LeMieux Rises in Florida

When Connie Mack declared that he would run for one of Florida’s Senate seats last November, he sprinted out to an early lead in the GOP primary against (what seemed like) four guys named Joe. Time flies. Connie Mack now finds himself locked in a tightening race against a guy named George LeMieux.

Mack brings impressive assets to the campaign. Thanks to his father of the same legal name, Cornelius McGillicuddy, Mack inherits a strong brand in state politics (he and his father are direct descendants of the longtime baseball player and manager of the same name). He projects an attractive media presence, and he sports a 30-point lead in the polls, which lends his candidacy a tinge of inevitability. But he has not prospered in the role of front-runner. With nothing but time on their hands before the August primary, reporters and inquisitive partisans have begun to pick through Mack’s record, and some of it, as they say here in north Florida, ain’t purdy.

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