Katie Couric Wants to Help the GOP — Sure!

I’m always amused when liberal Democrats pretend they care about the well-being of the Republican Party.

This is how the argument usually goes:  Republicans have moved too far to the right.  They’ve alienated the center.  They’ve allowed Rush Limbaugh to hijack the party.  They’ll never win again unless the party becomes more moderate.  Republicans need to act more like Olympia Snowe and less like Sean Hannity.

The part that amuses me is that we’re supposed to believe that these Democrats who have never voted for a Republican in their entire lives – and who never will – somehow care enough that they’re giving the opposition a roadmap to victory.  Sure!

The part that troubles me is that there’s more than a little truth in what they say.

One faction on the Right – let’s call it the Limbaugh faction – wants ideological  purity in the party.  I get the impression that Rush would rather lose an election – and not just “an” election, but a whole bunch of elections — rather than say a good word about a moderate Republican, fearing by doing that he’d be betraying his  “conservative principles.”

The other faction – let’s call it the Gingrich faction — is more pragmatic.  Newt also wants conservatives to win.  But he understands how it works in the real world.  He doesn’t consider himself a sell-out because he can live with a moderate Republican who may be pro-choice on abortion.  He understands that if the moderate Republican loses, there’s a good chance a liberal Democrat will win.

Now, a new voice has weighed in on how Republicans ought to behave, the anchorwoman voice of  Katie Couric.  As a liberal Democrat – (I’m sure she would identify herself as a moderate; they all do) – she has advice for Republicans on how to win.  In her CBS News blog she wrote this:

As Politico reported, there’s growing concern among some GOP leaders that controversial commentators and far-right conservatives have hijacked the message.

People like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin appeal to the base – and you certainly need that base to win elections. But in an age when 42 percent of Americans call themselves Independents – you can’t win with just the base, either.

Minority Whip Eric Cantor is calling for more voices in the Republican Party. And Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty says the party needs to be all about addition right now – as the number of declared Republicans hits a 26 year low, according to a poll in the Washington Post.

Before the 2010 midterm elections roll around, Republicans need to get the focus back onto the Big Tent where all are welcome and off the sideshows that are popping up along the party’s fringe.”

Yes, I’m afraid  Katie is on to something.  But, frankly, I can do without the civics lesson, the part where she tells us that Republicans “need to get the focus back on the Big Tent where all are welcome.”

Does Katie Couric really believe that the other team, the Democrats, “welcome” those who oppose abortion?  Do they “welcome” Democrats who are against affirmative action?  Do they “welcome” small-government types who want lower taxes?  How about those who don’t believe global warming is the life-and-death crisis Al Gore says it is?  How “welcome” are they? Do they “welcome” those who tell liberals who are constantly yelling racism to either produce some real evidence or “shut the hell up”?  And what about those Democrats who think “torture” – a word I’m using merely as a matter of convenience – is a good thing if it saves innocent lives – how “welcome” are they” in the party?

So, Katie, please stop pretending you care about Republicans.  We know you don’t.  And while we’re at it, here’s a memo to all liberal Democrats worrying about the future of the Republican Party:  Find something else to fret about.  You still amuse us, but you’re also starting to annoy us.

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  • Bettye Freeman

    I am 82 and I guess by the the new thinking process that I am taking air from vital projects such as global warming. I just wanted to say that it is refreshing to hear a gentleman present his point of view in a classy manner. Listening to Jon Stewart reminds me of my mother saying that those who use poor language had a limited upbringing. I feel sorry for Mr. Stewarts lack of civility and can only hope that one day he will grow up to be something more than a classless comedian. The world needs more than a small person with limited vocabulary. Thank you again Mr. Goldberg!

  • Jim Phelps

    Do Democrats welcome those who stood with President Bush on the Iraq war? NO! Of course not. Just ask Joe Lieberman. A liberal in every conceivable way, except on that issue, THEY THREW HIM OUT OF THE PARTY! (And still he caucuses with them. I’ll never figure that one out.)

    So it is total hypocrisy for liberals to tell the Republicans that they need to have a “big tent”, when Democrats would NEVER have a “big tent”.

    I hope that one day the Republicans wake up and quit getting duped by the Democrats.

    • steve

      Hey Jim, you’re right. I’m a demo and I want to roll right over your rear end the same way your boy George did to the nation while the “liberal media” stepped right out of the way…wimps, almost one and all. I don’t care what you think. I want to flat ignore you and your buddies I do exactly what we want to. You folks have 0 (zero) credibility and deserve nothin’, period. Have a good day.

      • miles

        I am a Democrat etc. I disagree with the above. I worry that the GOP is so damaged it may never return to slow down the power of the party. I don’t want this country to have a Mexico style PRI one party democracy. Over the last eight years Bush had no one to slow him down. I love my party but absolute power etc.


  • Suzanne Venker

    For more information on media bias and other related topics, google “No Bull Mom.”

  • Holly

    Maybe someone should update Ms. Couric regarding the newest poll that says 40% of Americans describe themselves as conservatives.

  • http://n/a Kathie Ampela

    I guess Katie Couric didn’t know what the hell she was talking about judging by yesterday’s elections. Her problem is that she is totally out of touch with the common people. Stick to the fluff, Katie. Leave the hard news to people who really care about the working man.

  • Carol

    They’re all corrupt. We need more Hoffmans (whether they are true conservatives or not) because something’s gotta change.

    Yesterday was a wake-up call to all politicians. Normal, hard-working, frustrated Americans are SLOWLY waking up and realizing none of the idiots in Washington give a damn about them. Take Gore, for example. He stands to become a billilonaire with his global warming crap while regular Americans struggle to make ends meet.

    I’m really sick of all of this junk!

  • Jerry Wayne Rawle

    11/2/2009, you and Mr O were talking about media coverage being slanted. You are right that Fox is basically slanted. When I started watching FoxN, I was amased that people were so passionate about their point of view. Now I believe that some of the discussions are scripted. This is OK to some extent, but is not honest journalism. I do get some information from these debates. Often one point of view is new to my way of thinking, or has a different slant. Unless you know first hand about any news, you should take anything on any forum with a grain of salt. I have shouted to the heavens about UnResponsible Journalism for years. When I went to Arlington State University in the middle 60’s, my proffs made us swear to Who, What, When and Where. Anything else was Editorial.

    • Ralph M. Hahn

      Jerry Wayne Rawle: Your attempt at impressing some of us with your knowledge and your education at Arlington State in the mid-’60s, I believe the word you meant to use the word IRRESPONSIBLE, and NOT unresponsible. And Journalism profs preach the FIVE W’s: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. And, sometimes How. Again, you are beating the dead horse with your comrades who claim that Fox News is slanted, when in fact it is the only network which does present “Fair and Balanced” NEWS coverage. How many Republicans and/or conservatives do you see allowed to give their opinions on the LameStream media’s broadcast and cablecast programs? Most of you LibDems continue to fail to distinguish between Fox OPINION shows, like “O’Reilly,” “Beck,” “Hannity”, etc and “Fox News.” Watch the straight newscasts on Fox all day long, including “The Fox Report with Shepard Smith” at 7PM and come away with a fair opinion. Do the network big-wigs think that David Letterman, Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel speak for, respectively,, CBS,NBC and ABC News when they sound one-sided during their monologues? Do you blame Katie Couric, Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer for their networks’ “entertainers” political jokes?

  • Ralph Schuman

    2012 — WE WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN ! ! !

  • http://n/a Kathie Ampela

    If the country had a 3rd political party, it would probably end up a mess just like the current system is. It would start with the best of intentions, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Human nature never changes. There would be politics and in-fighting over time and might end up making things worse than they are now. Read the book Animal Farm, by George Orwell. It’s an excellent metaphor for politics and revolution. All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others. Power plays, infighting, political squabbles, sooner or later they would take over an independent party. We are better off concentrating on fixing the system we already have as best as we can.

    As far as Katie Couric goes, I always thought she was best suited for the Today show and definitely not in a network anchor position. Covering the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, fluffy celebrity interviews, things of that nature. So I don’t care what her opinion of the GOP is or anything else for that matter – no offense to you, Katie!

  • MaryAnn Futtrup

    Dear Bernie: We watch you when you are on the Fox programs and tonight on O’Reilly I noticed something troubling. Below your chin on the left side, you appear to have a small lump which seems out of proportion to the right side of your face. I certainly don’t mean to pry or overstep my place as a viewer, but my husband had a similar small lump many years ago and it turned out to be squamous cell cancer which was not discovered for several months after his first doctor visit about it. Subsequently he had radical surgery and radiation and is alive and well, but I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Please check with your doctor.

    Sincerely, Mary Ann Futtrup, Vancouver Washington

  • joel o’connor

    NO Way!! I cant believe it!! I cant believe any of you are actually interested in this nonsense. This is what you all have been reduced to…..its unfortunate.

  • http://www.theanticrat.com Xian Do

    The problem with “finding the middle ground” when it comes to politics these days is specifically where “the Middle ground” is actually located.

    I compare the political spectrum to a football field…the Democrats would normally be on their 30-yd line, the Republicans would be on their own 30-yd line, and the “middle ground” would be the 50-yd line.
    That is what is typically regarded as even-keeled, moderate thinking.

    The problem is that today’s Democrats are largely gathered on their own 10-yd line while the Republicans are scattered between having a few on their own 20-yd line while many of them are on the 45-yd line…and slowly edging closer to crossing the 50-yd line.
    If one were to move towards the “middle ground” in this particular situation it really wouldn’t be “middle ground” at all, would it?

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that Couric (as well as many Democrats and Liberals) claims to want the Republicans to move towards a more “moderate” position…because today’s “middle ground” would still put the Republicans well into her own territory of ideological thinking.

    Just my two cents. Thanks for your time.

  • Tyrone

    Katie is just another media Flathead. If you look closely you can see that the top of her head is becoming flatter due to continuos pats on the head from the Obama administration.
    for favorable coverage.

  • http://odiecologne Anthony Ferreira

    “The best term I ever heard to describe, Katie Couric, other then extremely cute, was “Perki Annoyus”. Yes, I’m sure she wants to help the GOP. Yea, and I was once the famous,Chinese aviator, One Hung Lo. At this point in “Mrs. Koran’s”or Ms. Couric’s career I feel certain she couldn’t distinguish the difference between a real news scoop or a scoop of “Ben & Jerry’s.” Here’s another independent thought you won’t like. “I went skydiving the other day with this blind guy…….You know it’s unbeleivable how loud a , German Shepherd, can scream from 10,000 feet.” Please, keep those cards and letters coming in. We’re currently up to our eyeballs in Health-Care rewrites.

  • okiechef

    If it wasn’t for reading about what Kati Couric says on your website I would never know about it. I sure as hell wouldn’t hear it firsthand. Can’t remember the last time I even had my TV tuned to a network mainstream media news channel. So thanks, I guess.

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    I was born in Bulgaria and I am an American now. Used to live in the USSR for 4 years.

    After the fall of communism Bulgarians elected conservatives – turned out – more of the same. Then they elected back communists /now known as socialists/ – the same. Then they elected conservatives again – the same.

    Then they elected the former King of Bulgaria for a prime-minister – still the same. Recently they elected conservative – I can tell them – it will be the same.

    Greed. Corruption. Immoral behavior. All politicians are the same – sell outs. Their promises – just words.

    Americans will soon realize – they are all the same Dems, Reps. The voters may try a Businessmen, a King, a General in the future. I have to burst their bubble – politicians are all the same.

    The most precious thing Americans have – is their freedom – and the far away they keep the Government from their lives the better American will be.

  • Ron Kean

    One or another Republican will emerge from the pack and take the standard. Whether he’s (she’s) conservative or not, boring or not, attractive or not. And the person will have the popular message.

    What I’m really concerned about, irrelevant to the post, is big money Republicans helping out. Do they exist anymore? Names like Scaife and Pickens. Can’t we get a Soros or a Geffen on our side?

    Will Obama send our people to the poor house first?

  • Alan

    I think she’s taking the number of independents at face value. I became an independent when the republican party, having control of Washington, started spending money like there was no tomorrow.

    • Tyrone

      I agree! I am sick of Rinos like Snow and Specter. Newt (aka the Figster) is furious about what happened in the New York congressional race. Not positive but believe that the increasing number of Independents were republicans.

  • Kevin Trelease

    Thanks again , Bernie, Katie Couric really lives in a different world then the rest of us common Americans.

  • David Bern

    Regarding your Limbaugh v Gingrich Faction argument: I agree with everything else in your article but the one mistake you make is in describing the Gingrich Faction you point out, “if the moderate Republican loses, there’s a good chance a liberal Democrat will win.”

    The error you make and I suspect both Limbaugh and Gingrich themselves would acknowledge is if the moderate republican wins there is a good chance a liberal Democrat will win anyway so you might as well stick with conservative principles.

    Cases in point:
    Moderate Republican Olympia Snow wins reelection and votes for the 700B Stimulus boondoggle and Baucuscare.
    Moderate Republican Arlen Specter wins reelection and becomes liberal Democrat Arlen Specter
    Moderate Republican John McCain wins the GOP nomination is soundly defeated.
    Moderate Republican Collin Powell spends an entire career being a moderate Republican himself just like McCain only to endorse liberal Democrat Obama days before the election when such an endorsement hurts McCain most.

    I could go on but the point is when conservatives negotiate with liberals it is always the conservatives that compromise their principles never the liberal, so why on earth should conservatives even engage in the negotiation in the first place if there is no upside.

  • Christene

    Katie should help out Rosie instead,..I hear her and the gal pal are on the outs, I’m sure TMZ would love to follow that freak show around!

  • RuBegonia

    Katie Couric is still wearing her “Peter Pan” Halloween costume and dreaming of “Never Neverland”.