Hyper-Partisanship at Warp Speed

Are you a hyper-partisan? If you are, stop it right now. These rabid ideologues are damaging America and I'm continuing to call them out.

First, a definition: A hyper-partisan is a person who does not seek the truth; rather, he or she tailors information to fit a preconceived political viewpoint. What is actually happening in the world is not important to these ideological zombies; it's all about reinforcing their core beliefs.

Thus, no matter what President Obama does, he's wrong to the hyper-partisans who oppose him. Even if he had killed Osama bin Laden with his bare hands, the President's enemies would have accused him of showing off. Meanwhile, to hyper-partisans on the left, true-believing conservatives like Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum are evil all day, every day.

If it were just a few Kool-Aid drinking nuts, no one would care. But we have entire media outlets that have gone hyper-partisan. Newspapers like The New York Times are just about entirely left wing. That paper's circulation has dropped dramatically, but lots of other media outlets still take their cues from the Times, which defends President Obama at every turn.

Want a recent example of hyper-partisanship in the media? When Pope Francis criticized capitalism and income inequality, the networks and major papers lapped it up, doing numerous stories about the new "liberal" pontiff. But when the Pope condemned abortion as an example of the "throw-away culture," the media came down with a case of mass laryngitis.

Then there's Chris Christie and the George Washington Bridge affair. According to the conservative Media Research Center, the three major networks covered that story 17 time more than they covered the IRS scandal over the past six months. That's not reporting, it's cheerleading.

Conservative pundits and talk radio can also fall into hyper-partisanship. Republicans good, Democrats bad. Life simply cannot be that simple, can it? But for the hyper-partisans it is. Nothing stands in the way of their belief system. Not facts, not provable truth.

I believe there are more hyper-partisans on the left, and they certainly dominate our media and universities. Many conservatives were openly angry with the Bush administration over enormous government spending and the chaos in Iraq. I don't see as much independent thinking on the left, where President Obama is rarely criticized by his acolytes.

So let's start mocking all these hyper-partisans, and let's begin to encourage critical thinking in America. It's much more interesting and it's far better for the country, because an acceptance of fact-based reality is crucial to solving problems.

And if you still don't believe me, imagine being stranded on a desert island with Nancy Pelosi or Michael Savage. Or both! I'd hit the ocean in a second. You'd get a fairer shake from the sharks.

  • buckrodgers

    Some times I think conservatives just don’t get it, President Obama is trying to remake the Democratic Party, by giving African Americans a seat at the table of power, white liberals control the media and Hollywood by labelling everybody but themselves a bigot, at the same time Democrats have kept their side of the aisle lily white by pandering to African Americans, If Republicans are racist then Democrats are closet racist who use African Americans as a tool to keep them in power.

  • DanB_Tiffin

    look at this sonny, if you believe this is all some sort of joke:
    When the collapse comes and the cuffs come off, I know where I will be and I will be ready.

    • Sheila Warner

      O’Reilly never said it was a joke. And, even though President Obama has contributed more to the national debt than any other President, O’Reilly rightly takes GW Bush to task for his overspending. Both sides of the aisle are responsible for our debt. If you believe only the Democrats have run up our debt, then you may indeed be hyper-partisan. Where was the Tea Party when President W ratcheted up spending?

      • DanB_Tiffin

        I am not a republican. I am not a democrat. Look at the bottom line on that chart. When the collapse comes and the cuffs come off, I know where I will be and I will be ready. Call me whatever silly name you want to.

        • Sheila Warner

          Sorry. You are correct in your criticism. I’m an Independent, myself, and I blame both parties for where we are right now.

      • Ted

        Where’s your mentioning of the fact that of the national debt increase under Obama that $5.07 trillion of it was because of W’s spending on the two infunded, unbudgeted wars, his tax cut adding a trillion to the debt and his unfunded $800 billion Medicare Part D government big pharma handout? Funny but I’ve never heard O’Reilly even mention that. Let me know if I missed it. Pffffft!

    • Ted

      In your bunker? So, how many rounds of ammo do you have stored up for the pending apocalypse?

  • G. Daylan

    When you start “mocking all these hyper-partisans” on your own, beginning with Juan Williams, Alan Combs, Bob Beckel, Geraldo Rivera and Megyn Kelley then I’ll believe that you are sincere in this article.

    • Integrity

      Megyn Kelley? Just curious why you included her with this bunch. QED

    • Sheila Warner

      You obviously don’t watch The Factor. O’Reilly constantly mocks all of the above.

  • Concernedmimi

    I believe that when Obama was first elected, most were in a wait and see mode, even though a lot knew right away that he was promising more than could be delivered (mostly buying votes). Some naïve souls are still spell-bound by the propaganda. This president has earned every bit of criticism he is receiving today. He is a vengeful man on a mission, no matter who it harms. I predict his arrogance of thinking he is smart enough to run the country alone, will eventually be his undoing.

  • Tam

    Well put sir; things are getting out of hand. I expect a certain amount of this from people who live/work directly in the political world but the media in general are bringing the house down. You can’t believe anything anymore it seems. The NYT Benghazi story comes to mind, but there are many others. Although many like to attribute the decline of newspapers to the internet, I think that is only partially true. Once you start to realize (or perceive), that many outlets are in effect not much more than media organs for a political party you tune them out and stop purchasing them.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    Couldn’t agree more, but to lefties, that would sound like hyper-partisanship.