If God Exists, then What the Hell is going on?

AARON-ALEXIS-PosterMy own, modest opinion is that there is not enough evidence available, pro or con, to determine whether there is a God – at least in the biblical sense. And there probably never will be enough evidence.

We can only study the matter by indirection, sort of like looking at an eclipse of the sun as reflected on a cardboard screen.

If there is a God, or at any rate a benign one,  then why did He let Colorado have its guts torn out by flooding this month?

One possible answer is that God was so busy forgiving Yom Kippur worshippers their sins that He got hopelessly diverted and failed to watch the weather forecasts. But this implies that God is not a multi-tasker, and any sensible person, whether he believes in God or not, will tell you that if there were a God, with all the powers one normally attributes to a god, He would be capable of doing more than one thing at a time.

To keep this post timely, I should add that any number of non-believers probably are wondering today why God, if He existed, would allow the massacre of more than a dozen innocents at the Navy yard in Washington. If you read the comments of liberal bloggers, you find that God may have been outmaneuvered by the National Rifle Association, and also by that old bugaboo, the Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

It now develops that the dead shooting suspect used to contend that he heard voices in his head. Is that really so unusual? Come on, fess up, don’t you sometimes hear voices in your heads too? I sometimes hear my late father admonishing me about this or that, or a hostile high-school history teacher telling me that I don’t know what I am talking about. However, these are always reprises of comments I have already heard in the distant past. It is called memory.

Anyway, if the suspect heard voices, telling him to kill his ex-colleagues at the yard, this undoubtedly was the work of the NRA, which is well-funded enough to afford the most advanced mind-manipulation technology. NRA told him to kill a lot of people, although we don’t know yet whether it specifically named the prospective victims. Maybe Wayne Lapierre will enlighten us, when he is inevitably raked over the coals by MSM interviewers this Sunday.  Or maybe Boehner knows, and we can pry it out of him over cocktails.

The details of mass shootings or other types of mass killings tend to unfold in stages over long periods of time on the cable news channels. At first we were given information that seemed to suggest that a gang of government-hating white nuts from rural Montana, clad in military fatigues, had carried out the massacre. That is always the hope of the liberal community when these things happen. “At last, we can pin it on the Great Right Hope!”

But much of the time the shooter turns out to be from some other, quite different demographic. There was still hope for the liberals when the news came through that the killer was from Fort Worth. Aha, a Bush voter! Then came the inconvenient fact that the shooter was a black man, previously a contractor for the Navy, who evidently bore specific grudges.

With the news out that the killer was black, the MSM had to shift into another gear. Now, with little hope of pinning this on the Tea Party, they began to conclude that the killings must be society’s fault. That’s always the case when blacks commit crimes, right? Remember when the mother of one of the bored killers in Oklahoma, who took the life of an Australian jogger, told the networks that this could all have been averted if the town had a better recreational program for its youths?

The networks have two photos of the killer, one showing him with a long, narrow face like John Kerry, the other showing him with a cherubic moon face, like Chris Dorner. I don’t know where the networks got these photos, but perhaps he was featured in a before-and-after ad sequence for Weight Watchers.

But I may be digressing here. You can believe in God, and perhaps believe that He allowed the Colorado floods to happen because He was angry at Colorado. If you read your Bible regularly, you know that God is not averse to a little vengeance now and then. He is not always, if ever, trying to prevent bad things from happening. He is not necessarily entirely benign.

The question then becomes, What did He have against Colorado? Too many Starbucks in Denver and Colorado Springs?

The question is difficult to answer, because there are multiple, unrelated reasons that seem plausible.

He may have sent the floods – and let’s remember that He has a history of using such a weapon – because Colorado approved gay marriage. This is entirely consistent with His mindset, as we all know.

On the other hand, He may simply have disapproved of the legalization of pot. What better way to ruin the crops than massive flooding?

Then again, the flooding may stem from the fact that Colorado voters recalled two anti-gun legislators in a special election. That would probably be the first choice among liberal bloggers. But do you really think that God is a gun-grabber? Then why did He let guns proliferate to the extent they have in the United States? Every sign suggests that God likes guns.

Albert Einstein was a hero of mine, and I like his take on God. He was not a religious Jew, but he slung around the term “God” pretty often for a hardcore physicist. He didn’t seem to have in mind the guy with the flowing beard on the Sistine ceiling, or the immense humanoids who kept demanding sacrifices of goats and lambs from the ancient Greeks (and must have run their cholesterol counts way up in the process).

To Einstein, God was the universe itself, with all its mysteries. It may have been the product of random chance, or it may have been the product of intelligent design, not even Einstein knew, but he chose to call it God. He was able, better than anyone else, to chip away at the mysteries, but the job is far from finished, and it may never be.

Author Bio:

Arthur Louis spent more than forty years as a print journalist, with the Philadelphia Inquirer, McGraw-Hill, Fortune magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle, but he is not asking for sympathy. He is the author of two non-fiction books: The Tycoons, and Journalism and Other Atrocities, as well as a novel, The Little Champ. In retirement, he has decided unilaterally that he is a profound political pundit.
Author website: http://bernardgoldberg.com
  • DonaldYoungsRevenge

    There are not many people in the world that dispute that their is a God. I am not sure of the exact percentage of those who believe “in their heart that their is NO God” but I believe it is a very very small percentage. There are some obvious reasons for that very low percentage and God had declared those who believe “in their heart that there is NO God” to be a fool. An almost perfect design of the universe we can view and study and the almost perfect design of the smallest elements we can view and study scream that their is a God (Designer). A very basic study of the human body screams that their is a God. To say that there is not enough evidence is foolish and those who have made it their life’s work determining the “laws of probability” have applied their science to something as unique as the human body happening by chance results in a number that would not fit on the pages of books in a small library. People will bet a buck on a lotto ticket with a 1 chance in 12,000,000 but there is no record of anyone betting his home on that ONE chance and this is a tiny, tiny number compared to the odds of a human body coming together via chance. Good luck with those odds.
    The Christian Bible is the only religious writings on the face of the earth that dare include hundreds of prophecies. One would be foolish to include prophecies in their religious writings knowing full well that if they didn’t come true that system would look rather foolish. There were more than 300 prophecies that came true in the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The “laws of probability” were applied to those prophecies coming true in the life of ONE person and that number was also a very, very big number in favor of Jesus Christ being who He claimed to be thus also proving the Bible to be God breathed, breathed through the prophets and their inspired writings. One more reason why I personally believe the Scriptures to be of God would be the miracle of Israel as described throughout the Scriptures, from Genesis thru Revelation. I like my odds in believing the Bible and in particular what it has to say about the Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation He provided for all that trust Him to be true to His word.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    No surprise, you don’t know there’s a God,
    when perfect is he, and you’re flawed,
    yet he can still be,
    when he, you can’t see,
    till the day you’re laid under the sod.

    • artlouis

      Clever, but tell me why I should take your word for it.

      • Brian Fr Langley

        The science of origin lacks,
        actually it’s full of big cracks,
        If God is quite true,
        it’s important to you,
        but he calls us for faith, not for facts.

        • artlouis

          Sir, I appreciate your effort, but you are no John Milton.

          • Brian Fr Langley

            Agreed, but your intro says humour. So I was trying to add a little levity to a serious discussion. Unhappily, if I didn’t use a limerick to make my point, I’d be writing all night, (and no one would read it). All I can add, is whether faith or fact, you can’t actually know from whence you came. For most of time, you weren’t here, and now you are. Kind of sounds like a miracle to me. Ponder this about modern knowledge. (I’ll be much shorter than I’d like to be) Time, gravity, space, energy, light, and matter. Do even the smallest research and you’ll learn our much vaunted science does not know what any of these things actually are? And how’s this for a scientific fact. Reality it seems, dwarfs our perceptions? Every answer we know, (or believe we know) is simply, yet another article of faith. For me, faith there is a God, for evolutionists, (and others), faith there is not. If you wish another paragraph or two on time, gravity, space, energy, light and matter, I’d be happy to oblige.

          • artlouis

            Well, the point of my article is that we don’t know much of anything, so then you have a choice of faith or skepticism. I don’t think faith has an edge, and it has a stultifying effect on the search for more knowledge.

          • Brian Fr Langley

            Sir, you’re a little short on your history. (and other reading) Stultifying the search for knowledge? While true, the Catholic Church once embraced Plato and his philosophical theories on humanity’s place in the cosmos.(Plato determined the earth was it’s center, an error still today commonly ascribed by the ignorant to the Bible) Men (and women) of faith have been involved in virtually every modern scientific discovery, from Newton to NASA.
            There may be an ignorant cult or two who eschew knowledge, but the history of science makes no such case against Biblical Christianity. Rather unhappily for the truth, much of it today, is being suppressed by blind faith evolutionists. As I said earlier, reality dwarfs our perceptions, which by definition means science today is encountering the meta physical. As Hawking recently pointed out / “there may actually be no observer independent history of the universe” / While the concept is tough to grasp, the implications are beyond profound. You sir, should get out more often. Oh, and read a book.

          • artlouis

            I am happy to hear your points of disagreement, but when you descend to the level of the rabble in Yahoo comments threads, with snide, condescending, ad hominem attacks, you no longer are welcome on my blog.

          • Brian Fr Langley

            I note I didn’t actually say sorry for my rude comment. So now I owe you 2 of them. Sorry, sorry. I’ll do better next time. and thanks for publishing my last comment.

          • Hector Mariscal

            Mr. Louis,

            I enjoy your articles. I will try to answer part of the question.

            In terms of proving G-d exist, that is next to impossible, if the world knew that G-d or gods existed, we wouldn’t behave quite as foolishly as we do collectively.

            As far as the shooter (who will no doubt be tied to the tea party and by extension the Republican party) as free willed human beings we make choices in this world. The man had a history of gun violence, and according to some reports had gun related incidents that went unreported. In one case the Prosecutor lost the paperwork and in the other the police decided not to press charges against him.
            In his history, several people pushed it along and hoped for the best, instead of doing their jobs. Thus he was allowed to keep his clearance, obtain a weapon and come up clean on his background investigations.

            That is not G-d’s fault. That is human indifference and possibly political correctness run amok.
            As far as the flooding, I don’t know.

          • artlouis

            Thanks, Hector. As long as we have bureaucratic incompetence, these things are going to slip through. I am afraid that’s forever. Maybe the media can tie this guy to the Tea Party, but I heard one report that he voted for Obama!

          • Hector Mariscal

            Do you remember where you heard that report? I want to check it out. Thank you.

          • artlouis

            It may have been Fox News, but I notice that it is all over Google now. Just key in Aaron Alexis voted for Obama.