This Just in: Media and Obama on Same Side in Debt Ceiling Debate. Bernie Isn’t Shocked.

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  • JRK

    Fiscally responsible? Obama is printing money to pay for his spending. This is not passing the problem to our grand-children. This is debasing the dollar, which steals money from everyone’s retirement accounts. Why doesn’t someone call him on this.

  • JR Jordan

    I was scanning through the channels last night and I wound up on MSNBC. I must have been on of the 12 people that actually tuned in to that station but I was astounded to see the way they have their show set up. It was some kind of debt ceiling update, can’t remember who the host was, but it was like an advertisement for the democrats plan. They even had 3 pundits they interviewed, and all three were democrats! Geeze, how pathetic. And during a commercial break they had that idiot Lawrence Odonnel or whatever his name is, advertising the liberal position on illegal immigration, talking about how great it is to have immigrants,etc. I mean, why don’t they just officially merge with the DNC and be done with it. It’s pathetic.

  • Trial

    “I would put him on the ticket if he was from Guam” -Bernie

    …You wrote that Natural born citizen article, correct?