If This Doesn’t Sink Obama, What Can?

If President Obama had Czechoslovakia to give away, would he give it to religious zealots in the Middle East? Don’t bet against it. The winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize is the early-betting favorite to win this year’s annual Neville Chamberlain Memorial Appeasement Award.

It started with this statement, issued by Mr. Obama’s embassy in Egypt, in response to a movie, produced by a couple of Americans, that belittles the Prophet Muhammad:

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

Hundreds of the noble, brave Egyptian beneficiaries of the “Arab Spring” that Obama had hailed so hopefully last year then proceeded to scale the walls of the embassy that had issued that statement, tear down the American flag flying overhead, and rip it to pieces.
Whereupon the embassy proclaimed: “This morning’s condemnation still stands. As does our condemnation of unjustified breach of the embassy.”

Here’s another way they could have phrased that: “We believe in free speech, except when it offends our enemies, because this is a dangerous world. See what happened as a result of two shlubs exercising free speech? We deserved the retaliation, but we have to confess that we don’t like it. So, Americans, button your lips if you want to continue to live in a world where you can enjoy your liberties.”

Sound farfetched? You will have to argue long and hard to persuade me that essentially those very thoughts weren’t circulating through the so-called minds of the embassy spokesmen.

I am writing this as the news continues to unfold, so I can’t swear to everything in this essay.

The last I heard, there was speculation that the attack on our embassy in Egypt had nothing to do with any movie, that it was planned as part of an in-your-face counter-observance of 9/11. A sequence of anti-American demonstrations in other Middle Eastern countries today seems to lend validity to that theory.
Our very own embassy in Egypt, manned by perhaps the stupidest people in our Foreign Service, gave the helots a convenient hook on which to hang their barbarity. They didn’t have to come off looking like barbarians, but rather like devout defenders of their religion.

I don’t even want to think about the possibility that we could have avoided all this if the embassy had kept its own yap shut. Maybe there is a case to be made for not exercising free speech!

The worst incident, so far, occurred in Libya – the same Libya that Mr. Obama rescued from the tyrrany of Muammar Gaddafi and delivered over to democracy. At the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the democratic hordes stormed, pillaged, burned and murdered. They shot to death three embassy staffers, and committed unspeakable acts upon U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, whom they dragged through the streets and somehow “smothered,” to quote the official report.

Can you picture any enemy of the United States daring to do anything like this during the presidency of Ronald Reagan? And if it happened, how long do you suppose it would be before there was a cataclysmic response?

The events of the past two days in the Middle East were perhaps an inevitable result of our President’s limp-wristed foreign policy. He seems to believe, just as fervently as our enemies, that America is fundamentally evil and does not deserve any consideration from the rest of the world. That point of view is not unusual, but it seems somehow inappropriate for the principal protector and defender of our country.

“Make no mistake: We will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people,” Obama said.

What an obvious thing to say, and how empty. Does he really expect the Libyan government to corral the hundreds of people who could justifiably be tried for first-degree murder, and stand them up before a firing squad – which appears to be the preferred method of capital punishment in that great democracy?

What we have seen in the past couple of days is a clear demonstration of the bankruptcy of the Obama foreign policy, the inevitable consequence of Obama’s negligence and inaction. What we have seen are two of the darkest days in the history of American diplomacy.

If Obama can get re-elected after this, then the situation is just hopeless. Our democratic system will be shown to be broken beyond repair.

Author Bio:

Arthur Louis spent more than forty years as a print journalist, with the Philadelphia Inquirer, McGraw-Hill, Fortune magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle, but he is not asking for sympathy. He is the author of two non-fiction books: The Tycoons, and Journalism and Other Atrocities, as well as a novel, The Little Champ. In retirement, he has decided unilaterally that he is a profound political pundit.
Author website: http://bernardgoldberg.com
  • Homer

    Obama has Israel to give, and he’s trying to give it away

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1031138120 John ‘Devantae’ Parvin

    In an election cycle, which I believe is the main impetus of the passionate word choice employed in this article, there are two major choices: the Democrats and the Republicans. Therefore, when looking at any issue – including foreign policy – we must not only look at the actions of the incumbent party (in this case a Democratic president) but also the alternative: Mitt Romney. Can you honestly say Mitt Romney would better handle these situations? Furthermore, do you think Romney would have ANY of the foreign policy successes that Obama has accrued over his four years, if indeed Romney had hypothetically been president? My answer to these questions would be an emphatic “NO!” Sure, you can have criticisms of Obama’s policies. But let’s not forget that it is the very president you are so vehemently criticizing for his “limp wrist” foreign policy which has used drone attacks to kill some of the top ranking enemies of the US (including American citizens abroad which must have been a difficult decision on the part of the president), gave the go ahead on a contentious plan to take out Osama Bin Laden, and ended one of the longest wars in American history. Mitt Romney proclaims that he would be amazing for our economy, but let’s face it, he cannot hold a candle to Obama when it comes to foreign policy. Just from the facts, it seems that the author’s claim of Obama’s weak foreign policy is simply untrue, or at least ignores all of his past successes and instead seeks to project these tragic events as completely and entirely the fault of Obama. It is that logical leap right there, the assumption that an extremely recent event which is still unfolding in its implications can actually be used to judge the merits of Obama’s foreign policy, which baffles me. 

    US Embassies (and the people within them) should be bastions of peace, democracy, and sanctuary. When anyone defiles a US embassy or harms a US citizen, he or she MUST be brought to justice. And I personally think Obama will do just that. Is he going to completely throw away all the work he’s done to strengthen relations with the Muslim world by, as a commentator hyperbolically but revealingly encouraged as a positive form of action, “[shove a] bomb up somebody’s ass”? No, I don’t think he is and I really hope he won’t. But he will find justice, and given his past decisions concerning foreign policy (hunting Bin Laden down no matter what resources it took), I think he will find justice in a hasty manner.

    • Artlouis

       You use the phrase “throw away all the work he’s done to strengthen relations with the Muslim world.” I would say that what we are seeing on TV — split screens can’t contain it all because there are some 20 countries involved — is proof that he has done nothing to strengthen relations with the Muslim world. They are worse than ever.

    • deny916

      “Furthermore, do you think Romney would have ANY of the foreign policy successes that Obama has accrued over his four years….”

      SUCCESS?????   BWHAAAAAAAAA!  Now that’s just too funny.

      Romney sure couldn’t do any worse. 

    • Homer

       What a wonderful way to break away from the issue. Let’s say I’m a democrat. Does that mean I should support Obama’s administration’s response?

  • CCNV

    As a kid I remember wearing a t-shirt with the Ayatollah’s face in a target. The caption read, “Put a hole-a in the Ayatollah”. I wore that shirt until it fell apart and ended up in the rag bag. Can’t remember anything happening other than our kidnapped folks were released.

  • Wheels55

    The real questions for many should be: Does President Obama now realize that he is not the big time peace maker – even though he received the Nobel Peace Prize? Does he realize that you can’t just say sorry and everyone lies down? He has to take a firm stance – one that past Presidents had to take and wonder what bad will happen next. Bad things always happen when one takes a stance. The President should always firmly side with our country.
    Maybe Obama should have been President of a neutral country like Sweden.

    • Artlouis

      I wish I could see Reagan handle this thing. 

      • deny916

        If it was Reagan in office…there would be a bomb up somebody’s ass! 

  • cmacrider

    Arthus L.   As a Canadian, all I can say in answer to the question posed in the title to this Article is one that the Obama ship should be mercifully but firmly scuttled for the sake of the entire free world.  Obama Girl Scout diplomacy has not made the world more safe …. has not improved the world’s image of the U.S.A. ….. and has not induced those who are anti-American to temper their views and actions towards America.

    If the pitcher can’t throw strikes and is getting hit all over the park, it is the duty of the Manager to take a walk to the mound and take the ball out of his hand.   America should “relieve” Obama …. after all they would be doing him a favour.  He took on a job which is way above his abilities.

    BTW:  I think it is very thoughtful of you to add your comments on my friend Burt P.’s columns.

    • Artlouis

       Thanks, cma, I sure hope the manager makes the right decision.

      • cmacrider

        Well Art … you have a terrific battery sitting in the dug out.

  • GlenFS

    I think it will cost him large once Americans can process information being filtered through a sympathetically complicit  media.  It may take a couple weeks, but he will pay a political price.

    • Artlouis

       Glen, I think that people who take pride in their country will not forgive Obama for this royal screwup, but these are people who were probably already lined up for Romney. The big question is whether this will change anyone from blue to red.

      • Ns Sherlock

        I don’t know if it’s true, but I read that the Marines were not allowed to have weapons at the Embassy, and that the White House had intel of this planned uprising for over 2 weeks. “Someone” needs to resign and two of those “someone” right off the bat should be obaMAO and Clinton. It’s horrible to hear about the things done to these Americans.

        • Artlouis

           So true, and meanwhile on the news I hear that the administration is trying to get that movie off YouTube.  They seem to be taking their eye off the ball.

          • CCNV

            I watched parts of the 13 minute clip on Google and the only thing I can say is that it’s really BAD acting – and the things that are depicted in the clip are things we already know about these savages. Peaceful religion my butt!

          • deny916

            So far Google hasn’t caved and removed it.  Good for Google because they are doing the right thing!

          • Artlouis

             I noticed that. Kind of surprising that they would stand on principle, but good for them.