Liberal Hate Speech

If we try real hard, maybe we’ll be able to detect a pattern developing here on how liberals elites are reacting to what they see as conservative Republican intransigence in the debt ceiling debate.

Let’s start with one of the elitist elites, Tom Friedman, star columnist at the New York Times, who compared the Tea Party to Middle East terrorists. “If sane Republicans do not stand up to this Hezbollah faction in their midst,” he wrote, “the Tea Party will take the G.O.P. on a suicide mission.”

Then there is fellow liberal elite journalist Peter Goodman who used to write about economics for the New York Times and is now business editor at the Huffington Post. He minced no words in a post (that was later toned down by higher-ups): “The same Republicans who have so eagerly prosecuted the war on terror, running up huge deficits in the process, are now behaving like the enemies on which they have squandered so much blood and treasure: They are acting like terrorists. Yes, terrorists.”

Or how about this guest column on Politico from William Yeomans, who teaches law at American University in Washington and used to work for Ted Kennedy:  “It has become commonplace to call the tea party faction in the House ‘hostage takers.’ But they have now become full-blown terrorists.”

Have you spotted the pattern yet, Einstein?

Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg News was quite colorful on the syndicated TV talk show Inside Washington when she compared the Tea Party caucus in Congress to terrorists:  “I mean, they’ve strapped explosives to the Capitol and they think they are immune from it.”

But Steve Rattner, the former “car czar” in the Obama administration who now opines on MSNBC respectfully disagrees with Ms. Carlson.  The Tea Party caucus isn’t strapping explosives to the Capitol.  No, they’re strapping explosives to themselves.  Here’s what he said on Morning Joe: “I imagine these Tea Party guys are like strapped with dynamite, standing in the middle of Times Square at rush hour and saying, ‘either you do it my way, or we’re going to blow you up, ourselves up, and the whole country up with us.’”

And finally we have “I feel a thrill running up my leg” Chris Matthews on MSNBC who said, “Well, the GOP has become the Wahhabis of American government, willing to risk bringing down the whole country in the service of their anti-tax ideology.”  You know the Wahhabis – the Muslim fundamentalists so often associated with hate.

Didn’t President Obama tell Americans to tone it down after the massacre at Tucson?  Liberal elites, I guess, didn’t get the message.

But I think I know why they’re throwing the T word around so much these days.  If I’m right, it’s because they got tired of throwing the R word around.  It wasn’t that long ago that liberal elites, especially those in what passes for the mainstream media, used to call conservative Republicans “racist” over the slightest disagreement with Mr. Obama.  Don’t like ObamaCare?  You’re a racist!  Don’t like spending nearly a trillion bucks on stimulus?  You’re a racist!

But that got old.  Nobody pays attention to that nonsense anymore.  If you’re a racist just because you didn’t like President Obama’s worldwide apology tour, then what word should we use to describe skinheads and neo Nazis who moronically toss the N word around to describe not only our president but anyone who looks like him.

So the elites had to try something new to fill the void, like calling conservatives with whom they disagree on fiscal policy “terrorists.” It gives them the satisfaction they so desperately need now that “racism” has become passe.

There’s a term for this, you know.  It’s called Liberal Hate Speech.

(After reading this column, a loyal Facebook friend send me this note, which I’d like to share with you:

“Remember how much negative press Sarah Palin got for simply posting ‘targets’ on a congressional district map? But somehow, left-wing pundits can actually compare people to terrorists merely because they want our country’s budget balanced. Something tells me that if some nut ever opens fire on people at a tea-party rally, none of these pundits and politicians will be taken to task for fueling hate against the tea-party.”

I’m afraid he’s right.)

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  • Barbara

    I am listening you right now on Bill O Rielly. Are you serious? Out of wedlock children are offered less in the long run?Bullcrap! Mine was raised as a welfare /work child. He is now graduated with a Bachelors degree, and my other “so called bastard child.” Is receiving straight “A’s”. So you can keep your judgmental attitude about welfare mothers in general. Especially , if you understand by what you said . We pretty much out number you. Voters are a must and considering the position of the statement I doubt you would get or gain support in any election if you seek to run in anything. That is such a crock! Just because a person isn’t married doesn’t mean the children will suffer. If you did your homework, you would see how many people of those so called”welfare moms” turned out good. I have a feeling you are picking a choosing according to status of color possibly and not the nation as a whole. And considering the circumstances that may actually be the reason to why they are single parents. Your statements tonight, proved a bias opinion of a debating subject of a very judgmental aspect of a sliver of the population in this country as a whole.

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  • Jimmy

    Both liberals and conservatives have hateful rhetoric from its side of the spectrum. you wanna argue that “god hates fags” isnt hate speach, and you know what party those people support

  • James

    Oh Bernie, grow up already.

    Should I post the quotes from Tea Party leaders comparing Liberals to “Nazi storm troopers” and characterizing themselves as being at “Ground Zero” as they are under attack by Liberals?

    Enough with your juvenile tit for tat and ugly divisiveness.

    Your rank partisanship and small nature is harming America.

    Just stop it.

    Become mature and respectable before it’s too late. You’re not a young man. But there is still time to redeem yourself before you meet Judgment Day.

  • cman

    Hey Bernie what about all the hate talk from the right about Democrats, no word on that, here, oh gee whiz thats right you work for the fair and balanced network, dude how do you sleep at night, hypocrisy is thy name my friend

  • Scott

    None of this is surprising to me given the liberal mentality. Because liberals cannot compete with Conservatives on practially every critical issue facing our country, they resort to what they do best, make ad hominem attacks.

    Watching liberals on TV and the internet associate Concervatives with terrorists just really demonstrates how uneducated and unintelligent some of them truly are.

  • Nancy


    Same-O, Same-O. Me, I’m minding my P’s and Q’s, would hate to end up in the lost circle of Dante’s Inferno called “Talking liberal heads”. Thankfully, we can change the channel here, or turn it off, which is what I do. If you give these fools a big audience, they MIGHT actually think they have something important to say.

    Anywho, in my absence I see these avatar dealies..umm, does it REALLY matter to anyone if you have a blue squiggly thingy by your comment or a mauve or purple or green one? Whazzup wid dat Bernie?

  • Bill

    Tea Party adherents are not terrorists but rather those attacking them are spoiled brats throwing a temper tantrum since they don’t like being told that they have to stop spending an increasing amount of both their parents’ and neighbors’ money. Discussing hate speech purposely distracts from the actual issue which is that this country is going bankrupt due to profligate spending. We cannot tax our way back to solvency or prosperity, especially when the money is being taken from producers and being redistributed to those that the government favors.

  • Richard Mellott

    As a long-time independent, I find your use of the “liberal” term quite repetitious, and boring. Why don’t you try having an original thought, and describing philosophically-opposed people by their concepts, and not a blanket-term that obscures and tends to be a generalization anyway. I mean, I talk to people of all stripes, as a teacher, and it doesn’t occur to me to categorize them by a blanket term: parent. It also doesn’t lend any dignity to your wish to have an opinion, whether correct or not, about how things are going in this country. You’ve turned into a “right-wing, fascist party-line puppet”; how does it feel to fit into a label, do you like it? So, have an original thought, and try dropping the Orwellian “party-speak” and maybe some of us will listen. But right now, you’re simply trotting out the same hostile crap as everyone else, and being paid to be a mouthpiece. BORING!

    • Bjonz

      Richard, “As a long-time independent, I find your use of the “liberal” term quite repetitious”

      But your term, “independent” is refreshingly new and highly descriptive rather than the crass generalization, “liberal.” Independent of what? Rational thought?

      The term I propose for the liberal, progressive, left, etc. is “COGNIPHOBE”. It is an amazingly descriptive term for their philosophistry.

    • Paul Courtney

      Powerful, influential people operating under the protection of the constitution, across the spectrum of network news, newspapers, act and speak in concert, from the same damn script, blatantly favoring one political party over another, but you’re upset by the use of a generalization. You’re bored by the one guy who actually reports this abuse of our system, so what gets your interest? Diane Sawyer tossing buttercups to Nancy P instead of asking her about the end of the world?

  • Wil Burns

    Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Co.) has apologized for the controversial “tar baby” comment he made on a local radio show last week while discussing President Barack Obama and the debt ceiling debate.

    Yes Bernie, Only liberals use hate speech!

    • Nancye

      Tar Baby???

      Oh – is that the same as calling the Tea Party people terrorists? Duh!!!

      Biden’s “hoof and mouth” disease has probably increased the membership to the Tea Party by a large majority. Keep it up Biden.

      • Nancye

        “Congressman Lamborn regrets any misunderstanding,” said Catherine Mortensen, the congressman’s director of communication. “He simply meant to refer to a sticky situation.


        Why are Republicans the only ones who bow and scrape over every little “trangression” of which they are accused? Gimme a break!!!

        • Nancye

          Biden’s comment:

          Vice President Joe Biden joined House Democrats in lashing tea party Republicans Monday, accusing them of having “acted like terrorists” in the fight over raising the nation’s debt limit, according to several sources in the room.


          That’s okay? But Tar Baby isn’t?

          • Wil Burns

            Yep! And, You don’t slash government spending during a recession. (Unless, of course, you want the economy to get worse so as to further your political goals.)

          • Nancye

            You jest?

    • Michael

      When will politicians learn, you are not allowed to quote authors of children’s stories, especially Joel Chandler Harris.​t/folklore/2010/07/brer_ra​bbit_meets_a_tar_baby.html

      Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby: From Brer Rabbit at

      Tar Baby:

      The Tar-Baby is a doll made of tar and turpentine used to entrap Br’er Rabbit in the second of the Uncle Remus stories. The more that Br’er Rabbit fights the Tar-Baby, the more entangled he becomes. In modern usage, “tar baby” refers to any “sticky situation” that is only aggravated by additional contact. The tar baby is a trap that should be avoided.

      p.s. Especially if you’re a politician.

  • Robert A. Hall

    Excellent column; I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog. Liberals believe that anyone who disagrees with them is evil, stupid or both, thus they see no contradiction in calling for civility and using inflammatory hyperbole. And since their cause is so just, they see no contradiction in using illegal or thuggish tactics in support of it.

    Robert A. Hall
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
    (All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans)

    • Nancye

      I found your book on Amazon.

  • Mark Davies

    Bernie, you’re amazing!

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  • DOOM161

    What reasonable person doesn’t see the congruity between advocating debt reduction and putting a child in a car and blowing it up?

    Oh, that’s right. No reasonable person would ever compare the two.

    • jesse

      i would. if we default (not reduce the debt. at least recognize what the tea party is saying), millions would die. In the first month.

      If we don’t raise the debt ceiling, the troops won’t get there money, 50 million social security recipients will not get the money they need RIGHT NOW. Medicare, like it or not, is at the center of our medical industry. How many hospitals would close?

      I think that these intentional political terrorists, brought to you by oligarchs, such as the Koch Brothers, are far far worse than someone blowing up a car. In terms of actual human causalities, at least.

  • Shane

    Good point! They used to call anyone who opposed Obama’s policies racist until nobody paid attention to it. Now they call us Hezbollah, Wahabbis, and terrorists. The irony is that the Left are the allies to Islamic Jihadists not the right!

  • Terry Walbert

    I don’t know which is more pathetic, the liberal group think or the thoughts themselves.

    Do these folks get emails from the Ministry of Progaganda and Popular Enlightment for their talking points?

  • Bruce A.

    Call me any name you want. I find it 100% insane for the fed. govt. to borrow 44 cents out of every dollar to meet it’s operating expenses.
    I agree with the Tea Party.

  • MerchantofVenom

    This doesn’t qualify as hate speech but should be read nevertheless.

    — Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006

    “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government can not pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, “the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

    • Nancye

      Eventually one’s words will boomerang back to them. Hahaha :)

  • joe from louisiana

    What incenses them is that we in the wilderness don’t buy into their hyperbolic analogies. In fact, we have disdain for exaggeration and it actually turns us away. They believe through dramatic embellishment we the simpletons will respond like at a Eugene Debs rally. They in turn have even more contempt that we are too stupid to see the light. Pure elitism.

  • waterlilies84

    I agree with your Facebook friend. I would add one more caveat; when someone opens fire on a tea party caucus member or a tea-party rally goer the lame-stream media is somehow going to put the blame back on the tea-party. It will be our fault, not the fault of the shooter.

  • May

    Hey Bernie,

    Since the liberal elites are mislabelling the tea party to the extremes of calling them “terrorists,” then it’s only fair that the conservative elites come up with a similar outrageous, over-the-top name for the progressive liberals…how about naming them serial killers or rapists? After all, the lack of morals/values of those sorts of people match that of the so-called bleeding heart liberals.

    On another note, I find it amusing that the liberal elites would name the tea party faction “terrorists” when in fact they empathize with the terrorists when it comes to certain issues like the coercion methods used to get information out of terrorists. But I guess they selectively choose to slander the conservatives using anything to justify their agenda even it’s they’re inconsistent. I guess they figure the conservatives aren’t smart enough to see their inconsistent, irrational, unintelligent mindset. Whatever. :)

    • Nancye

      I thought the libs called all of us conservatives Hobbits. Is that supposed to be an insult? I think we should all get bumper stickers with “PROUD TO BE A HOBBIT” ON IT.

      • Nancye

        The idiot who called the tea party people hobbits needs to read or even just watch the movies. The hobbits were the true heros, they endured the greatest pain and suffering, they sacrificed all for the good of the land, they were the ones who defeated the great evil and in the end they did not bow to anyone, even the king. Rather all the people including the king bowed to them.

  • Wil Burns

    Bernie, Only liberals spew hate speech, yeah right! Do any conservatives practice hate speech, or is it just liberal?

  • Lori

    Those who operate with a mob-minded mentality are impervious to (a) logic and (b) contradictions, a.k.a. hypocrisy. Thus, it is perfectly acceptable for liberals to decry conservatives with hateful invective-laced speech while simultaneously denouncing such speech in the first place.

    The ability to practice hypocritical hyperbole with not even an ounce of shame is one of the super powers of the liberal. Or perhaps they’ve been inculcated with such abilities by some kind of secret anti-logic vaccine the Democrats have stockpiled.

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  • Santiago

    Some liberals think that hate speeches earn voters support. Unfortunately, they are partially right. Some comments to this article suggest that some republican voters think the same.
    It looks anyway that the majority in America is not buying emotional speeches. Slowly but steadily America is embracing a reality with less governmental spending and more economic freedom. Turning out that Mr. Obama’s election was no more than a slip of vote. Hate speeches will be less popular then.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Just one more thought about this name calling thing…didn’t the God of the progessive media, Barack Obama, tell us that Islamic terrorism doesn’t exist and that the “War on Terror” was an “Overseas Contingency Operation?” So what are these people talking about…there is no could conservatives be what doesn’t exist in the first place?!! Or was their God mistaken?!!

  • Kathie Ampela

    I think I’ve just about run out of things to say on the name calling routine, we’ve seen this movie many times before. My understanding is that no matter how you slice this debt debate, our credit rating will be downgraded because there aren’t 4 trillion in cuts to AVOID a downgrade. This is a waste of time..compromise Obama out later. I’m glad the Tea Party is forcing the issue to get all this public attention, but they can’t get what they want yet. We will not default, if I hear one more liberal newscaster say that I’m going to throw up all over my TV. They were blasting it all over NY1 yesterday and this a.m. THAT is the biggest lie of all..this schoolyard name calling is B.S. The Tea Party are heroes for forcing Obama and the dems to show their hand and not give them a blank check which is what would happen had they not been there. But we are going to be hurting no matter what and we have to start looking ahead to 2012.

  • john gabriel

    you are the most logical and sensible opinion guy since the late William A. Rusher,in my book. keep it up.

  • Wil Burns

    Bernie, The division is and has been caused by the republican­s from the day Obama became president. They knew if he was successful in turning around the damage done by their party when it was in power, they’d stand no chance of regaining power. Every single effort by Obama to find bipartisan solutions to correct the damage done by Bush has been shot down by the right. Obama’s big mistake was to think that republican­s actually cared about the country more than they did about themselves­.

    • Bob

      Prove it. Big talk on your side. Explain one problem that Booooosh caused that Obama has been spanked upon trying to fix. Afghanistan, Iraq, Gitmo, causing 4X the spending to go on?

      Praytell, please provide evidence before spouting idiocy!

      Obama’s mistake was taking Booooosh doctrine and amping it up to communist-socialist level. As I always say, Obama was 4X the man that Booooosh was and -100% the man Regan was!


      • Richard

        Your a LIBERAL MORON, and you kiss your Messiah obamas ass!!! How dare you compare this Communist traitor to Reagan!!!

        • Wil Burns

          Richard, Hate speech!

    • Jeffreydan


      Based on your (attempt at making a) point, should we intellectually-honest people now assume that you disagree with Obama? You know, when he said we need to be more civil towards each other?

      As usual, don’t feel obligated to answer–I know you better than you know yourself.

    • Ron Kean

      You’re almost humorous.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Wil, yank your head out of your arse. Obama is in over his head. Period. And to compare him to Reagan? Reagan never voted present. He took a stand on issues. Sometimes an unpopular stand. Obama doesn’t have a clue.
      You know that liberals are delusional when they keep on trying to defend this clown. I can picture Obama standing in the Oval Office asking “what do we do next guys”? Reagan instinctively knew what to do.
      Obama has been a failure. Another dope who drank the looney liberal kool-aid while at an Ivy League university.

      • Wil Burns

        Eddie, FYI, Reagan never had an opportunity to vote present.

        • EddieD_Boston

          Wow, you’re right Wil. He was governor and president and wasn’t able to vote, only veto. But I was being hyperbolic.

          The empty suit you voted for voted present something like 75% of the time. Shows what a complete wimp he is.

          Reagan always made his views clear. He took a stand. “tear down this wall” as opposed to “find out who’s ass to kick”.

          • Wil Burns

            Eddie, Also remember, History shows Reagan ran like a little girl from Lebanon, when the going got tough. Osama Bin Laden says that’s the day he found out America would run from a fight.This is discussed in both The 9/11 Commission Report and Richard Clarke’s Against All Enemies.

  • Eddie Willers

    The way the Liberal Progressives practice group speak is down right Orwellian.

    Seriously is one now to believe this wasn’t orchestrated? Clearly this is an astroturfed narrative.


    • EddieD_Boston

      Don’t be fooled. Journolist is alive and well. Rush called this a decade or more ago. The mainstream media being all on the same page, using the same words and phrases first thing on a Monday morning, isn’t happenstance.

  • Eric

    Threatening to put the American economy into jeopardy to further the Tea Party’s political agenda is a profoundly radical act.

    The Tea party’s economic explosives are strapped to every American’s chest, so why should we see this as an act of political terrorism?

    • Eddie Willers

      As someone who’s been touched by the genuine article, (I.e. Real Terrorists) I resent this rhetoric.
      If you seriously don’t think this is going a bit too far, I feel sorry for you. You are a lost soul.

    • AlanABQ

      I see Eric is in lockstep with the “progressive” NLP campaign.
      It’s better known as using weasel words in a discussion (a one-sided one at that). It’s for this reason that no one who is willing to be open for reasonable discourse could possibly listen to the MSM and think for one moment that the news is objective.
      Eric came here spewing the same nonsense, almost verbatim, and that’s just sad. But if he’s so determined to assign the term to a side in this issue, I submit the following:
      Image the genuine terror of a total economic collapse across the nation. There would be chaos at banks, grocery stores, and so on. If our system collapses in the near future, the shock wave would be felt throughout the world indeed. This is a collapse that has been ushered, almost dragged along by Obama’s maladministration. They spent more money in the last two years that almost every other administration combined, and now they’re surprised that there’s a huge debt. Next they want to spend 4 trillion more with only 2 trillion in projected revenues & borrow the rest from the future.
      And now they turn around and blame the same people who told them not to be so stupid.
      The current administration needs to stop spending money like a spoiled & financially illiterate teenage girl with Daddy’s credit cards, acquire some basic Economics 101 knowledge, NOT raise the debt ceiling, and stop allowing the printing of money that’s not based on anything.
      I wonder if Eric’s last name is Holder…

      • Wil Burns

        Alan, Since World War 2 ended the great depression, according to conventional Tea Party wisdom, we really should have a totally booming economy right now with 7 wars.
        Must be the firefighters and teachers that mucked everything up with their greedy pensions and salaries.

    • Bob

      Leave Eric alone. He genuinely FEARS us now. Bob likey. So Eric, let’s say me and you patch up all these hurt feelings. Lemme drop by you place tomorrow. What’s your address? :)

      I can’t wait to meet you! Oh and I swear, I’ll show in T-shirt, shorts and sandals so you won’t be skeer’d. If anyone else drops by with a Don’t Tread on Me flag draped around them…recommend not letting them in!

    • EddieD_Boston

      Because to think so would mean you’re a delusional loon.

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  • AlanABQ

    Cross posted for your enjoyment…more “Republicans are scary!” rhetoric from the most annoying android ever:
    “What we’re trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget. We’re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.” -Nancy Pelosi

    LOL!!! She’s so naive that’s it’s almost cute. It’s like watching a small child who knows nothing about reproduction talk about where babies come from.

  • Eric

    Of COURSE the Democrats are engaging in hate speech & propaganda.

    When you don’t have the truth on your side you have no choice.

    • Trial

      Kinda reminds me of liberals when it comes to the “birther” issue!

    • Wil Burns

      Eric, The creation of an American middle class in the 20th century was the direct result of liberal Big Government policies and a strong union movement.
      Why do you think the Republicans have been trying to dismantle Big Government liberal programs and destroy unions?

      Because they’re ineffectual?

    • Bob

      C’mon Eric…work with me! Your address. We’ll clear all of this misunderstanding up :)

  • robin in fl

    the liberals elites feel this way and say such nonsense because they actually do not have a clue how the ‘average’ american thinks or feels because they either do not know any or haven’t spoken to any in so long that they just basically are just sitting around talking amongst themselves, you know, preaching to their own choir ,nodding their heads, feeling so superior ,and not even seeing that their choir is getting smaller and smaller because some people are just stepping out the back door and leaving(at least the ones that still have their own brains are).so they sit around believing that anyone who doesn’t see it THEIR way must just be stupid,or racist or now terrorists,and of course doing all this while being sure not to offend in any way REAL muslim terrorists.

    • Will Swoboda

      hey Robin,
      Think that CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN & MSNBC are in the bag for liberal democrats?
      Most of the liberal media people are like fish in the ocean, they don’t know that they are wet because they don’t have any frame of reference other than wet.
      How about all of the congressmen talk with each other without name calling and do what the democrats say and try to reach a compromise.
      If there was a democratic majority in the house the could get what they want. But the republicans are the majority by the will of the people. Think about it.

      Your friend in Baltimore.

  • AlanABQ

    The “progressives” really do think that what they say is relevant and based in reality. It must be nice to be one of them: you can say the most fact-less, intolerant, haughty and hateful things in the world and then pat yourself on the back because you’re “speaking truth to power”.

    They can call Clarence Thomas every racist epithet for black people (and wish him heart failure to boot, as Julianne Malveaux did…”I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies, like a lot of black men do, of heart disease”) because they’re speaking truth to power.
    They can viciously attack any woman based on her looks simply for not being a pro-choice liberal because they’re speaking truth to power. (and God help her if she’s a minority AND a conservative)
    They can denigrate & ridicule a man’s intelligence despite his having degrees from two different Ivy League schools because they’re speaking truth to power…
    The “Republicans are terrorists” canard is indeed a variation on a played out theme…So far, Republicans have been denigrated as racists, terrorists, genocidal maniacs, rapists, jingoists (who are also waging war against children). Most laughably is the seamless way they’re portrayed as poor, dumb-as-a-stump hicks one moment and miraculously become evil geniuses with deep pockets the next (seriously – Maureen Dowd can write the most baseless & disjointed hatchet jobs for the NYT and no one will ever call her out on it).
    These people aren’t trying to inform; they’re hate-filled elitists who are looking to hurt someone in order to prove their superiority. They want conservative Americans to know under no uncertain terms that you’d better not get in their way or you’ll dearly suffer the consequences for it.
    They lie for the fun of it, they set out to destroy their perceived enemies and there’s no limit to the vitriol they can spew when they are…
    “speaking truth to power”.

    • Will Swoboda

      Hey Alan,
      Speaking truth to power. Maybe the republicans are doing just what the dems taught them. They are speaking truth to the senate and the White House can’t get much more powerful than that. Dems are just mad they lost the house and are acting like kids with the football.
      Your friend in Baltimore.

    • Wil Burns

      Alan, Someday we will fix “the flaw,” by closing the wealth gap. Workers are the only honest source of value in our economy. They deserve their fair share of the tremendous wealth of this country. Free market capitalism is incapable of fairly distributing value and wealth in the modern world economy. It must be replaced.

      • Elliott

        ah, here we finally come to it. You now speak the truth and wish to replace our free market system.
        Wil, in a word, NO!
        If you want a socialist utopia, go elsewhere. that’s not what this country was founded on and not what we want. If you want to replace it, you’ll be better off in another country because I’d kill you over that kind of crap. I’m one of those lowly workers you’re talking about and I know how the story goes. at least with capitalism, I have a chance to make something for myself. With socialism, the only thing that changes is the color of the boots they use to stomp on the little guy.
        take your bullcrap elsewhere pal.

        • Wil Burns

          Ellidiot, Isn’t it amazing how the wealthy get the less fortunate folks (YOU) to vote against their best interests. As for your kill threat, just remember, I am a armed liberal.

          • Jeffreydan

            At least until BO or some other liberal tool you vote for succeeds in disarming you.

          • Wil Burns

            Jeff, Never has and never will!

  • Murray Abraham

    Dear Bernie,

    You are right. We ultra-left-wing-loony-socialo-nazi-liberals have abused our dominant position to vilify in the most abject and cruel way you reasonable-balanced-compassionate-conservatives for too long. This last episode has opened our eyes as we had never realized how hard it was for you in this country.

    Please accept my deepest apologies for the harm you perceive we did to you and rest assured we endure to be more respectful of your all encompassing wisdom in the future.

    In the immediate, may I suggest you consult with Dr Stewart and his team who have setup a GOP special victims unit? You can contact them here:—special-victims-unit


    • Trial

      “In the immediate, may I suggest you consult with Dr Stewart and his team who have setup a GOP special victims unit?”

      Wait, what does this even mean? Maybe you need to go back to your shrink before telling Bernie what to do. He has more important issues to deal with…like writing articles about the “birther” issue.

      Hey Bernie, have you contacted Jana Winter, Vallely, or asked O’ about his scrubbed segment yet?

    • Will Swoboda

      Hey Murray,
      You really do have contempt for the American voters.
      Sorry to read that.

    • Bob

      Leave Murray alone. He’s suffering from his ancestral “it must be me” persecution complex. He’ll go to any length to resolve it internally. He need psychiatric help in the long term to rid him of this disease and all side effects like Obamalovicitis, Litardery, and Palin Derangement Syndrome. Be kind and work with him!

    • Emanuelle

      Thank you for the laugh. I am not sure many understood the joke, it is a little too subtle for these quarters.

      That Stewart sketch is simply brilliant.

  • Renitaran

    Oh so true Mr. Goldberg. The left’s game is called follow the leader. Stir the pot, create anger and divisiveness where ever possible. They even use the exact same insults. Wonder what the new and improved insult will be for next month. The more power the tea party acquires the worse the attacks will become. From the left’s view, freedom of speech only applies to them. Their job is to shut us up and minimize us. They are becoming very afraid. We are not going away, oh my! Who actually is being lead around by the nose here? Amazing to watch! Their revered leader does not understand or have a clue as to who we are,( the American People)

    • Trial

      Funny thing about the Tea Party. Various Tea Party Groups are voting on then sending their members information on the “birther” issue. Quite interesting no?

  • OnlyB.S.

    This is one party who would not call those blowing up people and buildings “terrorists”.
    Yet their own countrymen are, by their standards, terrorists.
    This places these idiots below that which one would call, politely put, excrement.

  • Nancye

    From the article;

    So the elites had to try something new to fill the void, like calling conservatives with whom they disagree on fiscal policy “terrorists.” It gives them the satisfaction they so desperately need now that “racism” has become passe.


    I think the libs/elitists act the way they do because they’re scared to death of us conservatives.

  • Sherry

    Isn’t it funny? We are the one’s “strapping bombs on ourselves ready to blow up everything around us,” yet it’s the Democrats and Obama who are flooring the debt accelerator taking this country over a cliff spending trillions and trillions, borrowing $.40 of every dollar and doing nothing about getting our fiscal house in order. NOTHING. Now who’s strapping bombs to themselves and everyone around them again????

    Liberals are pathetic and childish.

    • Trial

      “Liberals are pathetic and childish.”

      Now, now. Some conservatives are pathetic and childish as well. I’m reminded of this whenever I look at our members of Congress.

  • Trial

    “It wasn’t that long ago that liberal elites, especially those in what passes for the mainstream media, used to call conservative Republicans “racist” over the slightest disagreement with Mr. Obama. Don’t like ObamaCare? You’re a racist! Don’t like spending nearly a trillion bucks on stimulus? You’re a racist!”

    Wow, this kind of reminded me of the “birthers.” Surely they have no valid points to bring up because every one of them is a “racist” (or maybe crazy).
    Mwahahahahaha! We the liberal media are the majority! No dissenting opinions are allowed!

  • Tommy Ivison

    I work in a vocation dominated by liberals, and therefore many of my friends are liberals. The rank and file liberals I know tend to be very opinionated about politics but poorly informed. They can quote bumper sticker slogans, but after that, they are out of ammunition. So, they tend to resort to name calling and Bush blaming.

    • Wil Burns

      Tommy, Obama inherited an economy that was so bad that Bush himself signed the bailout into law – the product of failed Republican policies.

      • Bruce A.

        Still blaming Bush I see. Even the left wing media quit doing that a while back.

        • Karen D.

          “Still blaming Bush I see.”

          You call Wil out as if blame is some sort of illogical, fallacious concept. Where credit is due, blame or accolades must follow. It’s a *fact* that the economy was horrible before Bush left office, and a *fact* that Bush signed the bailout, so he can be blamed at least in part for the first bailout. Any one man cannot be held accountable for the state of the economy, but I have yet to read an analysis of the economical crash at the end of Bush’s second term that didn’t credit the deregulation of financial markets as one of the biggest causes of the crash. Bush wasn’t alone in pushing the deregulation, he was joined by practically all Republicans, both during and before his tenure. Perhaps some deregulation would have helped, but we got way more than just “some,” which turned out very badly.

          As for the topic of the essay, I generally feel any sort of name calling, on both sides of the aisle, to be histrionic, unproductive, and annoying. Don’t kid yourselves into thinking conservatives never call liberals names – there have been a number in just the comments on this page. Both sides use it to differing degrees at differing times, all depending on the political climate, especially in times like this when both sides are intent on polarizing each other to the greatest extent possible. Playing the victim card is about as useful as engaging in name calling in the first place, so let’s move on to discussions of real substance, shall we?

  • Gerry

    Another great read, Bernie. I supposed I’ll be called a terrorist next. I Facebooked a little joke about Pres. Obama after his speech last Monday when he came out of the blocks blaming Bush. Someone I thought was a friend labled me racist. Ridiculous. And sad.

    • roy poronto

      If you don’t agree with the liberal mine set you are a racist. I never looked at Obama as black, I looked at what he said regarding our country. So, I didn’t vote for him. I love Allen west from Florida, he would make a good president.

  • Nikki Louisiana

    This President has caused more unrest in this country than I ever thought possible. By the “power of suggest’ he has caused the dividing line between Dems and Reps to get even wider. Most of the news channels have “picked” their side (excluding FOX) and in my opinion have made news not worth listening to because you can’t believe a word they say. Obama has NO CLASS! And, he has set the “atmosphere” for this name calling with his “mean and nasty” comments about Republicans. I resent it…..since I am one AND I’M ALSO A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES, and as one I would expect respect from the President. Once he shows respect……..I would HOPE the media will too.

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  • Paul Quattrone

    It must really irritate all of those people you are calling out…..I do agree with a lot of your article……I believe the liberal elites strike out personally & emotionally at anyone(esp. anyone not progressive) who buck the conventional wisdom…Keep up the good work !!

  • newsjunkie6

    This is just more of the Alinsky tactic of marginalizing the enemy through lies and name-calling because the media elites actually fear the Tea Party, having seen the impact they’ve had on debt debate. The elites must–MUST!–paint the Tea Party patriots as crazed fanatics, hoping to intimidate people into staying away from the movement.

    • Trial

      “This is just more of the Alinsky tactic of marginalizing the enemy through lies and name-calling because the media elites actually fear the “birthers.” The elites must–MUST!–paint the “birther” patriots as crazed fanatics, hoping to intimidate people into staying away from the movement.”

      I totally agree.

  • formerjournalist

    Ah, the rank-and-file’s Facebook pages aren’t even that kind, Bernie. They are publicly calling Republicans/conservatives every name in the book and using hate speech you can’t get away with for any other group in this country. I don’t know how I survived 25 years in that industry.

  • Bob

    See… angelaisms proves the lefts point. Just another angry bird terrorist that likes to destroy swine homes.

  • thinkwell

    Even worse that the liberal elites, who after all are not pretending to hide who they are, are the pretend “conservative” elites – you know, like you, Bernie. You try to distract “the folks” with side issues while steadfastly ignoring the elephant in the room that is the greatest threat to our Constitution, the rule of law and our very way of life ever.

    • Trial

      What elephant in the room? Do enlighten me.

      • aneo

        jerk… one.

        • Trial

          I’m afraid I do not comprehend your comment. Could you be a little bit more clear?

  • angelaisms

    Nice to know those Journ-O-List contact sheets haven’t gone to waste.