Illegals in Our Military

Since President Obama handed down his ruling that he will ignore immigration law, and will stop deporting people who came to this country illegally while under 16 years old, there has been greater attention paid to the provisions of The Dream Act. This was a proposal to allow people to have a path to citizenship if they met certain criteria. The bill as a whole was controversial, and did not pass. One provision that seemed to have bipartisan support was the provision to allow those who had served honorably in the military to get special consideration when it comes to being granted citizenship. Many conservatives have spoken out recently about special treatment of these individuals. On the face of it, that does seem appropriate. If one looks deeper, however, no one seems concerned about the fact that our military apparently has no ability to confirm citizenship during enrollment? Put another way…We are a nation at war, and have no way of avoiding letting foreigners into our military.

There is no doubt that there are stories about people who thought they were citizens that have served admirably in our military. These people by all accounts are special, and should be treated that way. Having said that, what is the checking process that let these people get in the military in the first place? Do you just show up with a recent electric bill at the recruitment office, and “You’re in the Army Now”? Whatever inadequate process that allows someone foreign born to become a member of our Armed Forces, would also logically allow in those who intend to do us harm. Isn’t it reasonable to believe that a terrorist can be admitted to any branch of our military, learn vulnerabilities for future attack, and get free training in sophisticated weaponry to use against us?

Back when all that we had for security was a wax stamp, and a notation on a document from a quill dipped in ink, we thought it was important to not enlist foreigners in our military. Imagine if George Washington had been presented with this question of what to do about foreign born non-citizens who have served honorably in our military. His first reaction would not have been how do we deal with these honorable soldiers, it probably would have been to fire the Armed Forces personnel director. I’m sure it is no longer that easy, but why haven’t any of our current leaders raised this concern?

Our media loves to get to the human interest part of any story, tugging at heart strings seems to get a lot of viewers. That does not remove the responsibility of those in power to investigate the possibility of foreigners in our military. The fact that we are publicly discussing this issue seems to confirm that these people exist. We have a background check problem at a minimum, with a total breakdown and possible national security concerns at a maximum. We ignored the first attempt to blow up the World Trade Center much to our peril. Must we continue to draw the wrong conclusions when presented with a set of facts until another tragedy?

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  • Anna S

    Point well made.  It disturbs me to think that one of our most treasured assests, our fine military has been compromised by the sad state of our governmet policies and laws.  When our fine military is comproised, what comfort level should we have in our security as a nation? 

  • Lormac1948

    It really amazes me  that the America’s military doesn’t check this. Your points are well taken … I agree with you completely.

  • Tony in MO

    This is a good question and one that should be answered along with any possible justification for allowing illegal aliens to serve in our military.
    I recall when I volunteered to serve in the military (12 days after graduating from high school-circa 1957), I was subjected to an extensive background investigation. I had to obtain proof of my citizenship, birth records, school grades, letters of recommendation from neighbors and school officials; undergo a criminal background check, etc.

    How are these illegal aliens being recruited? Who are the morons who are supposed to be conducting background checks on them? This just reflects on how incompetent our military recruiting officials are in performing their jobs. Can anyone imagine how many potential terrorists like Nidal Hasan are still in our military? How many of them are assigned in our intelligence services where they have access to virtually segment of our intelligence data?

  • MCH

    I believe you are right.  My heart strings are broken, especially since 9/11. The  illegal has  been in the shadows of American life and most be throughly investigated in order to join the military. He or she  will be   honored and rewarded with citizenship  after passing the investigated and serving this great country.
    Good question about who’s doing the investigating.
    Why did President Obama  hand down this ruling before the elections ??  Dah

  • bonaparte3

    The children of illegal immigrants who serve honorably in the military deserve a fast track to citizenship. If they are willing to die for this country, they ought to be citizens of it.

    • Tony in MO

      NO ONE who is not a legal citizen of this country should ever be allowed to serve in our military, nor in any branch of our law enforcement agencies.