Johnny Bagels Goes Down

After watching Bernie’s Classic videos covering his investigations on the beginnings of the crack cocaine epidemic in NYC (the videos are below if you didn’t catch them already). I began to recall a conversation I had with my friend back in Buffalo in 1994. He was telling me of some recent stings set up between Buffalo narcotics agents and The DEA between Los Angeles and Buffalo. That got me to getting in touch with some old friends that used to be on the force, and I was introduced to Bob Grisanti. He is a mutual friend of my buddy’s father, and we got to talking about that era, and some of the cases he was involved with. I thought that I might share with you our first interview. Just press play on the audio player to listen.


Just to clarify, Bob’s partner was Benny Mangor the deal was for 2 kilograms of cocaine and if that went good bigger packages later. And the perpetrator¬† received 4 years for this bust.

Here’s the 20 best nicknames in the recent Johnny Bagels case:

Here are Bernie’s videos from the 80’s:

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