Media Ignore Mass Murder Trial

GosnelRemember all the attention the media gave to the O.J. Simpson murder trial?  How could they resist, especially TV, since cameras were allowed in the courtroom? A super star football player, who’s black, is charged with killing his wife and the young man who was with her, both of whom are white.  Never mind what the trial said about race.  All the suits in the front office cared about is what the trial said about ratings.

But you don’t have to be famous or a player in some big social issue for the media to fall in love with you.  Who ever heard of Jodi Arias before she went on trial for murdering her boyfriend?  Now she’s on TV all the time.  More people know all about Ms. Arias then they know about Benghazi, which makes sense since their eyes glaze over when they hear the word Benghazi and they salivate when they hear the word sex, a word that comes up a lot at the trial of Ms. Arias, a young, semi-pretty woman who allegedly slit her boyfriend’s throat.

Before that, it was Casey Anthony, another shiny object the media couldn’t get enough of. She was charged with killing her baby, and who could resist a story about someone who would kill a baby?

Well …

If you don’t watch the Fox News Channel there’s a good chance you don’t know the name Kermit Gosnell.  Why would you?  The media by and large have shown just about zero interest in Doctor Gosnell, who is on trial in Philadelphia for mass murder.

Given the details of his case you’d think the media would be falling all over themselves covering his trial.  Dr. Gosnell is charged with 7 counts of murder, and everyone one of them was horrifying almost beyond belief.

Prosecutors say he beheaded victims, that he put their cut off feet in jars, that he snipped their spinal cords to make sure they were all dead.

Oh yeah, all the victims were newborn babies who survived Dr. Gosnells’s abortions.  Or to put it another way, they were born alive — or about to be born — until Gosnell killed them, allegedly.

He says he’s innocent.  He admits performing the late term abortions, but his lawyer claims the babies were dead when they left the womb.  Witnesses who worked in Dr. Gosnell’s clinics disagree. One said former Dr. Gosnell “snipped the spinal cords of babies,” another testified that Gosnell showed her his “snipping” technique to use on infants born alive.

Here’s part of what the grand jury found: “This case is about a doctor who killed babies and endangered women. What we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live, viable babies in the third trimester of pregnancy – and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors.”

This is not a column about abortion, late term, partial birth or otherwise.  It’s a column about how far too many journalists will go to protect their interests.  How could the same journalists who put Mitt Romney on Page One for allegedly using a scissors to snip off one lock of a high school classmate’s hair — 50 years ago — be deaf dumb and blind to a story about a doctor who allegedly used a scissors to snip the spinal cords of babies?

For openers, survey after survey show that most reporters are far more liberal than the American population at large and far more likely to support abortion rights. Yes, we all know that professional journalists shouldn’t let their personal views intrude on their judgment, but who’s kidding whom?  The only abortion story that interests these high-minded journalists is a story about some right-winger trying to limit abortion rights.

Then there’s the part about how liberals in general and journalists in particular never gave much credence to the partial birth abortion argument.  It was, they figured, just one more right-wing delusion.

But as Kirsten Powers put it in a piece for USA Today, “Planned Parenthood recently claimed that the possibility of infants surviving late-term abortions was ‘highly unusual.’ The Gosnell case suggests otherwise.

“Regardless of such quibbles, about whether Gosnell was killing the infants one second after they left the womb instead of partially inside or completely inside the womb — as in a routine late-term abortion — is merely a matter of geography. That one is murder and the other is a legal procedure is morally irreconcilable.”

Recently in Florida, a woman representing the state’s Planned Parenthood organizations, testified against a bill that would require abortionists to provide medical care to babies who survive attempted abortions. She was asked:  “If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that is struggling for life?” The woman from Planned Parenthood replied: “We believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family and the physician.”

And this brings us to another reason the so-called mainstream media have shown virtually no interest in the story: President Obama shares that woman’s view on partial birth abortion, a term I’m sure he would not use.

When he was an Illinois state senator he said the issue should be left to women.  But he went even further, voting against a bill that would have protected babies born alive after botched abortions, claiming (many say falsely) that there were already laws on the book to cover that possibility.

On February 29 2012, National Review Online published a piece by Patrick Brennan that came to this conclusion:

“Obama’s record as a state senator was not merely pro-choice, but radically pro-abortion. His voting record indicates that he does not believe infants deserve protection even once they have emerged from the womb if they are deemed to be below the age of viability, and he did in fact, three times, vote to keep a form of infanticide legal.”

As I say this is not a column about abortion.  Reasonable people may disagree on abortion, though I suspect, each side sees the other side as anything but reasonable.  This is a column about how corrupt the mainstream media have become.   This is a piece about journalistic malpractice.

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  • the_puppy

    He was convicted Looks like a media bias to me. But, it may be more Meh! factor than pro abortion conspiracy.

  • POC247

    What makes the MSM, the PA government and women’s rights activists complicit is the fact that for all their protestations of support for women’s rights, no one in this illustrious group has stood up and voiced outrage nor have they demanded real protection for women. No one insisted that Gosnell’s clinic be sterile and clean, have proper disposal of the aftermath of the procedures. No one insisted on careful monitoring to make sure laws were followed properly. Instead, women ended up either dead, butchered or infected with venereal diseases and viable babies were murdered. The Gosnell trial and the deafening silence from the adherents to the pro-choice movement reveals their disgusting hypocrisy.

  • Gail Wehling

    When I was in nurses training in the 50s-60s, abortions were going on in the hospital as long as they were under 3 mo. along. or if the baby was abnormal. At that time they didn’t have NICU units and many of the pregnancies which went to full term, laid there and died after being born. Now, some of these premature babies live in the hospital for month or even a year then go home. WHO pays for these bills.
    With that said the woman who goes seeking these abortions get off scott free and the doctor is charged with murder. To me the seeker of divorce is also guilty of murder. Actually a baby is a “fetus” until it can survive on its own out of the womb.God gives it the “breath of life”, a soul, and it is then a human infant.

    • Kris

      Sorry Gail-
      While I agree with the punishment part of your argument, I have to disagree wit the last part of your post- a “Fetus” is just another name for a baby that cannot breathe on its own yet- but babies after 6-7 months can survive- thus the problem with late term abortions. These are perfectly viable children that doctors routinely kill- and as a creation from two parents and a soul from God at conception, that child is a gift from God that cannot be determined to be anything but a human life at that moment and as such must be protected- and if so, abortion must be thought of as murder.
      Anyone who looks at ultrasounds or images of the unborn cannot say that they are not a human life- that requires the complete suspension of all rationale & reality! Something the left routinely does to a sickening degree.
      We use different term to make it more palatable such as “fetus” & “terminate”- but let’s take away the alternative language- it’s the murder of children- and Gosnell is especially vile and disgusting- because he went so far as to wait until the first breath had been taken and THEN killed the children!

      • Gail Wehling

        You have missed my point. 6 mo premies did not used to survive like they do today. Children’s hospitals were far between and if they were born early, they let them die. The doctor is 70. he was trained most likely in the old manner, and never updated. I have seen several ultrasounds. They are amazing. It is still a fetus in my eyes until God gives him the breath of life and that is not before he is born. We just disagree and that is fine. You need to realize others are ProChoice. Our training was there was to be no abortion after the 12th week of gestation. In the old days 6 month was not viable unless he was capable of breathing well. They died!!

        • Gail Wehling

          Here is another problem to add to the hopper: FDA lowers to 15 the age at which girls can buy the Plan B morning after pill without a prescription

  • 1Haole_Boy

    I just signed up to the Huffington Post and they banned me within a few minutes without me ever posting anything.
    Gretawire allows ALL OPINIONS without regard to point of view. Here is what they posted when they banned me minutes after I signed up.
    Log in
    Your account has been banned from Huffington Post.
    ____This is what the Huffington Post thinks of free speech

  • 1Haole_Boy

    I just signed up to the Huffington Post and they banned me within a few minutes without me ever posting anything.
    Gretawire allows ALL OPINIONS without regard to point of view. Here is what they posted when they banned me minutes after I signed up.
    Log in
    Your account has been banned from Huffington Post.
    ____This is what the Huffington Post thinks of free speech

  • ARJ127

    A countervailing viewpoint from Susan Milligan can be found at the US News site. The link is

    She makes the argument that this sort of thing happens when there are restrictions to accessing safe abortions before the third trimester. Yes, this is a house of horrors. However, it doesn’t merit national obsessive press coverage in the way that the Boston terrorist attack does. It’s not a pro-abortion conspiracy here. Goldberg, of all people, should know this.

  • Wil

    “President Obama shares that woman’s view on partial birth abortion, a term I’m sure he would not use.”

    Yep Bernie, It’s all President Obama’s fault!

  • Wheels55

    We live in a country where we care more about GITMO prisoners than we care about unborn babies.

  • Carol

    Can’t there be a waiting list to adopt those babies?

  • I Hate Fascists

    No doubt there is media bias on both sides. Does the lack of coverage of the Gosnell trial constitute liberal media bias? No doubt. But notwithstanding the disclaimer that “this is not a column about abortion”, it is in fact a column about abortion. It is using the Gosnell trial as a vehicle for two things. Firstly, it is a call to outlaw partial birth abortion. It embraces Kirsten Powers trivialization of Gosnell’s despicable acts as nothing more than partial birth abortion diffentiated only by “geography”. In fact, the trial is about much more than that. Aside from abortions beyond the legal 24 week limit which constitute infanticide, it extends to murder of a pregnant woman, unsafe and unsanitary conditions, and unqualified assistants.

    Beyond that, this column is a call to indict President Obama as a co-defendant along with Gosnell. In this respect it crosses the line from merely an intellectually dishonest “piece about journalistic malpractice” and becomes itself journalistic malpractice.

  • Paul Courtney

    Could the progressive press give even LESS attention to this story? Bet they could. Why, if Dr. Gosnell was a muslim and the infants were infidels, it’d be just another act of violence in the workplace. Nothing at all to see there.

  • Debdeb

    Thanks for being a ‘warrior’ for media integrity.

    • Phil Silverman

      yeah…Bern’ is well-integrated into the Foxnews 24-7 Bash Obama Machine.

  • Karl Quick

    Why have laws at all! …if murderer of babies can be ignored by our “government regulatory agencies” overseeing heath care, violence, licensing, workplace safety, etc.
    It trashes the left’s argument for government: if it can’t stop this sob, and it did not for years, and now an additional 3 years of trial, then appeals, etc. He will die of old age before he is executed.
    Any decent human being should have been able to go in and restrain (call 911) the doctor to defend the children! …the media is complicit in these murders because of their coverup!

  • sheila0405

    What’s worse about all of this is the complicity of local Phildelphia hospitals, who treated Gosnell’s injured patients for years prior to his “house of horrors” coming to light. And, that was only uncovered because of a drug investigation at his place of business. It was law enforcement, searching for evidence of illegal drug trafficking, which brought what Gosnell was doing to light. My sister works at one of the Philly hospitals, and sent me a copy of the grand jury report. Had the hospitals raised the alarm about what was clearly a pattern of malpractice, Gosnell might have been stopped sooner.

  • Jimmy Cooper

    People are not only uninformed, but also you have the young voters. And they are fresh out of their indoctrination from college. We all know which way the academia leans! That is as far left as the MSM!

  • hihoze

    To say this is a piece about journalistic malpractice is malpractice and cowardly. This story is so horrific it screams for attention and debate not a comment on comparative journalism. Have you no moral outrage or courage at all? Come on Bernie

    • answer1776

      You must be posting from a dark room under a rock.

  • hihoze

    To. Say your article is about journalistic malpractice is malpractice and cowardly. Yes, you do dress it up in a kind of comparitive double standards but this story is so horrific it screams for condemnation not a comment on comparative journalism. Have you no moral outrage or courage Bernie?

  • genann59

    Right again, Mr. Goldberg. One facet of a society in decline is a disregard for life. We see that more and more. I read yesterday that a Cancer Hospital in Seattle has opened a wing or area for people with cancer to commit suicide, which the left thinks is progress. I would guess there will be many places like that once Obamacare kicks in, since treatments for many people, from Obama’s own mouth, will be denied and with only palliative treatments given until the person dies (from the disease or perhaps in facilities such as that opening in Seattle). And people will be told, no doubt, that it is the patriotic thing to do, to go on an die and get it over with rather than prolong life at the cost of insurance that could be “better used.” With abortion, those who favor abortion are largely those whose main argument is that by killing unborn babies we help the economy by removing those who would draw largely on welfare. To kill babies in order to save money is just another sign of how sick the thinking of the far left has become. Both abortion and euthanasia, seems to me, to be based on the far left on economic considerations with no regard for what our country used to consider the sacredness of all human life.

  • Kathie Ampela

    When a late term abortion doctor is murdered (Tiller) it was significant enough to get the attention of both the attorney general and President of the United States:

    But horrors at an abortion clinic with possible racial motivation is not newsworthy?

    Did any crack investigative “journalists” stop to think that it just MIGHT be possible that Gosnell’s clinic wasn’t the only one where horrific abortion practices take place:

    Bugging Mitch McConnell’s office is AOK, no problem there, but using undercover journalistic efforts to expose abortion horrors isn’t worth the effort? What’s that you say…the bugging of McConnell’s office was by progressive activists and not journalists…JOURNALISTS would NEVER engage in political activism, right:
    Reporting on late term abortion doctors is OK as long as it fits your political narrative…is this the new definition of journalism?

  • FloridaJim

    Holding blacks accountable is not for democrats. If their base had to exist on their merits the democrats feel they could not do it hence the “free stuff’, hence the voter I.D. scam, hence the special rules only weaklings could allow . this is how the democrats feel about their base and the base largely agrees and stay weak and irresponsible. Murder is to be excused among democrats for abortion as birth control since the 1960’s and Planned Parenthood 53,000,000 murders since Roe vs Wade, shameful, so this monster joins an heroic group.

  • faxxmaxx

    They wouldn’t want all those pro choice voters to reconsider their positions on abortion. God forbid.

  • catholicvoter

    Journalistic malpractice, indeed! Does anyone know of a good internet/cable supplier other than Comcast? I want to ditch them because they own NBC and in fact Comcast itself seems to be an arm of the Democrat Party.
    Of course Bernie is right. Pro-lifers see pro-abortionists as anything but reasonable and I’m sure they say the same about us. It’s sad the country has come to the moral lows it’s come to but one could see it coming years ago.

  • dlmstl

    No mention of the race of those that were allegedly murdered. Were they all white. What if the doctor was white and the babies all AA? Where would the MSM stand then?

    • 1389AD

      Gosnell killed both black and white babies in late-term abortions.

      That said, he treated his white women clients considerably better than the nonwhite women clients.

  • docww

    Regardless of your views on abortion, Dr. Gosnell is a disgrace to the medical profession. Of course you are right about the media but their bias is pretty old news.

  • Phil Silverman

    Hey Bern’: Fox news did the worst possible journalist job on the killing of the 17 year boy at the housing complex by the neighborhood watch guy illegally carrying a gun. The absolute worst. You proud of how Hannity handled that? So why should non-biased individuals rely on Fox for anything fair and balanced anymore? (not since about 2007, when I left them after 11 years).

    • John Daly

      Just out of curiosity, you do the know the difference between reporting and commentary right? This is something you really seem to struggle with.

      • I Hate Fascists

        Yeah, the COMMENTATOR is better because he is always right and reporting just puts me to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Patrick H.

          I Hate Fascists, go join Chris Matthews on MSNBC, you’ll fit in better there and you can both get thrills up your leg together.

    • Kris

      Illegally? he had every right to have the gun. What about the kid jumping him and beating his head against the ground- unprovoked- does that matter? Facts don’t seem to matter to you, so I would assume they don’t in this case… and just to clarify- Sean Hannity is a COMMENTATOR, not a journalist- big difference!

      • I Hate Fascists

        Hannity is a COMMENTATOR, That is even better than a journalist because he is always right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Phil Silverman

          Hannity has been wrong many times. Governor Kean told him he is wrong to say that Clinton was handed Bin Laden on a silver platter. Hannity was wrong when he said 51% of us pay no taxes; etc. He is a lowclass cliché machine who still gets high ratings…being a parrot-puppet for the RNC and fair haired boy of Murdoch and Ailes helps his stature.

    • faxxmaxx

      You are totally wrong about Travon Martin’s coverage on Fox. If they really wanted to create a stir they would have posted a recent pic of that cute 17 year old. He wasn’t that little boy America saw on the news that Obama said would have looked like him. No. He was six feet tall, 190 lbs with tattoos on his neck, chest and arms. He outweighed his killer by 50 lbs and was 4 inches taller. If he turned on anyone, their life would have been in danger. Skittles? Really?

      • I Hate Fascists

        So let’s do the math OK? 190 lbs – 50 lbs = 140 lbs. 6 ft – 4 inches = 5′ 8″. So what you are saying is, Zimmerman was 5’8″ and 140 lbs?

        • faxxmaxx

          What I’m saying is, the picture of Travon Martin was taken years ago. It was deceptive in order to gain the public’s sympathy, and it worked. However, Glenn Beck posted an updated photo that clearly presents Travon as a well muscled man, who was arrested on drug charges, and for beating up a bus driver. That information was also hidden from the public. His appearance was totally different, with tattoos and bulging muscle. Definitely looked like a gang banger. His height was described in the article as much taller than Zimmerman and he outweighed him as well.

          • I Hate Fascists

            Oh yeah if Glenn Beck said so then that’s different. Isn’t he the one who used to go around screaming I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not Gonna Take It Any More?

          • faxxmaxx

            Admit it, your a troll.

          • I Hate Fascists

            Trying to help you out bro. Do you really want to go thru life being a cult follower and believing in Glenn Beck?

          • Phil Silverman

            No…that was *one* of his (pause) role models. It’s really three in particular: that guy from NETWORK, Elmer Gantry and the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

          • Phil Silverman

            what a surprise! Glenn Beck fishing around to embarrass Libz!! Guess what? Zimmerman had a history of “reporting” African-Americans as young as 7…was illegally carrying a gun…and initiated the whole situation. Further, he did not listen to the voice on the police line. He aggressively stepped toward the 17 year old.

      • plsilverman

        gee, at 17, was he a “minor”? and I did not know that someone’s physical appearance is automatically a clue as to their intentions. >>> Something tells me Zimmerman defied official directions to stay in the car and was carrying a gun illegally,

    • I Hate Fascists

      Phil you are right, and Daly is wrong as usual. As documented here:
      Fox news had no coverage of the Trayvon Martin incident until the afternoon of March 19, 2012, when Martha McCallum did a segment which focused on the incident as a vehicle to attack the NRA. Between 2/26 and 3/19, CNN aired 41 segments, and MSNBC 13 segments. As I recall, the focus of these segments was the failure of the police to arrest Zimmerman based on presumed “Stand Your Ground” rights. The conservative National Review supports this viewpoint:

  • Stephen Boone

    The OJ Simpson trial wasn’t big only because of race. He had been voted most popular sports celebrity something like 5 years running. THAT’S a big deal. You see that, yes? OJ was a celebrity who cultivated his public image, not just another football player. He was — as a CELEB — in that sports superstar status with Jordan, Magic and maybe 5 or 6 other people TOPS.

  • Paul Vasek

    The MSM was finally shamed into reporting on this yesterday. Thanks to Media Reserch Center and folks like you, Bernie. This horrendous story uncovers the truth about abortion that they don’t want everyone to know.

  • EddieD_Boston

    Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

  • Steven Litvintchouk

    The Left constantly rails against so-called “Faux News” (Fox News).

    But Fox News has high ratings precisely because so many viewers tune in to that channel to hear about stories that the liberal media has spiked.

    • Phil Silverman

      “spiked”? they tune in for sensationalist propaganda and to feed their need to mock Barack Obama….you know, a young African-American in charge is too much for those modern day John Birchers to handle. People also tune in because they love to watch edited videos from silly over-achievers like Breitbart and O’Keefe. And, number one, they love to watch a high # of 35 year old blonde women read Bill Sammon memo cards.

  • Hankster73

    Satan is winning, folks, and the 2nd coming is drawing nearer. So clever… he uses the two most powerful industries to create amazing conflicts. One seeks to control the way we think; the other wants to control the way we act. Figured it out? The media industry and the legal profession… Once you understand this, you can understand just about every conflict on the planet. Jen is right, we can’t prevent what’s coming, but we do have a choice how we react and prepare. Good luck everyone!

    • Phil Silverman

      what about, like, manufactured wars to satisfy the ex-employer of the VP?

  • Buz Chertok

    There is no question that, with the exception of Fox News, the entire media hides everything that does not suit their agenda and has been doing so for a very long time. There is a gnawing question that this disgusting malpractice generates among responsible citizens and that is—what can be done about it.

  • Virginia

    I called NBC and CBS and asked where the TV coverage of that baby murderer Kermit Gosnell was. They said they were covering it. Both outright lied to me, as they are NOT covering it. The liberal media is constantly withholding information from the American public. Fox is the only one who is covering this horror, beyond horror !

  • potemkin_village_usa

    Yes indeed Mr Goldberg, state senator Barack Obama was radically pro-abortion; in fact, he was pro infanticide. He backed a bill in the Illinois state senate which legalized the shelving of abortions that survived the process and to be left to die by neglect. Some babies taking several days to expire by exposure, neglect and starvation.
    It begs the question: If we must prosecute the doctor for doing what Obama proposed by law in Illinois, what does this say about the president?

    • Ted Crawford

      Given the past four and a half years, and especially considering Benghazi, and the ‘accidental’ death of many members of Seal Team 6, it sheds no new light! Like the song lyrics” you’ll never know, if you don’t know now”!

      • Phil Silverman

        can you expand on “4.5 years” and Benghazi? ok, you want to go back to letting healthcare insurers deny coverage to cancer victims; you want Gm and Chrysler car buyers to return their carsl you want to resussitate BIn Laden? Have any complaints with the most Obstructionist House in history, nearly 500 filibusters and 150 clotures? Red State governors sending back stimulus $$$$ and laying off Police, Fire Fighters and Teachers for political reasons only?>>>Benghazi? what about it? yes, a tragedy. But unusual in that part of the world? The GOP push to reduce security at the embassies did not help. and by the way, the CIA was on the scene in due time. sorry…… :/

    • Phil Silverman

      he “backed a bill”? he proposed it? he supported it as an eextreme means to save the life of the Mother? But don’t get too hyped up over impeachment: if Reagan, with his “Beirut 241” and firing of War Hero North & Bush II letting his VP play commander in chief and invent a war for the benefit of the co. which gave him a 45-62 million dollar going away present, were not impeached, well…………. :)

  • Peter Vercillo

    As a staunchly pro-life liberal, who follows, and often, agrees with your columns, I thank you for bringing up this unfairness. I understand you were not specifically talking about the procedure I abhor, but it ties in with the ignoring of hundreds of thousands marching in the cold of D.C. each January. The mixed standards are glaring and infuriating..

  • wally12

    Good article Bernie. It is sad that there isn’t a out cry from Obama. Didn’t I hear him say if a gun ban and/or gun restriction could save even one child’s life, it should be passed. With more penalties for these murders, many children could be saved. What is wrong with this picture?

    • 1389AD

      Obama is a narcissist who evidently hates babies. His own kids (if they are his own) are nothing more than photo op fashion accessories to make him seem human.

      • Phil Silverman

        “narcissist”! yay!! I thought the RNC removed that one. remember (ahhh) “Kenyan [not American]”, “non-Christian”, “Communist”, “Socialist”, “Marxist”, “campaigner in chief”, “blamer”. His own kids “if they are his own”……. gotta report THAT ONE to Twitter. Hey see that!!!

  • teamfrazzled

    With viable babies there was no “abortion” where the child happened to “accidentally” survive an attempt to kill it in the womb. No attempt was made to kill it first. He just gave the mother a drug to force the premature delivery of her viable child, knowing it was viable and very likely going to be born alive and kicking. THEN he picked it up for the close up kill with a pair of scissors. Some accomplices testified some of these babies were screaming. Does the pro-abortion crowd advocate the murder of screaming babies now? If these children had been physically able to pick up a gun, they would have had every legal right to shoot and kill Gosnell in order to save their own life. Murder is not defined by whether the victim can stop his killer.

    The corrupt media could have insisted this is actually not an abortion but a delivery followed by murder and just avoid any discussion about the fact even when still hidden by a layer of mom’s tissue, it feels exactly the same to the child. In reality Gosnell was a serial killer who hid that fact behind a facade of an abortion clinic. He didn’t have to troll for victims, they were brought to him where he relished his “work”, openly took and displayed trophies from his victims by cutting off their feet and proudly displaying his trophies of his kills. And laughed all the way to the bank that he got paid for doing what would get anyone else the death penalty. He is a testament to the moral decay of society and the moral bankruptcy of the left, including our corrupt media.

  • nickshaw

    You are echoing what many blogs and media outlets of the right are saying, Bernie.
    And you are exactly correct.
    Given the chance, liberals would have no problem extending the concept of abortion to days or even weeks after an infant is born, as already practiced in more than a few countries.
    I think we all might have some common ground to work upon if we could agree to limits. For instance, 8 to 10 weeks after which abortion would be prohibited except in cases of rape, incest or harm to the mother. This would not please all but, it would be a reasonable compromise.
    If a mother can’t figure out something is up after 4 to 8 weeks, perhaps it would be better to off the mother and give the child a chance!
    Too harsh? Ten weeks then? Okay, you know I’m joking.

    I think more folks on the right could accept this versus those of the left (not the mother offing thing, of course but, with them, you never know!), unfortunately.
    To them, the rights of the mother, no matter that she is too stupid to figure out that she is pregnant and decide to do something about it before 8 months or so, need to be upheld.
    You might say, the left exists to promote the “rights” of idiots as long as it keeps them in power and moving toward their ultimate goal.

  • Benzona

    I am more of a conservative in my thinking on most things in life. But , when it comes to abortion I am thinking and calculating it this way:
    Since the ratio of smart to dumb and ignorant people in the world is – 2 : 8
    (In my humble opinion). I decided that…
    I am leaning for pro abortion, because the ratio is also the same.

    It is a very sad reality and i have a lot of remorse that we have to scarify those 20% but , again in my opinion the good news is that the ratio is still in our favor.

    • teamfrazzled

      So the fact this man made no attempt to abort the baby in the womb-no attempt was made to kill these children in the womb which is what an abortion would be – and merely forced their premature birth, knowing full well they were viable and likely to survive, the fact accomplices testified some of these babies were screaming as he picked them up for a close kill when murdered them-all good for you. Even though if these children had been able to pick up a gun and kill Gosnell they would have been morally and legally justified in order to save their own life. All just fine and dandy to pay monsters who relish the job to fill their bloodlust by calling open season on the slaughter of the defenseless and helpless…In the belief it is what? Weeding out subhumans and “undesirables”? Really. Hmm..let me think, where have I heard this morally bankrupt ‘philosophy’ before? Remind me how that worked out “elevating” and improving our species in any way again?

  • Kris

    So if you shoot a rifle at a gun range- it’s tantamount to an international scandal and you’re scum of the earth- but use a pair of scissors on a defenseless BABY and KILL the poor child- and we get: crickets chirping… man- we live in a sick society! This story is NOT about abortion- this is about late term murder.

  • Carter Peterson

    I might be more amenable to discussing abortion with those who are “pro-choice” if they would eliminate the euphemism; it is not about choice, except insofar as they want to promote choosing murder.Call it what it is and I’ll talk to you.

    • Kris

      “Murder” vs “Pro-Life”

      works for me

  • potvin

    Anyone who doesn’t know the MSM is corrupt is a deluded idiot.

  • Paul Rush

    He will get a pass from his fellow liberals in the lame stream media.

    • Ted Crawford

      Of course! We would be , correctly, considered highly irrational to expect that a group of…..folks(?), that willingly march on Washington untill they succeed in passing laws that will fine and jail you, should you dare to disturb the egg of an Egale. In turn , once again march on Washington in an attempt to force you to PAY for the destruction of a Human Fetus. Would find anything hypocritical in supporting this ……..(?) and at the same time demanding that you should be stripped of you ability to defend yourself with a firearm!
      This convoluted Progressive ….logic(?) is simply beyond comprehension!
      Pick a color between 1 and 10 – is it wetter under water than it is when it’s raining? It’s small wonder they smoke weed!

  • Lawrence Brown

    It would be a lost cause to think that this president would ever take exception to anything Planned Parenthood, NARAL, or Emily’s List believe in. Long ago, he went over to the dark side on this subject, along with the rest of the Left in this country. There is still one thing we can take heart in: “Abortion” and “abortionist” will always be considered dirty words by the vast majority of people in this country, and we shouldn’t be afraid to pin those words on the so-called “pro-choice” culture of death.

  • Eric M. Bram

    In this case, I think it’s clear what’s happening. If you are pro-choice, then reporting on a story about an abortion doctor who kills infants who survive botched abortion attempts would be too prejudicial against the cause (abortion rights) you believe in, so you decide not to air the story.

    And it’s not too difficult for you to rationalize that decision, since as a strong advocate of abortion rights you rationalize that babies that survive botched abortion attempts are not really human beings because their mothers intended them to die before being born, so killing them is not really murder, is it? Regardless of what the law actually is.

  • Frogman

    For most of my life I’ve been very proud to be an American. Not anymore. God help us.

    • nickshaw

      And Mooch has the exact opposite opinion, Frog.

      • Frogman

        I loathe the two of them. If there was a stronger word I’d use it.

  • Charles B.

    Huffington post reported on the story. The facts about this case are horrific.
    Bernie hurts his own veracity and distracts from the facts by making false accusations about the media, and President Obama.

    • Kris

      First- Bernie was mainly pointing to the MSM (NBC, CBS & ABC) as the non-performers in this tale of terror since this is where most lofovo’s get their news besides quick hit online blogs. Second- HuffPo reported this on Thursday- a few days late to the party, don’t you think?? This case has been going since 2011- the man was arrested then, and it SHOULD have been reported then- not last Thursday!

      So please- let’s NOT pretend that HuffPo is running first rate news when they are like all the rest

    • nickshaw

      Look at the timeline on most of the HuffPo stories (use the search thingy for Kermit Gosnell) then tell me they have been on top of an horrific story.
      It’s like saying the LSM was right on the Ant’ny Weiner story!
      Stop making excuses.
      Just a suggestion, I know you can’t.

    • Ted Crawford

      Do yourself a favor if you lean that way, you’ll get far more succint and accurate reporting from Pravada or Al Jazeera English than you’ll ever get at Huffington Press! it is true, I guess, that one can, occasionally, find a good bisquit, even in garbage cans such as these!

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Abortion is the killing of a child. The Murderers who believe in the abortion of an unwanted child already admit it…it is time for the rest of American to come to terms with the Evil Abomination of Abortion.

    It is the systemic scalding of a child with salt water and then the vacuum dismemberment of limbs, guts, eyes, head, feet, etc. In children that are more developed, a knife or scissors or other sharp awl is used to piece the skull to kill the child because the salt water causes the child to squirm too much as he is being scalded to death.

    No Horror Movie the idiots in Hollywood could come up with compare to the pointed Evil of an Abortion. It is time we end this barbarism. Let us sterilize those who should not procreate rather than torture an innocent child. This includes druggies, welfare recipients, criminals, institutionalized and mentally retarded.

    The most dangerous place for a Black Baby in America today is in his mother’s womb. 40% of all abortions are Black Americans…even MORE with the animals called Planned Parenthood.

    Note how the Big Mouth in the White House has NO sense of his patented False Outrage on this issue? Wonder why? Because abortions are embraced by Marxists.

  • Adrian Vance

    This is the kind of thing that will ultimately destroy the mass media.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Charles B.

    Heard this watching Anderson Cooper this week.

    Abortion doctor charged with murder

    A grand jury investigation found that Pennsylvania health and licensing officials received reports about Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic, but took no action. Anderson Cooper spoke with CNN Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin, Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Joe Slobodzian and David Altrogge, who made a film about the sickening allegations against Gosnell.

  • eRightWinger

    Who is responsible for Gosnell? The media and most of our elected government are accomplices with Planned Parenthood in the largest coordinated mass murder in history. Now that’s a story. And they lecture you and me about the morality of guns?

    • sheila0405

      The hospitals which turned a blind eye to Gosnell while having to intervene to provide medical care for his injured patients for years are also to blame. Read the grand jury report. My sister works at one of those hospitals, and she is heart broken about the cover up.

    • glicko71

      Yup…..he’s BLACK and in the same camp as Planned Parenthood….why would they pay any attention to his actions?

  • RedinDenver

    Finding out the details of the procedure for late-term, partial-birth abortions is what finally cemented my stance on abortion. A horrific procedure — google it if you want to know the details. It’s not only MURDER, it’s also INHUMANE.

  • Joel

    There are a great many very important aspects to this story. Thank you, Mr. Goldberg, for covering one of them. Since the media is effectively censoring the story, there will be no national debate on any of these aspects. The country will continue as it had before the arrest of Gosnell.

  • fitzsimmons Photography

    Great column Bernie! Someone is ‘finally’ exposing Obama’s disgusting voting record in Illinois supporting infanticide….this is also why the media isn’t reporting on this because they know his record as a Senator will be brought up!!!

  • Brhurdle

    Given the contrast in coverage between the Arias trial and the Gosnell trial, it’s undeniable that there is a definite motivation to supress the Gosnell trial. It’s impossible to know what the motivations are, but it certainly is rational to assume that it is the fear of exposing the horrors of late term abortion. It would be interesting to know if the gruesome details have changed any opinions of those that advocate late term abortions. If not, it certainly causes me to question their humanity – perhaps they propose that parents be given two days after birth to decide if they want to “dispose” of a child.

  • trailbee

    It is the acquiescence of this procedure by the current president that makes this trial so unique. And it is the reason there is little or no reporting of it by the media. I believe if the media were to report this trial, it would besmirch this president, and also become a race issue, because of where the “doctor” was working.
    However, let’s look at something interesting – by not reporting this event, the media has suddenly jumped into the limelight, along with the trial and Planned Parenthood, as well as their beloved leader. Silence has not worked, and if we are diligent, there will be a tsunami of commentary.
    Thank you for getting involved.

  • Patrick H.

    Right on Bernie! These are the same people who wouldn’t hesitate to run out and put a story of an abortion clinic bomber on page 1 (legitimate enough for a news story), but they go absent on such a story like this which involves a controversial subject. If you ask me, I think this story deserves more coverage than it’s been getting regardless of where one falls when it comes to abortion rights or whatnot.

  • Kathie Ampela

    I hesitated before leaving a comment this time…it’s depressing and demoralizing that anyone could trivialize such serious subject matter as late term abortion, partial birth abortion or the media’s apparent support of such things. The comments here are mind blowing. The pro-choice agenda of the media and covering for Senator Obama’s support of infanticide trumps all else, or so it seems. Sometimes I feel like giving up and joining Mr. & Mrs. Driveby America In happy oblivion.

  • John Daly

    Thought this was a good tweet from iowahawkblog: What Romney did with a scissors in 1965: 20 acres of front page. What Gosnell did with a scissors: crickets

    • Lawrence Brown

      It’s truly sad that it’s not surprising.

    • Jen

      Everything about the media frustrates me. But what choice do we have? We cannot force ignorant people to listen to talk radio, watch Fox News or read Conservative Blogs. Instead, the uninformed are out there voting and deciding our elections.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Romney putting his dog on the roof was criminal.

      • Kris

        Eddie- you’re joking right??? Compared to this murderer- you’d put them in the same class???

        • EddieD_Boston

          Yes, joking. I was refering to the media’s double standard.

          • Diane Thompson

            You had me scared; thought you were referring to Mitt’s “dog” issue!

    • Diane Thompson

      This is a great response – mind if I copy it?

      • John Daly

        Feel free. I’m not the author of it though. Credit goes to @iowahawkblog on Twitter

  • Bernie

    Serious question: are you (who are talking about Kermit the Frog) all idiots? This is a serious column on a serious subject.

    • I Hate Fascists

      Cyberquill is having a bit of fun at your expense, pushing the idiot button, as it were, of your peabrain cult followers. Now let me pose the following questions to you, Sir. Do you think the intelligence level of the cult followers of this site has any correlation to the intelligence level of your writers? To what extent do you feel responsible for the site’s content? And, what do you intend to do about it?

      • John Daly

        Says the man who still doesn’t know what “fascist” means. Try looking up “cult” while you’re at it.

        • Steve Jones

          Good point. IHF preens himself as a man of intellect (probably in the mirror each morning), looking down on the vulgar herd that dissents from Obama’s glorious worker’s paradise. And yet, he doesn’t get it, not even close: His collectivist heroes are much, much closer, philosophically, to historic fascism than the people he hates. A very confused man, full of himself. He lives by the playground taunt, “I’m smart and you’re dumb,” but he’s too dumb himself to know how bogus that taunt is. A self-deluded tool, the kind of useful idiot Obama values.

          • John Daly

            It’s either a case of pure, unapologetic ignorance or possibly a mix of projection and self-loathing.

            I guess “a very confused man” is the nice way of putting it. 😉

        • sheila0405

          Can’t we all just ignore this guy?

          • John Daly

            Probably the best course of action, though it’s sometimes fun to make him tap-dance.

          • I Hate Fascists

            And as for you. When you wrote all that stuff about loving your kid, it was the first time I have seen anything close to being human anywhere on this site. And I did not attack you. But of course you had to revert to your miserable self and attack me anyway. And the result was me tap dancing on your head until you had no choice but a feeble attempt to change the subject. You could look it up, as they used to say. Of course all this was lost on your Daly Maniacs who tuned out instantly when they saw the picture of you playing with your kid and thought you were going all soft on them.

          • I Love Fascists

            Awwww Sweetie, you don’t love me anymore? Did I hurt your feelings? I’m sorry. Look I even changed my name!!!!

          • I Hate Fascists

            Me???? Lovable Me????!!!!! Goldberg is the one who called y’all idiots. I just agreed with him

      • nickshaw

        I know you’re good at it, as all true liberal believers are but, that bit of deflection nearly snapped my neck, you pompous twit!
        As to what Bernie should do about it, perhaps you could leave your home address. Maybe we’ll send someone over to take care of the problem for you.
        What? Aren’t we allowed to use veiled threats like liberals do all the time?
        Sit and rotate.

        • sheila0405

          I suggest we start ignoring IHF on this site.

      • sheila0405

        Do you agree with the practice of infanticide? Why else would you refer to the comments about this article as being left by “peabrain cult followers”. I only ask this because so many others are still responding to your ridiculous comments. I wish all of them would completely ignore you.

        • I Hate Fascists

          Calm down sweetheart. Bernie called y’all idiots. I just agreed with him.

        • I Hate Fascists

          As for Gosnell, I hope they hang him by his nuts.

    • Thewryobservator

      It is a serious question, one with ramifications that extend into every area of public life. What’s happening in the name of journalism is more than problematic. It should concern everyone, regardless of political affiliation, that it’s becoming apparent the only growth industry in the US is the one that manufactures perception. That so few seem to see this may mean the ability to understand and perceive what’s happening may no exist in the majority of the population. I can’t imagine, should that be the case, the result will be a good outcome over time.

    • fitzsimmons Photography

      Bravo Bernie!

    • Andy Trimble

      I think the original post about “Kermit” was an attempt at farce, Bernie. Cyberquill was trying to make an excuse for the MSM, with a tongue-in-cheek comment. I could be wrong, but that’s how I took it.

    • nickshaw

      I’m actually surprised that you would take the time to call out some of the idiots that comment on your articles, Bernie.

      I would have thought, after all this time doing what you do (admirably, I might add, except when you let O’Reilly have his way with you. ;-)) that you would ignore the mentally hesitant when they come around.

      However, I know, there are times…

      Keep up the good work!

      By the way, this was a great tweet too,

      “One rich white girl missing in Aruba? WALL TO WALL COVERAGE! Hundreds of
      poor black babies murdered, their feet saved as trophies? Crickets.”
      By way of Ace Of Spades.

  • Eileen voisin

    Bernie you are so right, can you believe what that hln are doing.

  • Cyberquill

    The media are barred from reporting on this story, because the name Kermit has been trademarked by the creators of the Muppets and must not be used in different contexts.

    • christopher swift

      That’s nonsense: “Kermit” was a name long before Muppets and as such is free to use. What happens if somebody trademarks your real name? Plus the story has been reported, albeit sparsely. Didn’t you send Goldberg your memo?

      • Cyberquill

        Depends. If someone trademarks my real name retroactively, I’ll go to prison for ever having used it. I think. And I wasn’t born before the Muppets, so I can’t say whether the name Kermit predates them.

        • Nancy Plunkett

          The name Kermit has been around a long time. Pres. T Roosevelt had a son by that name. The Muppet franchise does not own that name.

          • Cyberquill

            Oh. I thought TR was the guy that invented the Teddy Bear. Didn’t know he also had a son.

    • I Hate Fascists

      If they were any dumber, they would be Sarah Palin, eh?

      • fitzsimmons Photography

        Hey Pea Brain. Why don’t you comment on the issues? Do you know why? Because you have been trained by your crowd to always divert attention away from the actual subject(Sarah Palin?)….typical liberal Obama tactics. Stephanie Cutter and David Axelrod got Obama elected with these very same tactics. They tapped millions of uninformed voters and did exactly what you are trying to do here.

        Why don’t you address the issue at hand?

      • Kris

        no- they would be “I Hate Fascists”…

      • teamfrazzled

        I’m betting you are a product of our public school system or you wouldn’t have chosen that name because you’d know fascism is leftwing extremism-always. As is all forms of totalitarianism and dictatorships. No matter who is running them. And fascism is STILL leftwing extremism even when leftists lie and insist it is right wing extremism. Right/left is determined by the system of government each seeks, not why. Leftists LOVE big, powerful government with great control over the individual-always claiming its for your own good of course and always claim they will use all that power for all sorts of touchy-feely wonderful things. Big, powerful government is required before a government has amassed enough power to be able to turn on its citizens-the definition of fascism. Right wingers oppose allowing government to accumulate the size and power to ever become fascist in the first place-no matter who wants to wield all that power or why! No exceptions made even when liberals claim they can be trusted with that power because they are just so…so…CARING and all. (Yes, Stalin and Hitler were both left wing extremists, merely disagreed who should wield all that state power.) Yeah you care so much, you thought this was a good way to pretend an irrelevant insult about Palin was far more appropriate than expressing any horror about the fact this guy was a serial killer proudly displaying his trophies of the cut off feet of his kills while hiding behind a facade of an abortion clinic and exploiting the left’s favorite cause-insisting a woman has a greater right not to be inconvenienced by th existence of her kids than that child has a right to its own life even after birth and kicking and screaming as the only way to fight to stay alive. As accomplices testified some of these babies had been doing …until silenced by their murder, of course. Go ahead, keep telling yourself you are the “caring ” one here-lol.