Gathering My Thoughts Once Again

I definitely hope and pray that Obama is evicted from the White House in the coming election. For one thing, it would dispose of the worst president we have ever had, a distinction I had assumed would be Jimmy Carter’s in perpetuity. Now even Carter’s title as the worst ex-president we have ever had will be in jeopardy if Obama somehow manages to live up to his potential.

But Obama’s defeat would also restore my faith in the American people. Not all of them, you understand. After all, even in defeat, Obama and Biden will manage to carry several states and garner tens of millions of votes in spite of overseeing an administration that has somehow managed to make a terrible economy worse, gutted the military, offended our allies and encouraged the very worst of our enemies.

If Romney and Ryan win, and the GOP manages to regain control of the Senate, the celebration will be short-lived unless they repeal ObamaCare; institute long overdue changes in healthcare; do away with several federal departments and cabinet positions; undertake welfare reform, taking millions of undeserving people off food stamps; passing a federal law against lying about disabilities in order to fatten up pension checks; get America out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of America; and revoking public sector unions.

Even as radical a left-winger as FDR knew that the very idea of allowing civil servants to unionize was insane. It was only after he saw how easily Robert F. Wagner, Jr., won re-election as New York’s mayor after allowing city employees to unionize that John Kennedy decided that he would help assure his own re-election by doing the same for federal employees.

We see the result of this madness in cities and states across America, as more and more of them go bankrupt as a result of the sweetheart union contracts that gutless, self-serving, politicians have cut over the past several decades.

But it’s not just the “what’s-in-it-for-me?” attitude of SEIU members that’s destroying the economy. There’s also a large group of old people who have reached an age where they no longer seem too concerned about the solvency of Medicare and Social Security, and whether those entitlements will be around for their children and grandchildren. Even when they’re assured that no major changes will be enacted in the near-future, they react as if those phony DNC commercials with a Paul Ryan lookalike pushing a dummy off a cliff were real-life videos.

Frankly, some of these people have forfeited title to being members of our greatest generation. Instead, they’re behaving very much like their own spoiled 20-something relatives, who whoop and holler every time that Obama promises to cut the interest rates of their student loans or allows them to stay on their parents’ health insurance policies until they’re middle-aged.

Lately, I’ve been receiving an email message that’s gone viral, insisting that Obama has ceded seven Alaskan islands to Russia, while getting nothing in return. The reason it’s so easy to believe is because Obama has made it a practice to bestow so many things on President Putin, ranging from vowing to unilaterally decimate our nuclear arsenal to depriving Poland and the Czech Republic of a promised missile defense system, that Obama has begun to resemble an ardent gay suitor, hopelessly smitten with Russia’s macho dictator.

Furthermore, Hillary Clinton’s State Department has been more than willing to carry out Obama’s wishes, whether it’s condemning Israel for building apartment houses in Jerusalem and protecting its borders from Arab and Turkish terrorists or by nixing the Keystone pipeline.

The truth in this case, however, is that back in 1991, G.H.W. Bush and the U.S. Senate, by a vote of 86-6, with Alaska’s two senators voting with the majority, agreed that the U.S. had no right to the islands, which, being closer to Siberia than to Alaska, were well within Russia’s territorial waters.

In the aftermath of the brouhaha involving Chick-fil-A and homosexuals, with gays calling for a boycott of the national franchise because its president had the audacity to state that, like most Americans, he was in favor of traditional marriage, I was reminded of the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote: “Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.”

I would go so far as to suggest that blacks, Latino activists, MSNBC commentators, Occupy Wall Street blockheads, Hollywood pinheads, left-wing college students, and NY Times editorial writers, would also do well to take those 18 well-chosen words to heart.

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Burt Prelutsky, a very nice person once you get to know him, has been a humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine. As a freelancer, he has written for the New York Times, Washington Times, TV Guide, Modern Maturity, Emmy, Holiday, American Film, and Sports Illustrated. For television, he has written for Dragnet, McMillan & Wife, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Bob Newhart, Family Ties, Dr. Quinn and Diagnosis Murder. In addition, he has written a batch of terrific TV movies. View Burt’s IMDB profile. Talk about being well-rounded, he plays tennis and poker... and rarely cheats at either. He lives in the San Fernando Valley, where he takes his marching orders from a wife named Yvonne and a dog named Angel.
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  • Wheels55

    This election cycle has proved that we need to severly limit campaign contributions, limit what a campaign can spend and do away with PACS. With less money to spend, the lies would have to be limited. If Obama is reelected, it will clearly be because he and his evil monkeys spread enough lies via expensive messaging to confuse the average voter.

    • Milt


      I think your thought process is running on at least one flat tire.

      Since Obama started running in 2007, the MSM chose him as their “Golden Child”. So far, they’re not showing only slight signs of backing-off. That is worth millions, if not billions, of free advertisment for their “Chosen One”. And they can defend it using the 1st. Ammendment.

      Without the opposition having direct contributions and Super-PAC’s, Obama would be a shoe-in this time around.

      The true evil monkeys are the majority of ‘reporters’ in the MSM.

      • Wheels55

        Very true. I was going to say that the media, in general, would always prop Obama up.
        But most people I speak too either don’t believe these super PAC ads at all or they just think everything they hear is true. These ads don’t serve much of a useful purpose for getting out the truth.

  • Berryraymond

    Not sure one term will cause the pain needed to send these communist and socialist back under the rocks they crawled out from.  Today we live with thousands of out of the closet professors, along with once pretenders to be journalist, who have announced their pleasure with seeing American become just another member of the European style socialist nations.  No more a great bastion freedom for all who wish to come here and succeede.  No just another failed nation who put individual liberty and the free market above the welfare of all who want to live the European life style.  I wish and pray for an Obama  defeat, but wonder if what we need is really a second term to destroy enough of the real America to produce a comeback strong enough to hold onto freedom for another 100 years.. 

    • BurtPrelutsky

      Berry: Don’t wish for a second term.  Some tribulations are not so easily overcome.  At this point, a recovery could begin if Romney and the Republicans merely reversed what Obama has pulled off in his first term.  By 2016, he could have so many more millions of Americans dependent on the federal government, it might be impossible to reverse engines on the ship of state.


  • Ted Wight

    You all must remember when President Obama said, and I quote: “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” While the Left backpeddled and obfuscated, those were his words. “Someone else made that happen”, “that” meaning “a business”. Clear enough. But in today’s puff piece (September 2, 2012, cover and page 6) in the Parade sixteen-page throwaway in your local newspaper (here in Seattle, the Seattle Times) President Obama said that he rejects “…the idea that if we just reward those at the top…” So the president not only believes that you didn’t build your company OR earn the financial success in doing so because “we” — meaning maybe society or the government, or perhaps Barry and Michelle — “rewarded” you. Then he said that achievement and success of the few — Oh, say, George Washington, J. P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, General Motors, R. H. Macy, the Nordstroms, Howard Schultz — “HASN’T BEEN HOW AMERICA GOT BUILT”. Then I ask you, Mr. President, just how did America get built?

    • asl3676

      Dear Ted,

         America got built on the backs of slaves, chinese coolies, hispanics and other cheap labor…and your Obama quote is out of context just as your economic thinking is…

      • Pruzoo

        As idiots go, you aren’t even useful.

  • James King

    Burt, I agree with everything you say with one exception, and I am 73. The exception is; you do not go far enough, and I submit that the real problems began when the immoral concept of collective bargaining came into being as a right.

    Until that time, and I include “all” unions, rights rightly and morally belonged to the individual, never to a group. This, in my opinion, was the beginning of the effort to establish a Fifth Column in America, and now it has succeeded with the election of Obama. Re-elected he will end all rights to property, guns, etc. He will do this because he came from people who taught him that individual rights must be gotten rid of.

    I have not seen the movie, 2016, but in their commercials one of the things they say BO wants to do is downsize America and I believe that is straight on point. The sad part is that the reason it will not be pointed out by Romney/Ryan is because they fear the people would not like it to have their president, a man they voted for, charged with wanting to destroy America. That’s my take on this leader of the now established Fifth Column. It’s here. It’s not going away until Americans let them know they will vote all pols out of office and replace them and then do it again the next time until real lovers of America emerged to run for office.

    I will be 73 in 4 days, and I continue to grieve for my country and citizens who just do not give a damn. They are consumed with entertainment, electronic screens to look in to, and a whole slew of crap designed as music. My 2 grandsons ages 14 & 16 know who Sinatra was and what he sounded like, but they do not listen to him or anyone else from his generation who actually knew how to write, produce, and perform. It will not be very many more years when no one will know their names, and the collectivist’s will have won and the world will have lost.

    Paul Ryan was right when he said that America is an idea. But he was wrong in all of the economical words he used to create a budget that goes up every year, not down. We have gotten where we are  because we, as voters, do not care enough to study and hold pols accountable to our Constitution, which, for many years, has been nothing more than an old piece of paper.

    But keep writing, Burt. Maybe it will work someday. One very positive note to end on for all who have read this far and love what America was meant to be; Atlas Shrugged sold 445,000 copies last year. That book was the message every American should have gotten but didn’t. But we can hope.

    • asl3676

      Now Mr King would like to go back to the early 1900’s with sweatshops, working poor and workplace deaths being common…How sad to see older people become so hateful about the very system that makes this country unique, the middle class….

       I’d suggest you read the Grapes of Wrath so you can see the country you’d like this to be…Hope you’ve left your kids some money because it’s the only
      way they will have anything in the type of country you wish to see…

      • James King

        The so-called sweatshops were a myth created by unionist’s and other members of the Fifth Column. And it is not the so-called middle class that makes America unique. That is freedom, once cherished and revered. Grapes of Wrath was a story, a sad story, but it showed, in part, some people who needed work moved vast spaces to get it without force.

        The kind of country you want is a country with a government that forces people to do what the Proletariat demands. Sad.

        • asl3676

          If the sweatshops were a myth why did I hear stories about them from people who worked in them? I also heard stories about concentration camps …were they a myth too?

  • Concernedmimi

    I too, fear for America, Burt. In 1968, A vs C was a required course to graduate high school to protect our country from the threat of communism if it were to rear it’s ugly head. Socialism is only an inch from communism so why is it so hard exposing the democrat party of what it has become? This is exactly why so much  has been removed from the education system by the central planners in DC. I pray Americans who truly love our country will wake up and roar like a giant and elect ROMNEY & RYAN!!!!!

    • BurtPrelutsky

       Mimi: My answer to you is to be found in my response to Jrawl.  Still, I believe that there are enough patriotic Americans out there who will come together in November and toss Obama out.  But the trick then will be for the GOP to reverse the direction that Obama has taken us, undoing not merely ObamaCare and his anti-energy program, but slashing welfare in all its various forms.  Otherwise, the next time the Democrats come to power, they will merely pick up where he left off.


      • asl3676

        Slashing welfare for those lazy colored folk? Welfare is what’s causing all the problems and those illegals are taking all of the jobs….Good to see the spirit of Archie Bunker still lives within you…

        • BurtPrelutsky

          asl:  You’ve got me wrong.  I would also slsh welfare for all those lazy white people.  As for illegals, defend them all you like, but don’t pretend they’re only taking jobs that Americans won’t do, unless you’re referring to jobs in hotels, restaurants and the construction industry.  Now don’t you feel like a ninny?


          • Lawrence Brown

            Note how the “Open Borders” crowd (including the “Wall Street Journal,” alas), never say how their open immigration policy benefits blacks; every other government policy has to benefit them, or it’s racist.

      • asl3676


          Thanks for keeping the spirit of Archie Bunker alive….

    • asl3676

      Dear Mimi,

          As I graduated high school in New York in 1968 I must have missed those courses as none were given in my school or any of my friends’…I pray that you don’t spread your nonsensical thoughts to a new generation…


      • anti-asl

        asl, go back in the 60s with those radicals Bill Ayers, the weatheren and the Rosenbergs where you belong. Honestly, those radicals in the 60s like you ruined this entire country.

        • asl3676

          The Rosenbbergs were executed in 1953 but who’s counting….Hate and bitterness are bad for your health so please get some help…

          • anti-asl

            So are yours. But it doesn’t stop you from hating conservatives and everything about their ideas and behaving like Cindy Sheehan and the Jersey Girls

  • Jrawl

    Great column, Burt, as usual.  I truly fear for this country if that charlatan is reelected.  I just don’t understand how people can be so duped.  How about working on a screenplay for an idea I had?  It’s “Obama’s Field of Dreams From My Father”.  The theme is, “If they don’t build it, they won’t come.”

    • BurtPrelutsky

       Jrawl: The folks who support Obama aren’t duped.  They’re getting free schooling, free health care, free food stamps, free birth control pills, etc.  When people are being bribed for their votes, they are hardly the innocent victims of a con man; they are simply bought and paid for.


  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Rush Limbaugh said his biggest worry in not Barack Hussein Obama it is those who think he is a good President.  Limbaugh says we can survive another 4 years of Obama, as bad as that would be, it is the lamebrained parasites whom he fears.  I am not sure that we can survive another four years of Obama, if he wins in November it will be decades before we see another Republican in the White House.  I have had many conversations with white intelligent liberal Obama supporters and they will not budge in their support for him.  They are not interested in the facts and will always end up angry and nasty.  I truly think they have been brainwashed by the State Run Media, they believe everything that spews out of those talkng heads on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR.   

    • BurtPrelutsky

       Send: I’m with Rush, but I am also with you.  I’m not sure America could survive another four years of Obama, but I’m certain it could not–and should not–survive an electorate that would give him four more years….unless it’s in Leavenworth.


      • Lawrence Brown

        Burt, another four years will bring more government by executive order, with a gutless Congress failing to protect its prerogatives.  The odious majority leader in the Senate thinks that’s just fine with him.

    • asl3676

      If Obama wins are you leaving the country? If not, I guess you’ll have to keep up your whining until 2016…