that’s all that matters.

      All the candidates who didn’t run against Obama last year owe Mitt Romney a big favor for taking the hit for them, now they can blame Romney for 4 more years of Obama and engage in their own impossible dreams.

  • Iklwa

    Kinda reminds me of: I know you are but what am I?
    Even seven-year-olds eventually get the idea you can’t always blame someone else.
    Of course, if seven-year-olds had a huge propaganda machine like our President lying to us all of the time, maybe they wouldn’t get the idea.

  • docww

    The way things are going, we’ll end up out-Greecing Greece! When you give away enough free stuff, a lot people get hooked. Try taking it away and they start rioting in the streets. Unfortunately rioting has no effect when you run out of other people’s money.

  • alegalcitizen

    He could have paid for the white house tours for a year with the money it cost to fly him and his entourage to Florida to play golf with Tiger while Michelle was off skiing in Colorado, so BOTH planes, the fuel, the secret service for the 2 of them, it’s DISGUSTING!!!

  • Ken Heyl

    Bernie: I agree…but my brain keeps going to a new set of “taxes” that are coming at us.

    In the last couple of weeks there have been several articles in the (conservative and even the mainstream) media about problems with the “free” cell phone program. Duplicate (or more) phones, phones to dead people, etc. These articles reminded me about the “tax” that is hidden on every mobile phone bill as a “fee”. I knew about it before, but it just slipped my mind as I absent-mindedly paid for phone bills for folks who can’t afford them (and commissions for urban entrepreneurs, free phones for drug dealers, you name it).

    Then yesterday I heard about a new proposal to use the lease payments for oil wells on federal lands to pay for “investments” in alternative energy schemes. In other words, a way to channel money to lib entrepreneurs for silly schemes that won’t work without facing House Republicans.

    The lesson of Solyndra is that business risk needs to be evaluated by business people, not government bureaucrats. “Investing” money in a company that was designed to compete with the Chinese was a bad investment when it was made, not a loss attributable to unfair Chinese competition. (Note: The best way to “use” the situation where China subsidizes solar panel makers is to buy as many as we can at the lowest price we can, and let the Chinese “taxpayers” pay their share.)

    Let’s let American Business make the investment decisions and we’ll get better outcomes. Taking money from lease income (that could be channeled into keeping our deficit lower) to “invest” is another worthless Obama scheme to line the pockets of libs should be exposed for what it is…another tax on Americans.

    Ken Heyl

  • FloridaJim

    Obama is a narcissist and a narcissist never admits he is wrong or has made a mistake. Obama blames Bush, the tsunami, the Libyans, Susan Rice, Romney. Boehner, Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party people and on and on ad nauseum.He makes me sick with his weak excuses and his failure to improve the country which is hanging on the precipice of a giant improvement cycle with the right leader Obama is not the man. Obama’s goal is to destroy the economy and replace it with some form of Marxism. With over 50 Marxists or radical professor’s in his administration Marxism is their forte their have been indoctrinating our students for 50 years and now they have their man to take us blindly over the cliff.

  • Eric Futterman

    Hey Bernie. The facts:

    Obama took over as 5 million people were losing their jobs. Unemployment hitmore than 10% before the Stimulus was passed. We were mired in two wars that were unpaid for, not even counted in the budget, Medicare Part D not paid for and $1.5 trillion in tax cuts not offset. Translation $6 trillion in debt thanks not just to Bush but Bush and the Republicans.

    So I don’t blame Obama for any of that. But I do give him credit for:

    Now we have 36 straight months of job growth

    Stock Market doubled in value to highest ever.

    More middle class tax cuts than any time in history

    Iraq war nearly over

    Spending is lowest since Ike

    Deficits are finally coming down…cut in half by 2015

    Patriotic Veteran Soldier as Defense Secretary who is not a big spending military industrial complex chickenhawk NeoCon.

    Our last two Secs of State have stabilized our position and regained our respect across the world.

    More green jobs in 4 years than any other time in history

    Women have more work rights in the country now than ever

    Gay men and women can serve in the military

    Marriage equality is closer and closer to being a reality.

    Insurance companies can no longer impose a lifetime cap on sick customers

    More access to health care for children with pre-existing conditions than any time in history

    Finally on the verge of getting sensible weapons legislation.

    Sensible reform of the financial services industry that lost trillions in our economy.


    • plsilverman

      man, I’m trembling! please join me on my facebook page! I’m getting triple- teamed by John Birch’s grandkids!!! great post!!! :)

  • joer1

    What I wonder is ….. when will the American Media catch on? or do they need to be very careful with this lest they harm Hillary’s chances. They have already anointed her so get ready for 8 more years of blaming someone else. The Clinton’s have learned a great deal from this current LIAR … mainly that the Media will provide “cover” no matter what!

  • tms.malthaus

    I think the president has a problem with authority figures. He doesn’t understand his place in government. I do understand his message as a few people I work with think it’s the Tea Party members in Congress who are at fault, and that we don’t have a spending.

    When they patronize me with comments indicating the optimism I should have for Republicans in 2016, I tell them we’ll be in a mop up operation before Obama leaves office.

    Have a nice day!

  • Tom

    Your $53,000.00 figure of indebtedness is completely wrong. If half of Americans pay no income tax, a more accurate figure would be $106,000.00 and growing to be repaid by those Americans who do pay taxes. President O will ensure that fewer and fewer of his supporters will have to pay. So, pay up suckers

  • ted

    For those of you who blame. Don’t. Few Americans are given the truth. Consider:
    education, pre-K through Ph. D. is run by LPDs. The media is mostly controlled by LPDs. The government employees are controlled by LPD labor unions. And, finally, the entertainment industry is filled and owned by LPDs.
    There are few American with the knowledge that most of what Mr. Obama says is a lie. Most in the country believe free enterprise and business is bad and evil and takes from the common man. Most feel sorry for the “victims” who are virtually everyone except white males. And each victim group all joined together constitute the Democratic Party voter base. Most people don’t really understand that corporations pay for it all and, in fact, employ most of the people in America. Most people think the stock market is gambling and shouldn’t be used. Most people don’t understand that the Congress has its retirement funds in stocks. Most people don’t understand that Social Security is arbitrary (not contractual) and can be eliminated by a single Congress.
    Most people don’t understand because learning the truth is not easy.
    LPDs = Liberal, Progressive Democrats. An animal worse than a rat.

  • ted

    I saw him on television stating that he had cut the budget by $4 trillion (000,000,000,000,000). He is a baldfaced liar. That’s all. And the media supports him. They are all LPDs.

    • plsilverman

      he cut the deficit by 50%. and at one point he offered the Town Cryer a 3.8 to 4.4 trillion dollar budget deficit reduction plan, incl, cuts to the big 3 so dep, he was being told to clean out his “2012” desk ahead of time. and guess what? the gIpper nearly trioled the debt; Bush II doubled it; Obama’s has gone up 50%. :)

  • Frank E.

    I am so discusted with Obamas lies. He has lied, covered up alot of things. He in my opinion has no integrity. Al the way from obama care to Bengazi and every thing in between. What dose it take to fire a president. If anyone desreves to be put out of his position he dose.

    • plsilverman

      no connect with Benghazi to 1600; “lie” about ACA was no lie: it’s TRUE that if the 3rd rate Individula plan providers would not do what they alwsys do, drop clients on a whim, then we have (trumpets!) “you can keep what ya got!” yes, you can. don’t look so sad. gonna be fine. 42 million newly covered.

  • Kenneth Glenn Koons

    Moron Low Info Voters were scammed by Bama and the DNC. The lies, baloney, on the Sequester, like Obamacare, Stimulus, deficits were all Obama’s ongoing anti-American socialist agenda to raise taxes, spending, regs, to transform America into…Cuba or Mali. The ‘fair’ agenda works for Takers. Not for Makers in our society . But obviously 53% thought Obama was still an outsider and not really in the WH to lead or govern. Just to blame Pubs and to make things right for losers via rhetoric. Well, it hasn’t worked but don’t sell short the American public. They would elect him again!

  • DOOM161

    I don’t see why people are always all up on Obama’s nuts. It’s not like he spent 8 years and countless money applying for the job, or anything like that.

  • Random_acct

    The joke is on the young and single who supported him. Now they will see that they will be subsidizing the healthcare of those older than 55 in a big way due to Obamacare. Congratulations you zealots of idealism!

  • Random_acct

    We get the leaders we deserve…and deserve the leaders we get.

  • wyatt81

    He CAN take credit for his narcissism, pettiness, vengefulness, dishonesty, hypocrisy, arrogance, and immaturity, as well as the only thing he ever told the truth about-fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

  • Ted Crawford

    What we have here is an example of perfect consistancy. Eric Holder knows NOTHING about Fast and Furious, Hillary Clinton knows NOTHING about Benghazi, Timothy Giutner knows NOTHING about Turbo-Tax, Janet Napolitano knows NOTHING about the release of the Illegal Aliens! Clearly it’s logical that Obama would know NOTHING about anything! Who said there was no such thing as perfect?

  • Shane

    The liberal MSM does not want to ask any tough questions which would make Obama look like the lying hypocrite that he is.

  • Jaitop

    Obama is disingenuous. He ignores that since 2009 the Medicare and the SS trust funds have been in the negative. He raided the funds to pay for Obamacare. The funds have over 48 trillion of unfunded liabilities. He doesn’t want to save these funds from bankruptcy. He is the ultimate immature politician and the most inept president America has ever had.

    • Phil Silverman

      how would turning Medicare into Vouchercare save money or help Americans? And soc. security is secure until 2037.

  • Tim D

    What really troubles me is the dreadful example he sets for African-American youth, particularly the many without a father: no matter what goes wrong always blame others. No example shown of responsibility for one’s own actions. No consequences ever need to be considered, just blame others and go play golf, more golf, basketball or hang with bling-bling rapper buds. As for belt-tightening, cutting one’s cloth and repaying one’s debt. … America deserves a better first African-American President than this.

  • paul union, kentucky

    Bernie, Thanks for telling it like it is. Hopefully the the ignorant and misinformed will wake up before it’s too late. But the lamestream media still laps up whatever Obama says as the gospel truth.

  • ksp48

    I ask my liberal friend (all of who have criticized everyn other president for the last 40 years) if there is ANYTHING AT ALL that they think is Obama’s fault. Is there ANYTHING that they blame Obama for. One or two have been honest enough to blush.

  • pepps

    right on Bernie! hopefully some day americans will wise up

  • Trevor Davis

    Killing Osama Bin Ladin. Obama says that’s his fault.

  • TechArtists

    If this narrative becomes too widespread, you can expect the WH to concoct something for Obama to publicly take blame for, which is obviously not his fault, thus seeding the compliant press with misinformation to sideline this narrative and to provide a future talking point when it comes up again.

  • RealBigSol

    President Obama has taken plenty of blame. A quick Google search will get you direct quotes from the man himself (Benghazi, relationship with the GOP, the overall culture in Washington). My issue is with the GOP and the Conservative Entertainment Complex who won’t accept their responsibility in any of this.

    I’m not talking about Bush. I’m talking about a GOP that has made it’s sole priority the failure of the President of the United States. Paul Ryan actually has the repeal of Obamacare in his new budget. Are you all serious? Asked and answered, Your Honor. You lost! Get over yourselves.

  • rwmofo

    The President was overheard taking the blame for always being too nice. Supposedly, he’s gonna work on coming across as a little more likable.

  • Kitcrsn

    Bernie, if the American electorate still haven’t caught on after 4 years of Obama ineptness and fraudulence, they never will.

    • Phil Silverman

      they should have chosen Romney’s ineptitude.>>>by the way, be specific about “fraudulence” and please no cheating with notyes prepared by Orly Taitz and Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi.

  • Drew Page

    Obama’s hypocrisy is absolutely astounding, but 51% of voters obviously don’t care. I hope the conservatives who stayed at home rather than vote for Romney contract terminal hemorrhoids from sitting on their rearends. Maybe they will be able to find a doctor under Obamacare, but I hope not.

  • joe jones

    bernie is so right.

    • Phil Silverman

      about that Obama is not a real man?

  • soundnfury

    He also promised that he would fix the deficit spending problem & balance the budget by the end of his 1st term. Now he is attempting to claim that he has reduced federal spending at a faster pace than any other president. This guy’s claims require his audience to suspend all credulity.

    • Drew Page

      His audience doesn’t know what credulity means. Imagine their shock and dismay when we run out of other people’s money.

  • tb thomas

    How can we possibly defeat this malefactor if we continue to denigrate him as an incompetent?
    Don’t you people get it: he’s winning, and we’re losing.

    We point out
    there are more people on food-stamps than ever before,
    and offer it as proof that his policies aren’t working. He takes note of the fact that the number of food-stamp recipients is at an all-time high, and says: “I guess those ads we’ve been running have worked. Mission Accomplished!”

  • rlpincus

    Tired, tired, tired, Bernie. Really tired. Stick to sports where at least you show some range. Or are those all just assignments?

  • Mojo88

    I would lone to have an interviewer ask the simple question:
    Mr. President :Why are your opponents still so powerful and why are you so ineffective and powerless to stop them?

  • BobinNC

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of
    government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents
    familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he
    appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the
    soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the
    pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer
    resist. A murderer is less to fear.” – Cicero

  • woulddragon

    I can just hear it now: “We did not do; OTHERS did”, or “We didn’t even know such things WERE GOING ON”, or “WE DID IT, but others MADE US DO IT.” It certainly isn’t the fault of “We the People”…we simply didn’t know any better. (Does ANY of this sound at all familiar?).

  • tb thomas

    The all-consumed narcissist is incapable of accepting blame, or admitting error. To do so would threaten the existence of his fantasy-self, and condemn him to spend the rest of his life with the dysfunctional fragment of a human being he really is. For Obama, a fate worse than death.

    • Phil Silverman

      explain what makes him a “fragment” of a human being.

  • foxusmc

    Well said. This president obtains as the singularly most divisive, arrogant, and inherently incompetent chief executive in our nation’s history.

    • Drew Page

      He is devisive and arrogant, but do not think for one minute that he is incompetent. He is doing exactly what he wants to do and getting away with it. Adding insult to injury, he gets away with blaming others for what he has done and failed to do.

      • Phil Silverman

        he got away with the S & P rating going down because Boehner was terrified of offending the Koch Brothers over the debt ceiling? he “got away” with offering an approx. 4 trillion $$$$ deficit reduction package, incl. huge cuts to the Big 3?

    • Phil Silverman

      really? can you elaborate? while you assenble your Foxnews memo cards, read John Dean’s WORSE THAN WATERGATE.

  • sheila0405

    I go back and forth between believing the President is a dictator, or that he is, as pointed out, childish (in blaming everyone else). This would make him like the crazy uncle who shows up for Thanksgiving dinner every year, but the fact that he is our President is very distressing. And, like Bernie, I wholeheartedly believe that the public will not care at all. It would take a strong press to expose his flaws, but that, too, will never happen. So, we brace for four more years of his nonsense.

  • Ken

    Obama is what he is. A preening,egotistical Rooster. Yeah, he’s dangerous , but he’s basically a figurehead, a diversion. Our real enemies are the so-called “progressive Americans” who hide in his shadow,and continue their agenda of destroying traditional America.

    • Phil Silverman

      yes, we should have voted for Romney and started 3 new wars, continued raiding viable American companies and turned Medicare into Vouchercare.

  • Gloria

    “Maybe the American people are finally catching on” – too bad they didn’t catch on prior to election day 2012! We are stuck with this ideologue, demagogue, lying socialist for another four years and who knows how much more damage will be done in the name of ‘fairness’? Who can say what the debt will be that will be dumped on our kids and grandkids? Sad commentary.

  • Bill

    Obama “the blameless” should be his title! If he drops his fork and knife on the floor it would be the Republicans fault!

  • john nazzaro

    Obama’s mantra: its (our debt structure) going to be in a sustainable place for a decade-is an absurd Presidential cop out. It mirrors the current Krugman mantra, which assumes sustained growth at historic average levels (debatable) while completely avoiding the structural deficit issue (which Obamacare will certainly compound). President’s get paid to lead, not engage in “after me the deluge” rhetoric. The GOP needs to continuously quote the Trustees Reports from Social Security and Medicare. And cut the nonsense about our children: Medicare hits the wall around 2024-unless pending recipients want a sudden benefit impact this administration needs to lead.

  • nickshaw

    What is a community organizer but a person who blames the woes of communities on someone or something else?
    Skeeter is just taken it to the highest level.
    It won’t be long before he blames the American people for his failures instead of just half of them.
    Narcissists always have an excuse.

  • Ken08534

    Apparently George W. Bush was the the most powerful President EVER. His policies, though roundly criticized by his political opponents in 2008, 2010, and just recently in the 2012 election not only remain in-place, most have been expanded!

    Fast & Furious was based on a program under Bush that was suspended for being ineffective… Obama’s people picked it up, dusted it off, expanded it, and then feigned ignorance of the program before blaming it on Bush.

    Solyndra’s loan request was unanimously denied by Bush’s EPA before he left office. Once Obama was in office one of his major donors & a major investor in Solyndra encouraged Obama’s EPA to reconsider, and they did. Not only awarding Solyndra $525M in loan guarantees (despite a gov’t analyst’s prediction that calculated the exact point the company would declare bankruptcy), but as the money was starting to run out, this administration agreed to loan Solyndra even more money AND agreed to put the Gov’t BEHIND one of the major investors, meaning when (not if) Solyndra went bankrupt, this investor was paid back first… This violates US law, BTW. Once questioned about this, the Obama administration blamed the Bush administration.

    George W. Bush put forth Medicare Part D drug plan with the famous (cost-saving) donut hole Democrats railed against, but, once they took over in 2008 one of their first acts was to try and close the donut hole and explode the cost of the program.

    George W. Bush put enemy combatants in Git’mo, Obama pro missed to shut it down, but somehow the President is incapable of making it happen…

    And so on, and so on…

  • Wheels55

    Mr. Affirmative Action knows only one way to be responsible – that is to never take responsibility unless something goes right (I killed Bin Laden).
    This is the leader we elected. We are fools.

    • Drew Page

      Don’t say “we” unless you have a mouse in your pocket. There were 49% of the voters who did the right thing and voted for the other guy. Unfortunately, there were 51% who voted this disgrace into office. I don’t blame the “gimme my free stuff” crowd as much as I do the fools who felt Romney wasn’t conservative enough and stayed home on election day. These are the fools who screwed us all.

      • RMHR

        I doubt there were 51% – there was some smaller % voting over and over and over… The win does not reflect the truth. It reflects a well-oiled machine committing voter fraud. Like the Obama-sponsored buses of young people brought into New Hampshire from out of state because they have same day registration in NH. This was witnessed first hand – not a story from a friend of a friend…

    • Phil Silverman

      do you have evidence that Barack Obama used Affirmative Action at any time? and do you know what Affirmative Action means – how it was written and conceived and how the GOP modified it to include quotas?>>> “Mr. Affirmative Action” soundz like Gingrich, with his comment on Obama’s “Kenyan anti-colonialism”. Vaguely racist, no?

      • Wheels55

        Chill Phil. You are sounding like your panties are in a wad.
        I was referring to Obama’s constant action to entice people to let the government take care of them rather than help people take care of themselves. Obama seems to say “If you fit in one these these select 3,000 categories, the government will give you money from rich folk”

        • Phil Silverman

          what is this obsession with that part of my anatomy? Obama has NOT shown any “Nanny State” penchant at all and Roger Ailes knows it. He has been pro BLUE COLLAR ALL THE WAY, in fact has not raised taxes on them at all. Never mind that RNC-induced mantra about class envy…all Obama wants is for the House to pass his Infrastructure bills and to stop encouraging Red State governors to send back stimulus $$$$ and to stop outsourcing viable American jobs. I think that the “47%” do just fine..just want to go back to work (against the GOP plan of ’09) esp. while fighting the Manufactured wars of the top 1%.

          • Wheels55

            If Obama wants people to go back to work and take care of themselves, he has a funny way of showing it.
            If you think Red State governors should take stimulus cash, you forget that new structures need operational care – at the state’s expense. Rick Scott turned down money for a Florida high speed rail because it would not pay for itself though expected operations. Maybe the Red State Governors think far down the road – something I wish Obama would do.

  • JAC

    before obama was elected there was plenty of jobs…that moron has cost this country too much…is time for him to go…

    • Phil Silverman

      well, JAC, you are wrong about that: at one point Bush II lost 4 million jobs in a 6 month period, was losing close to 800,000 per month and was loving all the corporate raids of struggling not failing companies which results in the best workforce in the world having to face extended unemployment.

  • americalsgt

    Reading a great book right now about the era from Yalta to Potsdam. Harry Truman was such a man. And Obama is such a child.

  • Ken Besig

    You are absolutely right, it’s not what a man would say, but this is Barack Obama’s stock in trade, make excuses and blame everyone else. It’s what Obama’s been doing all his life, successfully too!

    • falcon7204

      There are no “men” on the left. There are only emasculated male-looking creatures who are really wanna-be girls, and thugs who relish in bullying and beating those who disagree with them. And some of those two types can be found in the same person…i. e. Barack Obama.

      • Phil Silverman

        right! no Vietnam or Iraq Veterans on the Left. By the way, who fights the Manufactured by the Right wars – the 47%, those lazy good 4 nothing “takers”. grrrrr. Hail Alex Jonezzz!!l

  • GlenFS

    I would only correct you on your assertion that President Obama has a “distant relationship with the truth”. I see no relationship whatsoever.

  • sewcajun

    I’ve been telling my friends since 2008 Obama is a dangerous man and will ruin this country if elected. He’s a small, petty, empty suit of a man and his actions over the last five years have proved me right. To my friends I call him the “Kim Kardashian” of politics. No talent, but brilliant marketing. I take that back, Obama’s real talent is his ability to competently read a teleprompter.

    • KCGranny

      Obama missed his calling. He should have stayed in the faculty lounge where he could lecture BS to everyone. He’s good at lecturing us all. He can’t do so he might as well teach.

    • tb thomas

      You seem content to argue with his success, and then declare yourself the winner.

      He’s accomplished just about every goal he set out in 2007, and he’s well on his way towards accomplishing his highest aspiration: the dismantling of our free-market economy and the establishment of an authoritarian single-party government. Referring to him as a talentless empty-suit, who’s only skill is reading a teleprompter, is an indulgence those of us who care about the future of this country cannot afford (like whistling past our collective graveyard).

      • Americanmeltdown

        The only thing obama brings to the table is; he’s the slick willy front man for the machine behind the scene that pulls his strings, nothing more.
        He is small, petty, and totally inept.
        The machine found the best puppet to put before the people. The underinformed took the bait and voted for the black front man. The liberal left couldn’t be happier.
        We are doomed, because the majority of conservatives in office and conservative voters won’t get of their duffs long enough to fight back at what is taking place in America. I hope everyone is getting prepared to ride out the coming economic collapes, I am. Hyperinflation is on it’s way, if you know anything at all about economics. The puppet and crew are looting the treasury.

        • Phil Silverman

          what a shame….getting Bin Laden after W. gave up in ’06; getting at one point 22 of 30 of his thug buddies; passing healthcare reform based upon Romneycare and the GOP 1993 altetnaive – terrible that now insurers cannot deny a cancer patient coverage. A shame Obama continued the TARP and now GM and Chrysler are hiring and selling cars again. Expect to sell 14 million in 2013-14 worldwide. Terrible shame. Since mid-09, continued job creation, not what it should be because of the GOP plan to hinder blue collar production and construction jobs, returning stimulus $$$$.

      • Carter Peterson

        You’re spot on about his goals; he wants the sequester to hurt so the Democrats get the House in 2014- but what he really wants is a one-party state. Hmm, what does that sound like folks? Remember your poli-sci courses; that’s the first rung in the ladder of socialism.

        • Bob Rothman

          I think the word you are looking for is fascism. The word “Socialism” literally has hundreds of definitions. The term “fascism” leaves no doubt that a one party state is the goal.

          • Phil Silverman

            Fascism is more likely to come from the extreme Right, as run by the Kochs with their front group, The Tea party. By the way, the John Birch Society is alive and well.

        • Phil Silverman

          reallky? one party state? that’s why he keeps hiring Republicans to work for him. Why he offered an approx. 4 trillion $$$$ deficit reduction plan to guarantee his LOSS in ’12. >>>Socialism…name ONE Socialistic action of Obama that any Republican would not have taken. Unless TARP was Socialism. Okay..I got all night. Give us your Foxnews memo card wisdom.

      • sewcajun

        Do you really think Obama is writing all that stuff he reads off the teleprompter? I’m afraid it’s people like Valerie Jarrett, David Plough, and David Axelrod who are calling many of the shots. For God’s sake, Obama doesn’t even know we have 50 states! He’s the front man for a left-wing agenda set on fundamentally changing this country. I simply don’t believe he has the smarts to pull this off on his own.

      • alegalcitizen

        It’ not that he’s a talentless empty suit, it’s that he LIES and has the power of the press behind him.
        All 57 states and one more to go, which press called him out on that?
        they hide behind their camera lens and ask stupid questions, they don’t want the truth, Come on George Stephanapolis?? A shrill for the Dems. since he was in knickers? Even if he lies to their faces, they won’t call him out on it, just on to the next idiotic question.
        Just wait all conservatives are TOAST after they get done with their great conquest of the U.S.A. with their AMNESTY, that they call “a pathway to citizenship”, rest assured they WILL NOT be asked if they were one of the millions that FRISKED us out of 4.2 Billion dollars with their ITIN fraud, just google it, that was last year alone, they have been doing it for years!!! Yeah, that makes you good citizen material eh??
        Plus used someone else’s SS#, that’s A OK, we NEED you here to vote for all the Freebies you have been enjoying for years due to the births of your anchor babies, free health care, schooling, subsidized housing for the other 8 illegals in your home, after all gotta take care of that ONE “citizen”, still trying to figure out how 2 illegal aliens produce ONE LEGAL CITIZEN, must be by slashing the 14th amendment!!!
        Just wait for the price tag on that with the un-affordable health care bill when we add an additional 10 to 30 million! Whoopee~!!!!!

        • Phil Silverman

          talentless, “empty suit”. Shucks, that remindz us about what good ol’ Clint eastwood done said at the GOP convention but like he said it about a “chair”. Very, very original! :) By the way, was the Gipper a Commee because he gave us amnesty for illegals and took away Federal tax responsibility from 47%??

        • Phil Silverman

          you need information: Obama received the social security card ERRONEOUSLY given to an elderly resident of Connecticut in the 1980s. Case closed. (Unless you follow Orly Taitz). Re. FREE HEALTHCARE, where? what? With Obamacare all MUST PAY. Unless YOU want to continue paying an extra grand per year to cover the drunk up the road and his saturday nite visits to the ER.

      • hihoze

        The Great Fall of the America continues…

        • Phil Silverman

          Really? Wall Street & the big corps and the defense industry and the top 7% disagree. Plus 30+ million Americans now able to pay for healthcare – not be denied coverage because they have cancer.

    • Tim D

      What Obama can’t see coming is that his legacy after 2016 will be as bad as Jimmy Carter, possibly worse. We’ll need a European-style broad-based GST tax of at least 10% on everything. It’ll pay off most of the debt in well under 10 years, probably closer to 5 years. Wealthy won’t notice it much, but lower socio-economic folk (Obama’s current constituency) won’t remember him fondly in years to come after 2016. As for others living high without paying income tax (2 types of people fall into this group), a G$T will see them paying tax each day for the first time in their lives. Sorry, but its our only way out and only way a responsible GOP could support a new tax.

    • alegalcitizen

      I wish the teleprompter would self ignite when he was speaking, he would flounder like he always does without it!
      PLUS you have to ask those protective personnel WHY they were standing around the liar in chief???

      • Phil Silverman

        really? how come he does well without a teleprompter when he does town halls, press conferences and speaks one on one with O’Reilly?

  • JohnInMA

    Every possible conflict is pawned off on somebody else in his administration if not on Bush or Republicans. Beyond the ending of WH tours being the responsibility of the Secret Service, wasn’t the release of criminal, illegal aliens also not his fault but the actions of DHS…..and then not the DHS, but ICE?

    So, the problem is those who came before, those who won’t accept his brilliance and resist just to resist (current GOP), and those who do accept his brilliance but simply make blunders. My teens naturally outgrew this stage of their development, eventually maturing to accept responsibility. I can’t wait for the popularity of Obamacare to further tank once people start to realize the costs, the restrictions, and all the other pain that is coming. Then perhaps we’ll witness Obama throwing Pelosi and Reid under the bus……

    • Jared Hansen

      I’m already anticipating waiving my medical coverage next year. Even though I got a promotion that included a 20% raise around May, I am now taking home just slightly more ($50-$75/mo) than before, due to tax increases and monthly medical premiums. My monthly premium has almost tripled in the last 2 years. If only Thomas Sowell could have been the first black president…sigh

  • Clay Dreslough

    Better to cut money from important programs (including security) so that we can keep marching tourists through the White House. Excellent point.

    • nickshaw

      Doesn’t the drool make your keyboard all sticky?

    • Drew Page

      You are right. Better to cut the defense budget than Obama’s vacation spending. After five years of non-stop campaigning a fellow, his wife and their respective entourages need a few days off. So what if it runs up to $20 million or more annually? There is still some money left in the Social Security Trust (?) Fund to dip into.

  • rwmofo

    I don’t blame the President. The last tough question he had to answer was “Where do you want to play golf today?”

    • Phil Silverman

      really? I guess he’s no longer knowledgable at town halls, press conferences and debates. By the way, what was W. doing on 08-06-01 when he was told Bin Laden was sending planes on 9-11? And he kept playing!!!!

      • Wheels55

        I think W was in a school speaking to children. He kept on doing that to not spark a panic with the kids.

        • Phil Silverman

          No. This was an 08-06-01 specific warning while he was on the extended vacation. Sorry.

  • Wally C

    We heard of the “boy” king in Egypt. Now we have our version

    • Phil Silverman

      your racist post will be reported.

      • Wheels55

        racist only if your mind works that way

        • Phil Silverman

          “boy” King. I should have written racially charged. Okay. But how in 2013 can anyone describe an African -American as a “boy” anything? By the way, what “non-adult” characteristics has he shown? A “boy” does not endure hardships as he had coming up. Poor with a hippie Mother (all due respect to Her), walking into any room in the USA and being greeted with the silent “he comes a Black kid”. He manages to become President twice in a country still divided by race. I see an adult when I see him. Who has made a lot of good bipartisan moves. As a GM (new or returned) worker if they think he’s a kid.

  • newsjoc2004

    Bernie hits the nail on the head when he says a real “man” would never continually put the blame on others. And THAT is the fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives. The conservatives play the role of the responsible parent. The liberals would rather be “friends” than real parents.

    • freethinkergirl

      Some of us were taught that it’s unbecoming to blame other people for your problems and to take responsibility for our own actions. I know Obama will never own up to anything negative (though he’s quick to take credit for any good news), but at least stop pointing the finger at everybody and their mother. What a loser he is.

      • Phil Silverman

        big loser. voted President twice. are you an O’Reilly PREMIUM member?

    • Phil Silverman

      Bernie obviously does not think of Barack Obama as a real man. Obama was being called an appeaser and a blamer. His people had to beg and plead for him to finally say something – he then said he got Bin Laden [after W. gave up in ’06] and he got – at that point 22 out of 30 of his thugs. He got Gaddafi without one drop of American blood spilled. Re. BLAME – who as BLAMING who for 2 years? OBAMA was being blamed for the debt and two wars LEFT TO HIM. Sorry to go against what Roger Ailes says. :/

  • sjangers

    With due respect, Bernie, none of this is really President Obama’s fault. I blame the roughly sixty-six million idiots who helped elect him President.

    • Tim in California

      Sad… funny… and true…

      • trailbee


    • Brhurdle

      I couldn’t agree with you more! The voters could be excused for electing him for the first term. But it should have been obvious by the time of his reelection that he had neither any interest nor the expertise to resolve the primary US problem – the economy. I find it incredulous that the media stands by silently while the economy remains mired in the doldrums. We should label him as the Blamer-in Chief of the Robin Hood Administration with Santa Clause as the top advisor.

      • Phil Silverman

        “Blamer in Chief”? You mean stating that he did not create the two unfunded wars and the 11+ trillion dollar debt left to him? He only “blamed” after HE was blamed for the junkheap left to HIM. Yeah, he made a mess: unemployment is dropping, the auto industry has come back and now insurers cannot deny a cancer patient coverage for $$$$$ reasons..

    • DOOM161

      I hold the GOP partially accountable for running Romney to oppose a state-run healthcare program.

      • alegalcitizen

        There was nothing wrong with Romney!
        When you have the press and oweblama out there LYING through their teeth he didn’t stand a chance.
        oweblama might have been a community organizer, but Romney put his money where his mouth was in truly helping people! Tell me oweblama took his OWN money and helped the less fortunate, Romney did so who’s zoomin who???

        • Phil Silverman

          NAME ONE LIE about Romney. I’m eager to learn.

      • Phil Silverman

        You mean the one he signed into law? Right!

    • joer1

      Amen brother !

    • potvin

      Exactly right.

    • Telly Likeitis

      With all due respect Mr./Ms. J, the Obama campaign shares some culpability in the unfortunate election of our (can’t say “Liar”) Truth Twister. Remember, the ‘mainstream media’ was, and still remains, onboard with Prez O’s agenda. Put in another fashion…
      “The news media is indipensible in modern society. Any political lie can be accepted if repeated enough.”
      J David Parrish

      • Phil Silverman

        The biggest lies have come from the Right since Obama started his first campaign.

    • 1Haole_Boy

      Oh contrare!! I blame the 25 million conservatives and evangelicals who did not go to the polls and vote!!

      • sjangers

        Well, okay. But could we all please just agree that there’s no way any of this could possibly be President Obama’s fault?

        • Phil Silverman

          Thank you-thank you…if U have a moment, please read my reply to Bernie, above. :)

    • Phil Silverman

      Really? How many millions voted for Romney? >>>Are you upset that we did not vote for the corporate raider, the man who wanted to turn Medicare into Vouchercare and start 3 new wars? Also end the national version of healthcare his Romneycare experts helped to write?
      By the way, MAYBE IT *IS* “idiotic” to defy the voter suppression program and stand in line for 8 hrs. to vote for a President. :)

    • TahoeDI

      There was a method to their madness—-who was it that said: Quid pro quo? BO owes “us” something. They elected him just to get all that “free stuff”….the stuff that you and I have to pay for !

    • Phil Silverman

      aw, isn’t that cute? you even include the Americans who defied voter suppression and stood in line for 8 hrs.