Have the Mainstream Media Turned On Obama?

  • Tim Ned

    I agree, come 2012, “Slobbering Love Affair; The Sequel” will be in full force.

  • Diane

    Given their blind allegiance to all things Obama in the past, forgive me for being a little skeptical, but could it be that the MSM disgust with Axelrod’s claim (that the Chamber is funded by foreigners) is actually a preemptive defense for Hillary’s 2012 run for the White House?

    Not that foreign money was ever an issue for the Clinton’s or anything…

  • Doug Martin

    Voters are smart. Obama has proven to be a rock star without a band, music, songs, instruments or effective management. Taking issue with the Chamber of Commerce? His 15 minutes is up.

  • Nalora

    I think you are correct that most of the gradual change we see in the Old media is that it is more about self preservation and they can see the rising tide, and have finally identified that their loss in revenue is that they have been sadly neglectful of a HUGE demographic. That is us. But the problem with trying to do the slobber fest in 2012 is that they underestimate how the Tea Party has awakened the Right to New Media and social networks.

  • E Gallegos

    I believe your take on the MSM sounds true, mainly because they have seen how conservative or non-MSM outlets are getting all the ratings (and thus financial benefits) from all the failed (socialistic) policies Obama has forcibly pushed down the throats of the American citizenry.

    The media will indeed slobber, as you pointed out, on Obama I believe coming late 2011, because the MSM all serve to the same group of power (I’m restraining myself from making a politically incorrect comment here), which is aligned to the socialistic policies that have taken over the American economic, social and political life since 1913.

    It will be interesting how the Tea Party candidates behave once they arrive to power. If they consistently show their commitment to their respective grass-roots movement throughout their tenure, the MSM will have to change ideologically in a dramatic way, or the very few media outlets there are today portraying real conservatives, libertarians and tea-partiers in a fair way will take over what the others left behind.

    Regards from Sonora, Mexico.