Helen Thomas Speaks — Unfortunately

I don’t like seeing anybody lose a job for expressing a controversial, unpopular opinion.  But I’m not going to lose any sleep over Helen Thomas’ forced retirement.

Helen Thomas is about to turn 90 and is living proof that there’s no fool like an old fool.

For many years she was the White House correspondent for UPI and until she retired — or was fired — she was a columnist for Hearst.  Columnists, unlike reporters, don’t have to be objective.  They’re entitled to their opinions.  But when your opinion is the same as the opinion of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the goofy president of Iran, that’s not such a good thing.

Ahmadinejad wants every last Jew in Israel to get the hell out and go back to where they came from – like Germany and Poland.  Hey, small world, that’s exactly the same thing Helen Thomas wants.  Really!

Asked by a Rabbi outside the White House (during a Jewish Heritage event)  if she had any thoughts about Israel, Ms. Thomas said she did.  “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine,” she said.  “Remember,” she added, “the Palestinians are “occupied and it’s their land.”  (Note:  She doesn’t even call the country where the Jews live, Israel.  To her, it’s Palestine.)

But if the Jews “get the hell out,” Helen, where would you like them to go?   “Home,” she said, “to Poland, Germany and America and everyplace else.”  You know, Poland and Germany where their parents and grandparents used to live before they were wiped out in the Holocaust.

But Israeli is a sovereign state, established by the United Nations, right?  Israel is home.  A mere technicality, as far as Helen Thomas is concerned – and an unfortunate technicality at that.  The Israelis are intruders — Europeans in an Arab world, Jews in a Muslim world.

So pack the hell up, all you carpet-bagging Jews, and GET THE HELL OUT!

Too bad the rabbi had a camera right in your face, Helen, or else you might have gotten away with your nasty little comment.

It’s no secret that Ms. Thomas, a major league liberal and the daughter of Lebanese immigrants, is no fan of Israel.  Over the years she didn’t actually ask questions regarding Israel so much as she made mini speeches to the White House press secretary condemning Israel.  She has compared Israel’s military to the Nazis and just the other day referred to that Israeli raid on a Turkish “humanitarian aid” ship bound for Gaza as a “deliberate massacre.”  She told Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, that Israeli soldiers “deliberately kill people.” And she’s made other comments over the years at the White House making clear that she sees Palestinians as victims of Israeli atrocities, presumably even when those put upon Palestinians are firing rockets into civilian neighborhoods in Israel.

You can be anti-Israel, of course, and not be anti-Jewish.  But let’s not pretend that the line isn’t a thin one.  As Phyllis Chesler, a liberal college professor who has written a book called The New Anti-Semitism explains it, Israel’s critics “have one standard for Israel:  an impossibly high one.  Meanwhile, they set a much lower standardfor every other country, even for nations in which tyranny, torture, honor killings, genocide, and every other human rights abuse go unchallenged.”

“Today,” she says, “anti-Zionism is the new anti-Semitism.”

Enter Pat Buchanan, a passionate foe of Israel and I suspect an anti-Semite too.

He once called Capitol Hill, “Israeli-occupied territory” … and right before the first Gulf War, he went on the McLaughlin Group TV show to announce that, “There are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the Middle East — the Israeli Defense ministry and its amen corner in the United States.”

Now Pat thinks there are too many Jews on the U.S. Supreme Court.

On the nomination of Elena Kagan to the court, Buchanan wrote:  “If Kagan is confirmed, Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats.

Is this the Democrats’ idea of diversity?”

Since when is Pat Buchanan a fan of diversity?  I don’t remember him screaming for it when blacks or Latinos or women were behind the 8-ball.  And with all those numbers – 2 percent this, 33 percent that — when did Buchanan start favoring  quotas?  A staunch Catholic, he doesn’t seem to have any trouble with the number of Catholics on the court – six.

Buchanan is right-wing, Thomas is left-wing, but on this one issue, they come together:  Both wish Israel would just go away.

Buchanan never apologizes for anything, but Ms Thomas has just said I’m sorry.  She issued a statement saying: “I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heartfelt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon.”

Sorry, Helen, I for one am not buying it.  You meant what you said.  Anyone looking at that video knows you were speaking from your heart. You apologized, as so many trapped by their own stupid words do — because you got caught.  But you are not alone, Helen – not by a long shot.

What you said about Israel is what lots and lots of liberals say all the time, especially liberals on college campuses, where they pass around petitions calling for boycotts of Israel – but never utter a word about the daily atrocities in the Arab world, often committed against their fellow Muslims who step out of line.  Ruth Wisse,who teaches at Harvard, says that some of our finest universities, including her own, “have gone out of their way to invite speakers best known for their defamation of Israel and the Jews.”

So you may find comfort, Helen, knowing you have so many kindred spirits out there – so many “smart” liberals who also wish Israel would disappear.  The bad news, of course, is that Israel isn’t going to disappear.  As the kids say, Get used to it.

And here’s the ultimate irony of this whole sorry story:  In the end, Helen Thomas took the advice she gave the Israelis.  She got the hell out and went home.

I won’t miss her.

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  • peter
    • Brendan Horn

      Peter, I wonder why you are so obsessed with the Palestinian cause. Are you Palestinian yourself? Are you Muslim? Is the mother of your children Palestinian? Your rantings seem quite obsessive. Please enlighten us about what angle you are coming from. Perhaps you are one of these ultra liberals who have taken on the Palestinian cause as their cause of the day and will move on to some other imagined cause in a few days..
      Helen Thomas was being herself when she spoke her words. She has been a nasty lady for a number of years. She calls citizens of Israel “occupiers”. What is she but an occupier? Can’t most Americans be considered occupiers by her definition. I am not aware that anyone has told her to go back to Lebanon where Christians have been persecuted for many years.
      I have heard many people who cry for Palestinians call Jewish people in Israel “occupiers”. What about the millions of Arabs that occupy Europe and America. Are these occupiers supposed to go home also? Clearly Europe and America are not traditionally Arab territory. Maybe these Arabs should go home by Helen’s reasoning.

      • peter

        Brenda and steve, I will answer your questions (though the answers can be gleaned from my contributions.

        1. I am unashamedly black.

        2. I am a practicing Christian.

        3. I am a Conservative with a small C. A right of center conservative.

        4. I abhor discrimination or man’s inhumanity to man. Whether it be directed against jews, blacks, the Irish (or as now is the case, the palestinians).

        5. I am very pro business (as the wealth of a nation is predicated on the efforts of its merchant class).

        6. I abhor hypocrisy.

        7. I believe people that have suffered discrimination and have complained bitterly about and have (with the efforts of others been freed from it) are the last people that should feel comfortable inflicting it on others. No doubt, during the Nazi period, some German’s were asked why the obsession with the plight of the jews! Funny how History has a way of producing the Ironic. Modern day Isreal is proving to be the great legacy that Hitler has bequeathed. His tactics have been adopted by his victims in far away lands and his raional now mouthed by his victims or their descendants. He must be laughing in his grave. His has been the ultimate victory!

        8. There is a saying that he who God wants to destroy he first makes mad. Isreal is continuing to stumble. Taking more and more desperate steps and acquiring more and more enemies from hitherto neutral peoples. As a christian, we have a more instinctive sympathy for the Isrealis. Over the time, when confronted by the reality of what is Isreal, that sympathy later gives ground to confusion, then to horrow and then to opposition!

        • peter


          I believe (although Helen can better explain herself) that what she meant was that recent immigrants to Isreal ( which are jews from Poland, Germany, America, Yemen, Iran, Ethiopia etc)) should return to whence the came or else try to live in peace with the natives. The Arab’s, jews, latino’s Italian’s, Irish etc that came over to the states adopted to America and lived in a way that did not antogonise its host citizens. It is pure common sense!

          • Brendan Horn

            Peter, I think you seem to have no sympathy for the holocaust survivors who survived a real genocide at the hands of the Germans. These people moved to Israel hoping for peace but when they did not find it, when these survivors were being murdered by the Palestinians, they decided to fight back. These people had had enough of massacres. I do not think winning wars is a moral failing. They have won their wars against the natives. Nations that lose wars do not dictate terms to winners. It is a fact of life. Even the UN can not dictate to winners of wars the terms of victory.
            It is ludicrous to compare modern day Israel to Nazi Germany. It shows a lack of understanding of both Israel and Nazi Germany. There is no genocide in Gaza. The population there is growing rapidly. Outside of Gaza and the West Bank, Arabs and Jews live very peacefully side by side. Most of the violence is in Gaza which is led by Hamas. Hamas does not want to live peacefully with Israel, nor even with their own citizens. They want the destruction of Israel. They want war. Just study the words of Hamas. How can Israel make peace when Hamas wants war?

          • peter


            The reason why a lot of jews in Isreal and some from states like to say there is no equivalent is because alot of these people actually do not see anything wrong with the Holocaust. They only regret that they (the superior and chosen ones) were the victims of it. There is an underlying rascism and superiority complex that is solely becoming apparent.

            Of course you will think that the Palestinians are having a great time. It is time of war and to the victors go the spoils. But remember, until the rest of the world intervened to fight germany, your ancestors were the spoils. But that cannot be right because that would mean jewish people being the subjct of harsh treatment. THAT cannot be right. I am sure deep down inside and with the people in Isreal they would push all palestinians into a makeshift gas chamber if they could get away with it. I can well imagine you will argue that ISREAL is just defending itself!

            I understand. You dont want to look into the mirror because you are scared of what you may just well see.

            Interesting how the most evil cloak themselves in piety whilst they play foot soldiers to Satan.

            There is something called a just peace. Anything other than that can never hold.

          • Brendan Horn

            I did not write that there is no comparison. I wrote that it is a ludicrous comparison. The nazis wanted a genocide. Almost no one in Israel wants a genocide. There are always a few extremists in any group that might want such things. The vast majority of people in Israel do not want any such thing. The vast majority of people want peace. Anyone who compares Israel to Nazi Germany is a person who wants to provoke anger. In my opinion, people who make such accusations are people who want violence.
            Your words demonstrate that you only want to see one side of the story. Why do you not see the violence of Hamas? Why do you not see that the people on that ship wanted violence. Peaceful people do not carry metal pipes to peaceful rallies. They do not throw stones. They do not shoot rockets randomly into the sky not caring where these rockets land. You only want to see the Palestinians as victims. You do not want to see their violence. I guess you think their violence is okay, but the Israeli response to this violence is wrong. People who want peace do not strive to provoke violent responses.Why do you only want to see one side of the story, the side that casts Israel in the most negative light?

          • peter

            Brendan, I detect a conscience and a heart in your response. I am relieved to know that still exists in this forum. Most Christians have an innate bias towards Isrealis because of our religion and against Muslims. However, the way Neutrals are increasingly looking at the situation is like this. Isreal is being compared to a 25 year old adult (it has the strongest military in the Midlle east, it has over 80 nuclear weapons and can possible defeat two middle eastern armies at the same time). The palestinians are being compared to a 3 year old child (it has no military, it has rudimentary unsophisticated bombs that barely has any accuracy whatsoever and uses as its weapons system humans (usually orphans or widows killed by Isreali sources)).

            So for an observer, we see a three year old that may want back its toys that have been seized by the 25 year old. The 3 year old punches the 25 year old with all his might and the 25 year old returns a punch or two with the strength that comes with a 25 year old. Most people in the streets watching this fiasco will soon lose all patience with the 25 year old!!

            No one likes a bully!

          • AK

            How do you think it would have been taken if Helen Thomas had told the recent immigrants in the U.S. such as Latinos, Africans and anyone else that they should go back to where they came from? Their children were born in the states making them instant citizens. What about all the people in Israel who came from somewhere else but their children were born in Israel? Should all their parents go home and their children stay?

          • peter

            AK, I believe recent immigrants such as African, south americans and asians have been very careful to respect american’s and to live in peace with white america. In respect of latinos, I believe this is also the case. However, down in Arizona there has been an argument that recent immigrants are causing the locals untold hardship due to crime and kidnapping. Hence we have the Arizona law and a lot of anti-immigrant law.

            Key is always respect your host country.

          • Brendan Horn

            Peter, remember the violence does not come out of nowhere. There is a very long history of conflict in Israel. Israeli actions are usually reactions to violence they have received. It is human nature that a person will defend his brother before he defends his cousin. This is why Jews defend Jews and Arabs defend Arabs.
            The main goal of the Israeli government is to protect its citizens. In a world where a lunatic like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can become the leader of a nation, protection is no easy task. This man does everything he can to become a nuclear power. He pretends he wants to do so for peaceful purposes but he is not someone who can be trusted. He is one of these deranged people who wants to call the holocaust a lie or say things like the holocaust was not as bad as people say. These kind of comments are incredibly belligerent. The holocaust was much worse than anyone could ever say. The horror of the murder of millions of people can not be described in words. The holocaust was much worse than anyone could ever describe in words. The exact number of deaths is irrelevant. Holocaust deniers want to quarrel about numbers. Every one of the millions had a family. Every one of them had friends. They were murdered, starved, and worked death. They were beaten, raped, abused. That is the story. That is the truth.. People like Ahmadinejad who want to belittle the holocaust are scum.
            Ahmadinejad murders and imprisons his own people for speach and then he criticizes Israel. It seems like he is more concerned about Gaza than he is about his own country. I do not know if he really wants to annihilate Israel, but his words demonstrate he should not be trusted to do the right thing. As long as people like him rule nations, nations like Israel will have to take strong measures to protect themselves. These protective measures are about self preservation. It is not about bullying.

          • peter

            Brendan, I understand that there has been so many actions and re-actions that to an observer we have lost count of whom is reacting to whom. What we do see is an over armed bully denigrating an unarmed people that are fighting using rudimentary home made weapons.

            I do understand that there are two sides to a story.

            In relation to Iran, one thing you should always bear in mind is that survival and self preservation is a human instinct. Isreal has over 80 nuclear weapons. Event if Iran acquires 20 nuclear weapons it would NEVER use it against another nuclear armed state. Isreal has nothing to fear from Iran.

            Are you aware that the Arabs and the jews are descendants of blood brothers?

          • peter
          • Brendan Horn

            You say Iran will never use a nuclear weapon. I disagree. I think you are assuming the Iranian leaders are rational. They are not. If you want to see how vicious the Iranian regime can be you should watch the documentary “For Neda”. You say Israel is overarmed. I disagree. There is no such thing in this world as overarmed. In order for a nation to exist that nation either needs a strong military or the backing of a strong military. That is just a fact that history has shown to be true.
            Those in Gaza who think throwing stones or wielding metal pipes or shooting cheap rockets into Israel will win them anything positive are sadly mistaken. These sort of attacks only strengthen the will of Israel. On top of that, going into a gunfight only wielding a knife or going into a tank fight riding a camel is basically suicide.
            I know the story of the Bible. The descendants of Lot, Ishmael, Edom, and Israel are closely related. We are not as different as we might think but still the history of this world is a history of conflict..

          • peter

            Itan is rationale. They have not attacked Isreal now because they know they will get their butt kicked. They will not attack isreal in future because if Isreal is attacked with nuclear weapons it would fire back. Stop reading the american media. They talk rubbish. The only nations that are attacked at will are nations that don’t have nuclear weapons.

            We are not talking about Iran though. The fact is Isreal is a Neo Nazi state that kills and discriminates against its palestianian brothers and its arab population. It is acting like its Nazi parent and that is a fact. http://www.haaretz.com/misc/writers/amira-hass-1.278.

            There are numerous examples of that barbaric state doing unthinkable things to the palestinian people and its conduct has been tolerated enough by Neutrals. We are now sick of hearing about the holocaust as a justification for its sick actions. It would have to stop or the world would have to put that barbaric state in its place!!.

          • Brendan Horn

            Peter, your Nazi comparison is incredibly feeble. Where is the mass starvation? Where are the millions of dead bodies? Why is the population in Gaza growing exponentially? What kind of holocaust takes place at the same time as massive population growth? Why do Palestinian people receive more charity than any other people in the world? Please do not continue to cheapen your argument with such feeble analogies.
            The leadership of Iran is not rational. The best hope for Iran is revolution. There are plenty of intelligent, rational, wonderful people in Iran. The problem is that none of them work for the government. Iran is relevant because they supply weapons to terrorists. If people stopped trying to supply weapons to Gaza, and if the people of Gaza stopped using those weapons against Israel, then eventually the situation would become better for Gaza. You should exert your effort in telling the people of Gaza, Hamas in particular, to turn away from violence. A one-sided ceasefire is not a ceasefire, it is an execution.

        • AK

          First let me just say being a grandchild of a holocaust survivor I can tell you, you don’t have a clue about the planned genocide the Nazi’s inflicted on the Jews. To compare it with Israel defending itself against people who want to live in peace with their neighbors is insane. Having personally been to Israel and seen firsthand that Arabs living in Israel who are peaceful get equal treatment and equal rights. I have seen Arab police officers in Israel. They are trusted with people’s safety. Do you suggest that Israel should as Jesus said “turn the other cheek”? Should they stop all attempts to defend themselves and see what happens? If all 6 million people living in Israel die as a result (many of whom are not Jews) would that satisfy the Palenstinians? Would they be willing to cease fire? Or would they find something new to complain about? Are you aware that Israel has taken in refugees from Suddan and Darfur? Do you know that Jews have been and always will be the first to stand up for people who suffer from lack of human rights? Iran, Iraq and many other Arab countries exiled Jews from their countries and forced them to go to Israel or elsewhere. Jews are not allowed to live in Arab countries. Yet Israel keeps taking in anyone is willing to come and live in peace. That is the Israel I know. May be you should go there yourself. As a Christian I would think it would be high on your list of priorities.

    • AK

      Really Peter? Seriously you think that everyone here respects our laws? People that come from other countries all pay their taxes, don’t do any crimes, don’t use the system for all it’s worth? Who are you kidding me or yourself?

      • peter

        i said respect for the host community (which is predominately white). You would see a different side to america if recent immigrants started to maltreat and discriminate against white american’s. Then you will see xenophobia in its worst form. white america is not being forced to live in ghetto’s and deprived of any rights. They control their own destiny in what is now there own country!!

        • Sasha

          I grew up in California and was passed up for promotion because I did not speak Spanish. I moved on from the job. This was back in the 1980’s. Since that time I have seen recent immigrant consistant dis-respect of Host country in numerous States. I have seen no xenophobia in its worst form from “White America”. I do have some “White American” relatives who are definite racists but I avoid them just as I avoid racists from other groups. It is not just a white issue. I was forced out of a neigborhood in Santa Ana, California because I was the only Gringa and they were afraid I might be reporting them to “Immigration”. The Landlord was tired of repairing damages to his property. I received a good reccommendation based on that move. Some things have improved and some have not. I am happy with the Arizona Law and I Honor Israel in its protection of itself.

        • AK

          Raping, stealing and not paying your taxes is not what I would call respect for your host country. And there is reverse racism from people who come from other parts of the world. Asians stick to their own kind and so do Latinos. And for a bit of education for you the word Ghetto originated in Italy back in the 1300’s when the Italian government decided to section off the Jews from the rest of society. Know your history!

  • peter
  • peter

    The propaganda by Ken Besig Isreal’s of this world that seems to suggest that the unethical behaviour of Isreal is a jewish is exposed for what it is. A big lie. http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/german-jews-indundated-with-requests-to-join-new-gaza-aid-flotilla-1.296146

    • Mark Dannreuther

      Say Peter, would be nice…after all this time…if you learned how to spell Israel.

      • peter

        Mark, You are the true son of your father Lucifer!! Trust me, you would not like the way I would prefer to spell that country. Isreal is how I will continue to spell.

        • Mark Dannreuther

          Peter, clearly English is not your native language. You need to take some ESL (English as a Second Language) courses before posting in here. Otherwise, you’re just showcasing your ignorance, and there is nothing I can do about that.

          Get yourself some education, PLEASE!

          • peter

            Lucifer Jnr! You are so perceptive. My first language is Isreali (if there is anything so called)!! May be my ignorance will start to compete with yours granted that you have an obvious in built advantage in that sphere!

          • CCNV


            Stop being such a DICK.

          • peter


            I speak nothing but the truth. Deal with it!!

        • AK

          I personally love the way you spell Isreal as in Is Real as in it is real and here to stay.

          • peter

            AK, Thank you. I don’t care what name that state is eventually called by as long as it encompasses both the Isreali and palestinians and the rights of both are constitutionally guaranteed!!

          • AK

            People who put down their weapons and attempt real peace with the Israelis are treated normal. But if you’re going to hide among civilians you will be treated as a terrorist. There is an old saying “most Arabs hate each other but they hate Jews more”. That is all you need to know to understand the terrorist mind set and why things are the way they are.

  • Mark Dannreuther

    The “poor Palestinians” are getting exactly what they deserve. Since 1948, they have tried to drive the Israelis into the sea, and they failed. Since 1948, they have sown the wind. Now they reap the whirlwind.

    Too bad, so sad–NOT.

    The “poor Palestinians” wouldn’t be so poor if they recognized Israel’s undeniable right to exist. Israel isn’t going away. Too bad the “poor Palestinians” just don’t get it.

  • Stan Barnes

    Great forum, good night to all my new friends.

    for summer video try disc 4 of Walter Cronkite’s, Avoiding Armageddon and Christiane Amanpour’s God’s Warriors, Israel section

    for a lively vacation, try Gaza, its a member of Club Med isnt it?

    • peter

      Thanks Stan for adding important information. Some important facts are clear now.

      1. Isreal’s historical basis for ownership spanning thousands of years in tenuous at best.

      2. The state of Isreal was given by Isreal by a body that had know ownership of the land to give.

      3. Both Isreali and Palestianian groups in that area had from the 1920’s onwards used terrorism as an instrument of obtaining greater political rights for its people. In the case of Irgun, its terrorist leader later become Prime Minister of Isreal.

      4. Isreal ignores the UN despite the fact that its control of Palestine (which was the existing country in that space before 1948) was only made possible by a UN resolution.

      5. Ethnic Cleansing was used to bring to life the state of Isreal.

      6. Most blind Isreali supporters have very few credible responses hence the frequent fall back to the haters argument.

      • Ron Kean

        Credible response:

        1. The UN partitioned a large swath of land into countries with definable borders. Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel have the exact same legitimacy.

        2. Jews have lived in the land since just after Moses passed away.

        3. There is no comparison between arab violence and Jewish violence. If the arabs laid down their weapons there would be peace. If the Israelis did, goodbye Israel. Look up ‘Black September’ in Jordan and what Kuwait did to 300,000 palestinian workers after Saddam’s expulsion to learn what real ethnic cleansing is.

        4. There is a lot genocide in the world. Ethnic groups in many countries are killed every day. North Korea sank a South Korean ship and killed 46 sailors but the UN doesn’t care. Darfur? Turkey and the Kurds? Who cares? Not the UN. Despotic totalitarian countries are on a Human Rights committee. So who cares about the hypocrites in the UN? They’re insane with hundreds of condemnations of only one small country.

        5. There are 1.5 million muslim arabs living peaceful lives in Israel. Arabs have 5 or 6 representatives in the Israeli parlament. A half million Jews have been cleansed from arab countries in the last half century and Christians are being harrassed into leaving now too. Israel is kind to all religions and people. That’s a fact. Remember Haiti? The same is not true for its adversaries.

        6. Israel removed all Jews from Gaza and that gesture was met with Gazans raining 7,000 missiles on Israeli towns near the border hoping to kill women and children. Giving land doesn’t work.

        7. If World War II didn’t make it obvious, people will never learn that irrational anti-semitism is pervasive.

        • peter

          Implications of Ron Keans responses:

          1. As Isreal was created in line with Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, Isreal is as credible as those countries. However, the inhabitants of those lands (other than Isreal) were not Europeans forced on the current inhabitants of those lands and was not sanctioned by the palestinian people. The UN had flirted with the idea of creating a homeland for the jews out of Africa but finally settled on Palestine.

          2.Jews had lived in the land of Moses since after Moses passed away: The Jews emigrated by choice and spread across the world. People buy and sell land and move to different states and countries all the time. The fact that a people used to live in a place (whether through conquest or trade) does not mean the have an eternal right to that place once it relinquishes its ownership and emigrates. Afterall, Ancient Eygpt was owned by black people not modern day Arabs. It would be perverse to say that all present day Arabs should be cleansed from Eygpt with the descendants of Ancient Eygpt (who occupy central and west africa should now have full access to Eygpt. Better still maybe you may want to argue that Isrealis should be handed back to the descendants of Ancient Eygpt and returned to servitude because that was the normal state of affairs thousand of years ago.

          3. Ron acknowledges that Isreal has as much a terrorist history as the palestianians. His argument now is that Palestianian violence is now more pervasive. Well, Isreal has obtained there objective now. Now need for the palestinian type of activism. It now uses state terrorism (a form a growth none the less) as its present instrument of oppression.

          4. Ron ackowledges that Isreal really is like all other loathsome countries that commit atrocities against innocent people. He believes the UN should shut up and let persist with its acts of genocide. Interesting. It is now a sad reflection on all those lives of whites, blacks and indians given to free European jews from the clutches of Hitler that their lives was given to allow the descendants of thge victims to unleash a similar pogrom on other people. On set of animals killed to give birth to a new set of animals!!

          5. Are Arabs really treated humanely in Isreal. I think not. Everybody knows they are discriminated against. How can you call Isreal a jewish state when millions of its citizens are Arabs?? Obviously the Isrealis in current control of Isreal have now shame in this! As matters stand now, in a couple of years the Arab Isreali population will soon exceed the population of Jewish Isreal (despite the governements efforts of bringing every jewish person from all over the world the ability to live in Isreal whilst preventing the palestinians from living in peace.

          6. A thief that steals by force ones house is never given credit because it returns the bathroom.

          7. The actions of the state of Isreal will be the very factor that will give rise to the re-emergence of anti-semitism in its most virulant form. Mark my words!!

          • Ron Kean

            You’re wrong and you put words in my mouth.

            Arabs sold their land to Jews until fellow arabs murdered the brokers. They were happy to get cash for desert.

            There was a lot of desert that nobody owned.

            Jews have been all over the world because terrible people murdered and expelled them.

            Now Jews are given a home and will defend it against haters and the accusation of hate isn’t a fallback position. It’s the default position.

            Say it’s the UN. Or say it’s the hand of God. But Jews have been given back their home and will defend their home against people who think the way you think.

          • peter


            God is not an unjust God! He does not align himself with evil or the perpetrators of evil. All kingdoms built on evil and death eventually collapse. Ask Hitler’s Germany, Botha’s South Africa, Smith’s Zimbabwe and Netanyahu’s Isreal shall surely follow. Like most evil countries using terror to stay afloat it will eventually cave!!

            You obviously have a persecution complex. However, like most psychopaths that murder and pillage without any empathy for their victims, you have no empathy for the suffering,deaths and humiliations that the millions of palestinians have to endure on a daily basis. Like a psychopathic thief, all that matters to you and your type is to continue to steal, rob and rape from the less fortunate!!

            Don’t quote God as you are not from God! You are a child of the devil! You live and survive by his dictates and you and like shall perish by it!

          • peter

            The fact that America has to assert a right for Isreali Arabs shows that Isreali Arabs are not having a blissful existence in Modern Isreal.

        • peter
          • Berg

            Does that proof anything?

          • peter

            the fact that the USA has to assert the need to respect the rights of Isreal’s Arabs shows Isreali Arab’s existense in Isreal is not (lets say) ideal. It goes to show that Isreal as a state is a rascist state similar to 1970’s south africa.

    • peter
    • Mark Dannreuther

      The “poor Palestinians” are getting exactly what they deserve. Since 1948, they have tried to drive the Israelis into the sea, and they failed. Since 1948, they have sown the wind. Now they reap the whirlwind. Too bad, so sad–NOT.

      • peter

        You loathsome specimen. YOUR direct ancestors should have been left in germany’s gas chamber! That they produced YOU is a sin in itself!!

  • Stan Barnes

    One last thing, Jerusalem is not a city the Hebrews built, many people seem to thing of it like the Emerald City in the land of Oz, its just something they stole.
    After King David completed the conquest of Canaan, he needed a capital. And there was this city on top of a hill making it easy to defend and not a town of one of the twelve tribes plus it had a subterranean water system the Hebrews used to infiltrate the town and attack the inhabitants and takeover (2nd Samuel 5:6).

    Water is the power.
    Abraham was born in Mesopotamia, land of the 2 rivers
    After leaving there in 1400BC they ended up living in Egypt under the protection of Joseph, one aspect of the power of Egypt was the Nile river.
    After 400 years they left and lived in the desert, then under Joshua (the terrorist) assaulted Jericho wiping out all the inhabitants (Joshua 6:21). Why Jericho? Its an oasis. Thus began the conquest of Canaan.

    Why does Israel build settlements in the West Bank? Its the west bank of the Jordan River and thats what they are after, the fresh water supplies of the Jordan River. There is a paucity of water between Mesopotamia and Egypt.

    • Berg

      Jerusalem WAS built by king Davis. Before that, it was a granary owned by a Jebusite man called Araunah. David bought the place (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Araunah), not unlike Abraham buying the Cave in Hebron, and built his capital there. It was a middle point between Judea and the tribes of Israel, to the north.
      Israeli settlements are located on mountain tops. This is done due to it’s strategic value, and being un-occupied. No one used to live there. There was no agriculture there.

      By the way, are you seriously judging Joshua’s actions by today’s standard?

      • Stan Barnes

        Yes, because its all about their rationale, in their folklore they are the Chosen People and the land is the Promised Land, but only they know that, no one else does.

        do you really consider Wikipedia a valid source?

        • Berg

          In this case it is. Would you prefer the Bible? Can you read Hebrew?

  • Stan Barnes

    Bernie Goldberg,
    I would like to thank you for this open forum, even if its on the website of a propagandist.
    1. You said Israel was created by the UN, but thats not fully correct. The UN is not a world government, but only a diplomatic forum. Some nations voted to partition a country they did not own and give it to someone to whom it does not belong. They were motivated by 2 things, bribes paid their politicians and the fact they didnt want Europen Jewish refugees landing on their shores. Its easier to give away someone else’s land.
    2. The Palestinian people did not agree to such a partition nor did their surrounding neighbors. And General George Marshall, the Sec of State, did not agree with it.
    3. Do you not find the founding of an ethnic cleansed state as offensive?
    4. What if the UN were to vote to return US lands to the native Americans? Would you agree to that? We would all move out and get the same compensation as the Palestinians, NOTHING! Re-create the Cherokee Indian Nation, return Texas to Mexico, etc, its only been 200 years while Israel, based on the conquest and killing of the Canaanites ceased to exist 2600 yrs ago.
    5. If criticism of Israel is anti-semitic then what is it when Jews regard themselves as The Chosen, a racial superiority theory?
    6. Helen Thomas should not resign, she has spoken some truth although coarse. Lets try to maintain the suppression of justice for the Palestinians.
    7. Why dont you close your website and go to Palestine and fix the problem based on your ideas, you would be exalted among the nations, tell those Palestinians how wrong they are. Suggest you move to Gaza. I will not miss you as much as I will Helen.

    • peter

      Richard, I recommend you read and verify the facts now added by Stan. It is indeed ironic that we have now on Bernie Goldberg’s site been exposed to a far more balanced and two sided exposition of this highly complicated issue that we would never be exposed to on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC and the like. Is it not a said state of affairs were real information on both sides have challenged assumptions hitherto unknown. I have to say, some of my views have moderated since discussion when confronted with some facts (such as the view thet the Isrealis have much improved what was a barren land and some credit must be given t that). Additionally, Isrealis do have a right to be there now especially as some Isrealis ere born there and that is the only place they know. I have however become fixed in my view that the situation vis a vis the palestinians is correct. Their treatment is untenable. Both parties MOST concede that both palestian and jews must now live in one democratic country devoid of discrimination or genocide! Lets not forget that the whole world is having to put up with a war of attrition between two peoples that are historically blood brothers. Yes, the Isreali and the Arabs are descendants of blood brothers!! Amazing a deep and irrational family squabbles can be!

      • peter

        Now that I am in my reflective mood, I have to add that today I have met and have continued to be inspired by many men and women of the jewish faith who have stood against the worst types of injustice over the last years and centuries. If anything, it goes to show that within every group there exists people that would do the most unthinkable things. However, it always crucial to always remember that the actions of the Isreali state is not one and the same as the actions of Jews. Just as the actions of Apartheid South Africa is not to be put at the door of all whites or the actions of the most rascist white amercans over the last century was agreed and acquiesed to by the entire white race. We should also be very careful in conflating harsh criticism at Isreal to mean harsh criticisms of Jews. As this logic is basically saying that the actions of the Isrealis are the actions of the jews and that any opposition to Isreal is an opposition to jews because both are one and the same. It is that very logic that would give rise to the worst sort of anti-semitism which I prey never again sees the light of day!!

    • EddieD_Boston

      You’re going to miss Helen? Wow, kinda exposed yourself to be a looney fringe liberal (hence, completely irrational) because there’s probably 12 other people who’ll miss her and they’re all on MSNBC. I really can’t argue all of your points b/c I was born in 1960 and it’s all before my time but how can you argue with the fact that Israel is surrounded by animals that want nothing but to eliminate Jews from the face of the earth? The kook in Iran just said that Israel is “doomed”. Does this resonate with you at all? I’m not Jewish. I’m a nice Irish Catholic boy. But for God’s sake how can you defend these sub-humans that blow up grandmothers on buses? Again, they’re sub-human!!! And Helen called them “so-called terrorists”, proving she’s retarded at the minimum..

      • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

        Hey Eddie, What has Israel ever done for you? And are you willing to die for Israel?

        • Berg
        • EddieD_Boston

          Do you sit around all day dreamng up stupid things to say?

          • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

            No answer…just an insult…not surprised!

          • peter

            Eddie is obviously Isreali of Eastern European descent. Those people have a habit of turning out perpetrators of genocide and barbarity with gusto. Hitler, Begin, shamir and Netanyahu no doubt must share that loathsome gene that Eastern Europe tends to spawn!

  • Stan Barnes

    1. When the Jewish immigrants began coming to Palestine after WWII, it wasnt to become citizens of Palestine, they came there to steal it, which they’ve been doing for 61 years now.
    2. Do you think they build settlements on the West Bank to pave the way for a Palestinian state, NO, its to acquire more of the land and specifically the fresh water supplies of the Jordan River.
    3. Does it bother you more that Palestine has been wiped off the map or the bluster or Iran’s Almondnutjar playing up to the locals.
    4. The first terrorist group in Palestine and the post WWII world was the Jewish Irgun, most famous for the bombing of the King David hotel in 46 which killed 90 people. Whats the reward in Israel for being a terrorist? You get to be Prime Minister, the head of the Irgun was Menachem Begun.
    5. The Jews smuggled weapons into Palestine and even had secret underground munitions and weapons factories to aid their conquest.
    6. The Arabs have learned all about terrorism from the Jews.
    7. The Palestinians are being reduced to an apartheid status, stateless people in their own lands or confined to the Gaza Ghetto (=Warsaw Ghetto).
    8. By spending a few million in the halls of the US Congress the Jew lobby gets Israel billions to maintain their occupation.
    9. There can be no peace in Palestine until there is justice for the Palestinian people.

    • Jack Davis

      The State of Israel received its independence on May 15, 1948, on the implementation of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution of November 29, 1947, to establish Arab and Jewish states in a partitioned Palestine. The international recognition of Israel was the signal for six Arab armies to invade.

      You want peace, Stan? Here’s what you need to start lobbying for.

      1. Immediate and complete diplomatic recognition of Israel by the entire Arab world.
      2. Immediate and complete recognition of Israel’s unconditional right to exist.
      3. Immediate and complete cessation of ALL acts of war against Israel by legitimate states and the illegitimate proxies they sponsor, including but not limited to: Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Al-Aksir Martyr’s Brigade, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia..that is, EVERY country currently sponsoring anti-Israel terrorist groups.
      4. Full economic cooperation with Israel, i.e., immediate and complete cessation of ALL economic boycotts against Israel.
      5. Immediate and complete cessation of ALL acts of war against Israel, either declared or undeclared.

      Until then, the Arabs…to paraphrase Abba Eban…will continue to never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Until then, there will not be peace.


      • Stan Barnes

        You can refer to my address to Bernie, the UN cannot partition someone else’s land.
        Israel is not interested in settlement, except those on the West Bank.
        Google up a Washington Post Article called “Mr Olmerts Farewell”, its the smoking gun.
        There would be no PLO, no Hamas no resistance if there were no Israel occupying Palestine. An occupied people have the right to resist, although I believe in the non-violent approach of Gandhi and King. If the US were occupied I would certainly resist, as the Indians did in India, the Poles in Poland, the Norwegians in Norway.
        Perhaps you would like to celebrate Menachem Began, the father of terrorism’s birthday in Gaza or Ramallah? No member of the Irgun was ever held accountable for their crimes.
        With our aid to Israel we sponsor occupation and further acquisition of Palestine.
        You want peace, Jack, then start with the full dissolution of Israel and the restoration of Palestine.

        • Jack Davis

          Dissolution of Israel? Ha haha hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

          You may be a serious loon, Stan, but you’re not a serious debater.

          • Stan Barnes

            Jack do not use any name calling, if thats what you’re down to then I know I’ve won.
            I’ve done the research, the Jew lies and propoganda don’t work on me. If the UN can give Palestine away then it can give it back and right a wrong.

            Where is Palestine, Jack, if you look at a map prior to 1948 its there, but now its gone, slowly stolen by Israel.

            Explain the Sykes-Picot agreement and the Irgun and all the rest like I have.

            Where is the call for the right of Palestine to exist, for Palestinian homeland and security?

            Why dont you and Bernie Goldberg and Steve go to Palestine and solve this problem. Take the Jew folklore book (and some Yamikas) with you and tell those Palestinians how wrong they are, that they aren’t The Chosen People. After all, you know better than the people who live there. You would be exalted among the nations.

          • Jack Davis

            Stan, you obviously have not read “War in the Holy Land,” by Andrew Duncan and Michel Opatowski. Just as obviously, you have not read “The History of the Middle East Wars,” both of which thoroughly debunk your Israel-hating commentary.

            You are ignorant of history and you clearly are a loon. Read those books. THEN we can chat. Right now, you’re awash in anti-Israel propaganda because, quite simply, you hate Israel and wish it gone. But that ain’t gonna happen, bro.

            As I said, you’re looney. And ignorant. Read the two books cited above. Then and only then will you see how ignorant you truly are.

    • http://shoopzzfbehindthearch3zz@msn.com steve

      How can u defend a group of people who want to get rid of there neighbor,by sending artillery at the people of Israel. It would be like the majority of people who live in Road island want to be expanding into Massachusetts because there are people who believe in the same as the same race as the people of Road island.So there are people who send rockets into Massachusetts for there way of getting, there way.The people of Palestine and Gaza are not interested in peace,there interest is taking over Israel, & use power to feed there thirst for blood.Show me wear the Palestinians were more for working for peace? Israel gave them Gaza to move towards peace,& all it has done is the land being used against them…Explain that..

      • Stan Barnes

        Israel is not their neighbor but their occupier, the Palestinians are resisting that occupation. As I said I dont believe in the violence approach.
        Your analogy is bizarre, Rhode Island and Mass. are states of one country.
        Gaza is not something Israel can give, it belongs to the Palestinians.
        Really, Steve, this is sad commentary, you have no knowledge of the history of this situation. The only peace Israel is interested in is a piece of Palestine here, a piece there, particularly the West Bank.
        Its all about the land and water, its called a LAND GRAB, Israel is STEALING PALESTINE.

        • Berg

          So what you’re saying, basically, is that Israel should rid itself of all Arabs, because they’ll never accept it as a Jewish state.

          • Stan Barnes

            NO, I am not, ethnic cleansing is a war crime.
            The Palestinians never conceded to the partition
            Why dont the Jews and you accept the right of the existence of a Palestinian state? I have yet to hear in these conversations anyone espousing that right.
            Perhaps you will be more convinced of Israel’s intentions if you hear it from the mouths of their Prime Ministers.
            Google up a Washington Post article, “Mr Olmert’s Farewell”

        • http://shoopzzfbehindthearch3zz@msn.com steve

          Stan,how long has this been going on??long time..explain what Israel people should have been directed after what hitler did to them? Where should they been given some where in the world to have there own state?U call it a land grab?all the Palestinians want is for the Israelis to live in the Mediterranean sea..where,,again do they show peace to be constructed and made realistic,,and being in a trying move of foundation of working towards peace? again they love WAR.Tell me..how dose giving Gaza to them,,not a peaceful,,move of working peace,,giving,,& real movement of giving ground…What has the Palestinians done @ all to show real peaceful trying??? i see nothing..1 part of the problem gives up land & the other lob’s shells into its state,& that’s real progress??That’s what’s going on now..give me an answer to this modern problem that exist now.. .what HAS ISRAEL STOLE? Nothing,, they are entitled to have a state,they gave them Gaza,,& they live in Lebanon..I think that’s if they were really were ,& if they were interested in real living,, to have there own people live there lives like u & i do..Again they do not know how to handle Peace..ENOUGH, IS ENOUGH. ISRAEL DOSE NOT OWN THEM ANY MORE..PERIOD..

    • Berg

      So many mistakes in such a short text. What can you expect from a hater, really. Let’s begin.
      1. Jews came to ISRAEL after WWII because they had no lace else. Europeans stole their homes and property, US wouldn’t let them in, nor did any other country. They couldn’t become citizens because the country was mandated by the British. More then everything, Jews KNEW the Israel is their real home.

      2. Take water out of the Jordan River? Are you kidding me? When was the last time you saw the Jordan River? Take a look: http://www.admin.technion.ac.il/iaeste/gallery/JordanRiver1.jpg. It was hardly called a steam here in the US.

      3. What wipe off? There was never Palestine! Arabs had the land until they started the war in 1967, and lost badly. Wasn’t there a Palestine! people to get the land for a country then?

      4. The first terrorist group was actually an Arab one, lead by one Al Qassam. He was killed by the Brits. In the 1930s Haj Amin el Huseini, Hitler’s friend, led a lot of Arab gangs. Lechi, or Stern’s Gang ans the Briths caleld it, precided the Irgun. So far for facts.

      5. The weapons the Jews had was meant for defense, since the British couldn’t be relied on. The weapons they had was mainly rifles, Sten (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sten) sub-machine-guns and a few Bren machine-guns. Ammunition was in short supply for them. Arabs had much more weapons, ammunition and British support.

      6. Arabs had started with terrorism in the 1920s, shooting vehicles and murdering Jews on the road. In the 1920s, Mr Barnes. They also used suicide bombers back then, until the British burried them in pig skin.

      7. Arabs are not in a ghetto, and there is plenty of food in Gaza. The purpose of the blockade is minimize the military use of cement and steel by Hamas. Thousands are receiving medical treatment in Israel. More then 100 of trucks, loaded with food and supplies, are going to Gaza daily. This is no Ghetto.

      8. There is also an Egyptian blockade, which not you, nor the media, has any concern about. Israeli Arabs has full rights. Arabs at the west back are under the PA ruling.

      9. Israel is employing a lobby. Other goups also do that. Are you against all lobbies?

      10. There is no Palestine people. Those Arabs never missed chance to mis a chance. Take Oslo for example.

      Peace will come only when they’ll realize how to live with themselves. Most Arabs are being killed by Arabs. Palestines received more then Europe after WWII, and managed to spend it while without creating a single job, built a school or started any civilian project. All the money want to corrupted officials and weapons. This is the real problems, Mr,. Barnes, and no lie of yours is going to change it,

      • Stan Barnes

        I am not a hater, I want fairness and justice.
        Apparently, you hate the Palestinians
        There was no Palestine?, the people living there called it that and call themselves Palestinians, look at a map prior to 48

        I said Irgun is post WWII group, do you deny that the Irgun is a murder-terrorist organization and that Menachem Began its head and that he and none of his conspirators were ever brought to justice for their acts?
        This all goes back to the migration into Palestine, that is when the conflict starts, not in 67.
        The Egyptian blockade was not a subject here
        Why do the Palestinians have to live as they do, not like any other region of the world.
        All because of the Israeli occupation.

        Is Israel their real home based on the myths of the Chosen People and the rationale of Promised Land according to their folklore?
        Where is the country for the Palestinians? Where is the justice?
        You cannot have justice for one group while depriving another.
        No where else in the world do we accept the concept of an ethnic cleansed state.

        Yes, there are many lobby groups, but the highly biased leaning toward Israel is unique.

        As I suggested to others and now to you, go there and fix it, tell the Palestinians how wrong they are, make peace for all.

        • Berg

          Of course you are a hater, Mr Barnes. Otherwise, why would you care about what Jews are doing, but not what Arabs are doing. Is it because you hate all Jews oר just Israeli one, that’s for you to say.
          Not for your “answers”.

          Nope! There was never Palestine. The Arabs called it that, but it was not a country.

          You said that the Irgun was the 1st terrorist organization. Yet it wasn’t. Arabs had formed the 1st one. And they were no terrorists. The bombing of King David hotel cost lives because the British ignored all the phone warnings.

          Where did you get the idea that the problem had started in 1967? Arabs stated the problem in 1917, with Balfour declaration.

          Egyptian blockade is not the issue? I thought the issue was the “suffering of the Gazans”. Anyway, why not make it an issue here. It’s only about Israel, isn’t it? That brings me back to the hate thing. If you really cared for Gazans, then Egyptian blockade WAS an issue.

          Let’s talk justice. Arabs were offered a land in Gaza and the West Bank, in return for accepting Jewish Israel. They’ve rejected it. This was an offer from Olmert, just a couple of years back. They’ve been offered many solutions in the past, from the 1930s, and kept rejecting them.

          In 1947, the US security Council offered a two states solution. The Jews accepted. The Arabs, guess what, rejected. They started a war. Arab countries, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq had invaded Israel. They lost the war, and along the way deported some 800,000 Jews after stripping them off from their property. Arabs also fled Israel. Some forced but most just ran away.

          Now, justice: Arabs started a war, lost it, deported local Jews and are now demanding for that country back? What justice are you talking about?
          If you want compensation for Arabs refugees, which they’ve been getting for decades through UNRWA, what about compensation for Jews refugees from Arab countries?

          Or is Justice off limit for Jews?

          If you are not a hater, Mr. Barnes, please take a closer look at facts. This way you won’t fail with nonsense like the Jordan “River”.

    • Ron Kean


      If you think arabs learned about terrorism from the Jews, you’re mistaken. Islam started with one person and slaughtered it’s way to becomming a big religion. The Koran has always encouraged the threat of the sword. The Irgun cannot be compared with Arafat blowing up airplanes and his people in the Munich Olympics.

      There is no comparison between Gaza, where markets are full of food and prices are dropping in commodities because of the abundant supply, to Warsaw in World War II where every man woman and child was executed.

      Israel gets aid in the form of defense, telephone, and many other commodities that put Americans to work. There are only 3 million arabs in Gaza and the West Bank and they received ten billion dollars and euros under Clinton alone. How can there be poverty?

      Moslems say they love death. Israel has fought 5 wars of self defense. Israel uses land and sea as a buffer and uses the high ground for defense. When the arabs aren’t killing each other as in the Iraq/Iran war, Iraq/Kuwait, Sunni/Shiite, Turkey/Kurd, etc, they pile on Israel. The arabs are the violent ones. 9/11-there’s no excuse for that.

  • Peter Brand


    Great commentary about Ms Thomas. I love the fact that you mentioned some great individuals like Ruth Wisse and Ms. Chesler who stand alone against the academic liberal hoards here at Harvard and other institutions of higher learning. I just cannot understand why Mr. Buchanan despite his anti-Semitic rants (Bill Buckley called him out on this) is still invited as a regular guest on MSNBC and the Fox News Channel where you are a regular contributor. Could you please address this issue for us.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Never seen Pat Buchanan on Fox.

  • http://shoopzzfbehindthearch3zz@msn.com steve

    there are two things to this.First.Charles Kranhammer,is the only person who got this right.He said no matter what she had to say, the constitution gives everyone the right to free speech,know matter if its right or wrong.He said she was wrong.There is a Major talk around the country that if it a person says something and not agreeable to there thinking something need to be done about it.Not to be taken out & shot,,they just need education on right & wrong on the subject,,and make clear statements to show the differences on the subject. TIME..The Constitution give us this right. Sometimes a person doesn’t get the full story on a subject.Good thing he or she can change there mind.Free speech gives us many things.To stand and talk about what is wrong.or right on a subject,or person.It gives us to think about how to improve ourselves,and help humanity as well.Second. Her comment was raciest,she has talked about the mid-east problem many times in favor of everyone but Israel.Israel gives the Palestinians,, Gaza, and all they done with this peace making gift,,,is to lob shells @ Israel next door..Now where has anyone think that land given to your enemy,and it is being used for war,,,is PRO-FREEDOM?? IT ISN’T,, The blockade has been there for 3 years,and Egypt is with Israel on this blockade..Egypt dose not want them there in there country either..This is Israel HOME…The Palestinians have Gaza@ have Lebanon .They don’t need anymore given to them by Israel..PERIOD..BECAUSE THEY WILL JUST LOB MORE ARTILLERY @ THEM..ENOUGH,,IS ENOUGH…PERIOD…

    • peter

      I disagree with you that her comment was rascist. Rascist statements should be condemned and roundly so. A rascist comment that purports to demean an entire group should be and must be roundly condemned. She did not vilify jews as a whole. Her comments indicated that modern day Isrealis most of whom re similar to Ken Besig Isreal (who is an american that emigrated to Isreal in last couple of decades and like a blood thirsty vampire lords his repugnant presence over the natives) need to return back to whence they came or else try to live comfortable with the host community. I have listened many times to KRANHAMMER on Bret baier at 6pm. He has a delusional sense of american interests. He believes most American’s (who have emigrated here or has ancestry to many different countries) should give their blood to secure Isreal’s strategic interest. People with this delusional sense of American resp[onsibility represent less than 5% of the 1% that is the total percentage of the american population that seems to have some affinity to the rascist state of Isreal.

      Eygpt, Like Isreal is equally culpable in the dehumanising conduct be perpetrated against the palestinians and both countries will surely get what is coming to them.

      • http://shoopzzfbehindthearch3zz@msn.com steve

        Dear Peter, first Charles Kranhammer is one of the most intelligent persons i have heard,he is conservative and has in-tuned to wear the libs are always in the give away program, where he and i believe given opportunity to WORK for your dreams in life is better than the gov,will say i will appease u with this,and that’s all u get,in witch we would say u probably would make more on your own with WORK & DRIVE WITH IN U.Second.the Israeli people R in titled to have the land they have.It’s been the only place were they can STAND and be in the meaning of LIFE.Especially since what hitler did to them in world war 2.& the way they were treated in the 72 Olympics..They have been persecuted enough.If hamas a,, terrorist people,,& the dictionary,gives the meaning of terrorism,,the use of force or threats to intimidate ect..as a political policy.. y should a terrorist people be put first to there way of thinking,,WITCH IS DESTRUCTIVE,,to a people who just want to exists,,and even give’s land to its enemy,so they can more closer to PEACE..And it isn’t enough..Hamas is not in the thinking stage,we need to be working on our inter structure in our country,,for our people,,no they are in beaded into war,,& only war..1 reason because it’s all they know..PEACE THEY CAN’T HANDEL..NOT ONLY THAT OBAMA SUPPORTS THEM ALSO..WITCH IS ANOTHER STORY..BUT ENOUGH,,IS ENOUGH..

      • Paul Borden

        Re: 5% of the 1%….

        I believe I read somewhere that something like 43 percent of such statistics are made up on the spot. But I think it is something more like 62.5 percent.

  • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

    Bernie, First of all, this Rabbi David Nesenoff the stupid person in the stupid video, sand bagged this Helen Thomas into the conversation, then used it against her, Then Ari Fleisher and the rest of the crew, jumped all over her until she was fired. Considering her life time achievements as a well respected Journalist in her field, they were quick to destroy her by some flight by night so called Rabbi. In my opinion, this was a put up job. Before this was put in motion, did they ever consider she is 89 years old, and a hit job on a person that age could cause her physical, and mental damage.

    • Stephen Shields

      What drugs do you use?

    • Jack Davis

      Will, thanks for proving that Bernie’s Web page can receive posts from alternate worlds in other universes.

    • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

      This, of course, raises the question whether Mr. Burns concurs with the substance of Ms. Thomas’s remarks.

      • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

        Helen Thomas’ 1st amendment right was taken away from her by AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby.

        The Zionists believe this is a victory. It isn’t, it’s just the opposite. Americans don’t like it when the Bill of Rights is over-ruled in any way, especially by a fascist regime.

        The public opinion of Israel at this moment, following last week’s wanton murder of 9 humanitarians delivering aid to Gaza, is pretty much nil.

        • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

          Fine. Do you concur with the substance of Ms. Thomas’s remarks?

        • tim.ned

          Her 1st amendment right was not taken away as she was not arrested. You have the right to say almost anything. But the 1st amendment doesn’t guarantee job security. Say what you want but don’t cry when you pay the consequences for stupid comments.

        • Stephen Shields

          How was her first amendment right taken away? You have no basic concept of the constitution. You should be the Democratic nominee for President in 2012, the trend would continue.

        • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

          Yeah, that’s a good one about the First Amendment. I once got fired from a waitering job for my omission to tell the specials to a customer. The firing was clearly unconstitutional, as it violated my First Amendment right to silence (which, of course, is a form of speech).

    • AK

      Wow Burns! What planet are you on? Helen Thomas is of Lebanese decent. She has been pro-Palestinian since she could talk in her diapers. I don’t care how old she is and if she had chosen not to answer the question as an UNBIASED journalist and not give her opinion she would still have her job. She has made many anit-Israeli comments before but what she said this time took the cake. May be she should go live in Lebanon where her parents came from and write a column from there.

    • EddieD_Boston

      I think you’re even more of an idiot than you were last week.

      • EddieD_Boston

        Oh, and don’t forget the “so-called terrorists” question to Obama. One of the most foolish things uttered in the 21st century

      • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

        Eddie, Not really. Remember everyone doesn’t support what Israel does. Only our media and our political leaders. Aipac is very powerful!

  • Eleanor

    Israel would have good relations with any country, hear me, any country whose aim is not to destroy the Jewish state. Ok, that is about Israel. What Mr. Goldberg wrote was about Helen Thomas. She was an American reporter and as such her job was to report, not express bigotry. To all the pro-Palestinians who have knocked Israel here I say let me set up rocket launchers a mile from your home and then tell me how much you like that. You will like it even less when you hear that I want to wipe you off the face of the earth. The problem with what goes on with people’s opinions is that they have them without an historical perspective. Turkey lost the Ottoman Empire after WWI. Thus Turkey lost what you consider to be Palestine and what is Israel. In essence the conquered land was up for grabs. Britain got it. It did not belong to anybody but Britain and the people living there were living under Britain. After WWII the UN voted to divide the land, giving back to the Jews what was theirs from the beginning of time. Actually they did not get all the land that was theirs but they accepted that. The Arabs did not accept losing one inch to the Jews. They invaded and lost and invaded again in 1967 and lost more. If I lose a chess game the considered opinion is that I lost. If my child plays ball in the street and loses, he is considered to have lost. This is the real world. You cannot invade and kill and expect no retaliation from the people you have invaded. You cannot get the Gaza strip back and then put rockets there aimed at Tel Aviv. Israel will protect itself. Do they do everything right? No, they are human. The flotilla thing last week was totally stupid. They should have had a few of their ships surround the Gaza bound ship. The ships should then be searched and if no arms are on them then by all means allow the aid into Gaza. If Gaza would make peace with Israel and not try to wipe them out, there would be no blockade. Gaza makes its own people live as they do. When Arabs care more about their people than their principles they might find they can learn lots from the Jews and then they can partner with the Jews and everybody can be happy in a land that has never seen peace throughout its history. But no, this is the ongoing fight that will never end. However, that is a mideast problem. Helen Thomas was an American journalist. She was invited to a Jewish event. Her comments were disgusting. She should not have been a White House correspondent.

    • peter

      Eleanor, I must admit that I like your comments and its historical percpective (which is for the most part accurate). What you ommited slightly was that following the end of WW1 a lot of jews in Europe were being subject to barbaric and unjust discrimination. Some chose to settle in what is now palestine. This led to alot of friction with the domestic palestinian population. Britain was then forced to try to seperate the the two peoples. The jews of Isreal took up arms against the brits to fight for the creation of Isreal. If your argument is that you fight for what you want and the victor is entitled to its spoil then fare enough. The Palestinians therefore have a right to continue to fight for its freedom and the Isrealis have a right to continue to fight for its dominance. Would you therefore say that the Gremans had a right to do whatever it did whilst it was the dominant fighting force in the 1930’s and the amercan colonialists had the right to exterminate the american indians as the colonialists where the dominant force at the time?

    • Erika

      I love your comments, aside from the flotilla thing. They have every right to defend that blockade from being obliterated. There are other ways that have been working to get other nations’ aid to Gaza. Turkey, et al, were hoping for this very thing to happen. Makes me sick.

    • AK

      Thank you Eleanor. No one seems to want back the lands in Europe that have been fought over hundreds of times between France, Germany, Britain, Russia, Spain, Portugal….should I go on? They seem to have divided that up and settled down a few hundred years ago. So why is it that no one can accept the Jews having back a PORTION of the land they have been given? Is it possible because the Arabs refuse to live next to the Jews and there will never be peace in the middle East unless they accept that Israel is not leaving or moving or giving anything up?

    • Stan Barnes

      Your WWI history is wrong Eleanor. The Arabs joined the fight on the Allies side because they were promised by letters of agreement to be free and independent states if they won.
      Its Lawrence of Arabia not, Simon of Israel, Israel did not exist. But in secret Britain, France and Russia made an pact called the Sykes-Picot agreement in which they decided to split those territories among themselves. An occupier, like Britain, does no own the country it invades. Britain no more owned Palestine than it owned India, if so, then does Germany own Poland when it invaded in 39.

  • AK

    p.s. Israel is always held to a double standard than the rest of the world. Only the Jewish state is always determined to act inhumanly when defending itself.

    • peter

      You are right AK. All those medicines and wheel chairs on those boats would have wiped out all of Isreal if the Isrealy state had not gallantly intervened!

      • The Patriot

        I think it’s already been shown that the whole boat mission was to provoke Israel and make them look bad. Your propaganda is tiring.

        • peter

          Do you have any argument or any views based on a set of facts? No doubt people that don’t see things your way are unhinged right! your view is the only that must be heard. Anything less is anti-semitic!! Very interesting but tired. Try intimidating someone else. An aletrnative will and must come out. Deal with it.

          • Tim Ned

            Here Peter from one of your favorite new organizations. I don’t think the guy is holding a medicine box.


          • peter

            Tim, Thanks for the link. I agree it shows some house hold weapons were on board and the inhabitants of that shit used it. I am sure your not suggesting that Isreal feared that a table knife would pass into palestinian hands are you? Please note that the ship was in international waters. It had every right to be there. Isreal was a tresspasser boarding a ship in international waters similar to a strange person coming in to your house uninvited with weapons on there person. In respect to fox, I actually watch fox news quite a lot. It is similar to comedy central. It does give jon steward a run for ones money. Hannity is way to much to bear and switch that idiot off.

      • AK

        I’m sorry Peter, were you on your planet when the video of the rockets and artillery behind the medicine was on youtube.com?

  • AK

    Many Jews from Europe would have been happy to go elsewhere but even American Jews refused to take them not to mention the U.S. didn’t want them. The Palestinians are the ones that didn’t want to live alongside with the Jews, they sold their lands to them in the beginning and everyone farmed side by side. Once economic growth started taking place that’s when relations tensed (not that anyone was ever happy having Jews in the area before that). How many times are we going to go over what came first the chicken or the egg? Palestinians will always be under the assumption in Israel that they want to do harm unless they start showing otherwise by stopping their violance. Should the Israeli’s stop defending themselves when they have bombs and rockets thrown at them? At least you know when you are dealing with soldiers and tanks who is coming to attack you? Can you say the same for Hamas and Hezbollah who hide in the midst of civilians?

  • jodee1969



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    Hello! I’d like to remind everyone that BernardGoldberg.Com also features a top-quality message board where you can continue to share your thoughts and opinions on a wide range of subjects! All viewpoints are welcome, and registration is free, quick and easy! Simply go to BernardGoldberg.Com’s home page and click ‘THE FORUMS’ near the top! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

    Perhaps all Americans except American Indians should go back to where they came from as well. This, of course, would include Ms. Thomas. By her own logic, I wonder where she thinks she should go.

    • Kathie Ampela

      An excellent point, Cyberquill. My ancestry is in Scotland, Ireland & Greece. Should I live in 3 different countries at once, or should I carve myself up 3 ways?

      • Israeli

        My ancestors came to the country in 1831. Why not all the *Arabs* go back, while we are at it?

        • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

          According to latest scientific research, the human race originated in Africa. So maybe we should all go back there. Even better, all living creatures should return to the ocean whence they came.

  • Jam24u

    After years of following the Israel-Palestinian conflict, I have determined that the USA should be more like Israel when it comes to foreign policy. Israel would be happy if other nations and their rabble would quit attack them. Just think, if all the rockets and bombs and hostage taking would stop by all that hate Israel, then Israel would be just as peaceful in return.

  • rachel

    I came to the US as a Jew from Egypt in 1959, just in time for JFK’s run for the presidency and his subsequent victory. I have loved Helen Thomas ever since. I fully agree with Wil Burns and Peter’s comments above. Israel has committed the most foul criminal genocide acts against the Palestinians, not for one minute offering a legitimate compensation for what it so bluntly usurped: their land; now filled with all sorts of Poles, Germans, and what not. Helen Thomas made the one unforgivable mistake in America: she spoke out against Israel, America’s golden child, corrupt and vicious as it is. I’m Jewish, yes, but I’m not a Zionist and I truly despise everything that Zionism stands for. Zionism is equal to Nazism in its racial policies and attitudes against even its own Arabs, those who unfortunately (for them) have to live in Israel. One should go there and see how they are treated by Israelis: it’s worse than apartheid, it’s sickening. Arabs must learn Hebrew, but God forbid that an Israeli responds to a question addressed in Arabic in that language, he’ll feel insulted!
    Yes, go to Poland or Germany or whatever, and leave Palestine to its rightful owners. They have endured enough misery in the past 62 years.
    God Bless You Helen Thomas for having the guts to speak the unspeakable!

  • Richard

    I am a concientious follower of world news and get it from numerous sources. Monitoring the current opinions regarding Israel I must admit to being confused. Mind you, I am not a Jew, nor am I a Muslim and have no dog in the fight. From what I have read, Israel (a crumb sized country) is surrounded by millions of people in many states that wish to destroy it. Israel has offered the Palestinians land which is responded to by electing a Hamas government that sends missles into populated areas. Israel defends itself and is called an aggressor. Israel is attacked from Lebanon, defends itself and is called an aggressor. Israel is threatened with extinction by Iran, which is building nuclear weapons and a delivery system, yet Israel is called the aggressor and the hate-monger. It seems to me that if Israel wished the extinction of its many enemies, considering the military might she possesses, she would have behaved in a much more belicose manner up to this point. Certainly a case can be made against carving a new country out of occuppied lands in 1948, displacing the original inhabitants, but it seems to me that the true issues are smothered by a hate-filled agenda that aims to distort public opinion in order to influence it. I sincerely strive, through all of the propaganda, to be objective.

    • peter

      Richard, interesting how you objectively rationalised how a country made up of recent immigrants magnanimously offered unviable pieces of land to the original inhabitants of that land. You must obviously be getting your “objective”information from Fox news which is the Isreali propagando news cable station and a joke of the news corporation. Ignorance is definitel bliss!!

      • Tim Ned

        More interesting Peter is the ease in which you slice history to fit your political views. The question to answer today, not 50 years ago or 1000 years ago, does Israel have a right to exist. I know obviously your answer is no!

        • peter

          Actually Ted, i see Isreal in the same way I see Aperthied South Africa. The solution in my view is similar. There are people that were born in Isreal to recent immmigrants and they have every right to live there. So do the palestinians and those that were forcefully evicted. I favour a on state solution that encompasses both Isreal and Palestine and the nationals of both being fully fledged citizens of that country. That country must democratic and the interests of both majority and minority protected by the constitution. Present day Isrealis will obviously have an institutional advantage but policies be put in place that allows the palestinian side to catch up in terms of business, incorporation in the army, civil service, judiciary etc. I believe both the immigrant and original people should be forced to respect each other’s rights. Just as white south africans were forced to accept the rights of black south africans and white america was forced to accept the rights of black america.

          • Tim Ned

            I see absolutely no comparison between the apartheid of S. Africa and the current affairs in Israel and I won’t get into this. Israel has thousands of Arabs within their borders. Those that did not flee during the outbreak of violence of 47 and 48. Only a small minority were evicted by hard line Jews and most either left due to the violence or from the radical hard line Arabs. Ironically, many of these Arab’s still in Israel live in the very sector that was under constant attack by Hamas missiles. In the 90’s peace appeared possible. The borders were opening and travel was possible with limited check points. That ended, and President Clinton probably said it best when he stated Arafat in the end was a terrorist and not a diplomat. The recent violence is the result of a single foot step. It was when Sharon stepped on the Temple Mount. They had their chance and the true reason is apparent. “No Jew between me and the sea”.

      • Ken Besig Israel

        You know Pete, a few days ago I mentioned a joke I had read on the Internet about how an Islamic terrorist is the one who threatens to kill you, and an Islamic moderate is the one who explains to you why you deserve to die. Well, in this case Helen Thomas is the savage neo Nazi anti Semitic terrorist who tells the Jews to get the hell out of their homeland, while you Pete and your friend Wil Burns are the armchair bigots, the neo Nazi moderates so to speak, who explain to the Jews why they deserve to be ethnically cleansed. In a sense I suppose, you and Wil Burns let the filthy semi human trash like Helen Thomas do your dirty work for you, while you two degenerates shovel the same excrement but don’t get your hands quite as dirty. But really do you and Wil think that you are fooling anyone? Everyone sees you and Wil for the bigoted and hate ridden racists that you are no matter how you two try to prettify your Jew hating bigotry. Helen Thomas has at least one positive quality which you and Wil definitely do not share, and that is the courage to clearly state and take responsibility for her hatred and prejudices against Jews. Her prejudices, however vulgar and distasteful they are, are open and plain, but you and Wil Burns are just a pair of cowards; twisted little Jew hating beasts hiding behind a perverted narrative of Middle Eastern history and the utter falsification of the history of the Jewish People and the Jewish homeland, Israel.

        • peter

          Typical Isreali loving apologist. Your typical refrain is to allege rascism and being anti jewish. You are a typical low life. Just for your information, I have jewish relatives (though granted they are not white) and they have none of the odious characteristics of the Isrealis. I have an intense dislike for your type that thinks they can dehumanise people at will and any objections means that person is a anti jew. Well go to hell I say. You will definitely reach there in your after life.

          I contrary view must and will come out!! We have to suffer for too long being inundated with rubbish from MNSBC and Fox NEWS. I am neither Jewish or Moslem. Neither white or Arab. I need not bend nor close eyes to evil when it stares me straight in the face.

          • The Patriot

            You sound a bit unhinged. Maybe you need a time out.

        • peter

          well ken in response to your comment further below, I do know that alot of jews fought gallantly with blacks in the 1960’s. Additionally alot of blacks fought in the allied armies to get rid of the germans. Yes there are some anti jewish black americans as there are some anti black jews. Additionally there are white and black jews. I will not accept your notion that Jews are homogenious. That all jews subscribe to the antics of the Isrealis. As much as you try to tar all jews with the actions of that sick state, people that know better know that is a bunch of lies.

          You may see yourself as identical to the jewish state but I dont see jews as a whole in that light. Every race on this earth has a jewish sub population within it.

        • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

          Helen Thomas is not blockading Gaza. Nor did she kill 1400 Gazans back in late 2008 and early 2009. Helen Thomas did not invade and occupy the Holy Land killing, wounding and displacing thousands of Arabs. Helen Thomas did not kill nine people on a humanitarian mission. Helen Thomas’s father is not a terrorist.

          Helen Thomas is an American just like one of those murdered last week aboard that humanitarian ship by the Israeli terrorist attack.

      • Richard

        Peter, I was expecting, yet hoping against, a reply to my entry which was personally insulting, as that seems to be the template of opposition in these chat sites. As a retired professor, I can honestly recall no other instance of being called “ignorant” and I assure you I am not striving to “rationalize” any political agenda due to the philosophical bent of a television news station. I was rather appalled at the world’s knee-jerk reaction to the Israeli boarding of the “relief” ships, after years of having to deal with contraband border-breaking by Arafat and others of Palestinian persuasion. I think if I were to witness just one instance of effort on the part of the Palestinians or the “Arab Street” to reach a two-sided compromise, I might suspect them of actually being sincere in wishing peace and co-existence. It seems to me that the evidence is overwhelming that the opposition to Israel is total, and will accept no end-game except the complete destruction of the state of Israel. You seem to imply, in your subsequent entry, that they seek a realistic compromise. Perhaps if they stopped sending rockets and blowing up city busses, someone in Israel might take that proposition seriously.

        • peter

          Richard, As a black person that is a christian, i cannot close my eyes to the truth. As a black person whose race has been subject to untold desecration and humiliation I cannot in good conscience silently listen to to people justifying the most barbaric actions and then in the next breath shout Holocaust and anti-semitism as if it is a licence to do all manner of barbarism. For every Isreali injured in a so called sun standard bomb holed into Isreal, Isreal kills about 1,000 palestinians. Interesting how the Isreali side says no negotiations until bombs stop and when bombs stop there is still no negotiations because there is no longer a need to negotiate. The simple truth is no entity ever frees themselves with none violence. The black americans became free because of the increasing threat from the black panthas and the nation of Islam. Martin Luther king became the acceptable party to negotiate with. Same with South Africa. An arrogant barbaric group of people only negotiate when there comfortable life style built on oppresing others becomes truly unbearable. The Jews were not liberated from Hitler by a non violent protest. It was fought for and many jews fought in the allied army and correctly so. You can pontificate all you like from the comfort of your home. You are probably white and have never experienced in your life style oppresive descrimination. So again I leave you in the comfort of your blissful state.

          • The Patriot

            Nor have we ever experieced being sheeple led to the lake for a drink by our Progressive masters.

            Is it nice and cold, Peter?

          • Ken Besig Israel

            Well Peter I am not surprised that you are Black and that you hate Israel and the Jewish People. Since I am from the American South, although I have lived in Israel for decades, I am old enough to remember the Freedom Riders, the White, Jewish and Christian kids who voluntarily and at great risk to their lives travelled to the then Jim Crow American South to register Blacks to vote and to demonstrate with those same Blacks for equal rights. Some of those kids even gave their lives to help Southern Blacks achieve equal Civil Rights and many of those kids were Jewish. Other Jews gave their time, money, and legal advise which won court cases for Blacks and convinced many Congressmen and Senators to support the Civil Rights laws. But many Jews, myself included, knew deep in our hearts that after Blacks achieved equality they would forget that it was the Jews who made the sacrifices that got them that equality, and would even come to deeply resent us and like the Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Barack Obama, and far too many other Blacks like Peter, ultimately come to actually hate us instead of expressing the heartfelt gratitude that American Blacks really owe the Jewish People. Well Peter, you and Wil Burns can lie, pervert, twist, and even falsify Jewish and Israeli history for all the good it will do you. But just remember Peter, most American Blacks perhaps even you yourself, would still be living in shanties in the Delta, worrying about the Klan, riding in the back of the bus, and getting a bad education in segregated schools if the Jews hadn’t come down to Birmingham, Jackson, Selma, Macon, Savannah, and all the rest and saved your miserable skins.

          • Stephen Shields

            Ah, the race card. I forgot, it only works when you’re black, the only race to ever have been oppressed. Your narcissism is predictable.

          • Richard

            Peter, as in your first reply your attitude continues intolerantly. I re-read my entries and see no evidence of “pontificating”, rather someone who repeatedly says “it seems to me”, indicating one who is looking for some answers. For you to conclude that I am in a “blissful state” constitutes an assumption of complacency that you are in no position to make. You speak of being sensitive to those oppressed by barbaric actions, seemingly oblivious to the fate of the Jewish people who have suffered barbarity far in excess of anything in your history. I find it interesting how you condemn Israel for violent behavior and then, with myopic gusto, justify it in the name of causes you seem to support. The people you are calling barbaric have been the victims of barbarity and oppression for centuries, to the point of extinction. Now they defend themselves to the renewed threat of annihilation and you condemn them for it. (Would barbaric murderers assault a flotilla with paint ball guns?) If they are so intolerant and evil why didn’t they just blow the whole lot out of the water rather than confront the “peaceful oppressed” who were swinging lead pipes at them? Apparently, in your opinioin, they have no regard for the lives of their perceived adversaries anyway, so what would be the loss? I continue to search (no, not only on Fox-another unfounded assumption on your part) for an objective over-view of this complicated and alarming example of escalating human intolerance.

          • peter

            Dear Richard, if you had read all my entries on this page I have made it abundantly clear that the jews had suffered oppression and barbarity from hitler’s germany and indeed in europe before then. Also, if you had read my comments in totality you would discern that I am firmly of the view that any group that has been the victim of barbarity and discrimination (of which jews and blacks come to mind) should ever visit that kind of behaviour on others. It is plainly unacceptable. Thankfully, black South Africa has for the most part avoided doing to its fellow citizens of the caucasion race what it endured. I think Isreal should especially avoid doing to others which it has indeed endured for years.

          • peter

            Richard, I can concede that I may have been somewhat harsh to you espicially as you seem to be still formulating your views. I will urge you to read and check out the points listed above by both stan and berg and to verify both by your own independent research. Also check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_David_Hotel_bombing. This shows you that the Isrealis in 1946 used the very tactics and killed many people to achieve an objective they considered just. The leader of that “terrorist” group was later to become the prime minister of Isreal. This is a far more complex issue than our domestic media gives credit to. The problem is the domestic media is controlled by Isreali fanatical followers of jewish heritage. Their coverage of the dispute is extremely partisan. I would advise you to seek european, african, asian and latin american sources. Avoid Arab and american and Isreali sources as you will get nothing but propaganda. My apologies for my somewhat harsh responses. You definitely did not deserve that.

          • peter

            Richard, Please view the attached link that brings in to stark focus the hypocrisy of the Isreali state. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/1524552/Israel-celebrates-Irgun-hotel-bombers.html

          • http://shoopzzfbehindthearch3zz@msn.com steve

            the Palistinens have moved in to Lebanon and Gaza,witch was given to them by Israel,& the only thing humanitarianly has Hezbollah,Palestinians done is lob shells into Israel..Israel owes Hezbollah palistinens is nothing..Israel gave them land & all it is that they want more..Palestinians need to grow up & start to building city’s and start living like the rest of us do..The Palestine make no movement to be forgiving,& human like.Israel has suffered enough on this planet,it’s time for the Palestine to look for peace,& experience it….,and not act like the big bully on the block..This has nothing to do with race,as it is against a people right to worship as they want..the only problem to this is hamas & the Hezbollah don’t know how to experience PEACE & QUITE..NO MORE WAR FROM THE PALESTINIANS & HEZBOLLAH,ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..ISRAEL OWES NO MORE..

    • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

      What Thomas clearly did say she was talking about was Jews that had come from Germany, Poland and America.
      Now it’s likely that most of the Jewish refugees that came to Palestine from Europe just after the War, did so not
      because they “belong to the land of Israel”, but due to fact that the American, Canadian and British governments
      wouldn’t drop their anti-Jewish quotas even after the horrors of the genocide were fully exposed (let’s talk about
      some real anti-Semites).

      I don’t know of any opinion polls taken at the time, but if those refugees had a real choice to go to some
      impoverished potentially war-filled land in the Middle East or join the Jewish community in New York,
      I know what I would have chosen.

  • peter

    It is particularly interesting how Isreal now has good relations with both Poland and Germany (the countries that committed unspeakable atrocities against the jewish people) whilst it tries to kill off every living palestinian. It goes to show that humans are a very low set of mammals. Where each oppressed group in different circumstances feels no remorse in oppressing another weaker group. Iran would be most stupid to give up its nuclear weapons. Palestine should (like the blacks of south africa) make every living national of the Isreali states existence truly unbearable until the Isreali state does the right thing. Note that there is a distinction between jews and nationals of the Isreali state just as there is a distinction between catholics world wide and the vatican. They are not one and the same.

    • http://shoopzzfbehindthearch3zz@msn.com steve

      Peter, i bet your a democrats. the demo’s love to divide & concur.People who do this are negative, they are all ways bringing up first, they.. vs them… Y so they take it & they will only have to argue,& talk,,talk..talk..& nothing gets done because it involves,,putting there name on something and it will put there feet to the fire.And it locks them in.. Promising every thing under the stars,& moon,,and tax & spend..Well it looks like there program is what they ever wanted for us,, and very promising,, as very state in the union is broke..WOW!! WHAT LEADERSHIP..See Christians believe everybody is from the same place..Witch makes everyone equal.& working for there dreams,,& getting satisfaction of there labors,,& what they can accomplish on there own,, & they become great people & great citizens Instead of being promised the moon & stars,,witch can’t happen,,because we are BROKE…The Arabs are like pack wolfs,anything,& everything,anything they can find ,,over time,.in an ,incident,, there thirst for blood becomes what they are..in human to forget,,and forgive.. U see this is how it going to end… CHRIST is going to halt all the ammo being thrown @ Israel & being pushed to the Med-sea..And that will be the start of the Millennium..NOTHING IS GOING TO RUSH,, OR FORCE HIS HAND ON THIS EITHER…Not only is he the KINDEST Man in the universe but is the man that can & will send those who are not in line with his foundation of the state of man,,will be asking for his mercy..This is the time for us all to become more CHRIST LIKE..Not unkind,,mean or uncaring,,or un forgiving,,selfish..Both sides have more in co min,,than that,, the importance of who governs the sands of Gaza,,Israel,,and Lebanon.Is unimportant. IT’S LIKE JAKEOB MARLEY SAID..MY BUSINESS IS THE BUSINESS OF MAN KIND..SO IS THIS STUPID WAR..ISRAEL HAS THERE LAND & HEZBOLLAH & THE PALESTINIANS HAVE THEIRS..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

      • peter

        Steve, You rantings show that you are a rascist! Which i presume is the underlying emotion of most unapologetic supporters of the state of Isreal! At least we are getting you to reveal what you really are!!

        • http://shoopzzfbehindthearch3zz@msn.com steve

          Well the truth be known Peter i im white,& i have other race friends,and i like Condalisa Rice,& think she is 1 of the most wonderful down to earth people in our country,& if she ran for Pres. I vote for her in a heart beat..I BELIEVE IN PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THERE BEST TO MAKE MAN KIND BETTER!!.i have nothing against the Palistinens,,but they are into war,,as much as they need air to breath every day. That is what bothers me the most.It isn’t finding solution’s to problems,as it is were can i get more bullets for my gun to kill Jews. They do not talk about inter structure to make there city’s better, for there people,there mind set is war,and nothing else.And they don’t know how to handle peace.& the truth be known,CHRIST dose not care about Jerusalem,to the point were war is the answer,,because he created the earth & has his imprint were he has been all over the earth,with caring about everyone on it.So maybe we should consider the hole earth as sacred,,& do more what he wants on sacred ground,,being more CHRIST LIKE & lay down the guns,& care,& be there for one another.. Im not racist,,i con ceder myself as a person who if i have to give the shirt off my back to help someone @ any time of day.This war needs to move towards PEACE,,PERIOD..Y WOULD anyone want that piece of land in Israel & Gaza,,its SAND?? u must not of read my last 4 sentence’s of my reply..this isn’t about land grab,,IT’S SAND…& IT’S ABOUT BLOOD & DEATH..THIS IS ANTI-HUMAN..UN REACHING IN HUMAN CARE, AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHO IS MORE POWERFUL..THIS IS MEAN SPIRITED, u heard of looking for love in all the wrong place’s,,this is looking FOR HATE TO BE EXECUTED. IN ALL THERE DESIRES…IF im raciest,,,TELL ME….DO PALESTINIANS HAVE ANYTHING DIFFERENT IN THERE TYPE OF BLOOD,,,THEN WHAT THE Israeli’s HAVE?? BET U THERE THE SAME….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..THEY BOTH GOT WHAT THEY WANT..LAND,, OR IN THIS CASE…SAND..

  • peter

    Actually her comments are correct. You have an oppresive Isreali state made up of immigrants from Poland, Germany, Ethiopia, Yemen, Iran, Russia, the USA and goodness knows wheree else. They have now constituted themselves into a harsh rascist group of opppressors. Instead of trying to leave with the inhabitants they are going out of their way to make life unbearable for the inhabitants of that land. Bernie Goldbergs appearance on O’reily yesterday showed that he could not address the actual issue but resorted to the oft used anti semite refrain to justify the barbaric tendencies of the jewish state.

    • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

      Peter, Helen Thomas broke the rule. No one in America can ever fault Israel about anything it does. Not ever! When you own the media, you control information!

      • Ken Besig Israel

        So Wil in addition to being an Israel and Jew hater, you can now read Helen Thomases’s mind! You are truly an amazing individual. It’s like I said, the Islamic terrorist is the one who threatens to kill you while the Islamic moderate is the one who explains to you why you deserve to die. Helen Thomas is the savage Jew hater, the Islamic terrorist if you will, the neo Nazi in your face demanding the expulsion of the Jews, whereas you Wil, you are the moderate face of Jew hating bigotry, making up a false narrative on which you base your prejudices and hatred against Jews, and just like the Islamic moderate, you explain to the Jews why they deserve to be expelled. You know Wil, Helen Thomas for all her faults is 90 years old and perhaps not to sound mentally, and yet this 90 year old hag has the courage to clearly express her views, unlike you, who fabricates history and falsifies reality all to hide the fact that you are just a cowardly, loathesome, little Jew hater.

        • peter

          Ken, You seem to be conflating the Isrealis with the jews. Whilst some jews are Isrealis not all jews are. Secondly, the jewish people have a proud history for fighting against injustice and doing good causes. You do the jewish people (many of whom are white, black, arab etc) a great disservice by trying to mesh the Isrealis with the jews as is they are one and the same. Alot of jews are against the barbaric actions of the state of Isreal. I note that you are american living in Isreal and are in full support of the subjugation of the native population.Most bizarre!! It is like having a house guest who then invites all his/her relatives into ones home and then starts to tell you that certain rooms in your house is off limits and one can only eat in the toilet.

        • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

          “They Dare to Speak Out” is a book that was written by former US Republican Congressman Paul Findley. It describes in details what happens to those people who dare to open their mouths to criticize Israel’s policies and the power of the Israel Political Action Committee (IPAC) in the US. It should put in perspective the Helen Thomas affair. After visit to Yemen to rescue an American from a Yemeni prison, he visited Israel for the first time and saw the injustices committed on the Palestinians and wanted to do something about it and what happened thereafter was his complete destruction from public life.

          The destruction of those who criticize Israel is nothing new in the United States. It has happened to many prominent people, especially in the US because of the Jewish influence in this nation!

          • http://shoopzzfbehindthearch3zz@msn.com steve

            u know Wil,Peter, have u ever seen video of what the Germans did to the Jews??I have,& it is the most beyond ANTI-HUMAN THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.. i can not see where the hate of your side is on & dose not have a plan like the democrats, to move forward in the state of humanity..U never hear or bring up our people want to prosper like some of the country’s in the middle east..teaching your children to fight,make war for a living is ANTI-HUMAN..& BARBARIC..Period…this philosophy of hatred,,barbaric,un thoughtful to a people & what they been given,not willing to take the ground or SAND & make lemonade out of the lemons that have been thrown down for century’s is, repulsive..Will u give me a straight answer to a peaceful ending????? i will wait..your turn…

  • bushman

    If we are talking about Helen Thomas why did Bernie put up a picture of Walter Matthau.
    sorry couldn’t resist.

    • Stephen Shields

      You know, you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead. Poor Walter.

  • Ted

    Helen Thomas with all those wrinkles. It’s a good thing wrinkles don’t hrt.

  • Capn Eddie Ricketyback

    Some may attribute her remarks to her advancing age, but I have observed her appearances in WH press conferences and elsewhere on TV for at least the past 30 years, and she has always exhibited much the same behavior. I have always wondered how such an obviously hateful woman could have garnered such a position of respect from her peers and both sides of the political spectrum. It’s an ugly stain on the journalism community and the body politic that she has. I suspect that she will still be accorded a lot of this same deference during her remaining years, and her “reward” will come later.

  • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

    Thomas told a rabbi at a White House event last week that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go back to Germany and Poland or the United States. Her comments were caught on videotape and widely distributed.

    Thomas covered every president since the end of Dwight Eisenhower’s years. She has irritated me and probably every president ever since; even though they would patronize her as… “the resident teddy bear of the Press Corp.”

    She served for 57 years as a correspondent. Commendable yes, but I’m glad to see her go.

    In a written statement issued Friday, Thomas apologized, saying, “I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians.”

    She said the comments “do not reflect” her “heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance.”

    “May that day come soon,” she added.

    If you saw the video you would know this apology is total b——-!

    I am certainly not supporting what she said but for once it would be refreshing for politicians and celebrities to say… I said it and I stand by what I said.

    • Sasha

      Celebrities – Ignore.
      Poliiticians – I remeber a joke that fits: How can you tell if a Politician is lying? Their lips are moving. I add, especially during an election year.
      The Media fits a lot of what Bernie Goldberg has written in his books.

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  • Nancy

    The cute little birthday photo with the president will hopefully be used as a campaign wake up call for those Jewish voters who didn’t know that hope and change meant “hope you go home and change the middle east”. Oh but I guess the president didn’t know that Helen Thomas was an anti-semite, just as he didn’t know Rev Wright was a hate mongering racist.

  • Mike

    Braking news from Bernie, Jews can’t be objective journalist. “I don’t think any Jew should cover Israel because they will bend over backwards not to take Israel’s side” – Bernard Goldberg, now that’s anti-Semitism

  • Kristina L

    I was shocked at what she said. Anyone who knows their Bible or who knows history knows that Israel *is* where the Jewish people came from. I don’t understand why people get so angry at Israel. If we in the USA were subjected to the attacks they have to deal with regularly, we’d be a lot more agressive in dealing with it.

    Maybe it’s what someone else said about people hating the winners.

  • AK

    Not to preach or be childish about what is who’s but let’s not forget that the Jewish people were driven out of Judea (the land they lived in before it was called Palestine) but to be fair they did live there first. That said when they came back to that land after being almost wiped out (with help to Hitler from many Arabs I might add) they found the land unlivable and made a miracle, an oasis in a desert. And when the Jews brought the land back to life and made a modern country out of a third world country of course the Palestinians wanted it back. Why do so many people hate the Jews? As a friend of mine put it “everybody hates a winner”. Before Hitler there were many others and we always survived and we continue not only to survive but thrive and that is why people hate the Jews. With that said, Miss Thomas good bye and good riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noel

    She had to leave before someone dropped a house on her.

    • CCNV

      Well said!

  • israel ouri

    Helen Thomas told me to go home i am HOME last time i check it is time for Helen Thomas to go home to Lebanon

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

    OBL must be pretty bummed out now that he lost a permanent ally in the front-row of the White House press room.

  • MikeS_MA

    Bernie, you’re also spot on about Buchanan. All those years ago when he ran for prez he made a stop in Lexington, MA (or thereabouts) and some anti-Buchanan demonstrators showed up. Buchanan laughed and quipped, “How are things at Brandeis?” (I saw that on local news, so there’s film….)
    I’ve never forgotten that. He was two towns away from Cambridge, so if anything he should have made reference to Harvard! But he singled out Brandeis. Your suspicions regarding his anti-Semitism are well founded.

  • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

    Helen Thomas broke the rule. No one in America can ever fault Israel about anything it does. Not ever! When you own the media, you control information!

    • EddieD_Boston

      The idiot speaks

      • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

        Helen Thomas is not telling Israeli’s to go home, and therein lies the straw man. She is talking about folks coming from all over the world to occupy Palestinian lands and building new settlements as we speak; On lands that do not belong to them. This is a straw man, a red herring and a gross misrepresentation of what Helen said. Notice “MSM” conveniently leaves out “go home to America”. These are settlers she is talking about settling on other peoples land. Helen Is absolutely right on this.

        • Breg

          You got it all wrong, Will.
          Th land is not Arab, let alone it’s not Palestinian.
          Arabs came to the land after the Brits took Israel over from Turkey in WWI. They tore off the land into two, : east Israel became Jordan. West Israel was meant to be Jewish. The middle line is the Jordan River.
          They came from all surrounding states because there was work in Israel. They could make a living. Jews, in the mean time, bought lands, Poor lands. Were Arab farmers could grow nothing, the land was sold. Jews, however, made it work. The whole coastal plain, that includes Tel Aviv, was mainly sands and swamps.
          There’s not enough space for a whole lecture here, but you should get the point by now.
          In 1947, Arabs rejected a two-state deal from the UN. They chanted “Falasting Baladna Wa Al Yahoud Calabna” (Arabic for coastal Palestine is our land and the Jews are our dogs). They thought victory was on their side.

          They were wrong then, they are wrong today, and so are you.
          There were always Jews in Israel.

        • Sasha

          You are reading her mind concerning what she is talking about and saying. In her statements she did not say, new settlers, go home. She said get the Jewish should get the “H” out of Palestine, go home. Than she referenced their home was Germany, Poland, even America. The Jewish people should go back to those countries. Anywhere but Israel. I was born in America but my nationality is German. Based on her and your logic I should go Home to Germany. I have been to both but returned to America.

          • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

            Helen Thomas said Israelis should get out of “Palestine,” not “Israel.”
            (And since then, Palestinian PM Abbas has repeated the Palestinians’ recognition of Israel’s right to exist.)

            So what part of Palestine is occupied? Wherever there are “settlements.” And, guess what?
            Most “settlers” are immigrants, not native-born Israelis. These are the people who can, indeed,
            go “home” to the countries they came from, as Helen suggested.

  • EddieD_Boston

    The left is convinced she “misspoke”. No she didn’t. She stated what the looney left truly believes: it’s all Israel’s fault.

    Hey Bernie, as an Irish Catholic boy I’m 100% behind Israel. In Catholic School we were taught that there are absolute truths. We were also taught that there are rights and wrongs. Idiots like Helen Thomas and Pat Buchanan don’t get it. Or don’t want to. Being surrounded by animals (yes, animals) who want to kill you requires desperate measures. How can Israel be blamed for how they protect themselves?

    • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

      EddieD_Boston says: Hey Bernie, as an Irish Catholic boy I’m 100% behind Israel.>>

      Hey, Eddie, Shouldn’t you be worried what happen to Ireland and the Catholics, why Israel? Better how about America?

      • EddieD_Boston

        Hey Wil, you simpleton, the topic is Israel.

        • Bruce A.

          EddieD. FYI, use of the word idiot and or simpleton infer that there is some brain function. Perhaps you should use the term “meat head”. This clearly means that the brain is dead.

        • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

          Again Eddie, Shouldn’t you be worried what happen to Ireland and the Catholics, why Israel? Better how about America?

        • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

          Hey Eddie, you simpleton, the topic is Helen Thomas. Try to keep up.

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    • Bruce A.

      Who will she blame for her retirement?

      • http://anotherwritewingconspirator.wordpress.com Jim Seeber

        Bush. Or Republicans. Or the hidden hard-core conservatives within the media (as IF). Maybe Fox News—or even Bernie. Or that “vast right-wing conspiracy” out there.

        Whatever. I wouldn’t consider it “blame” if identified as a cause; I’d consider it more “credit” or even “congratulations.”

        In thinking about it, though, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a renewed call for cracking-down on those alleged right-wing crazies on talk radio and conservative bloggers.

        Scared, Bernie? :::snort:::

      • Sasha

        She will probably blame the people of Israel and the Jewish people here. Back in 83 I visited Israel and saw how small the country was. Saw where the West Bank and Gola Heights were. I find it amazing how this Country is attacked and attacked and some how it is their fault every time in accordance with the UN, our Media and now our Politicians. I don’t blame them for fighting back. The Palestinians left the land hoping the Jewish people would be driven out back in 1948. When the Israelis won their Allies abandoned them and they have been refugees ever since. They were not welcomed into the Arab Countries after they backed the wrong group. The enemies of Isarel keep loosing and keep attacking. I hope Israel continues to win.

      • Breg

        Jews! Who else?

  • Paul Borden

    This whole incident can serve as an example of why the “progressives” and liberal Democrats want new rules to govern alternative media. As far as I have been able to determine, the clip of her remarks appeared on Breitbart.com and were there for all to see. Without that, she may have been able to stay in her position and keep spewing forth her anti-Semitic views (though more subtly) with impunity. It’s the same with the video clips of the IDF’s boarding of the so-called aid ships. Had we not seen the actual violence being committed, there always would have been a question of what really happened.

    For the record, I’m not a knee-jerk defender of Israel and believe that country has never come clean about what led to the attack on the USS Liberty back in 1967. But the current administration’s policy and actions toward that country are wrong, wrong, wrong.

    • http://anotherwritewingconspirator.wordpress.com Jim Seeber

      Seconded — in toto.

  • Sasha

    I wonder that she is retained as a Cometator for CNSTV. I have heard some of her questions during Press Conferances and believe it is time she retired. I quite listening to her long ago because of her Agenda. Her views are so obvious and predicable.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Remember the “so-called terrorists” sound-bite? She should have retired then.

  • http://anotherwritewingconspirator.wordpress.com Jim Seeber

    I disagree that the (overly) esteemed Ms. Thomas “apologized” for her comment, nor even intended to; her careful choice of the phrase “I deeply regret” doesn’t quite add-up to “I apologize” or “I’m sorry” in this case. If she’s genuinely sorry at all, it’s over her foolishness in torpedoing her own reputation in one fell swoop—which I’m sure she DOES regret.

    In truth, Thomas has shown indications of bias in the past; such hints have been essentially overlooked or brushed aside owing to her unjustified status as some sort of liberal icon. She is in reality an anachronism, a shell of whatever journalist she may have once been. That she’s even afforded the courtesy of being included in the White House press pool — and even deferred to by the current administration — is inexplicable beyond the theatrical and political step of reprieving her from the far reaches of the press briefing room where she’d been appropriately relegated by the previous administration.

    Time for her to go.

  • Bruce A.

    Bernie you are dead on with this one. Many in the media ignore facts when it comes to Israel & presume the country guilty until proven guilty.

    • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

      Bruce, You are a funny guy!

  • Sheryl

    As usual, Mr. Goldberg, you are spot on regarding Ms. Thomas and her bigotry. Unfortunately, the leftists (masquerading as Democrats) have a serious double standard when it comes to “hate” speech. Ms. Thomas panders to the very worst in our society. She should have retired long ago. Now, she should do the right thing and resign. She won’t however, as these types of people rarely do the right thing because they lack any moral compass whatsoever. Time to go Ms. Thomas. We won’t miss you.

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  • Kathie Ampela

    Right on, Bernie. I was fuming about this Helen Thomas incident all weekend. I think Helen Thomas has to be fired to set an example, if nothing else. She sits in the front row at WH press conferences for all the world to see. What message does it send that a raging anti-Semite is given such special treatment at the White House? I don’t care if she’s a “journalist” or a “columnist”, in this case, it’s irrelevant. This is hate speech, plain and simple. Where is the outrage from the Left? If a conservative WH correspondent had made hateful remarks say, about Islam or blacks, what do you think the reaction would be from the Left?
    There is worldwide anti-Semitism and a good part of it is caused by the lefty media, let’s tell it like it is. People like Helen Thomas who spout venom and present a one-sided view of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It many ways it parallels the U.S.’s war on terror. Present a warped view to the world and control public opinion. Not to be melodramatic, but how far off is that from what the Nazis did?

  • The Patriot

    Why is an opinion columnist even in the White House press corps to begin with?

    • EddieD_Boston

      Because she’s a liberal.

  • http://jimjanradio.com Jim Kay

    Helen Thomas has been exhibiting signs of dementia lately and this last event is a supreme example, in my opinion. It is time for her to step aside and watch the world go by from a safe distance. Safe for us, that is.

    • Joann Zarnke

      Agree heartily with the mild dementia. For ten years, she has evidenced impersistent speech, perseveration, failed to generate questions, harped and barked at the presidents.

      Voicing her opinion was not the real problem. It is difficult to fire someone for dementia. She’s been regarded her as a historic old pet, given a comfy chair, and politely tolerated,.

      Nancy Pelosi is also showing these signs.

      • http://consortiumnews.com/2010/033110.html Wil Burns

        You mean she asked real questions!