When Idealism Gets Mugged by Reality

Dr. ObamaI was watching the Fox News Channel the other day when the host asked a young, liberal man who supports President Obama how he could possibly think that other young men would want to buy a health insurance policy that included maternity care just because that kind of coverage was mandated under the so-called Affordable Care Act.  “Because,” came the instant reply, “they’ll also get ambulance service if they need to go to the hospital.”

This was a young man loyal to the president.  And loyalty, as we can see from his answer, can make a devotee say silly things.  Still, loyalty can be a noble trait.  But when it’s loyalty to someone you don’t actually know, when it’s loyalty to a politician you only worship from afar, when it’s loyalty to a president who cares more about his legacy than he does about you, then noble isn’t quite the right word.  Naive comes a lot closer.

Naive or not, this young, loyal, member of the millennial generation is precisely the kind of idealist Barack Obama desperately needs on his side if ObamaCare is to survive.  If millions of young people don’t sign up, the game is over.  Mr. Obama’s most important piece of legislation will die a slow, painful death. And no matter how many times he blames Republicans, it won’t matter.  His stature and his presidency will be in tatters.

But Mr. Obama’s team has always figured that young people will “do the right thing,” that they’ll sign up for the Affordable Care Act even if it isn’t quite as affordable as they thought.  Why?  Because they’re young idealists who are, well, idealistic, and care more about the welfare of the country than they care about themselves.  President Obama has counted on them to be “good, responsible people” who will sacrifice for the greater good.  Mr. Obama was betting the young and healthy would be willing to pay more for their insurance so old people more likely to get sick could pay less.  He was betting the millennials would do that even though the fine (or tax) was quite small if they chose not to sign up for ObamaCare. Such was his faith in their idealism, and their liberalism.  But mostly, such was his faith in himself — in his ability to sell ice cubes to Eskimos.

But there was another guest on another Fox show the other day who wasn’t buying what the president was selling.  This guest was angry because his insurance had just been cancelled and his premiums tripled from $100 a month to $300.  And what irked him the most was that with his new policy he had to pay for – ready for this?  — pediatric dental care.

It turns out this young man wasn’t married, had no kids and didn’t need or want pediatric dental care.  He seemed like a smart, decent guy.  But he didn’t feel any great need “to do the right thing” or be “responsible” just to make the president look good.

And he’s hardly alone. A new survey from the Harvard Institute of Politics finds that 56 percent of 18-to-29 year olds disapprove of ObamaCare. A majority believes it will increase costs.  And now, only 41 percent approve of the job the president (they once loved and admired) is doing.  Does any of this make you think these young Americans just can’t wait to sign up for more expensive insurance plans?

Last spring, before anyone knew what a disaster the ObamaCare rollout would be, a White House official said, “If there’s one thing we know how to do it’s reach young people.”  He had reason for optimism.  Young people were among Mr. Obama’s biggest supporters. But what Team Obama didn’t factor in is that even young, loyal idealists have their limits.  They’ll “do the right thing” until there’s a price to pay.  They’re in favor of raising taxes on the wealthy, until they start making money.  They’re in favor of affirmative action, until they’re the ones who don’t make the cut.  And they were in favor of President Obama and his ironically named Affordable Care Act until it wasn’t so affordable to them.  That’s when their loyalty morphed into another trait that has survived through the ages to ensure our well-being.  This one is called Looking Out for Number One.





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  • Steve

    ABSOLUTELY adore the last paragraph !!! How true it is that Liberals are all for “it” until they have to pay for it.

    Or as Lady Thacher said “Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money.”

  • nkqx57a

    “They’ll “do the right thing” and Looking Out for Number One”…

    Do the “right thing”…based upon whose values; theirs or Obama’s.

    “Looking out for number one”…themselves or Obama.

    The assumptions made by Obama and his Administration are based upon liberal values (which are nothing more than what feels good to me). The millennial generation is finding out that their values are not reflective of Obama’s values (it doesn’t feel good to them).

  • Susan Daniels

    “good, responsible people” We counted on Obama being that kind of person, too. Guess everyone is going to be disappointed.

  • DoubleHelix

    So why would a young man purchase health coverage that covers maternity care? That is the question. Well lets see, I have purchased comprehensive health insurance through my employer for two decades. That same coverage, for women, covers a variety of “female” only services. I have never looked at it as an injustice or prejudiced, that’s just how comprehensive insurance works. It covers what people need. The policies are not tailored to each specific person or gender, that is an asinine idea. All this chatter is fake outrage. Those of us who have had good insurance know this. They will buy the plan because it covers what they need, period.

    • Sheila Warner

      The individual market is quite different from the employer sponsored market. The individual was given flexibility in what coverage s/he wanted. And, contrary to what the President and his supporters say, those with individual plans liked them. They were paying for them. Now they have no coverage at all, and may end up needing tax dollars for subsidies. So, they had perfectly good insurance which didn’t cost the taxpayer a dime, and now they have higher costs for coverage they don’t want or need, with the taxpayers paying part of their costs to boot.

      The President promised more choices and lowered costs. That is not the case for millions of Americans.

  • legal eagle

    Young people are abandoning Obama based upon one poll? Bernie Goldberg, just like his fellow Fox News cultists, only wishes that was true…..Maybe Bernie might check the veracity of the “young man” who would be forced to purchase “pediatric dental coverage”.

    • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

      I actually agree with legal eagle on this. We can never underestimate the intelligence of Obama loyalists.

      • I Hate Fascists

        Did you just call your fearless leader a cult follower? Never underestimate the intelligence of Sheriff John Daly

      • Sheila Warner

        FNC had on a young man who has started a group called Generation Opportunity. They have put out five YouTube videos criticizing the ACA. The young man was intelligent and articulate. He might be able to persuade some of the young and healthy people to skip enrolling in this monstrosity.

    • Integrity

      Some people actually acquire wisdom with age. At least there is still some hope for them. QED

    • D Parri

      Through the federal health care marketplaces, pediatric dental coverage has to be available, but people don’t have to buy the coverage if it’s offered as a separate plan. Families will likely have the option of purchasing a general health plan which includes pediatric dental coverage. Options will depend on where a person lives.

      For adults who buy health coverage on their own or as part of a small group, dental coverage is not a mandated benefit and does not have to be included in health plans. Subsidies will not be available for dental coverage.

      For employer-based coverage, as a requirement, all coverage must include a dental needs assessments benefit for kids and doctor referrals to dentists.

      Hope this helps. BTW, the “young man” mentioned by Bernie above might or might not be required to have pediatric dental care coverage included in his policy…it depends on the circumstances.

      • keith hart

        D, I am given the impression you are very knowledgeable of insurance — professionally knowledgeable.
        While this Courtney guy is stringing emotional lines of non sequiturs together in hopes of building a paragraph
        If you find this reply in two places its because I mistakenly placed it here. The edit function doesn’t allow removal.

        • D Parri

          K, I think that most of the text can be removed by using the right mouse button to “select all”, then either select “delete” or hit the Delete button. Make sure you “save edit” after you’ve done that.

          I won’t guarantee that it will work, but you can try it…I’ve had trouble trying to delete my own comments before also.

          • keith hart

            No go. but I’ll play with it some more later

        • keith hart

          It worked partially. I was able to replace the duplicate message with the above. So, a step toward thorough removal
          If I leave the box blank and click save edit the original just returns

    • Ditto

      Don’t be naïve. They’ll make rational pocketbook decisions when they abandon O’dopo. They probably will still squash spiders too.

  • Paul Courtney

    So where’s OWS when Obama needs them? Why aren’t they occupying, well, anyplace, signing up, well, each other, on the wondrous exchange? Wouldn’t it be delicious to see them selling insurance, just like the hippies who went into banking in the ’70s? That would put the screws to those 1%ers, alright.

  • D Parri

    That sounds like the title to an article, but it is actually the barometer of a “vast majority” of good, hard-working, decent people in America recently who have recently been made aware of just one more unintended consequence of the “Affordable Care Act”…i.e., Obamacare.

    Volunteer fire departments across the nation have now been given notice that theirs is to “comply, but not question why”, because the ACA is ‘the law of the land’ and no one may change its compliance requirements. That is, of course, unless you are Hussein Obama and need to accomplish political expediency by revising the law as necessary for the purpose.

    The pertinent statistics are easily available concerning America’s reliance upon the volunteer force–and the volunteer ethos–in helping to maintain a safe environment in which we live. Most of these standards of volunteer effort, approaching 85% overall, are substantiated by IRS data. Ironically, it is the IRS who is the very monitoring arm which will either impose the $2,000 fines per firefighter, or collect and submit payment to the government-approved insurance conglomerates which may survive the ACA’s first screening of less-than-cooperative entities.

    In contemplating the dissolution of “vast numbers” of volunteer companies and/or seeing the rise in municipal tax burdens far beyond those ever before imagined, it is not difficult to visualize the ‘bad guys’ in this whole affair as being the BIG insurance greed mongers. Forget about where the origin of this impetus derives for that is not part of the ACA plan.

    • Paul Courtney

      D: Just don’t get it, huh? “We can’t go back to the bad old days, when evil uninsured volunteer ff flooded emergency rooms, getting free med care we all had to pay for? When good volunteer ff were exploited by evil cities/townships/counties who refused them health care? When naive volunteer ff were sold crappy coverage by evil, exploitative insurance cos.?” Let’s see, did I miss any…oh, yeah, “the aca will finally provide affordable quality health care to millions of volunteer ff who had no access to health care.” These talking points, a fascinating mix of contradiction and nonsense, have become like white noise-wish it put me to sleep!

      • D Parri

        “…evil uninsured volunteer…good volunteer ff…naive volunteer ff evil, exploitative insurance

        • keith hart

          D, I am given the impression you are very knowledgeable of insurance — professionally knowledgeable.
          While this Courtney guy is stringing emotional lines of non sequiturs together in hopes of building a paragraph

          • D Parri

            K, I’m not sure what Courtney’s point was. I couldn’t actually tell if he was supporting or slamming the ACA. All I know is that it is important to convey the message and sometimes structured small building blocks work best.

            My past professional experience involved reading many regulations and staying abreast of the changes in the laws. My area happened to be tax, audit, and financial administration. Insurance was one facet of the whole scope of my involvement in both private and public work.

            Also, I just love it when someone hands you such an easily recognizable front for assault. Although Obama would have never been able to muster the votes to pass the ACA without telling those lies that he now owns…I’ll bet that he’s tired of hearing them repeated hundreds of times every day now. Period.

          • Sheila Warner

            I am a nurse who dealt with insurance companies for the patients of the doctors for whom I worked. I found them to be incredibly strict and unwilling to provide necessary medical care to their clients. The patients had to jump through so many hoops when they were injured or contracted a serious illness/disease. What’s your opinion of the insurance industry? You seem to have worked with them. I just wonder what you think of the times prior to ADA vs now. Personally, I still see them trying to make a buck on the backs of their clients.

          • D Parri

            Sheila, the biggest difference now is that they have a new partner–the government.

            Think about it, as greedy and unkind as they can be at times, you always had a choice–buy or not buy. There are some pretty awful horror stories about the insurance companies denying coverage to someone very vulnerable–child, elder, infirm–and the insurance company never wins that kind of PR battle.

            Ok, close your eyes, turn around, and bingo…it’s 2014. No one is denied coverage. All conditions are covered. No one loses their coverage because of a claim. Isn’t that the side of the river bank that the insurance companies want to be standing?

            But wait, considering the total cost of a policy–i.e., premiums, deductibles, co-pays–it might easily accumulate to $12,000 or more for an individual before ANY benefits are returned. I submit to you, Sheila, that was among the standard criteria for a CATASTROPHIC plan in days prior to ACA.

            Obviously, I am not in favor of the ACA, the president’s integrity, or the democratic leadership’s thumb in the eye of the American electorate approach to ‘fundamentally transforming’ our nation.

          • Sheila Warner

            As Ronald Reagan famously said: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

          • D Parri

            Yes, isn’t it amazing how truth endures, but lies evaporate like a mist.

          • keith hart

            I read his rant twice and all I got was this guy is working himself into a double bind.

    • Sheila Warner

      You are correct about the big insurance greed mongers. There is a provision in Obamacare which will send government money (our taxes!) to them if they don’t see a profit. We are screwed coming and going in this monstrosity. There’s a reason that implementation was slated for January 2014. If the realities of this bill had been known before 2012, we might have a different President. Of course, the tricky part now is getting the Dems through the mid-season elections. Implementation of the law in 2015 would affect the 2016 Presidential election. All of it is a matter of timing. I surely hope that the American citizens wake up and examine the records of both parties in office. Even though the GOP did not vote for Obamacare, if it doesn’t come up with a simple and easy to understand alternative, we will be stuck where we are now.

      • D Parri

        Sheila, I can’t help but believe that if we had never been handed this bill of goods called the ACA, then there would have been countless billions of dollars unspent today that could be put to a better use.

        If we had not been given the Obamacare nightmare by a Democratically controlled Congress, then it is even possible that our commander-in-chief may have accomplished something worthwhile thus far. He is now is a corner with no way to emerge as anything other than a casualty of his own narcissistic arrogance.

        I also believe that there are many viable alternatives to a single-payer, national healthcare solution. Any one improvement or a package of plans would be far better than the ‘train wreck’ we are now seeing unfold.

        BTW, how wise do you feel it is for the government to allow the insurance carriers to ‘estimate’ their subsidies due to them, present a bill, collect payment, and then ‘straighten out the actual numbers’ sometime in the future when the system is finished in development?

        My opinion…it is NUTS!

        • Sheila Warner

          I agree–it’s nuts. I had been in favor of a single payer system, but with 300 million plus citizens, I don’t think we can afford it. Not with a 17 trillion dollar debt and billions in deficits. I think the issues within the health insurance could have been solved with a gentle nudge from the government, not this monstrosity. I’d like to move away from employer sponsored care (not get rid of it, but make it less of factor), and that people should have the option to visit a health insurance office to buy a policy. It would be like getting car insurance. You’d have better choices in what you want, and competition should be national. Consumer demand will drive down costs. It’s probably just a fantasy, but that’s what I would like to see. What are your specific ideas?

          • D Parri

            Better government support–not mandate–of healthcare services for all people with relaxed regulations, allowing a more broad spectrum of services which obviously end with the doctor’s offices. I.e., more clinics and centers.

            A better partnership basis between patients, insurers, providers, and the government. In order to avoid a complete collapse, I think it would behoove all who have a stake in the game to want to come to the table.

            Absolutely, positively, there will be a need to put Obamacare behind us and never look back, unless it is to revisit the mistakes of the past so that we can avoid making them again.

            Simple solutions will require tort reform, nationwide marketing, health savings plans, etc., and there are many very good answers once headed down the correct path.

          • Sheila Warner

            And, most of all, REAL choice for the consumer, not a government mandated one-size-fits-all approach to policies. The only issue I have with private sector partnering with the government, is that government money comes with strings attached, as we are now seeing.

          • D Parri

            Yes, Ma’am, I agree. That’s the part where some real thought needs to go in to the process so that the private industry competitive spirit will be maintained and protected from government takeover.

            In the founding of our nation, the founding fathers sought to establish a nation wherein the peaceful coexistence of government and industry would be preserved with liberty for all.

            Surely there is an answer to our current challenge–they did such a marvelous job in getting us started.

  • keith hart

    Latest Current Events

    Obama Flies To South Africa
    I always seem to feel a little safer when Obama leaves the country. I always pray he really likes it where he is and doesn’t come back.

    Obama Shakes Hands With Castro
    Raul, count all your rings — quick. Before he walks away. Check your wristwatch, too.

    • MamaGrizzly

      A nice thing about having a discussion about ObamaCare is thjat liberals want no part of a discussion. They would ratherv stay inside mouseholes and keep their mouth shut

      • keith hart

        MamaGrizzly, do you think it possible they’re still too stunned — finding Ocare isn’t at all what they were told it was going to be. Give them a little time and they’ll be blaming us for it.

      • KStrett

        Some liberals are attempting to defend Obama-care. They attempt to defend the “if you like your health insurance and your doctor” comment. They attempt to defend the sky rocketing insurance premiums.

        The republicans need to understand the democrats end game is socialize medicine. It is a mistake to believe that Obama-care will implode and destroy it’s self. It is designed to destroy private insurance.

        If the GOP’s strategy is to sit back and let Obama-care implode, they will lose and this country will end up with a single payer socialized system. Once the current system is destroyed or badly damaged, it will be very hard to put back together again.

        • Sheila Warner

          You are absolutely correct!

      • Sheila Warner

        With some exceptions: Reid, Pelosi, and “Dr. Zeke.”

    • Sheila Warner

      Not to mention the Secret Service’s stupidity in not vetting a schizophrenic “sign language interpreter.” Unbelievable that the man was only feet away from the President. And, no one knew he was a nut job until later? As soon as someone noticed he wasn’t actually signing, he should have been removed. Stupidity all the way around. The Secret Service isn’t supposed to drink on the job, right?

      • keith hart

        There are times I think all the protection is actually what I would call “the theatre of protection” in that they rely so heavily on the projection of the image of security and in fact it is not genuine. Therefore, it breaks down and when it does, it does so in a colossal, frontpage, headline grabbing fashion.

        42 vehicle convoys to go crosstown DC for what? A cheeseburger? If they’re so confident of their ability to protect the president, why do they need 42 vehicles? If they don’t drink on the job, I bet there’s a lot of drinking off-duty.
        If I were the center of all this “protection”. I’d go with 3 guys I know: squad strength and travel in a jeep wrangler, relying on stealth to move about.

        But that’s just me.

        • Sheila Warner

          I’d have my three guys, too, and well armed to boot!

          • keith hart

            oh, yeah — to the teeth. I’d be too. I like the idea of a president who knows how to handle oneself in a firefight..

  • keith hart

    Thought For The Day

    There is a fine line
    and standing on the riverbank
    looking like an idiot.

  • keith hart

    There isn’t an ounce of idealism in Obama. He is a by-the-book Chicago politician.

    All his ‘idealistic’ talk is smoke and mirrors for the unwary and feigning tactics to tie up his blundering political opponents.

    If you want to see the results of ‘idealism’ of the lefties and alinsky community organizers take an extended, extensive walk around south chicago. It goes on for miles and miles.

    Folks are far worse off than they were before Obama took office.

    Words and actions are supposed to match up. When they don’t — go with the actions. Obama is a cynical power grabber.

    Obama and his crowd — they themselves create the problems they then profess to attempt to solve with ‘compassion’. Their deceit is palpable and dishonorable.

    Barack Obama is on a fast track to being the most hated person in American history.

    • D Parri

      K, please don’t misunderstand my comments and misinterpret them thinking that I am giving a compliment to Obama in his misleading the American electorate. That is not the case.
      Yes, in his situation the idealism is a sales tool. One thing that he has been successful at has been his ability to sell folks a bill of goods. It has worked very well on the ‘young, invincible’ idealistic group of voters who helped elect and then re-elect him. The tides have turned, though, and some of the most recent polls show that a fair majority of college-age students now want to see him recalled, or taken out of office.

      Obama is obviously more realistic in the fact that he has used the idealist’s disposition against them and he made promises to them which they were all too willing to follow along with, but when it came time for reality to set in, then the promises became a hollow shell of idealism.

      • keith hart

        D, I have absolutely no problem with your post. I believe you gave a good assessment of what’s going on. I am in no way responding in my last night’s post with criticism of your point. I apologize if I gave you the impression I was finding fault.

        My intention — in my post — similar to The Glass Bead Game: (Magister Ludi) by Hermann Hesse was to build on your construct, not tear it down.

        It’s 830am est here. I’m about to add a couple of thoughts to last night’s post. I consider my posts works in progress since I’m allowed an edit function by Mr. Goldberg.

        I mention this to you because you have already responded to the post.

        • D Parri

          K, I think we are both in the same vein of thought and we are both headed in the same direction, so there are no apologies necessary–I was a little concerned that my comments could be construed another way if I wasn’t careful.

          I think that it is essential for good communication to ensure that the message is constructed diligently in order to help promote understanding upon its arrival.

          I agree completely with your assessment of Obama’s use of Chicago-style politics–it does seem odd that he would have promoted “transparency” so vigorously, especially knowing what we have now seem from this president.

          He and his administration are many things…but not transparent.

          • keith hart

            D, as I see it, transparency is a powerful political weapon Obama can use on his opponents. Transparency is a political hot button. The public clamors for it. Yet all agree transparency can’t be taken too far in a dangerous world — suicide is not an option.

            So, Obama can champion transparency campaigning. Then pullback post election. Leaving his opponents looking weak, defensive and powerless if they take the bait and complain about the lack of transparency —to no avail. While Obama plays the balance between openness and security — looking presidential.

            It’s a weak position for Obama’s opponents. It’s a strong bait and switch tactic for Obama. Look at football and chess as examples. It’s improbable winning in either, playing a defensive game. Victory likely goes to the one holding the initiative.

            Obama’s opponents would do well to leave transparency alone. Perhaps, just the occasional light jab — but no complaining — and only used judiciously to set up what comes next.

            Better to go after perjury.

            Perjury prosecution is a political weapon favoring Obama’s opponents. Obama’s crew have a sweet tooth — a weakness — for perjury. And Obama’s opponents have constitutional authority on their side — the initiative is theirs for the taking. If the news is to be believed, this Clapper guy is the first — of hopefully many to come — who has got himself ensnared. It’s a start.

            Does this sound a little too hardball? It does to me. Unfortunately, there’s a train wreck coming our way. The Obama express needs to be derailed —unlikely. More realistically, slowed down until 2016.

            And there’s a lot of work to be done until then. We all keep hearing — for a long time now, too long —republicans saying, ‘we gotta get our message out better’. Geez, they sound like a broken record. In the lot of them, can they rub two imaginations together to get a spark?

            Maybe, it’s not their delivery that’s the problem; but, the message itself. It’s time for some next level thinking.

            Remember Leo on the show ‘West Wing’ — great show. What was Leo’s most used comment to his opponents when engaged in a fight?

            ” I don’t accept your premise “.

            The republican message problem is they accept the democrat’s premises. They allow the dems to define the rules of engagement by acceding to the dems premise they the democrats are the progressives.

            When in fact they — the dems — are not progressive. The democrats are the regressives. Wanting to return back to a time of concentration of power in the hands of an elite few controlling all others.

            In terms of advancing human dignity, liberty, prosperity it is the conservatives who are the true progressives.

            Republicans change your message. Do not accept democrat premises.

            That is what I mean by ‘next level thinking’.

            Here’s how I see it. The days of conservative versus liberal are over. There are no more liberals, anyway.

            We share little in values with our marxist opponents — only physical space.

            They are intent on stripping us of our Liberty and prosperity and possibly national security.

            There is no ground for compromise in this peaceful, electoral battle of ideas for the hearts and minds of the American electorate. That’s registered voters , not every punk3ss, low information lollygagger who can manage to chew gum and walk at the same time — no time for them. It’s the registered voters to persuade.

            This is a political battle between conservative progressives versus marxist regressives. No compromise — winner take all.

            If all this seems preposterous to y’all — well then no skin off my hide. I saw this coming in august ’08 and made arrangements. Obama can’t lay a glove on my net worth. As to more spiritual concerns — my Liberty. I’ve made arrangements for that too.

            D, there’s something I’d like to convey to you concerning something I discovered last night reading through the posts on Bernie’s current essay — two poignant posts there. But, I’ll send it later.

          • D Parri

            K, I believe that there are sufficient incidences of perjury, but one of the most challenging problems in the prosecution of any of them is the fact that the initial impetus must come from a groundswell of public opinion. Obama has benefitted from a very favorable media corps for over five years and that has provided insulation for him against any such widely-dispersed negative public opinion campaigns.

            Perhaps his Happy Days, however, are coming to a close. We can hope and continue to work towards that end.

          • keith hart

            D, did you happen to catch my followup post to “transparency’. I would like your insight on post #97 and post #91.

          • D Parri

            K, I apologize, but I’m not sure where those posts are…are they on NewsMaxx?

            Just going off what I saw in the comments above (here), I would first agree that because Obama has the ‘bully pulpit’, the opposition cannot win the PR battle on most items, save a few. Transparency is an issue to challenge him on, but not to make claims of ‘doing it better’–at least not yet.

            In order to press the issue on perjury, it would necessitate the involvement of the MSM–but only in an unbiased manner. I believe that the foul has been committed, but it is necessary to take it to the voters and get them onboard in order to take the trip up that river.

            Finally, I feel that the biggest challenge of all is in promoting the principles of smaller government, greater sense of self-determination, and a reversal of the socialist trend which our government has been following for these five+ years.

            Without seeing #’s 91 & 97, I hope that this is the crux of their messages.

          • keith hart

            When you referenced #91 & 97, that was the followup post I was alluding to. Nothing on NewsMax.

            My key point is I fervently believe we have to take the ‘Progressive ” mantle away from the lefties.

            Not necessarily in the mind of the public — that would be nice. But, most definitely in the mind of the electorate — the registered voters.

            Actually, I believe an easier task because the electorate as a subset of the public is distinctly better informed. Damn few low information lollygaggers bother to register to vote.

          • D Parri

            You know, K, it is really surprising to find out just how many of the GOP voters didn’t get out and vote in the Presidential election. It had to have made a substantial difference.

            Don’t know if it was apathy, dissolution, or both. I hope that they have gotten over it in 2014–we need all the votes we can muster.

          • keith hart

            D, most of last evening I spent reading the posts on Bernie’s current essay.

            Pertaining to our previous discussion on Bernie’s other essay site, I have to say the quality of Bernie’s forum far exceeds NewsMax. And NewsMax is beginning to annoy me, loading up my inbox with a ton of news alerts, that aren’t news alerts.

            Two posts, just really grabbed my attention.
            At this time there are 167 comments.

            The first post #97 down Trochilus — 3 days ago Interesting name: greek mythology. son of Callithyia, inventor of the chariot. Or this poster really likes streamingtail hummingbirds from Jamaica.

            Anyway, never mind. I just found the name interesting. This post is the most detailed, knowledgeable, clarifying description of the state and condition of Obamacare I have yet read — ever.

            It sorts out all the misdirection and double blinds thrown up by Obama’s crew. It’s lengthy and fascinating. I read it five times.

            I hope the poster is forthcoming in the future on Obamacare. I got the impression, this individual could write up a workable healthcare system in about 100 pages instead of 2,000.

            It’s very much worth a read.

            The second post #91 down Lindzen 4pm — 3 days ago

            This post was so poignant, it just hit me on a visceral level. It’s what we’re looking at in human suffering once we arrive where Obama is taking us.

            This poster, a UK resident, describes the damaging and tragic experiences the british public health system is inflicting on individuals.

            I wish there was some way her post could be spotlighted in this forum instead of buried in the batch. No one should miss this post.

            I have first hand knowledge of this anecdote.

            A woman, 54, from Tottenham, UK diagnosed with glaucoma. She’s given 9 months to complete blindness.

            Public health schedules her for surgery in 18 months.

            “But I’ll be blind in 9 months”
            “ever so sorry”
            “But I pay my taxes”
            “that’s the best we can do, sorry”

            Thanks to her children, neighbors and some distant relatives Stateside, she flies to NYC for successful surgery restoring her sight.

            Thank you, ever so much, british labour party. Bunch of damn bloody, paper pushing, commie swine. Just kiddin’ — in a pig’s eye.

            I just can’t see how people line up for this kinda’ treatment.
            what if people don’t want liberty. they just wanna be taken care of.
            with this kinda’ of treatment I wouldn’t call this being taken care of.
            well, they seem to line up for it, anyway.
            if this is the case, well, I guess I’m on my own.
            maybe, its just me. my nut with authority.
            never could stand arrogant morons over me.
            what was that thing patrick henry said — hmm
            — give it a moment …….. it’ll come to me.

  • D Parri

    Obama started off by preaching the idealisms of a ‘more perfect society’, ‘a level playing field’, ‘income equality’, ‘the redistribution of wealth’, and idealistic approaches to a number of issues, including immigration. He has never waivered from his positions on these topics–he is as idealistic in his approach as when he first began.

    ‘Progressives’ will never reached long-lasting goals in these areas if they do not learn to recognize that, just as our nation has been referred to as a “melting pot” of people and ideas, our government must operate in much the same way. The lofty ideas of a progressive society base should not overshadow and trump the realistic efforts to find rational and logical solutions to our challenges as we need.

    Hopefully, the life-lesson to be gained (i.e., reality) by finding workable solutions to the most challenging problems of our time will be extendable beyond the current generations. Otherwise, the future generations may be susceptible to another round of Obama enchantments (i.e., idealism) and these struggles will continue, unfettered by any prospect of an education.

  • D Parri

    Idealism. It is necessary in order to promote concepts, values, and creativity while congealing them into a rational logic than may be refined and furthered promoted to a higher standard than when originally introduced. In theory.

    Reality. The stark and absolute recognition of forces of human nature in response to the forces of nature, and it demands the purposeful placement in perspective of oneself in relation to others and the environment. In theory.

    Without the acceptance of certain tenets of idealism there would be no need to make contributions to this forum, or blog. Without the consideration of reality of the world that we live in there would be no useful purpose in contributing to this forum.

    So, I wish to say once again that idealism needs to be tempered with reality if we hope to elevate ourselves beyond our current state. It takes both idealism and reality–in the proper doses and contexts.

  • Sheila Warner

    Always follow the money. Turns out it is the biggest predictor of human behavior.

    • keith hart

      Sheila, It’s not about the money. It’s about Liberty. Money is way, way down the list — maybe, third or second.

      • Josh

        So, when tracing something to its root, follow the…liberty?

        • keith hart

          The drive for Liberty is the biggest predictor of human behavior. Thru out history far many more people fight and die for self-determination than fight for money.

          Then money comes in second.

      • Sheila Warner

        We’ll agree to disagree. Money concerns drive more human behavior than we want to acknowledge.

        • kayakbob

          Interesting how this (editorial) was about idealism & reality, and we are now talking about the effect of money on human behavior. But I agree with your point – to the extent that when I hear people make statements like, “it isn’t about the money”. I suspect it is probably about the money and little else.

        • keith hart

          The more I think about it — you’re right. Concerning everyday matters, money is the primary motivator. Folks see their money as representing their time. The time it took to earn it. And everyone knows their time is finite.

          When you are dealing with people focused on acquiring or defending their self-determination (Liberty) no amount of money will dissuade them.

    • D Parri

      Sheila, you sound like an auditor, and I do agree with your comment.

    • kayakbob

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but it is certainly a big factor in MY behavior. And I am OK with that. :-)

  • potemkin_village_usa

    __When we have people who are shooting wildly at the trees from the hip, then marking bulls-eyes around their random shootings calling it precision, then we know we are dealing with the left. The facts supersede failure only when people are in good faith; welcome to Obama’s cartoon world of make believe!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQSRfSfBn-k Peter Sonic

    Makes sense, sort of, that a program like Obamacare is predicated on the principle that everybody essentially pays for everybody’s healthcare, so I’m not sure why some people get so hung up on stuff like guys paying for maternity care that a man obviously will never need. Wasn’t that the idea from the get-go?

    • potemkin_village_usa

      The reason why people in general are upset is that Obama, prior to the 2012 elections, promised that if you liked your plan and your doctor, you could keep both, and that we would see savings in our rate plans, such as a $2,500 rate decrease for a family of four. Instead, we are see rates increase up to 300 percent and deductibles increasing at an alarming rate. It was argued that when you mandate treatment such as maternity and birthcontrol along with adding 30 million new people to the health care roles that the rates, by virtue of the numbers, will skyrocket. Barack Obama assured all of us to the contrary using the aforementioned statistics. What pisses off most Americans is that Obama knew this would happen and still deceitfully parroted these false claims.
      __The president’s deliberate deceit, expecting a rate decrease with more benefits, is what Americans are mad as hell at!!

  • keith hart

    Mr. Goldberg, succinct essay. Thanks.

    We all know Obama is a by-the-book Chicago politician. When a constituency doesn’t play ball, gets outa line, the first thing done is try to buy them: bribe, special favors, waivers, whatever carrot at hand.

    If they still don’t play ball, then — Chicago-style — comes the stick. Hardball: threats, intimidation, application of whatever pain is available and appropriate.

    So, if the youth constituency does not play ball on Obamacare, what stick do you think Obama will use on them?

  • Gratefulconservative

    Turns out Obama is the best used car salesman of the 21st century and everyone who voted for him the first and especially the 2nd time has bought them a real expensive bunch of LEMONS. Hope they like lemonade!!!!!

  • Ksp48

    The organization that can’t deliver a letter without a loss is now in charge of Health care. No new doctors. No new hospitals. But 30 million new consumers. Hey what could go wrong. The website fiasco was just icing on the federal cake.

  • Ksp48

    And if Obama could run again, they’d still vote for him and still not sign up for Obamacare. They don’t seem to understand that there is a connection between the two.

  • Rustyrambler

    Naivete in the extreme, Bernie. During the Chris”slobbering”Matthews interview last week; when asked about his management style he disclosed his own incompetency. Paraphrasing, he said, government programs were old, or not well thought out, and not well constructed. Hello, Obamacare, anyone!/?

    Matthews never got it, and I seriously doubt any of those other “tinglers in the audience picked-up on it. But, clearly, the honeymoon is over for a lot of Obama voters!!

  • floridahank

    If you study human nature and the history of our country, you will agree that we’re going downhill ever since the Founding Fathers created this great country. Then we had brilliant thinkers who would consider the ideals and future of our nation even when they disagreed — they were dedicated, honest, “put-their-money-where-their mouth was” and did the right thing for the country.
    As with all nature, as time goes by everything disintegrates — wears out, gets less effective and becomes weaker.
    You can see this happening in each generation — more selfish, less productive and less independent. While we has occasional positives in technology and medicine, the power of the individual is deteriorating. We will indeed follow the powers throughout history — the Greeks, Romans, etc. — all the great countries grew to a certain point and fell to nothing. No reason to think the USA is an exception — just, a matter of time — history is fascinating.

    • keith hart

      I’m not ready to throw in the towel. I believe the ratio of decent to indecent remains constant from generation to generation.

      There are times when one or the other is on top.

      • floridahank

        Why do you think the masses of our nation is any different than the masses of Greece and Rome who were in power for generations and centuries and still they fell. No, I believe human nature and behavior hasn’t improved and our masses will be responsible for our downfall. Today, we have too many people relying on their existence from birth to death — they want much without earning it and Obama is perpetuating that corruption.

        • keith hart

          I am including the ‘masses of Greece and Rome’.

          Our civilization is still here. It’s just the capitol has moved from Athens to Rome to London to Washington, D.C. — with a few brief stops elsewhere along the way.

          ‘Citizens’ is a better word. ‘Masses’ is a marxist appellation — offensive to human dignity.

          • floridahank

            I disagree — our society is made up of masses, not citizens — they all depend on the Govt. for all types of benefits — my parents suffered through the Great Depression — they had very few Govt. help, my brother worked for WPA –doing conservation work. Familes grew their own gardens, saved their old clothes, repaired broken items — they were very independent and did without when necessary. Today the masses have no idea what it is to wait for things — not expect everything today. They have a very immature attitude.

  • keith hart

    Sadly, so long as conservatives allow lefties to define the premises of this political debate, allow lefties to determine the rules of engagement in this fight — conservatives will never, not ever win.

    This is not a squabble over labels and semantics. This is a battle of ideas for the hearts and minds of the American electorate.

    Good intentions are not enough. Good strategy, good tactics — results, are what matter. Keep in mind, democrats are much better political infighters than republicans. Repubs have that ‘nice guy’ self-restraint. Whereas, dems are always looking to hit below the belt and after the bell.

    What conservatives value in terms of human dignity, freedom, liberty, prosperity is progressive — has been since the Renaissance, through the Age of Enlightenment and the Founding.

    What lefties value is regressive to human dignity, freedom, liberty, prosperity. The concentration of power into fewer and fewer hands — a protected, priviledged, cocooned elite. With a passion for autocratic, authoritarian control. They are not the protectors of the marginalized. They are the jailers of the marginalized. They themselves create the problems they then profess to attempt to solve with ‘compassion’. Their deceit is palpable and dishonorable.

    There is, however, a built in safeguard.

    It is this. In their arrogance, lefties will keep putting the screws to the populace, making it so insufferable, the people themselves will push them out. At least for awhile, a time, maybe even a generation — probably not.

    The lefties will be back. Count on it. They’re like vampires — out for blood. And there’s just too much money in the public trough for them to keep their snouts out. And power is intoxicating.

    The republicans will not be leading this backdraft blowback. They will be following it from way back on the dragline.

    In the meantime, during this time of the reign of the Regressives, it’s upto each person to act according to their conscience.

    I will never surrender my liberty to liars, for a modicum of existence — a mere pittance.

    I suggest doing three things:
    1. use what’s between your ears — thinking can be painful to some people. I don’t mean awareness of random thoughts floating by. I mean structured logical ideas. Deductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning..
    2. do not succumb to the lies of the lefties.
    3. avoid all addictions.

    Any conservative who continues to refer to dems, lefties, alinsky/marxists as Progressives is a blunderer — conceding the battle of ideas. A natural born loser.

    • Wheels55

      Yes indeed. But this is a teachable moment for conservatives to youth. The idea that socialism does not work if you don’t want your wallet disturbed. Teach the youth that grand give-aways come at the expense of those who want to prosper.
      As long as our youth idealize professional athletes and entertainers and other people with nice cars and homes, they will want the good life too. Can’t have it if we let Obama give it all away.

  • Mcweijun

    Two points Bernie. First, Obamacare contains a little known provision that the Dems are banking on. Your parents can pay for your Obamacare, soon to be relabeled Pelosi care, until your 46. Second, because of the success of liberal academia and the 100 years of progressive indoctrination, this guy would have a 40% approval rate if he was molesting handicapped children in public. That’s just the way they roll my friend.

    • Barancy Peloma

      i didn’t know about that first part. and i agree completely about the last part. what we see with the remaining folks who approve of him are the ones who will approve no matter what he does because he makes them feel good about themselves.

      • joepotato

        Hitler made the Germans feel good too…

        • JimStaudt


        • keith hart

          That is until the 8th Army Air Force did their first fly over in B-17’s.

      • 4Deuce

        I do not think Obama makes them feel good. It is because they have no capacity to admit how easily he deceived them that their pride prohibits them from admitting it. In the 1960s a poll asked teenagers if they believe they were important people. 88% of them said No with 12% saying Yes. A recent poll of teens revealed how full of themselves teenagers are today. Today 88% of teens polled said they were Important People while only 12% said they were nothing special. Such people, with ridiculously high opinions of themselves, are exactly the type of youth who simply find it impossible to admit they were wrong. These are the youth Obama is counting on because he is as arrogant as they are.

        • Wheels55

          The mindless will keep on thinking the same way as they did a year ago and five years ago.
          Polls are only as good as the honesty put into them. Kids will answer any way they wish to think in a poll because it is anonymous.
          However, teenagers thinking they are special isn’t a bad thing. Them thinking that being special will give them things for doing nothing is a bad thing. Obama loves it when people think that way.

        • Barancy Peloma

          interesting. i never thought about that angle.

  • Chuck_Borealis

    No need to worry about taxpayers signing up voluntarily, they will force everyone to sign up by requiring everyone to submit a tax return, then adding the mandatory Obamacare ‘fee’ onto the tax form. What better way to ensure compliance than through the force of the IRS?

    • joepotato

      To say this “law” is not tyranny and an intro to Fascism would be misleading aka a freaking lie…. (also extortion 101)

    • 4Deuce

      As I understand it, right now the only way to collect the fee/penalty for not signing up for Obamacare is to take it from a tax filer’s tax refund… If you owe the Feds money, they do not have a mechanism to “tax” you for not signing up for Obamacare. I was surprised when I heard that – but I have heard multiple pundits saying the same thing. Also, the “penalty” this year is rather small though it increases next year etc. Obama also hurt himself by passing that provision allowing youth to stay on their parents’ insurance policies until they are 26 years old – reducing the number of people who might otherwise buy into the ObamaCare fraud.

    • kayakbob

      Or the penalties will balloon. Or perhaps HC coverage will be tied to drivers license renewal. And, ya know, everyone has a “right” to home heating fuel or electricity, so…….?

      Unfortunately there are many ways to coerce citizens into doing something they would not otherwise do, once John Roberts decided such things are constitutional.

  • LHS

    The left has dumbed down the young over two generations, creating these Obama lemmings. But, agreed, when it actually starts to cost THEM, they will turn like a rabid dog. Or not. Could be too stupid.

    • 4Deuce

      Getting your very first full-time workers paycheck is one of the finest schools of Economics there is. Young people who look at the all-too-numerous things deducted from their Gross Income is often their first dose of financial reality.

  • RussFelix

    I read down about 30 comments and it gives me a good feeling to see that in only one of these posts pro or con is race mentioned. People that follow you seem to be seeking logical explanations not reinforcement of their preconceived notions.

  • RussFelix

    Bernie, I think your analysis of O’s followers is spot on. I’ve been listening to O’ for 6 years now and I still don’t know what the man stands for. You on the other hand I’ve been listening to for the same length of time and I know you well. the difference is honesty.

    • JBubs

      Marxists always lie, the end justifies the means. (This is not a preconceived notion.)

      • keith hart

        They even lie about lying.
        With the exception of the ‘Great One’ getting caught in his latest lie: ‘you can keep your healthcare’……..
        In this case, he apologized for getting caught in a lie and promised the American people he would lie better in the future —- Geez, the arrogance is stunning — while he thinks it’s dazzling.

        Obama really has no clue who We the People are.

        • JBubs

          He knows “We the people”. He disagrees in principle. He is a Marxist, like his current idol Mendela, and like Ayers, and like Alinski. He has an agenda that he must lie for, like Mendela did, like Ayers, like Alinski. That is what the man stands for.

  • TokyoTengu

    Anyone with half a grain of common sense could have seen this coming. It is and has always been an interesting characteristic of the Liberal mindset that they all for giving money to the poor — as long as it is not their “personal” money. Conservatives are constantly railed at as being “greedy”, but when it comes to giving money to charities, they are constantly and consistently far ahead of Liberals, who somehow feel their “virtuous do-gooderism attitudes” absolve them from things like actually digging into their own pockets.

    ObamaCare was sold to the millennials as a “stick-it-to-the-rich” and “free-goodies-for-the-underclass” plan, so naturally they were all for it then. Conservatives and actual insurance types who could use calculators tried to warn them, but they just didn’t listen. Now it’s all, inevitably, coming apart as they realize that the youngsters are not going to sign up, and if they do sign up, they won’t pay. You’ll get more milk from a stone than you will get from a 20-something kid with limited disposable income for something like health insurance.

    • Roadmaster

      It’s taken a while, but the cruel “bait and switch” of O’BamaCare, along with all the outright lies may finally be sinking into these skulls full of mush. Gives me a tiny bit of hope.

    • keith hart

      Thank you, TokyoTengu. Succinctly well said.

  • JDan

    This Socialist Ponzi scheme will collapse like Madoffs ‘did,when the “takers”outnumber the “givers.It will happen quickly,My Christmas wish for all is to see Obama doing the “perp walk”on his last day in The White House.

    • joepotato

      I sincerely hope that Soetorobama and many others (aka enablers) are required to do the “perp walk” much sooner … The scandals and body count are adding up…. not to mention Obie’s ID fraud…

    • Roadmaster

      So who is going to make the arrest? The only person who can do it is Earache Holder, and that’s certainly not going to happen. Impeachment? Never happen in Hairy Reed’s Senate, even if the gutless Weepublicans in Congress initiate the process..The only way it could happen is if millions of people show up at the WH and make a citizens arrest, but that’s not likely either. We’re stuck with this turd until 2016, unless he declares himself Preezy for Life, which is what Marxist dictators do…

      • JimStaudt

        You are SO spot-on, Roadmaster. Look for it — another one of Obama’s infamous “executive orders” suspending, or eliminating, presidential term limits. Who will stop him? Who CAN stop him?

  • SkyCitizen

    Bernie, it is apparent to me that your carotid artery surgery went well as this opinion piece is well above the usual fine opinions you submit. To witness the simultaneous maturation of millions of young folks is more rare than encounters with comets of the farthest arcs. Your metaphor of a mugging is so appropriate. We may hear yet from the President about the “Knockout Game”.

    • Bernie

      I think this is a compliment SkyCitizen, but I don’t want anyone thinking I had carotid artery surgery — or any other kind. You humor is an acquired taste. Bernie

      • SkyCitizen

        Bernie, Please accept my apology. Perhaps my lobotomy did not go so well.

  • JBubs

    Bernie, I am afraid that you are completely underestimating our Comrade-in-Chief. Right before the election Obama will play 2 political cards for the young crowd that will satisfy “Looking out for Number One” and will reaffirm their loyalty to the Socialist Cause: Waivers will be granted for college loan payments and dispensation will be granted to underwater mortgages. Because its always, always, always about wealth redistribution. Watch for it.

    • RussFelix

      JBubs, Good call. After 5 years you don’t have to be a political scientist to figure out what this president is going to do next. If Taxpayer money will buy it , he will do it.

      • JBubs

        Political scientist, no. But I know a Marxist when I see one.

    • JDan

      College loans and “Fixed Mortgages are two things Barrys’ minions have no intention of ever paying for in the first place.They don’t think they should have to pay for anything.A free ride is all they’re looking for.These milleniums? or whatever they’re called are becoming the Walking Dead,as they follow Barry down the rabbit hole.Hopefully for the future of America,these zombies will wake up before their parents die and they end up homeless.Hey then we’ll still be supporting them.

      • JBubs

        You might be right about the mindset of his minions, JDan. But since when has Obama ever cared about particulars? He will do it solely because it will help maintain power for the Socialist revolution that he and his fellow comrades are gunning for.

  • lark2

    Bernie, I don’t think our young people lack altruism. The problem is that this health plan Obama is trying to sell is seriously flawed. It is not “affordable” and people … all people … cannot be expected to pay for coverage the don’t want or need. The legislation was put together by people who are incompetent. One cannot provide free health insurance to 40 million people and expect the “costs” to go down. One cannot provide comprehensive coverage to EVERYONE whether they need it or not … and expect the cost to go down. The “plan” is so ineffective, it leaves 30-40 million people without coverage. In fact, this “plan” is such a farce that those who say …”it was never intended to succeed” have a point. NO ONE could be so inept. I think the private health insurance program in the U.S. was intended to collapse so that the government could come in on their White Horse and “save” the citizenry. These people are dangerous, diabolical bold faced liars and the sooner we all realize that and deal with it, the sooner we can get control of this government. Currently, we are so engaged in all the their foolishness we may be missing the bigger picture.

    • Gloria


    • LHS

      Ya THINK?! The question is HOW DO WE STOP THIS? How? Elections? Those are now electronically and politically fraudulent and/or lost out of apathy, ignorance and pure laziness. There is no Rule of Law when the left is power. No one is accountable or arrested for ignoring and trampling the document they all swore an oath to uphold. Tell me how YOU would FIX this, lark2. We KNOW the problems.

      • lark2

        Your question is a difficult one. I am not an anarchist. First, I don’t believe we all KNOW the problem. At this point, many “don’t see the forest for the trees”. At this point, I believe in the rule of law and the elective process is all we have. We have to increase “awareness” in our circle and support people who are active politically. We need to start by doing our best to vote these people out one by one…. oddly enough, we need vote for “change” at all levels. Actually, while the media has tried to demonize them … that is what the TEA PARTY” is really all about. It’s not just Democrats we need to get rid of … there are lots of Republicans that need to go too. It’s a long process but, I really do have faith in our citizens. This is a great country because we have great people. We will not stand still for this. I have confidence in the fact that we are are not sheep here …. like they are in other countries. We are “exceptional” people and we will ultimately shake ourselves free of this. Basically, we are people who … “ask not what your country can do for you …” , we ask what we can do for our country. I am aware I have not suggested a magic bullet. It is going to be a “long twilight struggle”. We are not ready for revolution … I don’t see it … yet!

  • lemonfemale

    Not necessarily, Mr. Goldberg, IMO. The young are the ones who join the military, who join the Peace Corps and so on. The problem with Obamacare is it doesn’t solve the problem It’s like cleaning your plate because children are starving in Africa. I am not young but – for example- my daughter lived because she had access to medical care she could not have paid for. I would pay more to save someone else’s daughter. Obama care is full of bells and whistles but paying for Sandra Fluke’s birth control doesn’t save anybody’s daughter and the young can see that so they reject it.

    • joepotato

      If you are trying to transform a nation into a totalitarian state, Obie-Care is a major first step… Be a good little Nazi and sign up NOW! Your Fuhrer demands it…

  • gold7406

    The administration were master’s at the utilization of social media and their ability to hustle young voters starting in late 2007. The kids were flattered that the possible future President would “friend” them. The administration was able to twist and wring that “friend” for multiple contributions that have still continued to this day,support at rallies and very large and enthusiastic voters.

    What the youth have gotten in return?? Beautiful speeches, broken promises, high unemployment and continued text messages and facebook contacts requesting more contributions for “the cause.” ACA is a flop, asking someone that is still on their parent’s insurance, provided it hasn’t been cancelled, to support something,they can’t benefit from again, has finally worn thin.

    The administration exploited ignorance, naivety and and immaturity and left the kids tricked and broke.

    • nepakandy

      Isn’t this how Hitler operated?

      • gold7406

        yep, now conservatives are the devils

  • Shane

    When the real world smacks young people in the face with the cost of the insurance Obama is forcing them to buy, they may decide to become Republicans. It’s easy to be liberal when the government giving away free stuff and mandating things does not effect you.

  • Tim Ned

    Having raised several children and put them through college I have a line I use today that I believe fits this article. “It takes a good college education to make a person liberal. And after college a good paying job to make them conservative”.

    All my kids were idealistic save-the-earth democrats during college. Once they graduated and had their own jobs and paid their own way including taxes; they started looking at issues a lot differently.

    • LHS

      The left wing hippies from the colleges of the 60’s are running things now. Right into the ground.
      A major “correction” is coming. Ain’t gon’ be pretty.
      I Iile the way you’re thinking though, Bernie.

    • brg

      The problem is only made worse when young adults as old as 26 can still be on their parents insurance plans. It only postpones their appointment with reality, which is never a good thing.

  • rbblum

    For the mentally-challenged, idealism may appear to be mugged by reality. But, for progressives adhering to Cloward-Pivens, it is business as usual.

  • joepotato

    Hey Bernie, nice piece… Now, blind loyalty can be an extremely dangerous thing too… The Third Reich comes to mind… “Just following orders” became the excuse for crimes… and Soetorobama has been doing a purge of military officers (around 200 and counting… but I digress…

    Enter the ACA/ Obie-Care aka the UCA or as I like to call it, The Fascist Extortion Racket, Redistribution and People Control Act. By definition, the “law” is an overwhelming introduction to Fascism. The other problem is that govt (our govt) was neither designed or authorized to conduct such a massive intrusion into the lives of its citizens, regardless of how they shoved it through the system. If this “thing” doesn’t die and go away, we may soon be required to be good little Nazis. Peace Out… Merry Christmas Everybody (etc.)….

  • ScranunSlim

    “Naive” is not the word, Bernie — it’s STOOPAK (as in Bart), an adjective that means delusional + stupid cubed to the 10th power. It applies to the entire leadership of the Catholic Church which was too “stupak” to go to YouTube to see and hear our prezidunce use every dodge and euphemism possible to explain his position on abortion (“women’s health,” “a woman’s reproductive freedom of choice,” blah-blah-blah). Pay not attention to the man in front of the Planned Parenthood banner..

  • Drew Page

    Young people between the ages of 21 and 26 don’t have to worry about enrolling in Obama Care because they can stay on mom and dad’s insurance plan. Those over age 26 however are getting tired of sleeping in their old bedrooms or in the basement of mom and dad’s place. How cool is it to tell your girlfriend that you are living with your parents? How cool is it having that college degree and no job, or a part-time, minimum wage gig? These are the questions young adults are asking themselves these days. Eventually, reality confronts all people.
    Saving the whales, the forests, the gender confused and the poor make great rallying cries for undergrads, but the day comes when you must eventually leave the nest. It’s a cold world out there and no one else cares whether or not you have a coat.

    • LHS

      “It’s a cold world out there and no one else cares whether or not you have a coat.”
      Great, great line and truism, Drew Page. Nice.

  • Martin Monti

    It is stunning how many Liberals/Democrats are more than willing to turn over their freedoms to these people

  • garbo77

    Well stated, Mr. Goldberg. God Bless! Dr. Gary

  • lindzen4pm

    Your president seems to be softening you up for the system we have in Britain. Thanks to our brilliant socialist healthcare system, we have cancer patients who cannot get drugs because a local panel who look at each case will invariably deem them too expensive, and refuse to pay, so you die or sell your house to fund them, hospitals with third world infection rates for C-Dificile and MRSA contracted once you get to hospital, patients kept in ambulances for 6 hours before admittance to A & E, elderly patients left to fend for themselves or put on ‘pathways’ to death (euthanasia). All of course, conveniently ignored by mouth-breathers like Michael Moore, who espouse our nasty regime.
    Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • kayakbob

      Lindzen4pm, I started to just hit the ‘like’ up arrow. But it could be interpreted as I “like” what you are telling us. Let’s say that I ‘like’ that you are trying to warn us. I had business contacts in Britain at one time and they would say (privately) they “would do anything” to bypass the healthcare system in G.B. So your comments track with their comments.

      Best of luck to you…and us.

      • lindzen4pm

        Thanks Kayakbob.
        Unfortunately here in the UK we have cowardly politicians who will not say it as it is regarding healthcare, and still parrot the mantra that our National Health Service (NHS) is the envy of the world. Patently it is not, or everybody would copy it. Anyone who has the misfortune to use it, knows what I am talking about, and I hope your representatives never attempt to Socialise your system, although with your current president, I am not too sure.

        • kayakbob

          Lindzen, This is going to sound very simplistic, but I heard something yesterday in the work environment that struck me. We have all heard the phrase, “many hands make light work”. I heard it yesterday and what struck me was that this is the basis for such things as ‘socialized medicine’. I have no idea how medicine in the UK became ‘socialized’, but such thinking is certainly the basis for Obamacare.

          Such concepts work well in small, micro settings like a group of people tasked with some specific task: painting an old building, or cleaning up a vacant lot.

          But few people seem to understand that when that same concept is extrapolated into the ozone (i.e. government), it becomes simply coercive, heavy handed and monumentally inefficient – at best.

          • lindzen4pm

            Yes. You are right. The NHS is so vast, unwieldy and wasteful, it typifies everything that is wrong with our health system, and is the apotheosis of socialism, as the idealistic theory is so far removed from reality as to make any comparison risible.

        • kayakbob

          In my reply (below) I forgot to ask my question: My UK contacts used to speak of attempts to find ‘underground’ doctors, or “care-for-cash”. Is that true?

          • lindzen4pm

            Essentially in the UK you are entitled to free healthcare at the point of use. In other words, if you have an accident or are ill, you will be taken to hospital and treated without recourse to insurance details etc. All sounds very good. Yet the reality is for most people a nightmare. If you are unwell and call your doctor (GP) you will be very lucky to see him/her the same day. Generally, unless an emergency, you will be given a slot two, three, four or even five days hence, by which time they hope you’ve got better. If you call outside their normal hours (9-5) and you need treatment you have to go to hospital A & E and wait….and wait….and wait for several hours before seeing a doctor. Then when you see the doctor, and need to be admitted to hospital, they will have to find a bed. Alternatively, if you have seen your GP and need an operation (eg hip replacement) you will go on a waiting list, and usually wait several months, in some cases more than a year, to have surgery.
            For these reasons many (8% of population) have private health insurance. This means they will get treated straight away, and have their treatment, with the consultant of their choice in a clean private hospital, where it is highly unlikely you will get infected. Also the market now for private GPs is increasing due to the difficulty of getting appointments. In London people will prefer to pay $75-$120 to get to see a doctor immediately in a private clinic.
            Private healthcare works in conjunction with the NHS as it covers new events and not emergency treatment, when you will still be taken to an NHS hospital in the event of a road accident or heart attack. However, private health insurance allows you to recuperate or have follow-up treatment in a private hospital.
            I foresee the day when we adopt more the French model, which has basic tax-payer funded healthcare, and the population tops that up with privately funded health policies. That is why in France they get cancer drugs
            Our NHS doesn’t work, and successive governments throw money at it, most of it wasted. Labour invested more than 10% of the budget on a computer system that never worked and was never adopted. That will give you some idea of the level of competence.
            As I said before, politicians in the UK are cowards, and dare not speak against the NHS, even Conservatives. The Left will smear them as anti poor people, despite the evidence, as they do successfully on other subjects.

          • kayakbob

            Hello Lindzen. Thanks for taking the time to sit down and lay all that out! Very informative. Thanks. One thing I must say about what I understood from former contacts (from a few years ago) was that it sounded as if private insurance was not available..not legal(?) in the UK. Clearly I misunderstood. Perhaps it was simply more expensive than they could afford. I can’t say at this point. They did say that the hospitals were “not sanitary”. I am NOT trashing you or your wonderful country. I am just telling you what they told me.)

            Of course, your correction of my misinterpretation, is of no consolation to someone that has to wait a year for a hip replacement. I friend of mine (here in the US) actually received a hip replacement 2 years ago. Once the diagnosis was made, I believe it was a matter of 3-5 weeks to have that surgery performed.

            I am self-employed, therefore I had to purchase HC insurance. It was hospitalization coverage, costing approx. $250 US/month with an annual deductible of $1,500 US in 2005. It didn’t kick in until day #7 of a (single) hospital stay. It was only for serious issues like cancer or long hospital stays. But in 2005 when my father had part of one lung removed, and was released on day 4(!), I realized my “hospitalization” insurance was a joke. So I dropped it. Now I simply pay as I go for doctors, dentist, eye care, etc.

            Where I live we have privately run Urgent Care offices. They are staffed with 1 or 2 doctors overseeing many nurses. They are open from 9am to 9pm, Mon. thru Sat. all year round, holidays included. The nurses seem to be the primary contact with patients, not the doctor. That is how they keep the cost down. Last time I was in one the bill was approx. $65 US for the visit, plus cost for medication. Payment is “on the spot” by check or credit card. But as with your system, if you need “immediate” care during the night, the hospital E/R is where people go.

            As you have read here, the Obamcare roll out was very bad. My personal view is that the impact of the program itself will dwarf the technical problems of the website. Each week brings another rule “fix”, which is to say another political move in hope of appeasing and stabilizing Obamas’ poll numbers, so they don’t get worse. All these “fixes” do is mask the basic problem – too many people have been promised too much, paid for by someone else. And it is starting to sink in.

            Anyway, thanks for your time and clarifications.

          • lindzen4pm

            Best of luck, and many thanks.

    • Sheila Warner

      I don’t know what the population is in Great Britain, but I’m pretty sure it’s way less than the 300 million plus people in the USA. It’s nice to look at countries like France, Canada, Cuba, or other small countries that have socialized medicine. But in America, the cost of insuring all 300 million would be astronomical. Even with insurance companies partnering with Obamacare, premiums and deductibles are going way up for many people. Many more are being sent to Medicaid, which is the worst of the worst. Just try to find a doctor who accepts Medicaid. It’s nearly impossible. I think we will end up with a three tiered systems here: the very rich, the average middle class citizen, and the very poor. The rich have complete access to health care, the middle class is struggling to find affordable insurance, and the very poor will be insured but find it very hard to find a doctor or hospital to treat them.

  • EddieD_Boston

    My students are mostly 20-somethings and they’re mostly public school educated and from blue-collar/single-parent families. They’ve definitely been brainwashed but they’ll never be able to afford the higher costs they’ll be forced to pay. Their idealism is about to die a quick death.

    • kayakbob

      Hello EddieD. I am curious about your students. Do they think they will somehow be at the top of the food chain when the bills come due? Or do they think, as I have heard some people say, “hey, it’s the governments money”.

      (First time I heard that was 30 years ago and I about fell out of my chair. But I hear it more now than ever before.)


      • EddieD_Boston

        They don’t grasp that utopia is expensive and they’ll be the ones paying for it. They also are so green-centric they don’t realize it’s their job the EPA is forcing out of the USA and over to China. They don’t equate tree-hugging with the decline of manufacturing. They’re clueless and it’s b/c all they’ve ever been told is liberal dogma.

        • D Parri

          Eddie, it’s amazing how blood, sweat, and tears have the effect of opening people’s eyes to a different take on this world and a different concept of reality.

          Young & Invincible was never assumed to be the equivalent of realistic. Do the best you can, but don’t get upset if you are unable to shelter them in some way or if you cannot replace their idealism with your reality.

          There were many in my past that wanted to help me in my youth in ways that I did not understand–until later.

  • Bryan

    Bernie, you know as well as I that the system was never SUPPOSED to succeed. It was designed to wreck the existing system of private medical insurance so irreparably that the Democrats could then innocently throw their hands up and say “Gee! We never thought that THIS would happen. Sorry! Well, now that there’s no other option, the only thing we can do is institute a single payer medical system. Oh, well!”.

    Obama is on record, on film, in full color and stereo, stating exactly that plan…..”I’m in favor of a single payer system. But politically, we can’t get there at once. We’re going to have to do it in steps”.

    So why do we keep talking about Obama “failing”. He’s succeeding brilliantly in carrying out exactly what he intended.

    • joepotato

      Obie-care being the “steps” to a Fascist/ Commie single payer system…
      The seditious ones haven’t fooled everyone….

  • http://theromancatholicvote.com/ catholicvoter

    Right on the mark, Bernie. Unfortunately, this is how young people tend to be. They “care” about everything until it is time for them to actually do something about it that involves real work or their money. We are seeing more and more older folks who fit into this way of thinking too.
    I’ll see you on O’Reilly tonight.

    • kayakbob

      I read a WSJ article back in October that claimed there have been studies done every decade going back to the 1960’s asking, essentially, 2 questions: 1. Do you support healthcare for every citizen. 2. What are you willing to pay to know that every citizen has healthcare.

      The results were pretty much the same each time. I am working from memory here, but I believe the answer to #1 was 62%. But, when they answered the 2nd question, approx. 40% of those that “support” universal HC said they were willing to pay $0.00…nothing..nada..zip. And the amount that the other 60% of those that “supported” universal HC were willing to pay averaged about $30/mo in 1960’s dollars to $55 per month in the 2000’s.

      The thrust of the article was that most (over 50%) of respondents “support” universal HC in the abstract, as a concept. Period.

      This White House, and liberals in Congress, took the abstract support, and blindly ran with it.

  • http://TrochilusTales.blogspot.com Trochilus

    People believe that the website problems killed only the first two months of sign-ups, beginning on October 1st of this year. Fact is, however, it killed at
    least three — this is Christmas season folks! And there are interlocking bands with the coming timeline that will mark the failure of Obamacare.

    The Administration now is trying to “make up” for lost time because many
    more purchases of health insurance, including through the website, have
    to be made on average per day, in order to ever meet the goals of the
    law. But that is not happening, even with the site back up. The number
    of new enrollees (since Dec 1st) is only a small percentage of what is needed. And, as you point out Bernie, it is the young enrollees who will make or break this program.

    Estimates indicate there is a necessity of achieving a few hundred thousand “enrollees” per day going forward for the Administration to hope meet the timeline goals set by the law.

    However, during the first TWO days of the “new and improved” site opening
    up, one source indicated that only 29,000 people actually went though the process, while another estimate was that only 56,000 went through the process in the first THREE days. Obviously both estimates represented only a very small percentage of what is actually needed.The Administration refuses to give hard figures. Guess why?

    And, as we also know, even those two estimated “number of completions” number is not really meaningful. According to some sources, 30% of those filings have errors, and are therefore, not completed. There may be more.

    The topper is the fact that the only meaningful number is the number of those who have complete the process AND pay for it, but there is no back end payment mechanism available through the site!

    Even though the need for the front end “fixes” meant that it was December 1st before people could realistically begin to “navigate” the website, the deadlines going forward did not change. Therefore, all of those impending goals deadlines are now utterly unrealistic.

    Most people think the Administration lost TWO months during the down time, and now is straining to making up for the lost time without a change in the law.

    But consider the following fact that no one is really writing about: Christmas season began on “black Friday” just before the rehabilitated site went live. People who might have been willing to “part” with larger sums to buy health insurance during October, and maybe even in November, are now faced with the financial choice of purchasing health insurance OR purchasing Christmas presents.

    Put yourself in the mind of a millennial: “Let’s see . . . what to do . . . what to do? Merry Christmas!!” The polls of those millennials are the “tell!”

    Thus, as of January 1, 2014, far less than one month from now (really by December 23rd), all Americans will be required by law to have health insurance, but the primary mechanism by which they would have accomplished that, has been worthless and unrealistic.

    Soon thereafter, the deadline to apply for health coverage in order to avoid paying an IRS enforced penalty of up to 1 percent of one’s income, will occur. By law that will be on February 15, 2014.

    Now, it is true that that deadline is not identical to the one which officially marks the end of the government imposed open-enrollment period. That date will be on March 31, 2014.

    But, even though those enrolling during “open enrollment” will be able to sign on AFTER February 15, 2014, they will also be required to pay the penalty.

    Hey, kids guess what happens even if you do comply late? You still get fined!

    By the time April rolls around, Barack Obama’s favorability ratings could easily be in the mid-twenties because the very people he needs to shore up the support of, will be the hardest economically hit between now and April.

    This is a catastrophe unfolding before our very eyes.

    • keith hart

      Whew! you really know your stuff. Know this stuff. I read your post 5 times, even though it made my hair hurt. Thanks, Trochilus. I hope you keep this website posted in the future as things develop. Thanks again.

      • http://TrochilusTales.blogspot.com Trochilus

        Once you think about it as a project manager might, it actually is not that difficult to realize why it is coming apart at the seams.

        The first thing a competent planner does (whether of a governmental or private sector project) is to develop a realistic and very specific timeline for necessary tasks to be accomplished. However, a significant number of the timeline dates specified in this statute were much more political than they were “realistic.” They were selected primarily to provide political protection to the President, and to the legislators of his party, not as functional goals. While most governmental programs have that flaw built in, Obama’s problem is that he allowed the legislators to exercise too much control over the drafting — which means they primarily protected themselves, without giving sufficient consideration to what could actually be accomplished.

        That aside, a competent planner builds the tasks necessary for meeting those timelines into a project management program (these days — they used to maintain huge “flow charts”), and along the way they make (or consults on) any identified and necessary adjustments. They also assign any and all tasks to specific persons and/or offices. With anything this huge, there had to be some adjustments along the way that they knew that they would have to make. However, only now is this crowd trying desperately to announce several changes in the timeline — e.g., moving the Dec. 23rd timeline to the end of the month.

        Overall, I would be amazed if there was not a CEO directing all of this — someone within the White House, with at least some access to the Oval Office. One reason is because there were so many separate Departments involved — HHS, DOJ, Treasury & IRS, just to name the most important ones. Also, it was the President’s signature “accomplishment.” He could not possibly have entrusted this to only one Department head. There would be too much chance for institutional jealousy and the potential for bureaucratic sabotage if only one Department head was running the project.

        Who that person was (or still is), we simply do not as yet know — at least not yet publicly. When that person is identified, the Congress will want to hear their testimony, and judging by past actions (i.e. Holder & Fast & Furious), the President will quickly invoke Executive Privilege, and refuse to allow the person to testify.

        • Sheila Warner

          The President does far too much delegating and not enough governing. And it seems as if his staff is dedicated to merely giving him plausible deniability when things go wrong. That’s part of the reason the Executive Office finds itself on the hot seat so often. I don’t think the President has made wise choices in the people who surround him.

          • http://TrochilusTales.blogspot.com Trochilus

            I completely agree with you that he has obviously made very unwise choices in the personnel who surround him.

            Barack loves him some ideologues, doesn’t he? And he has a soft spot for scam artists, in publicly conveying his message.

            Bringing a few ideologues right inside the tent was an unfortunate characteristic of his Administration right from the very beginning, e.g., Anita Dunn, Van Jones. As for scam artists, he still frequently hugs up to Al Sharpton.

            But I also suspect it goes well beyond that in the sense that he is himself an ideologue and doesn’t hesitate to personally attack those who express differences of opinion.

            My suspicion is that White House personnel, including the President, were fully aware of the impending disaster of the healthcare website, but chose to let it happen rather that attempting to seek what they knew would have to be a legislative fix in the form of changed deadlines in the ACA. And that means he is continuing to mislead the public by pretending that he didn’t know and is trying to find a way to “fix” the problems.

  • Martin Monti

    All Democrats are the same, not just the young ones. They will all do “the right thing” as long as it doesn’t cost them money.

  • deathoffreedom

    The Gov has been out of control for years by both parties. The more money the Gov gets the more waste. The American people are taxed to death, by their State Gov and by the Fed Gov and it just seems there is no stopping it. This administration just keeps growing the Gov and then wants the people to pay. People do have to be responsible and todays youth is not being taught responsibility, Libs want kids to think Gov is the best manager of the people, they have userped the schools with liberal teaching, removed God, killing patriotism and morals, well morals have been crap for a long time, Hollywood has the worst morals and we the people keep right on making them filthy rich, our kids look up to them, want to be like them, dress like them, live like them so why is America so imoral, because we allow imoral behavior and if we don’t fight it our kids will live it. Our athletes are on drugs, as well as many of the entertainment world is on drugs and it is all accepted. You see once you remove God it all slips away bit by bit and we all forget the suffering that was endured, we forget that our God had to watch the sacrifice of a Love so great that a man was willing to die for us and we are all busy busy with our homes, our autos, our boats, our parties, the high life. I long for the days when churches and charities helped in the neighborhoods where help was needed. When communities would come together for those in need. When we were a united people. I am sure God in his mighty heaven looks down on all the greed and must feel like a very disappointed parent. He loves us as we love our children and family and he waits for us to come back. We all allow a Gov to slowly strip this country of everything it was founded on, mostly this was a Christian nation but you wouldn’t know it with all that has been stripped away, Faith, God, and the price that was paid for our very existance. Amazing, a tradegy happens at a school, people immediately gather at the school with candles and prayers asking for God’s help, a place where God is not allowed, does that make any sense? Are we worth dying for? I ask that question a lot these days as I hurt for how our God must feel and I wonder too am I worth dying for.

  • Brhurdle

    I have a different view of what the politicians believed was in the ACA – they didn’t have a clue about the details other than it was a way for the poor to have free health care that would be revenue neutral (supposedly) for the Federal Government. They let a bunch of academics work out the details and didn’t have a clue about who would be required to pay and assumed that it would be the wicked wealthy – thus the Nancy Pelosi comment on “pass it to find out what’s in it” was not naive but deadly accurate. They had no idea that it would have severe political consequences with the middle class being severely penalized – they probably thought that they would be heroes to the middle class who would see reduced insurance costs. It’s a practical demonstration of liberals not realizing that there is no such thing as a free lunch and there is not an unlimited supply of Other People’s Money. I can only hope that this situation destroys the unholy bond between academia and the Democrats.

    • http://TrochilusTales.blogspot.com Trochilus

      I’d like to believe what you posted, but that is not the way government administration works . . . the politicians knew what was in the timelines. It was why they set the start-up dates they did — AFTER the Presidential election, and a year BEFORE the next Congressional elections.

      They did engage in wishful thinking with regard to the website, but the top administrators knew what the timeline was. They just expected the Administration to pull their irons out of the fire with exemptions and rule-making if things went south.

  • Gooseman53

    As Rodney Dangerfield said in “Back to School”, “Look out for #1 and while you’re at it, don’t step in #2!”

  • Patrick Q. McLaughlin

    Bernie, you keep missing the point. Obamacare was designed to fail, so that SINGLE PAYOR can be implemented. Socializm, here we come.

    • joepotato

      Bernie does miss a point now and then… Maybe someone should send him a CCP Sheriff’s Kit….

  • JMax

    There are people who “care more about the welfare of the country than they care about themselves”?

    Can you imagine?


  • Sam

    Well put Bernie, it’s bumper sticker caring. It’s wearing an AIDS ribbon caring. It’s pontificating about how much they care about stuff and it’s cheap self promotion. Now it’s time for these folks to put up some money where their mouth is. We’re likely to find out it’s all been just blather. Back in the 60’s we’d sit around, smoke pot and talk about how much we cared about this and that. We actually thought at the time just by doing that we were making the world a better place.

  • floridahank

    Obama is living under the false delusion that “The Govt. knows best. It can give the average person the best deal from birth to death.” This liberal philosophy is driven by sociopathic thinking that bigger is better and the average American should just trust the Govt. and believe everything it says. I know that most Democrats are not intelligent enough to understand various economic philosophies and their eventual outcome, but they simply vote by herd instinct — vote for it now and read the plan later — idiots!!!!

  • Bob Olden

    It’s very expensive, but the Affordable Care Act is a wonderful lesson for anybody who is paying attention that the Government ultimately cannot take care of you, and you must be responsible for your own life. However, given the inexplicable staying power of grossly unaffordable liberal programs, we will probably be stuck with this one for decades.

    But in the meantime, it’s a good idea to choose a healthy lifestyle and get sick as little as possible. Exercise, lose weight, lay off the junk food, the cigarettes, and the booze. Get enough sleep. Hey, guess what? Those are all Affordable Care Acts!

    P.S. — Vote for conservatives too. For the health of our nation!

    • brushfour

      Bob I loved your post. Very well thought out. I once mentioned to a liberal friend of mine,..that REAL healthcare, is taking some personal responsibility to watch your diet, join a gym, trim your waist, healthy whole foods, moderate booze and junk food, and on and on. His response was….” You sound like Fucking Fox News.” So I guess moral obligation and personal responsibility = The Fox News Channel. Okay.

  • Sue

    Fraud and waste punishable in the private sector by jail time. Maybe the president should become neighbors with Bernie Madoff.

  • Charlie

    And I have one more question. Where are the liberal trolls like LegalEagle who usually trash others’ points of view on this site? Hiding from the reality they can’t deny. That’s where!

  • MarioG

    Even a dunce like Obama should know that the millenials are only idealistic and “want to the right thing” with other people’s money.

    The right thing right now would be to impeach Obama for impersonating a president after getting elected under false pretenses.

    If a corporate CEO tried to manipulate the stock market with the series of falsehoods we have on video tape from Obama, he would be perp-walked to the nearest federal prison and be our guest there for a very long time.

  • Dennis

    This fiasco is going to be a bigger transfer of wealth from the young to their parents and grandparents than the Ponzi scheme that is social security.

    Speaking of watching Fox News, Hannity has had some panels and on at least a couple of them was an uber liberal radio commentator with the last name Unger Sorry, can’t remember his first name. Anyway this hypocrite was, of course, extolling the virtues of the ACA and admitting that there would be some “winners and losers” but he tried selling this gigantic cluster(blank) as a real positive for the good of all.

    A few days later I saw this same buffoon on another show and he admitted that he personally will be one of the winners because he has a pre-existing condition and combined with his age he was paying $2200 a month for his health insurance and with the ACA it was dropping to $800 per month. What do you suppose happened to that $1400 he is no longer paying? Someone else id picking up the tab for him. Younger people.

    Here is the real hypocrisy. When this fool was in his 20’s and 30’s (he looks like he will be dead any minute so there is a positive after all and don’t bother to lecture me about how heartless that is, I don’t care. The sooner he dies the better), he paid health insurance rates for that age group. He didn’t pay a higher amount to help subsidize his parents ad grandparents. Now, he is in the age group that uses more health care and this clown wants his children’s and grandchildren’s generation to do what he didn’t. Subsidize him. All of this of course is in the name of ‘fairness’.

    • Stimpy

      Yeah, I know who you mean. He has a very annoying smile perpetually pasted onto his face. Nothing worse than a grinning liberal.

    • http://theromancatholicvote.com/ catholicvoter

      I saw him. Isn’t the guy a millionaire on top of it? Not that I have a problem with millionaires (I’d like to be one of them!), but why on earth should young people, most of whom do not make that much money, be forced to subsidize this wealthy guy, or anyone else for that matter?

    • http://TrochilusTales.blogspot.com Trochilus

      Perhaps the person you are talking about is Cenk Uygur who used to have a show on MSNBC, but who left there during July of 2011, following a dispute with the network. He had failed to secure the 6 pm time slot he had sought, and quit. He posted a video on YouTube explaining what he termed the “mutual” decision for him to to leave. He said that Phil Griffin told him people complained about his “tone” though not his politics. They offered him a weekend slot only, and he refused.

      Cenk’s former 9 PM slot at MSNBC was eventually given to Al Sharpton!

      He then went to Current TV, and is also the long time host of the internet radio (and TV) show entitled, “The Young Turks” a play on his personal background. He was actually born in Turkey, but is a naturalized citizen, whose family came to the United States when he was a child. He grew up in East Brunswick, NJ, and eventually graduated from the Wharton School at UPenn, and Columbia Law School.

      A Republican on all key major issues when he was in college and beyond, he has in recent years flipped on nearly every major political position he had held as a younger man. He is now a full bore progressive.

  • PeterFitzwell

    Come on now Bernie. Anyone with a 1/2 ounce of common sense knew what an Epic Disaster Obama Care would be. Don’t act surprised

  • deathoffreedom

    Obamacare is meant to kill off the middle class, the rich can afford the premiums, the poor get it free and the middle man is being destroyed, this Gov is way too big and they are devouring the American Dream, they are killing off the exceptionalism of this country and people better wake up and smell the flowers because this Gov does not care about the Country, they care about their power and that is what it is all about.

    • http://theromancatholicvote.com/ catholicvoter

      I know what you mean, deathoffreedom. My mom never made much money, but she had all the services of hospice, paid for by Medicare. If my mom had been middle class, she would have had to pay for all those services, and most middle class people cannot afford it – it’s REALLY expensive! Meanwhile the rich have the money for such services. So it is us in the middle who are getting hosed. My sister and I do fine, but we are not at all rich, and we are married with kids. I don’t know what we would have done if my mom was middle class. Now that’s sad.

      • deathoffreedom

        I made comments that we need to stop Gov assistance and I really meant Welfare, we are a good people that can come to the assistance of people in need and it is getting harder and harder on the middle class and I know what it takes to care for a parent, our Gov waste so much money on favors and themselves and this country has the ability to help those who need help.

  • deathoffreedom

    One way to STOP this bribery for votes is anyone on Gov assistance cannot vote, once they are off Gov assistance then they can vote again, this will stop this way of winning votes on both sides ofthe isle. It would make Gov do their job because they would not be able to keep people down, keep people poor and unsuccessful so they can stay in power by using tax payers money to bribe those dependant on Gov. It makes sense that we stop this abuse of creating a 3rd world country. The people must demand no more buying votes. Imagine the Gov would have to earn votes again if their buying power was stopped.

    • JMax

      Would that include our wounded or disabled veterans? Your granny on Social Security? Your sister with a government subsidized student loan? Your uncle in SSDI?

      No more buying votes? So you are against Citizens United, right?

      • deathoffreedom

        Welfare to those who are capable of working, I stand corrected when I said Gov assistance it is those who are on welfare, that should be a temporary help to get people up on their feet, we have millions living the high life on welfare. Social Security is not welfare every person who works pays into Social Security all their lives, it is their money and it does not include our Vets, our Vets whould never have to be on welfare if this country took care of them the way they took care of this country. Student loans given by the gov have to be paid back, maybe not right a way but they have to be paid back and no one should not have to pay back student loans, once they get a job they pay back what the Gov gave them. So understand I am against LIFETIME Welfare and raising young people to let Gov take care of them. If our parents and grandparents would have lived off Gov America would never have made it to be an exceptional country. There are millions of people capable of working and taking care of themselves and their family but why do that when they can get Gov money. Welfare is the destruction of the country welfare being handed out by this Administration because that is the idea get them all on welfare and they won’t want to ever lose it and so they will vote for the party giving them their checks, thats buying votes.

        • JMax

          FYI 34% of people on welfare are off within one year, 55% after two years and 81% after five years. This sounds pretty temporary to me.

          Only six states pay more than $12/hr equivalent. I wouldn’t call that “living the high life”, would you?

          Some people get Social Security disability insurance and are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars more than they ever paid into it.

          Student loans are given at a discount which means they are subsidized by the federal government.

          Source: http://www.statisticbrain.com/welfare-statistics/

          Welfare is a very stimulative economic program. $1 of welfare stimulates $1.76 of economic activity.

      • Jeff Webb

        >>No more buying votes? So you are against Citizens United, right?<<

        Looks like a silly attempt at "gotcha" here.

        Agreeing with a ruling that is consistent with the Constitution, that arose from a case unrelated to vote-buying, and was/is despised by actual vote-buyers, is nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Jarob54

    Loyalty to family and faith first. The young whom have grown up with this technology, and have seen that this government web site is garbage will walk away, not interested. And who can blame them. This (technology) is a part of their daily fabric and when the technology is sub par they identify it as a loser. Preception is everything with this generation and the perception with Obamacare is that is a loser.

  • deathoffreedom

    This is just the beginning as the young start to see Gov taking over every aspect of their lives. As our young get out in the real world and start working hard and planning for their life and then they have to pay more and more to Gov for those who don’t have to work this is not for the poor who really need help but this Gov has encouraged laziness, this Gov has encouraged no get up and go, all for votes, this liberal Dem party will destroy America as we all know it for their own selfless desire to have power forever by making everyone poor, getting everyone on Gov assistance, soon there won’t be enough working to take care of all who don’t have to work. We will become a country where you can work and work and Gov will have to take 70% of your pay to take care of their votes. The American Dream is being murdered for votes, for power, and it will take the American people to put a stop to it.

  • gbandy

    As the Obamacare roll out continues with its daily disasters the real truth will continue to roll out too. Doctors/hospitals will opt out of accepting Obamacare. The real truth about the huge deductibles everyone seems to be ignoring. The real costs will surface and We the People will be spending hundreds of billions more subsidizing the Insurance companies. We can all only hope that this monster ACA only costs $3Trillion! Now when the young do not sign up remember the current nightmare of high premiums can and will be adjusted way up. This is one point the Liberals will not address as no premium is guaranteed to stay.

  • Joh

    First Obama was preaching that those “rich people” needed to pay more now he’s telling the country that it’s the young who need to step. When do we get to the point that the first family and Congress need to pony up?

  • Gloria

    So Robin Hood rides through the forest once again, but this time instead of just robbing the rich to give to the poor, he is also robbing the YOUNG to give to the OLD. Maybe this time he and his band of merry men (Reid, Pelosi, et als) will finally meet some resistance, if & when this generation of pickpocket victims gets the gist of it and takes the low road instead of the high one the social re-workers counted on…….Only fear that it will wind up with the single payer system they really wanted in the first place! Too bad the majority of voters refused to acknowledge this mess before they re-elected this ‘one’ and secured the consequences of a very bad piece of legislation.

    • JimStaudt

      One slight correction: He’s not just robbing the YOUNG to give to the OLD, he’s also robbing the young to give to the INDIGENT. You know, thos “fortunate” folks Obama keeps bragging about that now have insurance that they never had before. Who, exactly, do you think is paying for THAT? It ain’t us old folks!

      • JMax

        Who do you think is paying $1,000 a year on average now through increased insurance premiums to pay for care for the indigent?

      • Gloria

        You are right! Now those of us who had plans that were absolutely fine have had them cancelled – it happened to me. The new one will have stuff I don’t need or want and will cost more. Affordable for whom??

  • Buzzeroo

    Obama thinks that the younger group that enabled him to steal his elections will now finance his despotic attempt to steal the money from any who have some. That group supported him when they thought that he was going to give them something in return for their vote which cost them nothing. Now, he thinks that they will contribute real money to something that he needs……and it isn’t going to happen. They simply wont go for it unless the penalty for not doing so becomes prohibitive—which it is not for the first year anyway. So, unless he can get congress to appropriate the money to get to the second year where to financial penalty for demurring youths will bite–he’s dead. So blow taps because the republican house–where all appropriations are made–will only give him the money on some Sunday in the middle of the week.

    • JimStaudt

      Your scenario makes sense, but only on the premise that Barack Obama follows the rule and intent of our legislative system. If he can’t get congress to appropriate the money to fund his Obama-folly (aka ACA), he’ll simply print more money and issue executive orders to go around Congress, as he’s boasted about doing in many other cases. The man is making a mockery of the American form of government, and the O-sheep in the Senate AND House just go along with it like sheep.

  • Wally C

    “they’ll also get ambulance service if they need to go to the hospital.”
    Living in a small city, and carrying a “city” radio, I never hear “we can’t transport, they don’t have insurance”! What an idiotic thing to say.

  • Peep

    Wait until they pass amnesty andf then dump the former illegals into Obamacare and the young Americans will be subsidizing a lot more people

  • Florida Jim

    Obama truly believes the colleges have brainwashed this generation so well that they will follow he and Hilary off a fiscal cliff just as FDR, Wilson and LBJ led their young followers, also brainwashed, into fiscal hell from which we may never recover. Obama seems to believe he can talk his way into anything as his efforts in the Mid-east prove but the “Obama-magic” has fled and the wizard is just a older, wiser man with mirrors mocked worldwide.

    • Seattle Sam

      And you don’t think the colleges have brainwashed the kids? ?

      • JimStaudt

        That’s a no-brainer, no pun intended. The liberal Marxists learned decades ago that they couldn’t overthrow the government with protests and sit-ins, so they went about it a different, more patient and deliberate way — infiltrate the college and university facutly. I’d be willing to be that between 75 and 90 percent of college educators today have roots in the socialist “hippie” movements of the 1960’s.

        • Josh

          What’s worse is that the students know it well before heading to college, yet still allow themselves to be influenced by emotion. Professors have an easy task. Media, pop culture and touchy-feely high school has already brined the poor turkeys. Now that osmosis is complete, all the professors need to do is apply a steady heat ’til the thermometer pops.

  • JimStaudt

    I am so weary of hearing the mantra “the young and healthy (with good incomes) must pay more to take care of the older sicker people”. Granted, the “older sicker people” will benefit, but only if their income makes them subsidy-eligible for the reduced premiums. But what bothers me is that nobody ever mentions that the “young and healthy” are also paying the big bucks to subsidize the “young and poor”, the ones Obama keeps boasting about “having insurance now that they never had before”? If you’re, say, 30 years old, have a wife and a couple of kids, and you make, say, $40,000 a year, your health care is either free or very nearly free, thanks to the ubiquitous “subsidies” mandated by Obamacare. So don’t just blame it on us “older sicker” people. Lets start hearing about the “younger and poorer” people who are also reaping huge benefits at the expense of the “young and healthy”.

    • Stimpy

      It’s only fair that we pay the medical expenses of young not-gainfully-employed thugs who shoot each other, and innocent bystanders as well, in their drug turf skirmishes. Sweet home Chicago.

    • http://theromancatholicvote.com/ catholicvoter

      Excellent point.

  • Wheels55

    This is the other side of “Gee, I think this Washington policy is good as long as it does not affect me” (be it health care, income taxes, etc).
    Obama’s big mistake is too think that young adults are so loyal that they will not question what is happening to them. Does Barack the activist forget what power youthful adults feel?
    Today’s youth are very well informed about what they wish to know. True, many do not know Benghazi from Ben Gay, but they are aware of what affects them.

    • SAWB69

      “…do not know Benghazi from Ben Gay…” Like it–well said!

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    So, the administration who is full of people who haven’t grown up (including the President) know how to reach the generation that refuses to grow up. How encouraging!

  • D Parri

    Ok, since the guy didn’t need pediatric dental coverage, then he was obviously paying for something else, right? Let’s see, hmmm…I got it!

    He was making a $200/mo charitable donation to the insurance fund in order to help subsidize the premiums for the older enrollees who could not afford a policy issued with premiums priced at fair market value.

    Now, what young, unemployed, indebted with student loans, healthy person wouldn’t want to kick in an extra chunk of cash that they don’t actually have for the purpose of buying a policy for an already sick person who will likely receive benefits far beyond what they will ever contribute? Really…?!

    I guess that ultimately the truth will be known as 2014 proceeds and all the charitable giving by young people begins piling up. That would be nice but I believe that Bernie may have stumbled onto something…reality.

  • Josh

    Knowing a lot of younger liberals, I know that there’s a huge difference in their dictating and in their doing. Part of what makes big government so appealing to younger liberals is that it’s someone else making everyone else do something to the liberals’ liking: forcing marriage equality, forcing environmental standards, forcing higher taxes, etc.

    It’s feel-good fodder for people who are unabashedly self involved and snobbish. Let government make the rich pay more! Let government make healthcare affordable!

    But, as you say, there’s a limit. As soon as they have to pay, then watch out. That’s not supposed to happen.

    None of them realized it would cause them to sit funny. So now there’s definitely trouble in paradise. The camp is splitting. Some still want to carry the water (I’m guessing they either have money or have parents to foot the bill) and others are throwing internal tantrums and feel scorned and violated that they were affected personally by something their big government did.

    That’s not supposed to happen! That’s a huge part of the reason you root for big government if you’re a young idealist — so you can speak from a higher position of enlightenment, immune to the policies you root for. That’s the example that’s been set from Al Gore to Woody Allen: speak for it and you’re exempt from it.


    • Le Marteau

      Well said. Very well said.

    • D Parri

      I believe that sometimes folks use the phrase, “Welcome to the REAL world.” Idealism is not a bad thing…it just needs to be tempered with realism. Life experiences (age) are good to help out with that.

      • Josh

        In my experience, the further left someone is, the more unrealistic their image of life is. They’re typically not practical people; they seem to be, as already stated, idealists — but to the utter extreme. When I meet those radical left guys who believe America is a warmongering state, gender identity is a myth, capitalism is evil, etc, they usually have a laundry list worth of end goals, but absolutely no steps to take to get there.

        Their demands are just ridiculous. And not only the demands themselves, but how they choose to make them. It’s like a guy walking into a bank and just reading off a list of demands without first robbing it and holding hostages. Not that I endorse such behavior, but at least the robber has something to bargain with. These extreme leftists just believe the world needs to work the way they want because they want it.

        What’s worse, I’ve never met someone from the far left who wasn’t at least four of five things: White, middle to upper class, educated in the soft end of the liberal arts, bereft of labor experience*, and/or a member of a social group whose collective ideology was collectivist.

        Of course, I’m speaking about progressive liberals I know outside of politics who are around my age. I’m not sure at all if paid advocates and politicians really believe what they say or if they’re just in it for the bucks. I typically lean toward the latter, and that’s why I don’t see Obama how a lot of conservatives see him. I see him as an inept charlatan; I see most of them the same way. But the actual liberal common people who rabidly support big government are desperately in need of reality IMO. They seem to be true believers to a frightening extent.

        Once they have to start paying more to live, I think all that save-the-tree-frogs and regulate-Wall-Street rhetoric will turn to “Get your hands out my pockets!” Many are already irate because of student loans. Though, of course, their big “fix” there is for government to handle it. Little by little, failures like the ACA will show them that government is the actual problem.

        *Baristas don’t count.

        • Kathie Ampela

          Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve thought all along that not only young liberals, but driveby America needs a reality check to wake up. And now they are getting one. Watch the pendulum swing the other way…

          • Josh

            Perhaps it will. Though I’m not sure if progressive people disgruntled with liberal politicians will suddenly lend their votes to the Rs. Perhaps a portion of socially-left independents will. But these live-in-their-own-mind liberals will convince themselves that the next D will do it better than the previous. They just hate conservatives/Republicans too much to vote against their party for spite.

            But I could be wrong and all the little liberals with their soft, pale hands might charge in a new direction waving clinched fists.

          • Charlie

            Bernie, you need to find out who Josh is and tell your contacts at Fox News that he needs a wider audience. No offense intended, Bernie, but your web site probably is somewhere south of the views on FNC.

          • SAWB69

            Doubtful, sorry to say….

        • D Parri

          FWIW, Josh, I also see most of them same as you described, inept charlatans…charlatans, to be sure.

          To think that they had gotten to the ranks that they had climbed without having something on the ball in the way of some talent is a little hard to swallow, but I don’t think that we are talking about leadership talent. There are several skills to be employed within the political environs.

          Blood, sweat, tears, and pain have a remarkable ability to impress the reality of one’s condition and an honest work commitment can quickly lead a person to that point. Usually, those rad lefties are still missing the benefit of appreciation you get from having worked hard to have something that you can call yours because you earned it.

          The government can be the problem or the solution, depending the position and function they take.

          Less government, smarter government.

  • Bob Z.

    Dear Bernie, Again you’ve addressed the true nature of people. One of my favorite sayings is,”It’s a recession when neighbor loses his job, it’s a depression when I Iose mine.” That says everything about most people, especially the generation you’re speaking of. I know quite a few of young people in this age group and they are mostly of this mentality. They have no foresight, know no consequences of their actions, hence no commonsense. BERNIE, YOU ARE THE BEST.

    • D Parri

      Yes, that’s why I ultimately changed my thinking from being solely focused upon seeing the ACA repealed to letting them get on with the rollout. Once the people who have been supporting the plan see how it will work and the real costs to them individually then it will repeal itself, so to speak.

      • Roger

        But isn’t the ultimate goal of the Cheater in Charge for the system to fail so he can have his way for a complete government take over of the healthcare system to a one payer system?

        • SAWB69

          I agree, but I prefer the “Charlatan in Charge” (CIC). It seems more apropos.

        • D Parri

          I have come to see that more and more over these last couple of years.

          When Glen Beck had his program on Fox he was promoting his theory/belief/hypothesis that Obama’s goal was to radically change our system of government. He said that in order to ‘rebuild’ our government in the model that he wished to promote, then this would require a ‘tearing down’, or collapse, of our current form of government.

          Well, that may sound eccentric or radical, but the path towards single-payer would include collapse of the free-market system. In context, aren’t we talking about one-sixth of our economy?

          To remain in this same vein of thinking, think of the impacts to be felt while ‘fundamentally transforming’ the nation on other issues, such as: immigration, nuclear arms agreements, national debt, redistribution of wealth, 200 year old Senate filibuster rule reforms, and a slew of other items.

        • D Parri

          Yes, that appears to be the case.