How High Does the IRS Scandal Go?

ScandalsNot long ago on his radio show Mike Huckabee said Benghazi would bring down President Obama.

“When a president lies to the American people and is part of a cover-up, he cannot continue to govern,” Huckabee said. “As the facts come out, I think we’re going to see something startling. And before it’s over, I don’t think this president will finish his term….”

A few days later I went on the Factor and told Bill O’Reilly that, “This is wishful thinking masquerading as political analysis.”

Conservative pundits do this a lot.  And frankly it’s getting tiresome. Remember all those “take it to the bank” predictions by conservatives on Fox on how President Obama couldn’t win re-election?  Wishful thinking.  Not serious analysis.

In the United States of Clueless, the Benghazi cover-up isn’t going to bring Mr. Obama down.  We’re a deeply polarized nation, so while Republicans think Benghazi matters, Democrats continue to play the story down and remain loyal to the president. The so-called mainstream media remain loyal also, and a good portion of the population is so uninformed that it thinks Benghazi is the new hot club on South Beach.

What about the AP scandal where the Department of Justice secretly got hold of journalists phone logs to try to find out who was leaking sensitive national security information to the Associated Press?  Journalists care about this one because it’s about them.  The public couldn’t care less.

Which brings us to the IRS scandal, where agents targeted conservative groups for special tax-exempt scrutiny.  It wasn’t just groups that had the name “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in their name.  The IRS went after groups that said they wanted “to make America a better place.”  They asked certain groups what books they read.  They told the Coalition for Life of Iowa: “Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers.”

Yes, it all sounds outrageous, even un-American.  And this story may have legs, especially for those Americans who hate the IRS, which put another way, is all Americans except those working at the IRS.  But here’s the good news about the supposed scandal:  We’ve been assured by the newly ousted acting IRS chief that conservatives were not targeted and in any case politics had nothing to do with any of it.

No one with an IQ of room temperature could possibly believe this nonsense.  The IRS, with its immense power, goes after conservative groups demanding information on how its members think, and we’re supposed to believe they weren’t targeted?  And that politics had nothing to do with it?

Steve Miller, the ousted IRS chief who told a congressional hearing these things, should be indicted – for gross arrogance, if not for out and out perjury.

But now the question is, who gave those “few low level” IRS agents in Cincinnati the green light to go after conservatives?  How high up did the approval go?  Was anyone in the White House in on it?

Let’s make an assumption that a lot of conservatives won’t make:  that Barack Obama – who has called the IRS actions “inexcusable” didn’t order anyone to target conservative groups. We have a great big bureaucracy in this country made up of millions upon millions of workers and the president can’t possibly know what every one of them is doing.

But we do know that officials at the Treasury Department knew what was going on last year and kept it under wraps until very recently, long after the presidential election.

And we also know that the head of a Tea Party in Ohio says when his group applied to the IRS for tax-exempt status, it was asked to print out every posting it ever made on its Facebook page and to turn over the names of every person who spoke at its meetings, along with topics, transcripts and handout materials.

Remember, this was in Ohio, an important swing state — before the election.

No serious person who understands how things work really believes that the president picked up the phone and told the IRS chief to go after his enemies.  But is it such a leap to assume that IRS agents and their bosses figured they were doing what the president would have liked them to do – but couldn’t ask?  Is it so hard to connect the dots and figure that they heard all the shots fired by the president and his Democratic allies at the Tea Party and concluded that they couldn’t possibly get into trouble for targeting those groups?  After all, didn’t the president say that some of these conservative groups were involved in shady political business?  Yes, he did.

President Obama says he heard about all this when the rest of us did, when it hit the news.  He’s always the innocent bystander caught up in some mess that is not of his making – or so he would have us believe.  But as Peggy Noonan points out in the Wall Street Journal, “A president sets a mood, a tone. He establishes an atmosphere.  If he is arrogant, arrogance spreads.  If he is too partisan, too disrespecting of political adversaries, that spreads too.  Presidents always undo themselves and then blame it on the third guy in the last row in the sleepy agency across town.”

And he might get away with it.

I was watching the Factor the other night and one of O’Reilly’s producers asked people on the street in Manhattan about Benghazi.  Many didn’t know what it was.  He then asked a young man to name the vice president of the United States.  He couldn’t do it.  The young man, it should be noted, is a college student – and not a student at any old college.  He’s a student at Cal-Berkeley, one of the top schools in the country.

This is what Barack Obama has going for him:  detached Americans who don’t know much about what’s going on in the country.

The IRS scandal understandably has riled up Tea Party Americans – and the last time they got riled up the Democrats got creamed in the 2010 midterm elections.  It could happen again next year. And if Republicans pick up the Senate, the Obama presidency is over.  He couldn’t get a jaywalking bill through Congress.

But don’t be like those pundits who confuse wishful thinking with political analysis.  In the United States of Clueless, Mr. Obama is a superstar.  In fact, a new CNN poll shows that 53 percent of Americans approve of the job he’s doing.  The poll, by the way, was taken after the IRS story made news.

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  • GailWehling

    To the very top. Bet it was planned right down to how to make sure Obama won. I have seen people on TV saying out right that they voted many times. Cheating is the hallmark of the Dem. Party!

  • Mirquella Santos

    I don’t believe Benghazi because if Republicans did not care about 5,000 dead US soldiers they will never care about 4 liberals. About IRS, some conservative and liberal groups who are thieves and keep cheating taxpayer. The AP is the only one that is a true scandal.

  • souvoter

    You hit the nail on the head, Bernie. The problem is a political uneducated public caused by corrupt lame stream media. If they all only knew what incompetent no-nothings are running our country!! We need to keep it pithy and keep reporting on their inflictions of selective amnesia and Benghazi flu. Maybe people will start checking out the epidemic!

  • Drew Page

    “Plausible deniability” , those are the words in which all Obama appointees have been schooled. The first and foremost duty of all Obama appointees is to provide the President “plausible deniability” for anything that goes awry in the country. It is highly unlikely that anyone will be able to produce written directives form Obama telling subordinates to “stand down the attempt to rescue those under attack in Benghazi.” No written directives from Obama to the IRS will be found telling them to target conservative groups and critics of his administration for audits or to deny such groups tax exempt status. The same is true about the seizure of phone records of AP, fox News and its Washington correspondent, James Rosen. Then again, Henry the 8th didn’t need to put anything in writing when he asked the “rhetorical” question of his nobles, “Will no one rid me of this troublesome cleric?” Shortly thereafter Thomas Becket was murdered by those nobles. This gave Henry “plausible deniability” were he asked if he ordered that murder.

    Obama, Holder and Hillary remind me of the three monkeys with their hands over the eyes, ears and mouth. We didn’t say anything, see anything or hear anything. The President, his Secretary and his Attorney General are all clueless. ” We did all we could to save those in Benghazi”, “Nobody told me about IRS abuses, I found out about it in the papers, just like you”, “I never got the e-mail” and “I must recuse myself.” This kind of crap should resented by Democrats and Republicans alike. Our federal government is too big and intrusive and is now being used to punish those who criticize it. This is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they drafted the constitution. They believed in a limited federal government and a system of checks and balances. to prevent exactly this type of government abuse of power.

    • plsilverman

      “clueless”!!! thank you (pause)……………….
      no, I do not condone actions of the present by the same actions of the past. I do look for context and perspective, when appropriate. yes, it is annoying to me that the Gipper got a pass on the Beirut 241 and Obama does NOT get a pass on something there’s no proof for, today! ok, just a little ventilation, thank you.
      once again, I ask if there is any proof that OBAMA has directed actions AGAINST the AP, to help “cover up” Benghazi, or anything else? I ask for reasonableness. All I get is the sweaty, wishlist of extremists. the same old ,miserable fishing expedition which launched on 01-20-09.
      by your standards Reagan should have been kicked out about 2 weeks after Iran-Contra was revealed and about 5 seconds after Beirut. so realistically, your Impeachment wish for Obama can’t happen, the way things stand today.
      Founding Fathers! great! all Slave holders and women controllers. what I mean, is that Constitution is FLEXIBLE. when the States demanded the FREEDOM to keep slaves, then that Freedom had to be addressed by that odious Federal government.
      abuse of power? Obama? ok….I never took poiltical science…I’m easy..eager to learn….self-critical, unlike (apparently) 92.5% of folks who write for this – yes- “Hate Site”, as it stands right now – totally OBSESSED with a young African -American named Barack Obama. Totally and completely obsessed. Did he match his socks last Thursday? That is where you cats are headed.

  • plsilverman

    just a little perspective.

  • Peep

    When there are inventories with a large number of dated/overage work, it is reported through to headquarters and everyone and their mother is briefed. Some executive was asking about that old inventory of held-up applications, you can be sure. What I want to know is how come Chief Counsel hasn’t testified and if the low level workers are being blamed, why has no one been fired? They all get ethics training.

  • Tom Burch

    Obama’s 53% approval rating AFTER the IRS scandal broke the news is proof positive and how deep our national troubles are. And, sadly, it says to old school Americans like me that there is little hope for for my kids to live in an America that will be anything like the one I grew up in as a child – one that reflected the same characteristics in the 1950s as those that existed in 1776.

    • plsilverman

      and one that accepted institutionalized segregation. by the way, what exactly does the IRS scandal have to do with any decisions by Barack Obama?

      • Wheels55

        Are you as clueless as your posts make you out to be?
        Obama decided to create a culture in his White House world where people who disagree with him are the “enemy”. It seems if Obama knew nothing about all these scandals, he certainly created the culture that attacking the other side is OK. Let’s see just how many get fired (Steve Miller does not count as he was retiring anyway).

        • plsilverman

          where’s *your* “clue” based upon what, that “Obama decided”? now be fair and balanced in your reply.

        • plsilverman

          read WORSE THAN WATERGATE for perspective.

      • gbandy

        With Lerner pleading the 5th obviously she did not want to answer the questions of who instructed her to target the Tea Party groups. Now is it not a coincidence Lerner was chosen to head up the implementation of Obamacare??? Try and be an American first and a Liberal Obama defender second your posts will have more meaning.

  • Smothered Conscience

    As these multiple scandals unfold I’m starting to see Obama’s political raft breaking apart. If this escalates those that surround him will begin to distance themselves to salvage their political careers. I also predict Jay Carney will not be Press Secretary much longer as his credibility is shot. I’m deeply concerned about F&F, Benghazi, IRS, and the AP/Fox intrusion.. as well as other potential scandals we aren’t aware about………..yet. . . .

    • plsilverman

      what proof do you have that any decisions by Barack Obama resulted in scandal? and just 4 perspective, R U willing to review the list of scandal left by Reagan and Bush II?

      • Drew Page

        “Plausible deniability”, that’s what Obama majored in at the Chicago School of Politics. All his political appointees have been trained to provide this, above all else, to the President and that is all he needs.
        “Benghazi happened a long time ago” but you want to go back in time and do what Phil? Do you want to call a grand jury to indict Bush for his going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Go for it. Are you still upset with Reagan because he defeated communism? That must have really rankled you.

        • plsilverman

          Reagan defeated Communism!!! RNC point #32. Yes, he was instrumental I that. Gorbachev set those wheels in motion and RR helped out with a gentle push to the wall. It happened on Bush I’s watch.
          I like historical perspective…I don’t dig you cats calling Obama a toad every 4 seconds for stuff that the Gipper and others routinely did.
          “Plausible deniability”. cute. Remember when the Gipper was crowned the “Teflon man”? Why was that? because the Left hated him. No they did not. They LOVED his big hair and big smile.
          You are one presumptuous little poster. I was a registered Republican until recently.

          • Drew page

            If you were a Republican all I can say is I’m glad you no longer make that claim. You may think that plausible deniability is a “cute” term, but I assure you it wasn’t meant to be cute. Is was meant to be an indictment. At every complaint about the Obama administration there you are, labeling the complainants as racists. When not playing the race card, all you can do rant about past Republican misdeeds. Are you trying to say that past Republican misdeeds entitle the current administration to their fair share of misdeeds? This is lunacy. There are none so blind as those who will not see. It’s not meant to be “cute”; it’s meant to be an indictment.

          • plsilverman

            If I still were a GOPer, I would never associate myself with the new John Birch-brained extremists, you apparently are gaga over..

          • DesertLady

            Good post, Drew.

  • Foxster

    Perhaps Harry Truman said it best “THE BUCK STOPS HERE”. simply put, The President has to know what’s going on, with no excuses. if he says he doesn’t know what being done, then he’s either lying, or he has no control of his minions. which is worse? they’re equally as bad. if he’s lost control, he doesn’t belong in office, while the same can be said about not telling the truth. there is a huge problem with removing him from office. The country will then be saddled with Joe Biden as President. a clear case of going from the frying pan into the fire.

    • plsilverman

      after Reagan was not “removed from office” after Iran-Contra and the “Beirut 241” and W. was not kicked out because of Slam-Dunk 2003, what would they have against Obama. name one and provide some kind of evidence.

    • Drew Page

      He may not belong in office, but he’s there and he’s there to stay. If anyone thinks that Obama would resign over these scandals or even be embarrassed over them they don’t know this man. You say that either the president is lying, or has lost control over his minions. I vote for the first option. This man lies so often he has lost all credibility. Unfortunately, not enough voters seem to care.

  • TheTweetest

    Ofcourse O wasn’t intimately involved but ignorance by exclusion is guilt by omission

    • plsilverman

      I love Stan Laurel, too.

  • Lord Quincy Dowdell


    Republicans are on a witch hunt again hoping to find that Obama was was somewhere orchestrating these make believe scandals. I call the IRS employees listing the tea party type groups for review heroes! They were doing their job and no one can point to any law that they broke.  For anti government groups to seek non taxable status from the same government that they want to dismantle is a very sinister and criminal and fraudulent act being perpetrated against the tax paying public!!

    So why are the Republicans going hog wild trying to cover up the real criminal behavior of these tea party type groups is because it would expose all of their rich donors that helped get them reelected and reveal the fact that many of the Republicans running for reelection were funded  by the tea party groups which non taxable status from the IRS prohibits these types of groups  from endorsing someone running for elected office. This is very serious!!! By that I mean this…if these tea party groups submitted fraudulent documents to the IRS in order to gain a non taxable status – and then used funding from the wealthy and rich corporations to elect a Republican congressperson, then it can be inferred that that Congressperson was elected to Congress by way of illegally obtained funds which may disqualify them from elected office and may also implicate a conspiracy on the part of Republican members of Congress to defraud the US Treasury!  This need to be investigated!  To make sure we capture the real crooks!

    Sent from my iPad

    • Bob Gondwe

      you are stupid

    • Dan Austin

      1. It’s not just the Tea Parties they were going after.

      2. The questions the IRS was asking go far beyond legitimate questions.

      3. Please list the ‘criminal activities’ of various Tea Parties. Perhaps you should file a complaint to the police and press charges?

      4. The IRS clearly committed a crime by turning over the private records to the leftist group Pro Publica.

      5. Leftist organizations sponsoring candidates have had tax exempt status for years. It all has to do with the amount of tme and or money spent on behalf of candidates.

      6. The White House knew this was going on long before they admitted it.

      7. The IRS chief clearly lied in front of Congress, denying that this was going on.

      8. Lies and denial are a consistent pattern by this administration. Benghazi is a great example. None of the 12 versions of the talking points blamed the video for the violence, which nevertheless became the centerpiece of their public talking points for weeks, including a whole series of bold-faced lies by Obama in front of the UN, two weeks after Obama knew full well that the video had nothing to do with the Benghazi violence.

      You are like a little child being caught with your hand in the cookie jar, who justifies his actions by saying that his brother took even more cookies, even though he didn’t.

      • plsilverman

        Tea Party? well, as far as illegal, hard to say. as far as dumbness, alot: i.e. Obama is the anti-Christ; we should press for voter suppression in swing states; get rid of soc. sec., medicare, allow posters of Obama in “jungle gear” at gatherings; run maniacs like West, Angle, and O’Donnell for office, etc.>>>how do you KNOW the White House “knew this was going on”? how do you KNOW that the IRS chief “lied”.>>>just 4 perspective, are you willing to discuss lies and denial from Reagan and Cheney-Bush?

        • Drew Page

          So far, yours is the only post I’ve seen here that labeled Obama the “anti-Christ”. You like to demand proof and evidence from anyone who posts here criticizing Obama or his administration of wrong doing. OK, where’s your proof that a Tea Party member, not some anti-tea party plant, made such a charge? Provide the video tape and identify the person, by name and address, who made the comment you allege. Show the posters on video tape at Tea Party rallies that have Obama appearing in “jungle gear” and prove that it wasn’t a SEIU plant. If the Tea Party supported candidates that the people didn’t like, those people didn’t get elected.
          You ask, “How do you know that the White House knew this was going on?” If by “White House” you mean those in the Obama administration who work there, memos and e-mails written and/or received by those people are now in the hands of Congressional investigators showing that they knew what was going on and the dates of these memos and e-mails show when they knew it.
          When a jury convicts a person of murder, how do they really know that the accused person did it? Eye witnesses? They could be lying, or made a mistake in identifying the accused. A confession by the accused? It could have been coerced by the police? Finding the accused in possession of the murder weapon? It could have been planted there by police. Should then, in your opinion, all convicted murders be released from prison?

          • plsilverman

            So you believe Barack Obama should be held to higher standard than the Gipper or W.?

          • plsilverman

            I am good friends with a prominent figure in a North Carolina Tea Party group. She is a semi-retired Teacher and is quite bright….she says that GENERALLY, the TP [she is aware of] think of Obama as the FORERUNNER of the “anti-Christ”. The big word is “generally”.

    • Tom Burch

      You call Tea Party members criminals and then say an investigation is warranted. Don’t you even know that our justice systems assumes innocence until guilt is proven? You want to indict BEFORE any investigation is conducted. That makes you sound like a champion of the Che Gueverra form of justice? Why does that not come as a surprise?

      • plsilverman

        Oh really? ya mean the Tea Party and other Koch Bros. entities NEVER ASSUME that Obama or his adm. is guilty? hahahehe

        • Drew Page

          You like to vilify the Tea Party and the Koch brothers. For what, contributing to Republicans. I never hear you guys vilifying Bill Mahr, Harvey Winestein or Steven Spielberg for the millions they pump into Obama’s campaign. It’s only a problem when rich people contribute to Republicans, right?.

          • plsilverman

            here we go again: never criticize a GOP if a Democrat behaved badly in the past. excellent diversion. I like the Tea party platform, the 15 points, a really refreshing thing. BUT…alas…they emerge as the new John Birch Society, a front group for the Kochs (whose Daddy was a founding JB member). you must love candidates like Angle, West, O’Donnell. and Bachman, that great noble historian. And the TP promotion of voter suppression and generally considering Barack Obama as some street thug or
            “jungle” warrior (the posters ALLOWED at TP events). Ok..Soros and Hollywood & Unions pay for Left campaigns and the Kochs, Rove, defense industry, pay for the Right. fair and balanced.

    • Drew Page

      What is the “real criminal activity of the tea party type groups”? Name the exact “tea party type” group you are referring to and then show the proof of their criminal activity. Either provide the proof of your charges or STFU.

  • puddintanes

    Time for a beer

  • Sue

    Mr. Goldberg….this is why I get your newsletter…you always make sense….most people in the U.S. do not know what is going on in their own country or other places.

  • plsilverman

    I guess if there are Lefist “birthers” then being a righty birther is just fine. Personally, I could care less if Romney Dad’s was born in Mexico or Obama’s Dad was born in Kenya…I admire McCain very much. a great American. with class. Do you think Obama was born in Kenya?

    • Wheels55

      No. I believe he was born in Hawaii. I also believe he is a knucklehead.

      • plsilverman

        If he’s a knuckhead then so are a lot of the Repubz he has copied.

        • Wheels55

          If you could be less of a cheerleader and more honestly engaged, you just might make sense.

          • plsilverman

            I don’t dig being called dishonest. by the way, who do you cheerlead for? I cheerlead for no-one. how about discussing 2-3 of my points? they ALL make no sense? :).

          • Wheels55

            You are a cheerleader because you answered above as follows: “If he’s a knuckhead then so are a lot of the Repubz he has copied.” Sounds like you pull for the left.
            Personally, I am a Libertarian and don’t care for a lot of things that Republicans do. However, Obama is a knucklehead by taking credit for anything good and being Sgt. Shultz when something bad happens.
            Perhaps you are not dishonest, you are just a democrat.

          • plsilverman

            aw, cute! I’m just an ol’ Dem. Yeah, it’s terrible to be associated with Civil Rights legislation, getting women the vote, telling healthcare insurers to quit denying precondition cases, being against the manufactured wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Along the way, I’ve admired a lot of GOP: Eisenhower, Nixon, Bush I, Quayle, Murskowski. I like Dr. Michael Savage and Steve Marlsberg. Is that acceptable? :)

  • itasara

    The reason I can’t remember the vp name is: I have never been good at remembering names I don’t use on a daily basis, and I’m a so called senior citizen with a neurological condition that effects memory, but I do know who he is and I don’t know that I feel he is significant enough to remember his name. Would I want him to be President now? Who knows but I would take him over what we have.

  • potvin

    Why are there so many uneducated rubes in the USA?

    • plsilverman

      I dunno…they follow Alex Jones and Fox.

    • DesertLady

      Because the leftists took over our education system!! Why do you think so much of the country has no clue what’s going on and 53% say they approve of what Obama’s doing while having no idea WHAT he is doing?

  • granifulano Roth

    Same song as always…Bottom line, the government is not by the people, of the people nor for the people. Those IRS actions deja vu, happened in the 70’s, the 80’s and 90’s and caused a huge reform of the IRS so it wouldn’t happen again. Are our leaders so ignorant and incompetent that they can’t reform an agency and have the reforms reform it? Or do they like the gestapo tactics that can put people out of business, make them lose their assets, and literally in some cases destroy them? I’m not spending much time figuring out the motives. I for one don’t believe it was an accident.

  • Drew Page

    Bernie — You make a number of valid points. Obama supporters will make excuses for the President’s inaction on Benghazi, even if they are aware of what happened. Seizure of AP phone records? Most don’t know what the AP is or what it does. If the student at Berkeley couldn’t name the Vice President, how much do you suppose he knows about the First Amendment? If asked, I’m relatively sure that student would have said ” The first amendment to what?” With regard to everyone hating the IRS, I’m not so sure. I think everyone fears the IRS, but 47% of wage earners pay no federal income taxes and many get income tax credits, refunds of taxes they didn’t pay. Does anyone think these people are going to berate the IRS? Does anyone think they care about the IRS putting conservative groups seeking tax exempt status under excessive scrutiny?

    The President is way too smart to order targeting of conservative groups seeking tax exempt status in writing. The same goes for seizing AP phone records. As far as Benghazi goes, There will be no written order from the President ordering the military rescue forces to stand down. This will be explained away as delegation from the White House to let the State Department handle this. The State Department in turn will point to the CIA, who will say they notified the State Department, who will say they never got the memo. This is what the President meant when he said, “We did all we could.”. Four dead Americans that could have and should have been saved? “What difference, at this point, does it make?”. As callous and arrogant as that statement was, I’m afraid it only infuriated a minority of people.
    There are things that would turn Obama supporters against him including 1. Cuts and/or elimination of social welfare programs; enforcement of immigration laws; replacement of the current progressive tax code with a flat tax, or with a national sales tax. what do think the chances are that the President will support any of these things?

  • FloridaJim

    “When a president lies to the American people and is part of a cover-up, he cannot continue to govern,” if this were true Obama would be finished. He has a tough time putting three paragraphs together that is all true. He parses words, he embellishes, he mis-reads, he get’s his facts wrong, he didn’t say that, some underling said that, he lies outright and he looks into the camera and says ‘I will not rest until the Benghazi terrorists is behind bars[as the man roams free.
    If he were Bush he would be excoriated but Obama has lied all his life and continues to get away with despite my prayers.

    • plsilverman

      give us examples of how “Obama has lied all his life” and do not reference your foxnews memo cards.>>>by the way, did you ever sit thru a Reagan Press Conference. a book was written around 1990 with word for word transcripts……….enuff said

      • FloridaJim

        Please read the following for some information that may open your mind: “The Amateur”;Theodore And Woodrow, How
        Two Presidents Destroyed the Constitution”; “The Manchurian President”; “After America”;

        • plsilverman

          Ok, look 4 the Reagan press conference transcripts; THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD; THE NEW HATE; THE 24-7 OBAMA HATE MACHINE; THE FOX EFFECT; RAW DEAL; TAKE THE RICH OFF WELFARE; DEADLY SPIN by Potter; ANGLER by Gellman (about that wonderful, ethical man, Cheney). I’m aware that THE AMATEUR is yet another hate piece. A great new industry…I just wish the writer could have studied the Reagan adm. around the time of the “Beirut 241”.

  • barry soetoro

    Moslems are SUPPOSED to lie. It’s called “taqqiya” in the koran. Obamatollah is just doing his moslem duty.

    • plsilverman

      explain how you know that Barack Obama is not a Christian at this time.

  • barry soetoro

    That tricky moslem oughtta be strung up by his horns. We should take away his camel and magic carpet.

    • plsilverman

      “tricky moslem”? sounds racially charged. why does this site allow this??

    • plsilverman

      sounds mildly racist to me. I’ll send your comment over to Twitter.

  • plsilverman

    gee, I wonder if any republicans were queried and if they too did not know the name of the VP. that would be unfair, too. not everyone is calm and cool when a nationwide mike is shoved in their face.
    Bernie says these are typical Libs and typical of Obama’s base. as always, Bern’…fair and balanced. ?

    • Drew Page

      Phil — Regardless of any party affiliation, wouldn’t you expect a college student at Berkeley to know the name of the Vice President? This kid was asked in a street interview a couple of simple questions. This wasn’t a Congressional inquiry under the spot light. Maybe Fox interviewers should supply attorneys to those they interview. The attorney’s could advise those consenting to the interview to take their Fifth Amendment privilege, then explain to them what the Fifth Amendment is, thereby keeping them from looking like the simpletons they are. Would that meet your standards of ‘fair’ play?.

      • plsilverman

        what does that mean? there are no clips of GOP supporters on the cutting room floor? a study was done recently, a scholarly study, which showed that Foxnews viewers were by far the least informed. ever watch those “study groups” that Mr. Lynch runs for Fox? every single attendee speaks in Fox-speak. fair and balanced.

    • Tom Burch

      If you want some fair and balanced… go spend some time viewing MSNBC, CNN or any of the major network news show. And after 3-4 months of 24/7 viewing, when you find more than one instance of fair-and-balanced, come back and report to us. And remember to pack yourself a big lunch PLSilverman

      • plsilverman

        I can find fair and balanced all over MSNBC, a very improved station: they have guest GOP like Michael Steele and Pat Buchanan and treat them like ROYALTY. O’Reilly has Joe Klein, Barney Frank, etc., and he screams in their face. I challenge YOU to watch Maddow for one month and maybe leave the sound muted and just read her copy and find any “lie”. I don’t agree with their opinion alot of the time hut the facts are well-researched and the copy is excellent. I was in radio for about 12 years and every nite she could issue a 60 page book based upon her copy and comments, no editing. Could you do that with Mr. Hannity or Mr. O’Reilly. I like O’Reilly but he now is a flea market for his own merchandise. I won’t need to pack a big lunch, pal. sorry to disappoint you.

  • Brian_Bayless

    As wrong as the IRS are and how furious people should be, is anyone really surprisded that they targeted a group who is named after a tax revolt?

    • granifulano Roth

      Not the point at all.

      • plsilverman

        ok, what *is* the point? give us a line or two.

  • Robert Blum

    Perhaps the day will come in which Barry Soetoro will realize that Barack Obama really could have been President of the United States.

    • plsilverman

      are you a birther? :)

      • DonaldYoungsRevenge

        Leftist birther, the birthers who went after John McCain or the patriotic birthers who are going to expose the biggest scandal and fraud that has ever been committed against the United States. Which birthers are you talking about? The patriotic birthers will be declared heroes not long from now.

      • granifulano Roth

        Gee, a birther…a label given to people who wonder where this guy Obama came from. Ever wonder what the truth is?

        • plsilverman

          no, a person like Orly Taitz who roams the countryside taking up the time of 30 judges and who all tell her to use the door. sure, there’s interest. Barack Obama is the son of a wandering hippie mom. maybe there *was* a name change. This is now 2013. He was born in Hawaii. I even know a witness to that. and, no, he never used a Stolen soc. sec. card – he got a number erroneously given to a Connecticut resident who already had one and for some reason was issued a second one. howz that?

  • telstar1950

    His system of buffers is very similar to that of traditional organized crimes syndicates. Even Holder is protected.

    • plsilverman

      really? name one crime by Barack Obama.

  • mikefromamerica2012

    “We WILL REWARD our FRIENDS and PUNISH our ENEMIES!” Barack HUSSEIN Obama 2012

    • granifulano Roth

      Sounds democratic doesn’t it? That comes from the mouth of a world leader? Sounds like one of those multitudes of ignorant Bush quotes

    • plsilverman

      oooh, looka there! HUSSEIN! Ya see!!! His middle name is like, is like, a Middle Eastern name! Like an enemy!! ooooooooh!!!

  • mikefromamerica2012

    The ARKANSAS State TREASURER, a DEMOCRAT, has just been ARRESTED and
    JAILED! The CHARGES? EXTORTION! She’s just the LATEST in a CONGA line of
    liberal DEMOCRATS who, IN JUST THE PAST TWO YEARS, who are either IN
    JAIL, on their WAY TO JAIL, or about to be tried and THEN GO TO JAIL,
    Liberals must be SO PROUD! The affected states SO FAR? INDIANA,
    now ARKANSAS! THIS IS THE STATE of the MODERN Democrat Party! And I
    BELIEVE the falling DOMINOES WILL reach into the WHITE HOUSE! It’s JUST a

    • Brian_Bayless

      Your caps lock is on.

    • plsilverman

      really? wanna go down the list of previous adms’. criminally associated names? Reagan, with his scandal-ridden cabinet? his own work on the “Beirut 241” and violating the Boland amendment? Howz about W. and his team of slam dunkers? ever hear of Rove, Tenet, Cheney? should they too be in yellow suits?

      • Drew Page

        If Benghazi was a long time ago, the stuff you bring up is ancient history.

        • granifulano Roth

          Drew honey, Benghazi was only a couple of months ago and shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. The consulates and embassies however, are on high alert everywhere. Recently I went to one in Mexico and was treated like a terrorist and wasn’t let anywhere near the staff I needed to speak to. So how did these people get in to cause havok and kill consulate personnel? One wonders.

          • Wheels55

            They got in with large numbers and big guns. We used to think the Alamo was secure too. History has a way of repeating itself and Obama and Hillary have a way of not caring.

        • plsilverman

          not be lighthearted abouit it, but we should look at Benghazi, etc., because then we can look at Reagan’s “Beirut 241” and W.’s Slam Dunker Team 2003.

      • granifulano Roth

        Every evil power drunk corrupt politician should be wearing a yellow suit

        • plsilverman

          ok..but show me one Barack Obama crime.

    • granifulano Roth

      Missing the point Mike. Like a ping pong match the real power wants us joining a side (rep or dem) and swing our heads back and forth waiting for the next volley, when the real evil deeds are being done right in front of our distracted faces

    • plsilverman

      what does any of the above have to do with any decision by Barack Obama?

  • MarioG

    This is the US public school system coming home to roost, voting for an affirmative action president who is just as clueless as they are.

  • P.McGraw

    It’s too bad people are so ignorant about the news. This is why the president has 53 percent approval. Sad to say, I agree with the premise that Obama won’t get impeached. But a nice consolation would be a GOP takeover of the Senate next year. That way, Obama can’t do anymore damage than he’s already done.

  • Jesse Salazar Sr.

    Note to the President: “If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time;you can even fool some of the people all of the time;but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

    Abraham Lincoln September 8, 1854

    • Drew Page

      You don’t have to be able to fool all of the people all of the time to win an election, just 51% of those who bother to vote on election day. You don’t even have to fool them anymore, just promise them free stuff.

      • plsilverman

        that’s cute! an O’Reilly mantra! great! promise ’em stuff. yeah, like a real chance to put their construction skills to work on infrastructure despite the GOP War on blue collar involving returning of stimulus $$$$ and general declination of raod and bridge contracts. promise ’em! yeah, those lazy “47%”ers, all they do is TAKE. AND FIGHT THE GOP-MANUFACTURED WARS. and walk to the unemployment office after companies like Bain Capital send their viable jobs overseas, so as to send their $$$$ plunder overseas, as well.

  • Trochilus

    Bernie, I hope you’re wrong, and that people of good will, of all political stripes are catching on to the problem. However, there is one thing that makes me worry about our ability as Americans to come to a common political understanding about the extreme threat to our liberty that is posed when the IRS intentionally targets persons and groups, solely based on their politics, especially in light of the divisiveness that has characterized our politics for so many years now. That political divisiveness has sadly been exacerbated by the actions of this President and his Administration, largely as a result of a process of projection.

    I’m reminded of an old gag about a city boy whose car broke down on a lovely but little used country lane, deep in a remote rural area, many, many miles from a main artery, or even a population center. It was sundown, and his iPhone cell simply could not pick up a decent signal. So he pulled over, turned on his flashers, and tied an emergency “flag” from a kit he had bought to his street-side door handle. But after waiting patiently for a while, no one else drove by. He realized he was going to have to go on foot for help. It would be dark soon and there could be real predators out there!

    Remembering having just passed a bucolic farmstead up the road, with a lovely house and barn up the lane, he decided to walk the distance and ask to use their land line phone to call for help. But as he began walking the half mile distance, he started to think about the possibility that he might be greeted with deep suspicion, or even downright hostility. He was “city folk” after all. His Gucci knock-offs could likely be a dead give away. Maybe the guy’s daughter had been scammed into posing for a pornographer, and the farmer would take it out on him.

    “Wait a minute . . . what am I thinking?” he suddenly thought as he walked around the bend in the road. “Country people are generally nice. They like to help strangers!” But, after a few steps, he then remembered, “Yeah. And they all have guns, too! He might shoot me first, thinking I’m some intruder.”

    The silhouette of the farmhouse had came into view, and he could now see the trees lining the quarter mile long driveway leading up to it, nestled amongst a copse of large shady maple trees. He started to laugh to himself. “Look at this place! It is the epitome of peacefulness!” He walked on, approaching the long drive, when he noticed a “No Trespassing” sign tacked to an Osage orange tree along the stone fence bordering the farm field. “Uh, oh!” he thought. “The guy is definitely a nut case. Probably fights with his neighbors all the time.” So, as he slowly walked up the tree-lined lane, his thoughts alternately veered back and forth between a growing sense of concern about who he was about to encounter, and teh intermittent feeling that the owner would likely be very glad to help him out.

    Back and forth . . .

    However, just as he stepped on the porch, and tentatively began knocking on the front door, he noticed the “God Bless America” sign tacked to the door. Adrenalin surged, and his sense of foreboding instantly peaked, as it dawned on him that this guy was no doubt one of those “Christianist” Republican Tea Party racist haters that he’d read all about on his favorite progressive blog. And at that very moment, the door opened, and the farmer peered out at the wild-eyed stranger awkwardly standing there on his porch, “Uhhh … can I help you?” the farmer asked.

    “Screw you! You Rethuglican pig!” screeched the city boy. “I never wanted to use your damned land line anyway!”

  • DonaldYoungsRevenge

    If you want a perfect example of BIAS just make the mere attempt to mention the on going 2 year criminal investigation of Barack H. Obama and Bernie’s moderator will shut you down. Shame on Mr. BIAS he is no different than those he criticizes weekly on the Factor.

  • Stimpy

    How I remember who the vice president is:
    Obama bin Biden.

    • plsilverman

      would you be interested in looking thru the footage left on the cutting room floor? any Repubz in there? :)

  • Homer

    You’ll just don’t get it. It’s not what they knew or didn’t know. It’s the clueless American who don’t give a damn.

  • Joe Ferra

    Maybe I am delusional but having a president declare to partisan audiences that they should “punish our enemies and reward our friends” as well as “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” It sort of sends a message to the underlings doesn’t it?

  • joepotato

    If Treasury knew, the WH knew, and if the WH knew, Valerie Jarrett knew… and she is Sideshow O’Soetoro’s decider/adviser so it’s a safe bet that Sideshow knew for quite a while… So it goes… O’Soetoro figured there was enough insulation between him and the actual actions of the IRS bureaucracy… I guess he figured wrong. Some of us aren’t that stupid or gullible …

    • Drew Page

      It doesn’t matter what you think he knew or suspect that he knew, it only matters what you can prove he knew.

      • granifulano Roth

        Not really Drew. The President sets the tone for all that happens. At the very least. Truman said the Buck stops here. What that means is he is responsible for what happens on his watch and this President has made an art out of avoiding responsibility for anything that has happened and he’s done it for going on two terms….Wow!

        • plsilverman

          sets the tone but that’s not necessarily impeachable.

  • BrianFruman

    What is really sad is that his poll numbers are up. I mean come on hopefully it is the same guys that are caculating global warming stats.

    • plsilverman

      sad, yes. all those Americans who defied the voter suppressionists in the swing states and voted for a young man named Barack Obama. He’s young and African-American, a combo. to enrage any true segregationist in the land.

  • Frank E

    I read the artical above and there may be some truth to it. So those of us know all this Genghazi, I.R.S., AP are greivous atrocity acts within our federal government lieing to the american people. Are we to just lay down and accept this nonsence. The Congress is probably the only people the have the power to make some changes in this disfunctional inseficiant goverment. Lets hope they have the couragh to take action.

    • Homer

      We should something, except that I don’t know what this something is.

    • Drew Page

      You should know that the House, by itself, can accomplish nothing. what ever legislation the House proposes must be approved by the Senate and then be signed into law by the president. The only way real changes can be made is to keep a Republican majority in the House and gain a Republican majority (hopefully 60 seats) in the Senate.
      Those of us who are as fed up with the current administration as you, unfortunately did not constitute a majority in the last two presidential elections. We are stuck with these bums until the next election in 2014.

  • Bill in CO.

    RedinDenver is right. We can not get side tracked in a perverse reverse version of “Hope and Change”. As we learned in Colorado with gun control legislation, the Liberals like Bloomberg, have a lot of money to buy government. We who believe in freedom must get actively involved in winning each and every Congressional election. In Colorado we must regain control of State government and we must defeat Senator Udall in 2014.

  • RedinDenver

    Unfortunately, Mr. Goldberg is right. Do not make the mistake of determining public sentiment by what is said on these blogs. These blogs are filled with people who are, for the most part, ‘political/news junkies. Those of us who pay attention are a very small minority in this Jody Arias obsessed nation.

  • Maybelline

    My faith is starting to be restored as I watch more press question the administration.

  • k962

    Bernie both of us are old Bronxites, that can spot a BS er when we see one! This was in The White House last year!


    Bernie, you’re depressing. Unfortunately, you’re also right

  • Stuart Waugh

    We are slipping toward dictatorship, most likely a bit left of center, but that is far less certain than that we are slipping.

    The majority of Americans are politically disenfranchised. They (correctly) see there is no value in them voting or participating. They try to tune it out, because they don’t see how it really effects them.

    Worse people who care about politics come across like those religious zealots who go door to door and try to convince you of some radical theology to save your soul. ‘No thanks, I’ll stay ignorant,’ is what most think.

    Part of this is simply the result of size. We have a nation of over 300 million, and in my State of California we have 38 million, but only 80 assemblymen. only 40 state senators. That means your “local” state senator is literally one in a million, your state rep one in half a million. There is no “local” anymore, its all remote, its all bloc voting, its all TV ads and playing on “crowd” identification. In such a universe there is no discourse, no thinking, just images and tactics. And its made worse by the ability to data mine (been getting more and more important every decade) allowing predetermined results – such much for democracy. So why invest any time in it?

    Instead we tend to vote for the crowd that we feel is somewhat more representative of us – though most of us recognize they are very ill on the sense of being power mad. And we centralize, figuring if we cannot have local governance, we might as well have somebody who can make a decision. And like Rome our democracy is going away; the institutions are still there in name, the opposition still there, but control of our destiny is lost.

    That is why people are “clueless,” because they have grown up with a ruling class and they are not part of it, so they wont waste much energy on it.

    • Dale Jepson

      I’m sure the people of North Korea, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Ethiopia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Somalia, Oman, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya all feel really bad for us and our “dictatorship” of a government. Time to step out of the little bubble you have been living in and realize that life for you in the U.S. is better than 99.9% of the people in the world and that isn’t changing anytime soon. The “IRS Scandal” wouldn’t seem so big to you if you lived in any of the countries above or countless others. You would be more worried about not having freedom of speech or religion or the ability to dress how you want or if you can eat dinner today. Punish those that are responsible and then move on and shut up about it, just like you would at any other job where someone screwed up. Not that big of a deal


    Mr Goldberg i think you are a very brilliant man..However i believe you are not giving the American people or the current congress enough credit ..Please tell me that you do not really believe this 53% poll..It is no more than another OFA trick to try and make things look like the president has support ..I do not know where you reside sir but where i come from these scandals collectively have people outraged.I know you have been around for a long time but i believe you are being a bit pessimistic when you say that nothing will become of this..I do not know if you have noticed or not but Obamas agenda has taken a severe blow and i believe that it will continue to be overshadowed by these scandals for one very basic reason..We have elections coming in 2014 and any democrat that wants to be reelected better shown some concern for the way that the administration is running our country…

  • bonaparte3

    Either the POTUS was out of the loop on these scandals- in which case he’s incompetent- or he was involved and told underlings to make sure his fingerprints weren’t on them- in which case he’s dangerous.

    • Dale Jepson

      If you think any president, Republican or Democrat, should know what every IRS agent in every city and podunk town across America is doing at all times, then you are an idiot. Bigger fish to fry dude.

      • granifulano Roth

        If they are leading, yes they should, because they set the tone for the administration, not the little guys. Bureaucrats basically want to do what their bosses want them to do and interpret those directions all of the time. Why have a President if he can’t lead and give direction to ALL of his underlings. You are claiming incompetence as a reason that it’s not Obama’s fault

  • Peter Martin

    Great analysis Mr. Goldberg. However, I must add one thought and that is: taken as scandals individually, none of these ‘scandals” add up to a fatal, toxic blow against Pres. Obama, but taken together, we might see a slow groundswell of protest starting to build by the public AND, finally, some elements of the mainstream press, that will be hard for his administration to stop.
    But the biggest point of “Benghazi” isn’t the changed talking points, or Hillary’s actions – or lack thereof – but rather, a much more bigger issue: The Commander-in-chief failed in his sworn duty to protect Americans (and that includes an American ambassador and his staff) from harm because he failed to put US military forces on heightened alert in the Middle East and North Africa region ON 9/11. Which is a date that even the great misinformed and unengaged American public even realize that this is the ONE DAY when terrorists are most likely to strike. And where was the President when 7 hours into the attack the security teams was fighting for their very lives and 2 of them died by a precisely targeted mortar attack on the rooftop? Why, our “lead from the behind” President was in the White House, fast asleep!!! Because he had to go on an IMPORTANT FUND RAISING trip to Las Vegas the very next day! If that doesnt rile up the common folk then I guess you are right. We’re done for!

    • Kevin

      “Might”…but my money is on “won’t”

  • ron1443

    … “a new CNN poll shows that 53 percent of Americans approve of the job he’s doing. The poll, by the way, was taken after the IRS story made news.”

    The 53% probably include the folks getting free stuff and government workers.

    • Neal from PA

      The poll only include those…We the people (The uninformed and liberal educated), that made a BIG mistake in 2008 and a bigger one in 2012.

    • granifulano Roth

      I have family members on pensions from the government and they approve of the government only for that reason. Bought and paid for.

  • Neal from PA

    “When a president lies to the American people and is part of a cover-up, he cannot continue to govern.” “This is wishful thinking masquerading as political
    analysis.” Wishful thinking maybe, but it is the absolute truth; especially, if
    Obama was held to the same standards as previous Presidents and didn’t have the MSM carrying his water.

    “Remember all those “take it to the bank” predictions by conservatives on Fox on how President Obama couldn’t win re-election?” Again, a truth; but Obama’s Chicago Political Machine and it ways with our voting process secured, through vote fraud and intimidation what under normal circumstances would have been an Obama defeat.

    “We’re a deeply polarized nation.” Yes we are; but for any moral American what Obama and his Administration have done and are doing is not only un-American, but un-Constitutional as well.

    Obama, Clinton (both), and Holder have lied and cheated their way though their entire life; so why should they stop now. They hate everything about America, especially moral patriotic Americans.

    As long as the freebies continue and grow, Democrats will have a lock on the
    Presidency and maybe even the Senate. Obama…his tone, policies and “apology tour” are the direct cause of what is happening in the Middle East; and the reason for America’s immoral posture now. We the people (the uninformed and liberal educated), made a BIG mistake in 2008 and a bigger one in 2012.

    Can America survive the “likes” of Obama, Clinton, and Holder? HISTORY says NO…as long as “We the People” continue to listen to their rhetoric and given them a pass on their “know-nothingness”.

    • plsilverman

      give us one specific example of Obama, Hillary, Holder “cheating”. Yes, very fair and balanced statement makes one think: in a land still 50% pro-segregation and against Women’s rights, yeah, I guess all THREE had to find a friendly….”work-a-around”.

  • Paul Bopko

    I am convinced that the vast majority of Americans are either intellectually lazy or really stupid. Watching the TV “on the street” spots on Leno and recent ones on FOX and other stations proves the two points I made. And by the way, if your daddy was stupid does not mean you must be stupid also. Read a newspaper or research the WEB. See what else is out there besides who has a baby bump or what Bieber thinks and why did his girlfriend drop him. Grow up!

    • granifulano Roth

      They are the sleeping mass that all politicians are petrified of. If and when they wake up it will be like a beast awakening and there will be no stopping them with fairy tales and more lullabies

  • docww

    We’ll be heading to our second home in Greece in a few days and I think we’ll get a good picture of where the United States is heading. As I tell my wife who is Greek: “You folks gave us two of our most valuable possessions—democracy and empiric science, and then you went on vacation!”

    In Greece everyone either works for the government or leeches off people who do. Romney talked about the 47 percent of Americans who live off the government and thus will always support the President of freebies. In Greece it’s more like 99 percent of the population. Once you give people free stuff, it’s hard to take it away.

    Despite years of decline and misery, the clueless folks in Greece still don’t have a clue. If we continue heading in this direction, we certainly will have a long and painful road ahead of us.

    I agree that Obama is wearing a Teflon suit. He could teach Bill Clinton a thing or two about how to ward off scandals like water off a duck.

  • .Streetcop

    Re: “53 present of Americans approve of the job he’s doing.”
    Outside of ruining the country as to my opinion, what is it that he’s doing? As Hamlet, that is the question

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    Look at a long form and you have a whole lot of boxes to fill out. We can ..easily.. program any mainframe I know about to pluck data out of line 93 if the data is between this factor and that factor. You can easily look for words, figures, word associations and, where the form the computer is reading came from. Also.. if you electronically submit to the IRS, that computer you submitted from has a big fat I.D. and of course, your name is on it so they know you submitted at the XYZ Drug Store in Pokipsee WY.
    Now as you can see, this is a very complicated idea which is why it took pages to explain. You have to be a little slow when you are dealing with third graders, but after that, you can just squirt it in their big ears. It may take an extra nano of a millisecond to pull that stuff and send it to a printer, (less to a computer), but if you have the authority… trust me.. zoom isn’t sufficient to illustrate the time consumed.
    You program the computer.. you got it, and the programs to program that sort of data question can be examined in Excell. Excell takes a century to pull that stuff compared to any of the Crays and soooo… 9-11 and the homeland security bill popped up like a red seething boil in our private lives. I would bet a bazillion the programing is in there, and that Obama got the information from an idle wish, examining the conduct of EX president bush, or asking for that information. Yep.. I shore would.

  • ted

    It is votes not right or wrong, not good or bad, not words or ideas, it is votes that win elections. Winning elections bestows power. Power for “good” as it is defined by the winner or “evil” as defined by the loser. Republicans seem to have no clue. LiberalProgressiveDemocrats clearly understand this and do most anything to win. And win they have for most of 75 years. Benghazi, the A. P. thefts and the abuse of the IRS all would have led to the end of a Republican; but for Democrats it’s a barrier to be thrust aside. They have power, they will keep power until the so-called Right understand that they must unify and fight to the death to win. Doesn’t seem likely.

  • Jenn

    Who cares about who the vice president is anyway…Biden is just as stupid as Obama…

  • Roma Lynn Starling-Gerle

    Thanks for helping Bernie. The truth is coming out for those who care. I have been praying for the light to shine on what has. Den going on in the dark areas of this administration. The people of this country will never be able to day that they were not warned. Keep up the fight for truth.

  • Bob

    The new rise and fall of the Roman Empire – America

  • Gloria

    I don’t know what is scarier – the IRS and its outrageous, probing, over the top behavior or the fact that your average voter has no clue what is really going on in any election and votes as if it is a popularity contest and they must choose an American Idol instead of the leader of the free world. Both depressing.
    And, you are correct – most people don’t know or care about Benghazi, nor apparently did they before the November election. The media skewed the story and continues to do so, and will likely continue to influence the dumb masses, or dumbasses, to vote Democratic regardless of the facts & figures.

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      It is interesting to me that Associated Press provided a ton of very slanted information on Obama’s efforts in immigration. A little research would have enabled AP to find numbers that refuted their press reports, but they didn’t bother. Suddenly, the press they are doing now is getting a little careful on the issue and we have a little bit of the news, and only the news back.

  • Sonny

    It will all come out as plausible deniability – the corruption of the administration will end his term early.

    • nickshaw

      I don’t think it will end early, Sonny.
      Like Bernie says, the American public is not even interested enough to be ignorant of the multiple scandals let alone digest them!
      Not to mention the starry eyed protectors of the realm that often appear on these threads.
      It’s sad but, I do think we have a chance to take the Senate and keep the House next year. With hope, by margins sufficient to overturn presidential vetos!

      • Sonny

        Taking the Senate and keeping the House gets more likely each day and that would open a lot of possibilities.

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      You are talking to, and about, an incredible number of I.T. pros, and computer science grads. If you said they didn’t care.. maybe, but that guy in the white house is the guy who is printing the Green Cards, and putting them on the streets. Soo.. I have hope.

    • brent kaufman

      That is an excellent example of exactly what Bernie was writing about – confusing wishful thinking with analysis.

  • Eric Johnson

    Bernie, There have been several stories about the IRS union, NTEU, being very anti-Tea Party. Add in the union head reportedly has visited the White House some 10 times in 4 years and one has to wonder how much of this is union driven. After all, reducing the size of government would be seen as a direct attack on the union’s size and influence.

    • 1389AD
      • nickshaw

        This is a very important tidbit and will interest US greatly.

        The American public at large?

        Don’t bet on it!

        What we need is some hard hitting TV ads that are a collage of Skeeter saying things like, “punish our enemies”, “we bring a gun” and things like that.
        Then show the public exactly what he means.

      • Joel Wischkaemper

        And he mumbled.. wouldn’t it be nice if we could just pull their names out of the IRS files. Zoo… and he got it.

    • plsilverman

      let’s be fair and balanced: the Koch-RNC-Newscorp.-Tea Party continuum has been somewhat (?) anti-Obama since about…well….01-20-2009.

  • BrianFruman

    Bernie, what is amazing is people don’t pay attention. You have these people that don’t care about politics and never will and they are growing exponentially. There are those too that vote democratic with about as much thought as they give to brushing their teeth. Add the low information crowd and the media and you get a climate that even the most outrageous behavior by our government is tolerated.

    • Seattle Sam

      Why does that surprise you? Our government keeps telling them that it will take care of them. Send them checks, Buy them food, phones. When you were eight years old did you really pay much attention to what your Dad was doing? As long as the food was on the table and you got your allowance, everything was just ducky. .

      • Joel Wischkaemper

        That.. or they are working long and hard. That, or working long and hard is influencing the way it all goes.

  • Seattle Sam

    The Apparatchiks in the Soviet Union did not require instructions from
    The Supreme Soviet to give especially favorable treatment to Party
    members and especially unfavorable treatment to dissidents. They knew
    exactly what was expected of them. And they did so precisely to
    intimidate the populace.

  • fitzsimmons Photography

    The NYTimes take on the IRS scandal:Mr Confessore wrote..Confusion and Staff Troubles Rife at I.R.S. Office …… a must read….Will make your head explode!!

  • nono524

    Under the excuse of civil rights we have left the government take over our school systems and that was the beginning of the end. Even higher education has become an indoctrination factory for political speak. History has spoken.

    • plsilverman

      not eally true. please put away your Foxnews full-time host memo cards. on the west and east coast, yes, political correctness all over. not across the fruited plain. and guess what? the Koch’s are very busy paying schools to put forth their John Birch-based curriculums! so…SMI-I-I-LE, THOUGH YOUR HEART IS ACH-I-I-IN-N-N-G………… have a lemon cookie and raspberry tea. play some Chuck Berry. :)

  • worldwatchers

    Chicago Gangster Politics

    Those three words sum up what is happening to the United
    States of America going back before Capone we had Chicago politics it is now
    become national and is run like a gangster organization. In every department or
    agency of the United States
    government has been infiltrated by people who wish to see this country burn.
    The head of the snake cannot be removed because he has become a dictator and he knows very well his people will burn this country down.

    • GailWehling

      I think you are correct. I say,cut the head of that snake and let them start burning. We out number them. Look what they have done to detroit!!!!

      • Joel Wischkaemper

        I am not sure, at this point, that I would support impeachment. I would personally report anyone who suggested anything radical, and absolutely would pull the trap door on a short rope at the ending of the radical conduct.

        • GailWehling

          Impeachment takes care of it all, but I’m afraid we might have riots. I just feel like he really does not like this Country and is willing to be very dishonest. Very criminal and we need to get right on it. Justice should rule.

  • gbandy

    I guess the real problem is the “clueless and room temperature IQ” most do not care nor have a clue about anything even who the Vice President is. Obviously these same people are the only ones the pollsters call.


    Many, many groups were intimidated with application requirements for months prior to, and during the 2012 election. After the election those that could no longer be denied 501 status were done so. BUT BY THEN THE DEED WAS DONE, OBAMA WAS ELECTED. But those groups’ focus was diverted from the election and informing the public; but the Administration could deny blockage. This was no different from withholding Benghazi info until after the election; same for the AP intrusion. ALL ILLEGAL interference in an election. BUT WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE????.. WE WON. WE’RE IN AND YOU LOSE.

  • Ken Heyl

    I’m building a picture in my mind…you know those plexiglas shields that the cops use for riot protection? I see a circle of O’s advisers–Valerie Jarrett, Dan Peiffer, Susan Rice, et al–in a circle surrounding the President, with the plexiglas shields held backwards. Between them and Obama in the middle. Communication with the world happens between the circle and everywhere else…and Obama is protected by the shields from any compromising information.
    And Obama is saying “I just read about it…” and winking.

  • wyatt81

    Ignorance and laziness have taken quite a toll on this country. Vulture politicians and dishonest reporters are always ready to use and take advantage of it. In fact, they have cultivated it and are now reaping the rewards.

  • Allen Goldberg

    We all know how high it goes..all the way to the OVAL Orifice, which Obozo ordered them to do, to destroy conservative groups. SAY IT BERNIE,,and tell O’Reilly to just say it…

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      Back to the union visit for my thinking. Call it the burning incense.

  • Big Truck Joe

    The MSM is very clear in not holding the Pres accountable for ANYTHING that happens in his administration. Thats why his poll numbers are so good. He’s the President, but the buck definitely doesn’t stop with him. The buck usually stops with some low level employee or some nebulous problem in the bureaucracy or some past event over which he has no control – simply put, not Obama’s fault. The MSM makes sure we know that the $3+ gallon of gas is not this Administrations fault because of Opec and speculators (although I recall how the Bush was asked what he and his Admin would do for higher gas prices that hurt all Americans), or record child homeless is a factor of the economy (not Obama’s fault) or record 47 million on food stamps is because of the previous Administrations economic policies (not Obamas fault), or….. As far as the Press is concerned, nothing is the Presidents fault. Barack O’Bama could be
    hulking over the still warm corpse of a dead harp seal holding a bloody club in
    the middle of Antarctic and the press will focus on how the Repubs are going to
    use this event against him to their own political benefit (hint – Republicans are bad). That’s how the Press got Obama lected and that’s how he has governed- with the complicity of the press. We are living in a time of Presidential non-accountability that will be reversed in full only when a Republican gets elected, if that’s any longer possible.

  • Bruce A.

    Like any other large bureaucracy orders come from the top. Revenue agents & others in these groups spend time covering their butts if something hits the fan.
    Check the memos & internal review docs., someone shoud have a copy to save their butt if smart. What’s next? After Obama care kicks in will IRS only allocate healthcare resources to liberals & let all conservatives die?

  • Bob Z.

    Dear Bernie, You’re correct again when you say that he doesn’t have to know what his underlings are up to at the IRS. It’s all about “Plausible Denial-ability”, that’s what saved Ronald Reagan in Iran Contra, and could’ve saved Richard Nixon in Watergate, well maybe not not Richard Nixon. They hated him way too much to let him get away with that excuse. Again, it would’ve been foolish if they were to tell Obama what they planned on doing to Tea Party members. Like you said, logically they knew he would approve.

    • S Leigh Park

      Nixon was probably pretty safe with the America public until the tapes. He might have weathered subverting the Constitution, if he had not been foul-mouthed…that really turned off the Silent Majority. If he had just said the tapes were mine and I burned them, he’d have been home free. That part really scared the bejesus out of me.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Here’s a gallup poll that states although the attention of Americans on the IRS and Benghazi scandals is low compared with other news stories over the past 20 years, most feel that further investigation into both is warranted: That may explain the segment on O’Reilly the other night with the random street sampling of the clueless.
    The IRS connection to Obamacare is unavoidable and will be the beginning of the end for the Dems as much as they may try to spin it or receive protection from the media:
    It’s not as depressing as it seems, Bernie.

    • BernieGoldberg

      I hope you’re right, Kathie

  • Tim Ned

    Thanks Bernie. Very well put! Could not agree more. One of your best articles.

    • BernieGoldberg

      Many thanks, Tim.

  • EllenM

    You made several excellent points.
    ” We’re a deeply polarized nation, so while Republicans think Benghazi matters, Democrats continue to play the story down and remain loyal to the president.”<<<Reps KNOW Benghazi matters because Americans were killed there and their protectors seem/are indifferent to that fact, or the cause or the any truth about it. Since when does our president let Americans be left to the slaughter? Dems play it down because they know in their hearts it's inexcusable what happened and the lies that followed as "explanation" for it. Their loyalty to Obama is juvenile thinking and not connected with adult actions that would put truth ahead of party affiliation and loyalty. Oh, and didn't Obama mention thousands of times about the CHANGE he had in mind for America? Why wasn't he on the the IRS list? One question that haunts me about this IRS mess is: Did the applicants for 501 status answer the probing, inappropriate questions on the applications or did they question to anyone higher up the validity and constitutionality of the questions? I would have been on the phone to my state senators, at the very least, if I saw questions like this in a government form!

  • CarolynAZ

    And 49% of Americans don’t know who the vice president is!

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      I keep asking myself if that is an important thing to know, and why? He popped up and mentioned he was eager to run next time based on the administrations record, and then suddenly dived deep into oblivion. Not to long after that, by the way, the question was popped…. Should Obama Run for a Third Term. (All six of my ulcers fired off at the same time. No wonder we don’t read the news.)

  • J

    This is all a series of nothingburgers posing as scandals. As far as the President setting the tone for his administration, I agree, look at the Bush years and all the stuff that happened there. When you’re corrupt at the very top, no wonder you get Iraq, Abu Ghraib, Katrina, Financial crisis, Valerie Plame, Scooter Libby, etc. Oh wait!! Many of those were real scandals

    • Wigged Out Mama

      Bernie hit the target. As, for J, we forgot they are only scandals, and poor “atmosphere” can only happen with Reps, or any rational thinking person for that matter.

    • rdgeorge

      Katrina? … The President set the tone for Katrina???
      (Same goes for the financial crisis … you are an incredibly stupid or wilfully blind human being).

    • John O’Connor

      Please explain the facts, as you perceive them, about Valerie Plame, and Scooter Libby.

    • Jen

      Great article Bernie! So what are we supposed to do about the United States of the Clueless? Let them continue to vote and ultimately keep electing Liberals who want to drive this country to ruin?
      J – I will put the Republican “scandals” up against Democrat scandals and corruption any day of the week. Katrina was a natural disaster how can you possibly call that a Bush scandal? If you think he didn’t handle it properly why don’t you ask the residents who still live in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy how that recovery is going?

      I am sure you are like some insane Libs blaming the IRS scandal on Bush as well.

      Bernie, I would like to cut the country in half and let the Libs live on one side and Conservatives live on the other. Remember that article you wrote a while back?

      • Neal from PA

        “Cut the country in half and let the Libs live on one side and Conservatives live on the other.”
        That wouldn’t be fair all those on the Liberal Half…

    • tgimacb

      The administration’s tone is set by the Teleprompter, J.