How to Become a Racist at Age 76

This is a story that’s the opposite of your typical coming of age in terms of racism.  We often hear about stories of people who were born or raised as a racist, and come to learn that there is no reason to harbor such hate.  These are sometimes rural people who did not have much education, or exposure to those of a different race.  Typically, these are feel good stories about someone seeing they are wrong and changing their ways.  There are not too many people who go through their life loving all races equally, and at a late age succumb and convert to racism.  John McCain has arrived at age 76 living such a life, only now to apparently become a racist.

The reason that we know John McCain is racist is that important and respected people have told us that his objection to the possible nomination of Susan Rice (current Ambassador to the UN) to the post of Secretary of State proves he is racist.  Mr. McCain along with other Senators has raised concerns about Ms. Rice due to her statements after four Americans were killed in Libya.  Ms. Rice appeared on 5 Sunday news shows on behalf of the Obama administration five days after the Consulate in Libya was attacked, and mislead the public about the cause of the attack.  Mr. McCain claims that this is important because she either knew she was lying or should have known she was lying.  Countless pundits, hosts on MSNBC, and the Congressional Black Caucus have accused Mr. McCain of being a racist, because he has stated that Ms. Rice is unfit for office.

John McCain has been in the public eye since 1973 when he returned from Viet Nam after being tortured as a POW.  He has served in elective office since 1982, and run for office 9 times including twice for president.  He enthusiastically supported 2 different nominees for Secretary of State who were black in Colin Powell & Condoleezza Rice.  In 1991 his wife returned from Bangladeshi with a three month old baby from Mother Teresa’s orphanage, they adopted this baby of color, and she is their daughter Bridget.  Somehow through all of this public scrutiny and acts of colorblindness, we have all somehow missed that John McCain is a racist.  Maybe this is that rare case of late life conversion to racism.

Perhaps it is possible that you don’t become a racist at 76 with zero history of harboring these thoughts of hate.  Maybe Mr. McCain deserves the benefit of the doubt that his problem with Ms. Rice is what he says it is.  You can say he is overreacting, judging to harshly, or even putting too much weight on one statement, but shouldn’t there be a track record of questionable behavior before you can accuse someone of being a racist?  What is it about today’s political environment that allows this to occur nearly unchallenged?

How do you become a racist at age 76?  Ask a Democrat to tell the truth.

Author Bio:

Michael has been an editor and contributor at the website for over 2 years. He has over 20+ years of diverse business experience, from running complex operations where he managed hundreds of people, to starting and running small businesses such as He is blessed, or perhaps cursed, with a logical mind which he uses to analyze government, media, politics, and culture. He believes that his life experiences help him bring a unique perspective to the issues of the day.
  • w r

    Be honest every korean and nam vets referred to the enemy as Gooks or worse . And look over your shoulder those Gooks are promising to attack us again in a war that has been in cease fire since 1953. OH I forgot that wasn’t even a war according to Truman’s bunch , only a POLICE ACTION. Some bull ! But that police action cost myself and many other old vets many ,many buddies .

  • AZ WI

    Become a racist at 76? John McCain been a racist all his political life. Dating back to 1988 McCain was one of only a few GOP senators that voted against the MLK Holiday. McCain is an outspoken supporter of AZ’s racist S B 1070 racist immigration bill. Remember that campaign commercial, where McCain was wearing that hideous hat saying, “build the (DANG) fence”. McCain has a history of voting against the Native Americans, It’s seems like McCain wants to blow the whole Mideast off the face of the earth.He’s against Asians, women rights and all people of color. McCain just told one blatant lie and after another, sounding like he has a open mind. But McCain is a pathological liar that can not be trusted no believes. McCain always votes with the extreme right wing. kooks.

  • Wally C

    All else, play the race card, whether it is warranted or not. Could it possibly be that actions that ambassador Rice executed were not in the security interests of “OUR COUNTRY”.

  • Venter

    McCain in not a racist and the people who use words like basketball, apartment, Chicago, peanut butter and jello,foodstamps, welfare, etc. are not racists. Susan Rice must be the best person for the job? She did not investigate the information she was given about the video and went on t.v. telling a lie. Why is it important to give every child a blue ribbon? The job of Secretary of State is a blue ribbon job and should go to the most qualified person, The word Racist is so over used and is a distraction and works as a deliberate quiet message to keep people seperated.. To call McCain the father of a black child is just STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Venter

      corection= To call McCain , the father of a black child a racist is just STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Brian

        That was a Liberal smear, nothing more. Having kids with someone outside your race does not guarantee someone is open-minded. It depends on the reason they did it. Strom Thurmond is an example of this. Many White girls do it to rebel against their parents and their race of men, which is both insecure and racist, and most become single moms for a reason.

        Many Black men who like White women also hate White men. MANY BLACK WOMEN HAVE TOLD ME that many Black men partially want White women because they have self-esteem issues regarding their inferiority complex of being dark which goes back to slavery, and they often feel that getting a White woman and having kids with them will give them “social acceptance” from mainstream America and having a light-skinned baby will guarantee their kid a better standard of living in the US. This is insecure if you ask me. The other reason, as Black militants indicate, some black guys on Youtube, and Malcolm X indicated, is to get back at the White man. Also racist and insecure. The information is there if anyone wants to view it and Black women ought to know more than all of us on this issue. So stop denying that there is truth in some of this.

        The point is, some individuals who have kids with people outside their race have good intentions while some have bad intentions.

  • bonaparte3

    I find this kind of abuse of a man of Senator McCain’s character repugnant.

  • nightvision

    If I go on national television and make a lying useful idiot of myself how does that make a person who calls me out on my incompetent behavior a racist?

  • Anna S.

    The racism argument is so over used, so often, by left wing politicians and their lap dogs, the media. It is so predictable, like don’t they have anything else to say, possibly based in fact?

    What I love about this country is that walking down the street, shopping at the grocery, visiting a HS, taking a vacation, I see so many interracial couples, friendships, team mates, church mates, and children born of two racial groups. They are not seeing every issue defined by race. Today in America 1 out of every 5 marriages are bi-racial, now that is the sign of a color blind society. Why do some on the left get so angry when a white republican has a differing opinion. It is so small to think that way.

    • Brian

      See my above post. You have a lot to learn. Many Black men see White women as a trophy and a status symbol and think having light-skinned kids gives their kids a better future which goes back to slavery as many Black women have told me. Many White women do it to rebel. Color blind is something that only Whites are taught to believe. Or they say it due to fear of consequences if they disagree with it. Ask yourself why the media glorifies it so much. White women are also easier to brainwash as women in general are more right-brained and are more conformist than men, meaning they are easier to take advantage of and are more fearful of hurting people’s feelings. And then Whites, are more fearful of being called racist then other groups. Again, look at people’s intentions as to why they do it and why the media glorifies idiots like the Kartrashians.
      Obama got elected due to race by many Blacks. Is that color blind? You are so wrong.

  • TransplantedTexan

    The lame stream media and the “responsible” Black leadership such as; the Congressional Black Caucus (how is that not, by definition, a racist organization? I am sure that a Congressional White Caucus would be labeled as such), Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have changed the epithet “racist” from and object of ridicule and derision to a badge of honor by confusing the term “dissent” with “discrimination” and “reality” with “racism.” Today, calling an opponent a “racist” has truly become the last refuge of a (progressive-liberal) scoundrel who cannot win a legitimate debate on the merits (which requires facts and and the application of logical analysis) of his/her position.

    • Brian

      You know what makes me sick. How a lot of Liberal White people will defend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and can’t distinguish a Black person from someone who is an absolute n who blames everything on Whites and always injects race into everything. Charles Krauthammer should be willing to explain as he is a former psychiatrist, as to why idiots like the Young Turks, Keith Olbermann, Michael Moore, and celebs like Sean Penn and Sandra Bullock, always like to play the race card and attack guys like Bill O’Reilly over the dumbest things. Sean Penn think England should give the Falklands back to Argentina, even though most people in the Falklands know they would have it better remaining as part of the UK. To me it shows they are either insecure, or they are profiting off of a lot of very insecure Liberals and minorities who are fearful and insecure themselves.

  • European-Americans

    Every white country on earth is told to become multicultural and multiracial. EVERY white country is expected to end its own race and end its own culture. No one asks that of ANY non-white country. Immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries.

    Anti-whites call themselves anti-racist, but their actions lead to the disappearance of one race and only one race, the white race. The true goal of anti-racism is to wipe out the white race.

    It is genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

    • Brian

      I agree to some extent, though I think you picked up some of your speech from others rather than creating it yourself. Some people are simply brainwashed or may agree with you but are scared to speak out due to being punished via the carrot-and-stick approach.

      There is a major double standard that many Liberals do not want to talk about in that it seems that White people are suppose to be color blind while ALL OTHER RACES can be as racist and ethno-centric as they want. I am not a White Nationalist. But I agree that the double standard ticks me off and that Europe is not America and Europe was not meant to have a ton of non-Western immigrants. Japan, China, and Saudi Arabia are very discriminatory in that they have strict immigration policies, and are very xenophobic.

      We also need to talk about Israel Cohen and Barbara Spectre, the latter who was caught red-handed on Youtube regarding allowing immigrants into Europe in order to diversify Sweden. Not all Jews are far-left or have an anti-Western agenda. This is where White Nationals like the guy above seem to lose credibility. But some truly do and we all need to have a serious conversation with no bs, as to why a lot of the far-left, the msm and Hollywood, and cultural Marxists have been and are often headed by left-wing Jews, and why they only seem to think that Whites can be racist.

  • Phil Silverman

    racist? not Mccain. just his buddies like Bachman, Palin, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Coulter, InGraham……….

    • Patrick

      Oh Phil, what a liberal troll. Honestly, to you, anyone who disagrees with liberals is racist.

      • John Daly

        Careful, Patrick. Phil may not be white, thus your opinion of him might be racist. 😉

  • DanB_Tiffin

    I started to watch this Georgia Alabam football game. They were showing pictures of the individual players. The racial makeup (percentages) of the teams in NO WAY reflects the ralcial makeup (percentages) of our country.
    This is LIBERAL proof of racism in these two teams and universities. I cannot watch such filth! Both schools should be eliminated from consideration for any national ratings!

  • deny916

    This is one of the most ignorant things the dumbocraps have come up with yet! John McCain has never really been a favorite of mine, but there is no way in h*ll I would ever call him a racist or consider him one–even if he did use the work Gook. Susan Rice LIED to you people face to face on 5 different Sunday shows because obummer told her to lie. She doesn’t think enough of herself or of us to tell us the truth! And you want to “reward” her with a promotion? Who is really the racist here? I’m no terror expert by any means and even I knew it was a terror attack. Susan Rice is obummer’s puppet. Unless she can learn to think for herself she does not deserve the job of SOS! And if fish is good brain food–you dumbocraps should eat an ocean full of the stuff. Honest to God how stupid are people!!!!! Thanks for boiling my blood on this one Michael!

  • name

    McCain is also on record for calling the Vietnamese “Gooks”.

    • bailei

      John McCain is an angry, old, bitter, senile, hateful, white man

      • artlouis

        Are you aware that it is racist to attack people because of their color, as you are doing? It works both ways.

        • Patrick

          Exactly what do you think bailei would say if someone ever posted, “Michelle Obama is an angry, old, bitter, senile, hateful black woman”?

      • Venter

        Shame on you.

    • artlouis

      What would YOU call people who nearly destroyed you physically? When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, everybody started calling them “Japs” or, less commonly, “Nips.” One may be excused ill-tempered outbursts on extreme occasions.

    • Brian

      Rappers say worse things.

  • bailei

    John McCain was always a racist, he lies so well, that he covered the fact. Back in 1988 John McCain was one of only a hand full of senators that voted “against” the MLK Holiday. McCain was a very out spoken supporter of AZ’s racist immigration bill last year. McCain also made a hideous commercial where McCain said “build the DANG fence”. McCain always votes against people of color including Native Americans.

    • Patrick

      1. How is the immigration bill exactly racist? It enforces the law against illegal immigrants. He’s not against immigration, he’s against ILLEGAL immigration, see the difference.

      2. As for voting against making MLK Day a federal holiday, there could have been several reasons that have nothing to do with race.

      And, what an unbiased source….more like a left wing source by a left wing evil lunatic George Soros.

      • Patrick

        And by the way, the Arizona argument was not over whether or not to recognize MLK Day, but whether it should be a paid government holiday.

    • artlouis

      Here’s a little something to educate you: John McCain led a group of congressmen a few years ago who were trying to get a presidential pardon for the late Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion, who was railroaded to federal prison for nearly a year on a white-slavery charge. They petitioned the Obama administration, and were told that Obama did not intend to pardon any dead people.

      Would you like to tell me who is racist?

  • Satirist

    The sort of people who make these baseless charges of racism are the true bigots and only seek to stifle debate. Our politicians have to be held accountable for their performance regardless of color. Otherwise, minorities cannot hold any position of responsibility.