Kissing up to the Rev. Al

Politicians say all sorts of things to ingratiate themselves with one interest group or another.  Most of the time we shrug and forget about it.  Pandering is part of the job description, we correctly figure.  But when the panderer is also the attorney general of the United States, we should pay attention.  Especially when he’s kissing up to Al Sharpton.

The other day Eric Holder spoke at the opening of Sharpton’s National Action Network annual convention in Washington.  And Mr. Holder used the occasion to heap praise on the Rev. Sharpton.  Holder thanked him “for your partnership, your friendship, and your tireless efforts to speak out for the voiceless, to stand up for the powerless, and to shine a light on the problems we must solve, and the promises we must fulfill.”

This kind of nonsense gives cynicism a bad name.  Whatever good Sharpton may do from time to time, he has done more than almost anyone else to stir up racial tensions in this country.  Let’s review just a few of the Rev. Sharpton’s lowlights.

As my friend Harry Stein writes in his new book No Matter What … They’ll Call This Book Racist, “As far back as 1987, Sharpton was covering himself with disgrace as one of the chief perpetrators of the notorious Tawana Brawley hoax, wherein a 15-year old upstate New York girl falsely claimed to have been abducted and raped by six white men.  Acting as one of her three advisors, Sharpton inflamed passions by naming an assistant district attorney as one of the supposed attackers, and claiming authorities were protecting him and the others because they were white.”

It was all a lie, as we have long known, but to this day, Sharpton has never apologized, adamantly refusing whenever the subject has come up.  In fact, when Tim Russert on Meet the Press asked Sharpton, “No apology for Tawana Brawley?” Shartpon replied:  “No apology for standing up for civil rights.”

Four years later a 7-year old black child was accidentally killed when he was run over by a car driven by an Orthodox Jewish man in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  Enter Al Sharpton, who staged a rally at which he called Jews “diamond merchants” and told the crowd, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.”

Four days of riots followed.  Jews were beaten in the streets and one was stabbed to death by rioters shouting, “Kill the Jew.”

Four years after that, in 1995, Shaprton helped lead a boycott against Freddy’s Fashion Mart, a Jewish-owned discount clothing store in Harlem, denouncing its owner as “a white interloper.”  Demonstrators, many from Shartpon’s National Action Network, protested outside the store for months. Customers going into the store were spat upon and called names like “traitor” and “Uncle Tom,” One man reportedly shouted, “Burn down the Jew store.” Then, one day, one of the protestors did just that.  He burst into Freddy’s and announced:  “It’s on now.  All blacks out.”  He then shot four employees, poured paint thinner on several bins of clothing and set the store on fire.  Seven innocent people, and the gunman, died in the blaze.   Sharpton denied he egged anybody on, telling reporters, “I am a preacher, not a prophet. I could not know in advance what this was going to come to.”

Despite all this, as Harry Stein points out, Sharpton “is not only treated with seriousness and respect, by the mainstream media, but is routinely accorded the status of ‘civil rights leader.’  He is always among the first called upon for his views on all racial matter and is even allowed without challenge to pass judgment on the racial bona fides of others.”

It’s one thing for a left-wing television network desperate for ratings to ignore history and give a race baiter like Al Sharpton a job.  It’s quite another for the nation’s chief law enforcement officer to sing Sharpton’s praises in order to rev up the base and help President Obama get re-elected.  Pandering is never pretty.  Sometimes it’s downright ugly.

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  • Dad_Fourkids

    Sharpton is a whore.  He only does what he does because it makes him one of the most important Black men in the country. 

  • therealguyfaux

    The Reverend Al Charlatan.  ‘Nuff said.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Good column, Bernie, thank you. I thought the job of the Attorney General of the United States was to protect the civil rights of all citizens..not just the citizens he agrees with.  Sharpton is a tyrant and a charlatan…he seems to have license to call anyone a racist that disagrees with him. CONDONING the fear and intimidation tactics of Sharpton and the New Black Panthers is taking Sharpton’s game to the next level…as Holder apparently has done. Calling for justice for an innocent victim is noble…but Sharpton’s past and his actions in this case disqualifies him from the stature of “civil rights leader”, in my opinion. Civil rights leaders have to respect the rights of ALL, not just the rights of those YOU see fit. Jews, I guess, lack civil rights in Sharpton’s world view.   I live in NY and remember well the Tawana Brawley case and the Crown Heights riots (I was living in Brooklyn in those days). MANUFACTURING a case and SLANDERING an innocent man is not what I consider the actions of a “civil rights leader.” (Sharpton also claimed back in 1987 that the local police were part of a cult working with the Irish Republican Army.)  Sharpton will never apologize or be held accountable for what he has done in the past. Steven Pagonnes sued Sharpton in civil court and won a judgement..which was paid for by Johnnie Cochran and other wealthy supporters of his.  The MSM won’t ask Sharpton for an apology (although Bill did on his show the other night. No one thought Sharpton’s actions called for an apology, however.)

  • TransplantedTexan

    I used to get my feelings hurt when I was called a “racist.” Then I realized it was actually a compliment because it meant that some liberal could not think of a rational response to a logical, factual statement by me. Now, I almost consider it a wasted day if someone does not call me a “racist.”  The only reservation I have when that happens now, is what it says about the state of open, honest debate in the Country today.

  • Wmslaw

    although you’re preaching to the choir … I agree

  • jujubeebee

    Add Leonard Pitts.

  • Jeannette

    Holder gives race-baiters a bad name.  It’s one thing for Sharpton, et al. to behave the way they do; however, for Holder, who is, after all, for heaven’s sake, the Attorney General of the United States of America, to act in such a manner is, to coin a phrase, unprecedented. 

  • Drew Page

    There’s good money to be made stirring up racial tensions.   Sharpton and Jesse have figured that out.  Neither are held accountable for their race baiting, all done under the guise of protecting the African-American community.   They will say anything, regardless of how absurd to keep their diminishing relevance in the public eye.   There is only one word to describe the actions of Jesse, Al and Eric and that word is despicable. 

  • Ron Kean

    I remember the Twana Brawley incident well.  We had to hear about that dirt.  Excrement.  Then…she confessed I guess.  All of a sudden it was over and I thought they were all dumb or fools and we were fools to follow them.  Now we have to listen to the same rabble rousing.  Different victim same story.  White people are always conspiring to kill, demean or otherwise try to make blacks feel like 2nd class citizens.  Do I have that right?

    In my humble opinion, it’s not that whites are mean to blacks.  It’s just that whites don’t care all that much about black problems or stories any more then they care about the Irish, Italians or gays.  Everybody’s just trying to take care of their own lives and don’t want to hear about smeared excrement on TV when eating dinner, a hispanic called white and 94% of black kids getting killed by black kids.  I won’t be fooled again but then you get called a racist. The New Black Panthers put a bounty on Zimmerman.  I remember the original Black Panthers.  They made their members wear sun glasses because that scared whites.  Okay.  They win.  I am scared for the USA where Shapton and Holder are trying to tear apart an interwoven American society – all over dumb stuff.  

  • Bob Hadley

    “To come to the mike and state before knowing any of the details, that if he had a son he would look just like Trayvon. Really? What else could that be but taking sides.”

    There you go again.  President Obama was expressing empathy for the family – especially  the parents – of Martin.  That’s what else it could be.  To say that he was taking sides is a tremendous stretch.  In the same statement,  he clearly stated that there must be a thorough investigtion to find out what really happened.  Why would he say this if he already had taken sides?

    I guess in your world, if someone makes a mistake once, he’ll always make the same misstake if a similiar situation arises.  Yes, his remark about the Cambridge police on that one occasion was wrong.   And he apparently learned from that mishap.

    Just admit it: you’re stuck in your hatred for President Obama.

    • Michael

      Bob, there are some haters out there on all points of the political spectrum, but I don’t think criticism of Obama or questioning his motives inherently equals hate.

      If Obama is merely concerned about showing empathy, why did he have to refer to race/color, even obliquely (saying his son would “look like” Trayvon)?  There are many ways to show empathy that don’t require a reference to race.

      For four years we’ve been told that Obama is brilliant.  How could a guy so brilliant not know that the President of the United States has no business saying anything about a local criminal matter?  Why did he have to say anything at all other than something like “I’m sure local and state authorities if Florida will conduct a thorough investigation, and I think the best thing for the community in which this tragedy occurred would be for the rest of us to refrain from commenting until the investigation is complete and the facts are clear”?  

      Hopefully the truth will come out and justice will be served in the Martin case, but Obama and his campaign team have engaged in an all-out effort to mobilize the black vote for his reelection, and many of us see his comments as an extension of that.  It has nothing to do with hate, or with judging someone because they made a “mistake once.”

      • Bob Hadley

        Apparently you have not carefully read Nancye’s post or her previous posts on this website.  She bends way over backwards to find devious motives in whatever President Obama says or does.  In her post below, she appears to use President Obama’s mishap with the Cambridge police as proof that he said something he did not say in the Trayvon Martin situation.

        It’s obvious that one can be highly critical of someone without hating him.     BTW, she wasn’t questioning President Obama’s motives, but rather she was assailing what she already had decided his motives were.

        Of course, there’s a multitude of ways to express empathy – everyone has his own style.  That supports my point.  If you’ll go back and look at the video or read the transcripts you’ll see that his empathetic comment about his son looking like Trayvon was in the context of Predsident Obama expressing sympathy with the Martin family. 

        I strongly disagree that the POTUS has no business saying ANYTHING about a local criminal matter.   For the POTUS to express deep condolescences to the family of the person who was killed and to say  that an investigation into the facts should move forward is fitting and appropriate.   And that’s exactly what Obama did.  In this instance, Obama did just the right thing.

        Any fool can play this game as long as he’s willing to suspend his integrity.  Various liberals imputed nefarious motives to anyything the President G W Bush said or did.  A lot of conservatives are now outdoing their liberal counterparts by bashnig President Obama’s motives no matter what he does or does not say or do. 

        As far as the Obama and his campaign team going all out to mobilize the black vote, name me the instances that Obama or his campaign have made inappropriate references to race.  Obama has wisely stayed away from the racial issue.  I can only remember one inappropriate racial reference he made in ’08 campaign and one inappropriate injection into a racial situation he made during his presidency (the Cambridge police incident). 

        You might say that some in the MSM are doing that for him.  But of course that’s unfair.  That dangerously close to implying that President Obama and/or his campaign team would inject race if some in the MSM were not already doing it.   There is no evidence of this.

        • Michael

          I don’t think Nancye was trying to use the President’s unfortunate remarks in re the Cambridge incident as “proof” of anything.  In fact, she clearly wrote that the Martin incident “reminds” her of the Cambridge incident.  She did not say that one is proof of another. 

          “For the POTUS to express deep condolescences to the family of the person who was killed and to say that an investigation into the facts should move forward is fitting and appropriate.” 

          Then why isn’t he out publicly giving his condolences to the families of every other victim in America?  Here’s why:  Because those thousands of other families are not involved in incidents that can be played to stir up black anger toward whites and therefore motivate those blacks to turn out the dollars and votes and volunteer hours for Obama’s campaign.   

          “Any fool can play this game as long as he’s willing to suspend his integrity.”  That’s a pretty ironic statement for someone who later writes that “Obama has wisely stayed away from the racial issue.”

          • Bob Hadley

            “Then why isn’t he out publicly giving his condolences to the families of every other victim in America? ”

            Rightly or wrongly, the Treyvon Martin case is a hot news item.  Duh!  President Obama was asked a question about it and so he answered the question.  Whether you like it or not, the MSM (including the conservative news media) focus the national discourse.

            “‘Any fool can play this game as long as he’s willing to suspend his integrity.’  That’s a pretty ironic statement for someone who later writes that ‘Obama has wisely stayed away from the racial issue.'”

            President Obama has wisely not suspended his integrity by playing the race card.  Where’s the irony here?

            The game I was refering to was obviously imputing evil motives to whomever  you happen to dislike, irrespective of what the do or do not do or say.  We’ve seen this with Presidents Clinton, G W Bush and Obama, and an array of other political figures.  It makes for short-term political gain and ratings for “news” shows, but is devoid of integrity.

        • Ron Kean

          May I understand that you believe the President to be as understanding, concerned and vocal about a white victim of black crime as he about of a black victim of an alleged hispanic crime?

          • Bob Hadley

            Understanding and concerned, yes. 

            Vocal??????????  You keep forgetting that he was answering a question about something that was raging in the press?  It would have been insensitive for President Obama not to have taken the occasion to express  sympathy. 

            And remember, President Obama did not take sides in the dispute.  He called for a thorough investigation of the facts.

            Ron, why do you keep commenting about the Trayvon Martin case on this website?   Why don’t you devote at least equal space to black on black crime? Why don’t you devote at least equal space  to white shooting victims?   Are you playing politics?

            BTW, in case you need assurance, the questions above were merely to make a point – that it’s easy and diversionary to play this game.

            Why don’t we stick to real issues?  Real media bias is a real issue.  President Obama’s expression of condolescences to the Martin family is not.

          • Ron Kean

            I don’t need reassurance but thank you.

          • Ron Kean

            BTW, if he doesn’t vocalize it, how do we know about his concern and understanding?

          • Bob Hadley

            Wow!  That didn’t take you long.  :)  just kidding

            You asked me what i believe, not what I know.  Contrary to a many with Obama Derangement Syndrome, I believe that President Obama is a very decent person just as President G W Bush is, and has a basic humanity to him.

            I base this belief on what I’ve seen and heard of him. 

          • Ron Kean

            I base my beliefs about Obama on his behavior alone.  He has fought to hide too much of himself.  His friends and mentors are radical.  This is logic based on truths.  He won’t vocalize his support for white victims because of his bias.  Too many of his supporters are blind.

          • Bob Hadley

            I think you base your beliefs on selective perceptions.  Some of his friends and mentors are very liberal, some aren’t.  Some are even very conservative.  And it’s bigotry to say that all (or even most) liberals and even radicals won’t support white victims because of their race.

            When has President Obama failed to voice sympathy  or condolescences for a white victim when he has been presented with the opportunity (e.g. asked a question about it at a press conference)?


    Obama taking sides – the way he always does – never makes things better.  To come to the mike and state before knowing any of the details, that if he had a son he would look just like Trayvon.  Really?  What else could that be but taking sides.

    Reminds me of the incident with the Cambridge police who were summoned by a neighbor, who thought burglars were breaking into her neighbor’s house, when she saw two men breaking in.  Turns out it was the owner himself with a friend, who had returned to his own house, but had misplaced his key, and was “breaking” into his house.

    The neighbor did what any good neighbor would do so thinking that someone was trying to break into her neighbor’s house and called the police.

    But, of course, the Mouth-in-Chief, without knowing what happened, said that the Cambridge police acted stupidly.  Guess who acted stupidly?  Guess who had to have a “beer summit”?

    If the President of the United States of America can’t keep his mouth shut until he knows all the facts, how can we expect the rest of us to.  Maybe that’s all we can expect from a community organizer – or agitator – as I prefer to call him.

  • Cosmed

    I’m confused on this issue of civil rights. Can anybody have them? Or are they reserved exclusively for African-Americans?

  • MerchantofVenom

    It’s not only Holder kissing up to Al. The special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case is getting into the act. Zimmerman was brought in for questioning and was released because the Sanford police department determined the shooting was justifiable. Now after 46 days have gone by Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder and he could face a minimum of 25 years in prison or a maximum of life if convicted. 

    If this prosecutor isn’t serving a plate of BS then someone tell me what it is.

    Here goes:

    In announcing the arrest, Corey (special prosecutor) would not discuss how she reconciled the conflicting accounts of what happened or explain how she arrived at the charges, saying too much information had been made public already. But she made it clear she was not influenced by the uproar over the past six weeks.

    “We do not prosecute by public pressure or by petition. We prosecute based on the facts on any given case as well as the laws of the state of Florida,” Corey said.

    WOW! She oughta get into politics. The race baiting lampreys Sharpton and Jackson had absolutely nothing to do with it! 

    Are we to believe Zimmerman will get a fair trail? Good luck George. Rumor has it Corey and her posse are on their way to Ace Hardware to buy a rope.

    The sharks have to be fed.

    • Michael

      Corey probably thinks she’s on her way to Congress, with Zimmerman as the sacrificial lamb to appease the gods who get Democrat voters to the polls.  I wonder what the percentage of black voters is in her Congressional district.  

      And I’d like to hear more about that prayer she talked about at her press conference – the prayer they all had when she met with the Martin family.  If a Republican did that, the Left would be screaming for her head. 

      Maybe I’ll be surprised.  I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but so far it doesn’t look or sound good.   

      • MerchantofVenom

        You hit the nail on the head. 

        I guarantee you she is a registered Democrat. To be honest I don’t know if Zimmerman is guilty or not. But when Corey states…”she was not influenced by the uproar over the past six weeks.” Or this…”We do not prosecute by public pressure or by petition. We prosecute based on the facts on any given case as well as the laws of the state of Florida.”  It gives new meaning to the  phrase… lying through your teeth.

         If this was a black on black crime we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Who knows, she may be a budding female version of the disbarred Michael Nifong.

  • Dave Koffer

    What do you expect??  It’s the absolutelt vile, incompetent anti-white racist Eric Holder!!!

  • Wiley Jones

    Al Sharpel and Jessey Jackson is only looking for cambers.

  • Dave O’Connor

    Considering Sharpton rode into the strobelights on the spinning wheels of fraud, there is little to say.
    But, don’t fret folks. Integrity and character means squat to our fellow Americans.
    It’s nauseating.

    • Jeannette

      Mr. O’Connor, I applaud your use of the word “nauseating.”  Don’t you know that most folks would simply say the whole thing made them “nauseous”?  As to your comment itself, I like it, too. 

  • Randy

    Why isn’t Holder investigating the Black Panthers for the bounty they’ve put on Zimmerman?  Oh, wait, never mind…sorry.

  • jackryanvb

    Well said. Thanks once again Mr. Goldberg for standing up against the liars who incite mobs to riot and kill.

  • BetteBoop

    Al Sharpton and the Reverend Jesse are always there to keep things stirred up to a boiling point right along with the mainstream media. There is more racism among those mentioned than in the thousands of black and white people who interact daily with one another with no thought to the color of each others skin. Why are Sharpton and Jessee given the bully pulpit on any occasion? They have done nothing other than to climb over their own people to rise to what they consider, the top. Keep them out of the limelight and they will quickly fade away. Bill O’Reilly props them up every time he has them on. Why? Ignore them, they are what they are…more racist than most, fomenting their constiuents into a frenzy, causing trouble no matter where they go. Mute their speeches, ignore them, turn off their voices…they’re useless.

  • SteveInTexas

    Thanks Bernie, I did not know, unreal. the article was missing one full sentence in the final paragraph. The third sentence of the final paragraph should have read something like this:

    And it is yet another thing for the nation’s top cable news program, The O’Reilly Factor, to turn to him for his opinions on current events and racially sensitive issues without ever raising the issues mentioned in this article.

  • Sonny Ofthemeek

    Someone should ask Rev Mouthin this question-
    Now that Mr. Zimmerman has turned himself in so the process can begin where it has always belonged, I ask you about=
    Yesterday our Attorney General Speaks of Trayvon as Hate crime Today- I ask you-
    Where is the national outrage over (as well as our president who has been as silent as all on the BOUNTY placed on a citizen of the US dead or alive by the new Black Panthers) – DOJ never prosecuted their last crime ( election pole), shame on you all. Race has never been a true aspect of this case, let the facts, not those needing a soap box to spew hatred and unrest, decide this and all cases. Can we sue DOJ for allowing the New Black Panthers to announce on TV and on their radio ( remarks broadcast on news stating for them to Boot up and strap up and arm up for war ? A sea of blood from the pink skinned!) Will they (the New Black Panthers) put a bounty on me, or you next with impunity? Write our President, or Attorney General and ask for his input, if you dare.

  • Gerpac

    Question for the mainstream media. If Mr. Zimmerman was a black man how would Trayon’s murder been covered? Would it have been just another black-on-black murder?
    Would the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Right Rev. Al Sharpton traveled toSanford, FL to fan the flames of racism? Why are these undistinguished clowns not going to  Chicago or Oakland to rant about the black-on-black murders? Since January 1 the overwhelming majority of the 150 murders in both towns have been-blacks against blacks. Why are these racists not doing sometyhing about the slaughter of blcks by blacks across the country? Why is the Attorney General of the U.S. not addressing this situation?Why is the lefty mainstream press closing their eyes to this intolerable situation?

  • robin in fl

    so glad you said this how it is Bernie..

      I quote you,” Whatever good Sharpton may do from time to time, he has done more than almost anyone else to stir up racial tensions in this country. ”

       I agree 100%.  How can anyone take “not so SHARPton”
    seriously ..he is a racist,he is a hater,he is anti semetic..and those are the nicest things I can say about him.

       and to watch the people on the left that fawn all over him as if he is a good person????? are they stupid,or insane,or what?? I can’t even imagine what is on the minds of his ‘fan club’..

      I do believe that with all the hate he spews and trouble he makes that one day it will all come right back at him.

  • Pekstrom

    Someone with backbone needs to stand up and speak out against all the white bashing. There are millions of white people who judge people by the content of their character NOT by the color of their skin, to quote Dr. King. There are also millions of black people who feel the same way. It’s time we came together to expose these race baiters for what they are, and get on with making peace! The idiots on the extreme left and right should be ostracized. Enough already…

    • bette boop

      You speak for many of us kind sir. Thank you.

  • EddieD_Boston

    Ooops…skin color to spew…

  • EddieD_Boston

    Sharpton is vile. Plus, he gets to hide behind his skin color ro spew racism. Liberals are so clueless they take this fool seriously.

    Hey Al, pin your hat on sideways and come over to my house.

    • Wil

      Then what, keyboard commando? Al Sharpton has more guts in his little finger, then all you Berniebots have together!

      • Boston Chuck

        Are you some type of fool?  More people have died because of this race pimp and liberals like you chose to ignore his vitriolic rantings.

      • EddieD_Boston

        Unfortunately liberals like you live in a dream world the rest of us are too intelligent to live in. Seriously Wil, I don’t remember one intelligent thing you’ve written here. Ever.

      • Paul Courtney

        You’re so right Wil.  Rev. Al has guts, of a sort.  It takes guts, of a sort, to get so far in front of a tragic story you become the story, over and over.  And over again.  
        What I really liked is learning we lesser-gut types have our own name!    Berniebots -I’m so proud.  Poor Wil, without a name of his own.  Hmmm, let’s see.  How about Bernie envy?

  • Gwiliffejr

    I  don’t use the “N” word often like our forefathers did as I know many fine colored,or black ,or Negro people who are and were my friends during my 30 years in theUSMC. Sharpton always seems to stir things up for his own benefit. I even feel Bill gives Sharpton some slack when he comes on the Factor.Were the authorities slow in Florida prosecuting Zimmerman  you bet. Is or was the case moved along to calm things down probably yes.

  • Olgoldy

    Excellent observation, Bernie.

  • UpLateAgain

    It is still possible to be a complete jerk without it being dependent on your race, and therefore automatically a racist comment if you call someone that.   I know that seems unrealistic in today’s society….. but it is still possible.

    At the risk of being called a racist…. I’m going to label Sharpton a complete jerk.

  • Michael

    No white person could engage in the anti-Semitic, Jew-hating activities and commentary of Sharpton and then be treated like an important community leader and celebrity.  Nor should they.  But neither should Al.  Another example of the double standards of the Left.

  • Rick Johnson

    Tell your friend, O’Reilly that one of the reasons I quit watching him was his pandering to the Sharpton’s of the world.

    • Michael

      Bill lost me the night he interviewed Faith Jenkins, the young black lady who is a former Miss Louisiana, and said to her, “You struggled.”  Then he said, and I’m paraphrasing, “I mean, you’re from the South, right?”

      Well, those racist Southerners were so hard on poor Faith that they made her Miss Louisiana, and somehow failed to lynch or beat or rape her while she attended both undergraduate and law school in (gasp) Louisiana, which is, shockingly, in the South.  She chose to go to New York to pursue unspecified career opportunities.  But, I’m sure it would have fit Bill’s narrative better if she could say she was chased out by a bunch of lusty white boys.   

      Bill really let me down with that one.  It sounded like something I’d hear from one of the heads on MSNBC.  It makes me think Bill’s tours with Dennis Miller are the only times he gets out of New York, that ideal city of racial love and harmony.  

    • Dave O’Connor

      I’m getting to the point I think O’Reilly is “breathing his own gas” (hmm, I gotta use that again).
      As a better quote might be; “Those whom the gods will destroy, they first drive insane.”
      Stand back from the ego-splatter.

  • Miltm13

    I agree. But I’m still angry with Bill for bumping Michelle Malkin for Gerlado. In my opinion Geraldo is another form of racist. Not nearly as bad as Sharpton, but still a clown with more subtle make-up. Sometimes Bill will go WAAAAY too far to ‘prove’ he’s fair and balanced, when in reality he’s just ratings whore. But I still like his show. He is entertaining, but sometimes he makes me want to throw something at my TV, because he’s such media whore (but a good-hearted one).

    • gdaylan

      O’Reilley has stupid liberals like Sharpton, Geraldo and Colmes on to bolster his ego.  Bernie and Dennis are much smarter than him so he needs a little ego boost.

  • Bruce A.

    Best piece on the Rev. Al. I have read in quite some time.  A normal person would hide himself in shame after an event like the Brawley fiasco.  Not the Rev. Al, he has no shame.

  • Terry Dillard

    Haven’t seen $harpton on O’Reilly lately, and after this I’ll be surprised and very disappointed if O’Reilly ever has him on again. This bigoted SOB must be denied face time on respectable TV shows.

  • Miltm13

    I used to hate seeing the “The Irrelevant” Al Sharpton on Bill O’Reilly’s show. Even that fence-sitting, ratings hound has finally thrown him to the gutter where he belongs. I’d love to see some ex-Mossad or Israeli Special Force guy pin back his yarmulke and scare this guy to within one inch of his worthless life.

    It disgusts me that in modern day America anyone, of any color would still give a schuskter like this any attention. I think when you look up the word “racist” in Webster’s, they should have a picture of this vile person beside it!

    — Milt

  • Jenna

    Ditto. I am ALSO sick of it. I’m sick of everything lately.

  • Mary

    If whites made the kind of comments as Al Sharpton, they would be considered  RACIST!!!!    really sick of it

  • JohnHD

    The only thing Christian about Al Sharpton is the Mail Order Certificate he has that proclaims him to be a Preacher. Well the Preacher part is a fact. He is a Preacher of hate, and the foremost Racist of them all. He is the prime example of a Hypocrite. A sower of hate who will no doubt go to the opposite place, a true Preacher will go to, and this place is called Hell. And it is a fitting end for this charlatan.

  • Pasekfred

    Did anyone see sharpton trying his hardest to get his mug in the shot yesterday when Travon’s dad was speaking at the podium? Hysterical. Ol’ Al was leaning so hard to get his head right behind Travon’s dad, I thought he’d fall over. Gotta make sure the camera doesn’t miss him. What a graseball.

  • FloridaJim

    I wonder why the wealth of the race pimps is not mentioned? Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Ogletree, Gates et al all are wealthy beyond their need off the same backs they climb on.

  • Jamal

    Nice piece Bernie.

  • Al Cirocco


    Even if Al is an ordained minister of the Christain faith he is wrong, a sinner, a bigot and a racist.  The Jewish people are GOD’s Chosen people.  They are the CHOSEN PEOPLE.  Al should be stripped of his so called “Rev” title, go back to church and beg for forgiveness.  Al is doing more harm than good, he does not speak for Africans or Blacks born in this country.  How is it that he becomes an expert on Blacks in the USA?  Violence is never justified, Watts, Detroit and what happened in NY with the Jewish merchant.  Put an end to Al once and for all, muzzle him and take holder with him.

  • datripp

    Great post and great point – looking forward to that new Harry Stein book! This is certainly the issue of the day – and the whole election cycle. 

  • Mbabbitt

    The degredation of of the professionalism of government agencies under this administration is one of he most disturbing of its attributes. Race baiting, racialist if not racist behavior and class warfare promotion have done a lot to divide us as Americans.  It’s absolutely shameful.

  • VinBick

    Bernie, after viewing a couple of Bill O’Reilly’s segments with Al Sharpton, I turned to different programming while Sharpton was on the Factor.  O’Reilly gives credence to this racist fraud every time he includes him on the Factor.   It is a “black mark” on the Factor.  Hope you make sure O’Reilly sees this accurate column.  

    • Michael

      Well said.  If Bill wants to troll through the gutter, it’s his right, but I refuse to watch.  I usually find something interesting on another channel whenever Sharkton is on.  Maybe Sharkton is Bill’s way of offering stupidity to balance the brilliance (or at least common sense) of Bernie’s segments. 

      • Jpindorski

        Me too.  I refuse to watch The Factor when he brings on such ilk as Sharpton when far more legit people like Prof. Lamont Hill can be on.
        It’s like having David Duke on.  Who wants to sit through that.   I just switch to a game or TV series and watch that until bedtime.

      • Wil

         Michael, Yes, Al Sharpton has baggage, I
        admit that. But, what I am wondering is Bernie ever going to write an article
        about his buddy Bill O’Reilly. Remember, Dr.Tiller was not breaking the law, yet
        he was forced to hire a bodyguard and to fortify his clinic against very real
        threats that were fed, in part, by the constant barrage from Bill O’Reilly and
        the right wing media. Remember the “Tiller the Baby Killer” comment. Well, Dr.
        Tiller was murdered. And, how about his Loofa Brushes and harassment of a woman
        (Andrea Mackris ) 23 years his
        junior…. Don’t hold your breath!

        • Ron Kean

          Poor Dr. Tiller.  Yes I agree it’s legal to abort fetuses in the 3rd trimester for any reason.  Or can we call those little things people?   Out of respect for Bernie’s followers here I won’t describe the D & E procedure.  Murder is bad and his killer is being punished.  Blah Blah Blah.  I just wonder how many procedures the doctor did in a month or a year and for how many years.  On second thought, I don’t want to know.

    • Brhurdle

      I also find myself turning to other programming during segments involving guests that are obviously doing nothing more than spinning – this in no way contributes to a fair and balanced discussion.

      • VinBick

        Even though Bill calls it the “No Spin Zone” he tolerables spin from Sharpton, Hill, and a couple of others who represent the Far Left. He doesn’t hesitate to cut off reasonable conservatives if they wander from the subject, but he is a bit gun shy with blacks.

      • NANCYE

        And so do I lately.  I’ve noticed that recently O’Reilly will have TWO libs on to discuss a suject instead of a lib and a conservative.   “Fair and Balanced” indeed.  That’s when I change the channel as I did just last night.

        Bernie, maybe you should find another TV show to be a guest from now on.

  • Lugee3

    This is what happens when a totally incompetent President appoints a totally incompetent Attorney General.  

    • Hooiserdaddy500

       Actually, they’re not incompetent, they competently serve without rational question an agenda that is unconstitutional, racist, far-leftist, and incompetent in terms of guiding them in carrying out their sworn oaths of office.

    • Wil

      George W. Bush and John Ashcroft ?