Extra! Extra! Libs Care About Civility

This just in:  Liberals in and out of the media care about civility in our public discourse.

This is great news and we should all welcome it.

What brought this concern for decency about are those reports all over the news about threats against Democrats who voted for ObamaCare.  And let’s be clear:  every decent American should deplore the actions of the morons who call up Members of Congress and leave vulgar, threatening messages.

So hats off to everyone who has condemned this kind of behavior – especially my liberal friends in the media who can’t get enough of this story – since it feeds into their narrative that conservatives are racist goons.

But you know, the lamestream media would have a lot more credibility if they had shown the least bit of concern for civility when the targets were conservatives – and the thugs were their fellow liberals.

Just a few days ago, college students in Ottawa threw a temper tantrum and wouldn’t let Ann Coulter speak on their campus.  You see, Ann committed a major offense:  she wanted to say things they didn’t want to hear.  Or to put it another way:  she’s a conservative.

Remember all the outrage in America’s mainstream media over that?  Neither do I.

And you’ve heard about all the liberal outrage brought on by hateful conservatives who apparently have been leaving threatening messages on Congressman Bart Stupak’s answering machine.  Funny, but I don’t recall any outrage when liberals left hateful messages on that same machine when Stupak was going to vote against healthcare reform.  The messages only became newsworthy to those objective journalists when Stupak changed his mind, voted for ObamaCare, and became a hero of the American Left in general and to lamestream journalists in particular.

And maybe I was in a coma a few years back, but I don’t recall any liberal outrage when some lefty made a movie about the assassination of an American president.  And not just any generic president.  No, this was a movie about the assassination of President George W. Bush.

Imagine if some right-wing artiste made a movie about the assassination of President Barack Obama.  We’d never hear the end of it, and rightly so.  But when the movie is about killing W, well then it’s just art.

Maybe selective outrage is part of the human condition and liberals aren’t the only ones who employ it when it suits their purpose. But right now, they’re the ones who are crying over the state of our republic and saying we need to be more civil, even though they never cared about civility when the “bad guys” were being targeted.  So libs are the ones who right now look like the hypocrites that they are.

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  • Jim McCourt

    Right. It was dick cheney that dropped the f bomb on Senator Patrick Leahy on the floor of the Senate. Oh, and bern? Knowing a Bertrand Bertrand Russell quote is not a sign of intelligence, its a sign of knowledge. I can understand why you would be confused by the two. There are smart pubs. I think. Not much evidence as they are so busy trying to appeal to the “common” ie stupid man for their support. You’re laughable. Really.

  • Mary

    Since when did Ann Coulter become as important as our congressmen? More importantly, how can you put death threats against senate and house members in the same boat as people not allowing *Ann Coulter* speaking at a rally? She’s just a spokesman for Fox news… a conservative hate speaking cheerleader, nothing more. Why would anyone, besides Fox, ever report on a story that doesn’t let Ann speak?

    How can you honestly compare those two scenarios with a straight face? This is NOTHING like having your life threatened or actually being attacked, and it’s just unbelievable you compare the two with such a serious tone.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv9xa-VxchM OmEgA

    Hi Bernie,

    Your perception that liberal “concern for civility” only manifests through “selective outrage” is a bit of a stretch, & while Your point has been well received, couldn’t the same principle be applied on the other side of the spectrum?

    I think back to the campaign trail & a certain “lipstick on a pig” comment, & despite this being a fairly common colloqiual expression, pundits were quick to associate this remark as being a direct attack on Sarah Palin Herself. Selective outrage?

    Quite naturally, catalyzing events (such as congressional death threats) will elicit some type of response, or moral commentary, as the utter lack of civility practically begs for such retort. Anne Coulter being preemptively disenfranchised in Canada, (which I certainly don’t support) hardly compares with death threats made to members of the United States congress. Given that free speech in Canada is unfriendly to what it considers “hate speech”, combined with Ann Coulter’s track record, (at least as perceived by many), simply leaves me to chuckle & remember how lucky I am to live in America.

    Lastly, Ann Coulter was NOT barred from speaking simply because She is a “conservative.” She’s a highly controversial figure! To simply rest Your case with the word “conservative” isn’t exactly justice for a person like Ann Coulter who has authored books titled: “Liberal Treachery”, “Liberal Lies”, “Liberal Victims”, & referred to them as “Godless.”

    Yes, She has made a career out of attacking the infamous liberal strawman & makes no bones about it. How much can an objective individual really learn from a person who insists on painting a battle line with such broad brush strokes?

    Not that would advocate throwing a pie at Her. 😉 Nice article Sir, I’ll be following this story. I’ve learned that Coulter is filing a grievance over this incident.

    • rreactor

      Yep, Ann is “highly controversial”, and therefore should not be allowed to speak on a college campus. But, it’s fine for Bill Ayers to actually “teach” on a college campus, and I can only imagine the outrage if Rev. Jeremiah Wright were to be denied the opportunity to speak by a group of loudly protesting right wing college students (anybody seen that lately?).

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DGMSOGdEB4 OmEgA

        “Not allowed” are YOUR words. Dragging Ayers & Wright into the equation is a perfect example of the “selective outrage” that Bernie was referring to.

  • Larry–Moweaqua, Il.

    Bernie, I wished you stayed in the lamestream media and reported the truth just as you do with your columns. Really enjoyed your book about the media that you wrote years ago and look forward to your next one. Thanks for seeing the “issues” more clearly than most without the tinge of “factionalism” that Washington spoke of.

  • Ron C

    Bernie, I have always enjoyed your commentary on Fox. It sad that liberals cant see the damage that they heap on the country. It is obvious that liberals live in the now. “Let someone else pay for it” should be their banner. I can only pray that I will be able to collect my retirement when I retire. I made the decision to collect one of my pensions early because of my fear that it wont be there when I turn 67. I hope that all of the young conservative are putting as much as possible away and not in U.S. currency. I do not see how the country is going to survive. Its sad but it looks like we have gone down the same road as the Romans did and we will most likely end up the same way. Nothing more than a few pages in a history book.

  • Cujo47

    Wait until the secessions start. We will see then. We cannot go on like this. States are already considering secession. Maybe that is the only solution. A nation divided cannot survive. It would be better to split up and form our own governments.

    • concernedforusa

      I totally agree with you.

  • Bobcran

    Right on, Bernie! Love your appearances on Fox. Keep it up!

  • joedee1969

    It seems like it all is a plan to take this country somewhere:


  • Tracy

    First of all I do not condone alleged comments made by the tea party demonstrators.

    I would like to bring up one point. Do the congressmen that are complaining have selective hearing? Did they only hear name calling by a few (if it happen at all) and not the thousands that were saying they should vote no on the health care bill?

    • Jana, St. Louis

      Tracy, it’s funny that no one has any tapes of Congressmen being called the “n” word or spit on, etc. With all those reporters on hand and hundreds of cameras, you’d think someone would have a tape to show the allegedly hate-filled, racist tea partiers screaming obscenities at the Congressmen.

      I think what happened is one idiot called out the “n” word, and the Congressmen and the media blew the incident out of proportion. I guess every movement has its share of morons.

  • Kathie Ampela


    Thanks for having the courage to stand up to Al Sharpton on Bill O’Reilly’s show tonight. Dr. Martin Luther King was a hero and a leader of the civil rights movement-Sharpton is no MLK. He is a charlatan who plays the race card to make a name for himself. It’s awful that he has any political power, but it’s a sign of the times, I guess. Happy Passover to you!

  • Michael J. Ruch

    Thank you for your refreshingly honest opinions and for keeping us appraised to the atrocious, indeed bald faced lies our lamestream media portrays. A comment please; these are very serious times. My ninety one year old father, well loved and respected through his years, got on a bus and went downtown in Lansing, MI to weigh in with the “tea party movement”.
    A veteran of World War II, a hard working loving father of nine children with never a rude or cross word for any man feels that our country is in danger of loosing its freedoms. The very thing that has made it so great. Yes our freedoms made this country great, not our government.
    Please continue in all that you do Bernie. We are listening, we do care and hopefully we can make a difference. Again thank you.
    Michael J Ruch

  • http://B.G. Daryl D Duke

    Bernie,Bernie U must remember, liberals speak no evil,see no evial,hear no evil and always speak nothing but thruth and belive in the almighty, Whoo there boy, are we still talking about the Pope. We arn’t, boy did I just make fool of my self.

  • Steve

    Some of the editorials of late (Robinson, Rich) have been jaw dropping in the obvious bias permeating every word. I read them and I am frankly shocked by the audacity of the left’s hipocrisy. But then I think: Who is the target of this stuff? It is the fickle 5-10% of the population that votes with the wind, for they seem to provide the margin of victory in elections. Isn’t that the weakness of democracy? Those fickle few who don’t take the responsibility of voting seriously. That is why phrases like “hope and change” seems to work. The liberals seem to know this, and they keep hammering away on their many outlets. Bernie: I really appreciate you for hammering away with the truth here, on Fox, etc.

    We can still win our country back! Keep it up, my fellow Americans!

  • Natalie Fruge’

    Hypocrites is right on!!!! Maybe just maybe there on people on both side of politics that are against the Liberal act of aggression against our country. I am one of those people. I will make my voice heard in the fall elections and it won’t be for any I repeat ANY democrat!!! I’ll make choices on what information I get from the news media it is after all, still my right at least for now!!!!!!!
    Thanks for a great news worthy peace.

  • http://anotherwritewingconspirator.wordpress.com/ Jim Seeber

    This is simply the latest manifestation of liberals (most often Democrats) complaining about others (that would be Republicans and other conservatives) adopting tactics that have historically been the sole domain of liberals.

    Think back to the feigned outrage expressed by Democrats in the wake of the 2000 Florida vote-counting fiasco. Democrats were aghast (supposedly) at Republican demonstrators; what they were really aghast at (though I think “stunned” better described it) was the audacity of Republicans to act like…well, Democrats—something they’d hitherto never seen.

  • Kevin

    This post should be sub-titled. To coin a phrase: “Why Frank Rich and his NYT pals are the biggest avatars for liberal media hypocrisy”.

    • Jack Davis

      A while back, I “gave up” on Frank Rich. The New York Times, to its credit, published almost all of my rebuttal commentary regarding the “illustrious” Mr. Rich. But in time I realized two things: A) I would NEVER convince a partisan as rabid as Rich to think differently; B) Based on the raging posts praising his abusive, ad hominem attacks, there’d be no convincing anyone in his base either.

      As things stand now, I…as an Independent senior…am a racist because I oppose Obama on health care (AND just about every other issue the president has weighed in on).

      My future rests “on the kindness of strangers”: those in electoral districts who can vote out those who have burdened us with Obamacare. The full strategy will be three-pronged: in the courts, in the 2010 midterm election, in the 2012 general election.

      Now here’s something that works better than warm milk before bedtime. Imagine this: Election Night, 2010: The Republicans win EVERY office up for grabs—every governorship, every Senate seat, every House seat. (Hey, it could happen!) Then imagine how the voters’ rebuke of Obama and his ilk will be analyzed by Dick Morris, Brit Hume, Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, et. al.

      And of course we’ll have Bernie Goldberg commenting on the spinmeisters of the lamestream media.

      It sure beats counting sheep!

      • Ron Kean

        On the blog, ‘HUMAN EVENTS’ (Monday), Pat Sajak (the famous) criticizes Frank Rick too.

      • Jana, St. Louis

        Jack, I will be with you in spirit on Election Night. (But on Election Day, I’ll be standing in line at the polls, even if I have to stand in line all day long.)

    • Jana, St. Louis

      Kevin, I heard about Frank Rich’s latest piece of garbage charging that anyone who opposes Obamacare is racist. I only heard about it. I refuse to buy the NYT, refuse to go to their website. I hope they go bankrupt.

  • Buz Chertok

    Oxymoronic (with emphasis on the moron) term “liberal” instructions to their adherants: Obnoxious behavior toward conservative speakers- GOOD, toward liberals-BAD: Consideration of ideas of coservatives-FORBIDDEN, of liberals-ACCEPTED(without question). Senatorial filabustering by Democrats-wonderfully constitutional and most important to our government. By Republicans-Totally improper,un American and mistakenly permitted by the constitution and horribly destructive to our government.——If you think I’m exaggerating here, take the time to review Obama’s past contradictory statements along with those of all of his slobbering suckups in the press and on TV.

  • Bruce A.

    A Liberal will always be the first to defend free speech.
    If and only if agrees with their view of things.
    The rest of us get shouted down. Maybe some people can’t stand the truth?

  • Kathie Ampela

    Feel the love from the Left:


    Now, that’s civility for you!

    By the way, do you remember the anti-war demonstrations that went on during the Bush years? Why did they stop when Obama took office? The war continues in Afghanistan and we have troops in Iraq. If there have been demonstrations since Obama took office, I can’t recall the progressive media covering them.

    • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

      I was in Chicago in 2005 during what was at the time the largest rally against the war in Iraq. The people were out of control and the things comming out of their mouths were absolutely appauling. I happened to grab a paper the next morning and their wasn’t a word in the Chicago Tribune. I researched it on the NY Times and the Times practically gave them a standing ovation. Fastforward 5 years and turn the tables. Any type of protesting is considerd to be fueled by bigotry, hate and fear. The hypocrissy of the media is what is most annoying.

  • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

    Bernie, you once brought up a point that was so simple yet so profound that it has stuck with me for a long time. At the very beginning of your latest book, when you were discussing a teleconference with the class from American University, you talked about your change. It seems to me that President Obama is so insistent on ushering in an era of his change to fit his warped sense of life and reality. The quotes from the editors of Newsweek about him being a slightly creep guy are more and more apparent every time I see him speak. I’m not talking about creepy as in he’s the anti-Christ or anything, I’m talking about him just being an abnormal individual. I find him to be very narcissistic, and I think he will do anything and everything to pass legislation that fits his views. I also believe that he will stop at nothing to propagate his ideas as meaningful change. He is a master at using the type of fear mongering that he denounces if the opposition does not follow his warped sense of reality. I can’t wait until ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich’s trial this coming summer. He is sure to throw several of Obama’s people under the bus.

  • Ron Kean

    The strange thing that I’m still having trouble comprehending, and Bernie, you’ve been on the ‘inside’ for the longest time, is that I believe the media really thinks they’re impartial.

    It’s Fox and then it’s the rest. The rest thinks they’re fair even though poll after poll records a large majority belonging to the Democratic Party or giving money to Democrats.

    Bernie, does anybody else at the top besides Chris Matthews admit that they’re committed to advancing leftist ideas?

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com Bernie

      Good observation Ron: The short answer is: They’re Delusional.

      The slightly longer version is:

      When you live in a bubble with so many like-minded people, it’s easy to think you’re not biased — but that everyone outside the bubble is. Journalists live in a comfly, liberal elite bubble. Not a good thing for journalism.

      • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

        “They’re Delusional.” When you live in a bubble with so many like-minded people, it’s easy to think you’re not biased. Hmm…sorta like foxNews, right?

        • http://realpolitik-kaiser.blogspot.com/ Patrick Kaiser

          Yeaaah… see, a bubble is kinda where you have no input from outsiders.

          But as you can see anytime you like, Fox News will often have opposing people on it. Like Al Sharpton appearing on the O’Reilly Factor just recently.

          So… no, that’s not right at all. Sorry, nice try.

      • Jana, St. Louis


        Some of these journalists are not delusional, and they’re not living in some kind of bubble where they think they really are objective and everyone else is biased. Some of these journalists have an agenda, and that agenda is to promote the left. They simply don’t care about journalistic standards.

        Like many politicians, many journalists are snobs who think the people who live in middle America are bumpkins who don’t know what’s good for them. They feel entitled to slant the news because they think they’re brilliant and those of us who live in small towns and shop at Wal-Mart are morons who don’t really understand the issues, and aren’t smart enough to recognize a side of propaganda when it’s served to us.

        It always amazes me that the Party of the Common Man has so little respect for common people. That’s one of the reasons I left the Democratic Party.

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    Bernie reports, “Are threats against Democratic leaders being over-reported”? Of course leaving the question mark at the end of the sentence, so that the naive reader will roll it around in their brain…hmmm…IS it being overreported… maybe they’re right! Very simple yet effective psychological tool that I notice Bernie and the right are using!

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com Bernie

      If you put quotation marks around things I never said one more time, you’ll be banned from this site. It isn’t your politics I find offensive, having once been a liberal myself. It’s your ignorance. That you’re not very bright, in an of itself, is not a crime. But when you combine dopiness with malice, that’s a combination I don’t want around here.

      • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

        Bernie, Surprise, surprise, you have finally set in motion a reason to censor someone who doesn’t believe that being a liberal, is a crime. Agree with Bernie and you are welcomed on his website, but disagree and you’re gone! BTW, isn’t being malice and dopiness a virtue? It seemed to sell a lot of your books to the rubes.

        • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

          “It isn’t your politics I find offensive, having once been a liberal myself. It’s your ignorance.”

          “Agree with Bernie and you are welcomed on his website, but disagree and you’re gone!”

          Yup, Bernie is right, you are just plain ignorant.

          • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

            Oh, and Wil, having admitted you have never read one of Bernie’s books, how do you know what is in them?

        • Henry

          “Agree with Bernie and you are welcomed on his website, but disagree and you’re gone!”

          Hey Wil, at least Bernie has been far more than gracious enough to let you ramble your nonsense on his web site, despite the fact that he (and others like myself) is appalled by your ignorance.

        • Ron Kean

          Imagine it’s your apartment. You can boot anyone out you want for any reason you want. It’s your place. This is Bernie’s place. Think about it.

          • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

            That would require to have comprehension skills.

        • juju bea

          will you never learn?…following the liberal left lock-step and not thinking for yourself, belonging to the “party of Death”, the big D party, has rotted your brain……you must break out of that liberal bubble and get some fresh air. Read just one of Bernie’s book……just one and really think about what he says and THINK LOGICALLY about what really is happening around you…..is that possible???? clean out the poison that has been fed to you…..

    • http://anotherwritewingconspirator.wordpress.com/ Jim Seeber

      Notwithstanding the simple fact that the misquoted statement doesn’t appear within the piece, the use of long-accepted literary devices such as rhetorical questions and hypophora is more an indicator of skilled writing than a tool such as you described.

      Most of us learned that in basic composition classes back in junior high school.

      • Tim Ned

        “And the beat goes on…” to remember a great song. Wil, may I assume you are now saying Bernie states being liberal is a crime? Oh well, just goes to show that the MSM are not alone in being Delusional.

    • Jana, St. Louis

      What do you know about pyschological tools, Wil? I hope Bernie doesn’t censor you because it’s fascinating to read the crap you write. Sort of like when you drive by a bad car wreck. You know you shouldn’t look, but you just can’t help yourself.

  • Ken Besig Israel

    The Liberals who are now so offended by the abuse of language still believe they were perfectly justified in using even more offensive language to villify George W. Bush et al, since he and his regime was the incarnation of evil, whereas their Liberal leadership, especially Barack Obama, is the incarnation of all that is good, moral, progressive, and essential.
    Bernie, these people see nothing inconsistent with their behavior or language although a few of them may pay lip service and issue an occasional and generically slight condemnation of some of the more egregious Liberal offenders, this is just as a courtesy. Indeed, even those few who condemn the Liberal abuse of free speech in this ugly manner will almost always balance it with an even more fiery condemnation of Conservative abuses.
    The Liberal mentality always justifies it’s lapses while it always bitterly condemns those same lapses in others, tough Bernie, but that is how things stand.

  • Sandy Mamere

    We need to make a commitment to keeping these issues before the public when election time rolls around. I joined the Democrat party as a young adult. Both parties slid right by me in the ensuing years, to the left. Lindsey Graham probably would have qualified as left of left when I started voting. I suppose I am now and have been for a number of years, a conservative. Odd thing though. I have not changed my stance. I have not tried to remold my principles to fit image and likeness of the cause du jour. The politicians, on the other hand, treat issues like moveable feast.
    Liberal concerns over civility? That’s a good one…lol.

  • RuBegonia

    American Civil Liberties Union – chuckle.

  • Tommy

    I had forgotten about that ridiculous movie that libs made to fantasize about assassinating George W. Bush. All my liberal professors ever talked about was civility, even when they hushed opposing views to theirs and laughed when students would call Bush uncivil names. It’s good to hear them called out on their hypocrisy, even though they’re only bound to continue it.

  • http://blog.dawgonduty.com Gina Garcia Brock

    Liberals claims of concerns about public discourse against their constituents and calls for “Civility” are truly only a guise of tyranny to sway the ignorant and naive sheep that have not come to realize the methods to their madness. George Santayana, a notable philosopher, coined the phrase, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Unfortunately, the liberal educational system in the United States has systemically rewritten history to demonize to true heroes in our country historical accounts and elevated such tryannical, radical, racist, liberals to such heights that most Americans have no idea what to believe! Progressive Woodrow Wilson, the hero of the today’s LIBERAL agenda, was a RACIST, establishing a segregated military force and settlement houses for immigrants to “teach” them to be “better” Americans. My family was one of those families. Civility is only based on their idea of THEIR idea civility! And however it works best is how it profits for them and that when the ends justifies THEIR means.

    I will write more in my blog about this week about MY family’s LOSS by PROGESSIVE’S CIVILITY aka RACISM. Stay tuned. :)

    I enjoy your reading and hearing your reports. You are definitely a RIOT!

  • John Lowney

    Here, Here too Civility!
    Th double standard has been going on too long! The conservatives let the liberals have free speech when they were saying things about Pres Bush. We as conservatives cannot say on thing against ANY of them…It is like am army of liberals(socialists) that will cut you down with four letter just for having a view that does not fit their view exactly! The so called independent thinkers all thing a like and use the SAME four letter words to how their distaste of of anyone who is not in lockstep. The conservatives in my experience are more civil and they welcome views that may not be our own,but we welcome the debate.There are civilized people both Liberal and Conservative but in my experience the Libs use more four letter words. The double standard HAS to STOP. I agree Bernie, the Libs are hypocrites!

  • http://twitter.com/tarheeltroll tarheeltroll

    Was that the same “civility” the Democrat protesters exampled by throwing eggs at the Palin bus? Or, the SEIU Democrat thug who beat up a black conservative? http://sweetness-light.com/archive/seiu-thugs-beat-up-town-hall-protester

    • Jana, St. Louis

      Tarheelgtroll, that black conservative was Kenneth Gladney, and he was attacked at Rep. Russ Carnahan’s town hall meeting in St. Louis County. I have friends who saw the incident, and said Mr. Gladney was selling flags to people, not causing any trouble. Three SEIU members, including one black man, called him the “n” word, kicked him in the head and back several times.

      Rep. Russ Carnahan addressed the issue by accusing Mr. Gladney of being disruptive at the meeting. My friends were there, and said that he was NOT disrupting anything. He was trying to sell little flags to fellow conservatives. The beating was caught on tape. One of my friends (a woman) said she wanted to jump in and help, but she was terrified of these SEIU thugs. Everyone kept screaming at them to stop, and they turned around and cussed out the bystanders.

      There are those of us in St. Louis County who are dedicated to putting Russ Carnahan, Robin Carnahan and Senator Claire McCaskill out of office when they run for re-election.

      As you might expect, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch barely mentioned the Kenneth Gladney incident. They were more interested in portraying the town hallers as bumbling country bumpkins and racists.

      • Henry

        Jana, thanks for sharing this with us. It’s sad that this incident was not reported by the LSM (Lamestream Media). Then again, why should I be surprised?

  • Nancy

    The liberals concerned about civility? Yeah and I am the Queen of England. You may bow appropriately now.