I Thought Affirmative Action Was a Good Thing

If affirmative action was such a great idea, then why is the left branding anyone a racist who might suggest that President Obama benefitted from the policy?

Donald Trump has brought the President’s academic record into the spotlight by asking how he gained admittance to Columbia University and Harvard Law School after having less than a stellar academic record at Occidental.

Because of that simple query, he’s now been branded by the left as a racist because he has the audacity to question the President’s academic credentials.

Ed Schultz over at MSNBC called Mr. Trump a racist because “he’s questioning the academic prowess of one of the smartest Presidents we’ve ever had.”

When Mr. Trump called on the President to release his college records, Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation, said, “That’s just code for saying he got into law school because he’s black.

Then there’s the Rev. Al Sharpton who’s upset with Mr. Trump’s statements because it suggests that President Obama got into two Ivy League schools because of affirmative action.

Well, I found all these statements very enlightening because each one firmly believes Mr. Trump is saying that President Obama had to have been admitted to Columbia and Harvard, not based on his grades, but because of affirmative action.

Assuming that’s true, what makes Mr. Trump a racist?  I thought the left loved affirmative action.  What’s the problem with President Obama benefitting from the policy?

Rev. Sharpton supports it.  So, why the outcry that the President benefitted from something Al Sharpton always supported and thinks is good for the country?

The African American Forum Policy advocates for affirmative action as does the ACLU, and the NAACP is opposed to any constitutional amendment that would do away with affirmative action programs.  President Obama’s own Justice Department just recently filed an amicus brief in support of the University of Texas, Austin, which includes a component that considers race and ethnicity in its admissions decisions.

So what’s making the left so outraged?  If President Obama gained admittance to Columbia University or Harvard Law School through affirmative action, why should that be a negative?

It sounds as if the left now views a person who gets into a university because of his skin color differently from someone who gets in because of merit.  It seems a bit hypocritical for the left to be calling foul play when the African American Policy Forum, for instance, believes that “race-conscious affirmative action remains necessary to address race-based obstacles that block the path to success of countless people of color of all classes.”  So why’s the left making such a fuss?

It’s interesting to see some on the left backing up from their decades-long support of affirmative action.  Maybe it’s because they’re starting to wise up to the fact that affirmative action isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  I’m in Justice Clarence Thomas’s camp who believes that affirmative action has created a “cult of victimization” and implies blacks require “special treatment in order to succeed.”

It sounds as if affirmative action is coming back to bite the collective left on the butt.  Maybe they’re finally realizing that affirmative action makes victims of people and those that benefit from it are actually stigmatized by the policy.

It’s really no surprise I don’t get the left in this country.  But if you do, God bless you.

Author Bio:

For over twenty years, Leona has tried to heed her husband’s advice, “you don’t have to say everything you think.” She’s failed miserably. Licensed to practice law in California and Washington, she works exclusively in the area of child abuse and neglect. She considers herself a news junkie and writes about people and events on her website, “I Don’t Get It,” which she describes as the “musings of an almost 60-year old conservative woman on political, social and cultural life in America.” It’s not her intention to offend anyone who “gets it.” She just doesn’t. Originally from Brooklyn, and later Los Angeles, she now lives with her husband, Michael, on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest, which she describes as a bastion of liberalism.
Author website: http://www.idontgetit.us
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  • lmn

    I like this…everyone on the left is for affirmative action until someone points out someone benefitted from it, then that person making the observation is quickly labeled a racist. Why not take affirmative action off the table so these types of judgements (on both sides) dont happen[or at least lose some legitimacy]?

  • JDO

    Being Hispanic, I’ve always thought of Affirmative Action as just another slap in the face towards minorities. Oh, we’re just not smart enough or make good enough grades or work hard enough to get into universities or get a job ourselves, we need the help of caring, compassionate white people. Stuff it, bleeding hearted! If we don’t earn something on our merit alone, then we don’t need your handouts! That’s my position.

    Sadly, too many Hispanics and Blacks are taught, not only by these “compassionate” do-gooders, but also their so-called “leaders” that this is the only way they’ll have a chance in America. Stop babying Hispanics and Blacks, and convincing them that they’re always the “victim” in everything! Instead, get them to study hard, work hard and feel GOOD about themselves and see if you can stop them (us)!

  • http://thetileworks@hotmail.com dward

    Affirmative action however noble it’s beginnings were was transformed into blatant reverse discrimination long ago. The result is a system that is rife with substandard ,basically uneducated and unaccountable supervisors , department heads and leaders that have taken us from a competitive and growing world nation and turned us into , well , what you see today —–a laughing stock. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link and we have become a nation of weak links ,thanks in large part to AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.

  • Konrad Lau

    Two points Ron:

    1. Academic achievement was paramount in the left’s mind when President Regan was in office. You will recall their constant derision of Reagan throughout his terms of his being a patsy and manipulated by those around him because after all, he was only a face?

    2. Even my feeble memory clearly recalls the left’s incessant yammering about what a “dolt” President GW Bush was…until it was revealed Bush’s opponents in both races were outshined academically by the dolt. Then the din subsided appreciably.

    3. President Obama’s record is MOST significant because I for one am sick and tired of hearing about his status as mental giant. If his record equals that of Nuclear Scientist James Carter, I would be even more worried than I am now about his unflagging incompetence. If his record shows mediocre performance, it only serves to point out the gullibility of the left in their willingness to believe the propaganda generated by Obama’s machine.

    For a smart woman your surprise by hypocrisy from the left is surely feigned for literary purposes.
    Thank you, it is high time we as a nation once again began to refer to a spade as a spade. I get so tired of referring to a shovel as an environmentally friendly manual excavator.

    • Ron

      George Bush’s SAT scores were 566 verbal, 640 math, total 1,206, Al Gore’s SAT scores were 625 verbal, 730 math, total 1,355. Both scores were average. George Bush’s score would not be good enough for any student who was not a child of an alumni to get in, which is a form of affirmative action. I don’t know how John Kerry got into Harvard with his SAT score. George Bush was an average student at Yale, Al Gore was an average student at Harvard. John Kerry was an average student at Yale. On the limited record produced, it is difficult to say who was the better undergraduate student. To my knowledge, the complete undergraduate record for any of them has never been published. As for my favorite President, Ronald Reagan’s academic record at Eureka College, it might be available at the Reagan Library, but I do not believe it to the general public. In an interview with Barbara Walters, I think, he said, “I never knew anything above Cs”. It did not stop him from greatness. And the fact that the left has attacked Ronald Reagan and George Bush does not change my mind that President Obama should be judged on his record only. I disagree with what he does, not how he got into Harvard. There is a lot of undeserved preferences in the system. Children of wealthy parents have more advantages than others in their careers and in inheritance. Would we have heard of Steve Forbes if he wasn’t the son of Malcom Forbes?

      • JDO

        I believe that one of the main reasons people want to see Obama’s academic records is because his “defenders” (heck, not only his defenders) are constantly telling us how brilliant this guy is, despite little to no evidence of it. What has Obama done to prove that he’s a mental genius? Has anyone actually listened to the guy when he’s not reading off of his teleprompters? He makes GW Bush sound like the most brilliant orator ever! I was willing to cut the guy some slack on that issue (his supposed incredible intelligence), despite the fact that I disagree with most, if not all, of his stands on issues, but he has done little to sway me towards the “smartest President ever” camp.

        It’s the double standards, and hypocrisy that bug me the most … oops, but perhaps I’m just racist and don’t know better.

  • Ron

    Why is President Obama’s academic record relevant to the job that he is doing as President? I don’t like the job he is doing but I doubt that it has anything to do with how he got into law school. Besides, I believe President Obama has said that he has benefitted from affirmative action. My favorite President was President Reagan. I have no idea of what his academic record was.

    • Joe

      The point, I think, Ron, is that, while you might have no idea what Reagan’s academic record was, I strongly suspect you could find out if you had even the slightest interest. So far as I know, no President – indeed, no politician – has ever gone to the lengths to which Obama has gone, to *hide* his records. This compels the question, “Why?” If he has nothing to hide…why hide ’em? And yes, I think it is relevant in at least two ways. First, the Left carped and sneered about Bush’s records; and second, the Left keeps trumpeting Obama as the most brilliant guy who ever wore shoes. Turnabout is fair play. You think Bush’s records were sub-par? You claim this guy’s an unequalled genius? OK….Put up or shut up (as we used to say when I was in elementary school, so many years ago).