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I’m well aware that every radio talk show host insists he has the smartest listeners, but I suspect I have the smartest readers. I don’t say that simply because they’re wise enough to read what I write, which would certainly be a strong indicator, but because I read what they write.

For instance, I recently heard from Patrick Miano, of Phoenix, Arizona. In his opening, he mentioned that not too long ago a wealthy, charitable Arizona couple named Shapiro had been brutalized, robbed and murdered by a gang of five professional criminals. Recalling the way the liberal media had jumped all over the lunatic who had killed six people and injured a dozen others, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, insisting on the basis of absolutely no evidence that he was a right-wing fanatic, Mr. Miano sent the following letter to Ed Montini, a liberal columnist for the Arizona Republic:

“I blame the liberal media and the Democrats for the murders of Mr. and Mrs. Shapiro and similar crimes that have occurred in this country. The president is also responsible for his tirades against ‘millionaires and billionaires flying in corporate jets.’ They incite poor people who have nothing to commit violence. They inflame the vast unstable element on the Left, fill them with class envy and resentment. Directly or indirectly, they encourage them to commit crimes against wealthy people like the Shapiros who have all the things they don’t. They rant about civility, but show none themselves. The murders of the Shapiros and other violence committed against our most productive and generous citizens are on their heads. They have created a counter-culture consumed with an entitlement mentality.

“Does the above paragraph offend you? Is it unfair? Is it based on fabrications and exaggerations? Does it wrongly attack people who have done nothing more than use colorful language to exercise their right of free speech? You’re absolutely right! It is and it does. I reject such thinking. But if you felt offended, now you know how Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, conservative news commentators and Republicans, felt when the Left blamed them and their rhetoric for the attempted murder of Rep. Giffords and the murders of six innocent people by an assassin who was accused of being a rightist fanatic, but was only a madman with no political leanings. It doesn’t feel good, does it? Ed, I know you were not involved in that slander and libel campaign, but at least some of your left-wing colleagues were. Maybe you’d like to show this to them.

“If conservatives in Arizona try to exploit the Shapiro tragedy using propaganda like theinflammatory falsehoods I wrote above as an example, remember where they got the idea.”

My only problem with the letter is that, unlike Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, conservative talk show hosts and Republicans, the Left does intentionally foment violence. You need look no further than the Occupy Wall Street movement that has devastated city streets around the country and the rioting by the public sector unions in Madison, Wisconsin, to see examples of it.

The other email came to me from Clarence MacKenzie, a reader up in Canada. A keen student of politics in both our countries, he reminded me that the Liberal Party of Canada had dominated their national scene for nearly a century. “No one,” he wrote, “predicted their sudden and almost complete collapse. However, in retrospect, it now seems obvious.”

He continued: “From the mid-70s onward, the Liberals vacated the center and moved to the left. The center right Liberals began to lose influence in the party and started retiring or jumping ship (as with Sen. Joe Lieberman and the Democrats). As they moved to the white collar unions (teachers and public employees), the traditional trade unions began to lose enthusiasm, as happened when Obama’s nixed the Keystone XL pipeline. As the Liberals became more secular, they started to lose the Catholic vote, which migrated to the Conservatives. (I call your attention to Obama’s contraception move.) The Liberals began dithering on Israel and the Jewish vote, which had always constituted a strong liberal bloc, began to evaporate. In their move to the left, they fully embraced the Anthropogenic Global Warming stuff and became the darlings of the environmental extremists. (Sound familiar?) Over the decades they had gradually lost the western farm vote and the rural vote west of Toronto. (Check the present Red State/Blue State distribution in the U.S. and it’s intriguingly similar.)

“Basically they became a conglomeration of intellectual elites, bureaucrats, teachers, environmentalists, and other dribs and drabs. Over the past two elections, they have completely imploded and even the most ardent pundits cannot see them even back in the race in the foreseeable future.

“Like the Democrats, they always enjoyed the support of the mass media, but even that was not sufficient to prevent their demise.”

There you have it, folks. Now do you understand why I am so absolutely confident that Obama will not be re-elected this November? After all, as everyone knows, as Canada goes, so goes America.

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  • Drew Page

    Man, do I ever hope you are right Burt.   The one thing about unions that I do like is that the vast majority of them want to work.   They have families they want to protect and support.   These folks send their kids to the Armed forces and to college, they also pay federal income taxes.   I don’t blame them for bargaining for higher salaries, benefits and pensions, everyone wants these things.   But if there are going to be unions allowed in the public sector where taxes support these union workers, there should absolutely no right to strike in their contracts.   In the public sector a right to strike gives employees the right to withold vital services from a public that pays for them  In the private sector, union strikes can break a company and put it out of business, but the public sector never goes out of business.  

    If unionization is such a good thing in the public sector, why isn’t it practiced in the Armed Forces?  Can you see it now, Armed Forces personnel filing grievances against their superiors, claiming a “hostile work environment”    Would a strike for higher wages and benefits be called on the eve of, or during, a battle?  

    In the private sector, an employer faced with union demands for higher wages, benefits and pensions has few choices:  concede and become unprofitable, go out of business, move to a ‘right to work’ state, or move his jobs to another country.   Public sector employers like schools, cities, counties, states and all their political sub-divisions can’t do that.  Taxpayers can’t decide to fire these employees and look for replacement workers who will perform these services at a lesser cost.  Since public employers aren’t spending their own money, but taxpayer’s money the choice is pretty simple, just give in to the demands of the unions.   And since they have to take such good care of these union employees, you can be sure that they will take care of themselves even better.

  • BurtPrelutsky

    Glen: The problem is that half of America is either unaware of the damage that the left-wing has caused our country or is aware of it but sees it as the inevitable path to a communist state.

    I am not a person who sees America’s past through rose-tinted glasses, but if things don’t change for the better soon, the future is as a national cesspool that combines the worst aspects of the Soviet Union, Cuba, modern Greece and Chicago.

  • Glen

    Thanks Burt, two marvelous stories (to parrot Romney…and Obama). 

     I agree with you that Mr. Miano was too generous to those truely responsible for fomenting hate and violence in our culture. 

     It’s about time Mr. MacKenzie’s scenario played out in the USA.  Sooner or later even Wil must see reality within all that toxic smoke blown by those who influence him and his kindred.  Maybe not Wil.

  • BurtPrelutsky

    cma: Wil has made it perfectly clear in his endless comments that the oxygen supply isn’t the problem.  It’s flowing freely.  It’s the brain that doesn’t exist.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGT5LFXDWHPKRWLSI2WPBXIGXE Wil

    Oh, the poor Jews, they are having a hard time surviving in America. Hell, you people control almost everything in America, what more do you want? 

    • cmacrider

      Wil:  After reading your posts, I often wonder whether your brownshirt is so tight it stifles the flow of oxygen to your brain.

    • Michael

      I don’t have to look around in America very long to see plenty of people I would gladly trade for some more Jews.  Look at the level of education, income, and the general contribution to society Jews make. 

      My only peeve with Jews in America is that they tend to lean left politically, overwhelmingly support Democrats like Obama, and ally with the likes of that self-serving but sly goon Jesse Jackson (he of the infamous “hymietown” comment).  They seem to have a self-destructive political instinct. 

  • BurtPrelutsky

    Mike Jackson: I am in total agreement.  Furthermore, the ability to read a Teleprompter aside, does body language no longer count when it comes to public speaking?  Aren’t other people as put off as I am by Obama’s arrogant chin-jutting (a la Mussolini) and the prolonged and meaningless pauses between words in a single sentence?


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGT5LFXDWHPKRWLSI2WPBXIGXE Wil

      Obama is the president and you are just a big mouth jackass! What is your contribution to America, other sitting on your ass complaining about everything? 

      • cmacrider

        This represents a articulate response which cogently rebuts the point made by Patrick Miano.  Unfortunately for you, Mr. Miano’s letter to Burt represents a more artistic contribution to the political dialogue than anything I’ve ever seen you write over the years in this column.  But keep on punching out the message …. Goebels would be proud of you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.o.r.jackson Mike Jackson

    Outstanding column as always Burt.
    The American lame stream media has destroyed their own credibility.  It’s one thing to say a person is a tremendous public speaker.  But one can also place a teleprompter in front of a ten-year-old child with strong oral reading skills and net the same result.
    At least the ten-year-old child has a better sense of fair play than many so-called adults.  They couldn’t do any worse than our present media illuminati.