Goldberg Undercover- Segment 2: 48 Hours On Crack Street- “The Streets”

This is the second segment in a special three part series of a groundbreaking documentary that aired in 1986.

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  • Robert Villes

    This guy is a racist. All he is filming is black people. Whites do crack more than Blacks

  • Bernie

    Thank you all for the comments. I reported that story more than 20 years ago. As a piece of television journalism, it still holds up. I’m glad you watched.

  • Ellie Velinska

    Did this documentary trigger any kind of action at the time from people? Did anybody tried to help the 95lb lady? What happened to her?

  • Lily

    Excellent report Bernie.

    Such a tragedy! Watching that woman’s face change as she talked about her son, wanting to see him and yet knowing that the condition she was in it was not good for her son to see. That shows you that these drugs have a stronger hold than mother’s love. . .that breaks my heart!

    Legalizing any of it isn’t the answer, (look how well that is working in Mexico). Arresting the users isn’t the answer, our jails and prisons are already overflowing. We have to go after the cartels, forget the street pusher, s/he is probably a user too. We need to hit the cartel’s where they get their lives…in their money bags! We can destroy the drugs, they will just bring in more, but get at their money bags and you will hit them hardest! Can it be done? Yes it can. Will it be done? I doubt it.

    So until this battle is taken seriously we need to reach out to those men and women who are held by the grip of their addiction and walk them back to sobriety. Addiction doesn’t fight fair. We need to reach people before they get to that point, education is important but it cannot stop there. . .maybe they need “scared straight” for drugs. Walk them through the morgues that handle the aftermath of the overdose (it isn’t pretty and unlike TV and documentaries, you can smell it!) We have to do so much more than we are.

  • Bruce A.

    Still a great & timely piece. A follow up on these people would be great if possible.
    The follow up could show the great things crack did for their lives & famlies. Then it could be shown in schools accross the nation. And ask the people in the piece if they started out by smoking marajuana & if they said it would never any damage or go farther than that.

  • Mike – Goodyear, AZ

    Bernie, Thank you for re-showing this. It reaffirms the fact that nothing has changed for the better, only gotten worse.

  • Elias

    Good morning Mr. Goldberg,

    Thank you very much for this incredible and pretty scary report. And while this video has been recorded long ago, it also describes our present time.
    It pains me to see how some humans can become addicted to drugs and lose their mind and health; it is truly sad. I wish we could do something to help these people.

    We have no idea what happens out there, but this video makes us more aware of the tremendous problem that exists in our society.