For the Children

Access to information and the broad education of the public should mean that cheap stunts or manipulative ploys would be difficult to get away with.  Well that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case, as we saw one heart tugging attempt after another this week.  At issue is the use of children to manipulate the public to your political advantage.  The President of the United States, and the NYC bus driver’s union both exploited children in their pitch for people to rally to their causes this week.  It is amazing that this does not turn people against them, but it must be working on someone.

The President showed up at his much anticipated speech about gun control surrounded by children and their parents.  These were children who had written letters saying they were scared in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings.  Did he use this opportunity to point to things that have worked in the past to reduce gun violence?  Is he pushing for something like concealed carry laws, which have reduced gun violence wherever they have been tried?  No, he just wanted to borrow these children as background props for a speech used to badger congress to pass gun control legislation.  It doesn’t really matter that the laws he is pushing for have no proof of being successful in the past.  He got a chance to stand in front of children, and look like he cares.  Apparently this means that whatever he says will help the children.

The NYC school bus driver’s union decided to outdo even the President in child exploitation.  They are on strike because the mayor is going to put the contract for school bus driving out for bid.  The city uses a private company for bus service, but has not put it out for bid since 1979.  As part of the bid process the union wants the mayor to require that all bidders must honor the union contract.  The mayor has refused, and the union has gone on strike.  The drivers can apply for work at the company who wins the bid, and likely will, but may not get the sweetheart contract they have currently.  Of course the taxpayers and parents will benefit if the routes are more efficient and less expensive.  It is a good guess that waiting 33 years before bidding out the work has led to some complacency.  Mayor Bloomberg took the rare step of apologizing for not addressing this sooner, since he has been the mayor for 11 of the years.

The TV and radio ad being run by the union to try to rally support to their position is perhaps the most shameful use of children in a long time.  The 30 second ad playing on local media has pictures of crashed buses, while a voice talks about how inexperienced drivers and “for profit” companies will put your children at risk.  Also, in the background are children singing “the wheels on the bus”. The ad is so despicable in so many ways.  No one is calling for less qualified drivers.  In fact, there is nothing keeping the possible new company from hiring all existing drivers.  The current company who the drivers work for is “for profit”, and private already!  The ad is basically laying out the case for ‘no change or your children will die’, and it is probably just a coincidence that this sounds like blackmail.

Whenever someone advocating a position is surrounded by children or invokes “protecting the children”, we should all know that the manure is about to start flowing and run to turn off the broadcast.  If their argument could stand on its own merits, they wouldn’t need the children.  We live in the age of communication, with more outlets for information than ever before.  This type of sideshow pitch should not work with today’s highly educated, highly informed public.  This tactic is as common as ever, so it must work.  Otherwise, why would they continue to do it?

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Michael has been an editor and contributor at the website for over 2 years. He has over 20+ years of diverse business experience, from running complex operations where he managed hundreds of people, to starting and running small businesses such as He is blessed, or perhaps cursed, with a logical mind which he uses to analyze government, media, politics, and culture. He believes that his life experiences help him bring a unique perspective to the issues of the day.
  • Hankster73

    Only one thing wrong with this article – It infers that the public is highly educated and informed… nothing could be further from the truth. And the evidence doesn’t get much clearer than the November election results. Let’s see… We have a supreme court that ruled in favor of United America and Obamacare; our political system is bought and controlled by Wall Street (re:Crisis By Design, John Truman Wolfe); ethics and values ‘left the building’ years ago; the leader of our country is totally inept (re:The Amateur, Edward Kline); and our liberal media wants us to believe that the deficit is an ‘inconvenient truth,’ and that the economy is getting much better… Is it just me, or do others think our great nation is in deep do-do?!!

    The only possible way to solve our problems is to vote out every incumbent politician, AND send the new ones to Congress with clear and written mandates of what must be done, including a constitutional convention. When they fail to perform, vote ’em out again. It will take at least 2 cycles to impact Congress, but, if we start now with the 2014 and 2016 congressional elections, we may actually have a chance. We’re on the edge, folks. The deficit #’s don’t lie. We’ll be lucky to make it to 2016 without a financial collapse – God help us…

    • Switchlight13

      Eliminate the rigged Gerrymandered Districts and the entire Congressional Black Caucus would be gone. That would be an excellent start toward competent Govt.

  • skip

    We are on a ship of fools and the Prince of Fools, Obama, is piloting the ship!

  • FloridaJim

    Using children as ploys to gain an advantage is not something new Joseph Stalin, surprisingly, did a similar stunt and there are pictures of this event.

  • Gloria

    This is what he does……..when running the first time and speaking on foreign policy, he posed with dignitaries and a dozen American flags behind them. When ramming through massive federal health care plan, he posed with dozens of ‘doctors’ all recognizable of course because they were wearing white coats (I have never seen an MD leave his workplace in anything other than street clothes!)
    And now to tug at our heart strings about gun control issues, he hauls out some star struck kids. He is a photo op phony and an arrogant liar to boot. Four more years? I think for the sake of my sanity I will need to tune out!

  • begbie

    The scary part is the unpredictability of the unions when they don’t get their way….harassment, violence, intimidation…nothing is off the table. If the bus drivers’ union loses the battle and the bid is won by a different company with less benefits, I’m afraid there may be an “accident” that ends up hurting some kids, just so they can point the finger and say, “I told you so!” I support the mayor on this one, but he better watch out.

  • jazzdrums

    not on item on the list put out by obama would have prevented the hometown school shooting..not one.

  • Robert Blum

    Seems as though the Obama initiative will use and abuse the nation’s children to promote an agenda . . . while totally ignoring the street kids of Chicago. . . . which speaks volumes to one’s integrity and character.

    • Switchlight13

      He also ignores the animal like 73% out of wedlock birth rate among “his people”.

  • Cecilio Mendez

    Well… this is the new fad in America: Blame another – very loudly and bitterly – of the same things you are, but will never admit to be! I will not make a list because it will be too long. But I can advance such list will be mostly full with names from the the Democratic Party and any liberal, progressive, communist or New World order group members.

  • bobemakk

    I pray to God that I live long enough to see this poor excuse for a POTUS leave office, by being impeached.

  • Switchlight13

    20 bucks says the parents of these kids actually wrote the pro-gun control letters and then made the kids copy them so it would look like the kids wrote them. Plus he always uses “multi-cultural” looking kids & adults behind him whenever he pontificates. He knows the sheep will fall for anything.

    • trailbee

      Of course! And well dressed. Not a slob in the bunch.

  • Buzg

    Hey, it worked for Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Castro, Kim Il Sung, and Chavez. Why try and change what works?

  • Roseville John

    I get too sick of hearing “it’s for the children” every time the left reaches into our pockets. Jerry Brown is famous for it and it is such a fraudulent plea!

  • Anna S.

    Point well made, being the mother of 4 young props myself I find using children to hide behind and distract the public, morally offemsive.

  • Venter

    Obama has used prop doctors, prop citizens who make $50,000 a year and the latest, children who write letters. Maybe these letters could be sold on e-bay with the money going to pay down the debt. As soon as I hear about planned props I know I will not watch Obama’s speech because it will be insincere.
    Sandy Hook mourns but Obama and Rahm Emanual take advantage of this crisis . “Obama gun care” is just what we don;t need , it will stop nothing. This week we have had several school lock downs and I believe it is because Washington has been playing politics with the deaths of children.They want to rush through BILLS s to look caring. Thia is giving license to unstable people to disrupt the school day. I think lock downs will go on because the discussion is about punishing legal gun owners and not people who have ILLEGAL GUN.
    It is depressing how children;s safety is being abused by Washington and unions . They should start with using COMMON SENSE

  • Switchlight13

    The parents probably wrote the letters and told everyone the kids did it. The results of the last election show most Americans are so dumb that they will fall for anything.

    • Robert Blum

      Or, the teacher’s union had various schools take up the initiative . . . for ‘the cause’.