The other day, a gunman walked into an IHOP in Carson City, Nevada, and opened fire with an AK-47 on helpless patrons who had been eating breakfast. He hit 12 of them, five who were members of the National Guard.  Before he turned the gun on himself, the gunman had killed three patrons and wounded eight more.

This happened just one day after James Hoffa, the head of the Teamsters Union, told a Labor Day Rally in Detroit, “President Obama this is your army! … Everybody here has got to vote. If we go back and keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong.”

The shooting at the IHOP followed by just a few weeks this statement by Congresswoman Maxine Waters to supporters in California:  “The Tea Party can go straight to hell.”  The remark was greeted with cheers from the audience.

Perhaps you saw the editorial in the New York Times following the murder in Nevada.  This is part of it:

“It is facile and mistaken to attribute this particular madman’s act directly to Democrats or union members. But it is legitimate to hold Democrats and particularly their most virulent supporters responsible for the shooting at the Nevada IHOP. Many on the left have exploited the arguments of division, reaping political power by demonizing conservatives. They have tried to persuade many Americans that Republicans, especially the more conservative Republicans, are not just misguided, but the enemy of the people.”

Just kidding.

The Times – or any news organization – would have had to be grossly irresponsible and hopelessly ideological — to tie the shootings in Nevada to anything James Hoffa or Maxine Waters said, especially since it turns out the gunman who killed himself was mentally unstable, according to people who knew him.  Besides that, there is not a shred of evidence that he heard Hoffa’s angry rhetoric or the “go to hell” vitriol of Maxine Waters – or for that matter, even knew who they were.

That’s why the New York Times didn’t run the fake editorial you just read. But here’s the real editorial the New York Times ran just days after the mass shootings outside a Tucson, Arizona supermarket last January.

“It is facile and mistaken to attribute this particular madman’s act directly to Republicans or Tea Party members. But it is legitimate to hold Republicans and particularly their most virulent supporters in the media responsible for the gale of anger that has produced the vast majority of these threats, setting the nation on edge. Many on the right have exploited the arguments of division, reaping political power by demonizing immigrants, or welfare recipients, or bureaucrats. They seem to have persuaded many Americans that the government is not just misguided, but the enemy of the people.”

Looks a lot like the phony editorial, doesn’t it?  But the Arizona gunman – like the one in Nevada — was also mentally unstable.  And there’s no evidence that the Arizona shooter ever listened to those supposed right-wing hate mongers that are always in the cross-hairs of liberal commentators – just as there is no evidence that the gunman in Nevada ever listened to Hoffa or Waters. There’s no evidence, for that matter, that the Arizona gunman ever even heard of Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin or Glen Beck – just as there’s no evidence the Nevada gunman ever heard of James Hoffa or Maxine Waters.  But that didn’t stop the New York Times from telling its readers that it’s “legitimate” to link Republicans to the massacre.

If a conservative publication or TV network linked Hoffa and Waters to what happened at the Nevada IHOP, they would be seen as ideological buffoons, hacks not to be taken seriously.  But, without a shred of evidence, the Times linked conservatives to the Arizona rampage.

Editorial writers, of course, are expected to have a point of view.  But even those who write opinions must be fair in the way they come to their conclusions.   Otherwise, they aren’t journalists so much as they are ideological warriors.  That’s what Rush Limbaugh is on the right, but he doesn’t pretend to be a journalist.  The editorial writers at the New York Times do.


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  • Max

    Boy this is interesting. Could it be that Mr. Goldberg wishes to avoid a circus like the Clinton impeachment mess. Even though that SOB should’ve been strung up by the Sisterhood for unleashing his attack dogs on that starry-eyed intern, and but for a blue dress he would’ve gotten away clean, they still gave him a pass.

    • Proe Graphique


      Mr. Goldberg has placed himself very well to follow up or be called out for not following up: he mocked the birther issue with poisonous sarcasm voluntarily and he still writes about the “lamestream media” and hypocrisy while walking away from what has developed into what should be the biggest political story since Watergate and quite possibly ever.

      Your post suggests a defeatism in the face of adversity when it comes to reporting what’s right, making a difference and the resultant consequences. Does that mean we should only report the stupid little stories as contests we are sure to win, or do we tackle the big ones, also, regardless of the odds because in so doing we’re doing what’s right? If you choose the former over the latter, then we’ll agree to disagree on a fundamental world-view.

      For people just coming to this conversational party, read the thread immediately below this post. Obama’s birth certificate has essentially be proven a fake and no one needs to see the original to know a deception of a tall order has been committed: the forgery is self-described as such by the operational history of its own creation embedded in the layers of the document. This is fact, not speculation. Ask Joseph Newcomer whose analysis of the Killian documents got Dan Rather fired from CBS News. He agrees.

      Go here to listen to a radio blog interview with Newcomer, Zebest (huge graphics name and lifelong Democrat!) and others in the second hour. They tear the birth certificate to shreds, but suddenly Mr. I-Am-The-Media’s-Watchdog Goldberg no longer has a journalistic interest:


      • rider237

        ?? are you guys going to hijack every comment section with this stuff? we know your position. i even agree with some of what you say. However….you are starting to get on my last nerves….and i have lots of them…even some to spare.

        at this point you are probably not doing your cause much good.

        • Proe Graphique

          Well, Rider, Bernie mercilessly mocked the birthers in front of countless millions, and now the expert analysis is in: Obama posted a forgery of a birth certificate using government resources. I like Bernie. But considering that the astute Mr. Goldberg has made a career out of bashing the mainstream media for doing what he himself is currently engaged in – remaining silent on a legit issue that hurts a democrat – this is fair, and it’s also necessary.

          Bernie is a good man, but he’s not showing his good journalistic side with this issue. If this story is even a fraction of what it appears to be, now, this is by far the biggest political scandal in US history and that’s just the fact of it. This is worth a newsman’s time. If Bernie won’t do the job, we will, but I wish he would. I was rather under the impression that that was his job.

        • Chester A. Arthur

          “?? are you guys going to hijack every comment section with this stuff?”

          Yeah…why not? Bernie threw the first stone.

          “we know your position.”

          I’m not sure Bernie knows yet. Why is he hiding under that rock?

          “at this point you are probably not doing your cause much good.”

          I disagree.

          “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

          -Edmund Burke

          Bernie is letting evil triumph.

  • Prographique

    I’m sorry, too. As much as I like Bernie’s work, which is important, I have to re-state what “Chester” brought up – or at least inferred – below: How can we listen – or read – Bernie Goldberg talking about media hypocrisy when every expert who has offered an opinion has come out and said OBAMA’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE – AN ISSUE MR. GOLDBERG HAS RELENTLESSLY MOCKED IN THE PAST.

    Where is the follow-up? Where is the apology? Where the hell is the interest when the guy whose analysis of the Killian documents got Dan Rather fired from CBS News, Joesph Newcomer, says it’s a fake? Or top-flight published and fortune 500-consultant Mara Zebest says it’s a fake? Many, many professionals say it is and their credentials blow whatever tiny credentials of the naysayer Obama-operatives posting their sarcastic youtube videos say. Bernie – I am a graphics professional and *I* say Obama’s birth certificate is a fake, too. Thousands do. (not that I agree with all the evidence – I believe the “kearning” aspect is a flawed analysis, but there is enough in that document to fill a book on how not to work with photoshop and illustrator).

    What the specifics? Just ask. What to debate the specifics? Put your best man against me. Want to lean something? Listen to this audio discussion of Newcomer, Zebest and others (it’s real)

    But don’t write authoritatively about “hypocrisy” and shout “media bias” from one side of your mouth while remaining silent about the developments on the birth certificate from the other, especially since you voluntarily mocked the “birthers” so often in the past. You may believe your loyal fans and birthers are not one in the same, but you fans like me are learning the facts – the no-sh*t facts – and that’s putting out respect for you to the test as your silence on the issue grows deafening. That, my friend, is called “hypocrisy”.

    Otherwise keep up the fine work, but it;s time to man-up on Obama’s fake birth certificate. It is, people are learning, and the 2012 election is much to far away to hope to straddle a neutral inaction after all the mockery you have offered in the past. You are either on the side of right or you’re not.

    It’s time to man-up, Bernie. Not a year from now when others have made this issue safe for your to tip your tie in the water. Now.

    • Chester A. Arthur

      There are two main reasons Bernie does not want to get seriously involved in this issue:

      1. Fear (for various reasons)
      2. Marco Rubio (for various reasons)

      What I find really humorous though is the fact some of Bernie’s long time fans here on his site have admitted to holding at least some “birther” beliefs or suspicions.

      Bill O’Reilly, George Stephanopoulos, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, and Colin Powell have each been offered $15,000 for a charity of their choice just for listening to 3 hours of “birther” evidence.

      Colin Powell had this say about the $15,000 on NPR:

      “In fact, as you may have noticed, some people are trying to persuade me to listen to their arguments as to why he is not a citizen, and I don’t choose to participate in that any longer. We’ve spent enough time on this issue. President Obama was born in the United States. He was born in Hawaii. He’s shown his certificates, and the rest of this is just conspiratorial nonsense.”

      He’s so biased that he is disregarding a whole $15,000 for charity. NPR has scrubbed Powel’s comments btw, but the recording is still online.

      Also, what I really wish “birthers” and anti-birthers would come to understand is:
      The birth certificate issue and the eligibility issue are not necessarily directly intertwined. The anti-birthers have been confusing the issue by suggesting forged birth certificates MUST have something to do with eligibility.
      This is not necessarily the case.

      Don’t be fooled.

      • Proe Graphique

        I disagree with you one one point, Chester: Bernie’s motivations. We cannot read his mind and cannot say for certain what Bernie’s motivation is for silence when annoyed and condescending mockery was previously his stock-and-trade on this issue. The awful reality that he is writing about hypocrisy on the one hand and ignoring the expert analysis that defeats his past mockery and that is certainly interesting enough without needing the speculate on why he has gone down this road that essentially, IMO, explodes his professional credibility.

        • Chester A. Arthur

          You are indeed correct. It was only my guess…but, I’ve been following what Bernie has had to say for quite a while now. So, call it an informed guess.

        • Chester A. Arthur

          Oh, and let’s not forget about General Vallely who stated 10 out of 10 CIA and other experts say the birth certificate is a fraud, or how Fox News reporter (!) Jana Winter committed libel against Tremblay then claimed the BC was “legit.”

          Yes, this article of Berny’s entitled “Hypocrisy!” is a great place to write these comments!

          • Proe Graphique

            Good point. I forgot about General Vallely who was good enough to be a top military expert guest over and over and over on every Fox News Prime-time show, but now that he says all ten of the trusted CIA experts he knows and asked said, along with the top graphics and document experts, that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake, suddenly Vallely is apparently seen as another suddenly-baked fruitcake by mainstream/fox news/Bernie Goldberg. That’s real journalistic integrity for you.

            Mockingly, Goldberg suggested that all birthers believe Obama is the devil. That’s an interesting seeming self-fulfilling prophecy in terms of conservative opinion, because the more guys like Goldberg ignore the biggest scandal in US presidential history, the more one begins to think that only the devil himself could get away with such a thing.

            Bernie, Joseph Newcomer’s analysis of the killian documents was good enough to get Dan Rather fired from CBS News, but isn’t good enough to warrant your journalistic interest about Obama. Nice job, Bernie. Well done. Keep mocking the mainstream media: your laughter shouts itself back at your face from the mirror.

      • Ron Kean

        I stopped going back to the ‘Do you believe in the Devil’ article that Bernie originally posted after a whopping 2,200 comments. The article was rich with opposing viewpoints but the support for the argument that it’s a forgery won’t die because the truth cannot be denied. This is the biggest ‘J-Accuse’ moment of the century.

        The truth hurts and there are questions and evidence and it’s the greatest coverup in American history. Bernie and his buddies don’t want to take it one step further. It’s either fear of peer ridicule or he believes that Obama would never post anything other than the absolute truth because Bernie knows the president better than we do he and trusts him.

        Bernie, you know what I’ve written. I like you and respect you and I’ve bought 2 of your books – hardcover. But you did bring this up as a way ribbing those who you sincerely thought were off their rocker, fringe psychos or blind ideologues.

        But they are us and you seem to ignore the flame you fanned.You be the judge of your blog fans or the folks who you deride as the Lamestream Media. The media will be on you like a ton of bricks. But if you can take the info, make a 30 minute report on it, you might be the one to save the USA or expose the media…again. They may not even air it.

        • Chester A. Arthur

          Thank-you Ron.

          It’s because of people like you that I’m still motivated to spread the truth. Despite often being disregarded by both sides, I feel there is definitely something wrong with the “birth certificates” and maybe even Obama’s eligibility. It’s too bad no journalist is willing to look at the evidence objectively :(

          • http://www.obamafake.blogspot.com Proe Graphique


            Hello, and that was well-stated.


            I’m speaking to you directly as one middle-aged professional to another. My profession is that of graphics and photographic work in various mediums and has been for 25 years and that includes producing. It encompasses a lot. If you go to ObamaFake you can see, as evidence of my skill and consequent knowledgeably, a few politically-themed examples done by me on what little spare time I have for one purpose only: to show I know my way around the programs well enough to speak with some authority on the graphics and program issues involved in the birth certificate without bringing down the unfair mockery you and the mainstream media have leveled upon those of us who smell a rat in Obama’s nativity story.

            I’m telling you this because as a 25-year-plus expert with more than enough knowledge to do the job, I’m not simply looking up to guys like Newcomer as a quotable authority – that’s for journalists like you. I am *confirming that his analysis is accurate*. The birth certificate is a fake, Bernie. I didn’t start a headache like ObamaFake to be the next Drudge or to change careers, and I swore not to make a red cent off it and there is no donate button or advertising on it. I did it because I could bring something extra to the table and add something of substance, not just an argument or opinion. I AM TELLING YOU THAT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. IT HAS THE PROGRAM COMMANDS USED TO CREATE THE LAST STEP OF THE FORGERY STILL EMBEDDED IN THE LAYERS EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT. WHOEVER DID IT DID NOT PURGE THE HISTORY AND CLIPBOARD IN THE LAYERS. You probably don’t know what that means, but it plain English it means the birth certificate is a CREATION, not a “scan”. That makes it a fake. NOW – DO – YOU – GET – IT?

            Why is this important? It’s important because Obama’s career started with Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, and if he is half as radical as they are (and I hope you aren’t afraid of him for that reason because young kids died by the hundreds of thousands as soldiers so you could be free), he needs to be stopped in any legal way possible. His Achilles heel appears to be his very history. ALMOST CERTAINLY THE 100%-ESTABLISHED FORGERY IS A FELONY. This has Richard Nixon times ten written all over it. SO STOP SCREWING AROUND AND USE IT, BERNIE. The obvious importance of this issue makes everything else you are writing about look like blather and pablum by comparison, so get with the program and put your journalistic priorities in order. This is no joke.

  • Blair Bieser

    I’m sorry, but as much as I like it when Mr. Goldman points out liberal media bias, I don’t think the NYT is being hypocritical in this case. The difference in the shootings is who the victims are. Gabrielle Giffords is a Democratic congresswoman, and yes, Jared Loughner shot her for insane reasons, but those reasons were political. The IHOP victims are not an overtly political target. Some of them are National Guard, but as far as I know, liberals haven’t been directing any violent rhetoric at the Guard. Now, if a gunman had shot a bunch of people at a Tea Party rally, and the NYT didn’t write an editorial blaming recent left-wing hate speech by Maxine Waters, James Hoffa, etc., then I would agree with Mr. Goldberg the NYT was being hypocritical. But that isn’t what happened here.

    • Jeffreydan

      It is absolutely hypocritical.

      There is just as much blame for the left for the Nevada shooting as there is for the right for the Arizona shooting, as in none.
      Whatever violence was in the warped brains of the shooters, it wasn’t proven to be inspired by anyone’s political rhetoric. The NYT created the Republicans’ culpability out of whole cloth.
      The “overtly political target” argument is meaningless.

  • Cover of Night

    Excellent, Bernie! Great insight.

  • Norbit


    I don’t know if the link will take, but if not, there’s another timely bias incident on Mediaite involving the unions & the “Hoffa effect”.

  • RecknHavic

    The demagoguery from the NYT is no different than what the Left has always done. The surprising thing is that so many still fall for it.

  • Chester A. Arthur


    When will you write a follow-up piece on the “birther” article you wrote? It’s not nice to abandon the class.

    • http://www.obamafake.blogspot.com Proe Graphique

      It has been months since Bernie, who I ordinarily like and for whom I have great respect, said he’d follow up that birther hit piece he wrote. So what’s the deal? Top experts like Newcomer, whose analysis of the Killian documents got Dan Rather fired from CBS News, says Obama’s long form birth certificate that the White House posted online is a fake, and so do a thousand other experts. So do I, incidentally – the thing is so pathetic it isn’t even funny: the history of the creation of the forgery – the program commands – are actually embedded in the document itself; the idiot who made the thing forgot to purge the clipboard and history and flatten the layers! (That guy makes Jimmy Down The Hall look like Einstein!)

      So let’s go, folks. Let’s have another birther hit piece. Let the journalists and Obama defenders and everyone else who have no expertise or street cred in graphics or document analysis and who simply want a situation the difficulty of which tops out at above their intelligence level or is contrary to their political desires say that Newcomer and Zebest and thousands of other graphics professionals don’t know what they’re talking about. Don’t make us wait. Let’s go, folks. Game on.

  • Norbit

    Oh btw, I just read the Hypocrisy article (very good, expected), and I have to say, you write in the same style and cadence you speak.

    Do we all do that? – because I can’t say that I’ve ever noticed it before.

  • Norbit


    Regarding Brian William’s death penalty row, I’ve inverted the situation to ask my liberal friends if expressed the same compassion and concern to the hundreds of innocent people killed by convicted murderers who weren’t put to death!

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  • robin in fl

    GREAT post bernie.Once again you call it as you see it and you say it VERY well.

  • Pro Graphique

    REMEMBER WHAT OBAMA SAID AS A SUPPOSEDLY POETIC ANALOGY IN DEALING WITH REPUBLICANS: “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun.’ Not only did Obama make it clear that he did not disagree with Hoffa’s implied violent rhetoric, considering his own past statements, he likely discussed the speech with Hoffa in advance and helped craft the message.

    These people are Nazi-style socialists and Marxist communists. Obama’s headquarters had a now-famous poster of Che Rivera behind one worker’s desk, and Rivera was a bloody communist revolutionary who murdered his way to power. This is the culture of the current left. It’s how they think. It’s who they admire and wish they could emulate if they could, apparently. We have to get with the program and understand what they’re saying is not ghetto poetry – in some cases, these people really mean it when they say they want to kill, as Obama described Republicans to an Hispanic group, “the enemy.”

    These people are communists, and this time they mean it.

    As far as demeaning republicans, another tactic is to paint the right wing as unsophisticated and ignorant. As a response, ObamaFake has posted a detailed, graphic rebuttal complete with tons of photographic exhibits. Use the information to throw the mockery and denigration back at them – and the world. This is a media war, and we better win it. 2012 is the turning point.


  • JohnInMA

    Your point was made excellently by the substitution, Bernie. For me there may be further, and all to common, hypocrisy once more information is made public. Those who want to implement intensive gun control always point to lives lost and violence. But they never call out the portion attributable to illegal possession, which is very significant. There was much said and written, rightfully in that case, about the Tuscon shooter being able to lawfully acquire his arsenal. If this person had an illegal arsenal, will there be equal press? Or will you be able to repeat your article with editorial substitutions to point out the hypocrisy on gun control?

    We will know soon.

    • Ron Kean

      There is a theory that the purpose of Fast and Furious was to cause murder and mayhem, blame it simply on possession of guns and use that to outlaw possession of guns. It’s just a theory but the reality is a cover up and stonewalling from the Justice Department.

  • CCNV

    Hi, Bernie!

    We do not know of a motive yet, and if we did, it still would NOT make this heinous act acceptable. A ‘few’ have tried to make this political, but clearer heads have prevailed. As much as the liberals would like to see otherwise, we are a community UNITED to mourn the loss of our members, as well as those still fighting for their lives.

  • Ron Kean

    That was funny switching the parties in the first part of the column.

    I believe the NYT has 900,000 readers. I wonder if the readers believe all that they read.

  • John Daly

    Excellent point! I didn’t pick up on that, but I’m glad you did.