Predominantly White

The media knew what it wanted the Glenn Beck rally to be; and when it didn’t turn into the world’s largest cross burning, the media did the best it could to stay within a preconceived template. Good luck finding a mainstream media story on the rally that doesn’t mention the crowd as “predominantly white,” or some offshoot thereof. The Associated Press noted a “large, predominantly white crowd,” as did Politico, as did the AFP, et cetera. The Washington Post saw the crowd as “overwhelmingly white”; as did the LA Times, Toronto Star, – you get the idea.

On this point there is no dispute: those who gathered for the Restoring Honor rally were, indeed, predominantly white. It was something you couldn’t help notice, as C-Span searched the crowd for black faces to show on television. But the fair-minded among us struggle to know why the racial make-up of the crowd matters. If you were to attend a Lady GaGa concert – and why would you? – you would also find the audience is predominantly white, in every American city where her tour stops. There is scarcely an artist in the top 100 for whom this would not be the case. Same goes with football and baseball games, book signings, talk show audiences … so why bother with mentioning it?

Well, because race matters, for those who still need it to matter. Al Sharpton – the best argument yet for a nursing home established for tired, old clowns – took his act to DC and put on a response rally, for which dozens and dozens of people arrived to show their support for … something. It’s hard to tell exactly what they were supporting. Whereas at the Beck rally one saw rhetorical flags waved for God, Country, and the Reverend Doctor King, the Sharpton rally was more of a mish-mash of tired old Leftism and chuckle inducing bumper sticker logic. (I write that knowing Sharpton has no other capacity for logic.)

Told again and again that Barack Obama’s ascent meant the birth of a new, post-racial America, we are now told it really, really matters that the Beck rally audience was predominantly white. And it matters because Glenn Beck cannot be useful to the Left unless he is a social and racial pariah; a motivating factor, something to stand against. Never mind that Beck has no control over who attends any event he puts together, or that – because blacks tend to be and vote for Democrats – he doesn’t have the largest black audience in broadcasting. No, what’s important here is making the messenger illegitimate because there aren’t enough of the “right people” in his audience.

But if I am wrong, and the purpose of making the note about race is not to demagogue Glenn Beck in a silly, backhanded way, then might I suggest some areas the press might want to target next?

1) The Obama Administration. President Obama has sixteen Cabinet-level appointees below him; of those, thirteen are white. And of the six ancillary positions that carry Cabinet-level status, four are held by minorities.

2) The United States Senate. Of the one hundred members of the Senate, ninety-five are white.

3) The House of Representatives. Of the four hundred thirty-five members of the House, three hundred sixty-four are white. This is the kind of bottom-up racism that simply cannot be tolerated if the United States is ever going to rise above its decadent past, and clearly voters are to blame. They keep voting for white people. If there aren’t non-white candidates running, why not? Isn’t that a problem in desperate need of fixing?

4) The Supreme Court of the United States. Seven of the nine Justices are white.

5) The On-air Personalities at MSNBC and CNN. Of course Fox News Channel is primarily stocked with white people; it’s evil and racist. But how does that explain MSNBC and CNN, which are also filling your screens with virtually nothing but white people? (At least MSNBC put an openly gay host on the air – CNN could also claim this if only you-know-who would fling that closet door open.)

6) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and / or Hollywood. Who thinks it’s enough to give one Academy Award to one black actor once a year? What better way for the press to show it’s serious about real equality among people than by demanding the entertainment community surrender a certain large percentage of hosting, acting, directing, writing, and producing duties to minorities? And why not start with Jon Stewart, who could at least be a good sport and alternate weeks with a black host, and who could also replace at least half his current writers and on-air “correspondents” with black writers and entertainers. You know. If he actually wants non-Jewish, non-white minorities to do be fairly represented.

Author Bio:

Brian S. Wise used to be the lead columnist at and a fairly well known pundit; now he’s just some dude. He has cool ideas for books and columns, but hardly ever stays out of bed long enough to get started on any of them. He is available via email at and via The Twitter at @BrianSWise
  • buckrodgers

    The media and Hollywood for that matter has always been predominantly white and very bias against white America,yet they want you to believe their sensitive to the needs of African Americans and other racial minorities, in fact a day doesn’t go by without a white journalist labeling everybody but themselves a racist, but could their attacks on white America be a calculated attempt on their part to keep their industry segregated, I believe the liberal media wasn’t prepared to handle an African American being elected President of the United States, they immediately put halos on his head and declared him to be a god, in fact it’s gotten so bad their not even capable of criticizing him, the best example of this phenomenon was Kattie Crowley who’s bias overwhelmed her during the debate between President Obama wand Mitt Romney. the problem is the liberal media itself is a throwback to the old separate but equal policy of the deep south during the civil rights movement in the sixties, they have been able to prosper and remain segregated by pitting black against whites, Tawany Browley, the Duke Lacrosse case and the personal attack on Juan Williams who by the way is black by a white NPR journalist who declared that Juan Williams didn’t know what it’s like to be brought up in Black America, maybe Tom Hanks rendition of Black Face while he was doing a benefit show at his children’s predominantly white school showed the country what the left really thinks of African Americans and other racial minorities.

  • Bob Cheeks

    Brian, didn’t you write at Intellectual Conservative? Good piece, however, I’d like to see an analysis of what Beck actually said.

    • Brian S. Wise

      I did write for IC, some years ago – I resigned after a series of editorial disputes. As for analysis on Beck’s speech, as it was benign and tiring, I didn’t quite see the point in analysis.

  • C, Lowe

    I’m “black”, and I like Beck! I’m “on” to the media.

  • B

    Mr Wise, good article. Once again exposing the hypocrisy of the Communists. Let’s see, tell a lie many times and long enough, soon enough it is perceived as the truth in the minds of many. How do you prove a negative? Almost impossible. So, while an evil thing to do, a very effective ploy and that is why the left uses it over and over again. But, the press — Are they fifth columnist??

  • bill hoag

    Sharpton and the liberals scream “racist” the way McCarthy screamed “communist”. And soon they will become equally as irrelevant.

  • Chris

    “Al Sharpton – the best argument yet for a nursing home established for tired, old clowns – took his act to DC and put on a response rally, for which dozens and dozens of people arrived to show their support for … something. It’s hard to tell exactly what they were supporting.”

    LOL Bernie you are such a bitter old fool. First of all Al Sharpton celebrates Martin Luther King’s speech EVERY year on that Day August 28th. That was the purpose of the rally moron.

    BTW, since you hate people so much for playing the race card, you should go after Rush for playing the race card when he says stuff like “to be in Obama’s office you must hate white people” and that white people are the new oppressed minority. And Pam Geller who says obama is anti-semitic. I could name many other examples but time is of the essence. Of course you wont go after these people because you are a right wing hack.

    • Brian S. Wise

      Bernie didn’t write that column, I did; way to be observant. Secondly, I don’t listen to Limbaugh, so I would have no way of knowing what he says about anything.

      • CCNV


        Brian was stating FACTS, which apparently you can’t disprove, so you dig into your bag and pull out name-calling. Ooooh, that’s mature. Well, here’s another fact: The sooner Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan ride off into the sunset, the sooner the majority of race tensions will fade away. And let’s not forget how Obama pulls the race card when backed into a corner. None of these guys could beat their way out of a wet paper bag.

        • C, Lowe

          I like this.

  • Juan

    I’m not black nor white. I’m brown. I’d like to restore “Honor”. Am I racist?

    • SuzanneC

      of course

  • Brian S. Wise

    Have left a comment over at tomllewis, but I’d like the record corrected that Bernie didn’t write “Predominantly White”, I did, and I have asked the post at that website be corrected.

  • Bruce A.

    Good column. For the sheer enjoyment of it I read it three times.

    • Brian S. Wise

      Thanks, that’s nice to read.

  • Jack Radsfeld

    First of all, it’s a fact, the crowd WAS mostly white. Second, the tea party was involved in this crowd which is proven to have a racist element in their midst. Third, none of your examples are shown to be racists like SOME of the tea party members.

    • Berg

      Tea party members are NOT racists as a whole. Some of them? maybe. The crows as a group. Nope!
      The fact that you call it a proof is not enough for an actual proof.

    • JDO

      There are certainly SOME members of the Democrat party that are racists. There are certainly SOME black members of the Democrat party that are racists. Does this mean ALL Democrats are racists? Does this mean ALL blacks are racists? It wasn’t even an all Tea Party rally. Lord, the ignorance and stupidity continue.

    • Math Major

      Jack – You would fail math with your flawed logic. Liberals are the real racists. They are just so arrogant that they don’t realize that their condescension of others helps no one. In their eyes, everyone else is too stupid to succeed without their help. Their compassion shows no limit when it comes to our wallets. Check out any city or state run by liberals and you will most likely find them to be in a complete mess. Criminals and idiots exist in all races. Can I now use this fact to attack any group that disagrees with me? I guess the answer is yes, if you are a liberal. You know, the happy group that includes everyone.

  • Jim Austin

    Liberals want to turn every issue into a replay of the civil rights movement.

    The reason is really quite simple. The last time liberals were involved in anything truly righteous was during the civil rights movement. During that period liberals directly confronted the evils of racism.

    Liberal partisans of the Civil Rights movement directly confront racists, exposing their evil for all to see. Or rather, liberals allowed themselves to get beat up by racists to gain nationwide sympathy.

    With such false accusations, liberals try to recast their opponents as the dumb, ignorant, bigoted, inbred, knuckle-dragging rednecks they faced in the past. It makes them feel so righteous, so enlightened, so superior.

    Liberals are not really trying to deceive us. They’re trying to deceive themselves about righteousness of their position, even as the world starts crumbling down around them.

    • Chris

      “The reason is really quite simple. The last time liberals were involved in anything truly righteous was during the civil rights movement. During that period liberals directly confronted the evils of racism.”

      American liberals such as Tim Wise were involved in protesting the South African Apartheid Regime in the late 80s and early 90s (even though Reagan would not BAN trade with South Africa). What notable movement as large as the civil rights struggle has conservatives been involved in? The answer is a resounding NOTHING( and no gun rights dont count), which is why conservatives love to act as if they love martin luther king (by distorting his message and pretending that he was conservative LMAO!). I You right wingers should stick to hobbies, not movements

      • Melissa

        Let’s take a look at the contributors to Civil Rights in the US. I believe there was a Civil Rights Act of 1875, proposed by a Republican. Of course, both parties have changed quite a bit since then, but it’s important to point out, nonetheless. It was eventually struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court; however, I point it out b/c most of its elements were then included in the subsequent Civil Rights Acts that we are familiar with. Most people cite the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but there were 2 proposed, championed, and signed into law by none other than Ike.

        Dwight D. Eisenhower was a strong, popular, two term Republican President who took a stand against racial discrimination in the US. Did you know he created a permanent office dedicated to the promotion of racial equality and civil rights justice? On the flip side, did you know that Strom Thurmond, a Democrat, along with a bunch of other Democrats in office at the time, attempted to filibuster the passage of Eisenhower’s Civil Rights legislation? Did you know that Lyndon Johnson, also a Democrat and the eventual “champion” of civil rights as President, opposed additional civil rights legislation proposed by Republicans while he was in Congress…then later proposed and signed those same elements into law during his presidency? So, Republicans and Democrats contributed to the Civil Rights movement; you, as a liberal (I assume) must understand that history has many versions. You must look at all sides to get a true story of the Civil Rights movement in the US. I’m also pretty sure that MLK Jr. shared some values of both parties; wasn’t he pro-life? Personally, I’m pro-choice, but I point this out to demonstrate that your assertion that MLK had nothing in common with conservatives is inaccurate.

        Also-do you not think the fall of communism in Europe was a good thing? I know many immigrants from eastern Europe who believe so, and we were instrumental in that endeavor. Ask some people from Romania, Poland, and East Germany what they thinka bout it. Do you not think that our large contributions to feed and assist African nations has not been a good gesture of the genorosity of all Americans? Just so you know, Reagan was the president who was instrumental in bringing down communism in Europe, and George W. Bush was the president who tripled our aid to Africa. So what’s wrong with both of those accomplishments? I thought justice and the right to have nourishing food and medicines were some good things to do in the world? Since you show interest in Africa and our relationships there, I’d think you’d approve of the tripling of aid there.

        I’m just trying to point out that both Republicans and Democrats have made significant contributions to our country and the world. We’d be a lot better off if everyone tried to work together instead of playing a constant game of one-upmanship. Both parties have made serious mistakes and both currently have a lot of work to do in my opinion, but both have done some great things for this country and the international community. Anyone who says otherwise has zero credibility and is ignorant of history.

  • CCNV

    PERFECT! I hope everyone on Bernie’s website reads this!

    • Brian S. Wise

      Thanks, appreciate that.