Global Warming May Lead to Sex — for Money

AstoroidYou heard the old joke about how the New York Times would headline a story about a giant asteroid heading toward earth with a deadly force that would cause massive worldwide devastation?

Killer Asteroid Heading Toward Earth

Women and Minorities at Risk

Or how about this one:

Global Warming May Turn Women into Hookers

Hang on to your hats, my friends, that one is real.  Not the headline, I made it up.  But that’s exactly what a bunch of liberal Democrats in Congress are saying.

According to The Hill, about a dozen Democrats in the House, led by Barbara Lee of California, have come up with a resolution calling on Congress to acknowledge that global warming (or climate change or whatever they’re calling it this week) will hurt women more than men and could drive poor women to “transactional sex” for their very survival.

Transactional sex is a nice way of saying prostitution.

Here’s how it would work according to Ms. Lee and the others:  Global warming can lead to drought and drought can lead to reduced agricultural output which can lead to less food which can lead to hungry women selling sex for money or bartering sex for a sandwich.

The resolution, which hasn’t been taken up by the House yet says, “[F]ood insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health.”

The resolution also says that climate change could add “workload and stresses” on female farmers, who we’re told produce most of the food in developing countries.

I knew Mitt Romney and those Neanderthal conservatives were waging a war on women but I had no idea Mother Nature was in on the act.

But is anything really new here?  Isn’t transactional sex the oldest profession?  Why drag global warming into the discussion?  Women – (some women, not all women, my PC Police friends who are patrolling this Web site) were turning tricks for money long before anybody ever heard of Al Gore and his global warming horror stories.  Maybe we should all just chill.  Sorry.  I couldn’t resist.





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  • steve

    the so called globel warming is a hutter hoax..there was a graff put out by the weather chanell that shows the decline of temputures in the last 10 years..but the most over looked item,,that is haveing a affect in the last 2 years is what has been going on the SUN!! the weather on the SUN,, has been majorly changing lately…the globel people are not even looking at this major factor..witch proves that 1 quarter of the globe,,the US..dose not even have a chance of ruinning the globe..CHINA is not even brought up by these globle warmers,,its all the USA falt..with companys that moved to CHINA,,or out of busisness because of unemployment problem,,IT IS NOT THE USA TO BLAME,,THERE THE SUN ,,WITCH WE CAN NOT EVEN HAVE A CHANCE TO CHANGE THIS,,AT ALL,,AND WE CAN NOT CHANGE WHAT CHINA DOSE..THEY DO NOT EVEN CARE ABOUT POLUTION THEY MAKE,,THE ENVIROMENTALIST DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE SUN AS A EFFECT ON THE EARTH,,BECAUSE THEY WOULD LOSE ALL THE MONEY THE GOVERMENT GIVES THEM,OR PUT THEM OUT OF BUISNESS,,AND IF THEY CHANGED THERE WAY AND HELP MAKE SAFE ENERGY BETTER,,WITCH THOSE COMPANYS DO ALLREADY,,WE WOULD HAVE $2.00 GAS..BUT THEY DONT CARE ABOUT HOW AMERICANS ARE BEING PUNISHED BY THERE WORK,,BECAUSE IT WOULD MAKE THEM TO SAY WE ARE SORRY WERE WRONG,,AND WE WANT TO HELP MOVE ENERGY THAT HELPS NORMAL AMERICANS..POWER AND MONEY ARE THE WAY THESE PEOPLE ONLY CARE ABOUT..AL GORE ..TOOK 395 MILLON DOLLARS,,TAX DOLLARS,,TO BUILD A NEW CAR PLANT IN FINLAND…Y…HE DOSENT THINK THAT AMERICANS CAN GO TO WORK IN A CAR PLANT…MONEY AND POWER…THAT IS WHAT GLOBEL WARMING IS ALL ABOUT… steve

    • Kd

      You are silly.

      • steve

        is the truth silly??our tax dollars going down the drain,,is silly..thats y were in the situation were in because people dont want to see the truth,,much easyer to turn your head and not put 1and 1 together,,and let these demos do,,and have what ever they want,,the semi- leadership of this country is the example y were doing so great..he puts his feet up on a 1865 desk givein to us by queen victoria..he is the ANTI-AMERICAN PRESEDENT..tell what he’s done??? NOTHING..THAT THE DEMO WAY,,TAKE CARE OF THEM SELFS,,AND THEY JUST TALK ALL DAY LONG AN PRODUCE nothing..pretty silly A???

  • trailbee

    Only a committed (?) Californian could come up with something so utterly stupid. And, it’s not as though there isn’t enough “taxing” our state. Maybe she has a special welfare gimmick in mind for the new sex-change operation recipients we’re going to be paying for. The busy mind of a progressive politician is a wondrous thing to behold. :)

  • Ted Crawford

    WOW I would never have thought of that one! Perhaps we should follow the advice of John Holdren! The last time these redistributionists attempted to hyjack our Economy through manipulation of our Energy Industries, John posited that we could stop the New Ice Age by injecting pollutants into our upper atmosphere to hold the Earths natural heat!
    If they could do that , I’d start a hydroponic farm, and corner the market in Produce. Then I could exercise my Muslim perogatives, keep the best of these Women for myself and be the pimpdaddy for the rest! 1%ers here I come!

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie: Well, I felt a bit hungry, didn’t realize it was Global Warming Dammit (“Dammit” is short for ” the science is settled you right wing crank”). But if it drives me to prostitution, that’s an upgrade, ’cause I’ve been giving it away!

  • Kicker

    I demand equality!! Women need to stop using their sexual gifts, which they did nothing to earn, to exploit men and drain from them the few meager resources available in a post-apocalyptic world. Women, for centuries, have callously hoarded their sexual charms, refusing to share them with poor men who lacked the resources to give them what they demanded. Instead, women greedily used their unearned bounty to extort riches from men of means in return for minor favors.

    It is time to put an end to the greed and selfishness!! Free love shouldn’t just be a slogan from the drug-hazed 60s. It needs to be the basis for all future gender relations, and women who refuse to share should be branded as the selfish, greedy, insensitive creatures they are. LOL

  • FloridaJim

    Look at whom is getting rich with the global warming scam and you will see we are being taken to the cleaners By Gore, Buffett, Immelt, John Kennedy, and Solyndra’s Board of directors while Obama positions himself to reap his payoffs to those participating in the $100,000,000,000 green job scam in his next career.
    Gore, Clinton have both enriched themselves by several hundred-fold after leaving office…is there some connection?

  • Harry2248

    And who does Barbara Lee et al. think will believe this B.S.?

    • Ted Crawford

      Well, let’s see here; Obama was just re-elected, anyone delusional enough to believe that was a good idea, will clearly believe anything the Progressives tell them! Actually I find much more merit in believing this idiocy than in Re-Electing Obama!

    • veeper

      Herself and her butt ugly dog mate…

      Rep. Corrine Brown

  •éndez-Romero/100001373306737 Cecilio Méndez-Romero

    “[F]ood insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources” MEN, lacking legal protection, may need to come up with a solution of their own… Like killing “food secure humans with unlimited socioeconomic resources (of either gender)”?

  • Iklwa

    I once heard that exposing young girls to hot dogs, particularly ones without buns, would lead them to…Oh, never mind.

  • Cheryl Cathcart

    Good I could use some extra cash.

  • Drew Page

    Every once in a while I get a good laugh out of reading the news. this is one of those times. Most times the stupidity of our politicians is frustrating and depressing. Although it will never catch on, I believe there should be a law against ‘criminal stupidity’, but it would never pass the House or Senate, too many of them would be indicted, tried and convicted by a jury of tax payers.

  • gifteded

    If this headline appeared in the Pacific Daily News it would read “Meteor Headed to Earth – No Guamanians Affected”; And speaking of dumb congresspeople, Hank Johnson of Atlanta who stated that if any more military were relocated from Japan to Guam it would “tip over”. You can’t make this stuff up.

  • ted

    The best argument for global warming yet. Get the oil and gas going. Eliminate windmills, solar panels and electric cars. Obama: subsidize the prostitutes, put our tax money to good use.

  • Wheels55

    I also believe that Global Warming causes stupidity in humans. Not all, just liberals with too much time on their hands.
    Even dumber, Lee and her Chicken Little friends think a resolution, which will lead to a new law, will avoid such a massive reaction to what they see as a massive event?

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    I am deeply blessed. I am gonna die soon.

  • Stimpy

    Honey, that STD I brought home? That wasn’t my fault. It was global warming.

  • Dennis

    I saw this on TV a few days ago and the thought I had was that this woman, Barbara Lee, is a blithering idiot and she’s on Congress. Now, it’s not her fault she’s an idiot, I’m sure she has always been one. I cannot help but wonder about those who voted to send this person to Congress. Were you paying absolutely no attention to the clear and obvious fact that this woman has, maybe, two working brain cells? What were you thinking about when you voted for her? These are the people to blame for her being in Congress. You cannot blame an idiot for being an idiot. But, we don’t have to send all of them to Congress.

    • Wheels55

      I find your political incorrectness, calling Barbara Lee a “blithering idiot” to be very offensive. The proper term is “Special Needs Congresswoman”. Her special need is common sense.

    • Drew Page

      First of all, calling Barbara Lee a blithering idiot is an insult to all blithering idiots. I do however agree that she is much less to blame for her pronouncements than those who voted for her. One has to wonder how much free stuff she has promised to give away.

    • G. Daylan

      Not only is she an idiot but she is also an ugly one which could be a disadvantage in the prostitution business.

  • gbandy

    It is becoming increasingly difficult for the Global Warming zealots to keep the attention of the clueless ignorant masses. When the real truth and facts come out it now seems the Volcano in Iceland and Pinatubo negated all the efforts of mankind to reduce CO2 emissions in only 5 days of spewing all the smoke and chemicals. So my point there should immediately be new laws passed strictly limiting the time Volcanos can erupt. I think Denver is suffering now with 5 inches of snow yesterday from massive Global Warming.

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      Yep. Nailed Cheyenne with about ten inches west of town and drifts much higher in the city itself. Global warming though.. I would be deeply worried about transactional anything with those women in Cheyenne.

  • Kris

    okay- according to the Russians- we are entering a cooling phase for the next 200-250 years. So what will the excuse be then?? Gotta be that women will sell themselves as body warmers or wood gatherers or something insane like that…
    Liberals never fail to amuse me with some of the thoughts they have…

    • Phil Silverman

      must be a real hoot at the cafeteria at the capitol: the Koch puppets ribbing those Libs.

  • David Levitsky

    Here is an interesting listing of other calamities caused by global


    Maybe Mulder and Scully should look at number 72.

  • telstar1950

    I have long considered to publish a list of the worst congressman/women and senators. Now I suppose I will have to start a list of the most stupid congressmen/women and senators.

    • nickshaw

      There’s going to be a lot of overlap there, Ken.

    • Kris

      that’s gonna be one LOOOONNNNGGGG list!

  • Ken Heyl

    I’ve never read such a sexist column. Caused by greenhouse effect, I’m sure.

  • Cyberquill

    Climate change, I’m afraid, will lead to all sorts of undesirable consequences, including albeit not limited to an uptick in female prostitution.

    • nickshaw

      Of course, if it were real there would be the totally desirable consequence that you would have no electricity to power your computer.

  • G.I.

    Now I know why there were so many hookers in the Southeast Asian countries that I served in while in the military

  • beniyyar

    Last week the President suggested that he was tired of his tough job and maybe he should just pack up and go home, I assumed he was joking, but after hearing about this silly resolution, I am no longer so sure.

    • nickshaw

      It really must be a tough job keeping the more looney members of his party from making up resolutions and speaking in public.
      I can, kinda’, sympathize. 😉

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      We can hope. Just don’t say anything and maybe…

  • Michael J

    This is better than Saturday Night Live. On second thought, that’s not saying much today. I should say that this is better than the OLD Saturday Night Live.

  • Jimmy Cooper

    Now we all know how Nancy Pelosi got her start, just think it was all because of global warming!

    • ljm4

      yabut, who wants her now? How will she eat?

      Oh ya, she had insider info, I forgot.

    • Phil Silverman

      aw…you must be an O’Reilly premium member!

  • Bruce A.

    Prostitution is still one step above a career as a liberal politicial. With the prostitute you know exactly what oyu are getting.

    • Wheels55

      and when you zip up your pants and walk out of the room, you are done with them (according to Bill Clinton). Politicians never seem to go away.

  • EddieD_Boston

    Do you need any more proof it’s a mental disorder?

  • Mark A. Cohen

    Global Cooling causes Global Warming, which causes Climate Change, which causes atmospheric mutation – which causes planetary leukemia, which, if untreated under Obamacare causes everyone to die – which causes Global Cooling. Have I made myself clear?

    • nickshaw

      As clear as Lee anyway, Mark. 😉

  • John Daly

    I wonder if media bias is caused by global warming?

    • KStrett

      Nope. It’s caused by eating lead irradiated paint chips.

  • JohnInMA

    It’s always useful to get the TRUE insight from progressives. I guess even to a progressive ‘icon’ like Lee, women are viewed as naturally tending towards certain activity. They can’t help themselves. They need to survive!!