He Doesn't Have a Clue …

From Dick Morris in The Hill

Conservatives are so enraged at Obama’s socialism and radicalism that they are increasingly surprised to learn that he is incompetent as well. The sight of his blithering and blustering while the most massive oil spill in history moves closer to America’s beaches not only reminds one of Bush’s terrible performance during Katrina, but calls to mind Jimmy Carter’s incompetence in the face of the hostage crisis.

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  • Cheryl Cathcart

    And you thought he would have a clue. Obama is a puppet and puppet can only move when there is someone competent pulling the strings.

  • Tom Manning

    I do not write to many of you people in the media but I enjoy you as you are one of the honest ones.

    About Obama Almighty as I like to call him. Little wonder he cant get things done, He has never worked and never supervised anyone. Poor soul is like a lost ball in the weeds.