Or should I say Tom Selleck?  I love Tom Selleck.  He’s been my favorite actor since he played the zany, goofy, lovable, PI Thomas Magnum, in the Magnum TV series.  He lived on an estate run by the caustic Higgins, who he ran crazy by his antics.  His pals were TC, who had a helicopter service, and Rick, who owned a night club.  The four of them made for many enjoyable hours of entertainment.  I began watching Magnum when I lived in Florida in 1985.  When I moved back to Alabama, they were already threatening to cancel the show. At that time I began to tape the episodes, and I taped until my reruns had reruns.  I’m now the proud owner of twenty five video tapes with six Magnum TV shows on each tape.

Oh yes, and I have my favorites – four to be exact.  My very favorite is “Home from the Sea”, followed by “Did You See the Sunrise?”, “Deja Vu”, and “Memories are Forever”.  Some of the shows were just funny, some were serious, and some I feel had messages for us.

For instance, “Home from the Sea” was about the things his father had taught him as a child, which was the reason why he survived, by treading water and floating in the ocean, after having been knocked off of his surf ski by a boat passing too close to him.  His friends became concerned about him when he didn’t return from his usual Fourth of July excursion alone in the ocean.  This was an annual thing for Magnum because it was the day that his father was reported dead on a mission while serving in the Navy.  As the show continued, Magnum recalled various things his father had taught him.  When he was finally rescued by his buddies, Higgins and TC in TC’s helicopter, he was heard saying, as he was lifted into the copter,

“I made it Dad…..why didn’t you?”  No matter how many times I watch that show, I always cry at the end.

“Did you See the Sunrise” is a complicated plot, too long to try to explain.  Briefly, someone blew up Magnum’s car thinking he was in it, when in reality, they had murdered his friend, Mac, instead.

Although Tom Selleck has gone on to be Jesse Stone, the chief of police, in several TV movies, and now as Frank Reagan, the police commissioner of New York City, I’ll always think of him as Thomas Magnum, the lovable rogue in Magnum PI.

  • Shirl

    Now that you’ve given me more info on Tom Selleck, I now know why he admired his father so much and explains why he said his father was credited with his making his decisions in life. His father told him, “A man is only as good as his word” has stuck with him and me to this day. He passed on his honor.

  • James

    The first time I remember seeing him, was as a corpse in the movie “Coma,” lol. I said then, he has the perfect mustache :)

  • Rick Rothermel

    Well said! Magnum was always a class act, and along with the late great Robert Urich as Robert B. Parker’s SPENSER, James Garner’s ROCKFORD and Mike Connors’ MANNIX, among the great detective series ever.

  • George Iliffe

    “Did You See The Sunrise” was and is my favorite. It was the first episode I ever saw and I was elated when Magnum shot the Russian,that was definately not a politically correct episode.

    • Nancye

      Remember when Magnum waylaid Ivan on the way to the airport to leave the conutry? He took him at gunpoint out in the woods where Ivan sarcastically said something like this,
      “Oh Thomas, you won’t shoot me – not you – with your sense of justice. Of course if I was armed and coming at you you would, but not this way.” He turned to leave, and Magnum said, “Ivan, did you see the sunrise this morning”. Ivan said. “Why yes – why?”

      There was a stop action and a long silence and then…POWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

      I loved it!!!

  • Michael

    TC was the greatest!