Like Birds on a Telephone Wire …

It’s hard to say what bothers me most about what we call the mainstream media.  Their bias, of course, is an evergreen, always high on the list.  So is their arrogance.  Their refusal to admit mistakes is galling (see CNN playing “Stupid Girls” song to lead into Sarah Palin segment, then with a straight face saying it was unintentional).  But their mindless lack of originality – their zombie-like repetition of what some other journalist just said or wrote – at this moment, tops my list.

Which brings us to the word … gaffe.

If you’ve been following the news, you know that Mitt Romney’s overseas trip was filled with gaffes, at least according to a lot of journalists, almost all of whom are liberal and of course plan to vote for Barack Obama.

In London, Romney told NBC news that there was some concern about security at the Olympics.  NBC didn’t think this was especially newsworthy.  Certainly not a gaffe.  Not until the British press and a few British pols got into the act and expressed their unhappiness that a foreigner would have the nerve to visit their country and say such things – things, by the way, the Brits themselves had been saying long before Romney arrived.

American journalists, of course, could have said something about how the Brits are awfully whiny and thin-skinned these days, something about how they got their knickers in a knot simply because Mitt Romney had the audacity to speak the truth.

But no.  Instead, they picked up where the British press left off.  One Fleet Street tabloid ran a headline that said, “Mitt the Twit.”  American journalists agreed.  He couldn’t get by without a gaffe on his first stop.

Then it was off to Israel, where Romney supposedly made another gaffe.  His offense was saying that “culture” matters, and that it was one reason Israel was so successful.

Anyone with half a brain knows this is true.  In our own country, it’s obvious that culture matters; it’s why the underclass is the underclass.  In their culture having babies without having husbands and dropping out of school is part of the culture.  That’s a big reason why the underclass has such a hard time.

Ah, but the Palestinians took offense.  Some said it was racist.  What was wrong with their culture?  How about suicide bombers and other terrorists who the moderates can’t control?  A mere detail. No, the Palestinians were justifiably offended and so, according to those high-minded objective American journalists, Romney was guilty of committing another gaffe.

Next stop, Poland, where Romney supposedly screwed up again.  According to CBS News, “even in friendlier Poland, Mitt Romney’s union policies drew criticism from the current leaders of the movement that toppled Communism.”

And at a plaza near the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, reporters barked questions at Romney as he was getting into his car.

CNN: “Governor Romney are you concerned about some of the mishaps of your trip?

NYT: “Governor Romney do you have a statement for the Palestinians?

Washington Post: “What about your gaffes?

NYT: “Governor Romney do you feel that your gaffes have overshadowed your foreign trip?”

CNN: “Governor Romney just a few questions sir, you haven’t taken but three questions on this trip from the press!

That’s when Romney’s press person jumped in and told the reporters, to “Show some respect.”

The NYT reporter wasn’t amused.  “We haven’t had another chance to ask a question,” he said.

To which Romney’s press person responded diplomatically, with this: “Kiss my ass. This is a Holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.”

Once the “gaffe” storyline was in place, anything Romney did or said that offended anybody, qualified as a gaffe. If one reporter used the word, others had to use it too. Reporters are like birds on a telephone wire.  One lands on the wire and you can bet the ranch that a hundred other birds will be there in a second.

In the aftermath of all this, American news organizations went into high gaffe mode.  On its Web site, CBS ran a headline reminding American voters that another candidate went overseas when he was running for president four years ago, and, well, he did much better.

“Romney gaffes contrast with Obama in ’08,” said CBS News.

ABC News — like those birds on the wire — said the same thing:  “Romney Gaffes Contrast With Obama in ’08”

The Huffington Post shouted, “Mitt Romney Olympics Fallout: Gaffe Creates Struggle For 2012 Presidential Hopeful”

Over a column by a left wing journalist, the Daily Beast showing absolutely no subtlety said, “The Ugly American: Mitt Romney’s Disastrous Overseas Excursion” – followed by a sub-headline that read: “Though his advisors keep putting Romney in a message box, he keeps bursting out with gaffes”

And finally, CNN wondered:  “Was Romney’s trip ‘a great success’ or gaffe-filled disaster?”

Gee, I wonder what CNN thinks?  Here’s a clue:

Jim Acosta, the CNN reporter covering Romney said, “it’s really no surprise really, that the press tried their best to get a question to him today,” adding, “I think it should also be noted that this press aide, and what he said to us, was really inexcusable.”

Memo to Jim Acosta: What Hitler did was inexcusable.  What Pol Pot did was inexcusable. What the terrorists did to us on 9/11 was inexcusable.  Telling a reporter to “kiss my ass” doesn’t come close to inexcusable.  I’d classify it as “long overdue.”

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  • Lawrence Dalton

    I can hardly wait to read all the nasty attacks and comments the MSM will be writting about Mrs. Romney’s and Mrs. Ryan’s wardrobes and how expensive and inulting to the common American for them to be so elitists as opposed to what they write every time Mrs obama buys a “$10,000 plus outfit using Our money for her public appearences or the outrage at any holiday or trip the Romney or Ryan family make because it might be to an expensive hotel or restaurant or travel with their husbands…  unlike the praise and gushing over whatever extragances the obana family spent…

  • Stixnstones42

    Bias? What bias? When Jackie Kennedy rides a horse, it’s cool and chic.  When Ann  Romney rides a horse, she’s a rich bitch flaunting her “one percent” status.  In similar fashion, I recall no outrage when Democratic icons FDR and JFK (both “one percenters through inheritance) failed to produce even a single tax return.

  • Linda

    I love you, Bernie.

  • Donna


  • Joel Wischkaemper

    GREAT Mr. Goldberg!!  Now I feel a lot less lonely and a lot more terrified.

  • James King

    I just have a recommendation to all who are opposed to so-called progressive’s, and that is to stop calling them progressive’s and return to the label that is actually true. Start calling them liberals. There is certainly nothing progressive about violating the Constitution, and that is something both liberals and conservatives do with glee. This, in my opinion, is because members of the House and Senate act only to perpetuate themselves.

    They do what they believe will “buy” votes, and at that they are very successful because they know they are dealing with an ill-informed electorate. Harry Reid is a liberal. Obama is a liberal. If you want to defeat them you must stop calling them progressives. They commandeered the word progressive because they learned it is not looked on with disdain like the word liberal. They are liberal. Start calling them liberal.

    • Bob Hadley

      Senator Daniel Inouye, a flaming liberal, literally (and I mean LITERALLY) gave his right arm fighting for your freedom to peddle such bigotry. 

      • James King

        But he did not continue that fight, Bob. He moved as most of them do, to enrich himself. The bigotry lies in your corner by not holding them to obeying the Constitution, which was the biggest mistake the founders made in not making it mandatory to obey the document and use the word, obey.

        You are like all libs in resorting to what you think is feel-good and feel-bad language to put opponents on the defensive, but not to resolve your own attitude of “let’s take it all” as that refers to the wealth and freedom of your fellow citizens.

        And here’s another thing to ponder, though I don’t think you will. Sacrifice. This is the most misunderstood word in the language, or at least one of them, and I am surprised you did not use it in reference to Sen Inouye in “giving” his right arm.

        It is not a sacrifice to give your child food, but it would be if you gave the food to a “needy” child at the expense of your own child. Sacrifice is when you put that which you do not value ahead of that which you do value. And you libs used the word sacrifice freely, even as you did not this time. But you did fall back on feel-bad language (gave his right arm) to justify liberal ideas. And you also do not understand the word, bigotry.

        Sadly, liberals will continue the feel-good/feel-bad language to justify what cannot be justified, liberalism.

        • Bob Hadley

          Sen. Inouye provided for himself and his family but he did not enrich himself the way others did.   Look at his financial history

          A form of bigotry is judging people you do not know.  Your two posts above are filled with “liberals this, liberals that.”  You’re casting aspersions on people you don’t know.  You don’t even know 1% of all liberals, not hardly. 

          Apparently you did not learn in your government schools the difference between intelligent generalizations and prejudice.  I suspect this was not the fault of your teachers but was due to your obstinate inattention. 

          Because you apparently didn’t get it, I’ll spell out the meaning of my post above.  Your post above gave a bigoted prescription to right wingers to defeat their opposition by name calling.  Your freedom to make that willfully ignorant prescription was fought for and defended by those of all persuasions, including flaming liberals.  One of the lessons to be learned from these freedom fighters of all persuasions is to address real issues with real facts as any wholesome family would do.   To a large extent you have done so this website.  But you lower yourself when you stoop to name calling and bigotry.

          • James King

            You prove my point, Bob. You and other libs accuse others of doing what you do such as name calling, which I did not do. Your example enriched himself. I do say that it is not just libs. Conservatives do it to, because they are all in office to obtain power that leads to enrichment. They pass laws for the nation but not for themselves. I did not use the word flaming to describe libs. You did!

            Get real. You are about the state and I am about the individual. Rights belong to the individual, not to the collective. Collective bargaining is immoral. This is just one area where though you did not mention it, you libs excell at, along with the feel-good/feel-bad language used to create sympathy to your cause.

            So I am not the name caller. It is you, yet you accuse me. Get real!

          • Bob Hadley

            YOU are the one who proposes using names as weapons – “liberal” as opposed to “progressive.” 

            YOU are the one to cast aspersions on tens of millions of Americans who yuo’re never met.

            It’s unfortunate that no one ever taught you how to think

          • Lawrence Dalton

            Bob, progressive socialists are the new democratic Party of which you are obviously a member.  The hate and vitriol you and your fellow party members and supposrtters express is offensive.

            Before accusing me of “insulting” you, the democratic Party, and millions of uninfomred Americans, please refresh your memory by looking up the definitions of socialism, marxism, communism and then democracy, republican form of government and conservative politics.  IF not familiar with the platform of the Democratic Party and GOP, please refresh your memory by reviewing thier websites.  You should be astonished at which party resembles those political principles Our Nation has always opposed since parting ways with the English Empire in 1776…

    • Linda

       I agree to call them what they are, but “liberal” in the strict, classical sense means one who loves liberty.  So that does NOT apply.  They are socialist, communist and all-out marxists.

      • James King

        Linda, you are absolutely right in the classical sense, but we do not use classical sense definitions. Today’s libertarian of which I am one, were, in the classical sense, liberals. The reason I recommend calling them liberals is because it is more easily understood by a very ill-informed electorate, which is why they commandered the word, progressive.

        Progressive means little danger to many voters, but liberal tells it all. At the same time your last sentence is true, true, true, but the voter reacts badly to people being called those names. This is why the word liberal is the best word usage in my opinion, not because it is the correct word.

  • Bobby

    I am new to this site.  Please excuse my gaffes.  My memories of grade school are dimmer this year than last.  I do remember being taught that some framers of the COTUS thought the rights enumerated in the first ten amendments were understood and did not need to be formally included.  A compromise or concession was made; the Bill of Rights added; and they are a part of our constitution.  Current events indicate that was the best decision – a great decision.

    • James King

      NO WAY!

  • John

    “Gaffe” is the new swear word.  It joins “talking points”, “divisive”, “agenda”, and “rhetoric” as something you accuse your opponent of.  “Gaffe” hasn’t yet had the meaning beaten out of it with constant abuse of the word, so expect to hear much more of it, along with “extremist”, for the rest of this campaign. 

  • James King

    My link to comment to Bob Hadley didn’t work, so I’m trying this out. Bob, I believe the Constitution is the greatest document ever written to create a nation, but it has mistakes, in my mind. You mention, for one thing, the  “general welfare” portion of the Constitution. I believe in that. But it is used, for the most part, not for the general welfare but for the specific welfare. And as it goes for modern politicians, what they do is geared to buy votes from ill-informed citizens.

    And yes, I am an idealogue, but not a mindless one, and it has to do with what is moral and what is not. The original Constitution includes the first 10 Amendments, but as far as I am concerned that is where the founders made a terrible mistake. To include them as part of the document IMPLIES that, for instance, you do not have the right to free speech without the first Amendment.

    As for post roads, no they do not protect us from physical force, and that is why they should not be in the document, but I can live with that portion, along with regulating commerce, which should not have been there either. But those things can exist in a moral country if they are not used to promote “vote buying,” which they are, as far as regulating commerce.

    I do not have a problem with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as they originally existed for listing what our government can do. But because I believe that mistakes were made and point them out does not make me a mindless ideologue any more than when you ignore some of the points I have made makes you one.

    We have disagreements. But I could easily live with your interpretation of the Constitution as I could with mine. The problem is that pols exist to exist, and continuously do things to buy votes from ill-informed voters. If you do not recognize this as a statement of fact then there is nothing more that the two of us can say to each other except to continue to disagree. But please do not make me out to be a mindless idealogue. I’m comfortable if you just take away the mindless part, because I assure you a mindless idealogue could not write what I have written.

    Let me close by saying that while I disagree with some of what you and others, including the Constitution, I will always fight for your right to say them. But that did not need to be in the Bill of Rights to be true.

    A MORAL government is to protect you with a military, police, and courts. Nothing else is moral as far as I am concerned. Hope you get to read this since the link to comment didn’t work this time. 

    • Bob Hadley

      “… I believe the Constitution is the greatest document ever written to create a nation, but it has mistakes, in my mind. ”

      OK, great!  So you think the COTUS has its flaws – i.e. is to some extent not moral –  but is still, on balance, a great document, in fact the greatest document ever to create a nation.  That’s consistent with everything you’ve said.

      And you apparently consider promotying “the general Welfare” as protecting us fro physical force.  OK, that a legitimate opinion,even if I disagree with it.

      The Bill of Rights (comprising the first 10 Amendments to the COTUS) was NOT part of the original COTUS.  The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791.  In fact, I think it was Madison, in The Federalist No. 84,  who argued that the a bill of rights  was not necessary, that the COTUS established the rights of Americans.  An amendment is something tacked on and incorporated into the original.

      For the umpteenth time, our interpretation of the COTUS has no bearing.  According to the COTUS, the SCOTUS has the final word as to what  the COTUS means.  :)  Pursuant to the COTUS, we’re a nation of laws, not of men. 

      In Marbury v. Madison the SCOTUS held that it could decide the constitutionality of an enactmetn of a co-equal branch of government, in that case the U. S. Congress.  But the SCOTUS arrived at that decision in accordance with the COTUS.

      BTW, I use the term “ideologue” broadly to fit one who lets his predispositions govern his perceptions.  In that sense, an ideologue is more stagnant than mindless.  So, maybe you’re right!  :)

      • Cbkaufman

        >>OK, great! So you think the COTUS has its flaws

        Duh. Every man made document has flaws. Humans are flawed and therefore are unable to create perfection. Is that so terrible?

        • Bob Hadley

          Can you read??????  I was paraphrasing what Mr. King said directly above my post. 

          My post direrctly above Mr. King’s last post was making reference to previous remarks Mr. King had made to the effect that he fully and completely agreed with the COTUS.


          I did not state my opinion of the COTUS. 

      • James King

        Bob, also for the umpteenth time, the Constitution was complete without the Bill of Rights, which only muddied the waters. As far as Marbury is concerned, Marshall was wrong when he stated that it was the role of the SCOTUS to say what the law is, and that has been accepted since he made that statement. But that does not make it right. It is not up to SCOTUS to say what the law is. Also, for the umpteenth time, the COTUS does not mean what it does not say and you cannot find that disputed in the doc.

        • Bob Hadley

          Read Marbury v. Madison again, and read it carefully.  Marbury passes on the constitutiality of a congressional enactment.  The COTUS says that the courts shall decide constitutional issues.  Article III, Section 2..

          Opinions as to what the COTUS means and how it should be interpreted are a dime a dozen.  I know you are a constitutional scholar, but you don’t have a vote on these matters.  That’s why our Founders set up the court system.  It is for the courts to make the final decision.  Article III, Section 2.

          • James King

            Bob, SCOTUS has the decision. But the COTUS does not mean what it does not say, with language at the end of Section 2,  “with Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.” It is up to Congress to say what the law is and SCOTUS to determine its constitutionality. And for that they have the final decision. 

          • Bob Hadley

            ” It is up to Congress to say what the law is and SCOTUS to determine its constitutionality.”

            EXACTLY!  So you agree with me that Marbury v. Madison was decided in accordance with the COTUS, even if you personally disagree with the decision. 

            HINT:  There is process and then there is end result.  The SCOTUS used the correct process but, according to some, reached an incorrect result.

            Remember the Major League pitcher who was
            one-out away from  a perfect game?  (I forget his name.)  The next batter was ruled by the umpire as safe on first.  The video showed that the batter was really out, and the umpire even later acknowledged that he made a bad decision. 

            Did that pitcher pitch a perfect game?  No, he didn’t.  But he should have, but for a bad call.

          • Bob Hadley

            If there’s a dispute as to how a law enacted by Congress should or should not be applied to an individual situation, the COTUS gives the federal courts the power to resolve this dispute.

    • Cbkaufman

      >>To include them as part of the document IMPLIES that, for instance, you do not have the right to free speech without the first Amendment.

      It’s not just an implication. It is clear. There was NO freedom of speech in the COTUS before the Bill of Rights. THAT is why the first 10 ammendments were added, because the Constitution was lacking beforehand. They realized this later and made those rights Ammendments to the COTUS. That is basic 8th grade US history.

      • Bob Hadley

        If you read the First Amendment with a little care, you’ll see that it states that the freedom of speech exists naturally, if it is not God-given.  It wasn’t until the Bill of Rights was ratified, however, that the feds were expressly prevented from taking away or abridging that freedom.

        • James King

          Bob, you are right on this issue. And it is not just freedom of speech. This is also where the moral issue for me comes from that to start force is immoral. It is only moral to respond to force. Full freedom of speech, property, etc. can only exist in a moral environment.

      • James King

        Freedom of speech is natural and needed no Amendment.

  • Brent Lorn

    I think the biggest gaffe America could make would be to reelect Barack Obama. The most maddening part about the liberal media to me is that they present their opinions as fact. Gaffe is a word that is completely based on opinion. There is no such thing as a factual gaffe. The vast majority of liberal media feel the need to lie to all Americans on a daily basis in the pretense that they are unbiased and that their opinions are the truth. There are starting to be more liberal media members who are truthful about their political leanings and even though I generally disagree with them, I at least respect that they are honest about that. The newest lie of the liberal media: 8.3% unemployment is okay because more jobs than expected were created this month (even though these jobs will likely be revised downwards in the coming weeks).  

    • Kathie Ampela

      This is a very funny post..and so true! To be fair, the word “gaffe” is used on the Right all the time as well. I wouldn’t mind the press using the word “gaffe” if they used it fairly and not accuse those politicians they aren’t rooting for of manufactured “gaffes” as in the case of Romney’s overseas trip.  You want to see some real “gaffes?” Here are some of Joe Biden’s greatest hits:

    • dlr

       Right on Brent. 

      I was listening to NPR a couple of days ago, and they reported that “Even though there is positive job growth, Romney keeps hammering Obama on the economy”.  The small detail that the number of new people out of work grew  was bigger than the job growth was not even reported.  Talk about lies and deception by the liberal media.  NPR should not get one dime of government support.

  • Drew Page

    Bernie  —  Thanks for saying what many of us are thinking.

  • E. (Buzz) Jay Nilsson

    From a former member of the media: Good for you!
    E. Jay Nilsson

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    1.  It is really important to realize the editors of those reporters are th ones jumping on the band wagons to thump Mitt Romney.  I believe the American Press is overwhelmingly leftish at this point, and the future looks dim ahead if owners of the press cannot do more to encourage a more even handed, referenced sort of story writing style.

    2.  The battle for viewers and readers is strong.  If we lose half the newspapers out there in the coming two years, I wouldn’t be suprised.  I think also, the vote .against. NBC in terms of ratings is a vote for that ‘middle road’ idea.

    3.  I am right of Gingus Khan on some issues.  I am thoroughly a pragmatist and haven’t moved for 50 years.  I sense the right wing of the United States thinks they don’t have to compromise, and will win big with Mr. Romney playing to the far right.  I very much disagree, and as the tea party continues to talk anti communism, bad, bad Russia, they are very decidedly pulling the pistol hammer back while that sucker is pointed at their right foot.  Obama won on the basis of deciet, but he is maintaining his position in the polls based on very soft policies that rumble around the ‘chicken in every pot’ position.  Bad stuff that.. but the tea party better slack up and fight back with a humane concept policy, or…. we lose.

    7 trillion plus dollars were lost by the American People in the economic melt down.  They don’t have golden parachutes and anyone who talks about dumping the huge number of middle aged adults who have hit the streets… wants to lose.

    • Drew Page

      Joel  —  I am about your age and agree with some of your points; but we have already lost the majority of newspapers and other than Fox News, we have lost the TV networks.   The current administration is trying to take control of the internet and their minions at the FCC are trying to eliminate conservative talk radio.  You say the ‘right-wing’ thinks they don’t have to compromise.   What do you want to compromise on?   Do you think we should cut only half the wasteful government spending, implement only half of Obamacare, let in half as many illegal aliens, remove only half of the needless government restrictions on small business?   Do you suggest compromise by agreeing to half the proposed tax increases being proposed?

      • Joel Wischkaemper

         You have outlined the programs that are the most onerous to the Right Wing.  The pragmatic person looks at those and it is obvious we need to adjust and remove.  NOT what I was talking about though.

        There are plenty of programs that could be very easily be removed, and are well worth removing.  Go to U Tube, ask for illegal aliens, and there are dozens there.  Look at the welfare going to the illegal aliens.. $100 billion a year.  We cannot continue being the policeman of the world.  We cannot continue to support the sort of military we are supporting.  That one should change for common sense sake, but look at the savings.  We have needed a 19% flat tax for a long, long time, and the cost of the IRS would be reduced to a pittance compared to its present costs.

        Now look at the American People.  These guys are being burned by employers we cannot respect by getting walking papers a year before they could retire.  There 401’s are gone now.  7 trillion in retirement funds are gone.  My credentials as a Republican are excellent, but the mere idea of abandoning the American People after the economic melt down of the years in 2000 forward is wrong.  To many people are suggesting tough luck.  The idea of taking care of our own is an American Idea.. and one of our best.  If the Tea Party doesn’t look at the world and say we will take care of our own at some point, they will blow Mitt Romney out of the water.  If you want Obama elected again.. just keep it up.

        • Drew Page

          Joel  —  Once again I agree with a lot of what you are saying, especially the part about taking care of our own.    I  believe in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Unemployment Compensation (limited to 12 months) but only for those legal citizens who paid into these programs.   Other federal social welfare programs such as food stamps, rent subsidies and welfare payments should also be limited to legal citizens of the U.S. who are incapable of taking care of themselves.

          Having said that, I also support what most Tea Party members believe, that those of us who do pay federal income taxes are taxed enough already.   Since those in the lower 50% of all wage earners pay only 3.8% of all federal income taxes, what, I wonder, should be the “fair share” that wage earners above the poverty level should pay in federal income taxes?   I would agree with you that a flat tax would be more equitable, if it were applied to all wage earners above the poverty level.  Existing social welfare programs can continue to be provided without raising taxes to do so, provided irresponsible and profligate government spending is sharply cut.

          It’s coming up on four years now that the Democrat controled Senate has failed to approve a budget, so no one in government is being held accountable.   Where would I suggest cutting?   By implementing a flat income tax, we could cut the IRS staff by by 75%.   Other government agencies such as the Department of Education, Dept. of Transportation and the Dept of Energy could be cut by 50% or more without any noticable loss of service to taxpayers.  Defense spending cut be cut 10% overall and even more if renegotiated NATO and SEATO treaties requiring the U.S. to provide for the defense of Western Europe and southeast Asia.   Another suggestion would be to make it a requirement that any and all proposed legislation include the cost of its implementation and maintenance, as determined by the Congressional Budget Office.

          • Joel Wischkaemper

            We have an enormous problem just on the horizon.  The economic meltdown put a large number of older people on the jobs market without retirement funds, and they are not doing well.  I don’t think they will do ‘well’ in their remaining life times which may well stretch out another forty years if they receive the appropriate health care.  Abandon the Social Contract and any moral right to rule is gone and so.. back to my comment at the beginning of our exchange….  we can abandon everything except our people.  Who will pay for it?  Those with money, and sadly, it cannot be any other way. 

            Can we recover from the mounting evidence of a major recession?  Not as things stand today, and it would be my most sincere wish that the Republican Party stand guard on our collective common sense.  But if the Republican Party does not fully and completely acknowledge what we are confronting, the Democrats will, and those chickens in every pot are far more likely to turn into a skunk in the White House if they do go back to the White House.

            Looking at our recent history, is America for Americans?  In my opinion, it had better be.

          • James King

            Let me jump in. There is no Social Contract except in your mind, and as far as a moral right to rule is considered it only exists when government protects its citizens from physical force. To start force (taking money from some to spend it on others) enslaves those who have had their property (money, wealth) stolen. And if they have not offered it freely it has been stolen.

            Neither the Republican or Democrat Parties will govern in a moral way, which is only to protect, not to force. If they were willing to govern in a moral way they would have done it by now and in the election for pres. there is only one who believes that and his name is Gary Johnson, not Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Romney would simply act to slow the destruction of America, not to save it, because they are all skunk’s in the White House.

          • Bob Hadley

            “….as far as a moral right to rule is considered it only exists when government protects its citizens from physical force.”

            James King,

            There you go again.  You keep dancing away from the fact that the U. S. Constitution gives Congress powers far beyong merely protecting its citizens from physical force. 

            Is establishing post offices and post-roads protecting us from physical force?  Is promoting science and useful arts protecting us from physical force?   Is regulating commerce between states protecting us from physical force?

            What about the numerous amendments to the U. S. Constitution?  Many expand the role of the feds.  These amendments – which include the Bill of Rights –  are as much as part of the COTUS as is the original U. S. Constitution.  And, of course, these amendments were enacted pursuant to the prescription in the original COTUS.

            What about promting “the general welfare” clause of the preamble to the U. S. Constitution?  The preamble goes to intent.

            Simply admit it, you disagree with the U. S. Constitution.   With all due respect, your continual contradictions make you out to be a mindless ideologue.

          • Joel Wischkaemper

            Microsoft’s immigration roundtable raises questions
            By Jeremy Beck, Friday, August 3, 2012, 9:40 AM EDT

            The issue is H1B’s, and big business.  It is critical to my thinking and the attitude of Microsoft is pervasive in the business world.  But ours is a nation of its people: not business and we need those people.

          • James King

            I believe you are wrong and right at the same time. However, any taxation beyond that which is needed to provide a MORAL government amounts to slavery. It is the job of the federal government to protect, nothing else. Anything beyond protection always leads to other spending, and that spending is to buy votes.

            As for income tax, America started to really disappear in 1913 with the establishment of the 16th Amendment. That is also the time when the value of a dollar began to disappear. The Congressional Budget Office is not mentioned in the Constitution. The Dept. of Energy and other departments should be eliminated because they are not constitutional

            Things you want to continue with are also not constitutional, such as the so-called poverty level. These ideas exist not because they are constitutional, but because someone first FELT they should exist and then realized if they did they could buy votes. It’s all about votes, not moral government.

  • FloridaJim

    My feelings exactly! You are great with O’Reilly.

  • LennyPincus

    Yeah, and all the commentators who think Romney didn’t produce a gaffe-fest are conservative and plan to vote for him.   

    • Cbkaufman

      Yeah and all the commentators who think that Romney DID produce a gaffe-fest are liberal. What have you proven? I have no problem telling the Brits that they had security issues, which they already knew. I have no problem telling disrespectful reporters to shove it. I have no problem telling the Israelis that their success is due to their culture. If you do have problems with these things and think they are gaffes – don’t vote for him.

    • Bruce A.

      The comments about the Olympics came from a person with experience.
      Anyone who was ever in charge of anything could certainly relate to that.
      Common sense tells us that with the best planning something always pops up.

  • Wallace Flint

    Hi Bernie,
       After reaing your book- “Bias” some time ago- this really once again proves what a disgrace the liberal media has become! They are as disgraceful as Harry Reid is, without any up front proof , accusing Gov. Romeny of cheating on his taxes for the last 10 years. And also saying his father, George Romney, would be ashamed of Mitt. What the hell has Harry Reid ever done to make his father proud of him?
       Well,” birds of a feather flock together”! The liberal media is a disgrace to their profession! It did my heart good to see him tell that clown of a reporter to “go kiss my ass”! He was being kind! The only true  T.V.coverage of the news, is Fox. It’s the one I watch as it is truly fair and balanced.
     My God, 4 more years of Obama, can ou country handle it? He is the eternal liar, like the trashy liberal media that is backing his failed presidency. They are doing everything to keep attention away from his record!

                                   In God We Trust’
                                      Wally Flint- Boonville, NY

  • Super5843

    Eat your heart out Bernie…    you guys just can’t get your message out….   I hear you wish daily that you’d stayed at CBS – still the nations #1 network.   Am glad tho that FNC is keeping you clothed and fed.    They do that for lots of has beens…    Dennis Miller, Huckabee,  Gingrich, the LA cop that lied in the O J case,  their senior judicial analyst Napolitano…   enjoy watching your phoney attempts to take on orielly every once in a while…   oh yes,  I watch FNC quite a bit…    what in hell will you guys do if your people don’t win in November…   ?  

  • Brian H

    Considering the tiny viewership/readership of the aforementioned media, they’re all just trying to console themselves.  A very small echo chamber.

  • Weasel

    I think time for the press and so called journalist to be regulated and licensed as do other professions, i.e. doctors, dentist, engineers, plumbers, electricians, embalmers, pest control, etc. All can be revoked if any unethical acts are demonstrated by these professions and trades.

  • Dave O’Connor

    Bernie, great item – spot on.
    “long overdue.” Very true. How very true!
    Yet what is long “overdue” is the remedy for MSM collective symptoms of Goebbels Syndrome. Some time back – while we were all right here – we gave more license than the ‘Freedom of the Press’ merits. And when license exceeds responsibility even good taste and manners are forsaken.
    God, I hate this. I’m embarassed. Especially when I see how pious and superficial I find myself to be with my remark “- while we were all right here -“. The only saaving grace I allow myself is that I admit to being one of the “we” who didn’t or failed to cite the absence of ‘The Fourth Estate’s’ responsibilities.
    By failing to cite, we accepted. And, now, not even market forces seem able to make corrections. (The toothpaste is out of the tube, but, the citizenry has been toothless for quite a while already.)
    Just one of the freedoms we’ve dissolved in the eddies of our progress.

  • Niknfrank10

    Bernie I don’t know the proper name for CNN but I have my own. Communist News Netwrok. That sure fits.  Have to come up with one for NBC..

    • EddieD_Boston

      Nothing But Crap

  • Gary Kallback

    You couldn’t have picked a better comparison of today’s media than dumb birds on a wire. 

    So enjoy this cartoon of the same.  Give it a FEW seconds to load the short video.  The big bird in the cartoon?  It says it all, eh?

  • Brit in Michigan

    Unfortunately it was ‘The Sun’ what  said it(sic) : Mitt the Twit.
    Unfortunately, this title is still owned by Mr Murdoch who owns Fox News.
    Very poor show News International.

    • James King

      FNC is the sole propritor of OBJECTIVE journalism on their NEWS programs, and close to it on the opinion programs giving leftist’s the same amount of time as the conservatives, even more than libertarian’s. But they are the only organization to give a voice to libertarians. CBS, NBC ABC, CNN, MSNBC are all worshippers of PRAVDA. And this can be documented with evidence.

      But then all you lefties know this. You just want to make others believe you don’t get it, that way you can continue to vote for immoral concepts of government force.

  • Bruce A.

    Spot on Bernie.  I think this was one of your best.

  • The Salem Dude

     The MSM doesn’t ever surprise me.  What surprises me is how many people believe them without question.

  • Jpolis

    Bernie, good column, but why did you not point out — as you did on The Factor — that much of what Romney said was true. What he said about culture having something to do with the economy was true. Not sure why you left it out of this column, yet did such a good job pointing this out on TV.

  • Venter

    Love you Bernie !  You are right on.   I haven’t  gone to the “mainstream media” in at least 20years.  When Mitt was talking  about the Olympics he was talking  as a businessman looking  at what could happen and security is a matter you  have to expect the worst and be prepaired.  Press Person  did what had to be done.  The media with it’s little minds derserved the little word like  “ass” hopefully a few will wake up.  Thanks to radio and Fox, where  we see you,  we have learned to ” listen”  and mainstream is sad . Their statements  are not news reporting . Hearing them  makes makes laugh and cry.    

  • Phil

    The news media is supposed to operate like this:
    1. Watch what happens.
    2. Report on it.
    But now, they operate like this:
    1. Decide what you want the story line to be: conservative Republicans are mean and dumb.
    2. Find any kernels of truth you can find and do whatever you can to link them together to justify Point No. 1. Then ignore anything that doesn’t fit that narrative.
    Most people with brains have figured this out. Problem is, there are a boatload of people who don’t have brains. Trust me, I know. I deal with the public every day.

  • James King

    Bernie, I agree with your comments but think it doesn’t matter, simply because they are preaching to the choir, not to the rest of the nation. The rest of the nation knows it too. It won’t matter.

  • Fred

    Yeah, they’re in full swing. Just like how every lib paper in the US is calling the House bill to extend tax cuts “symbolic”, because it has no chance to pass the Senate, yet they never called the Senate bill “symbolic”, even though there was no chance it would pass the House. This way, they depict the Republican led house as bbeing frivilous, wasting time, whereas the Senate is doing the people’s business. It’s such a crock.

  • Paul Courtney

    In other news, presidential candidate Mitt Romney, on returning from his trip to London, Poland and Israel, said he found travel “exhilarating.”  Analysts here at [ABC,CBS, NBC, CNN, you pick ’em] say this gaffe offends people from all the other countries on earth.  No word yet on an apology from the Romney camp. 

  • T. Ivison

    Another meaning for ‘gaffe’. For magic performers, gaffe has another meaning. If a magician takes an ordinary object and alters it in some way to add in the performance of an illuision, that item is said to be gaffed. An altered deck of playing cards in said to be a ‘gaffe deck’. It seems to me, Romney’s trip overseas has been ‘gaffed’ by the media.

    • lemonfemale

      Profound, though you may be thinking of “gaff”.  Which I have seen in at least one dictionary defined the same as “gaffe”.  I hope your observation gets passed around.  PS A gaff is also a panty for crossdressers.   This allegedly gafftastic trip has been the media gaffed to pass as something it is not- in other words, as an objective source of news.

      • T. Ivison

        You are correct, I checked the spelling and a magicians ‘gaff’ is as you say, although both are pronounced the same. My point remains the same, Romney’s trip was gaffed by the media to aid the media in performing their illuision of what the trip accomplished.

  • Curt Parker

    There’s a reason why liberal papers and media networks are losing money by the trainload: the American public has other, more honest outlets for news. The liberal monopoly that gave us Walter Klondike has been busted. The truth will out every time.

  • Brendan Horn


    The mainstream media are stereotypes of each other. They show almost no originality, they are incapable of processing meaningful information, and they are generally quite stupid. In fact, most of them are much stupider than Sarah Palin, and yet they can somehow get away with portraying Palin as the village idiot. On top of this, they are pathological liars with no real sense or right or wrong. 

  • David R. Zukerman

    The best antidote to media shilling for the left (there is nothing “liberal” about the left and it is past time  to stop referring to  calling them “liberal) would be a GOP landslide — White House and Congress — November 6.  I can’t say this would get print and tv to straighten up, but this would make it clear that their propaganda efforts do not fool the American people.

  • Robert Berger

       Look who’s talking ! The  utterly biased right-wing  media have been twisting everything Barack Obama has said ever since he began to run for president and accusing him of  being unpatriotic, a Muslim,  born in Kenya,  a socialist,marxist and communist,  of hating America,  hating Israel, of wanting to allow  babes to die,
    wanting to take al our freedoms away, hating Christinaity, guns, the Bible, of “”apologizing” for America,  and wanting to  beat up little old ladies . 
    As usual, the pot is calling the kettle black .

    • Jimmy King

      Mr. Berger much as you would like to defend this sorely unqualified President you have no facts  to base your defense. It’s easy open your eyes listen to what he says not what is reported, with an open mind you may see the light.  But then again I doubt that liberal such as you would be willing to even listen to different point of view.  Hope you have a great day Mr. Berger.

    • criolle

      Snappy comebacks, “Look who’s talking” and “pot calling the kettle”.

      The former captain of the middle school debate team has spoken.

    • JmThms

       BS. The ‘utterly biased right-wing media is a reaction to the multi-generation long corrupt media bias of the main-stream media. Nothing more. The corrupt liberal bias in the media (now, and only now, do we call it main-stream media. Growing up in the 70’s and earlier there was NOTHING but the liberal media) is probably the worst case of institutional corruption (outside obvious examples such as slavery) in American history. Oh, and btw, I don’t think Obama is a Muslim or born in Kenya. But I do think he is a socialist in the vein of the social welfare states of Western Europe. He also is too ready and willing to ‘apologize’ for America. Fact is it seems that Obama and his ilk would be far more comfortable in the U.K or France than in the (supposedly) center-right USA. Now, how is all that ‘the pot calling the kettle black’? Your post has little to do with truth, accuracy and reality.

      • James King

        I agree, except they would not be more comfortable in leftist countries because they are after the biggest prize of all, America. And they’re winning.

        Government is about force. Both political parties are about force, just in different ways, that began with TR and has thus far ended with Obama. But it has not been solely the work of leftist’s. Those on the right have contributed their share as well.

        The founders were the first libertarians who created a country all about INDIVIDUAL rights, not COLLECTIVE rights. Those who came after them, especially in 1913 with Woodrow the racist, have devolved America into a socialist haven. They are looking to make the final moves, and if Obama is re-elected they will succeed. But his defeat will only slow the socialist march, not end it.

        Until Americans are willing to see members of the two major political parties for what they are, the words of Ayn Rand will be true. She said, “The difference between a Welfare State and a Totalitarian State is a matter of time. That matter of time is here.

    • Cbkaufman

      Robert, you must’ve had your head… somewhere else, during Bush’s terms, even now, you are oblivious to the same behavior by all the other networks, in the other direction. Apparently you only what you want to see.


    I never heard the lame stream media talk about Obama’s gaffe when he said  he wants to visit all 57 states. The only place I heard that was on honest talk and news programs.

  • MarioG

    Good job, Bernie.

    Now, go tell your buddy, Bill O’Reilly, that if he is “looking out for us” he cannot also “be fair” to the one person who is destroying our economy and giving his bad intentions “the benefit of the doubt”.  You may have had doubts in 2008; what the hell do you have doubts about now? He’s screwed us to the wall, and now wants four more years to complete his goal of making us like Europe, weak and feckless.

    It is not “looking out for us” to “be fair” to Brian Ross as a great reporter, just after he went out of his way to slander the Tea Party.   Or to Democrat political hack, George Snuffleapagous, masquerading as a journalist, for allowing Ross to put that drivel on the air.  That’s no way to look out for us.  That’s SPIN in your phony “No Spin Zone”.  Wise up.

  • Dave Gorak

    Missing from today’s coverage of the news, especially immigration, is the all-important process of critical thinking.  Most journalists – and their editors – can’t even spell this term yet alone engage in it.

  • Guest

    The Romney people could show some sense of humor and add little Romney 2012 spears to their assortment of campaign trinkets

  • therealguyfaux

    As for Mitt’s “gaffes”: a children’s story involving clothing, a little boy and an Emperor springs to mind. But of course, when you are of the sort that sees someone like Romney who is not a liberal-pious-platitude-spouter, and immediately reacts by fingers-in-ears-la-la-la-la, you’re going to seize on almost anything he says that’s anything close to the truth of the matter and call it a “gaffe.” Such brutal honesty, in situations that some might think requires a bit of delicacy, is a “faux pas,” a mistake from ill grace, not a “gaffe,” a mistake from ignorance– at least that’s what it used to be called.

    Let’s get it right: Mitt may be IMPOLITE, but he’s certainly RIGHT!

  • Birdie

    It’s not a gaffe if it is true.  Most of Biden’s gaffes aren’t gaffes either.  They are trial balloons for Obama.  Biden “blurts out” something and Obama waits for public reaction.  If the public and the media like what Biden says, Obama comes back a day or two later glomming on to it as something from his administration.  If the public has a bad reaction to what Biden says, it’s just “Crazy Joe” and another gaffe and the liberal media chuckle like it’s words from their lovable crazy uncle.

  • Ahalbert

    And let’s not forget the most recent cover of Newsweek. How disgraceful.

    The question is not whether the LSM is lame, but when are we as consumers going to stop tuning in and reading them. They have abused our trust and deserve to perish.

  • Contactvb2008

    Bernie take your meds

    • Paul Courtney

      Oooohh, you mean there’s a pill that makes you happy to watch your once- honored profession descend in lockstep into hackery?  Does it work for lawyers, too?

  • Uncle Dave

    Art, you have a wonderful idea … but there are a couple of issues in reality. Right now this country is as politically divided as it’s even been, at least since the Civil War. Trying to find truly neutral reporters, let along management and money to start a venture like, I don’t see happening in the near future. As the lib’s a communists have known for decades, if you get them in the classroom you generally have them for life. If we can clean up the collage system with “neutrals” it will trickle out to the next generation. Them, maybe, we will have a chance.

  • Fitzphotos Suellen

    Great article Mr Goldberg but I ‘m afraid you are preaching to the choir…..I’d love to see you get on some main stream media shows because you are so smart, so savvy and so realistic about reporting. And you were the original who strongly reported the bias in the media.Thanks for your insight. Romney’s remarks were only gaffes because the left disagrees with his ‘truths’  Never ending.

    • asl3676

      Who else does Bernie have to preach to but bitter old men like himself? If you don’t want to see any negative stories about Romney watch Fox News…if you’d like the U.S go to war again vote for Romney…

      • Jeffreydan

        “Who else does Bernie have to preach to but bitter old men like himself? If you don’t want to see any negative stories about Romney watch Fox News…if you’d like the U.S go to war again vote for Romney…”——————————-Translation: “Waaaaaaah! There’s a station out there that doesn’t give my precious Obama favorable treatment!” (sob) “And they won’t hide or downplay Romney’s positives!” (blows nose on sleeve) “Why can’t I have 100% of the coverage the way I want? Not fair! Waaaaaaaaaaah!”  

        • asl3676

          It’s going to be a long four years for guys like yourself after Obama wins….Make sure you don’t watch Shep Smith on Fox..he may actally tell you give you some news…

          • Jeffreydan

            “It’s going to be a long four years for guys like yourself after Obama wins….Make sure you don’t watch Shep Smith on Fox..he may actally tell you give you some news…”————————–Translation: “Gee, I sure hope nobody notices my failure to back up my position again. How could these people not be impressed with my petty non-arguments? It’s sure not getting any easier to appear smart around here.”   

  • Machetedontext

    Long overdue.  More people need to show the media that their heavy handed BS is inexcusable.  Reportage my ass.  Journalism my ass.  Kiss it, “reporters .”  Kiss it, “journalists.”  Most of your crap is filled with misspellings and typos anyway–maybe you should go back to school, re-learn your…craft. 

    • asl3676

      More whining by someone obsessed with typos…..

      • Jeffreydan

          Care to refute anything Bernie wrote in the column, or is that above your pay grade? 

        • asl3676

          As Bernie doesn’t state any facts to be refuted it would be difficult even at my pay grade….I just hope that you undertstand that Bernie is well paid by Fox News to whine about the MSM….

          • Jeffreydan

            “As Bernie doesn’t state any facts to be refuted it would be difficult even at my pay grade….”——————–Well, then you can surely list at least a couple of things Bernie wrote that aren’t factual, and explain why they aren’t, right? No ducking this time.   

          • asl3676

            Romney has alienated the press corps by not talking to them….As long as this continues Romney is going to get negative press…if the MSM determined elections Bush would not have won in 2004….If you want a specific how about Bernie’s comment that “the press” could have said the Brits are whining… Romney is just a bad candidate with no political skills..That’s why he will lose…

  • John L. Armstrong

     To left wing bimbo ‘journalist’, truth = gaffe.  Could that be why polls rate them below congress and charles manson?

  • Artlouis

    I’m not so sure Fox News was the best remedy for a media that leaned to the left. Bringing in new media that lean to the right just reinforces the notion that journalists should be political operatives, not objective observers and chroniclers. What we really need are new media that lean neither way, that simply tell things as they are. The way the New York Times, for example, used to do long, long ago.  

    • Ray Raney

      Stop it Art. The NYT has never been reputable. We mostly didnt know any better back in those days, because their stories were never fact checked.

      • Artlouis

         Ray, that may be correct. How can I know for sure? But there must be some way to check it in retrospect, if anyone feels ambitious enough to dig in the files.

        • Igabc4u

          Art – all you have to do is look up the improprieties of the NYT. They have been the liberal wire, always. Also there is a difference between commentators and journalists. Just looking at ratings, Fox seems to hold onto both, i.e. Mr Goldberg.

        • Super5843

          Hey Art…    someone named God gave you a brain  –  use the damn thing…..

      • Brian_Bayless

        Cable news is opinion news. Very little to do with truths. They each pander to a certain political demographic.

        • Cbkaufman

          Network news is no different.

        • Igabc4u

          Brian – that’s quite a ridiculous and uneducated observation.

          • Brian_Bayless

            And why is that?

    • Ahalbert

       You mean before they starting publishing info that jeopardized national security?

    • floridahank

      The days  of fairness, equality and open discussion are long gone. There’s been a huge change in ownership of the various media.  Somehow those with the big $$$ got control and now present their biased views instead of pure news.  At least there are various internet sites who give news we’d never see otherwise, so we still have good news available but we have to dig and search them out.

  • DOOM

     I wonder if Romney has visited 57 states yet?  And if his running mate will promise us that terrorists will attack should we elect him.  Or if he thinks the private sector is doing fine.  Or if he’s told us that Obama’s plan worked.

  • J

    Uhh, folks. The last person to be this closeted with the media was Sarah Palin. 

    How’d that work out for ya? You cannot beat the media. You cannot. By not playing along, all he’s doing is ensuring Sept-October will be terrible for him in terms of coverage. 

    And let me see if I get this right. Obama has damaged relationships with our allies abroad according to you cats. So Romney does better by going over there and offending them? This was a success to you? LMAO

    Imagine Obama telling the media to “kiss my ass”. Imagine Obama offending the UK like Romney did. Does anyone think Bernie would be saying the same thing? yeah right

    • nameless

      What you need to understand J, that Europeans especially the British are whiny, thin skinned, and quite frankly the men are not really men, they’re girly men. Morphdites if you will. Oh wait, they’re second place to the French which the men really have pussies where their balls should be.

    • CCNV

       Liberals…where the men are men, and the women are men.

      • asl3676

        Wow….that was insightful.

      • Ahalbert

         Or where men are women. he he.

    • Ray Raney

      The Plestinians have hated us for well over 40 yrs now. Carter bent over backwards to please them, and they dumped all over him. 

      The Palenstinians cant even agree amongst themselves. Hence the divided govt now. Who do you negotiate with?

      Romney did not use those words (KMA). You never hear what Obama secret service agents and campaign operatives say do you? It is not pretty.

      So take off your rose glasses, and take a look at the real world.

    • Igacb4u

      Why? Because he called the capital of our closest ally in the region what it was by nane when Obama refuses to as well has never as president visited Israel? Stop drinking the Kool-aid your diatribe makes you look like a pandering fool without an iota of analytical thought put into it.

    • Ahalbert

       Score another coup for Palin — Ted Cruz.
      BTW, Obama doesn’t need to tell the media to kiss his ass. Their lips are already superglued to it.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Romney didn’t tell the media to kiss his ass. Plus what prompted Romney’s handler’s statement is the fact Romney was at a solemn place of reflection and the ‘I need to be the center of attention Obama lapdog was WAY out of line (and rude) asking her s-t-u-p-i-d question. What gaffe was the ditz talking about? 57 states or Corpsmen? Malvinas or Maldives?
      People like you are deranged. You foam at the mouth with your contempt for conservatives and live in a dreamworld where our complete failure of a president is a demigod for creating 166,000 jobs in July while 150,000 people dropped out of the workforce and another million or so recent college grads, who aren’t part of unemployment stats b/c they haven’t been laid off (yet), can’t find work. What day is it in your little world?

  • robin in fl

    great article bernie..

    The press was just looking for something to turn into a major story and there was nothing. So they made one up.

    Most sane thinkers now a days can see both the national and local news is geared towards imbecilic brains that will believe whatever they are told…if they,(so called news orgs) ,only understood that there are still a few sane people with brains walking around…thankfully all of us have not turned into zombies yet.

    as far as the ‘kiss my ass’ statement….good thing I wasn’t the one that had to reply..mine would have been like a more, ” F off you idiots” ..except it would have been the actual word..what can I say,I’m not politically correct ” and the so called journalist would bring out the worse in me!

       robin in fl

  • EddieD_Boston

    Every one of the estimated 100+ frauds that were on the Journolist email list should have been fired. The fact they weren’t fired sums up journalism as we experience it in the new millennium. They don’t even try to hide their biases any more.

    They went ape poop over Limbaugh’s success in the 90’s and recently have focused their energies on their hate for Fox News. They’re deranged.

    What the idiots don’t grasp is they created the demand for Limbaugh and Fox News. All those Ivy League graduates and none of them get it?

    • Trapp

      YES.. I worked for a major newspaper and tried to explain that very thing to a friend as he railed against the then up and coming FNC. The left complaining about FNC is akin to Dr. Frankenstein complaining about the existence of the Frankenstein monster.

      • EddieD_Boston

        It’s pathetic really. Like spoiled children when they don’t get their own way.

  • CCNV

    I’d love to see Romney as President and then BAN these brown-noser ‘reporters’. New faces possibly reporting just the ‘news’. Yeah, I know…bird dogs fly, too.

  • Reservecop

    Today i
    played golf with a dear friend love him to death regardless of his blind liberal
    leanings.  Then it hit me, “blind” is the
    operative word since I couldn’t figure out why libs don’t get Obama and who he
    really is. Just finished reading The Armature, that along with all the other
    books, movies and reports on Obama’s upbringing, affiliations and impossibly
    bad judgment time and time again i.e. Valery Jarrett, jobs etc. My
    friend won’t read, listen or educate himself in any way to the facts. so I
    called 3 other left leaning friends and asked them the same question I asked my
    friend today on the golf course, why hasn’t the Democratic Senate passed or
    even brought to a vote a budget from the President, not once in 4 years, not
    one of them (all really educated) believed that this was the truth.  The main stream Medias coverage of our
    President allows this blind behavior.

  • GlenFS

    Just a foretaste of things to come after Romney wins the presidency… the press will shift back into their anti-administration role quicker than Romney can swear to uphold the constitution.  I am always astounded when liberals have no recollection of how Bush was treated by the press.

  • Trapp

    Well said Bernie. How I wish I saw a peaceful end to this mess. I don’t. The American people are as gullible and uninformed as ever, essentially taking the side of their political team to the exclusion of all else. I seriously doubt that any of the “news” organizations you mentioned got any significant critical response from viewers to the idiocy you describe. The brain-dead generation is here to stay, and we’re all the worse for it.

    • TotusTuus

      “The brain-dead generation is here to stay, and we’re all the worse for it. ”
      unfortunately you are right

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    Ooooh.  You should read what they are saying about YOU!  On the other hand, I don’t think it would bother you.

  • Paul Courtney

    I’ve heard there are no stupid questions, but you’ve shown the exception to that rule.  What the hell will FNC do if “their guys” don’t win in Nov.?  Don’t you think (not sayin’ what I think) FNC will make more money that way?  MSNBC collapsed when their guy won, and they couldn’t get viewers to watch them kick Bush.  How does that compute for you?

  • Drew Page

    Rather a ‘has been’ than a never was.   I’m sure you would feel lots more comfortable tuning in to Rachael Maddcow, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman.  For real grins you can turn to Bill Maher and his panel of experts?   At least Bernie has the guts to post articles under his real name.

  • Super5843

    what the hell has money got to do with anything…  ?    I tune to MSNBC for a while everyday…   they haven’t collapsed.     they are on the air.     You miss the point Paul…    Fox News is ALL in for the GOP and the tea party…   each and everyone of the FNC personalities have their marching and talking orders…
    think of the let down when the message does not get out…..

  • James King

    How do you know that FNC and their personalities are ALL in for the GOP and the tea party? The fact is you do not, and only say what you say because you disagree with some of what FNC people say. That’s really ignorant.

  • Paul Courtney

    “What the hell has money got to do with anything”?  In television?!  Spoken like a true progressive.

  • Super5843

    Jesus Jim,   get real.   Fox News hosts are TOLD what they can say and they are TOLD what they CAN’T say.  There are hundreds of former FNC employee’s out there that will testify to this,  in fact they’ve written about it.   Nothing illegal or unethical about this,  but it’s real.  You need to
    get real…..     :)

  • James King

    What are the names of these hundreds?

  • Super5843

    I spend too much time watching them all Drew.  I like to think I’m staying informed…   Truth is Golberg is and has been an angry jew for a long, long time.   There is nothing worse.    Listen for five minutes to guys like Michael Savage and Mark Levin.  
    They are all infected with the same bitterness….   and it will eventually destroy them.   
    Sad   :(

  • Bob Hadley

    An angry jew???????????????????????  why is being Jewish relevant to this discussion?????

  • Cbkaufman

    Because when small thoughtless minds have nowhere to turn, they go to ad hominem cultural insults. Did you really need to ask?

  • Bob Hadley

    It was a rhetorical question.  Duh!!

  • James King

    Being Jewish has no revelance.