Facts I Have Uncovered About the Real Mitt Romney

In just about every poll, Mitt Romney comes out ahead of President Obama on the issue most important to voters — the economy. In most polls he comes out way out ahead.

More Americans think Romney would be a better steward of the economy than Mr. Obama.

Most Americans don’t think the economy will improve anytime soon.  Nearly half think we’re headed into another recession

Most Americans think America is on the wrong track.

After nearly four years in office, most Americans are disappointed in President Obama.

Even if they like him personally, there’s no escaping the conclusion that they don’t have much confidence in his abilities.  He’s a nice guy, they seem to be saying, but he’s just not up to the job.

And yet, the race is neck and neck.  Shouldn’t Mitt Romney be up by at least 10 points? What’s going on?

I have spent the last few weeks engaged in tireless research — and I think I have found the answer.  Consider these facts.

Mitt Romney is a murderer.  It’s been well documented that he played a major role in the death of a woman who had cancer.

He’s a tax cheat who hasn’t paid a penny in federal income taxes for at least 10 years.

He’s a felon who committed perjury in forms submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

He wants to put black folks in chains.

He’s a Mormon, which as everyone knows, means he wears magic underwear and has a gaggle of wives hidden in the 55 mansions he owns in all 57 states as well as in palaces in Switzerland, Morocco, and the Caymen Islands.

He has genetically-engineered hair which he bought on line for $8 billion dollars – the amount of money he makes in 3 and a half days.

He is known to be very white.

His name isn’t even Mitt.

And one of his wives, the one they call Ann whom he has allowed to pop up on TV every now and then, is an admitted equestrian.

No wonder the race is so tight.

You think it’s easy for the average American to choose between an incompetent sitting president who doesn’t have a clue as to how the economy works, who doesn’t know the difference between a capital gain and a moose,  and who never had a real job (unless you count community organizer) in his whole life … and a tax cheating racist killer who wears funny underpants and has hair that came out of a test tube?

But if you absolutely had to vote for one which one would it be?

Me too.

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  • Ghostwriter1745

    Our top political priority during this election cycle is to
    deny the etch a sketch candidate Mitt Romney the presidency. We must do
    everything possible to make this happen along with making sure every Republican
    candidate for Congress and the Senate does not succeed in their bid for office.
    The only good Republican is one that does not hold elected office.    

  • ChgoCharlamay

    I enjoyed your play on humor. The lies about Romney are so far fetched that one would have to be very brainwashed to believe them. The more I read, the more silly those lies became.  Great article Bernard!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1685130176 John Doiron

    Mr. Goldberg, it is amazing the amount of crazy people you have commenting on your site. Some people think they have to correct everything they see on the internet, even if it’s about opinions. Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/masculist.man Masculist Man

    About something that is really fun: give Joe Biden and Ron Artest a microphone each and let them say whatever is on their minds.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MII5HV54YU4QFUG55N2AUYUCKU Ed

    Not a “Fox News” Moron

    Just a Garden-Variety Moron

  • Not a fox news moron

    PS the media is corporate . . . not socialist and not liberal.  Corporate.  Owned by corporations, they do their bidding.  Republican policies are better for corporations who have now totally raped and pillaged this country with the help of the corporate media.  Obama isn’t anything resembling a socialist.  He is closer to a fascist as was Bush.  The economy is struggling because the policies are far too far to the right and too corporate-friendly.  Those are the indisputable facts.  

  • Not a fox news moron

    Wow!  What a load of crap!

  • Mgoveia

    Now if only Bernie can convince his buddy O’Reilly to come out from under his desk and REALLY look out for the folks.

  • JohnHD

    Hey Bernie, You say it like it is.

  • ed jones

    “Tight Race” is a Myth perpetrated by Media in need of Viagra and Weight Loss scam ad dollars.

    Scam.  Scam.  Scam.

    • Not a fox news moron

      That is true.  The race is not tight.  Obama is way ahead.

  • RedinDenver

    I don’t know that the race is so tight because people find Obama so ‘likeable’.  I think it’s because of all the pandering Obama does (for instance, ‘evolving’ on gay marriage) and the political favors he bestows on various groups (such as Hispanics  with his pseudo ‘dream act’ , or blacks with the new educational initiative specifically only for black children).  Add that to all the people for whom he’s making it easier to collect a government check — and you have a pretty sizable percentage of the voting population.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Senora-Dave/100003170186151 Senora Dave

      I dont’ like Obama at all.  Its hard for me to like anyone who is a socialist and attempts to destroy our country’s economic system.

      • Not a fox news moron

        Do you know what a socialist is?  Apparently not.

        • http://www.facebook.com/masculist.man Masculist Man

          What are you going to do when MSNBC is yanked off the air?

    • Not a fox news moron

      So you’re saying that when the majority of people get their needs met by the government . . . they’re satisfied and want to re-elect that person!?!?  Hmmmm that’s a real head scratcher.

      • ChgoCharlamay

        Yes, the more people I speak with, the more I find this to be true. Many people are receiving government benefits and free stuff and they think the only way they can continue to receive it is to re-elect the president.

  • waterlylies84

    Tragedy of tragedies is that too many people will vote for the popular kid and right now that is Obama. He plays like the kid in high school who managed to find a reason to stuff me in my locker or ruin my books in same said locker, while everyone stood around and laughed. We can say till we’re literally blue in the face that this man is wrong, wrong, wrong for our country, and he will continue to stuff the smart kid in the locker while everyone laughs and then votes.

    • Cronessa

      Wasn’t it Romney who with his rich school friends bullied, attacked and cut another students hair and hurt him?   Oh yeah, he was just a prankster like his wife said.

      • waterlylies84

        The only time socioeconomic status plays into any of this shit is when the person has an ax to grind. It wasn’t rich kids who did anything to me personally, it was bullies. Grow up.

  • Emerson_C

    I think that, laying aside all the distortions and lies that the Obama/MSM perpetrates, there are still significant problems with Romney that cannot be set aside or covered up easily.  First, there is the fact that business leadership is not the same as political leadership; ditto with military leadership.  Business leaders can issue instructions; gernerals can issue orders.  Political leadership demands greater amounts of non-positional skills and personality traits.  Romney’s record as Governor of Mass was mediocre at best and he did not seek re-election because of his poor polling.  Then there is ‘Romneycare’???  And on social issues it is very hard to get away from the concludion that Romney is a convictionless opportunist.   Nor is the fact of Romney having been a ‘manager’ much consolation.  Romney hails from late 20th Century Harvard school of ‘managerialism’ which in the corporate equivalent of Keyneseanism–the idea that an ‘enlightened’ elite of ‘expert’ managers know best.  We have seen where that got us.

    Romney is a better choice than Obama, but only because Obama is so appallingly bad.

    • Bob Hadley

      So, what do you think is better:  4 more years of Pres. Obama or risking 8 years of a Pres. Romney?

      • Emerson_C

        Obviously Romney is preferable; but given the vulnerabilities I have mentioned, he may not win even against a President as poor as Obama.

        • Not a fox news moron

          Obama governs too far to the right.  He has perpetuated a lot of the same F’ed up policies as Bush.  He is a huge fan of Reagan and that has been very detrimental to the economy.

          • http://www.facebook.com/masculist.man Masculist Man

            Obama is the opposite of Reagan. Reagan got the American economy working again after 4 years of Jimmy  Carter.  

      • http://www.facebook.com/masculist.man Masculist Man

        I’d like to see Ron Paul take it but if I have to I’ll vote for Romney.  Nobama, no way.

      • ChgoCharlamay

        I found out too much about Obama, so I’d happily take 8 years of Romney.

    • Not a fox news moron

      Please take a look at the definition of Keynesian economics.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keynesian_economics  It is the thinking that led to the policies which have gotten us out of ever major economic crisis and was used in every major economic expansion.  The idea is that banks and financial institutions need to be regulated and the highest earners need to be taxed at a reasonable rate.  At the end of the great depression and through most of the 60s most of the top 5% were paying well over 50% of their income in taxes and things were going very well.  Lowered tax rates and de-regulation caused this economic crisis.  Currently most top earners pay little if anything in taxes.  This has led to a major decline in our society.  But corporations hold the reins of most of our government increasingly over the last 30-40 years.  They also control our media and have duped people into voting against their own best interests while their profits have never been higher.

    • ChgoCharlamay

      I think that violating the constitution, creating executive orders off the charts and ignoring what the American people want just to stay in power crosses over what is moral and descent. This guy who is our president does not love our country. I can’t imagine that if Romney were president, he would have done so many irresponsible things. The difference is that clearly, Romney loves America.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3FAENBN4GWR4OIQ5PFH4GXWPPM Charlie


    I do have to wonder about the hair, though. Nobody’s hair is THAT perfect…

    • GailWehling

      What about John Edwards hair?  More perfect yet!

  • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

    This of course all stems from the MSM. The Obama campaign has been ruthless attacking Romney with the MSM in tow and lockstep. I will defer to the words of one I highly regard, Charles Krauthammer, who so aptly put it…

    “The MSM is so deep in the tank for Obama they need snorkels.”

    • Cronessa

      And how do you rate Fox news?  They have nothing but right wing crazies and outright lies and distortions but have the nerve to refer to themselves as “fair”.  Hahaha!

  • http://www.facebook.com/douglas.beatty.92 Douglas Beatty

    You don’t have to vote for one of them, you choose to to keep the two party system in charge. 

  • Ghostwriter1745

    of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long
    enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer
    interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is
    simply too painful to acknowledge ~ even to ourselves ~ that we’ve been so
    credulous. So the old bamboozles tend to persist as the new bamboozles rise.

    When Republicans speak or write you can
    count on it to be filled with the same platitudes, anecdotes, cooked stats and
    a tenuous connection with reality. It’s a laundry list of conservative fantasy,
    couched in populist rhetoric and designed to make the 1% richer while
    destroying the middle class.


  • Gerpac

    Message for Bernie:
    I have for many years believed the liberal media had a hugh political bias.
    The mainstream media is no longer liberal. We now have a “socialist media”.
    They are more dangerous than the current occupant of the White House.

    • Jolly

      You are right.  We should be calling the media by the write name.  A certain newspaper is actually now called the New York Blinds.  Fits perfectly, I will never think of it in any other terms.  I prefer never to think of it come to think of it.

    • Paul Courtney

      How’s “progressive press” strike you?

    • Not a fox news moron

      We have a corporate media.

  • asl3676

    Looks like most of the people who post on here are old bitter white guys who unite behind Goldberg, O’Reilly and Clint Eastwood…..

    • Jolly

      Wrong there buddy.  I am none of those.  You may be mistaking, revolted by Liberals attempts to destroy Western culture with “bitter”.  I want to puke when I hear Liberal males put the moves on us women by telling us they are in favor of “your right to have an abortion”.  “Oh really  ***hole.  How big of you worthless s***head.  Of course you would kill your own offspring sooner than marry or work.”
      The Liberal s***head females Michelle, Hillary (to name a few) fall for this sh*t.
      Brilliant, talk about deconstructing society.  The thing that is bitter is the puke that liberals keep bringing up in my mouth.  

      • PaulfromTexas

        Wow! You said it so well.

      • Not a fox news moron

        You really have no idea and you’re definitely not jolly.  Corporations are destroying this country, not liberals and not women.

    • Ahalbert

       Sounds like a young, bitter white guy.

  • Moldy721

    How come you’re not writing for Letterman?  Oh, that’s right, you’re not a proglodyte!

  • Concernedmimi

    The RNC was a fantastic success! Mitt’s speech was right on spot and just Loved Clint Eastwood and he’s right, we need a new President!!!!

  • Concernedmimi

    Look who Obama is bringing out to push his propaganda for the DNC; a real loser-Carter, an adulterer-Clinton and some ding-bat that wants the tax payers to fund her birth control that can afford to go to a ritzy college. Can’t wait to see what kind of circus these clowns put on next week!!

    • Cbkaufman

      She’s on a scholarship to the ritzy college.

      • Not a fox news moron

        Smart girl!

    • Not a fox news moron

      Why didn’t the RNC showcase Bush?  Oh, right.  Because he sucked and everybody knows it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4W3VPPM6SDEHNK5ITWMVKIVDNI BrianM

    True, Bernie how true!

  • Charles fisenne

    Mitt thinks a man and woman take the vow of marriage  to beget and nurture their children
    when buggery with friend is equal, fair, a civil right , truly a lawful marriage with all its’ 
    benefits and social prestige..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4W3VPPM6SDEHNK5ITWMVKIVDNI BrianM

      Huh? I don’t understand what your saying? Are you for or against Romney?

      • Charles fisenne

        I was just sustaining the sarcasm theme of the article with more  sarcasm.

        Marriage should never be demeaned with the current false ideology

  • Gerpac

    Poll after poll shows Barack Obama has a”Likeability” rate of 60% or higher. Will someone in the socialist media please explain why his”Likeability” rating is so high? What’s likeable about him? Should he be liked because he has divided the country as no other president?
    Should he be liked because he is destroying our country? Should he be liked because he is responsible destroying the owners of small businesses? Should he be liked because he has reneged on every promise.? She he be liked because there are over 23 million Americans  currently unemployed? Should he be liked because he has expanded the welfare program as no other president. Should he be liked because the national debt has increased by more than $5 trillion under his presidency? Should he be liked because  the annual deficit
    has increased over $1.5 trillion in each year of his presidency? Should he be liked because of his arrogance? Should he be liked because he looks down at people when giving a speech? Do people who believe he is likeable really know what in the hell is going on in our country?

    • Wheels55

      Because so many people think like they are still in school. Obama is the popular kid in school who enhances his cool factor by making fun of others and pointing fingers. At first, he was cool. Now he is a sock puppet.

    • ArizonaSteve

       He is liked because all those who are getting free handouts want to keep the status quo. They are afraid that under Romney, they will have to go back to workfare. Their hope is that the hated rich will keep paying for their bennies. “Socialism works till you run out of other peoples money”.

    • Ahalbert

       It’s mainly the feigned folksiness and vernacular that he adjusted for each audience — Changing his words and Hoping you like it.

    • Alexin007

      Because of the following:
      1. socialism media as you call it does not exist, is part of your imagination.
      2. He has not divided the country, bush did and that continues up until this day.
      3. he did not destroyed and is not destroying the country, again..bush and more lately the republicans did and are doing it.
      4. he did not destroyed the small bussiness, in fact the corporations under bush did.
      5. he has not reneged on his promises, actually he is the first that delivers on his promises..”read my lips”
      6. the 23 million unemployed could had been 50 million if mccain was elected.
      7. the welfare programhas actually shrinked under the President.
      8. if we take into account that bush expenses and tax cuts are still in place..well yes…the debt has skyrocketed due to blocks y republicans.
      9. that is a lie, since then your numbers do not add at all…
      10. arrogance??? omg since when intelligence, a good education and being smart is arrogance? try mitt romney for that.
      11. looks down? you must have a serious inferiority complex..this is one of the presidents i have actually seen interacting with regular guys and be as normal as with anybody.
      12. We on the left know what is going on with this country, you are in complete denial of the truths, history, decency, civil rights, hard working americans (employees and owners), and you have lost the concept of what is being an American, we exactly know the distorted view of thr truth that you carry around coupled with the simplistic view of complicated matters that as they run away from your focused fantasy they tend to be seen as failures, however I can tell you that the country is in good hands for as long as a smart hardworking harvard top of his class graduate stays in office. We should be fine to take care of this country, you can stay indoors and relax…until one of these days reality checks in and lets you use your brain using actual facts and not distortions.

      • TarHeel456

        It absolutely astonishes me there are so many people who are totally delusional, like this one.

        Liberals have proven that psychological manipulation works.

        The manipulated would deny the nose on their face, if their feckless leader says so.

      • ChgoCharlamay

        1. The president has taken many strategic steps to ensure
        that he is elected another term and remain in power.

        2. He divided the country by encouraging racism in many ways.
        No, Bush didn’t do that.

        3. Stop blaming Bush and deal with the reality of this
        president and his failing policies. Why he did turn down a meeting with the
        Prime Minister of Israel so he could campaign instead? On 9/11, why didn’t he
        protect the U.S. Ambassadors? Why does he still give billions of dollars per
        year to a known terrorist group?

        Why isn’t the media telling the truth about what happened in
        the Mideast? For that matter, why is the media covering for the president’s
        mistakes? He controlled the media so he could keep his voters around for the
        next election. He doesn’t want you to know what is really going on. He is
        counting on people like you not to do your research and find out the truth.

        4. Yes, he destroyed the small business with ridiculous
        regulations, taxes and that healthcare bill that made it too expensive to hire.

        5. Exactly what promises did he keep? Just watch some of his
        old recordings and you will see that none of those promises came to be.

        6. Wrong.. For one, Bush would not have allowed millions of
        illegals to gain citizenship along with free health care and government
        benefits when so many American citizens were unemployed and in need of
        benefits. Where did this money come from? America is in great debt and the
        president just irresponsibly increased that debt in 4 years more than any other

        9. The media has been lying. You must do your research
        before you vote. Look into non-biased  organizations such as Judicial Watch and you
        will be shocked what you find out. Try Fox News for starters. The president is
        counting on you not to do your research. A vote for Romney is a vote for
        freedom. Do you know what the president plans to do during his second term?

  • James King

    Bernie, you’re just mean. Now don’t get upset. That is just a line my wife and I use with each other when we too make similar statements like you have made in your article. For instance, one of us might say, “that damn Obama is going to kill America.” Our joking response is “you’re just mean.”

    I enjoyed the article and agree with it’s message. But you don’t really write much anymore. Are writing a new book?

  • Paul Courtney

    For those who missed it, below Bob Hadley was kind enough to forward D. Axelrod’s email listing the lies we’ve been telling about Obama for over 4 yrs.  I felt really bad, and now understand that the lies about Romney are perfectly understandable in reaction to us racists.  What can they do, when they see that our racist right wing noise machine is having an affect, turning people (who voted for Obama four yrs ago) into racists?

    • Jolly

      Go see the film 2016.  Says enough.  Throw BO out.  Then clean the rest of commies out.  The film never mentioned the bragging by Malcom X’s lawyer and how he helped get BO in Harvard and the Saudi that made it happen with $$$.  Just google that interview with the old lawyer man who was so proud to help this fraud take place.

      • Alexin007

        you dont have the slighest idea of what a communist is….I am sure of that..I wonder why republicans love to live in fear…pathetic

    • Bob Hadley

      For those who missed it, below is my response to Mr. Courtney’s talking points as set forth below in reaction to a parody I made, immediately above his post below.  For the record, I got the material for my parody largely from watching Fox News.  The only exposure i have to Axelrod’ talking points or to Team Obama is through Cable show shows or news reports, a lot of it in the conservative MSM. 

      It’s too bad Mr. Courtney sacrifices honesty and integrity for partisanship.  Oh well…. 

      “You guys ignore this at your peril, but don’t let me stop you. It’ll provide you cold comfort on Nov. 7 to believe racists brought your guy down. You know, those racists who voted for Barry in ’08, then learned later he was a white african american (thank you, NYTimes).”

      YOU are the one who brought race into THIS discussion, not me. I have never, ever brought race into these discussion, except to analyze other people’s fixation or over-sensitivity on race (see, e.g., Bernie’s article on Trump and racism) as I’m doing here. Race is YOUR hang-up, not mine. We can’t have a meaningful discussion if you don’t quit looking in the mirror.

      Don’t bother complaining to me about what others say. Others are not in this discussion. I only hold you responsible for your stupidity, not that of others.
      All the myths I laid out above have been set forth by at least certain aspects of the right wing noise machine. I never said that it was racially motivated. In fact, the attacks on Pres. Obama are no more viscous and no more stupid than the attacks on Pres. Clinton from when he first took office in 1993.

      Now to what should have been your main point. You’ve got to understand parody. Think a bit before you react.

      As you indicate, most who disfavor Obama do so because of their convictions, not the absurd notions I list above. On the other hand, it’s apparently lost of you that most peole who disfavor Romney and who favor Pres. Obama do so because of their convictions, NOT because of the absurd notions Bernie outlines above. Comprende?

      Bernie acts as though no one could possibly favor Pres. Obama for rational reasons. This notion is ignorant and I think that at least one side of Bernie knows it. For example, there’s the whole concept of Keynesian economics, embraced by many if not most non-partisan economists, explaining many of Pres. Obama’s policies. I haven’t heard a peep from Bernie or his pal O’Reilly about this.

      My favor of Pres. Obama over Gov. Romney has nothing to do with the absurd notions Bernie lays out above. It’s the same with millions upon millions of others. In fact, I stood up to Wil on this website, telling him that I thought Gov. Romney is a very good and decent man and that I personally have known many Mormons who are terrific people as well. When have you stood up to the right wing crazies? (Other than the time I goaded you into making what was a flip-floping denunciation of incivilities toward Debbie WS.)

      Incidentally, I’d consider voting for Gov. Romney if I were confidant that he’d be his true self as pres. – a moderate and a problem solver.

      The right wing noise machine has been doing its best to keep all the doubts about Pres. Obama (as listed above) alive AND growing since Pres. Obama took office in 2009, hammering away at various events – like Obama bowing to a foreign leader (as did Pres. HW Bush and others), Obama giving Governors some leeway in defining the work requirement for welfare (as Gov. Romney requested as governor of Mass.) or Pres. Obama inartfully saying that individuals build businesses on the foundation of an elaborate, government-created infrastrructure – to intensify their drumbeat.

      You say that the right wing noise machine has not created or contributed to serious doubts about Pres. Obama. Where’s your evidence? Or did you just make that up. Even if true, which I doubt, the right wing noise machine has kept these serious doubts thriving in the original cast of doubting Thomases.

      • Paul Courtney

        Bob, Ds complained we were fighting wars without sacrifice, so I sacrificed.  You didn’t bring race into it I did, sounds like your whining to our mother “he started it”. If you think I started the race thing, ask Bill and Hillary and their friends who started it.   And “our discussion” on this sort of site is hardly just between us, particularly when I invite others to look in.  To engage what you say, let’s begin by saying that I didn’t miss the parody, but the humor was missing.  You say Bernie fails to recognize some rational actors still go for Obama, yes we do wonder, but we don’t doubt your sincerity.  I’m fool enough to think you can be persuaded, but that’s my problem.  We get that many voters (including quite a few dead people in Illinois) will vote Obama and many will vote Romney, but they already believe the lies spread by right & left wing.  The ones who remain, who can be persuaded, are not listening to right wing noise, if anything they are driven away by birther talk.  Just like they are driven away by talk that Romney killed some lady and then tried to baptize her.  Your problem is not a noise machine preaching to a choir, and your claim of “parody” can’t hide the fact that you think Obama would be far ahead if not for the influence of this noise machine on those folks in the middle, led by Fox.  You want evidence that undecided voters are not watching Fox or listening to Rush?  No, I think I’ll let it go, who am I to stop Barry, Harry and Nancy leading Ds to a big kool aid party. 


        • Bob Hadley

          “If you think I started the race thing, ask Bill and Hillary and their friends who started it. ”

          ” You say Bernie fails to recognize some rational actors still go for Obama, yes we do wonder, but we don’t doubt your sincerity.”

          ” Your problem is not a noise machine preaching to a choir, and your claim of “parody” can’t hide the fact that you think Obama would be far ahead if not for the influence of this noise machine on those folks in the middle, led by Fox.”

          How many times have I read on this website that injecting race into politics poisons the well?  How many time have i read on this website that this tactic is used by liberals when they’re desperate?  Mr. Courtney, are you a liberal?  Are you desperate?

          Again, you injected race into this discussion, not me.  I’m not talking about who started the “race thing,” as you call it.  I’m talking about you poisoning this discussion by injecting into it the so-called race thing.  How many on-lookers there are to this discussion is not relevant.  And you can wet your pants all you want about what happened to Pres. Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro in ’08, but that is also not relevant to this discussion. 

          There are far more than “some rational actors” who favor Pres. Obama over Gov. Romney.  If you don’t realize that, then you need to free yourself from your ideological strait jacket.  As a rule of thumb, f you think that anyone who has basic disagreements with you is irrational, you’re probably just ignorant. 

          BTW, who is “we”? Are you speaking for someone other than yourself?

          You’re wrong:  I do not think Pres. Obama would be far ahead if not for the influence of the right wing noise machine.  I’ll try this one more time.  In his article, Bernie implied that Gov. Romney is not decisively ahead because of the absurd claims or insinuations made against Romney (some of which I never heard of before, e.g. Romney has hair plugs????????) . 

          I parodied that ridiculous notion by saying Pres. Obama is not decisively ahead because of various stupid things said or implied about him. My point was that Bernie’s thesis is abuot as ridiculous as my point. The reason you didn’t catch on to this is probably because you at least sympathize with Bernie’s absurd point. Comprendes?

          I think this race is so close largely because of Gov. Romney.  If Gov. Jeb Bush were nominated (without the baggage from the right wing crazies), for example, he might be decisively ahead, even without the right wing noise machine.  No matter who runs, however, it’s likely to be somewhat close just because of the polarization of so many who actually vote. 

          I do think the propaganda campaigns can make a difference – perhaps a decisive – difference on the margins.   Just ask that crafty propagandist Karl Rove.  Team Romney and Team Obama are both betting tons and tons of other people’s money on this.   They’re not only trying to appeal to those undecideds who will vote, but they are trying to motivate their base voters who might not vote. 

          This campaign is not only about appealing to swing or undecided voters, but also to bringing out the base.  This election could well be decided on less that a million votes – whether from the middle or from a base.

          A few hundred votes in Florida gave then candidate GW Bush the presidency in 2000.  Karl Rove’s ingenious strategy of bringing out the base in ’04 apparently re-elected Pres. Bush – by something like 140,000 votes in Ohio.

          I agree that the illegal-alien-commie-trying-to-destroy-America stuff probably only serves to stoke a significant  part of the base (which, in itself, could be determinative), but that is only part of the noise machine. 

          What about the absurd canard that Pres. Obama claims that individuals are incapable of building a business or the dishonest claim that Pres. Obama gutted the work requirement in the welfare law (just ask a Republican governor or see what Romney was saying when he was gov. of Mass.)?  Or what about the canard that Pres. Obama is is trying re-distribute the wealth and that he  wants the feds to hand out free stuff?

          Any good propagandist will tell you that visual imagery and continual repetition can be effective, especially if based on at least a scintilla of truth. 

          Theoretically, I can be persuaded to vote for Romney.  In reality, I doubt he could persuade me that he will free himself of the right wing crazies.  He’s too deeply committed to them.  And, if he’s elected., he’ll need them in ’16.

          • Paul Courtney

            Having determined for yourself that the well is poisoned, you proceed to take a looooong drink.  Guess my kool aid analogy is working.  For your parody to work, by the way, there’s a left wing noise machine, no?  The absurd canard of Obama’s own words?  You think his words are being spun, but isn’t he supposed to be the great orator?  A great orator would not speak so loosely.  Taking his words in (your) context, Obama is saying we didn’t build roads, but our tax dollars did if we bought gas (clue-we did).  And isn’t Sandra Fluke speaking at your convention, the poster child for handing out free stuff?  If fed spending (you mentioned Keynes) is redistribution, and your guy favors more fed spending (hint-he does), then this is no canard, it’s true.  This is so plainly true, we can only wonder why you’d call it a canard.  Did Joe Biden tell you what it meant?  “We” won’t need propaganda to get the base and the middle when they catch on that your guy thinks four more yrs of failure is the best we can do.

          • Bob Hadley

            “Having determined for yourself that the well is poisoned, you proceed to take a looooong drink. ”

            Your problem is that you think I can be persuaded to vote for Gov. Romney.  My problem is that I think you have some rationality somewhere.  :) 

            BTW, Keynesian economics says that gov. should spend during the downturns of the business cycle(when individuals, families  businesses are wisely cutting back) to create demand and thus create conditions for an upswing.  During the upswings in the business cycle when tax revenues are increasing,  according to Keynesianism, gov.  should cut back and pay-off its debts created during the downturn.  Is that so difficult to understand?

            If you have to mischaracterize something in order to oppose it, then you’re not very rational. 

            As for the left wing noise machine, yes, Bernie caracatured it.  I provided the other side.  How many times do we need to plow this ground?  Comprende?

            In effect, Pres. Obama said that private individuals build businesses on the foundation created by tax money and government workers, i.e. infrastructure.  Only in a highly charged political atmosphere would such an axiomatic statement be used as a weapon.

            Yes, Pres. Obama was  clumsy in making his point.  Did I ever say Pres. Obama was a perfect or even a great Orator?  I didn’t even vote for him in the ’08 Democratic primaries….  Heck, did you know that Babe Ruth was also the strike-out king?  I kid you not.

            Birth control = stuff.  ooookayyyyyy…..  I visualize stuff as flatscreen TVs, stereo systems and the like.  Which conservative Republican was it who recently said that you don’t want stray cats to breed?

            Anyway, keep working on your reading comprehension and retention.  Occasionally straying from your ideological framework might help.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    When all the evidence concerning Obama’s forged birth certificate, fraudulent registration with the Selective Serivice and his fraudulent SS# even the libtards will walk away from this guy.  It would be so embarrassing that they could not stand up under the weight of that huge scandal.  Of course the libtards in the State Run Media cannot do or say anything because they could care less, absolute power corrupts and that power corrupts absolutely.   The folks at Fox will have to hang their heads in shame because they to ignored the evidence and avoided at all cost any mention of these crimes. 

  • kayakbob

    Aw, come on Bernie – I have it on good authority that Romney once tore the tag off a mattress. You [conveniently] left that one of the list.

  • ArizonaSteve

    I wish I had been as successful as Mitt. But I don’t hold it against him, and I’m not jealous. I admire him. It’s time we made hard work and success an admirable virtue again in America! 

    • Alexin007

      correction…he was not succesful..his daddy was….mitt romney has never really worked in his life

  • FloridaJim

    Obama/Axelrod/Jarrett are known for their disgusting attacks on the Obama opponents-late race incidents of infidelity, racist cries, dog on roofs these three are disgusting Chicago politicians and will stop at nothing to win. Sadly, their strategy of divide the populace will destroy America which is their end game. See the movie “2016” for the entire plan.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Bernie, what facts have you discovered about Barack Hussein Obama’s April 27th, 2011 forged birth certificate?  Have you gathered all the details about his FRAUDULENT Selective Service registration?  Or this biggie, the fact that Obama’s SS# being flagged several times before the Social Security Administration shut down the ability to report the number.  Not to worry many have collected the evidence before the SS Admin were able to do such.  You might want to contact Susan Daniels and gather up some FACTS about this fraudulent activity.  The Social Security Admin admitted that they never issued that number to Obama even though he has been using if for decades.  She has the letter from the SS Admin admitting this. 

      • Alexin007

        another racist without a point..just try to find excuses…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Green/100001808911369 Stephen Green

    Ah the rich, were would we be without them. They run the country. They keep us at work.. And every four years we get to choose another rich man to run the country.
    What more could us little guys want anyway.???

    • Maryjoe

      If there weren’t any Rich people there would be no jobs, you’ll never get a job form a poor man!! Most of these rich men got up 5am to get ready to go to work, they worked long hrs. and earned every penny. Sounds like someone has a green eyed monster on their shoulder!!

      • Alexin007

        ???? wtf? so you are saying that a middle class bussiness owner does not exist? or that a cooperative??? or that government jobs neither? what a pathetic idiocy I just read….without rich man there would be no jobs???? OMG no wonder this country is truly lost..well at least half of it…

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Green/100001808911369 Stephen Green

        Oh that’s right, thank goodness the the rich throw table scraps out to us poor folk. You must work for a rich man.. They like to ‘help’ the poor overseas what exporting jobs to them. Even our government rewards them with tax breaks.!

        • Cbkaufman

          What a myopic post.Speak to your liberal president and Senate about that. Don’t blame Republicans for what the Democratic government is doing by shipping jobs overseas, and did during the Clinton administration too. 

    • poppakap

      You can always emigrate to Cuba and join the illusion that it’s not run by rich people.  Or perhaps you’d prefer that proletariat paradise Bulgaria.  Not too many rich people, but you’d have your worker’s paradise, a $1,200 a year job, government healthcare (no doctors, but government trained medics with high school degrees can handle advanced procedures just fine), and a 900 square foot government issued apartment in a building with 500 other families with government supplied utilities that work when the revolutionary workers aren’t too drunk or too busy perusing porn to flick a switch.

      But hey, you wouldn’t have to worry about how rich people are running things.

      • Jolly

        Poppakap, you are brilliant!  Very well said.  Can we put Dems on board boats (ships of fools) and send them to live in the commie nations?
        Sounds like a way to send off Obama after he loses the election.  We should make his dream come true (he thinks foreign is better).  Ciao BO!  

      • Alexin007

        I would prefer 90 countries much better than those that actually have applied the same system as we do now instead of bush policies, I bet you have not even around the corner of your house…you need to get to know the world a little bit more…..

    • Ahalbert

      What more? How about any thoughts other than envy? Might actually get you somewhere you like.

  • Marian Degner

    Well, we know Romney Pick Ryan because He like to go with Ryan plan to End Services for Seniors, Baby Boomers and youngest, like End Medicare and Social Security. Many kids working now and pay to SS, saying their will never see the money back ! So, Romney will Reduce debt on this way and on Employment  I m positive , Romney will prefer more Robots than Employes, for more profits ! So, I think if both parties don’t stop Politics and start to serve Nation, then we will be not enable pay Chinesess and we will have to Nuke them, what I hear from military family members recently ! So, You can make your selection what ever you want, we will support our boy…/lol

    • Immortal_Rabinowitz

      Not true and will not stick.

    • poppakap

      Marian, either learn English or learn to write.  Given your obvious lack of skills, it’s no wonder you prefer socialism.

      • Alexin007

        mmhhh popwhatever…so writing english is a skill? and if you do not have them you are socialist? OMG I prefer to make grammar errors than to be so idiot as to take those fallacies as valid arguments.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Koffer/1020263329 Dave Koffer

    left-wing propaganda!

  • Localmole

    Some people suffer from Governmental Delusion  or simple GD,  it is an malady that the suffer as the delusional misconception   that government is the answer to everything

  • Jolly

    Throw the Liberals out.  All of them.  Because of Liberals children are now viewed as livestock, only born to get “free government money.” Where are honestly married mothers and fathers?  It is the Liberal policy of check giving that has caused this blight on the family and painful life of uncertainty for children.  Those poor kids don’t even know what kind of monster mom will be bringing in the house next.  Many crimes are committed against children by “boyfriends”.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Well stated Bernie!  Obama is indeed a Phony, Fraud, Liar, Cheat and Thief.  Most Dim Wit Voters can’t even say 4 truthful things about this “Box of Rocks” we call President Obama. 

    If he had his way, Michelle would be in a Berka.  As soon as she realizes this fact, she will beat the living crap out of this Marxist.   

  • kegan05

    No brainer!

    That ANYONE would vote for 4 more years of Obozo’s “Economy” is insanity!

    Romney/Ryan in a heartbeat!

  • Brushfour

    I’ll be watching the polls over the next week to see what effect the Ann Romney speech…and the Paul Ryan speech have upon undecided voters.  I’m going to venture a guess and say this will be the first real shift in the polls nationally toward Romney now that we’re getting past the summer lull and getting into the real meat of the campaign season.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

    Yes, the Left’s relentless demonization of Mitt Romney explains why the race is still tight. Let’s hope Romney can survive the character assassination and defeat Comrade Barry.

  • Holzbauerjames

    It’s hard to tell when your joking given the laugh riot your “serious” columns are.  Stay away from satire it is far too indistinguishable from your usual drivel.

    • Paul Courtney

      If you want to see this guy’s picture, you’ll see next to “liberal sense of humor” in a phrase dictionary.

    • poppakap

      … fortunately for us, your comments are all jokes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/worrin.eldred W Orrin Eldred

    Bernie, you just far out funny. Really funny. Really Far Out!! I almost fell off my chair laughing. Please don’t do this again. I am liable to die laughing and then you will be what they called Mitt.

    • poppakap

      Nothing quite beats humor in proving a point.

  • Jolly

    Dems are happy with Obama who was mentored by his white communist grandfather and also card carrying communist Frank Marshall Davis.  They are trying to make America into a commie country.  That is what they are voting for.  I say the Dems have committed treason by selecting BO and bribing for the votes of lazy people and those who have made sinful choices.  Where is the military to throw the lying commies out of the government?  He got in under false pretenses.  A person not dedicated to our form of government should never be allowed to run for office.  People didn’t die for nothing in all of the wars fighting off dictators and enemies to produce this wonderful land.  But along comes this lying bunch of nazi, commies, racist, anti-semite, anti-christian, arrogant fools and the whole thing looks like toast.  Secret whispering to commies over a hot mic, plans to overthrow America as we know it by the man that sits in the highest seat in the land.  And the murdering of Christians all over the Islamic world and not a word from the press or President.  Girls mutilated, kidnapped, honor killings and Obama is mute.  We will find no justice from people like him.  If he had his way India, China, Africa, etc. would never have been touched by Christianity and the plight of humans, especially women and children, would be the thing nightmares are made of.  Oh, I forgot, it is still that way under Islam and growing worse.  But, BO is ok with that too, so are all the Liberals.  Liberal women you are just trash to Liberal men.  Just something you use and toss out along with any accidental “pregnancies”.  But wait, Liberal men love to use you to get “free government money” they will get you on the dole.   Sucker women will vote for these Liberal BO types.  The government is pimp, john, abortionist, and VD clinic, and soup kitchen all at the same time, thank you liberals.  America turn around.  Vote liberals out.   

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1223105021 Michaela Roberts

    Seems to me that a “real” job is any job that you do where you work and get paid for said work. Obama has done that. Does every job now have to follow some labrynthine set of characteristics to count as being “real”? Stupid Repugnicans.

    • Maryjoe

      He hasn’t done enough of it! ask all the people who can’t properly feed their kids, or can’t afford new clothes for school!!

    • bearmountain

      Let’s bring up just a few facts about the WATER WALKER. He has admitted associating with known communists, terrorists and America haters. This mutt would be disqualified on those grounds alone from joining any State Police department and the U.S.M.C on those grounds alone. He is an empty suit, a Chicago STREET THUG, a totally self absorbed, narcissistic, super sized ego who is a complete waste of breathable air.  This 5 star clown and all of his water “boys” need to leave town–NOW 

    • Jeffreydan

        Truth be told, I’m not impressed with the “real job” argument; it sounds petty and doesn’t add anything to the dialogue. You’re exactly right on this point.
        The real issue: Obama obviously has no understanding of or respect for the private sector, the basis for the American economy. If he had ever worked as a manager or executive of a private business, where he had to attract customers, prove his company’s service/product was worth their money, meet payroll, keep up with/outperform competitors, constantly deal with numerous regulations, etc., that probably wouldn’t be an issue. 

        Governors and executives tend to make better presidents, especially the ones who have at least a modicum of humility.  

      • Brian_Bayless

        Obama isn’t much of a leader, that is the real issue. Congress is just not willing to work together. I don’t see Romney as the man that is able to do that either.

        • poppakap

          …so the Salt Lake City Olympics emerged from bankruptcy, corruption, and disorganization to immense success just spontaneously?  Or that Bain Capital became one of the US’s most successful venture capital firms because they were lucky?

          These things happened because they were led by someone with real leadership skills.  Leadership changes the equation and bridges ideological gaps.  Obama isn’t a leader, Romney is.  That’s the difference and it’s significance for the US is dramatic.

    • Moulton Fan

      Let’s try being analytical for just a moment. No one is stupid. We disagree about how to achieve a common goal. We share the same values, but somehow we have become unaware or simply refuse to apply them to each other. When that happens, we are guilty of situational ethics. We lack the foundation and character needed to resolve our most difficult problems. Separate the person from the policy. We will not survive without mutual respect, individual responsibility, and honest discourse. Our compassion must be all-inclusive. Our sense of fairness apply to everyone. Our common goal, an intrinsic understanding of right action rather than government dictated.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/B54LBTQWZD5KXBBPH7ZN7JZY3I The

      You’re not being serious are you? ARE YOU? OMG if you are  you are insane!
      23 million out of work.  BO swore to protect and uphold the constitution he goes around it daily with executive orders.  He has regulated our economy into hibernation (IMO on purpose for revolutionary  change = MARXISm)  and we are headed into a deeper (depression) NOT a recession! 43+ weeks of + %8 (more like 22%) unemployment (worse than the depression) Again r u INSANE?
      49% of all young African American Unemployed!  22% of all young Hispanics UE!
      WAKE UP !!!

    • Drew Page

      Well, I suppose you could count Obama’s stint in the Illinois State Senate as a “job”.  He did get paid.  He did show up from time to time and when it came time to vote, he voted “present”.    Now that’s hard work.

    • poppakap

      Such powerful rhetorical skills.  You should be Biden’s speech writer.  

      My bad.  Sounds like you already are.

      • poppakap

        BTW Micheala, a real job is where one succeeds because of accomplishment, not ideology.  Professional agitator, sorry, community organizer doesn’t count.

  • Markamccomas

    I’d rather vote for a man who is a God seeker than a man who thinks the state is God.

  • bobemakk

    How come no one ever talks about Harry Reid, he is a Mormon also.

    • Vince Ricardo

      Take out the second “m” in Mormon and you got it right.

    • poppakap

      The difference between Romney and Reid is ideology.  As the left has shown countless times, when it comes to statism, ideology trumps all.

  • Mgoveia

    How did this rumor get started that Barack Obama was a “nice guy”?  Nothing can be further from the truth.  This guy has lied about every inconvenient detail about his background.  Approaching an election in Illinois, he managed to access SEALED legal records from divorce proceedings and published them, forcing his opponents to withdraw from the race.  Bill Clinton accused Obama of playing the race card against Hillary in the 2008 primaries.   His sarcasm is as vicious as it is based on falsehoods.  He says that Republicans want dirty air and water and kids with autism and old people to fend for themselves – all brazen lies.  Justice Alito called him a liar for telling a lie about a case they had decided and the MSM attacked Alito.  Rep. Joe Wilson called him a liar for a lie about health care, and the MSM attacked Wilson.  This “Hope and Change” was just a crock to fool people.  Obama has always been for “Smear and Fear”

    • Lawrence Brown

      Anyone who comes out of the Chicago democrat machine is by definition not a “nice guy!”  Every time I hear the “nice guy” trope come out of the mouth of some so-called conservative commentator, I want to vomit.  Sometimes it seems like only Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin have Obama’s number.  His overweening arrogance is the nicest thing about him.

  • bobemakk

    How can anyone like Obama, he is a notorious liar.

  • Moulton Fan

    You have forgotten to credit Mr. “O” with a socialized medicine program that will control every aspect of our lives. The foods we eat, how often and how much we eat, who lives and who is an “unwanted human” and potentially who is allowed to have children and who will have to submit to a government mandated abortion. It appears that it is not about solving the problem of the high cost of health care, but rather manipulation and control of the voting public. 
    The only problem is that sometime, someplace, everyone is outside of supervision and law, on their own to decide, and without the intrinsic understanding of our shared values will invariably make the wrong choice. Welcome to the police state. 

    • Flintlocked2012

      The ACA actually uses for-profit insurers to accomplish its goals. There is nothing socialist about the ACA.

      • Ralph_Gizzip

        You’re right.  Governmental compulsion of private industry is fascism, not socialism.

      • poppakap

        …for-profit insurers whose profits and activities will be strictly and laboriously dictated by big brother.  That government uses an intermediary to accomplish its goal of advancing statism doesn’t change the fact that ObamaCare paves the way for a single payer system ala Cuba.

        This is called incrementalism, and socialists have been using it to advance their causes for 100 years now.  Ignoring this fact makes you either a useful idiot or too naive to comment responsibly.

  • Drew Page

    Perhaps a more realistic explanation of why Obama and Obama are running neck and neck in the polls which, if they are accurate, show half of those polled like Obama and the other half don’t.   Consider the fact that 50% of wage earners in this country don’t pay federal income taxes.   The 50% that do pay taxes have to support not only themselves and their own families, but also one-third of Americans who are on some sort of government assistance, including food stamps, rent subsidies, welfare checks and Medicaid.   

    Children love Santa Claus.   Adults know who has to pay for the gifts.

    • asl3676

      Spoken like a true bigot…..those poor minorities are screwing us all,,,,,

      • bobemakk

        Drew Page is no bigot, just speaks the truth.

      • Jeffreydan

        “Spoken like a true bigot…..those poor minorities are screwing us all,,,,,”-asl3676

          Aaaaand, Race-card Boy loses another debate! Let’s hope his trembling with fear doesn’t ruin the other passengers’ bus ride home.

      • Drew Page

        Hey, yo-yo, I have enough trouble supporting myself and my family.  I’m in the ‘50%’ club of working stiffs that do pay federal income taxes and state income taxes and sales taxes and property taxes and gas taxes.  I even pay taxes to the phone company so they can give free cell phones and calling minutes to all those ‘poor minorities’.    The reason a day in the hospital costs $10, 000 or $20,000 or more per day isn’t because of the insurance companies, it’s because your ‘poor minorities’ and illegals show up on the door step of any hospital ER they choose and don’t pay a dime for their care and treatment  

        I make $60,000 a year, drive a five year old Ford and help support my grandchildren and last year I gave three times more to charity than Joe Biden did.   I’m taxed enough already.   I’m willing to pay my current level of taxes, but no another dime more.  If that’s not enough for you or any other bleeding heart, that’s just too damn bad.    

        • asl3676

          Dear Drew,

            Who’s asking you to pay more taxes? Illegals and the poor aren’t screwing you… corporate America is screwing you, the oil companies are screwing you, the utility companies are screwing you, Wall Street is screwing you….Republicans only care about their corporate benefactors…WAKE UP

          • Drew Page

            Last I heard Obamacare is the law of the land and the SCOTUS tells us the only way it is legal is if it is funded by taxes, taxes that I will have to pay over and above the amount I already pay.  When I have to pay more in taxes to support the needs of illegal aliens, their food stamps, their rent subsidies, their welfare checks, the education of their kids and the incarceration of their criminals, I’m getting screwed.    When I have to pay for all the same things for the poor who don’t pay taxes, I’m getting screwed.   When the ‘leaders’ of this country limit development of domestic oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy, I’m getting screwed.  I’m wide awake pal.

    • asl3676

      What difference does it make if you don’t pay income tax but pay sales tax. gas tax. property tax, social security tax, medicare tax etc. What is so special about Federal income tax?

      • Drew Page

        “What difference does it make if you don’t pay income tax but pay sales tax, gas tax, property tax, Social Security, tax, Medicare tax etc.”?   

        If you don’t pay into the system, you deserve no benefits from it.  Currently those paying no federal income taxes (50% of all wage earners) are eligible for the same federal government benefits as those who do pay federal income taxes.  You libs are worried about everyone paying their “fair share”, what’s the fair share of those not paying such taxes?  

    • Flintlocked2012

      So you’re telling us the impoverished people in this country are actually living like kings off your back, while the wealthy beyond any normal need for that much money only contribute to society with their vast wealth?

      Is the sky blue on your planet?

      • Drew Page

        Impovrished people, and even those not so impovrished, pay no federal income taxes and they get the lion’s share of social welfare services and government assistence in the form of food stamps, rent subsidies and welfare checks.  they may not be living like kings, but they are living a hell of a lot better than impovrished people in third world nations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South  and Central America.

        And who are you to decide how much money is too much for one person to have?    

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      The cost of collecting the money at the lower income levels would be more than the money that was collected.

      Change the system.. collect 19%.  From top to bottom, the money collection would be more than the cost of getting the money.  Deadbeats would be very few and far between if they were not in jail.

    • Frederick Theobald

       Santa is an anagram of SATAN.

    • poppakap

      Just because someone like Obama doesn’t mean they will vote for him.  Especially as ones income drops, inflation soars, and more and more neighbors keep losing jobs.  Likability doesn’t equal electability.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jack-Olthoff/100003824408712 Jack Olthoff

    Bernie, reminds me of Claude Pepper from Florida, ran for office and couldn’t get elected because his opponent said his sister was a known thespian (a very good actress I am told)..it is stuff like this that makes you wonder if we shouldn’t have an ID AND an IQ test to vote

    • 830aug1955

       Its a good story…but it never happened.  From Wikipedia:

      Part of American political lore is the Smathers “redneck speech,”
      which Smathers reportedly delivered to a poorly educated audience. The
      “speech” was never given; it was a hoax dreamed up by one reporter. Time Magazine, during the campaign, falsely claimed that Smathers said this:

      Are you aware that Claude Pepper is known all over Washington as a shameless extrovert? Not only that, but this man is reliably reported to practice nepotism with his sister-in-law, he has a brother who is a known homo sapiens,[6] and he has a sister who was once a thespian in wicked New York. Worst of all, it is an established fact that Mr. Pepper, before his marriage, habitually practiced celibacy.[7]

      The Smathers campaign denied his having made the speech, as did the
      reporters who covered his campaign, but the hoax followed Smathers to
      his death.[8]

      • CCNV

         And I believe what is written on Wikipedia as much as I believe obaMAO.

  • Fred Pasek

    I think Ann Romney’s speech is gonna change the dynamics. She was so freakin’ good, that any independent who saw her HAD to come away with a more sympathetic view of Romney. I know I did. I bet he gets a ten point bump from it. Of course there are those on the left who are dug in, and would never believe anything nice of anyone with an R after their name, but all those people who hang out in the middle and truly decide political races, they don’t buy into the tax cheat killer thing, and they may even find they LIKE Romney after that speech Ann gave.

  • Maryjoe

    Why is it that Mitt doesn’t get the easy questions like what super power do you want to possess? The President shouldn’t be asked that stupid question, let alone answer it! If he did answer it he should have said “to have the brains to fix the economy”
    His answer was to be able to speak any language.   Bright Obama, that doesn’t pay the bills for the people of the country you are in charge of, it doesn’t put food on the table, put kids through college and give people a good night’s sleep with peace of mind!!

  • Ellenlbarnes

    Thanks for that Bernie. Do you think there will ever be a time again when real journalism is practiced in America? As a former Chicago Dem activist who knows just enough about Team Obama and the means-ends reality of Chicago-style politics to be able to say : a) these are not good people, b) most are severe ideologues, c) their derangement means ideology always trumps reality, d) political control is the end-game because it is the cornucopia from which all blessings flow and that end ranges from $$ to the “fundamental transformation” of America Obama promised in 2008. I only wish the average American had ever seen these people up close and personal. The 2012 race wouldn’t even be close. 

  • beniyyar

    Even liberals are unhappy with Obama’s miseconomy and when people are unhappy with someone, they avoid that person, or in this case, they won’t vote for him.

  • mimi

    Maybe if the Liberal media would  just focused on actual legitimate facts and not trying to write a bad movie script, then maybe people would know Mitt better…

    • asl3676

      Romney is an empty suit…he’s out of touch with everyday America and has been hanging out too long with the country club crowd… Guess you liked Bush so much you want to see the same garbage again…

      • Appealnow

        And, I bet you didn’t bother to watch the convention last night. Don’t look at anything that might undercut your biases.

        • asl3676

          I did watch…I ‘m still waiting to hear the Republican plan for creating  jobs…Did I miss it?

          • GlenFS

            you did miss it…. it was free the economy from Obama’s campaign of obstructive tactics, taxes and waste so the folks can create enterprises that need labor again

          • asl3676

            That’s what you call a policy? What would the bill say…it is prohibited, under the Federal Code, to have any obstructive tactics?
            That’s a bumper sticker not a policy….

          • GlenFS

            Bill? just remove the obstrucionist-in-chief and his minions and undo his executive procalamtions, repeal Obama care and other statist bills that prevent free economy, cut the spending, reform the tax code, cut government departments, open all areas to pipelines, drilling & exploration for oil, reform entitlements and behave like responsible adults who care about the future. You won’t like any of it, but your plan is to give an incompetent, leftist zealot 4 more years of creating a socialist dependency paradise.

          • asl3676

            Ok…one more try to get past your cliches…How would you “reform the tax code”?..

          • Drew Page

            Yes, you did.

          • Cbkaufman

            I support Mitt (because he’s the only one running againust BO) and I also wanted to hear the plan for creating jobs. He didn’t discuss it.

          • asl3676

            Romney has one overiding agenda…tax cuts for the upper bracket and for corporations….Same stale old Republican agenda…Worked in 1981…hasn’t worked since….the world economy has changed ..Republican economic policy is stuck in the early 1980’s…

      • bearmountain

        Watch Mr. Romney, soon to be President Romney, tear the The Messiah to pieces in the debates. Obumster gets to rattled to quickly when pressed. When Mr. Romney is done with boy wonder the Bumster’s suit will need a thorough dry cleaning. 

        • Brian_Bayless

          I’m expecting the Kerry/Bush debates all over again.

          • bearmountain

            *Yes as do I. i would truly like to see Obama put under pressure as he would be unable to hold up under it. He is neither the smartest man in the room nor the fastest on his feet.

  • rlpincus

    Read Matt Taibbi’s new investigation into Mitt and Bain if you would like to know who the real Mitt Romney is.

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com/ Cyberquill

    A tax cheating racist killer who wears funny underpants, has hair that came out of a test tube, and WHO TIES DOGS TO THE ROOF OF HIS CAR!!!! 

    • Deny916

      Well at least he didn’t EAT him!!!!

      • http://blog.cyberquill.com/ Cyberquill

        In our culture, eating animals is acceptable, while torturing them is not.

        • Deny916

          If I EVER stuck a piece of dog meat in my mouth I would be a strict vegan for the rest of my life!!!!!!  That’s just sick dude!

    • mimi

      I missed the memo that dogs are nowvoting for this elections.  Where I can get mine register???? 

      • Drew Page

        Go to ACORN.   they will help you get fido registered in time for the election.

    • Drew Page

      An altogether typical liberal response.   You have nothing more to offer than name calling.  You are really quite emotional, aren’t you?

      • http://blog.cyberquill.com/ Cyberquill

        You know, all this space between the headline and the comment section, that’s the actual text of the post. Perhaps you should read it sometime.

      • Brian_Bayless

        Lots of conservatives result to name calling too and use any post that disagrees with them. logical or not, as an excuse to go off on a tangent about how that person is a “liberal” and needs to “stop drinking the kool aid.”

        • Drew Page

          So two wrongs make a “right”?

    • Trappedincalifornia

      Thankfully, I was raised not to discriminate against people based on their religion and I bet the Romneys have paid more taxes than you ever will. The racist killer part of your comment is too crazy to even respond to. My 2 rescue pit bulls love to ride in the back of the truck and I can’t see much difference from the top of a car to the back of a truck. Guess you would like Romney better if he ate the dog instead of taking it on vacation with the family.

      • http://blog.cyberquill.com/ Cyberquill

        I was quoting Bernie. I only added the part about the dog. 

  • Berryraymond

    Bernie, great article.  Sometimes we need to point out absurdity, by being absurd.  This is so often over looked.  Once again what a great way to show how stupid the left is. 

  • RonKean

    The problem is that most of Obama’s supporters think that Republicans don’t have wives, mothers and daughters that we love.  The War on Women.  There is a good argument against unqualified abortion in the second and third trimester.  They think we want a foul planet as if America doesn’t have the technology to produce energy with a minimum of environmental harm.  We can’t do without fossil fuels.  They think we hate gays when we just don’t care about them any more than we care about any other sub-culture.  We only react when they push us.  It doesn’t matter that 99% of Republicans denounce Akin.  They believe we’re all like him.  They encourage OWS and denounce the Tea Party.  They don’t think debt,communism and radical Islam are big threats.  

    The left has been fed hyperbole and exaggeration for so long it’s ingrained in them.  They can’t help themselves.  And they say we’re extreme. These are the simple differences.

    • asl3676

      You sound like the typical Republican…old, bitter and afraid of the future…

      • RonKean

        And you’re the typical Democrat.  You don’t understand.

        • Xistentl1

          And what Liberal Democrats do not understand is human nature.  That is their biggest flaw and it is a serious one.  It clouds their perception of everything else political and social.  They believe JJ Rousseau and Karl Marx.  They love theories and simplistic answers.  The Noble Savage is victimized by money/capital and all he/she really wants to do is live in a commune/communist world and work to the best of their ability and share it with everyone else.  If nobody owned anything there would be no greed.  The world is filled with plenty for all and with just a little organization, fair government, the Big Rock Candy Mountain would be the Big Government Rocky Candy Mountain and we would all be wearing “I (heart) THE BIG GOVERNMENT ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN”  T-shirts, sigh………..

      • Deny916

        If (by some miracle) obama gets re-elected we should ALL be afraid of the future with 4 more years of that!

        • asl3676

          Be afraid…be very afraid….paranoia runs deep

          • Drew Page

            One doesn’t have to be old to be bitter and afraid of the future.   People getting out of college can’t find jobs.   They have mortgage sized student loans to pay off if they are lucky enough to find work.   They wind up living with mom and dad, postpone getting married, having children and face a future which may not include Social Security or Medicare because nothing has been done to save it.     

            Even those living off the government should be very afraid, because unless there is a change in administrations these people are going to out in the streets, like those in Greece, outraged because the government can no longer pay for their freebies. When this happens, asl, it will be your turn to be very afraid.  Because all those OWS types you so love to defend are going to turn over your car in the streets and burn it, beat you up and take your wallet or purse and leave you bleeding in the streets.   They may even visit your home or apartment, where you think you are safe and ransack it looking for anything of value.    These are the kinds of things that happen when the government runs out of money and can no longer provide the freebies on which these people have come to depend.   But you go on ahead and keep worrying about Bain Capital, Mitt Romney’s income taxes and the dog cage tied to the top of his car.

          • topgun_1959

            I assume asl (in asl3676) is short for asshole.  You apparently have no work to do or you would not spend your days taking gutter snipes at folks who converse and debate.  you are vile and should put down the potato chips and kool aid and go out looking for a job.

          • asl3676

            That’s Mr. Asshole to you…show some respect….

  • http://teapartyreaganconservative.blogspot.com/ TeaPartyReaganConservative

    I thought you were going to be serious..  My mistake..

    • GlenFS

      Satire may be the most serious device.

  • red47

    Funny. Thanks.

  • Bruce A.

    Judging by the comments the left(MSM, MSNBC & CNN) is making about Gov. Romney.  I would say they are already in full panic mode over Pres. Obamas dismal polling.

  • Bob Hadley

    Why is President Obama not decisively ahead in the polls?

    — Because he’s a Muslim

    — Because he’s wasn’t born in the USA

    — Because he’s an illegal immigrant

    — Because he’s sympathetic with terrorists

    — Because he’s a socialist, communist and/or a marxist in addition to being a Muslim

    — Beause he’s intentionally wrecking the American economy.

    — Because he wants to bribe people by giving them free stuff.

    — Because he’s anti-American.

    — Because he’s not one of us.

    — Because he has repeatedly raised taxes on everyone during the last 3 1/2 years.

    — Because he somehow believes that an individual is incapable of building a business.

    — Because the right wing noise machine won’t let us forget all of this.

    Who would you rather have as president, a double talking secret moderate who has shackled himself so tightly to the agenda of the right wing crazies that he may not be able to break free of these shackles or an anit-American, communist, terrorist sympathizing, illegal immigrant-outsider who wants to destroy our country?

    No wonder….

    • GlenFS

      your strawman?… no I’ll vote Romney.

    • Kmacdoula

       Your “king” has no clothes on… We can see it but obviously you too haven’t any clothes on either…

      • Bob Hadley

        You’re looking in a mirror.

    • theslowrider

       “Whom” would I rather have as President? A statist or a conservative? This country is truly divided into the givers and the takers, and although fiscally I’m closer to a taker than a giver, I know in my heart that taking and sharing other peoples’ money doesn’t work. Romney/Ryan!

      • Bob Hadley

        I rest my case.

        • theslowrider

           Throw up your hands and declare victory? How childish, Bob.

          • Bob Hadley

            What’s childish is your reading comprehension level – 6th, maybe7th grade? 

             Your post above serves to illustrate my point.

          • theslowrider

             Okay! God bless you.

    • Brian_Bayless

      Great post, Bob.

    • Paul Courtney

      Bob:  Good to hear from you.  Your analysis stinks.  Those who believe the items listed believed ’em 4 yrs ago, the right wing noise machine was there 4 yrs ago, yet Obama went ahead in the polls to stay, right after those poor slobs at Lehman Bros discovered they had not donated enough money to politicians, certainly less than Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.  Try to absorb this plain truth-Obama’s polling even because people who DON’T believe the items listed, and who didn’t believe them 4 yrs ago,  polled for him 4 yrs ago BUT NOT NOW!  You guys ignore this at your peril, but don’t let me stop you.  It’ll provide you cold comfort on Nov. 7 to believe racists brought your guy down.  You know, those racists who voted for Barry in ’08, then learned later he was a white african american (thank you, NYTimes).

      • Bob Hadley

        “You guys ignore this at your peril, but don’t let me stop you. It’ll provide you cold comfort on Nov. 7 to believe racists brought your guy down. You know, those racists who voted for Barry in ’08, then learned later he was a white african american (thank you, NYTimes).”

        YOU are the one who brought race into THIS discussion, not me.  I have never, ever brought race into these discussion, except to analyze other people’s fixation or over-sensitivity on race (see, e.g., Bernie’s article on Trump and racism) as I’m doing here.  Race is YOUR hang-up, not mine.   We can’t have a meaningful discussion if you don’t quit looking in the mirror. 

        Don’t bother complaining to me about what others say.  Others are not in this discussion.  I only hold you responsible for your stupidity, not that of others. 

        All the myths I laid out above have been set forth by at least certain aspects of the right wing noise machine.  I never said that it was racially motivated.  In fact, the attacks on Pres. Obama are no more viscous and no more stupid than the attacks on Pres. Clinton from when he first took office in 1993. 

        Now to what should have been your main point.  You’ve got to understand satire.  Think a bit before you react.

        As you indicate, most who disfavor Obama do so because of their convictions, not the absurd notions I list above.  On the other hand, it’s apparently lost of you that most peole who disfavor Romney and who favor Pres. Obama do so because of their convictions, NOT because of the absurd notions Bernie outlines above.  Comprende?

        Bernie acts as though no one could possibly favor Pres. Obama for rational reasons.  This notion is ignorant and I think that at least one side of Bernie knows it.  For example, there’s the whole concept of Keynesian economics, embraced by many if not most non-partisan economists, explaining many of Pres. Obama’s policies.  I haven’t heard a peep from Bernie or his pal O’Reilly about this.

        My favor of Pres. Obama over Gov. Romney has nothing to do with the absurd notions Bernie lays out above.  It’s the same with millions upon millions of others.  In fact, I stood up to Wil on this website, telling him that I thought Gov. Romney is a very good and decent man and that I personally have known many Mormons who are terrific people as well.   When have you stood up to the right wing crazies? (Other than the time I goaded you into making what was a flip-floping denunciation of incivilities toward Debbie WS.)

        Incidentally, I’d consider voting for Gov. Romney if I were confidant that he’d be his true self as pres. – a moderate and a problem solver.  

        The right wing noise machine has been doing its best to keep all the doubts about Pres. Obama (as listed above) alive AND growing since Pres. Obama took office in 2009, hammering away at various events – like Obama bowing to a foreign leader (as did Pres. HW Bush and others), Obama giving Governors some leeway in defining the work requirement for welfare (as Gov. Romney requested  as governor of Mass.) or Pres. Obama inartfully saying that individuals build businesses on the foundation of an elaborate, government-created infrastrructure  – to intensify  their drumbeat.

        You say that the right wing noise machine has not created or contributed to serious doubts about Pres. Obama.  Where’s your evidence?  Or did you just make that up.  Even if true, which I doubt, the right wing noise machine has kept these serious doubts thriving in the original cast of doubting Thomases. 

  • The Man from Scene 24

    If Obama is re-elected again he knows he’ll be ineligible for a third term,  then his communist brakes will be off and he’ll do some serious damage to this country.

  • venter

    Me too!          I guess if Obama  is elected again   people really  want free birth control and abortions,  food stamps, free medical, free drugs, illegals (can I say that), no salt, no soda, no big Macs,  no drilling, no oil, high gas prices,.no small businesses, high unemployment, no budgets,  more government, Cool lingo, lies,  smaller military (that will keep us safe)   etc. etc.
    GREAT all of the above will be  fix our economy??,  and fix our debt?? give us jobs?? 

    Mitt too!  


    • Kathie Ampela

      All of the above is true…so why is the race neck and neck?

      • venter

        Is it neck and neck?   Have spoken to a polster.  And what would you say?  Don’t want to be a racist!

        • Cbkaufman

          Who told you that you need to speak to a polster to be informed about polls. (Psst… polls are published, even on the internet and tv.) And yes, the polls are neck and neck. How do I know? I choose to read and be informed.

          • venter

            The polls on MSM we have to question.  Wouldn’t you agree.   Some on the Internet  are fine. With this election we all must be informed like you.   Did the fat lady sing?

  • http://twitter.com/jimmyking16 Jimmy King

    Bernie my sides hurt too bad to give a good comment, so here the best I can do. Romney is so old school milk toasty that everyone thinks nobody is that straight just can’t be, he must have vices everyone does, so what the hell is in the hidden room under the basement. If he had just one little cinch in his armor he would be un-stoppable.

  • Vickki

    Geez, Bernie, this sounds like a superficial Kim Kardashian reality show!  How scary that is the world that we’re living in!  I blame Television and the crappy programming we’ve had to endure for the past 3 decades! 

  • Wheels55

    Good stuff Bernie.

    The real difference can be stated simply: Obama acts and thinks like a dictator who insists that everyone follow his spoken words and will throw up smoke screens to hide the truth. Romney is so simply straight-forward that people think he is hiding something. The later thought makes it easier for the weak-minded to believe the crap coming from the left.

  • Writing Down Pat

    And yet we keep hearing about the mythical undecideds and swing voters. I think if they don’t know the difference now and what’s at stake, they should stay under their rocks.

  • asl3676


       With your great political insight maybe you can tell your readers what Romney is going to do to help the economy other than cut taxes for the rich?
        Maybe you can also tells us how the POTUS creates jobs? Have you ever gotten a job based upon who was President?

    • GlenFS

      Mr. Obama believes the government is the entity that creates jobs, and he is the head of that.  Further he claims to have created millions of jobs, which only cost him $970 billion which he removed from the private sector which really does create jobs.

      I aree with you that the POTUS himself and the government do not create jobs… but he has proven that they sure can obstruct the free economy from creating them.  By the way, jobs are a natural byproduct of people becoming rich… I’m for much more of it  and so is Romney.

      • asl3676

        Just like Romney…cliches..no policy…Romney’s “policies” are the same as Bush’s and they worked so well….WAKE UP…Business and jobs are a function of business policy not political rhetoric…

        • nickshaw

          “This was the moment that the rise of the oceans began to slow…” is not a cliche, Helen?
          Or “spread the wealth around”? Oh, wait. That is policy, isn’t it?
          Well, at least when it comes to spreading the wealth to his bundlers.
          Here’s something Bernie didn’t mention. Mitt provided all the milk to a homeless shelter for more than a year. Free and anonymously.
          Zero said his people will get back to her, to a woman that was about to lose her home. They didn’t.
          Mitt shut down his company and had all of his employees on the streets looking for a lost girl.
          Zero played golf.
          I see a pattern developing…
          And, by the way, Mitt’s policies are on the web. Not that you would take the time to read them, Helen.

          • asl3676

            Did Bernie mention that Mitt was a draft dodger?  While 500,000 Americans were dying Mitt was living the life in France and then protesting against anti-war demonstrators…The one chance he had to do something that too some balls he showed he has none…

          • Jeffreydan

              In 2008 voters had to choose between a vet who sacrificed greatly for this country and a soft little speech-giver who never served. Balls-wise, compared to Senator McCain, Obama was a castrated child. Which one got your vote?   

          • asl3676

            The smarter one….

          • Jeffreydan

              You said you voted for “the smarter one” in 2008. I’m going to assume you think BO was/is smarter than Senator McCain. So, your belief on a given subject changes depending on the convenience.

              I’m not even going to waste any time proving your petty little attack wrong; it’s safe to say your indignation about dodgers would suddenly disappear if it was a liberal candidate who evaded the draft.
              By all means, come up with another fake argument against Governor Romney. You’re a fun little diversion.

          • asl3676

            Romney was a draft dodger….you can’t prove me wrong because I’m stating  a fact…Romney who keeps spouting how much he “loves” America wouldn’t step up to serve his country because that’s not what rich white kids did at the time….No one in Romney’s family has ever served in the military….ever

        • GlenFS

          First you say Romney has no police and in the same sentence they are the same as Bush’s? 

          Oh, I remember Bush, his “business policies” led us out of the dot.com bust… but then the Dems took both branches of congress and offered their version of obstructive “business” policy, including blocking attempts to rein in Fannie & Freddie & forcing mortgage lender to loan to those who couldn’t pay.  As I recall these successes of Democrat business policy crashed the economy at the end of this same Bush’s term.  I don’t think we should try more of that.

        • http://twitter.com/jimmyking16 Jimmy King

          Which policy would you consider Obummer’s best Sir, I’m trying to come up with one that enhanced business and just seem to be having a mental block, help me out what great policy has your hero implemented that helped business ?

          • asl3676

            Tax credits to businesses who hire new workers among many others….The stock market must have doubled for some reason?  Now tell me what policy Romney will impliment that will lower unemployment…

          • Drew Page

            Every time Ben Bernanke adopts another ‘Quantitive Easing’ printing more currency, the stock market jumps up.  Another reason the DOW has increased is that stock companies are making profits and paying dividends.  But these companies are holding on to their cash and not reinvesting  in their businesses or hiring more employees is because of their uncertainty of energy costs,  new taxes and regulations on their businesses.  

            There is no use in telling you again and again what Romney will do to stimulate the economy and grow jobs.   You either aren’t listening or aren’t believing him.  Doubt Romney all you want, but he isn’t the guy that caused the unemployment level in this country or created an additional $5 trillion in the national debt and he certainly isn’t the guywho has had three and-a-half years and $800 billion in ‘Stimulus’ money to fix it.

          • asl3676

            Interesting argument….Rise in the stock market is because of the Fed, high unemployment is because of Obama….Heads I win, tails you lose…I’m sure you understand that Presidents have little to do with stock market performance or unemployment numbers….You aren’t voting for Romney you’re voting against Obama….

        • Jeffreydan

          “Just like Romney…cliches..no policy…Romney’s “policies” are the same as Bush’s and they worked so well….”-asl3676

            Really? Mitt Romney is going to:
            -give a relatively modest tax cut to all Americans?
            -work with liberal legislators to enact expensive educational reform and prescription entitlements?
            -accept the words of reassurance from corrupt democrats when he’s concerned that one of their programs is likely to crumble?
            -and spend borrowed money like a seasoned liberal?

            You really think Governor Romney’s going to be another liberal-lite as president on economic issues? How well are things going under BO’s behemoth spend-and-regulate orgy?  

    • http://www.navygentleman.com/political/ Billyb9

      You didn’t create that comment.  If you have a comment- you didn’t build that.  That was built by so many that came before you.  Your parents, your teachers, yeah, and people who’ve built the bridges and roads that you traveled on to get to your schools… 

      If he was the most successful president ever, I would still call him out on his socialistic ideology.  Successful people owe me nothing.  I’ve failed at the several businesses that I’ve attempted at and I feel no ill will at the buggers who were successful enough to hire me.

      No, job creation is perhaps not based solely on who was president, but the economic conditions that they champion that help the success or failure of business within their term(s).  Most financial success has been based on a “bubble” during their time in office.  Reagan had the Military.  Clinton had the DotCom.  Bush had the housing.  All of them burst.  Obama hedged his bet on Green Technology, and lost.  Here’s the scary part- rather than seeking something different, he would double down if he get’s reelected. 

      Insanity- Trying the same thing and expecting different results.

      Barack Hus(in)sein Obama.

      • asl3676

        You have some good points regarding the economy and I agree the U.S. can use another bubble to help lower unemployment…any ideas?

        • http://www.navygentleman.com/political/ Billyb9

           Oh yes yes.  I can’t give you specifics, as Obama still could take up the ball and run with it- but let’s just put it this way- it’s not green energy… I’m confident Romney will know what to do when he gets into office.   This will probably be day three of his busy schedule.

          The direction the country is currently going in, if Obama gets his second term the natural “bubble” that will occur is food stamps, welfare debit cards, and the faux SSI cards required for illegal- er- undocumented immigrants need to get them

          • asl3676

            Would you hire a new coach who refused to tell you his strategy for winning more games? Share with us why your confident that Romney will do anything but cut taxes for his campaign supporters…

          • Drew Page

            Romney has told you and everyone else his strategy.  You are not listening.   Would you renew the contract of a coach who failed to keep all the promises he made when you hired him?

          • asl3676

            Yes… I would keep the coach who is showing progress and only replace him if I could hire someone better not make a change for change sake…Face it…Republicans hate Obama far more than they like Romney….and they have hated Obama since January 21, 2009…

          • Jeffreydan

              Go ahead and keep pretending that Governor Romney is keeping his plans a secret. We’ll leave the reading his policy plans on his website to the people with an open mind.   

          • asl3676

            As someone who makes a very nice living litigating against Wall Street and securities fraud I am very happy financially if Romney wins…Wall Street allowed to run wild makes me quite happy so you can take your cliches and talking points and believe the nonsense that Romney is selling…

          • Jeffreydan

              Thanks for finally admitting that Romney has shared his plans. Your being wrong is far more tolerable when it’s only in the moral sense. 

    • Drew Page

      Romney will cut taxes for everyone who pays them, not just “the rich”.  He will also cut corporate taxes, since ours are the highest in the world, and he will reduce (not eliminate) the regulations that are currently strangling small businesses.   Romney will approve the Keystone pipline, he will instruct the Dept of Interior to grant leases to companies to explore for oil and gas on public lands, offshore and in ANWAR.  He will authorize power plants to use coal and nuclear power to generate electricity and he will approve the construction of new oil refineries in the U.S.   By these actions he will stimulate the economy.   American businesses will be able to compete fairly with those from other countries and will have the ability to adopt business plans for five and ten years into the future, knowing what corporate and payroll taxes are going to be and that they won’t be regulated out of business.   Stock market investors will bring needed revenue to companies looking to expand.   Employment will surge, employees will feel more secure in the employment market and consumer confidence will return.   Romney will balance the national budget by reducing (not eliminating) government expenditures.   He and Ryan will push for reforms to Social Security and Medicare, so that these programs will be available to future generations. 

      You ask, “Does a President create jobs?”   Ask the 37 “czars” that the current President has hired and installed in the federal government (including their staffs) all without Congressional vetting or approval.   Ask the thousands of new hires at the IRS who are responsible for collecting the taxes on the middle class the Obamacare requires.   Even the First Lady can create jobs, look at the size of her personal staff.  It’s larger than any other First Lady’s staff.

      • Brian_Bayless

        Ryan wants to balance the budget yet increase military spending while decreasing taxes. We all know how that turned out.

  • Sakemoto

    Funny beyond words Bernie!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/masculist.man Masculist Man

    Speaking of “The Factor” anyone can host that show O’Reilly is lucky to have landed that spot. O’Reilly is nothing special although I’m sure he would disagree with that,Laura Ingram and Juan Williams are good guest hosts on The Factor. O’Reilly is the recipient of dumb luck.  Nothing more.