Harry Reid Doesn’t Let a Good Colorado Crisis Go To Waste

reidOne of my favorite leisure destinations in my home state of Colorado is Estes Park. It’s a popular, very friendly mountain town that sits at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park, about an hour and fifteen minute’s drive from where I live. It’s a beautiful place.

A number of times each year, my family and I find ourselves taking a road trip on up there. We drive through the majestic Big Thompson River canyon along U.S. Highway 34. It’s a windy road that provides miles of lush scenery. When we reach the top of the canyon, we cruise around one last bend before the wide-open Estes Park valley presents itself like the opening scene of an epic film.

Tranquil Lake Estes sits off to the left, often shimmering under the sun while small boats skim gently across it. Sharp, sometimes snow-capped mountains jet out from behind a wooded forest in the distance.

The first establishment we pass is the Estes Park Ride-A-Kart, a family amusement park that my children love for its bumper-boats, go-karts, and miniature golf. My wife used to go there often with her family years ago when she was a kid.

Our attention is always captured by the familiar site of the hundred year-old, bright white, Stanley Hotel that overlooks the valley. Back in the 1970’s, the stately hotel inspired author Stephen King to write his famous novel, “The Shining,” which was later turned into a movie. The Stanley still gets a lot of tourism interest because of that association.

It’s not uncommon to witness large, glorious elk meandering their way through the area, and even through Downtown Estes Park where small, quaint shops line the narrow Elkhorn Avenue.

My family usually eats lunch at Bob & Tony’s Pizza. We devour one of their specialty pizzas made from homemade ingredients in no time, right before my children head to the restaurant’s game room. There they spend a couple of dollars on an old arcade game or toy crane that actually lets them occasionally win a stuffed animal.

Afterwards we walk past ice cream and taffy shops, weighing our options for later.

This summer I got to meet the friendly employees at Macdonald Bookshop at the center of town. They were kind enough to host a book-signing event for me there, where I spoke with many fascinating people from all over the country, who chose to make Estes Park one of their vacation stops. They brought their tourism dollars with them – money that the local community relies on.

A couple of weeks later, I paid a visit to the rustic Baldpate Inn, another century-old institution, in preparation for a second event. I was greeted by a young intern named Caitlyn who gave me a tour of the Inn that sits high above Estes Park on Twin Sisters Mountain. Everyone there was hospitable, energetic, and happy to be working.

Estes Park, Colorado is a special place for me and my family. That’s why I was devastated last week when six days of epic rainfall led to heavy flooding that ravaged the area, along with several other parts of Colorado.

The overflowing Big Thompson river swept through, and even submerged, several local businesses and residences before wiping out the two main roadways leading into the town. U.S. 34, the highway my family uses to get to Estes Park, is in absolute shambles and will likely be unusable for at least a year.

People lost their homes and livelihoods not just in Estes Park, but all across the eastern slope of the state when the roaring, overflowing rivers reached the plains and the incredible volume of water had nowhere else to go.

The BaldPate Inn – the place that I had just visited a couple weeks ago – suffered enough surrounding infrastructure damage that they had to shut down operations for the rest of the year. And they’re certainly not alone.

While the Estes Park community has come together and worked hard to get businesses back up and running, there’s little doubt that their fall tourism season will take a significant hit this year with limiting entry routes into their town.

It’s times like this that we often see the best in people. Communities rally together to help out those who need assistance. Charitable organizations like the Red Cross and churches set up shelters and provide food for those who have lost so much. Donations pour in from generous individuals and corporations to help ease the pain and get people back on their feet. We’ve certainly seen this in the state of Colorado over the past week.


Estes Park, CO

But it’s also during times like this that we can reliably count on some opportunistic, self-serving D.C. politician to tastelessly use the crisis to push forth some extraneous political agenda. This time, it was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who decided to blame the Colorado flooding on… you guessed it, global warming.

“We should be facing the reality of climate change,” Reid said on the U.S. Senate floor Tuesday. “Look what happened in Colorado. I talked to Senator Bennet yesterday, he said the floods were biblical. In one part of Colorado, it rained 12 inches in two hours. I can’t imagine that.”

Reid went on to deliver a broader speech on on climate change, having used the Colorado floods as a segue.

Now, I have no problem with Reid talking about climate change. If he thinks it’s a real issue and he wants to talk about it, that’s fine.

But what he did is use the suffering of countless Coloradans, in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophic act of God, to put forth shameless political spin. No one in the scientific community is even seriously suggesting that such events are attributable to climate change. Yet, Reid clearly had no qualms in asserting exactly that, and in doing so, using the crisis for political gain.

Sadly, this is the kind of thing that we’ve come to expect from Harry Reid. He is, after all, the same guy who proclaimed that America had lost the Iraq war while our troops were still there, putting their lives on the line in combat against insurgents and other extreme elements. We’re talking about a guy who publicly complained that tourists in Washington D.C. smelled bad, and told school kids that President Bush was a “loser.” We’re talking about a guy who invoked the spirit of Mitt Romney’s dead father in order to criticize his son, before stating a baldfaced lie during the 2012 presidential election that Mitt didn’t pay taxes for ten years. From a Dead Sleep - by John A. Daly

While Reid’s Colorado flood comments probably weren’t his worst offense, they were offensive enough – a shameless game played at the expense of people’s suffering.

And sadly, you know that no one in the media will ask Reid to explain his comments or cite which data he is basing such a claim upon. When Michele Bachmann does this type of thing, the media is all over her (and rightfully so).  But Harry Reid? Nope. The media will once again just play off the remark as “Harry being Harry.” Or worse yet, they might even lend blind credence to his bogus commentary.

The people of Estes Park and in the rest of the state of Colorado have a lot of work to do to get their lives together, and the truth is that some lame, disingenuous comments from the top clown in the U.S. Senate really isn’t going to have much of an impact on them.

This incident does, however, provide a stark contrast – an important one. On one hand, you have hard working, determined Americans who are tirelessly and effectively dealing with the serious problems that affect them. On the other, you have the completely un-serious Washington D.C. elites who are not only incapable of solving real problems, but eagerly marginalize real problems in order to bolster their own sanctimonious sense of self-worth.

At what point are we going to stop voting these same excuses for public servants back into office?

Author Bio:

John Daly couldn't have cared less about world events and politics until the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks changed his perspective. Since then, he's been deeply engaged in the news of the day with a particular interest in how that news is presented. Realizing the importance of the media in a free, democratic society, John has long felt compelled to identify media injustices when he sees them. With a B.S. in Business Administration (Computer Information Systems), and a 16 year background in software and web development, John has found that his real passion is for writing. He is the author of the Sean Coleman Thriller series, which is available through all major retailers. John lives in Northern Colorado with his wife and two children. Like John on Facebook. Follow John on Twitter.
Author website: http://www.johndalybooks.com/
  • Royalsfan67

    Never let a crisis go to waste.

    Dry Summer? Climate change. Too wet? Climate change. A few extra tornadoes? Climate change. Earthquake? Climate change. Sunami, drought, floods, hurricanes, cold, heat, snow, ice, hail, it all works, cuz guess what, the climate changes. The globalist liars figured out a few years ago that normal thinking people don’t believe global warming so they just changed the name.
    Reid is among the worst with saying whatever he wants, right there with Pelosi. Maybe someday more than just a few of us will sit up and take notice at what ridiculous crap these liars are spewing and get these people out of office.

    Dems should be punished at the ballot boxes just for having him and San Fran Nan in their leadership.

  • Tom Teton

    If Harry had a brain (which he doesn’t) how would he describe Big Thompson Canyon flood from 1976? It was noted after that flood that the exact same type of weather conditions could (and probably would) happen over Boulder Canyon. And it did.
    Harry, you’re a moron to try and link this to global warming. And if you were honestly worried about global warming, why do you allow your home base of Las Vegas to continue to draw more and more electrical power and to draw more water than they need to survive (due to massive number of swimming pools, fountans, etc.)?

    • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

      Oh, I don’t think Harry’s dumb. He knows what he’s doing. He’s just a shameless demagogue who, like I said, won’t let a good crisis go to waste.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    These days, the only words I can think of, is these guys are stark raving mad. I mean real loonies. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so painful for the victims of their madness. We’re not choking on C02, (a natural gas the planet needs) we’re chocking on poverty, caused by insanity.
    President, and Biden have goal,
    Stop, West Virginia dig coal,
    with no work in sight,
    it’s a soul sucking blight,
    with many more thousands on dole.

    • Brian Fr Langley

      oops did I say Biden??? thank goodness you have an edit button

  • Wil

    John Daly, Doesn’t let a Colorado crisis go to waste, without putting forth a shameless political spin, to bash Harry Reid. How sad!
    BTW, ‘Global Warming’ is real!

    • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

      Yes, Wil, because condemning demagoguery is demagoguery in itself, right? Ugh.

      BTW, ‘Global Warming’ is SO real that its activists felt compelled to stop using the term, and moved on to ‘Climate Change.’ That should tell you something in itself.

    • Brian Fr Langley

      The same (so called) scientific consensus was once applied to the science of Eugenics. Based on doctrinaire ideas of evolution, the science deemed some races more “evolved” than others. The rest as they say is history. Nazi’s using science to extirminate. Unsurpisingly, much (so called) science based on these same doctrinaire ideas, has come up with yet another reason for mass extirmination. “Deep Ecology”, the environmental ethic, sees the planet succeeding, only with a much smaller number of people? Their “loud voice” calls for population control, but their “quiet voice” is far more sinister than the Nazi’s could dream.

      • Wil

        Exactly…I think!

        • Brian Fr Langley

          What I said, was that Harry Reid is in league with the devil. (metaphorically speaking) Now do you get it?

    • mcveen

      Is this sarcasm or for real?

  • Wheels55

    What amazes me about Global Warming / Climate Change buzzards like Reid is that they seem to think that the Earth is incapable of change on its own. And if they do think that the Earth is going through natural changes, they think little ‘ol man-kind can do something to stop it.

    • mcveen

      What Gore,Reid, and other Democrats that harp ‘global warming’ are about is extortion $ from private & gov’t industry. Many Democrats have personally pocketed $millions from the charade. Amazingly, it is a very profitable scam that continues to work.

      We know about some Obama cronies that made out big time, but others ignored by ‘media investigators’ have made out much bigger. Al Gore made over $12 million for himself using the scam and continues raking it in thru his carbon footprint fantasy credits. He manages the footprint empire from (one of) his 14,000 sq. foot dwellings. Gore demonstrates why ‘green’ is good business for the few.

  • Jeff Webb


    This is a big fat cup o’ deja vu to me, something I talked about here in the forums, actually. Reid reacted the exact same way a few years ago when he saw thousands of my fellow San Diegans experience the utter destruction of their lives and homes by massive wildfires.

    I and most of the people close to me were on pins & needles for days, glued to our radios at home and work in case of evac orders, our cars already packed with irreplaceables & essentials, our pet carriers by our front doors, the smell of smoke embedded in our noses, and we were the lucky ones! The unlucky ones, well, they’re members of a club that includes people from Joplin, New Orleans, the Jersey Shore, South Florida, and now your statemates. Mother Nature doesn’t care where you are, she has a weapon to destroy your city.

    When you’re watching your county get burned to the ground, there’s nothing more infuriating than a pol from another state exploiting it. With that stuff you cited, and the whole attempt to bully Rush off the radio that thankfully led to his humiliation, Reid had already established himself as a supremely shameless little viper.
    I don’t say this freely about people: the man is absolutely evil.

    • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

      I hear you. Though I was pretty sure my home would be fine, there was significant flooding going on just a mile away from my house, where the Poudre River was overflowing. On the east side of my city, many lost their homes.

      My family and I took some stuff over to one of the shelters last Saturday, and I was amazed by the number of people who were temporarily living there.

      So the hear some hack like Reid use that suffering to press some unrelated agenda… Well, it’s pretty frustrating.

      I agree with your assessment of Reid. The guy appears to have no conscious. There’s nothing he won’t do or say to stay in power, and the Las Vegas unions have done a masterful job of keeping him in Washington.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    The earth they say is warming to fast,
    and they shrill for new rules to be passed,
    but I’m just to damn old,
    for the Canadian cold,
    so I’m hoping the summer might last.

    • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

      Yeah, I find it amazing that the “science” behind the global warming hysteria is completely collapsing, and the media is completely ignoring that collapse. This should be a HUGE corruption story, yet it will likely just slowly fade away from the headlines, much like “global cooling” did.

      • Brian Fr Langley

        The collectivists have been at it since Babel. Giving up is not on their agenda. Unhappily, liberty has never come cheap.

      • Brian Fr Langley

        What’s even more scary is a new environmental ethic called “Deep Ecology”. Specifically repudiating the Judeo-Christian ethic, they wish to supplant it with their own. While other ethics oppose the Judeo-Christian, most still remain utilitarian. (they serve humanity’s interests) “Deep Ecology” does not. Rather it serves the interests of eco systems on an equal basis with humanity. And here’s where it gets chilling. If eco systems and humanity have equal standing then individuals (by definition) are expendable. Since they believe to many humans hurt the eco sphere, how many of us then will need to go? On a side note, the book “The excellent Powder” documents that some environmentalists, actually oppose DDT (mainly) on the grounds that malaria remains viable, as a reliable method of population control. Modern death stats are staggering, and almost all are children under 5.

  • Paul Courtney

    John: Harry Reed is a stain on nation’s fabric-I know that’s rough, but he asks for it. And I hope you keep giving it to him and voters in NV. He makes me long for the old selection system for US senate. Yielded some real corrupt guys, but they were at least smart enough to be corrupt. Not Harry, he’d have to bumble his way into stealing.

    • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

      I don’t even think that’s all that rough. lol. I think the guy’s truly the worst of the worst in Washington – a completely shameless individual who has done enormous damage to this country.

      On a side note, this was never heavily reported, but he’s actually the guy who talked Barack Obama into running for the presidency in 2008. That alone…. lol.

      • Jeff Webb

        >>he’s actually the guy who talked Barack Obama into running for the presidency in 2008<

        • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

          Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that Reid quote. A real class act, that guy.