Fools, Nitwits & Dumb Bunnies

The title refers to those politicians in our nation’s capital who make our laws, oversee our wars and conduct our foreign policy. If you regard Congress as a family, this one has far more than its share of black sheep. If you regard Congress as a village, this one has far more than its share of idiots. If, on the other hand, you regard Congress as a gathering of wise and benevolent public servants, I’m afraid you, too, are a fool, a nitwit or a very dumb bunny.

Consider, if you will, that back in the 1990s, President Clinton got North Korea to agree to cease pursuing a nuclear bomb in exchange for a load of goodies that made Santa Claus look like a piker. Naturally, we later discovered that they did not hold up their end of the bargain. Can you imagine such a thing? Who would have ever guessed that a blackmailer wouldn’t keep his word?

Now, Secretary of State Clinton is over the moon because North Korea has agreed to a temporary suspension of its nuclear tests in exchange for 240,000 metric tons of food. Notice this time around, the North Koreans got us to say “Uncle!” for nothing more than a temporary agreement they have no intention of honoring.

By this time, one would think that we knew better than to send a couple of drones named Bill and Hillary to deal with these blackguards. Armed drones would clearly have a better chance of getting their attention, not to mention their cooperation.

Will we never learn that it doesn’t pay to make nice with tyrants? In exchange for getting us to deprive Poland and the Czech Republic of a missile defense system, the Russians didn’t even have to give Obama a bottle of vodka or a dancing bear.

When it comes to diplomacy, you can’t even call people like the Clintons and Obama pigeons because it would be an affront to perfectly capable birds.

In poker circles, it’s said that you never want to play cards with guys nicknamed Doc, Fingers or the Professor. In world politics, you don’t send amateurs to negotiate with guys named Putin, Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong-Un.

In other world news, we recently learned that after Obama gave Brazil two billion dollars to develop its offshore oil industry, in which George Soros just happens to have a major stake, the Brazilians are selling their oil to China. So we can add a woman, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, to the list of those with whom our politicians should not be playing international poker.

In spite of all the endless insults targeting rich people by Barack Obama, and at Mitt Romney, by those pinheads who are morally outraged that Mrs. Romney has not one Cadillac, but two, in her garage, Forbes reported that a recent study of all our presidents proved that, far and away, our wealthiest chief executive was none other than George Washington. So if you’re going to start hurling invective at people for no better reason than their wealth, you will have to start with the Father of Our Country.

Speaking of Barack Obama, it’s worth noting that the same man who nixed the Keystone XL pipeline praised such New Deal construction projects as Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge in his State of the Union Address.

Now, seriously, is there anyone anywhere who actually believes that Obama would have gone ahead with such massive enterprises, risking the wrath of the environmental zealots who donate a ton of money to his re-election campaign?

Let’s face it, if they get this upset over a pipeline that would only run through states they fly over, can you imagine how those lunkheads would howl if the fish life of their beloved San Francisco Bay or the desert critters hanging out near their beloved Las Vegas suffered even the slightest upheaval for the sake of people who aren’t smart, rich or lucky enough to be them?

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  • BurtPrelutsky

    JohnInMA: I don’t agree that our foreign policy should be confused with our–or, rather, Obama’s–domestic policy.   Domestically, he is focused on the redistribution of wealth.  When it comes to foreign aid, American presidents seem to believe that it gives us leverage with our enemies.  That is also the reason that we continue to finance the U.N.  Apparently insanity is a contagious disease, and the virus is especially virulent in the Oval Office.


  • JohnInMA

    Can’t most of the foreign policy actions be explained by a motive to transfer wealth?  If your first priority is to move wealth from your “rich” population to a “poorer” population, then the actions of the North Korean autocracy are mostly PR problems, yes?  You want them to give you temporary cover so your media will put your transfer in a favorable light.  For now.  A good portion of the country will move on, and the future actions of the PRNK are less important.  If and how long they honor their words is really no big deal.  Surely some of the less intelligent celebrity activists give insight into this by suggesting,  fully out loud!, that 

    This administration shows every sign to me of wanting the nuisance and inconvenience of the nation’s position in the world to go away.  Obama isn’t the first president to never want to take another flight overseas, but instead stay home and fidget with policy as a tool for “change”.  The problem is solved by joining a global entity and letting others manage that annoying effort outside the borders.  Killing bad guys who threaten to derail things enough to stall the fidgeting is a necessary nuisance, performed well.  The problem is exactly the fidgeting that this administration wants to perform and the sacrifices they are willing to make so they can focus on the fidgeting.  Capitulation to Russia on our defense strategy or to PRNK on theirs can’t be explained as easily any other way.

    • JohnInMA

      By the way, once we weakly justify the reason and give money to Egypt, it will be more proof for me that we aren’t in the business of influencing human rights, but in simply and blindly transferring wealth.  That transfer is coming soon, even though there is ample evidence that this new “democracy” will be either equally tyrannical or even worse to the past dictator.

  • patriotbelle

    Becoming tainted once being elected and arriving in DC seems to be a disease that needs to be eradicated. Americans have the job of overseeing the overseers but now have to be real HAWKS lest we lose our country!!!!!It’s a sad day when what should be the most respected positions in America are truly the less respected today.

  • cmacrider

    Burt:  Having read your article I suddenly realized that P.M. Harper made a great tactical mistake.  He should have confronted the Obama/Clinton duet with a program to wipe out the polar bear.  No doubt Canada would have received a few hundred billion dollars if they promised not to wipe out the cuddly polar bear.  Then when President Romney takes over the Oval Office, he could phone up Mitt and tell him he’s reverting back to normal trade relations where each country optimizes its economic advantage …. we extract the oil ……. America refines it.

    • cmacrider

      Burt:  None of the foregoing is intended to suggest that America should not be employing a modicum of economic sense and get busy extracting their own oil.

  • BurtPrelutsky

    Glen: A very good question.  Actually, I find it amusing that Wil in the midst of lecturing us about science, Will is parroting Al Gore’s bullshit about global warming.  Talk about your flat earthers.  On the other hand, I have to give Wil a thumbs-up.  Apparently he reads everything I write.  Eventually, a bit of wisdom might sink in.

    Bruce A: Excellent point about North Korea and their priorities.  Another thing to consider is why we think it’s in our national interest to feed our enemies.

    Glen: Next January, we’ll have a new president.  Until then, we have to patient, but vigilant.


    • Bruce A.

      Feeding our enemies is correct.   How much food is stolen by the North Korean govt & never makes it to the masses?  How much is sold on a black market? 

  • Bruce A.

    I regard Congress as the biggest collection of thieves & cutthroats the USA has to offer.  Also. if North Korea has money to blow on nuclear weapons  they certainly do not need food aid.

  • Glen

    I think we better get an adult to run things fast, or we won’t have anything left worth preserving.

  • Wil

    Monday evening, a new bill (SB 893) was approved by the Tennessee Senate that will protect teachers
    who wish to promote “alternate” scientific theories, essentially allowing
    anti-evolutionists and climate change deniers a voice in the science classroom.
    A similar version of the bill (HB 368) passed in the House about a year ago. Advocates of
    the bill claim that it improves academic freedom, while its critics see it as an open door to
    the promotion of pseudo science and religious doctrine within the public school

    Another red state moving ahead into the Another red state moving ahead into
    the 18th century. 

    • Glen

      18th century thought  is well advanced of the ice age thinking behind climate change “theory”.  How is this topic related to Burt’s post?

    • cmacrider

      Wil:  Never let science or rational thought disrupt your global cooling/global warming/climate change religion.   Keep the propaganda machine churning in the public schools lest reality prevails.