The Madness Never Stops

You may have heard about the German Christian family that sought refuge in America because home-schooling is outlawed in Germany. Because the public schools in Germany are probably as bad as ours, except that, along with promoting secular socialism, they somehow manage to teach the kids how to read, write and do math, the parents refused to turn their children over to the state to be indoctrinated.

The Obama administration, which refuses even to enforce immigration laws when they involve young Latinos, is attempting to deport the family back to Germany, where the parents stand to lose custody of their children.

On the other hand, Obama’s uncle, Onyango, who has twice faced deportation back to Kenya, has now been given permanent resident status. The oddest thing about this story is that Obama claims he has never even bothered meeting his uncle. If true, the only reason I can come up with is that his uncle lives in Framingham, Massachusetts, which is clearly not one of those pricey resort areas favored by the Obamas.

An interesting sidebar is that Onyango insists that he has met Obama and that, in fact, his nephew actually stayed with him for three weeks while attending Harvard. Apparently, as some of us have long suspected, Barack Obama will lie about anything and everything just to stay in practice.

The Defense Department, aka the Pentagon, which has more fat in its diet than Rosie O’Donnell, has decided that the easiest way to deal with the cuts brought on by sequestration is by slashing military salaries and shutting down military commissaries. That would be like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet deciding to economize by stiffing waiters and waitresses.

I’m just a civilian whose tax dollars go to pay the bills, but I have what I consider a far better option. How about if we don’t send a few billion dollars to Afghanistan to help them fight the Taliban? After all, just how much worse could the Taliban be than Hamid Karzai and the various tribal leaders, who are so openly venal, so disgustingly corrupt, they would embarrass their fellow Muslims, if such a thing were humanly possible.
And if that’s not enough money to keep those commissaries open, it seems the State Department spends upwards of $500,000 a year on booze. That is one heck of a liquor bill, and you would think they could cut back on the sauce. On the other hand, it explains so much.

The other day, I spotted a bumper-sticker that read: “The power of love overcomes the love of power,” and attributed the quote to rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix, it should be said, was not only a druggie, but drank so much he could have gotten a job with our State Department. He was also prone to violence, which, I believe, is a good part of the reason that he received so much praise for his musicianship by people who think jackhammers are musical instruments. I mean, he played an electric guitar played at such an ear-splitting decibel level that you could listen to one of his concerts while residing in a neighboring city. The only reason that any of his fans aren’t totally deaf is because he died at 27, choking to death on his own vomit as a result of mixing booze and barbiturates.

But I grant that even degenerates can come up with nice words, such as those I saw on that bumper-sticker. But, after considering the cliché for a minute or so, I decided that, aside from small children wishing that every day were Christmas, even our wishes should be grounded in something verging on reality.

In what universe would you have to be to expect that the love of power would ever cease to exist? It’s not just the likes of Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, who lust for power. A year or so ago, I quit attending meetings of a conservative group here in L.A. because I could no longer put up with the group’s president, a woman who combined the very worst elements of Evita Peron, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, while lacking their natural charm and warmth.

Furthermore, when I served on the Board of the Writer’s Guild, I had to deal with a Guild president who felt entitled to ride roughshod over those few Board members who objected to his left-wing agenda.

Now if even these sorts of minor entities are headed up by leaders who clearly take their lead from the late Benito Mussolini, it stands to reason that if you were to take that bumper-sticker seriously, you would have to be smoking the same shit as Jimi Hendrix.

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  • Happy Jack

    As for your political views on the Obama administration, I
    agree wholeheartedly. Never has this
    country seen such backward mobility as in the past 5 years. Instead of one giant step for man, we’ve
    taken one giant leap backward for mankind.
    Instead of being a powerhouse of a nation that is to be feared and
    respected, we are now perceived as weak and vulnerable. However, I think it is appalling that you
    misrepresent and disrespect the great Mr. Jimi Hendrix multiple times
    throughout your article. For starters,
    you misquoted him. The quote verbatim
    is, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know
    peace”. This quote is suggesting that
    this can happen, not that it actually happens.
    Your misrepresentation of this would suggest you are trying to make his
    words seem irrelevant and futile instead of their intended purpose, which is to

    Without going into detail about his horrible death, which is
    shrouded in foul play, murder and conspiracy theories, I feel the need to say that
    what he did, during the times in which he did it, under the enormous stress and
    turmoil in his life, is something that is impossible to conceive. Yet he did it. In his 27 years on this planet and barely
    four years as a well-established, internationally known musician, he has
    attained a level of greatness that is unparalleled and will forever be. With the less sophisticated technology of the
    day, his albums, historic performances and achievements are unsurpassed,
    despite the quantum leaps in technology throughout the years. His style, technique, tone and overall
    approach to the guitar and composing are revered. His use of feedback, distortion and effects
    were groundbreaking. Quite simply no one
    has ever or will ever play like him. The
    guitar was his life; an extension of his being.
    He played his soul, not just notes, in a way no has before or
    since. The combination of instrumental
    prodigy and pioneer plus a master craftsman of compositions and lyrics, make
    him a true musical genius who is one of the greatest, most important, most innovative
    and influential musicians in the history of mankind. In today’s world we have artists like Kanye
    West, who coincidentally enough compares himself to Jimi and God, and other
    artists who come off as nothing but ignorant, arrogant, materialistic,
    misogynistic people with a selfish message, who only care about fame and
    money. Jimi was the complete

    Unfortunately, his public perception to some people,
    apparently you are one, is that of an out of control, playboy, druggie rock
    star. To accurately portray his life,
    one must take into account how turbulent and different the times were. Drugs, sex, and the burgeoning counterculture
    was in full flux. His life was very
    hectic as he would often record and be touring at the same time. He was involved in many aspects of the
    business and had to deal with things he should not have had to. He did do drugs, he was with many women, and he
    did get violent at times when he would drink too much alcohol. But this is commonplace in that kind of
    lifestyle, especially back then. We are
    all humans and we all make mistakes, but to refer to him as a “degenerate” and
    an overall unpleasant person is an injustice and a grossly inaccurate
    statement. His family, friends and those
    who knew him say he was a gentle, beautiful soul; someone who was humble, loyal
    to a fault, funny, self-deprecating, and down to earth. His humility is to be admired. To this day, the people with whom he had
    confrontations love and honor him. They
    realized his remorse. They recognized
    how out of control and crazy his life was.
    They saw how everyone wanted a piece of him, pulling him in every
    direction. Always trying to please
    everybody; he had a hard time saying no.

    I love Hendrix and admire many things about him. His perfectionism, his passion and
    perseverance; his unbridled love and energy towards his craft; and his message
    of love for all of humanity are among his many attributes. He spoke of love and peace and spiritual
    happiness and of finding oneself and being the best person you can be. He was not concerned with fame or money, just
    his music. He was so real and honest and
    genuine. Some people thought he was an
    alien from another planet. Some view him
    as a prophet or a visionary. Others view
    him as a God. This shows what a
    tremendous impact he had and continues to have.
    But undoubtedly he should be remembered as someone who endured many
    tragedies and a humbling, tough childhood whose life is a perfect example that
    with sheer force of will and tireless dedication, amazing things can
    happen. He will forever influence and
    inspire mankind. He was
    all-encompassing. He is a symbol of
    freedom and of staying true to oneself. To
    this day, new material continues to come out.
    His work ethic is obvious. He was
    just 27 years old; a young man, in today’s world essentially a kid. His passing is a true tragedy. Although his legacy was already set, he had
    so much more to give.