Horror, Lost Among the Chaos

Unless you're a true news junkie, you probably missed the outrageous story of the illegal alien who tried to sexually molest an infant. The crime took place in Florida last Saturday, but got scant media coverage. That's partly because there was so much other news – terrorists beheading children in Iraq, a Missouri town engulfed in the flames of race hatred, and a beloved celebrity taking his own life. Also, the media generally has great sympathy for illegal immigrants and isn't keen on covering stories that put illegals in a bad light.

But this immorality tale deserves attention. It serves as a sickening reminder of the immigration chaos that is devastating parts of America, especially the poorer precincts. 46-year-old Pompillo Alvarado Flores, a Honduran who is reportedly in this country illegally, was actually in the process of taking the diaper off of a sleeping infant, apparently intent on molesting the child. Fortunately, the baby's parents caught this demented fiend in the act and the dad chased him down the street with a machete.

Pompillo Alvarado Flores is lucky that the cops got to him before the irate father; he is in jail and faces a possible life sentence. We don't yet know the details of Flores' background, but logic dictates that the guy has done this sort of thing before. Perverts don't usually begin molesting infants at age 46. So why was he here in America, yet another bad guy preying on children?

Meanwhile, four illegals in California were just charged with kidnapping a woman and tying her up for two days without food and water. One of the kidnappers has been deported to Mexico at least three times, but keeps finding her way back to the states, where the livin' and thievin' is easy.

If you're a Factor regular, you may have seen last week's interview with Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son Brandon was killed by yet another illegal alien, 42-year-old Raul Corona. Corona had been arrested for burglary and assaulting a police officer in Colorado, but a judge there sentenced him to probation. Probation! The guy wasn't even deported. Three months ago, the drunken Corona drove the wrong way on an Arizona highway and smashed head-on into Brandon Mendoza's car, killing the young man.

Mrs. Mendoza has written an angry letter to President Obama, asking why Corona was not sent back to his home country of Mexico long ago. "I am furious," she wrote, "that the Federal Government allowed this criminal to stay in this country and KILL my son!" Mary Ann Mendoza probably won't get a response because there is simply nothing to say. So she has begun a crusade for laws that would make it easier to deport illegal alien criminals, the thugs who are inexplicably allowed to remain here in the land of the free, the home of the ever-less-brave.

These are not cherry-picked, isolated incidents. The Center for Immigration Studies has obtained documents that reveal some disturbing facts. Last year federal officials released thousands of illegals who had committed crimes. Most were minor beefs, but nearly 200 had been convicted of murder, more than 400 of sexual assault. The rogues gallery also included lots of drunk drivers, car thieves, and assorted other felons.

These dangerous criminals could have been detained, but the feds turned them loose and expected them to come back for deportation hearings. One Texas Congressman described the situation this way: "This would be considered the worst prison break in American history, except it was sanctioned by the president and perpetrated by our own immigration officials."

When an illegal alien commits a crime, any crime, he should be on the next plane out of here. Unless it's a felony, in which case the perp needs to be thrown in prison. You don't give them probation and let them walk, that is absolutely insane! But it happens way, way too often.

Yes, we all know that the vast majority of undocumented workers are good, hard-working people who are trying to help their families. But there has to be absolutely zero tolerance for criminal illegal aliens. They must go. Go home, or go to jail. Those are the only two options.

  • Russ Perrine

    Before anybody asks….border crossing points would serve as LEGAL entry points for individuals who desire to come here and be approved through normal immigration channels.

  • Russ Perrine

    Land masses that are connected to each other provide easy access to illegal immigration. As we live in the 21st century it would seem logical to build a tall metal fence along our southern border and stop this situation once and for all. The metal fence may then be charged with electricity—just enough to shock but not kill anyone or anything. It would keep unwanted human traffic away. Border guards at airports and seaports would protect our borders for island nations. We certainly have the funds to build such a barrier from California to Texas. Let’s get started now. Might even lower the unemployment rate…

  • philipflutz

    This maggot will go to prison, where the life expectancy of child molesters in the general population is shorter than the melting time of Jello.

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    Poorer areas because they have to go where the people speak the language. Those areas far to often wind up as enclaves of like people, and while that is protective for ethnicity and races, it has become protective of illegals and criminals. But.. one seems to be hand and foot with the other.

  • potemkin_village_usa

    The Rush From Our Southern Border:
    Bill O’Reilly nails it!!
    __Obama administration waives all requirements for vaccinations; medical check-ups for contagious diseases like Tuberculosis, Dengue fever, Ebola. Waives the requirement for Identification and Criminal Background Checks in order to weed out the undesirables like those in Texas who murdered 3 thousand, raped 8 thousand, filling up the Texas prisons, according to Governor Rick Perry!!

  • Josh

    News should read: “Parents caught this demented fiend in the act, and the dad ran his machete across the pervert’s neck until well dead.”

    People ramble on about these issues, including me. I love ranting away on them as much as anyone. But the more situations like these happen, the clearer it becomes that the progressive, don’t-call-them-“illegals”, open-the-border, they’re-all-victims contingent is not going to change its mind until these problems start bleeding over into their neck of the woods, which is very unlikely. The folks who preach the loudest for social justice aren’t very “social” at all in terms of where they lay their heads at night. Gated, middle to upper-class communities where the biggest criminal beef is a broken car window — these folks can afford to preach fairness and justice because, like with all their important issues, it’s the rest of America left dealing with the implementation, not them and their haughty, supposedly enlightened selves.

    I remember saying years ago, and hearing a lot of others say back then and since, that a great way to make everyone happy is to start an adopt-an-alien program. If you’re a progressive-minded individual who feels any and everyone should be able to come here and enjoy American life by just flooding into the nation, let’s put your name in a bowl, with a random immigrant’s name in a bowl (could be a single, could be a family), and let’s draw!

    People who think every immigrant simply wants to flee as a victim and wants to lead a better life can adopt an individual to help. People who don’t want their living area cluttered with any random immigrants can see those numbers greatly reduced.

    Is that not a win-win?

    Many forget that a great deal of people protesting against open borders are those in areas most heavily overrun by floods of immigrants. It’s not just a political thing.

    But if the people calling for much bigger tax increases, who also claim they don’t mind paying more, can’t even pony up extra bucks to the IRS on their own because what they really want is the government to force it on everyone, then they’d never go for this. But Alien Draft 20?? is something I’m still looking forward to.

    You don’t think it’s a problem at all, Joe and Jane Progressive? You think everyone’s a law-abiding victim just looking for a better life and that America should help? Okay. You live here; you’re an American. Help. Petition for the Draft and adopt an alien today. For the price of a cup of coffee….

  • loupgarous

    Mr. O’Reilly, you’re right. I lived in Denver, Colorado from 2002-2013. In that time, I personally saw what unrestricted illegal immigration does to a community.

    It subjects those citizens who are there legally (including legal immigrants, with whom I have nothing but admiration, for obeying our laws to be here) to the illegals’ lack of respect for our laws, for the human rights of those already here, for our traffic and auto insurance laws (most illegals don’t have drivers’ licenses despite Colorado emulating California in making it very easy for them to get licenses to drive, nor do most of them purchase auto liability insurance.

    Denver’s city-county government, despite its protestations to the contrary, runs a “sanctuary city” hosting at least 300,000 illegal immigrants (from a total metropolitan population of 2.7 million people).

    Denver’s police officers will tell you privately that they are forbidden by city council and mayoral fiat from asking anyone detained on suspicion of a crime whether they’re in the country legally – unless they’re part of the Hispanic community, in which case they may tolerate gangs of 30 and 40 youths creating disturbances on the property of anyone who doesn’t give handouts of money to teenagers NOT to do yard work, and blame the citizen who calls in the complaint for “not getting along.”

    Illegal immigrants blast through city intersections at eighty miles an hour, drag racing, or merely joy riding. One such illegally present speeder from El Salvador smacked a small pickup into a traffic control box with his SUV going 80, killing the two women in the pickup as well as a toddler who was thrown through the window of a nearby Baskin-Robbins ice cream store by the impact of the collision.

    Car theft by gangs of illegal immigrants is a cottage industry in metro Denver, one of several (including smuggling of newly-legal cannabis from Colorado to other places in the Union). Gangs of illegal immigrant youth walk inside gun shops hoping to intimidate or overwhelm the proprietors; I’ve witnessed how only adroit, concerted action by the staffs of these shops prevented trouble at one pawn shop which deals in guns.

    While Denver can’t deal with all the homeless on its streets, its Department of Human Services is trying to make an “underutilized” 50-bed building at Federal Street available to unaccompanied illegally immigrating minors for lucrative Federal grant money. Apparently Denver’s homeless population – always a problem, with individuals camping overnight in private yards and the doorways of shops on its 16th Street Mall – come second when easy money from Obama’s $3.7 billion dollar “crisis” fund is available.

    No other nation in North America has the permissive attitude the United States has to illegal immgrants. In fairness to Obama, George W. Bush also had this counter-intuitive permissive attitude, although neither excuses the other.

    It’s time for an honest discussion over whether an America that can only feed its soldiers two meals a day and which is undergoing a reduction in military force to levels unprecedented since 1940 can afford to adopt Central America’s excess population. Congress also needs – right NOW – to determine what part the Obama administration played in encouraging this influx of “unaccompanied minors” – many of whom actually came with one or both parents, and many of whom aren’t minors.

    This “crisis” has all the earmarks of yet another lawless scheme by the Obama administration. Just what are we to do with a man in the White House who won’t respond to the voices of the people raised through their representatives in the House? Neither major political party in Congress seems inclined to hold the Obama administration culpable for its actions or even to audit these actions in a meaningful manner. (Part of the problem is that the lawlessness is proliferating so quickly that there’s not enough meeting space in the Capitol to host hearings on it all.)

    If our representatives in Congress won’t uphold the law or hold the Administration responsible for obeying it, just what good are they?

    • Kathie Ampela

      Excellent column and wonderful post, thank you. I don’t know how old you are, but you may or may not remember the Mariel boat lift of 1980. The current situation at the border reminds me of that. A giant overreach by the feds will blow up in their faces on election day. A new political paradigm will come from this, in my opinion.

      • Joel Wischkaemper

        A giant overreach by a Congress that is little more than amateur psychologist, sociologists, and demographic experts. It is scary if you think about it.

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      Denver has become very much less than it use to be. Also, the regions north and south of Denver. Part of that has to be the hands off position of the City Council. I believe narcotics are the reason, but I also believe the user needs their pushers, and the consequences are exactly what we see.