Fort Hood and the PC Cowards

Not long after the massacre at Fort Hood, when it became clear that once again the lamestream media were going out of their way to avoid the obvious, I went on Bill O’Reilly’s program on Fox and said:  Political correctness is a virus running through the bloodstream of our culture, and it is killing American journalism.

There was plenty of evidence, early on, that Major Nidal Malik Hasan had – let’s be politically correct and say – religious issues.  Or let’s not and be more blunt:  He was an Islamic fanatic, a soldier with a record of expressing anti-American and pro-jihadist sentiments.

That the lamestream media chose to ignore this for as long as they could is no surprise.  They chose the “post-traumatic stress disorder” storyline instead.  It re-inforced their biases against the wars America was waging, and made them feel better about themselves.  Evan Thomas, the editor at large at Newsweek went on TV with another brilliant theory.  “I think he’s probably just a nut case,” Thomas said.  This is what passes for intelligent analysis in the lamestream media these days.  Imagine how many facts Evan Thomas had to ignore to come to that dopey conclusion.  But it wasn’t just liberals in the media who chose to look the other way.  Maj. Hasan’s superiors in the Army chose to ignore the obvious, too.  And so did the CIA.

Brian Ross, of ABC News, has reported that Hasan tried to contact people connected to the terrorist group al Qaeda.  And, according to Ross, U.S. intelligence officers were aware of that fact months ago, but “it’s not known whether the military was ever told by the CIA or others that one of its majors was making efforts to communicate with figures under electronic surveillance.”

If the CIA did not tell the Army, the heads should roll at Langley.  But in any case there was plenty the Army knew, with or without the CIA, and willfully dismissed. The Associated Press has reported that “Fellow students of Hasan in a military training course complained to the faculty about Hasan’s ‘anti-American propaganda,’ but said a fear of appearing discriminatory against a Muslim student kept officers from filing a formal complaint.”

If someone in a position of authority had not been so politically correct, so downright cowardly, Maj. Hasan would have been drummed out of the military a long time ago.  Rest assured, he will be held accountable for his actions.  But the others should be held accountable, too.  The ones who were lacked the guts to speak up and do the right thing, for fear they might offend Muslims.

It’s no secret that political correctness is killing American journalism.  Apparently it also had a heavy hand in killing those Americans at Fort Hood.

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  • Stefany Radecki

    911 once again, can be previously nine many years I could nevertheless keep in mind everthing, highly Say day, Wish the whole lot can turn out to be previous tense with me.

  • shay

    im kind of impressed to someone in the usa who wasnt blinded by all of the pc thugs around him


  • John M.

    Hi Bernie,

    Just want to say I’m more impressed with you than ANY other commentator/analyst/reporter for the reason that you make sense, have vast knowledge of the industry and aren’t afraid to “say it like it is.” Also, the first thing I noticed a few years ago was that you don’t back off of Bill O’Reilly’s comments, if you think he’s wrong (everyone else is afraid to ruffle his feathers).
    You truly ARE the expert guest, not to be overshadowed by a host, even as “big” as O’Reilly.

    You’re the BEST! It’s always a pleasure to hear whatever you have to say. If the host says, “We’ll have Bernie Goldberg shortly…,” I’m glued to the set or record it so I don’t miss you.

    If you ever come to the San Francisco Bay Area to speak, I’d love to attend to shake your hand.


  • bingohouse.com_loyal

    I really don’t see any sense in holy war. how can it be holy when people are getting killed.

  • William Clair

    Bernie why are you such a moron?

    • bmmg39

      William, why don’t you try refuting or addressing something Bernie has said, rather than engage in petty insults?

    • annien

      Ahhh William another liberal getting right to the point! No challenge of ideas just name-calling. So tedious.

  • Kelly

    Two Quotes to Ponder

    “Life’s tough……it’s even tougher if you’re stupid.” — John Wayne

    “We live in the greatest nation in the history of the world.
    I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.” — Barack Obama

    Unfortunately, we are now beginning to understand what the second one means and what the first one says about us.

  • Kelly Bales

    Check out the site linked in this post it shows where mr.hasan was on THE HSPI PRESIDENTI TRANSITION TASK FORCE
    ALApril 2008-January 2009 this is “homeland security policy institute, , , Page 29 see mr.hasan’s title.
    and the big “0” said “let’s not make any hasty judgements” , , , uh , ok , ?

  • Wally Flint

    Hi Bernie,
    You’re so very right about political correctness! At first , it would seem that freedom of speech is on the way out! Which is still very true, unfortunately! Now people’s lives are snuffed out do to this terrible reason, and our own moral weakess. Were in hell is our moral fiber gone to ? What the hell is happening to this country?
    We must all stand together and fight this! As it is, fortunately, we have the TEA Parties and related orgs. to get out and be mad as hell!
    Why the media is so far left is beyond me! What do they hope to gain with this stance? Are they home grown traitors – or is somebody paying them off?
    Somewhere I get the rotten odor of a George Soros! I hope I,m wrong!

    Wally Flint-Boonville, Ny

    P.S.- Bernie- keep fighting the good fight- you’re doing grweat! I look forward to watching you on Bill O’Reilly’s show! I you need any help on opinions- I’ll be glad to help- even at the age of 81!

  • Daniel Paulk

    I love your level-headed comments and opinions on the O’Reilly show. I wish Bill would give you more time. You have such a refreshing un-filtered approach to analysis and commentary.

  • Ellie

    You missed the expert who said that Fort Hood is a violence at the work place :)
    but “calling AlQaeda is not a crime” will stay as #1 of all time.

  • http://odiecologne Anthony Ferreira

    What constitutes “Unfit for Command”? The family of the shooter in Fort Hood, Texas, complained to the media that their relative will not be able to get a fair trial. Well, let’s see. Did he do it? Yes. Guilty. What can be more fair than that? And that is alot more consideration than he gave the 50-plus victims he killed and wounded. You know they are asking for a jury trial? Let’s see, a jury of his peers. Will the jury consist of ,12 maggots, of the same mind set? Of course, they will have to recess early on Friday to chant,”Death to America”.

  • Jeff

    Had Major Hasan gone to Afghanistan, it would have been to practice psychiatry, not go into combat. The only stress he was suffering was his hatred of infidels, fueled by a fanatical view of his religion. Bottom line; he’s an Islamist terrorist

    • Hoots

      I agree Jeff, however he does NOT deserve the recognition of being called a Major.

    • Hoots

      Do you think we will be able to get back the money the tax payers paid out to pay for his entire education?

  • Wil Burns

    Bernie, The fact is, we don’t have to be the military police of the world and we don’t have to project a fantastical National Security Interest on everything that happens anywhere. And even if we do profess national security interests in Af-Paq-Iran-Iraq-Israel-Palestine-Lebanon-Syria-etc.-etc., we don’t have to resolve them with hundreds of thousands of soldiers and a robotics war waged against three countries.

  • Wil Burns

    Bernie, Extreme religious beliefs and violent insanity are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, they tend to track–among fanatics of all religions. There was, for example, the lunatic Jewish settler, Baruch Goldstein, who opened fire on Muslims praying at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron in 1994, killing 24 and wounding more than 100. There was also the lunatic Jewish settler who assassinated Yitzak Rabin. I can’t remember many Jews calling these effusions of violence as a natural consequence of devout Judaism. They were acts of psychopathy, as was Hasan’s bloodbath!

  • EddieD_Boston

    Hey Wil Burns, it was just reported that your poor little victim had SOA (Son of Allah) stenciled on his business card. Make me laugh some more, figure out a way to blame this on Bush.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Oooops. I meant Soldier of Allah

      • Wil Burns

        Hey Eddie, It was Bush that got us in the Middle East mess!

        • EddieD_Boston

          Wow, more foolishness from you. Didn’t fanatical Muslim terrorists attack us first? Don’t you remember? You are a complete idiot.

          • Wil Burns

            Yeah, from Saudi Arabia, not from Iraq & Afghanistan! Don’t you remember? You are a complete idiot.

  • pat

    Post Traumatic Stress Disease = Obama watching the New Jersey Governor’s election

  • MSF

    Thank you Bernie for having the courage to tell it like it is!

  • Alan

    I spent fifteen months in Iraq. That’s fifteen months longer than Major Hasan. I even deployed there from Fort Hood. Not once did I ever consider opening fire on a group of soldiers processing for deployment. As such, I don’t see how the media can claim PTSD with a straight face.

    • Jesse D. Orozco

      That’s the problem. The media hasn’t given us the “straight” truth in a long time, other than what is “straight” according to their ideologies.

  • TG

    If you can, check out Nov. 9 report on PBS’s News Hour w/ Jim Lehrer. It showed about one minute of people at a church service with a voice over. Obviously, the News Hour is as sad about the tragedy as the rest of us. But, . . . the rest of the 5-6 minute report was about the issue of PTSD and the effect it may have had on the killer. Took a lot of self-restraint for the wife and me not to throw heavy objects at the TV screen.

    I guess the murderer had Pre-Traumatic Talibanic Stress Disorder.

  • Ted

    OK let’s pretend that this Major was booted out of the military before he killed and wounded lots of Americans. I suppose he would have learned how to make a bomb and get his 72 virgins the old fashioned way.

    It’s not the identification of the terrorist that counts, it’s their elimination.

  • http://none John Kuchar

    Bernie, I like you candor.

    All this political correctness about Hasan is sickening.

    I believe the Army was incompetent and negligent in the investigation of his activities. Officers should be reprimanded and relieved of command, others should be given Court-martial. While all that might sound harsh. These individuals have failed those in their command.

    Let me give you some background on why I have that opinion.

    When I filled out my enlistment application in early 1966 for the United States Marine Corps I noted on it that I had relatives who were living in Czechoslovakia. At the time Czechoslovakia was a Soviet satellite, a communist country.

    I explained to my recruiter that while I had no contact with these relatives my mother wrote letters for my grandparents to these relatives.

    My application was approved and on April 6, 1966 I reported to Parris Island for boot camp.

    I graduated boot camp in early June 1966 which was followed by several weeks of infantry training and then several more weeks of special weapons training. I then received 30 days leave. After leave I reported to Camp Pendleton, CA for more training in preparation for going to Vietnam to join the 1st Marine Division.

    On September 7, 1966 I landed in DaNang. The following day I flew to Chu Lai. After a few days in Chu Lai I reported to the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. I spend my entire tour in ‘Nam, 12 months and 27 days, with 2/5.

    While in boot camp two men from the Office of Naval Intelligence came to my town, Scotch Plains, NJ, to investigated my background. The reason they did so was my application comment about my Czech relatives.

    I learned of this when I was on leave. They talked to the manager of the Shop-Rite grocery store (he told me so) were I had worked part-tme, teachers at my high school, and other people who knew me. As a result of their investigation I received a Top-Secret Crypto clearance. This is an unusually high clearance for someone classified as 0351/crew service weapons, an infantry MOS.

    However, I did not learn about the clearance until early 1967.

    At that time the Sergeant in charge of what was called S&C Files was rotating home. S&C files handled all the codes for the battalion and saw all the messages coming into the battalion. The Corporal who worked with him would take charge and a replacement was needed for his slot. It required a Top Secret Crypto clearance. In the entire battalion I was the only enlisted man, Corporal or lower rank, that had that clearance. And, as Corporal who had received three meritorious promotions I was moved into that slot.

    So, if the Office of Naval Intelligence can investigate a boot recruit who had relatives in Czechoslovakia with whom he had no contact with one can assume the Army, CIA, or whoever could have done the same for Hasan. Therefore my belief is that the Army and everyone else involved stepped on their collective jakes big time. If they handle future investigations like this they’re going to get a lot more people killed. That is not acceptable.

    Semper Fidelis,

    John Kuchar

    Metuchen NJ

  • robert rohrberg


    you, the lamestream media, fox etc, the columnists, reporters, and the political leaders of the country have screwed the pooch on the major hassan story. frankly, i’m unhappily surprised. this is right up your alley – can’t you do something about this ?

    none of the above, including you, have reported the “real story”. stick with me here. the “real” story is that a serving physician medical officer of the army is a murderer and traitor. an individual who made conscious decision and preparation to turn his back on the hippocratic oath he took as a physician, and the oath of service he took as an army officer. he elected to betray his honor, his word, his fellow soldiers, and his country. He committed murder and treason. that is the “story” but no one has said so. it is not being reported in this manner. why ?

    what is being reported and commented upon may be relevant and of interest to help us understand this tragedy, but without context. it is not the “real” story. for instance:

    was he motivated by the teaching of his islamic faith – how many christian, jewish, other faith, or muslims in our nations history have committed such murder and treason in the name of their religion ? certainly, for example, millions of christian service members in our nation’s history have served without conflict with the “thou shalt not kill” prohibition of their religion. i’m sure if it came up, religion was not an “explanation”.

    his self identity as a muslim, and the susposed harrassment he endured in the service explains this ? how many german, japanese americans were derided as “kraut” or “jap” immigrants yet put their country first during ww2 rather than their ethnic heritage? how many afro-americans fought faithfully and did their duty during periods of our history when they were excluded from many benefits their country provided to others ?

    now we put the army on trial rather than report the “real” story ? was it political correctness, or sloppy counter-intelligence work to blame ? well, the jury is still out on those issues, and it could well be that there is no story there despite the media attention. even so, who is reporting the “real” story about a man who chose and prepared to be a murderer and traitor ?

    a victim physciatrist motivated by the “horrors of war” and trauma he treated ? a silly premise – who could we reasonably expect to deal with these issues than a medical doctor in the healing community ? was his expirience so unique among all those psyhciatrists, doctors, and caregivers over the nation’s history who remained faithful to the hippocratic oath and their fellow servicemen ? when the medical care given to grossly wounded servicemen has never been better. when we now send our men and women to battle as a unit, fight them as a unit, return them from battle as a unit, and maintain those professional, cohesive, and supportive relationships which prevent and ameliorate post battle trauma ? (a lesson we learned from the germans in ww2).

    we put the war on trial ? the nation’s foreign policy. the middle east wars are so horrific compared to our history ? nobody with common sense believes this. a real stretch away from the real story.

    major hassan “snapped” and committed a horrific, impulsive act ? he didn’t “snap”. he decided, planned, and acted over a period of time, perhaps many weeks.

    see my point bernie ? the “real” story is not being reported. what is being reported is secondary and lacking context. why can’t the media report the “real” story ? which is simply that major hassan betrayed not only the hippocratic oath but also his country. can’t you say it’s so ? come on, bernie, be a mensch !

    can’t you do something about this ? i’m sure you will find a receptive and appreciative audience if you do. put a bug in oreilly’s ear, tell him to clam up for a minute and you report it !

    bob rohrberg

  • Jesse D. Orozco

    Incidentally, if you think the Media is PC on this NOW, just wait until Hasan’s lawyers get involved.

  • Wil Burns

    If it was terrorism, he could have taken out a good deal more people. It was a soldier who cracked. They do this from time to time. He was apparently a ticking time bomb–like many of them–and this one happened to be using his religion as an excuse–like many of them do. Only this one happened to be the shrink–which made him getting pulled by a shrink a little difficult.

    Lots of people dropped the ball, but to say it’s terrorism is reaching.

    • EddieD_Boston

      God you’re an idiot. Cracked from what? He never saw combat! He was a shink! You continue to post here and prove each time that you’re a fool. Seriously, you’re making an ass of yourself. Typical liberal, facts don’t matter. What day is it in your little world?

      • Wil Burns

        I would suggest you tone it down a touch out of respect for the dead, their families and those injured in this attack until the facts are known. To date you have posted nothing but racist unsubstantiated garbage along with other now debunked BS. You’re white sheets and pointy hat are showing in manner you may not be to proud of in coming weeks.

        • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

          Wil… what do Eddie’s comments have to do with the dead? no part of his post had anything to do with the victims… it was about the assailant who happens to have a very checkered past… no one is wearing any hoods or sheets… maybe you should quit taking a dump all over the constitution every time you bring out another one of your crack pot liberal ideas…

        • EddieD_Boston

          Racist, unsubstantiated garbage? White sheets? Sure, you’re not a moron. Everyone else here is. Again, what day is it in your little world?

    • Jesse D. Orozco

      I suppose the attacks on 9/11 weren’t really terrorism then, since they certainly could’ve taken out a lot more people. That’s some terrific logic there. Perhaps “fantastic” logic would be more appropriate.

      I don’t have the patience to address the rest of your comments. I’d say I was surprised to read them, but it would be a lie.

      • Wil Burns

        When the U.S. is murdering children, bombing weddings, starting illegal wars based on lies, bad things will happen, in our country. In this modern age, which country has been at war more then any other? Think about it!

        • Keith

          Let’s give Wil Burns a break.

          I think he meant to post his comments on Al-Jazeerah, the daily kooks and the Zsa-Zsa Huffington Roast.

          I guess Hasan could have shot and killed more people if he wasn’t so dizzy from praying 5 times a day for his 78 Virgins. I think Wil Burns probable knows that dizzy feeling as well!

        • LlightSaber

          Well, yes, the United States has been at war — frequently. And always to save somebody else’s ass. Take that, Wil Burns.

          • Wil Burns

            Subject to ponder on Veteran’s Day:

            Talk about power………We have…

            12 super carriers (all nuclear power) they do not have to refuel for 50 years…soon to have 13

            30 ships go around each one (including 2 nuclear subs)

            Each carrier 1,091 ft long, 6,000 people on each , serves 18,000 pizzas a day, 450,000 gals. of fresh water a day, besides all the nice war capabilities it has in it….

            That people is projected power and we use it all time … is what is…….I think it is a beautiful thing and there is nothing anyone can say or do about it……

            And no National healthcare! How about that!

        • bmmg39

          Wil, I went to your little Bartcop website to try to get a glimpse of your perspective. I think it’s saved me time. Before I learned of your full-on moonbat status, I might have tried to engage you in some sort of meaningful dialogue. Now I see that would probably be a waste of time.

          • Wil Burns

            All the money in the world to blow crap up, but it costs too much for universal health care. Think about it.

    • Ellie

      What do you mean “taken out a good deal more people” – do you think he didn’t have enough victims? You need to check with psychiatrist – make sure it is a real one.

    • http://none John Kuchar

      Because you and others are dead WRONG in how these these Muslim terrorists act out their beliefs and what to do about them 13 Americans are dead and +30 thirty are wounded.

      If all this political correctness continues many more [of us] will suffer the same fate.

      Hasan knew exactly what he was doing. In a typical cowardly terrorist act he shot at UNARMED people.

      Fortunately this bastard did not use explosives which would have killed many, many more. Mark my words, this will happen here. And when it does, will Obama, his cronies, and the media, call it terrorism or a man-made disaster?

      Enough of all this PC, this was a terrorist act!

  • Tommy

    This shooter is a terrorist, plain and simple. And yet the media wants to make sure they don’t offend him. It’s embarrassing.

    • Tommy

      Oh, and I was “taught” at college (Penn State Erie) that Al-Jazeera is no different from FOX News. It’s an “alternative news source.” A lot of college professors are just as bad as the media.

      • Wil Burns

        Pretty much what Bush did to Iraq:

        TAMPA — A Marine reservist armed with a tire iron beat and chased a man he thought was an Arab terrorist and even called 911 to say he was detaining the man, police said.

        But the man he assaulted was actually a Greek Orthodox priest visiting from overseas who spoke limited English, police said.

        • http://none John Kuchar

          What does this have to do with Hasan, NOTHING!

          It appears your power of reasoning (singular) is on the same level as a terrorist.

  • Keith

    The White House will never say it but Hasan was a Palestinian Muslim.

    So why did Hasan pick Thursday November 5, 2009 to shoot & murder unarmed members of our military?

    Here is a Headline from the anti Israeli and anti American website (Al-Jazeerah)

    The Israeli Aggression on the Palestinian People, (November 5, 2003),%20November%205,%202003.htm

  • Ron Kean

    I used to be hard left until 2001 when I experienced sort of an awakening.

    It’s just too strange that so many in the media continue to have ideological blinders or suffer from arrested development which was stopped in the late 60s.

    I’m no Einstein and I can understand Krauthammer, Hanson, Steyn, etc. Why can’t they see reality? How many Ft. Hoods, USS Coles, or 911s do they need?

  • Jack Davis

    How about the Presidential Medal of Freedom for the two police officers who shot Hasan?

  • Jesse D. Orozco

    A few hours after the attack, watching FOX news airing a phone interview with a relative of Hasan, I told my wife that the media would be calling Hasan a “victim” by as early as the next morning.

    It was, unfortunately, not a difficult prediction and required little insight on my part.

    It would be nice (not to mention proper) if someone in a position of authority would finally speak up and call this scum what he is: a terrorist. On THAT, as opposed to my “amazing” media prediction, I will NOT bet my house.

    I often hear the question: Have we forgotten 9/11? Why is that even in question? We’ve not only forgotten it, it almost seem as though sometimes we pretend it didn’t even happen. Which President (liberal or otherwise), in 12 years, on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, will just send their Secretary and a taped video message to the remembrance ceremonies at Ground Zero? Will ANYone in America even care by that time? I’m not holding my breath.

  • Leland

    You have that part about fatal politically correct thinking.

  • Ted

    If you are a carpenter for 20 years people call you a carpenter. But if you kill someone, suddenly you’re a murderer. If you’re a priest for thirty years people respect you and call you father. But if you are charged and later convicted of child molestation you are the worst, a child molester.

    Regardless of your life’s record, you are as good as your last days.
    That Army Major who killed so many and maimed so many, certainly made plans to do his worst. He’s more than a murderer; he’s clearly a terrorist.

    • Ellie

      “Regardless of your life’s record, you are as good as your last days.”

      I like that quote.