It’s Not About Losing the ‘White Establishment’; It’s About Losing America

On election night, the moment that Bill O’Reilly stated on FOX News that the “white establishment is now the minority”, I knew the mainstream media would latch onto that quote and not let go. I knew they would completely disregard the point he was trying to make, and attribute his concerns to that of people’s skin color, rather than the loss of traditional American fundamentals for achieving prosperity. After all, that’s what the left does. They disintegrate serious issues down into their lowest common denominator.

How many times have we heard dopes in the media insist that conservatives aren’t rejecting President Obama’s policies, but rather the color of his skin? How many times have we heard them insist that conservatives are against illegal immigration, not for security, education, and economic reasons, but rather because they don’t like Hispanics? How many times have we heard them insist that when conservatives point out how far our welfare programs have been stretched, they’re really pointing out how African Americans are a strain on our society?

Heck, there’s an entire cast of intellectually-deficient nuts over at MSNBC who’ve staked their careers on racist dog-whistles only they can hear.

To them, Bill O’Reilly suggesting than an Obama victory was an end to the “white establishment” was like free porn. It gave every hard-left nitwit something to play over and over again to confirm their own shallow, instinctive belief: Conservatives (aka old, rich, white guys) have been stacking the deck against minorities in this country.

If O’Reilly had it to do over again, my guess is that he would have argued his point a bit differently. Regardless, let’s look at the real problem for a minute…

Our country is in an absolute crisis. We’ve saddled our children with a national debt they’ll never be able to pay off. Trillion-dollar, annual deficits and chronic unemployment are the new norm. Gas prices are through the roof. Our economy’s barely growing. Our safety-net programs are lunging toward insolvency. The budget-busting, quality-healthcare-killing Obamacare is our new reality. Inflation’s about to explode. People aren’t able to retire. A record number of Americans are on food-stamps and other welfare programs. Half of college-graduates can’t find work. Another recession is now a real threat. We continue to enact policies that discourage innovation, private investment, hiring, hard work, self-reliance, personal responsibility and practically every other uniquely American fundamental that made this country what it is.

For the media to largely gloss over all of this chaos, and fixate instead over the notion that conservative-thinking people are worried about the dwindling percentage of white people in this country… Well, it’s beyond pathetic. Conservatives aren’t the ones who obsess over race. Liberals are – especially those in the media who feel compelled to inject it into practically every discussion.

Conservatives are worried about real problems, and the real consequences that come from not fixing those problems. We’re worried about our country’s move toward a European economic model where wealth-creation, individual success, and self-sufficiency are viewed as immoral and unhelpful to society. We’re worried about a complete collapse of the U.S. economy. We’re worried about the rejection of everything that is unique about America, and the freedoms that led us to become the world’s greatest success story.

No one’s stressing out over skin color.

But if the media wants to have an honest discussion about the “white establishment”, a far more interesting debate would be its use as cultural boogieman for the modern Democratic party.

For years, the Democrats have been pushing the narrative that the GOP is the party of old, rich, white guys – the inference being that such people are obviously worthy of our disdain. They’ve done this, not just to pander to the changing demographics in our country, but because they need a scapegoat to explain why their own policies, over the past several decades, haven’t bettered the lives of people in minority communities. Unemployment, poverty, and high school drop-out rates in these communities continue to soar (as they did even before the economic meltdown in 2008) in Democratic strong-holds throughout the nation. Things aren’t getting better. They’re getting worse. Thus, an excuse is needed.

It’s not all that different than how leaders in the Middle East use America as an all-purpose propaganda tool to explain to their people while their lives are so terrible. It keeps the public’s anger directed away from the real source of their problems: The actions and decisions of their leaders.

The reality is that the biggest obstacle standing in the way of the success of racial minorities in this country isn’t the “white establishment.” It’s the pompousness and condescension of the modern liberal movement. It’s these people who work diligently to convince minorities that they simply can’t succeed in America, based on their own merits. It’s these people who advance the idea that the deck is firmly stacked against them. It’s these people who have such little faith in minorities to achieve greatness through individual success, that they promote victimization and dependency as their only salvation. They are the ones who sell the idea that the betterment of minorities’ lives can only come at the expense of wealthy people. For many, the envy-fueled argument is a compelling one.

It’s this the culture that is worthy of a serious discussion. It’s this culture that conservatives worry about.

Author Bio:

John Daly couldn't have cared less about world events and politics until the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks changed his perspective. Since then, he's been deeply engaged in the news of the day with a particular interest in how that news is presented. Realizing the importance of the media in a free, democratic society, John has long felt compelled to identify media injustices when he sees them. With a B.S. in Business Administration (Computer Information Systems), and a 16 year background in software and web development, John has found that his real passion is for writing. He is the author of the Sean Coleman Thriller series, which is available through all major retailers. John lives in Northern Colorado with his wife and two children. Like John on Facebook. Follow John on Twitter.
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  • Phil Silverman

    losing America because minorities are adding numbers more than non-minorities? sounds a little racially charged! although Bernie and Bill are expert in that area.

  • BND

    So let me get this right. Conseravites played fair the whole past 2 years. Not one conservative racial dog whiste was blown? Not one conservative said or did one racially insensitive (Dumb) thing. And conservatives dont pander to their base (white men, married white women) ? Thanks I just wanted to be clear about that.

    • John Daly

      How about actually giving me example? I find it interesting that you didn’t bother to. A legit ‘racist dog whistle’? An example of how whites are being pandered to? Let’s hear it. Because all I keep hearing from the clowns on the left are insulting racial stereotypes that they try to contort the words of conservatives into reflecting.

      • BND

        Im in a hurry so i will have to complete this later. Two dog whistle comments…. After the election the great rush limbaugh took a fight on a shool bus between two teenage middle school kids.(one kid black and one kid white) That was captured on bus video and said this was Obmas plan of america. In the video the white kids semed to be loosing the fight. And most of the kids were black. So the implication is that Obama sees a country where blacks beat up whites for no reason. The fight started over who would sit in an empty seat. And that event had nothing to do with president obama. Im sure kids fought on busses under Bush. But I think rush did it to stri fear of Obama in his listeners. And most of them are white.
        Dogwhistle #2: Newt G and his Food Stamp president comment. I can be honest enough to say that i undertand that more whites are on food stamps then blacks. But i think most poeple know that sadly the media image of people on the govt walefare programs has been black people. Newt is smart and picked that phrase for a reason. I think it was to distance the president from hard working white people. And paint his as a walefare guy like some comman black that uses the system. I know the rolls have grown under BO. But it was also
        reported that it also inreased over bushes term too. So how was bush not a Food Stamp president before Obama. Thats kind of fishy to me.

        • John Daly

          This is great. As a conservative, I heard Newt’s food stamp comment, and what came to my mind was people out of work and unable to provide for themselves – i.e. a failure of the Obama administration to grow the economy. YOU hear someone talking about food stamps, and YOU think “black people.” Yet, Newt’s the one making a racist play? The same goes for Limbaugh. I see a video like that and I see gang mentality. YOU see a video like that, and you see people’s skin color. What you and the knobs at MSNBC are doing is projecting your own racial insecurities onto people you don’t like. If you’re hearing a dog whistle, you might want to look at yourself as the source of the problem.


    Fair, articulate and oh-so-correct! Thanks for the great column:)

  • jeff

    that is so lame. you expect millions of minorities asian latino black all to come to that conclusion. No they are people capable of seeing the rupublican party as an insensitive and racist and seeing a flip flopping mitt saying anything to get elected. the republican party has nothing to offer these groups to make them vote for them. the republican party is the new no nothing party plus bernie goldberg is a fox news uncle tom who gets on fox with his media bias bull.

    • John Daly

      Proof again that Obama’s drones aren’t only in the Middle East.

    • wall12

      Jeff: Maybe you should examine what the left is actually promoting. Obama went to Mexico to assist the Mexicans who come into the country on how to apply for aid/handouts. That is buying votes my friend in anyone’s book. Please stop your one sided barrage about flip flopping. Obama is an expert on that trait. Your view of the republican party as being the party of NO has some merit in that most of what the democrats propose leads this nation into the European socialistic form of government. The republicans are just trying to slow down the process. I would hope you come to realize that the end result of socialism is Greece. Take a look at Spain, Portugal and now France. They are all under so much debt due to excessive entitlement programs that their economies are going bankrupt. The only reason that this country is not viewed as much a problem is because the Feds have been printing money. I hope you realize that printing money leads to inflation so your money buys less. Have you been to the food market lately? It is time for all Americans to wake up. The party is almost over. I hope you have some gold and silver in your savings. You are going to need it soon because if Obama continues on the same path as his first four years, we will have a depression. Oh. I am sorry it will be Bush’s fault and not Obama’s.

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    It’s this culture that is worthy of a serious discussion. It’s this culture that conservatives worry about

    If you go to the Census and investigate, you discover the only group in the United States that is growing is the Hispanics who are illegal aliens. The rest are in slow decline.

    You also discover the groups, with the exception of the illegal aliens who are Hispanic profile in about the same way. The citizens of this country have a lump of baby boomers that will go away in the next years, but if the illegal aliens were not being forced on us by the Democratic Party, the population of the United States would be falling.

    Anyone look at the drought information for the United States? It is all over the front page, but it is the most significant news there is. The baseline on that news is the Ogallala Aquifer is close to being gone, and if that ‘bread basket’ of America tries to do dry-land farming it will create the largest dust bowl in the world. Something that may exceed the amount of particulate matter created by serious volcanoes.
    Hispanics won the war and they will be provided amnesty. They are celebrating that very thing too. But the fact is, this country cannot support the population it has now, and it will be even more remote in ten years. If half of Mexico winds up in the United States, all of the United States will starve to death.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, John. Congrats on your new book.

    • John Daly

      Thanks Kathie!

  • tiredwasp

    Oh— and lol at “white establishment,” anyway. They are not “White Like Me,” lol— North Euro Protestant.

  • tiredwasp

    After college, watched a friend sell some papers of one of the founders to get the money to get out of the country. Others friends left and haven’t looked back. The coalitions that came in, in the 1960s replaced the Generational Americans (categorically North European Protestants at the founding— one catholic signer, no jews). Hart-Celler, an Irish Catholic Banker and a jew opened the border, and the jews have gotten funding for Israel, the catholics an open south border that has romanized the country, and made it into something many of the founders descendants really can’t stand and don’t want to live in. All the Euro immigrant groups have done not much but coral the general wealth, and have made a mockery of some relatively noble things that were attempted; perhaps they never even understood what some had tried to achieve and how the genuine founding Americans had lived, wanted to live, and STILL LIKE TO LIVE. Most of the people in government seem first or second generation; they are —truly— talking to people who’ve been in the country for centuries. Meantime, the people “ruling” the self-described “elites” have never even been to the country, and have abused the astonishing possibility it once offered. The country is an embarrassment and a disgrace.

  • Mr_Kuryakyn

    DENG XIAO PING once said: “what difference does the colour of the cat make as long as it catches mice. ”
    You think Oreilly might’ve meant that the White Cat catches Freedom for all shades of mice and that when the White Cat population decreases freedom suffers likewise?
    Of course that’s what he meant!

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      I and am visited by the racism of the minority groups daily in my mixed race ethnicity area. There has never been a time when I have seen that sort of racism in the white community.

      • Mr_Kuryakyn

        Joel, I would say that the pretentious hidden racial bias claims by the left against libertarians/consrvatives is virtually non-existant in libertarian/conservative circles, race notwithstanding.
        __However, I can see that most minorities are suckered into the hidden “dog-whistle-racism” nonsense claimed by the left where white Americans are less likely to ascribe to this capricious and arbitrary rubbish!

  • KamJos

    If that’s what he meant, then why didn’t he say that? I’m sorry but everyone knows what Bill O. really meant.

    • John Daly

      My column’s not a defense of O’Reilly’s choice of words. I wrote it to rip the liberal media for only seeing race when trying to understand why so many people are freaking out over what the president has done to this country.

      • Patrick

        Yes and in any case, about the “white establishment”, I saw him as just reporting that as a fact. I’m not sure he was lamenting that as much as stating it as a fact, we have become a more diverse society and in a couple of decades, there’ll be no racial majority which is fine by me. Race is a social construct anyway and has no biological basis.

  • deny916

    EZCELLENT article John!!! That is the truth plain and simple. That was a joy to read. Thank you!

    • John Daly


  • Roy

    Then this is the argument that should have been made by bill o the clown. Go talk to him.