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According to Harry Reid, “There have been plenty of horror stories being told about the Affordable Care Act, but they’re all untrue.”

My initial reaction was to ask if people were going to believe Harry or their canceled health insurance policies. But then, after thinking about it a while, it occurred to me that the real horror stories are the lies Obama and his collection of sock puppets keep feeding us.

From Harry Reid’s point of view, the facts regarding low enrollment numbers, the small percentage of enrollees who are young and healthy and the inevitable loss of Senate seats to the GOP in November, are far more horrific than anything even I could conjure up.

It would make for a nice change if instead of forever whining about America’s having a prison for terrorists in Cuba, liberals would occasionally get outraged over Russia having a military base in Ukraine and puppet states in Iran and Syria. It would also make for a nice change if the mere thought of using military force against our enemies didn’t have them fanning themselves like old southern ladies suffering from the vapors.

After Barack Obama said the Senate vote that denied Debo Adegbile a major position at the Justice Department was a travesty, I felt it might not be my place to argue the point. After all, Obama has been personally responsible for so many travesties, who was I to question his expertise in that area?

Still, I thought his comment was a tad harsh, especially since it was a bipartisan vote in which seven Democrats joined with the Republicans to remind Mr. Adegbile, a lawyer formerly affiliated with the NAACP, that he had every right to work on behalf of a convicted cop killer and to lead demonstrations on his behalf, but that actions have consequences. And just because Barack Obama and Eric Holder have proven that being racial bigots isn’t always an obstacle to success, luck is no more equally distributed than wealth.

Speaking of wealth, it strikes me that Obama and his corporate buddies are using America as their own personal piñata. The dirty little secret on the Left is that nearly all the fat cats are in bed with the Democrats. That’s why no matter what sort of shellacking the insurance companies are likely to take as a result of the Affordable Care Act, written into the bill is a federal bailout. So while you lose your health care and your doctor, those guys won’t lose a dime. Period!

Besides, who do you think has been showing up these past six years at Obama’s $35,000-a-plate fund raisers? In exchange for their generosity, Obama not only underwrites all those doomed green energy companies with our tax dollars, but he sees to it that the Federal Reserve keeps printing $85 billion a month, so that Wall Street can keep setting records for the wealthy, while most Americans are left trying to survive long-term unemployment and 29-hour work weeks.

Vladimir Putin may not serve as a plague to the world for as long as Joseph Stalin, who ran the Soviet Union for 30 years, but it won’t be for lack of trying. George W. Bush said he looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul. I suggest that President Bush should never have left the house without his glasses. Rumor has it that later that same day, Bush also spotted the lost city of Atlantis, the Loch Ness monster and invited Big Foot over for bar-be-que.

But even Bush wasn’t as pathetic as Obama. The current occupant of the Oval Office seems to think that just because it works with his daughters, a time out is all it takes to make Putin toe the line. What Barack fails to grasp is that when Putin looks at his Obama Christmas card, he sees four females, not three, and he realizes that in a fight, Michelle is the only one he might have reason to worry about.

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  • Darren Perkins

    Good column right up to the point of calling BO a woman. That is a serious insult to women. I can think of quite a few that would be doing a much better job: none of which are named Hillary.