In Cold Blood?

I read an op-ed in the New York Times the other day about the Trayvon Martin shooting.  The writer, an author named Rich Benjamin, was mainly talking about his dislike of gated communities where residents, he says, develop a bunker mentality and see outsiders – “the young, the colored and the presumably poor” – as threats to their safety.  So it “isn’t just racism,” as a sub headline states, it’s also “the bunker” that led to Trayvon Martin’s death.

Benjamin says people who live in gated communities often have an exaggerated fear of crime.  They think it’s a greater threat to them and their families than it really is, based on police statistics. He makes their desire to stay safe inside the confines of their gated community sound like a bad case of paranoia, or some other kind of mental disorder. But that’s not why I’m writing.

In his op-ed he casually states that George Zimmerman shot “the youth in cold blood.”

Could be.  And if that’s what happened, Mr. Zimmerman must be punished. But Rich Benjamin, since he wasn’t there, has absolutely no way of knowing if that is what happened. Besides, “in cold blood” means that the deed was done ruthlessly and without any emotion.  That’s a reckless term to use when you can’t possibly know what you’re talking about. Did Mr. Benjamin learn nothing from the so-called Duke Lacrosse rape case?

A lot of people also knew for sure, without a shred of evidence, that three young white men supposedly from privileged backgrounds raped a not-so-well-off black woman who had to dance at frat parties to make a living.  How could it be otherwise, they figured? The athletes were white, right?  The “victim” was black.  The story fit all their pre-conceived notions about jocks and race and power and powerlessness.

Except, it turned out that the woman was mentally unstable and made the whole thing up.  Oops!

Every decent person wants justice in the Sanford shooting. But by promiscuously stating that a young black man was shot “in cold blood” – and stating it in the New York Times, no less — Mr. Benjamin may have made that goal more difficult.  So has Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who recently said, “Now, I’m not going to be politically correct. I’m going to say it like I see it. Trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog.”

Given America’s history with race, we can understand why African Americans (both Mr. Benjamin and Congresswoman Wilson are black) might jump to conclusions, absent any hard facts. We can understand that black prople  experienced things that whites haven’t and so assume certain things — about the police, the justice system, and other powerful American insititutions — that whites might not.

But Congresswoman Wilson doesn’t know that “Trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog” anymore than Mr. Benjamin knows that he was shot “in cold blood.”  You get the impression that while they may see themselves as progressives, they haven’t allowed themselves to progress very far from the bad old days of Jim Crow.

What if it turns out that George Zimmerman, the shooter, committed no crime?  Will the people yelling loudest for justice accept such a finding – or is “guilty” the only permissible verdict for a “cold-blooded” shooting?


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  • terry


  • Jjdoink

    BBernie hey jerk off so ur 1 of those right wing morons huh i will make sure to never watch anything your involved with moron smoron kiss my asso for now

  • Gerpac

    Obviously, ultra-lefty Benjamin is long on demagoguery and short on facts. Typical of almost all reporting by the elitiest left. Benjamin conveniently failed to mention the fact, I repeat, failed to mention  that  homes of residents in the community have been hit by a series of burgulary’s and physical threats. It was for this reason the community have used volunteers, like Zimmerman, to patrol streets in the gated community during hours of darkness. Another example of shoddy reporting by the extreme leftists.

  • NewYawkHawk

    Why do law-abiding people, especially youths, like wearing hoodies so much?  Any cop can tell you that many criminals and gang-bangers favor this look. Not that the Martin boy should be killed over this but a hoodie-wearing person (kid or adult) tends to look like a criminal, no matter what race they are. To paraphrase comedian Dave Chappelle, “[he] may not be a [thug], but he’s sure wearing a [thug]’s uniform!”

    • Bob Hadley

      Wasn’t it raining at the time?  I’ve puit the hood up on my sweat jacket when it was raining.

  • C. Rich

    This there Government Cheese in these gated communities?

  • Jeff Metz


    What you find out here is that these folks are not interested in truth.  They are interested in propping themselves up politically and currying votes.  NBC ended in a mess over their reporting but not before the damage was done.  A good race debate makes for votes and great TV.

  • NewYawkHawk

    P.S.- There is no racial problem in America. The correct diagnosis is that we have a BEHAVIORAL problem here in the USA. No one knows how to act anymore. Whatever happened to MANNERS? Just imagine if manners still existed. This is how the Trayvon incident would have gone down: (Zimmerman): Excuse me, young man, but this is a gated community and non-residents are not allowed to walk through here. (Trayvon): Oh, I apologize. I didn’t realize that as i was talking on the cell phone and not paying attention to the signs. I will leave right now and it won’t happen again, sir. Sorry about that. (Zimmerman): That’s OK, I understand. Just don’t do it again, please, as we have a volunteer patrol that goes through here to prevent trespassers. Thanks for understanding. Have a nice night.

    • ralphpal

      Yes  your right . Since  Zimmerman was the older person he should of known what to do .  I still blame   him 100 %  no matter what happens .  To have someone you cont know follow you  must be scary.   Also after the police tells you to leave him alone and you still go  affter him  just tells me  that even thought i dont believe he wanted anything bad to happen  what he did    couldnt produce  anything  execpt something bad to happen .
      They was  nothing good that could of  come from  this .  You follow him ,  call the police,  give a description  then let the professionals  handle it

    • Hawaiibred

      As a non-resident, Martin was not allowed to walk through the gated comnmunity???????????  Martin was a guest there.  He was visiting his Dad there.

  • NewYawkHawk

    Obama is an idiot. Pitting the blacks against the Latinos is certainly
    not going to help him get the Latino vote in November. ESPECIALLY if
    there is a Romney/Rubio GOP ticket! The GOP will be all over this in
    November as an example of how Obama chooses blacks over Latinos even
    when he doesn’t know any of the facts! Oy- David Axelrod must be kicking
    Obama’s butt all over the Oval Office right about now…

  • EddieD_Boston

    I’ll say it…maybe if black teenagers didn’t commit crimes in vastly disproportionate numbers and dress like ghetto thugs people wouldn’t assume the worst of them.

    • Wil

      The Trayvon Martin case is getting even more heated as armed neo-Nazis are reportedly patrolling the streets of Sanford, Fla.-where the black, unarmed teen was shot and killed.

      Read more:

      • Ron Kean

        We were all afraid of this.  You, I and all of us here will debate and argue but we know there are others who are incapable of this kind of restraint.  The Martin killing is being investigated and a definitive conclusion will be reached.  But actions have reactions and when when people of less patience and civility feel pushed there is danger.  The situation is snowballing in the wrong direction.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie:  Don Imus thinks an expression you use, “I get that”, is lame.  You should let him know that you wanted to go even more lame, but the “cowboy in NYC” was taken.

  • Ken08534

    I have been asking this very question:

    “What if it turns out that George Zimmerman, the shooter, committed no crime? Will the people yelling loudest for justice accept such a finding – or is “guilty” the only permissible verdict for a “cold-blooded” shooting?”

    The answer, sadly, is they will not likely stand for anything less than a conviction with a significant jail term. Our problem is we have too much evidence, IMHO.

    We have the call with the girlfriend, but her remarks are hearsay.

    We have the Zimmerman 911 call, but after he says “OK” to the police dispatcher, we don’t know if he turns around and starts walking back to his SUV or if he keeps following Taryvon. This recording also provided fodder for NBC to trim out the 911 dispatcher’s question “does he look black or hispanic?” so it sounded like, once edited, that randomly Zimmerman announced “he looks black”, stoking raacial issues.

    We’ve also learned that 911 operators are to be strictly obeyed, failure to do so is a sign you are a “fanatic”.

    We have the neighbor’s 911 call where you hear screaming and a gun shot – experts for either side are equally confident their client’s voice is clearly heard yelling for help.

    We have the video tape of Zimmerman in custody, initially without apparent wounds, then, in a concession to a C.S.I. obsessed public an “enhanced” version of the video clearly shows head trauma. Allowing the press to argue that at first Zimmerman & the police conspired to lie to the public, then we are told how unreliable “enhanced” videos are.

    Then we have details about Trayvon’s background that make him appear less than angelic, and we have corresponding details about Zimmerman’s past that make him look like a lone wolf out for blood.

    We also know that Zimmerman was brought in for questioning, and we are told the police wanted to arrest him, but they were told they had no case by the prosecutor/district attorney.

    We have also invented a new racial category, “white latino” so that the story better fits a racial narrative.

    And let’s not forget we also have Trayvon’s funeral director letting us know about the state of Trayvon’s hands and how he “obviously” wasn’t attacking Zimmerman.

    And finally, we have the photos of Zimmerman in an ornage top that if it isn’t, appears to be from a previous arrest and a paicture of what looks like a 12 year-old Trayvon, when he was 17 at the time of the shooting.

    What we don’t have is:

    an eyewittness
    an autopsy report
    any of the numerous local, state, and federal investigations into the matter

    But it doesn’t matter, we all know Zimmerman did it – various network apologies for sloppy/false reporting aside…

    • Wil

      But, what we do have is Trayvon’s dead body!

      ’nuff said!

      • StanW

        No, that is not “’nuff said”, Wil.

        Martin is dead because he attacked another person who was armed. Your lies about Zimmerman will not change that!

        • Wil

          You know this how?

          • StanW

            Becasue that is what the evidence is saying, Wil. Do you have any proof otherwise?

          • Bob Hadley

            you’re making things up again.  The reports of the evidence are conflicting.   Remember, one report is that the detective in charge wanted to arrest Zimmerman.

            At this point, we don’t know which, if any, reports are incorrect.

            But ideologues will look for justification.

          • Bob Hadley

            I’m Bob Hadley.  I don’t know why my username is now being used.  :)

          • StanW

            You are lecturing me on this? It is YOUR side that has had to lie and try and make Zimmerman a monster and Trayvon an angel.

            The FACTS do not favor your argument.

          • Bob Hadley

            You’re being dishonest AGAIN.  I have not taken a side yet.  I’ve repeatedly said that we should all take in a deep breath and let the special prosecutor get the facts out.  (As i stated below, this is Bob Hadley.  I don’t know why I’m now under a different name.)

            I’ve never said or implied that Zimmerman is a monster.  The worst I said about Zimmerman is that he initially used extremely poor judgment.

            Never have I said or implied that Martin is an angel.  I have never even said that Martin was without culpability.

            Not only do ideologues like you look for self-justification, but ideologues like you will even try to pound a square peg into a round hole in order to get self-justification.

            When you surrender integrity to defend your dogma, it’s past time to re-examine your dogma.  But introspection is typically lost of ideologues.

          • StanW

            And there is the lecture again. You have no idea what I believe about the case, and you are jumping to a conclusion that I am an ideologue.

            Please keep your self-righteous attitude for yourself. You’ll need it when Zimmerman is no-billed and the black community explodes.

          • Bob Hadley

            “You have no idea what I believe about the case, …”
            — StanW

            “Martin is dead because he attacked another person  who was armed.”  — StanW

            “… when Zimmerman is no-billed…” — StanW 

            Are there two StanW’s in this section?????  I knew ideologues have a proclivity toward cognitive dissonance but this is ridiculous.

            BTW, I use the term ideologue broadly to mean allowing a pre-disposition dictate conclusions about situations in the real world. 

      • Kevin

         It’s really not enough said.  It’s either not enough said, because it leaves out pertinent facts, or it’s too much said, because such a simplistic statement should not be made at all, because again, nobody in the public sphere knows all the facts. But one thing it is not…is enough said.  Your faux empathy for this dead teenager is disingenuous at best and self serving for sure.

        • Wil

          Your faux empathy for George Zimmerman is disingenuous at best and telling for sure.

          • Kevin

            Brilliant retort.  Sounds vaguely familiar.   I have no feelings one way or another for Zimmerman, nor have I displayed anything like that. You have created the false narrative,  “it’s about the children” like liberals are wont to do, as dishonestly as it could possibly be used, as a backdrop to attack those who believe there has been a rush to judgment by the media-whoring race pimps. Propagating the politicizing of a falsehood. Why bother? 

      • Ken08534

        What does it tell us beyond what Zimmerman himself told police, that Martin was shot and that Zimmerman himself told police he did it?

        It’s been over a month, surely there is an autopsy report that would trump the ‘observations’ of a funeral director…

  • Kathie Ampela

    I have a home in a gated community. It’s primarily a vacation community although there are some older retirees who live there year round.  I see nothing wrong with wanting to protect your home from theives and vandals especially if you aren’t there for months at a time.  I saw Rich Benjamin on O’Reilly last night. He seems like a young, dewey eyed liberal who still wants to cling to his beliefs even though he himself has been a victim of a crime. I didn’t dislike him and Bill won the argument. The majority of people, I believe, if confronted by a mugger would protect themselves. There really isn’t much of an argument there, unless you have a death wish. The issue of convicting someone in the media is another story. We’ve seen this before during the Tawana Brawley case. Back then, Sharpton held a press conference claiming a local prosecutor in Dutchess County kidnapped and raped Brawley 33 times. After that accusation turned out to be false, Sharpton claimed a local police cult associated with the Irish Republican Army had been responsible for the assault on Brawley. You can’t make crazy, unfounded accusations against people no matter WHAT the circumstances are.  If you want to hold a rally or start a petition to pressure local authorities to investigate the crime, that’s something else. The Zimmerman case was not satisfactorily investigated. This has nothing to do with politics or race, but I read a book a few months ago about the old Natalie Wood case. Long story short, that was a case which was never properly investigated and it stinks to high heaven. I certainly want justice for those who deserve it, but slander and kangaroo courts endangers everyone.

  • Tonyalcantar1960

     Hey Bernie,

    Rich Benjamin proved what an idiot he is by simply railing against those who live in gated communities.  Civilized man has ALWAYS been gating, fencing and walling in his community to keep the outsiders out.  What is the Great Wall of China?  How about a castle?  A compound?  Does Rich Benjamin have a door on his house?  Isn’t that in essence a gate?    I’ve driven through the worst areas in Chicago and LA…ever see the gates and steel bars over windows and doors in those areas?  If those aren’t gated communities, I don’t know what are. 

    Let’s see if Benjamin applies his theory on THOSE people I’ve mentioned.

  • Randy

    This guy can’t win, even if he is tried and aquitted.

    My biggest point of concern is the fact the 911 operator told him not to follow and he disregarded that instruction.  Whatever happened after that IS his responsibility.  He may not be in violation of a criminal law, but he certainly must have a great deal of exposure to civil litigation.

    • Ken08534

      He is the new Richard Jewell – the supposed Atlanta Olympics bomber who the media quickly told us met a “secret” FBI profile of a lone wolf attention-seeker.

      Except he didn’t do it.

      The Justice Department actually wrote him a formal letter, clearly and decisively removing him from consideration as a suspect in the bombing.

      A few years later, a fellow that also bombed an abortion clinic and gay bar confessed adn was convicted of the bombing.

      But still, everyone “knows” Richard Jewell was the lone wolf security officer who dreamed of being a police officer that made the bomb so he could find it and become a hero…


  • nafadda

    I do not even want to imagine what will happen if this man,(zimmerman) is brought to trial and found not to be guilty…after this media hate frenzy and people like sharpton and CO.,getting people to be judge,jury and executioner without a trial..I am quite sure all hell will break lose…that is if it even makes it to trial and if it doesn’t,same will happen…

        then who will have actual ‘blood’ on their hands???…there may be enough to go around for all the mob mentality to be happy..or perhaps not.

        robin in fl

  • Kevin

    Even if it is proven beyond a doubt that Zimmerman acted well within the bounds of self defense it will not matter to these people.  Tawanna Brawley taught us there is no accountability in the mainstream press or the media-whoring race pimps because they talk to each other in the  echo chamber and they know the public has a short memory.  They count on it.  As they did after Brawley’s story fell apart, if they are proven wrong here they will just move on and continue acting the exact same  way as before…no changes…no remorse…no acknowledgment…no nothin’!

    The only thing that matters is stirring the pot now, according to a narrative that fits the echo. Amazingly Sharpton is drawing on the echoes of Tawanna Brawley and could find himself in the same position as back then when this is over. His foot still has saliva on it from that era and he could not care less.

  • JBubs

    Back in the day when newspapers had editorial standards, no editor would ever have allowed garbage statements like that to make it to print.  How far our standards have fallen if news editors are unable or unwilling to prevent crap like this from denigrating a once noble profession.

  • Bill

    You have to love how much hate these liberals like to spew it is the only way they have to excite their base.

  • independentinlasvegas

    Obama regime continues to flame this story.. This is perfect for BO to get his base protesting… This is the Chgo way…

  • Dave Koffer

    Good article!  This Benjamin guy is just a stupid left-wing radical fool…..if someone chooses to live in a gated community, they have every right to do so, and it certainly doesn’t mean they’re racist!!!  Furthermore, for those who have been the victims of crime, they’re fears are very real!!  This Benjamin is really a left-wing radical idiotic dope

  • Curt Parker

    Too many folks don’t take time to research facts and think… or maybe can’t think or take the time to research… since everything they say is based on their initial feelings, prejudices and group identity.  For some blacks, this means that any white skinned person that kills a black skinned person is automatically guilty… no matter the facts. And for some whites, Asians, and Hispanics, the opposite is true. We are changing into a nation that can’t think or chooses not to. I fear that Pat Buchanan is right when he says America is becoming Balkan-ized.

  • Iowa48

    The Miami Herald published an article in which it is stated that the census figures for the gated community in question, Retreat at Twin Lakes, is 49% White, 23% Hispanic, 20% African-American, and 5% Asian.  Those appear to be numbers reflecting a fair amount of diversity, and which seem to refute the basic premise of Benjamin’s article which attributes the existence of gated communities to racism.  Apparently Benjamin is such an accomplished journalist that he is unaware of the existence of the Internet or the US Census, upon which it took me less than a minute to find the Herald’s article.  Maybe the fact that nationally a 12% racial minority commits over 60% of all the reported crimes, and that the criminals within that minority predominantly target their own ethnic community at an astounding rate.

  • Carl

    And now the FBI is conducting a “parralel” investigation to uncover possible civil rights violations. What about the rights of the white British men who were referred to as crackers by the black kid who robbed them and executed them? I’m pretty sure there was no “parallel” investigation conducted by Holder’s Justice Dept. in that case. I guess the civil rights of whites take a back seat to everyone else’s.

  • Jamal

    It sounds as though Rich Benjamin lynched George Zimmerman “in cold blood.”

  • Drew Page

    So Mr. Benjamine, I wonder if you have the same attitude toward fences and doors, door locks and windows on homes.    It has been said that “Good fences make good neighbors.”   Was that yet one more example of white racism?    There seem to be a lot of fences around government properties, is that yet another example of white racism?    Do you suppose that black folks who have fences around their property or have locks on their doors are also racists, with irrational fear of their black neighbors?

  • Ted Wight

    What is there to say except: Beat Obama, and Mr. Romney take a deep breath and slash every employee hired by and during the Obama adminstration; write an executive order eliminating “race” from everything the administration does.  Start there.

    • Brian_Bayless

      Way to stay on topic.

  • Red Rowan

    Would this case have made the rounds of the race baiters if George Zimmermans name was Jorge Rodriguez.  Hmm?  Zimmerman , = White Jew.  We get to bash 2 groups at once and going after Jewish people is Al Sharpton’s specialty, Crown Heights, White (Jewish ) interlopers.  Ask yourself honestly , if Zimmerman’s name was hispanic or if he was black this wouldn’t even be on p. 64 of the NYT.

    • Guest

      Don’t forget Jesse Jackson and “Hymietown.”

  • Elemconeil

    IF charges are brought in this case, where in the entire world can Mr. Zimmerman get a fair trial?  The case has been predudiced to the point of making a trial a mockery.

  • Tbear72

    The saddest number about this case is that FBI statistics show that 93% of murdered African-Americans are murdered by other African-Americans.  The remaining 7% of murdered Africans-Americans show no detectable pattern of the race or gender of those murders.  If there is any RACISM in the general pattern of the murder of African-Americans it is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the narrative employed by the mainstream media.  The saddest element to this entire matter so far is that no one (not even the Trayvon’s parents) seem to be willing to take some time and just mourn the tragic death of one more young American male-who seems to have been doomed in life and now in death he won’t even be mourned for what HE (not the cause or the community) has LOST.  “It is a hell of thing to kill a man.  Take away everything he ever had and everything he ever would have had!”  So remarked Clint Eastwood through the voice of his hero in “The Unforgiven” and he was right-but apparently no one wants to spend even a day granting that decency to Trayvon and what he might have gone on to be.  So sad-such a waste and instead of addressing the real problems in the youth of the African-American community (i.e. 76% of African-American children are born to unwed mothers; 50% drop out of high school; an unemployment rate of over 50% for African-Americans aged 17-25; an ever escalating set of drug & criminal problems and a set of anti-role models like ICE-T or ICE CUBE or other impolite, anti-woman, anti-American spoiled brat millionaires).
    So where is Bill Cosby or BHO demanding that men and women of good faith stand up NOW for the good of all our children?  Where is the indignation and anger that those who should know better, act as if the have no idea what the problems are or how to fix them.  “The wages of sin are death.”  That religious law is as true and as operational as any of the other laws of physics and those seek to systematically violate these laws will be held subject to the harshest penalties those laws can enforce.

  • Dave O’Connor

    First issue.  What does a gate tell someone approaching property? What does it tell us when we witness someone inside the gate? Common practice or otherwise, there was a gate.
    Next, we can take up the details of the incident.
    Benjamin was taking up ‘white space’, while Sharpton is taking up air space.
    And, those in Congress, just taking up space.

  • Old Biker

    Professional race-baiter Sharpton is a repeat offender here. Anyone remember the Tawanna Brawley case (the first time most of us ever heard of “Lying Al”)? BTW, when was the last time the “Coward in Chief” opened his yap about a black on hispanic or black on white killing? My memory fails me here! The recent facts seem to support the view that in any case involving blacks vs. any other race, the race card trumps all else in this administration.

  • Bzwillinger

    Last I had heard that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty in this great country of ours.  It is appalling that people in Congress that have sworn an oath to the laws of our land can lead a lynch party that they have held white people accountable for so long. Hypocritical? 

  • ladyluck

    Lynch mentality is being shown in this case.  Until the facts are presented everyone is entitled in America to a presumption of innocence. 

  • NeilRouse

    i am a licensed real estate appraiser, i have access to the gate codes, or more precisely the realtors codes that are used for showing/appraising the community properties. out of the hundreds of appraisals i’ve done in these communities i have actually used the gate code maybe a couple dozen times. mostly, i would just follow the car in front of me in. what it really does, is slow down the fire department  and police when they need to get in.

    • Drew Page

      I suppose if you took the doors and windows off your home the fire department could have an easier time putting out a fire there.  would you be in favor of that?

  • Pasekfred

    Personally, I don’t see this case as anything particularly news worthy. Black guy beats up Hispanic, and Hispanic shoots him dead. Same thing happens countless times a night in places like Los Angeles. And in most of those cases, the victim started out minding his own business, or starts out being where he had a right to be. And in many of those cases, one of them is unarmed.

    I’m curious, would this be as big of a story if the Hispanic guy didn’t have a gun, and the black kid beat him to death? Because, in that instance, I doubt they could arrest the killer either.

    This is just a bunch of noise. You’re not gonna find a jury that’ll convict this guy based on what I’ve seen, so it’s all just preparation for the riots. Meh, we’re due for some good rioting anyway, right? It’s almost like a scheduled event that at least opnce a decade people flip out, do a little looting, burn some stuff, throw bricks in guys faces. It’s America.

  • DClark

    Black people make up 12% of the population, they commit 70% of all violent crime. That tells you all you need to know.

  • Maurice_8th

    Pointless fucktard Goldberg misses & ignores the point that even the drunkard prick O’Reilly should have interjected. BECAUSE THERE WAS & IS NO ARREST IN THE CASE!

    • Ron Kean

      Take your meds.

    • Scheer

      Get off this site, you ignorant lout. If you’re going to lie and write filth, you have no place on this site or anywhere else for that matter.

      You must be liberal. Zero sense, class, or knowledge.

      Go back to Huffington Post where you belong.



    • Njr2


  • Bruce A.

    Wait for the facts to come in. 

  • B In TN

    This is nothing more than a Black lynch mob!  Guess they think 2 wrongs make a right. 

  • tim

    Not many in the media have the guts to vocalize what  Bernie Goldberg does. Not surprisingly, he has been called a “racist” by some,  over these comments. Why can’t we have an opinion, or speak our mind without the ever present and much avoided race card being used?
     If Zimmerman is found guilty, I hope he spends a long time in prison. If he is not found guilty of a crime, will his life ever be the same? Either way Mr. Zimmerman will be imprisoned, in one form or another, as will be the poor family of
    Trayvon Martin.
     It’s a sad story for all involved. Shame on the media, Sharpton and, especially, Congresswoman Wilson for fanning the flame of racial divide. 

  • Wil

    Bernie, The Duke Lacrosse rape case is entirely different. Have you also, noticed the conservative media is giving George every benefit of doubt. Trayvon Martin is dead, George Zimmerman is alive.

    • StanW

      The more evidence that comes out, the more it looks like Martin was the aggressor and Zimmerman was in fear for his life.

      The reference to the Duke case is appropriate, as the media is taking a case before all the facts are known and pronouncing guilt based ONLY on the skin color of the people involved.

      • Wil

        Well, except that he admitted to killing someone and the evidence that
        is was justifiable is extremely weak and shaky, and coming apart as we speak.
        And, Zimmerman’s preference for reporting “blacks” as suspicious and his
        reference to Trayvon as a  “f**king coon”.

        • StanW

          Those are all LIES, Wil.

          Which is pretty typical for you.

          • Wil

            You have got to be the lamest racist buffoon on the intertubes.

          • StanW

            Everything you posted is a lie, Wil, and you cannot prove any of it.

          • Wil


          • StanW

            And you’re a Space Alien.

          • DanB_Tiffin

            Wil is just a sicko liberal liar, as usual.

          • Wil

            You’re wrong again. It’s amazing how misinformed, you people are!

          • Guest

            Boy, Wil, that’s sure a crushing rejoinder. “If you challenge anything I say, I warn you, I’ll yell ‘racist’ at you!” Brilliantly argued, Wil…you racist, you.

          • Wil

            Yup.  They only aired part of it, but the whole exchange makes Zimmerman look
            like a thug just itching to shoot someone.

            Too bad we’ll never know if
            Zimmerman was drunk or high when he shot Martin.
            We do know that Martin was

          • StanW

            First, nothing makes Zimmerman look like ” a thug just itching to shoot someone” except the discredited lies you moronic Liberals like you.

            Second, none of the toxicology reports have been released< so keep your lies to yourself.

          • Vega – Poli-Cultural Humorist

            They did release Martin’s report. And it said he wasn’t on drugs or alcohol.

          • StanW

            Piss off, Stalker!

          • Vega – Poli-Cultural Humorist

            That’s what Martin told Zimmerman, funny enough.

          • StanW

            And you know that HOW, Stalker?

            Oh, that’s right, you don’t and are just a LYING BASTARD!

        • herky86

          I love how you will make up the “facts” as you go along. Typical handwringing, poindexter spectacled, liberal nerd. You on MSNBC? Keep telling yourself to never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

          • Wil

            Herky, What made up facts?

        • DanB_Tiffin

          I see Wil is up to his old tactics again: Lies, etc.

          • Wil

            We know Zimmerman was armed and Martin wasn’t.  We know the police told him not
            to follow Martin.  We know Martin is dead.

            Lies? Cite one lie, I have ever said on this forum. All, I do is challenge you people and  Bernie’s liberal bias rants.

          • StanW

            OK, here is one of your lies…
            “We know the police told him not to follow Martin”

            NO, a police DISPATCHER told him they they didn’t need him to follow Martin. It was NOT a the police that told him that.

          • DanB_Tiffin

            You just cannot help it can you, any twisted lie from the liberal media is immediate truth to you. If their lie not good enough, you will make up a better lie yourself. Keep sniveling over all the poor victims in the universe, Wil.

          • Wil

            How about an example of the lies, you are braying about? Or just STFU!

          • DanB_Tiffin

            OK, you lied about:
            “Zimmerman’s reference to Trayvon” in your post below. you lied in your post that “the plice told him not to follow Martin” in your post above. Many more are available.

            Face it Wil, you are a  liar. We can all see it right here, right now.

        • BernieGoldberg

          Re the blacks as suspicious:  are you aware that NBC Today Show doctored the tape to make it appear that way, when in fact the 922 operator asked about race?
          Re the comment you have in quotes:  if you have audio of Zimmerman saying that, pls post it.  Otherwise don’t use this forum for slander.
          I have encountered your pathetic stunts before Wil and I warned you that if you knowingly put up false information I would ban you.  The only reason I’m not doing that now is because I’m assuming you are merely sloppy but not malicious — though I suspect I may wrong about that.  Careful.  

          • Wil

            Regardless what the NBC Today Show did with
            the tapes, there were other tapes played that proved, 
             Zimmerman’s  reference
            to Trayvon as a  “f**king coon”. Even
            conservative  Michelle
            Bernard said “I`m
            going to say it. I don`t think we should hide it. The American
            public needs to know. If you listen to that tape, he (Zimmerman) says
            “F-ing coon”
            under his breath. (Hardball March 23, 2012)

          • StanW

            More lies from Wil… What a surprise.

            I guess Fake by Accurate is still your standard, huh?

          • Wil

            Pathetic stunts? Now, who’s doing the slander… you! 

            Listen and learn something:


      • Bob Hadley

                  This is incorrect.  The intense emotions over this case is not based ONLY on race.

          It is based on the facts so far known, including that Zimmerman was told by the 911 operator not to pursue Martin, that Zimmerman  did puruse Martin anyway, that Zimmerman issued a profanity and a derogatory name with reference to Martin (whether this was race based is another question) and that Martin was unarmed and simply returning to his home.

                    Having said that, I agree that for now we should all take a deep breath and let the special prosecutor do her job.  As President Obama indicated, we need a thorough investigation into this matter.

                     But we do know that, even if at some point Martin became the aggressor, it was Zimmerman  who – at his own admission – first pursued Martin.    But it is also entirely possible that if Martin was beating Zimmerman, he did so out of self-defense.        



        • StanW

          Bob, you need to catch up on recent events.

          1) Zimmerman did NOT issue “a profanity and a derogatory name with reference to Martin”
          2) Martin was injured in a manner consistent with his story.
          3) A Dispatcher said to Zimmerman “We don’t need you to do that” which was NOT an order.

          As has been typical from your side, you want to make Martin out to be an innocent little lamb and Zimmerman to be the big bad hunter. The facts of this case say just the opposite.

          • Bob Hadley

                      Stan, you need to quit splitting hairs and read more closely before your knees start jerking. 

                      1)   I did NOT say that Zimmerman was ordered not to pursue Martin.  I said that Zimmerman was told not to pursue Martin by the 911 operator.  Especially being part of a neighborhood watch, Zimmerman should have known better than to have pursued Martin, especially given the 911 operator’s admonition.

                      2)  Zinmmerman DID issue a profanity and a derogatory epithet with reference to Martin.  He told the 911 operator that those “f—ing ________”  get away every time immediately after telling him about Martin.   It is uncertain, however, if the epthet was racial.

                       3)  Zimmerman may well have been injured consistent with his story. Maybe, maybe not.   There’s conflicting stories about this. 

                       It is dishonest to say that I’m trying to make Martin out to be “an innocent little lamb and Zimmerman to be the big bad hunter.”  If I said or thought this, then I’d say that the case should be closed and that Zimmerman should be arrested and tried.

                      Quite the contrary, I clearly stated that we all need to take a deep breath and let the special prosecutor do her job.  I also indicated that we need a thorough investigation into this matter.

                       If you’d bother to read my post carefully, you’d understand that I think it’s posssible that Zimmerman might not be guilty of any type of homicide.  I do think, however, he showed extremely poor judgment in initially pursuing Martin.  (Zimmerman admitted to the 911 operator that he was following Martin.)

                       On the other hand, YOUR mind seems to be shut tight on this matter.  You have apparently already decided that Zimmerman should be cleared of any crime:  Ergo, no investigation is warranted.

                        In addition, you seem to have the “either/or” mentality, at least on this issue:   either I’m wholly on Zimmerman’s side or I’m wholly on Martin’s side.  If you have this mentality, it’ll be difficult for you to understand anything I say.

          • ph16

            Okay agreed, Zimmerman should have not followed Martin initally. However, I’m not entirely sure that we know 100% for a fact whether or not he continued to pursue Martin after his 911 call or he went back to his truck like he claims. So basically that’s the part of the puzzle we know the least about (the time between the 911 phone call and the actual confrontation) if you understand what I mean.

          • Bob Hadley

            I understand what you mean.  :)  But from all appearances, at the time he made the 911 call,Zimmerman was at a distance from Martin. 

            It’s possible, as I think you imply, that during the 911 call Zimmerman retreated and at that point Martin pursued him.   I think that scenario is unlikely.   But you’re right, we don’t know this 100% or even 99%.

            Like i say, let’s all take a deep breath and let the special prosecutor do her job, i.e. gather all pertinent facts and then make a professional judgment as to whether any laws were or might have been broken.

          • Guest

            The problem, Bob, is that the media – and the usual suspects, the Sharptons et al – won’t *let* us take a deep breath and wait. Oh, and, let me ask you something. If Zimmerman is convicted and sentenced, do you really expect people like those on this thread to explode in violence? And now reverse it. If it’s determined he did nothing illegal…would violence and riots surprise you?

          • Bob Hadley

            “The problem… is that the media – and the usual suspects, the Sharptons et al – won’t *let* us take a deep breath and wait.”

            Are you kidding me Guest???????????  You’re actually saying that guys like Al Sharpton are responsible for your inability to be level headed??????  You must be a liberal!  :)  And who’s “us”?

            You are responsible for your own conduct and your own reactiveness.  If you focus on over-the-top rhetoric rather than on dispassionately examining the credible reports that’s YOUR own personal decision.

            As to who’s more likely to be violent at a perceived injustice, those opposing the system or those favoring the system, of course it would be those opposing the system.  But what’s your point?

            Yes, there’s a lot of over-heated blather going on.  But, without the protests this matter would not be so carefully investigated.

            Hopefully some good can come out of this case.

        • Ron Kean

          The funeral director who prepared Martin said that there was no indication on the body that he was in a fight.  It’s intimidating being followed but physical contact crosses the line. 

          • Bob Hadley

            Look, we don’t have all the facts.  And stories contradict each other and are often self-serving.  The detective on the case reportedly did not believe Zimmerman and wanted to arrest him.  He had access to the police report, the officers on the scene and he had the ability to look at Zimmerman’s injuriies.

      • Wil

        This isnt the Duke lacrosse case  and all your whining isnt going to
        change that. This is about the death of a kid who had just turned 17! 

        • StanW

          Yeah, a kid that just turned 17 that attacked and was beating a man that used his weapon to eliminate the threat.

          Why don’t you tell us how HISPANIC George Zimmerman is white again, Wil!

          • Wil

            Have you heard ANYONE state the person who was being threatened and HAD the
            right under self defense to act was Trayvon?

          • StanW

            Yes, all of the race-whores have stated that, while they declared that Zimmerman needs to be convicted NOW!

        • Kevin

          If it was really about the death of a 17 year old kid there would have been hundreds more stories like this, since this is only one of hundreds of black kids getting killed every year.  Except in those cases they are being killed by black kids and black adults. No, this is about media whoring race pimps.  What was Duke LaCrosse about? Oh yeah that’s right, media whoring race pimps. 

    • Scheer

      Anyone should get the benefit of the doubt. And the liberal media is fueling the race fire. Where is that right?  

      You have a right in this country: Innocent until proven guilty. Unless you were there, shut pie hole.

  • Winghunter

    Highlights from 20 Years of Surveying Crime Victims
    “Most victims of race crime – about 90 per cent – are white, according to the
    survey “Highlights from 20 Years of Surveying Crime Victims”, published in 1993.
    Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by
    black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered,
    robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey. Blacks thus
    committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the
    black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When
    these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary

    Still close-up of Zimmerman’s injuries

    Here’s another from a different angle:

    Bouncing the back of someone’s head off the ground like a basketball constitutes Deadly Force where the same can be used in self defense.

  • Ben Techpro

    Well, this is what I have been saying all along. There has been very few responsible journalists participating in this issue. Mouths opening everywhere without a stictch of knowledge or proof. Ignorance has really become bliss while Sharpton ignites stupidity and anger, fueling the fire in the parents who are now repeating his rhetoric. Congress people like the very racist and ignorant woman in the pink sparkly cowboy hat are out there likening Treyvon to a “Rabid Dog” that Zimmerman “hunted down”. None of this is proven or true and yet reporters like Toure, who Piers put to shame this weekend, and congress people like Maxine Waters think they have the right to slander and lible. Spike Lee should be arrested, as should The New Black Panther party. We are in a time where laws are enforced according to who is effected by them.

  • Ron Kean

    I hope that Zimmerman can find a good attorney and make a million off this if he’s found innocent.  

    • Wil

      Why, was there a bounty on young black teenagers?

      • Ron Kean

        What does that have to do with anything?

      • Ron Kean

        Oops.  I get it now.  You think I want him to be paid for shooting black kids.  That’s a good one!  Ha Ha. Ha.  I know you don’t mind being insulted and put down.  You almost ask for it.  But other people don’t want to be bothered and if it goes too far that people have to go into hiding and they’re innocent, they should teach their persecutors a lesson.  People should know that slander and threats have consequences.  If Zimmerman is found guilty of cold blooded murder, give him the chair.  But I think he’s got a good case if he was beaten bloody and pounded before he pulled out the heat.  The undertaker said Martin didnt have a bruise or scratch on his body.  We’ll will all know if Zimmerman’s found innocent…a second time now.