Impeach The S.O.B.!

For a long time, as much as I wanted to see Obama gone, I opposed the notion of Congress attempting to impeach him. I figured that with the Senate in the hands of Harry Reid, nothing would come of it. What’s more, when it was attempted with Clinton, he came out at the other end more popular than ever, a martyr in the eyes of the Left.

But I no longer care about the end result. I want Obama to go through the process because he has it coming. In totalitarian states, after all, the people have no other recourse except to take to the streets and spill blood. But we have available the process of impeachment, and Obama should be forced to defend his contemptible lies and actions.

If for no other reason than his unbearable arrogance, the schmuck should have to pay a penalty. For instance, when a White House reporter asked him to justify spying on the Associated Press, Obama said, “I’ve still got 60,000-plus troops in Afghanistan and I still have a bunch of intelligence officers around the world.” No, sir, the United States has 60,000-plus troops in Afghanistan and a bunch of intelligence officers around the world.

It was all too reminiscent of his speech after the execution of bin Laden, when his use of the personal pronoun would have led you to believe he had personally rappelled into the Pakistani courtyard and stormed the villa, guns blazing, and that he’d had the Navy Seals along just for company.

His defense of spying on reporters was that he was checking out leaks into national security matters. Eric Holder, his right hand stooge, even boasted that this administration had set a record for prosecuting leakers. The point neither of them mentioned was that the only leaks they pursued were those that made them look bad. Apparently the leaks to the NY Times in 2012 intended to enhance Obama’s pre-election image as a master of foreign diplomacy went no further than Dianne Feinstein’s fatuous vow to ferret out the guilty parties.

Some of the things this administration does are so dumb that you might imagine they’re auditioning for a sit com on ABC. For instance, in the midst of the IRS scandal, a scandal so pernicious that even some Democrats are calling it scandalous, we discover that the woman, Sarah Hall Ingram, who was heading up the division that targeted conservative groups and individuals for the sort of hell that only the IRS can dole out is — a drumroll, please — the very person Obama has selected to make sure that ObamaCare is enforced, with drawing-and-quartering optional.

To be fair, we have been assured that Ms. Ingram is a “superb civil servant.” Unfortunately, the person who gave her that ringing endorsement is the former acting head of Internal Revenue, Steven Miller, who, when last seen, was lying through his teeth to a congressional committee.

Miller is the fellow whom Obama fired with much fanfare, about two weeks before he was already scheduled to resign. The question I would like answered is whether Miller will continue to receive his federal pension even when he winds up in a federal prison for perjury and obstruction of justice.

I know I am coming across as something of a scold, and I should probably temper my remarks because I have been provided with so many laughs by these assorted goofballs, I am clearly in their debt. For instance, I actually heard a spokesperson for the IRS say that the targeting of conservative groups prior to the 2012 election had nothing to do with politics. I haven’t heard anything that funny since “The Princess Bride.” Mainly, it reminds me of the scene when the comic villain Vizzini (Wallace Shawn) kept responding to one unpleasant fact after another by sputtering “Inconceivable!” Eventually, his reluctant henchman , Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin), has had enough and says, “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”

In a sane world, wouldn’t someone who denied the targeting by the IRS had anything to do with politics be compelled, by force if necessary, to suggest an alternative explanation? Coincidence, perhaps? Sun spots? Or maybe just one of those crazy things.

Only in the world of fiction would I expect to encounter a president, an attorney general and a former secretary of state, so eager to claim that on all of these major issues, one involving the massacre of four Americans, including an ambassador, they were simply out of the loop.

I would suggest that Obama, Holder and Mrs. Clinton, could easily fill in for the three monkeys who hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil, except that I would no doubt be tarred as a racist and a misogynist.

Oh, what the heck! I think I’ll go ahead and do it anyway.

The winner of the May book drawing is Tom Pedersen of Loretto, MN. A copy of “Liberals: America’s Termites” is on its way to the lucky fellow.

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  • I Hate Fascists

    Where are you Perlutsky you gutless pipsqueak. You are usually very talkative. Well let me try to provoke you. Obama is not going to be impeached so you will have to carry out your ultimatum and take to the streets and spill blood. Do you have the guts? I think not. I DARE YOU to come out on the streets and look for a fight you punk. You will not last 5 seconds.

    • legal eagle

      Burt is too busy playing cards with his buddies at the country club…

    • Integrity

      This is the battle of ideas where you are at a clear disadvantage.

  • legal eagle

    Prelutsky shows his true colors by calling the President a “schmuck”. Nice to see Burt is using his blog for therapy to let out his anger and bitterness..It would appear Burt is channeling his inner Archie Bunker.

    • Integrity

      He may very well be. And I can imagine that your are billing some client for the time you spend trolling as legal research. Come to think of it, this could possibly be your job for all that we know.

  • souvoter

    Hilarious, Burt!! Anyone who has his speech writers use a Thesaurus has got to know the pretense and tom-foolery can’t last forever. Thank God for good ole sunshine!!!!! Proud Floridian…..

  • I Hate Fascists

    Listen up you right wing jerkoffs. Anyone with half a brain (or as you call it gifted) will take Obama over Toxic Ted, Loopy Gohmert, Inbred Inhofe, Blue Eyed Bitch Bachmann or whoever your next Great Fascist Hope is. As for you Perlutsky you are a loudmouth puke and you are too gutless to back up any of your trash talk.

    • Integrity

      So the people that have only half a brain voted for Obama. Thanks for clarifying!

      • PeterFitzwell

        Half a brain for Obama voters is complimentary.

  • brendag

    Never say never!

  • info warrior

    Let’s get real, Burt. It’s more likely that GW Bush will go to prison for war crimes than Obama getting impeached.

  • meow-meow

    Relax, Bernie…you aren’t coming across as a “scold.” Just as a racist cocksucker…but you knew that, right? LOL!

    • brendag

      Bernie didn’t write this piece….but you knew that, right? LOL

  • Darren Perkins

    He’s the first black looking president but why blacks would support him is beyond me. He has done nothing for the black community… except organize it to vote for him.

  • GlenFS

    Wallace Shawn was brilliant in Princess Bride and his repititon of “inconcievable” struck a chord with me. It was the same thing I kept thinking to myself after Obama’s re-election.

    That Obama could face impeachment is also inconcievable to me due to his being the first black president and champion of the leftist media and popullar culture. You can’t impeach Elvis. But then I also found the election inconcievable, so who am I to say what may happen? Thanks for posing in Burt.

    • DonaldYoungsRevenge

      First of all he is our “first White/Arab President.” Only a blind sheep would fall hook, line and sinker for the LIE that he is our “first Black president” based upon his 6.75% African/Negro heritage is absurd.
      Second, you failed to mention that the evidence that he is using a forged birth certificate and a fraudulent SS# and a fraudulent Selective Service registration to remain in power, that is unforgivable. At least mention that fact, you don’t have to go into any detail. By the way, Lt. Mike Zullo and Arpaio are advancing this criminal investigation at full speed ahead, are you aware of that?

  • helplessinil

    I think you forgot about blaming it on Global Warming, or the current administrations “Deniability”. Let me see if I got this right?
    1. Bengazi
    2. IRS
    3. AP
    4. Fast an Furious
    5. White House Leaks to the NY Times
    6. Philly Black Panthers assistance at election time
    7. what’s next?

    • DonaldYoungsRevenge

      8. Forged Birth Certificate, it has been proven to be a forgery.
      9. An E-Verified flagged and fraudulent SS#, a warning not to hire the fraud.
      10. A fraudulent Selective Service registration back in 2008. They want you to believe he registered in 1980. He was a “foreign exchange student” in 1980 and did not have to register.
      Now what is next???

  • Royalsfan67

    Commander in Chief does not mean tyrant ruler you moron. It means he is responsible for everything. Either he is involved or he is the most incompetent leader in history.

    • Wheels55

      I think he is both.
      However, impeachment will not do our country any good. The House staying in GOP control will create a stalemate until 2016 when, hopefully, we have an effective leader.

      • legal eagle

        An Obama would be impeached for what high crime? Being half black or being a Democrat?

        • Wheels55

          I said to not impeach. Being shady, lazy and ineffective is not a crime.

          • legal eagle

            not to mention black…that fact is what galls many older males…

          • Wheels55

            Not about race. It is about not being an effective LEADER of our country.

          • legal eagle

            I assume you didn’t vote for him so you’re criticism is expected….I’m sure you would have been happier with Bombs Away McCain….

          • Wheels55

            Perhaps. There just haven’t been any solid candidates lately. I think the most qualified are too smart to want to be President. Since it seems to come down to the lesser or two or three evils, I saw Obama as a big talker who didn’t have the record to convince me he could do the job and did vote for McCain. I was right – for whatever reasons, Obama can’t do the job. It isn’t his Ideology, but the things that anyone in that position should be able to do.

          • legal eagle

            With all due respect you are speaking in vague generalities and there is nothing that I or anyone could say that would make you less critical.. Obama is the President not the king. Congress makes the laws not the President.

            If you voted for McCain you voted for never ending wars and never ending death and injuries to American kids.

            Tell me the last Democrat you voted for? Can I assume you didn’t like Clinton? You don’t like Democrats because you believe the Republican agenda which is war and tax cuts for the rich is better for your family…I respectfully disagree.

          • Wheels55

            How did you get to be so smart? Oh wait, you’re not.
            I voted for Clinton. I think was a far better President than Obama.
            Obama loves his drones – that kill innocents. I guess you are Ok with that?
            Yes, Congress makes the laws, but King Obama decides when he wants to follow them.

          • legal eagle

            Obama is shady, lazy and ineffective compared to whom? Bush, Clinton, Reagan?

          • Wheels55

            Pretty much every President since 1900. I think Obama truly believed that being President would be completely enjoyable and easy. He shows no interest in working hard.

  • Bruce A.

    An Impeachment process must include removal from office. But, then we get to say President Joseph Biden. What a mess.

  • LonB

    It seems to me that this “transparent” administration is the only one that can make Sgt Shultz look like an encyclopedia.

    • Wheels55

      Now that’s funny – and true.

  • Wil

    ‘The Commander in Chief’ mean anything to you? Oh, I forgot, you never did any
    military service, now did you!

    • Jeff Webb

      Yes, “Commander in Chief” means Obama bears the most responsibility.

      You are aware of that, right?

    • DonaldYoungsRevenge

      @Wil. For sure the “Commander in Chief” does mean something but in this case this fraud and criminal is a usurper and that title is no longer respected. If it is than those rose colored glasses are killing your vision. Add to that, we all should be flying the flag in DISTRESS. If this country is not indistress than there is no such word as DISTRESS.

      • Wil

        You are talking about G,W, Bush…right?

    • legal eagle

      Burt is just an angry and bitter hater. Lets hope he gets help for his problem before it’s too late.

      • Wil

        the president a S.O.B. is a disgraceful thing to say. I wonder is Burt is an
        American citizen?

        • legal eagle

          He called him a shmuck nor an SOB… If you don’t know what a schmuck is Google it..
          Burt is a bitter old hateful citizen who writes a blog appealing to bitter old haters…similar to O’Reilly’s and Hannity’s audience.

          • Wil

            Burt Prelutsky
            Impeach The S.O.B.!
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          • legal eagle

            Good point….Obama is a schmuck and an SOB…wonder what Burt calls people he actually knows personally….LOL