Memo to GOP: Make Obama Own the Mess He’s Created

Anybody who’s thought about it for two seconds knows we don’t have a taxing problem – we have a spending problem.

We borrow about 42 cents on every dollar we spend, and under President Obama we have been spending more than $1 trillion dollars a year we don’t have.  That’s where the borrowing comes in.

Yet almost all the talk we get from the president and from his stenographers in the media is about taxes.  The wealthiest Americans need to pay their “fair share.”  As Meghan Clyne put it in a Wall Street Journal column, “If the U.S. Treasury received a dollar every time President Obama demanded that the rich pay their ‘fair share’ to eliminate our deficits, the problem might take care of itself.”

If the government doesn’t get spending under control – and by that I don’t mean cutting the rate of increases, but actually cutting spending – the next stop on the Crazy Train we’re all riding will be downtown Athens.

Yet this president doesn’t have any interest in cutting spending – except, of course, for wars that we won’t be fighting anyway and for the military in general.  And he’s getting away with his recklessness because the low-information voters, as Rush Limbaugh calls them, buy into just about anything he says — mainly because his most loyal base – the so-called mainstream media – dutifully repeat whatever he says.

What really gets me, though, is how clumsy the Republicans are.  For a bunch of politicians they really stink at politics.

First, they need to pick one person to speak for the group.  Right now, that person pretty much is House Speaker John Boehner.  I can live with that, but just between you and me, I’d prefer someone with a little charisma taking on a president who has very little ability but a ton of charisma – at least as far as the low-information voter is concerned.

Then the GOP front man (or woman) needs to make the Republican case in language that even those low-information voters – “clueless” is the less diplomatic way to describe them — can understand.  Here’s what he or she might say:


“If we continue spending money we don’t have, before you can say The Great Depression we will be in one, except this one will be worse than the first one.

“When interest rates go up – and they inevitably will — we will spend every penny we take in on paying off our debt.  Every. Single. Penny.

“That means we won’t have any money for the Army, the Navy, the Air Force or the Marines.  We won’t have any money for the FBI.  No money for interstate highways or national parks.  No money for anything except paying off the Chinese and everyone else who loaned us money.

“And this president either doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it.  Since he doesn’t understand anything about growing the economy, he’s happy just to “spread the wealth around,” as he told Joe the Plumber.  Except there won’t be any wealth to spread around.

“And there’s something else he wants to do:  make government bigger.  He will never cut spending in any serious way.  He will never make a move to reform entitlements.  He thinks government is the answer to everything.

“We Republicans tried to compromise.  We agreed to more than $800 billion in new taxes over the next 10 years.  We thought the president’s plan was to cut $3 in spending for every $1 in new taxes.  We compromised.  He reneged.

“And all he can talk about is making the rich pay their “fair share.”  Forget about raising taxes on the top 1 or 2 percent by a few percentage points.  If we took 100 percent of everything they’ve got, it wouldn’t begin to get us out of the hole we’re in.  That’s how irresponsible both Democrats and Republicans have been for a very long time.

“The only way out is to cut spending and then cut some more.  This president won’t do it.    He’s counting on you – the American people – not to understand how serious this problem is.

“Like everything else that happens here in Washington, this looks like just one more ugly, partisan political argument.  This time it isn’t.  This time it’s is about saving America.”


Then the GOP has to make the point – one I’ve written about in this space before – that they have seen the polls and they know they will take the blame for whatever goes wrong.  They know that the president will be seen as the Great Compromiser while they will be seen as obstructionists who care only about people with yachts. But under no circumstances, they need to say, will Republicans sell out the American people, no matter how much it may cost them politically.

Barack Obama has won two presidential elections with more than 50 percent of the vote.  The last Democrat to do that was Franklin Roosevelt.  So, my conservative friends, let’s not pretend that Mr. Obama doesn’t possess something the American people like.  That’s how he got re-elected despite chronically high unemployment and chronically low economic growth.

He has blamed President Bush for the economic mess he inherited.  And he got away with it. And he will blame Republicans in general if we slide into another recession, or even if the economy “merely” stagnates in his second term.  Memo to GOP:  Don’t let him get away with it any longer.  Make him own the mess he’s created.

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  • countryroad56

    They need to speak plainer than what you describe. They need to say there will not be anymore food stamps, welfare checks, etc. Stop calling it entitlements and speak plainly.

  • potvin

    I’m sorry but American stupidity is past the point of no return(See: Nov. 6).

    • Switchlight13

      Sadly, I agree

  • Switchlight13

    “Can a man love his country and hate its government? Of course. Ask Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Ask the patriots of ’76. This un-American and egalitarian fanaticism rearing its head today may one day force just such a question upon American patriots”………….Pat Buchanan.

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    This cliff avoidance law can now easily be labeled Obama’s. It is now up to folks like you in the media to make him own it, Bernie. I will do my part via social media, blogs, etc. I know I can count on you to do your part.

  • Switchlight13

    Another year of unemployment benefits making it 3 years now and will cost only 30 Billion. lol. Why work? I love Omerica, it’s Europe-West.



  • Venter

    Bernie who will tell Obama it is his mess. He is on t.v.. and I am watching him talk on this New Years Eve, He is reporting on what programs will be extended. I also have a blood pressure cuff on my wrist.. If it were possible, I would go through the T.V., give him a list of things we want him to do to correct the mess he seems to be enjoying. On the stage with him are Prop Middle Class People and he seems to be having fun and joking about staying in Washington for New Years Eve . He more than once blamed the Republicans for the MESS . He also said he wants a balanced deal for correcting the fiscal mess. Has Obama been told he has not had a balanced budget in 4 years. Has anyone told him he won the election and can stop campaigning . I had to come and write to you Bernie. Why don’t the the Republicans buy T.V. time on cbs,nbc,and abc and reach the people who voted for him and let them know what is really happening to them and America. Our president most have had to much Christmas candy because he acted poorly and his jokes were inappropriate for this t v. appearance.. America is suffering and he is joking and my blood pressure cuff just popped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Switchlight13

      Relax Dude! Living in Omerica isn’t easy these days unless your an illegal alien or other parasite on welfare.

  • BrianFruman

    The answer to Government spending is to tag payments to federal government workers to comps in the private sector. We should also tag spending by department to the the most efficient state and local comps. The states can’t print money so they have a model for education, infrastructure, medicaid and law enforcement that is more in line with reality. I also add that the great recession has provided companies with the ability to streamline with technology and productivity. Lets face it corporate America is doing a lot with little or no top line growth. We Need a CEO in charge of the Government and all legislative branches. No more career politicians on either the right or the left period.

  • Rick Paul

    We conservatives KNOW that the President’s policies will be bad for the economy. Some republican should have stepped up and said “Mr. President, send us your proposal, exactly as you want it, and we’ll get the votes to pass it. We do not sponsor it and we think that it will be terrible for the economy, but we believe it is better than sequestration. We will cooperate with you to stop protecting you from your own policies. We apologize to the American People in advance for the effects that this will have on our economy but the President has refused to compromise because of his liberal ideology. We have faith in teh American People that once the effects of our President’s misguided leadership are more tangible that we will turn around quickly and correct our course. Unfortunately taking a step backward is the only way to fix this mess over the long haul. The next year will be proof of the wrongheadedness of the President’s policies” Then the should have voted and passed it. We have then put ourselves in the position of pointing out the affects all along the way. It is obvious that people will not believe us at this point until they feel the pain themselves. This will not change while we stand on principal and fight these small battles and continue to be on defense. We need to play the long game, lose the battle and win the war.

  • Souvoter

    If only Burt Prelutsky could be their (rep) spokes person; even the dumb and dumber would understand what a terrific hoax has been played on the American people by Obama and his Hussein asylum (nutty democrats).

  • Bob Hadley

    The best that can be said of your staements about the tenets of Marism is that they are misguided and garbled. Actually, they are almost total nonsense. It’s as if you copied some blurb posted on the internet by a half-wit. Especally If you want the truth about something controversial, you ought to go directly to the source.

    Your comparison of the personal lives of Marx and Pres. Obama is full of pot holes and just stupid.

    If you’re going to be a critic, you first need to know what you’re talking about. Second, you need to understand that you can be negative without being critical and critical without being negative.

    There’s a lot out there for you to learn.

  • Switchlight13

    Merry Kwanzaa everyone. ( It is a holiday celebrated exclusively by idiot white liberals. Black people celebrate Christmas).

  • Bruce

    You can’t use the word “reneg” because it will be perceived as racist. Heck, the whole message will be considered as racist anyway so nevermind.

  • Switchlight13

    “Barack Obama issued an executive order to end the pay freeze on federal employees, in effect giving some federal workers a raise. One federal worker now to receive a pay increase is Vice President Joe Biden.
    According to disclosure forms, Biden made a cool $225,521 last year. After the pay increase, he will now make $231,900 per year”.

  • FloridaJim

    The left has always been anti-military and now, with Obama, they are saddled with two unending wars still costing us billions which we are now losing due to Obama’s poor leadership! We need a Christie to stand and defend conservatism and stop the obfuscating and the outright lies from Obama, Reid and Pelosi and their media.

    When a lie is told it should be confronted at once, when Obama obfuscates it should be told and outed, whenever Obama takes the microphone his words should be explained honestly to the public and not hide behind cowardly “congress-speak”.

    Call a lie a lie and a revenue a tax and demand term limits so we can end this debacle of lifetime employment for dolts who I would not keep one week.

  • Phil Silverman

    hey Bernie: Obama pays about 600 billion $$$ pey yr. to pay for INTEREST of the 11+ trillion $$$$ debt left to him. The unfunded wars wednt staright to that debt, as did the Bush II tax relief program, and pharma. program. Or isn’t that what Roger Ailes wants you to repeat andrepeat?

  • LennyPincus

    Evidently, Bernie only thinks about things for two seconds. Not a good trait.

  • IJustHaveAQuestion

    How about nationalizing the entire FED and the New York Mercantile Exchange?

    Then we can print our way out of debt and market basket the USD. The energy we use in the economy would always be relative to the worth of the USD and thus inflation would be held in check.

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    Speaker John Boehner is not dealing with his democratic opposition in the House so much as he is dealing with a President that is ram-roding a democratic party that is beginning to show cracks along the foundation I think. In any case, that is a mighty group of people Mr. Boehner is struggling with and with luck, he will win.
    I am not at all sure doing the cliff is a bad idea. I will watch ADAMENTLY as the President deals with the some $100+ billion dollars in welfare going to the illegal aliens and may his indigestion be very high if he doesn’t select the American People.

  • Switchlight13

    Phoney tears: Parents of survivors at Newtown ask to sue State despite law of immunity. Americans have no shame. Its all about get rich quick. Same as 9/11 families & responders in NYC.

  • Stephanie S

    Are you seriously saying the low-info voter understands words like “reneged”? What is that? You negged someone to do something and had to ask again? Ditto for “inevitably.” Is there a place called “Evitably”? Hey, is that where you get the Obamafone? I’m down with that, let’s go.

  • Ronald S. Jordan

    Just to me mean spirted, Bernie you don’t know Jack and the rest of you consevative idiots sat on your hands when Bush was handing out free stuff to his rich cronies. Now you want to cry and blame the Obama administration concerning the fiscal doomsday situation we as a nation face. We have had four years of a party in power that came to that power based on changing the face and the policies of the country. Instead they sat on their hands, with the single intent of defeating President Obama. They lost, you all lost and the way things are going the American public will lose again, because of the stupidity of the current Congress.

    • KingDavidCaul

      Harry Reid is the most powerful individual in congress, Ronald S. …But I wouldn’t say he is “stupid” as much as amorally and shamelessly retched. And BTW, the “word is out” that he is a murdering, sodomising pedophile. I’m not saying it’s true, just that “the word is out” and he seems reluctant to prove he isn’t!. (A lovely tatic of sinister slander Harry himself introduced to us on the floor of the “respectable” branch of congress he leads). Thanks for the budgets Harry!

  • Shane

    Obama and the Democrats have no intention of cutting spending. They will get their tax increase, and soon they will ask for another. Democrats have no shame and no honor. They will spend our country into another great depression.

    • Switchlight13

      Their “base” is high school dropout Homies in “da hood” who depend on the Govt for their very survival. To dumb to make it on their own. They’re only good for out of wedlock births and violent crime. The Masa’s on the Democrat Plantation love them.

      • newyorker

        Another racist statement by one of the geniuses who gets his info from people like Limbaugh, O’Reilly and Beck..

        • Switchlight13

          Got white guilt? Truth hurts. You see racism in everything that surrounds you.

        • Compassion for Kids

          I say kibbutz kids born as “livestock.” Their parents get checks for every head, just like they are cattle. They get government goodies for kids born to unmarried homes. Liberals don’t care that those kids are getting abused in unspeakable ways. Liberals all know the kids are born as livestock. Loving kibbutzes like in Israel long ago would give these kids a chance. Israel raised smart, responsible people, even though they were in a new country in a barren land. Make criminals build the kibbutzes or get an organization going like the CCCs built things during the Great Depression. Kibbutzes for kids to live in, would take away the incentive to have babies as livestock. The only thing the kid’s parents should get for free, is birth control. Wonderful, real licensed nurses could be the “aunties” taking care of the kids in the kibbutzes. Liberals! stop crimes committed against the livestock babies by building kibbutzes! It is much less expensive too in the long run. Where is your heart? Sure if a parent wants to raise their kid by themselves fine, but no government money should be given, it just makes the problem worse.

  • catholicvoter

    Bernie is absolutely right that we need an excellent speaker to say precisely what he outlined above. If only we had someone with the nerve to say it. I know whatever Republicans say will be spun by the media but if they were to explain what is really happening, at least perhaps some people would get it who do not now.

  • Joer1

    The problem could not be more clear. The question that needs to be answered is: What needs to be done? There seems to be no answer. The Republicans have NO spine and NO core!

  • Bryan

    Gotta love how this place is moderated. Sorry for trying to make a discussion happen

  • Gizmo

    Good Message, Bernie! A home that continues spending w/o the finances destroys itself. Our money is worthless since it’s no longer backed by metals, so our financial dealings are backed by “the goodness of the USA”. That lasts only as long as the USA is able to pay bills. Obama has tried printing more money but that speeds devaluation, making our debt even higher.
    It will HURT in the short-term, but this government MUST cut spending – any & all waste including unused, unneeded bureaucracies (helium storage comes to mind!), leaders need to lead & immediately take not only a pay cut but a benefits reduction including the life-long insurances & retirements. Remove all the “czars”, eliminate all multiple layers of government, eliminate several Cabinets that should have been left to the States – HUD & Education come immediately to mind. Yes, there will be weeping & gnashing of teeth for those immediately affected but this is to save our Nation. They can be given severance packages & training to learn to go out & EARN their living instead of milking the government cow!
    And on and on….

    • newyorker

      If your money is “worthless” send it to charity…They will gladly take your worthless assets.

  • mcweijun

    We don’t have to worry about Smiley finishing the job he set out to do 4 years ago Bernie. No. Korea, Putin and the radical Muslims will beat him to it. They will not wait 4 years and take a chance that America might elect a president who loves this country and might put it’s interests ahead of the rest of the world. I know you don’t believe in Jesus and I know you don’t want me to pray for you Bernie, but when I pray for our nation, it feel funny to say except for Bernie. Sorry.

  • Switchlight13

    Will whites get affirmative action once they become a minority?….or will they suffer in a Holocaust?….”but…but….but…it can’t happen here” said the German lady in 1933.

  • Douglas Haase

    I agree with you 100% give this guy everything he wants. This country has already tanked and if they told us the truth there would be chao’s . The only way for the GOP to win again is to have this place show its true colors. Both sides are to blame and we need an overhaul in Washington…or let the states succeed and do their own thing…then the blue states would fall apart.

  • Michael Bowler

    There is no “outfoxing Obama”, the media will spin and twist anything any republican says and the low information voters will buy it all.
    There are two hard choices:
    1. Let Obama have exactly what he wants and do so in a way that ensures the entire population understands it was his ideas in play. Allow the public to judge the result, it will be bad.
    2. Fight tooth and nail, give in on nothing and stand on your principles…no matter how poorly the press treats you. It’ll be a loss, unless people suddenly become properly informed…a loss.
    Boehner has already chosen the third option: snivel and whine and cave at the last minute, take all the blame and be a good little RINO.

  • Iklwa

    “…dutifully repeat whatever he says.” And absolutely without any questions.

    As far as the “Moron vote” goes (Rush aptly refers to that crowd as “morons”), what do we expect from a population educated over the past thirty years (remember those hippies?) by a system flush with liberals, progressives and communists?

    They know that an uninformed public is a malleable public and they have gotten the so long worked for desired result.

    • Billo

      So when Americans voted for Bush they were informed but when they vote for Obama they are not? Interesting how Republicans are for democracy and “love America” until they lose an election?

      • Iklwa

        The facts bear out my postulation.

        The American electorate is a fickle beast.

        When the electorate votes for the best long-term policies
        for the country, they are better informed than when they vote for their own,
        short term interests (i.e. what’s in it for me today?).

        Clearly a majority of voters were persuaded by liberal
        talking points and their lack of willingness to take responsibility for their
        own actions in re-electing a President who by his own admission believes in a
        big government, cradle to the grave, Eastern European socialist form of
        government…even if he is unwilling to name his ideology as such for fear of
        creating a panic in the moron electorate. By any account one can not characterize
        that as an “informed electorate”.

        The morons may not know much but they do know that socialism
        has been long associated with the communist movement. Even if they can’t accurately
        describe what that means, the education system has not been able to fully
        sanitize the term and it is still viewed as un-American…which it most certainly
        is un-American.

  • ron

    The repubs do not understand how to “Make him own the mess he’s created.”
    They are clueless!

  • Stephen Boone

    People are stupid enough to believe that Obama doesn’t WANT another recession. They think that a bad economy will hurt him. Just like FDR prolonged the depression which could have been over by 34 AT THE LATEST Obama knows that the WORSE IT GETS THE BETTER FOR HIM. My family was district chairs and membership chairs in the precint etc etc etc but my mom when I said that Roosevelt had done the wrong things for the economy said 70 years later, Well everybody would have STARVED. That is how effectively the BS was pounded into her growing up. FDR is the only reason everybody didn’t DIE!!! Not true, but Americe believed it and Obama will sell the same idea. If not me — THEN MICHELLE !!! thats 12 more years.. How many of us will NEVER SEE A PRESIDENT NOT NAMED OBAMA for the rest of our lives???? THINK THINK THINK .

    • newyorker

      Another bitter whiner who is now citing that well known economist..his grandmother…

  • Bob Cordon

    We got what we paid for. Our taxes paid for a public education system that was designed specifically to indoctrinate children into “learning” the socialist/communist values as an accepted way of life.

    Personal responsibility and accountability have been replaced by “social justice” and race-based victimization. The white man is evil, and alwys has been. The new values are “we’re not going to take it anymore”, and “I’m gettin’ mine.
    Thinking for ones self is discouraged, and the herd mentality drives much of our public discourse. Ignorance of facts and traditional values are what we paid for.

  • John Henry Lawton

    There seems to be a reluctance by the GOP to “scream louder and more often” than the socialists. If the GOP does not get their own propaganda apparatus ramped up to the levels(and tactics) of the Democrats Chicago Machine, they will continue to cede the initiatve to the opposition who will continually brand them as obstructionists, out-of-touch, racists, radicals or any other label that smears the party, and maligns the party platform and their message.(All the while ramping-up the Dems cache of “cool”) For instance, Republicans need to quit turning up their collective noses at appearing on the View, late night talk shows, early morning talk shows, SNL and Dancing with the Stars; because this is apparently where our electorate gets their information from!
    I do believe that about 56% of the electorate are “low information voters”. But, I also believe most Americans are that way by choice. Unlike the writers of these blogs, cable news, talk-radio, politicians, and we commenters, (those that represent the other 30%) most Americans just don’t care about, or particularly like politics. They merely tolerate it. Thus the Republican party must take a lesson from the socialists and feed their message in small bits and pieces( but, louder and more often) in venues and format that is palatable to the low-information voter…or be resigned to irrelevance.

    • newyorker

      So Republicans are high information voters? Must be some real geniuses in Red States like West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia…

  • tjr1writer

    The GOP has cornered the market on the most clueless, irresponsible, and goofball politicians ever to invade Washington. These guys and gals have been bitch-slapped for four years, and apparently love the abuse.

    The party has no articulate leader … no articulate message … no articulate platform on which to run.

    As campaigners, Republicans stands a a collective joke. They’ve been outmaneuvered, out-strategized, and out-thought on every important issue, and have allowed Democrats to establish and push whatever agenda they deem fit.

    It’s a party that pretty much stands as a laughing stock –a party with an “every man for himself” mindset whose only individual concern is RE-ELECTION. They are cowards because they dare not take a position other than the ones dictated by special-interest lobbyists .

    As campaigners, they rank as pure, unadulterated buffoons.

    • Switchlight13

      And you voted for the guy who Al Sharpton, the “free phones” lady, the Black Panthers voted for…………lol

  • Matthew Jacobs

    Bingo: Obamas credo has no idea how to create wealth. So he sticks with the low risk course of passing out money, after all when compared to improving the economy there are no matrixes to gauge how well you are doing at moving money around.
    “And this president either doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it. Since he doesn’t understand anything about growing the economy, he’s happy just to “spread the wealth around,” as he told Joe the Plumber. Except there won’t be any wealth to spread around”

  • Stephen Boone

    Now the LEADERS of the Republicans have a different task. They need to INVADE these Sunday and Morning shows and the afternoon talk shows. They didn’t invite you?? GO ANYWAY. BRING YOUR OWN CAMERAMEN, DEMAIND WHY ARE WE NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK. WHY ARE YOU TELLING ONLY ONE SIDE? SCREAM AND YELL AND DEMAND A CHANCE TO TALK. Then, at night WATCH the entertainment shows or have you KIDS wATCH — and ask them to note when characters speak the Dem line and PROTEST PROTEST PROTEST. CALL SPONSERS. Tell them Why should I buy your products when you sponser shows the are destroying my country?????????????

  • sean1

    Great piece, Bernie.

  • Stephen Boone

    One thing EACH of us needs to do is explain to the Democrats and Obama voters we know that we are NOT engaging in name calling when we say the President is a Marxist. We just recognize ( those of us that actually DO know Marx ) the statements he makes and therefore we realize that they have been proven wrong in the past. He states that the Government has exactly the same expenses when it does something like provide insurance as a private company, but the company “needs to charge more because they have to make a profit.” He explained this on TV recently and said, “it always costs more for private companies to do something, but we allow it because that;s the American tradition.” WRONG WRONG WRONG. The people you speak to have HAD JOBS and they KNOW BETTER. Tell the bank teller or check out person or mechanic.. If you have someone here that does no work they get fired. In the government they hire another person but the nonworker stays. Have them look up civil service facts. How many have been fired in the last TEN YEARS????? TWO., That;s right. More employees than ANY private american business but NOBODY EVER LOSE THEIR JOB. That is why government ALWAYS costs A LOT MORE . Get people the THINK. THINK. THINK.

    • Bob Hadley

      “One thing EACH of us needs to do is explain to the Democrats and Obama voters we know that we are NOT engaging in name calling when we say the President is a Marxist.”

      OK, explain to me how it is that President Obama is a Marxist. Some of the basic tenets of Marxism are dialectical materialism, historical determinism and the Labor Theory of Value. What evidence is there that President Obama adheres to these basic tenets?

      Since you’re one of the ones who knows Marx, I’m sure you’re familiar with these concepts.

      Would Marx have supported the Wall Street bailout? The bailout of GM and Chrystler? Quantitative Easing?

  • newyorker

    Once again Bernie spouts a bunch of tired old cliches and Republican talking points for the Fox News crowd. The deficits are caused by too much defense spending, government waste and tax loopholes for corporations and the wealthy…

    • Switchlight13

      But not Big Mama on Medicade with 5 kids from 5 different men. She’s also suckling on SCHIP, WIC, Free lunches/breakfast, housing subsidies, EIC etc etc etc


    This Yid Goldberg and everybody on this forum can add,subract, etc,, Where is the gulden going to come from? We are not bankrupt, we are broke. We are like England. 1890.1903,1914.You support the global coin, When you deposit in fractional bank, it is not your money it is a loan. S.E. S.A, says they have 244 Trillion! backing their game! This is insane. It is England 1930 until Truman pull the cork in 1947. We are receeding into nothing, we are jumping into a “insinkung” of 1930.Gold does not support money, money suppozrts Gold; see Germany 1945.

    • Tony Chopkoski

      While gagging on your pre-inaugural invitation, did you perhaps notice the cat’s worm pills mixed in with it?

  • Tony Chopkoski

    Yea, Boehner has all the charisma of an undertaker asking around if he has the cheapest cremation prices. A real hot dogger is needed to juice Obama, to shred his charisma. You see, people today, or, a lot of them, don’t care what you say, just so long as you look good saying it. And Obama has no idea of how economics works, He just knows how to sell himself.

  • freeinaz

    Those are all very good points Mr. Goldberg, however, the GOP just can seem to get their message out due to the treasonous media. I’ve heard a number of GOP representatives say the things you said they should and the media fails to put it out there. We no longer have a media which wants the truth, they are more interested in pushing their agenda which mirrors that of Obama’s.

  • Jim Pell

    You’re right, Bernie, but being right doesn’t matter, when they aren’t listening. Why should they listen, they just won an election, and the media is still slapping them on the back. The country is begging to be bitch-slapped.

  • Sheryl

    Great article, but you forgot one thing. GOP needs to hire someone as evil and well-versed in Alinsky tactics as Axelrod is. And they definitely need a spokesman with more charisma, and more chutzpah! GOP lives under the delusion that most Americans are well informed on the issues, so they make assumptions that leave important facts unsaid, and unreported.

    For example, a new, credible report puts blame for the recession squarely on Dem policies (, but has anyone on the right ever mentioned this? Nope, they just sit there like dopes when their Dem counterparts blame all of Obama’s shortcomings on the “Bush-caused recession”.

    • Bob Hadley

      “Great article, but you forgot one thing. GOP needs to hire someone as evil and well-versed in Alinsky tactics as Axelrod is. ”

      They did previously. They had Karl Rove. But Axelrod out-Roved Karl. Now they have to get someone on their side to out-Rove Rove. :)

  • Maury

    I agree, Bernie, but please name one Republican that has the anatomy to stand up and tell the truth to the American public. Where are Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and the rest of the Republican hopefuls currently hiding on the sidelines trying to keep their skirts clean. I feel sorry for John Boehner. He may be stodgy, but at least he’s doing the best he can to make the Republican case. Name one young gun Republican that has the ***** to go on national TV (and all the media) and say… “Look, Mr and Mrs America, we Republicans are brave enough to take a stand for our country, our children, and our children’s children, and take the flak for it. We accept that we will blamed anyway no matter what we do, and we are willing to risk our political futures to save our nation. Why? Because we put country above politics. So, here’s the unvarnished truth… When the excrement hits the fan, and it WILL; when this country goes belly up, and it WILL; don’t blame us. We were the voices crying in the wilderness but you wouldn’t listen. Now we have become Greece revisited.”

    • newyorker

      The Republican case? Other than low taxes for the wealthy and corporations what else are the Republicans in favor of?

      • Switchlight13


        • newyorker

          Another cliche,,,,when you have nothing to say or no answer use a cliche like “smaller government” “freedom to innovate” etc…

  • Mr. 20/20

    Amazing how the doom and gloomers only whine when a Dem is in the White House….

    • Bob Hadley

      That’s an EXTREMELY important point!

    • Porkbevr

      Amazing how the economic policies Harry and Nancy (and even Obammy) decried under G.W. are the very ones they champion now…… Touche’.

  • Tim in California

    Yes sir Bernie…. the GOP continues to be its worse enemy… they desperately need an eloquent, strong, ballsy, spokesman (woman) to take on the media, President, and cultural left….

  • nickshaw

    Zero’s projection, should he get his tax increase on the “rich”, of $1.7 trillion will never happen.
    We know White House projections are even worse than those issued by the CBO.
    The “rich” will always find a way around high taxes so we know what his next step will be. Anyone making more than $100K will be next on the block.
    Let him own it.
    Republicans have to get out there and warn about the coming collapse. All of them. All of the time.
    Expecting just Boehner to talk about it is a fool’s errand. The majority of the American population are low or no information. I’ll bet that not one out of five would recognize a picture of him or tell you who he is. This has to be pounded on the local level where there might be some recognition. Might.
    As to a new leader, there is not one in congress that I could name that would command the respect of the nation at large. Oh, there are a couple who are well known by people in their districts, states or by those who visit here. Some are fine men and women but, a new, fresh, charismatic person is necessary and I might suggest a woman.

  • ted

    Obama gets up every day and his first thought is, ‘How can I blow more of the American tax payer’s money?” All you pundints talk about is how the dim witted yet charasmatic Obama has put the GOP on the ropes. How about telling the real story about what Obama’s lifetime goal is; it’s to destroy America and the capitalism that makes us America. And he’s almost there now.

  • John Tashjian

    I, for one, can only hope that the GOP will finally get their heads out of the sand (and waxy sand out of their ears) and actually let your words, Mr. Goldberg, SINK IN. Maybe then, this country will have a chance at a recovery.

  • tb thomas

    1. We’ve been spending money we don’t have for 4 decades, and never suffered any negative consequences. Why should any of the indolent and ignorant American voters pay any attention to predictions of economic calamity?

    2. When the economic calamity does hit — as it will, and very soon — who will be in charge of cleaning up the mess? That’s right: Obama, the Democratic Congress, and the “civil parasites” in the federal government who are entitled to their jobs and their benefits no matter what happens to the private sector.

    3. Will the mainstream media be out of a job? Not in the least: they’ll be more in demand than ever, reporting on the new national order that will be dictated by Washington D.C.

    Who’s to blame? Aside from the perpetrators themselves, it’s the House Republican majority which could have put a stop to the looting of the nation’s credit and currency by Obama in August of 2011, and didn’t. They’ll have another chance in about two months — and they’ll do exactly the same thing they did the last time: let the plunder continue.

  • Bob Macchia

    And as we approach the fiscal cliff, the republicans will give in to Obamas demands or we will go over the cliff. The republicans will be blamed either way, because of the foolish politically uneducated people who want their entitlement programs. Happy New Year Bernie.

  • SeattleSam

    Did Roosevelt ever take the blame for the eight years of depression he sustained? No, it was all Hoover’s fault. Just like now it’s all Bush’s fault. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody heard it, did it really make a sound? If the GOP makes the case that the Democrats are responsible and nobody hears it, did it really happen? The brain-dead majority only hears what gets reported on Comedy Central, MTV and The View.

  • Juggy

    Nothing will get fixed until the money runs out and, by then, it will be too late. Let’s hope the Russians and/or Chinese have a soft spot in their hearts and let us surrender peacefully.

  • Bryan

    Bernie, just a question for a rational discussion. If you inherit a disaster and you only get 25-50% of what you would want to fix it and you have to give all sorts of concessions in the process–how exactly is it fair to say you “own” or “created” the mess? Is that not a fair question ?

    • Bob Hadley

      That’s great question! It’s also a pregnant question

    • Brian_Bayless

      Well, people here think that the fact he inherited a recession and 2 wars we couldnt afford is not Bush’s fault. Bush’s 2nd term was a disaster. Of course that would have an effect on Obama’s 1st term, being as he inherited the job from him.

      By the way, Where were the deficit hawks when the Iraq war was bankrupting this country? Where were the people calling for Obama’s impeachment over Benghazi when Pat Tillman’s death was covered up andwhen the WMD’s were proved to be non-existent?

      Lots of Republican posters here just display facts to make their party look good and support their arguments and when those in their party make the same mistakes, you dont hear a peep and when the big, bad “MSM” comment on that, they are just “leftists” pushing their big ol’ “communist and socialist” agenda. The MSM argument is getting really old by the way.

      Speaking of the communist/socialist talk from conservatives about Obama, go speak to a person who has defected or moved to this country from one that was under a communist rule and compare tales. They would laugh in your face about what you perceive as communism. That crap from the whiny conservatives is just as bad as anything you hear from the left.

  • Al

    It’s time conservatives get a new leader. Boehner is a nice guy but we are losing the political battle in part because he is not a great leader nor has the personality to leqd. We need a leader that’s got some balls to call Obama out and expose him for the ignorant, stiff necked, arrogant person he is! Playing patty cake with lunatic liberals only pushes the American foundation and belief system deeper in the hole. Come on Harry Reid, really? Reid is a pathetic leader and should have been trumped along time ago. Conservatives need to wake up! It ain’t that hard it just takes some damn balls ala John Wayne or Clint Eastwood style!! SOME WHAT ALL OBAMA OUT NOW !!!!!

  • itasara

    So how do we make this President own his mess? Complain all we want and that wont change anything.

  • Ted Crawford

    I truly believe that America is finished as a World Power! Oh there will undoubtedly be the fits and jerks that always accompany a sudden death, but the end is here, now, and BY DESIGN (Fundamentally Change America)!
    What little glimmer of hope might exist can only be realized with a strong and deserning Speaker in the House! He or She will need to be strong enough to make and carry out the tough decisions. Deserning enough to know when compromise is the wise choice and when to hold the line. Patriotic enough to accept the fact that they will almost assuredly be replaced in 2014, because as Ross Parrot said, if we are to have any hope of surviving this EVERYBODY will have to “Bleed” !

  • stmichrick

    I think step one is to neuter the ‘blame Republicans for everything’ strategy that has been so successfully employed. Every pronouncement by Republicans should be prefaced by, and along the lines of, ‘we understand your perception of this problem, but stop and think…’ about the common sense issue, without mentioning Obama’s name.
    In other words, make it a given that He has some immunity because he’s the First Black President’ and make the facts be the issue, not the person. I have concluded that strident language about Obama has shut a number of otherwise reasonable minds and allowed him to get away with taking us down the socialist road to ruin.
    Think of how an ordinary, low-information, black voter hears the Mitch McConnell sound byte a couple years ago about the goal of removing this president. After that they did not want to hear anything else. However, many of these same voters have the common sense to know that massive debt will ruin us all and, at some point, will come to understand that sticking it to the rich is not a solution to that. In order for that point to come, criticism of leftist policy has to be de-coupled from the personality cult of Obama.

  • Ken

    P.S. “Americans” do NOT want anything Obama has. One-World Progressive “U.S. Citizens”, the end result of decades of suicidal immigration policy, refusal to defend our borders, and allowing the “We Be Socialist” Education System to brain-wash our children, THEY want what Obama has.

  • Ken

    Politicians NEVER “own” the messes they create. WE end up owning them.

  • Guest

    Right on Bernie. Why don’t you headline O’Reilly some time?

  • Switchlight13

    Four Billion Dollars well spent: “The State Department has issued a revised Haiti travel advisory, warning Americans planning to travel to the Caribbean island nation about robbery, lawlessness, infectious disease and poor medical facilities”. Guess its a black thing we wouldn’t understand but Obama does.

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    Couldn’t agree more, Bernie.

  • GlenFS

    It’s always easier to sell a sweet lie than a bitter truth. Still all of Bernie’s ideas will help.

  • Robert Z

    Dear Bernie, I agree with your “Make him own it.” philosophy, but I disagree with the fact that you can live with Boehner as Speaker of the House. Firstly, any man who cries in public, apparently about himself in regards to getting the speakership, is not fit for public duty. In my opinion it shows weakness, not something you want in someone who’s Speaker of the House. Newt Gingrich must have been shaking his head and laughing when he first saw that all over the television. The problem starts with poorly delivery from the speakers chair. I switch channels as quickly when I see Boehner as when I see Obama. Everything in your commentary I agree with, your always on target.

    • Switchlight`13

      And I thought I was the only one who switched channels when Obama appeared on the screen.

  • Switchlight13

    Look who is running the country: Obama, Michelle, Jarrett and Holder. Whats the common denominator here? And Americans thought the track record would be different in the USA?

    • newyorker

      The common denominator? Now you tell us that black people are running the country….

  • Venter

    It is impossible for Obama to own the fiscal mess. The MSM loves him and has not reported on what is Obama responsibility. What company works without a Balanced budget.?

    We could also have Obama go on t.v. and make an announcement to the world that there will be no foreign aid available until we get our fiscal house in order. That money could go to our debt and to suffering Americans to purchase things they need and that would help businesses and help boost the economy .
    Like us out here the government could start cutting corners. We all cut our holiday spending. No vacations. Monitor our gas mileage. (we don’t use Air force#1) Cut food, lighting. heating, clothing,bills. Households cut corners in a safe way. I don’t understand why cutting the military is so important to Obama.. These times are dangerous and we have be safe . Obama does own this mess so who will report it or explain it to him?

  • BobinVT

    The funny thing about Obama is that he thinks the Defense department is bloated and wasteful, deserving of the budget ax. But for some reason he believes that the rest of the federal government is efficient and should be expanded.

    • Phil Silverman

      Really? Obama has not expanded Fed. gov’t except FOR Defense and Veteran’s programs becaus of the two unfunded wars! At one point he dismissed 600,000 Fed. workers.

      • Shrinque

        And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen: The perfect example of the low-information (read “clueless”) voters which Bernie, quoting Rush, just told us about. This poster is either a troll, posting on behalf of the WH or DNC, or is a product of the American public school system which the lefties have purposefully destroyed and turned into leftist re-education camps.

        “Mr. Silverman” (quotes necessary, as I am convinced that is not the posters’–not a typo, this is a group–real name): Have you ever heard of Obamacare? Right there your entire statement is disproven. And there are trillions (literally) of examples of the reckless spending by Obama.

        • Phil Silverman

          Sorry, wrong. and “troll” is (politically speaking) very tired by now and indicative of non-original thinking. by the way, son, you’d never dream of calling me that to my face – the face of PHILIP SILVERMAN. Ok? No need 4 quotes. >>>>The Fed. gov’t expanded under Obama only due to the two unfunded wars and the “fallout” with the need for Veteran’s programs. He has SPENT on the INTEREST on the 11+ trillion $$$$ debt left to him. Yes, he’s also spent on investment in the labor force, which his adversaries have declared war on, retrurning stimulus $$$$ and systematically declining on infrastructure contracts. Re. the “re-education camps” – complain to the Kochs and the dozens of schools they have sent $$$$ to so that their John Birch legacy continues.

          • Guest

            Well, I must apologize. Apparently Mr. Silverman is indeed a real person. I made assumptions based on the quality of his regurgitation of Democrat talking points, and, this one time, I was wrong, and I am indeed sorry, Mr. Silverman. Having seen your facebook page, I see that you are indeed a real person and that you are not a group. Rather, you are a Democrat operative,

          • Shrinque

            Please accept my apologies, Mr. Silverman. A quick check of your FB page reveals you are indeed a real person and not a group. I made assumptions based on my past experiences on these message boards with the type of hackneyed regurgitation of Democrat talking points you display in all of your posts on this topic. I was wrong to assume you were paid group of party operatives and I am sorry. I now know that you are an individual Democrat operative who is the lone dissenting voice on this topic, making snarky comments to all who agree with Mr. Goldberg. You may find the term “troll” tired, but, if the shoe fits . . .

            Anyway, all that being said, you’re still laughably incorrect regarding Obama’s not expanding government. No one with an IQ above room temperature believes your drivel and your descent into adhominem just proves how desperate you are. So, I guess you are the example of the low-information voter Bernie and Rush decry.

      • BobinVT

        Your citiation of Obama dismissing 600,000 federal workers is, to quote Joe Biden, malarkey. What exactly does “at one point” mean? Because the only dismissal that means anything is a PERMANENT dismissal. If you furlough someone for a few days, as has happened in the past and then they return to work, that is not a meaningful dismissal. I guess dems like Mr. Silverman can convince themselves that this is a cut. Federal workers on furlough have always gotten back pay for the days they were furloughed even though they did not work those days. Having said that, I don’t believe President Obama ever furloughed any federal workers, certainly not 600,000. Please provide a citation for this claim. The administration did not even dismiss the four State department officials that it said were “removed” in the wake of the Benghazi report. They are back on the job, and any time away appears to have been on administrative leave, which translates to being paid for not showing up at work.

        • Phil Silverman

          600k were dismissed but obviously many were put on re-employment lists. Other than military (Fed.) spending…he has spent at a lower rate than Bush II and about HALF of Reagan. and he has had to sepnd about 3 trillion $$$ on the INTEREST of what he inherited. Or does that not jive with what Roger Ailes’ says?

          • BobinVT

            I asked you for a citation referencing the 600,000 dismissed federal employees that you claim. What I get is you just restating that 600K were dismissed. How about some proof of what you say from a media report, CBO, something? What the heck do you mean that “obviously many were put on reemployment lists”? What is obvious about that? You seem to be saying that the bulk of the 600K were not really dismissed.
            I’ll say it again…the only dismissal that means anything is a PERMANENT dismissal. The whole business about Obama spending at a lower rate that Bush and Reagan was based on one report from a liberal source that was immediately debunked even by the mainstream media. Of course it was
            milked by MSNBC et al for all the propaganda they could get out of it. I haven’t seen that report referred to in months. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

            By the way, according to data from the U.S. Treasury ( cited below, the interest on the federal debt during Obama’s four years in office totalled just over $1.6 trillion.

            Fiscal Year

            2012 $359,796,008,919.49

            2011 $454,393,280,417.03

            2010 $413,954,825,362.17

            2009 $383,071,060,815.42

            So your claim that he was saddled with $3 trillion from previous debt is another gross exaggeration. It’s ironic that you and your ilk love to toss out references to Roger Ailes and Fox News like we’re all zombies just following their talking points. I like dealing with facts and real numbers. So far you made two claims that are numbers based. I’ve shown the $3 trillion interest on the national debt claim to be a lie. I’m still waiting for proof of your other claim of 600K federal employees dismissed. Although you do seem to be walking that back with your statement about them obviously being put on reemployment lists.

  • Bruce A.

    Another good one Bernie. After reading this column & numerous ones like it I get the impression the patients are now in charge of the asylum.

  • EddieD_Boston

    Liberals are irrational and sometimes just plain stupid. Is there any other explanation for voting for such terrible president? The guy is completely in over his head. He isn’t a leader. Not even close.

    • Bob Hadley

      “Liberals are irrational and sometimes just plain stupid.”
      That’s one possibility. Another possibility is that you’re shooting in the dark.

  • DOOM161

    By my count, 50.6% of the voting public consists of ignorant voters.

    • Bob Hadley

      How did you come up with that figure? Did you count (and interview) the 120 million or so voters? If you’re relying on a poll, please provide a link.
      My hunch is that you simply disagree with how they voted. Maybe you’re the ignorant one.

      • DOOM161

        How else do you explain 50.6% of voters voting to reelect Obama’s record?

        • Bob Hadley

          “How else do you explain 50.6% of voters voting to reelect Obama’s record?”
          Easy. The bulk of President Obama’s voters in 2012 made a well-reasoned, informed decision. There were very good reasons to vote for President Obama in 2012 although many have blinded by Fox News, talk radio and their own negativity.

          • Michael Bowler

            That’s funny, Bob. I don’t care who ya are.

          • Joe No-Gibs

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You are totally clueless. Obviously and MSNBC viewer.Unfortunately you will find out in the coming years the terrible mistake you made voitng for Obama. We all will unfortunately.

          • Bob Hadley

            Thank-you for your well-reasoned and fact-based reply. It’s a tribute to your intellect.

            BTW, I pay more attention to the right-wing media than I do to the liberal media.

      • nickshaw

        I find Doom’s figure accurate but for not including all those that did not vote at all. They are just as ignorant.

        • Bob Hadley

          Please explain how you arrived at that figure. HINT: Saying someone whose vote you disagree with is ignorant is, in itself, ignorant.

          • nickshaw

            I use “ignorant” to indicate those who have not a clue as to the ramifications of having this empty suit and the Dims anywhere close to the levers of power.
            If that means I disagree with ignorant people who voted for, or agree with the policies of this man and his party, so be it.
            It will not be the one who has to explain to his grandchildren why they owe so much to so many because I agreed with the ignorant voters of today.
            Yes, the Republicans are responsible too but, not to the extent of Zero. Not even close.

            The crash is coming Bobby. And y’all will be running around like chickens with their heads cut off wondering what went wrong.
            But it’s the same thing that goes wrong with all socialist / communist run societies. The former just a bit more slowly.

            Of course, it will have had nothing to do with you, right?
            Good luck. You’ll need it before Zero gets through with you.

          • Bob Hadley

            You confirmed my suspicion, that you’re ignorant of Presdient Obama’s approach to correcting our current trajectory. Here’s the Cliff notes: when the economy is in the tank, demand for goods and services is low. It’s this demand that largely fuels the economy. Employment and the general economy will not come roaring back until there is more demand. President Obama wants to stimulate demand. Once the economy is on the upswing (and tax revenures are on the rise) he wants to cut spending and eventually pay down the debt.

            In summary, the Democratic approach to fixing the economy and our fiscal situation is three pronged: promote economic growth, make responsible budget cuts (to increase as the economy improves), and raise revenue (in addition to economic growth) through targeted tax increases.

            The right-wingers, fueled by Fox News, talk radio and the rest, demand immediate and hefty spending cuts and lower taxes. How does this increase demand in the short run? The truth is that is doesn’t. It’s possible that this would lead to economic growth many years from now, but in the short run it’d result in a serious recession, possibly world-wide.

            Why aren’t responsible coservatives advocating going over the so-called fiscal cliff? After all, doing so would result in deep, short-term budgert cuts. Herein lies the rub. Even conservative analysts say that it’d result in a recession, possibly world-wide. Why? Because demand would plummet along with steep, short-term gov. spending cuts.

            To paraphrase Newt Gingrich, the rightwingers are more intrerested in social engineering than in fixing our economy and fiscal situation. If you look at Paul Ryan’s budget plan, it increases the deficit by about $5 trillion over the next 5 or 10 years.

            Another aspect to increasing demand and growing our economy is fiscal certainty, e.g. tax policy, gov. spending and the debt ceiling increases. There’s well over $1 trillion is equity, much of it waiting to be invested in the economy. Our continual stop-and-go over fiscal policy is a major factor preventing economic growth.

          • nickshaw

            And a Krugman fan too.

          • Bob Hadley

            Is that the best you can do??????????????????? Are you so ignorant that you can’t come up with a well-reasoned, fact-based response? Is that how Fox News and talk radio teaches you to think?

          • nickshaw

            Nope. You’re just not worth wasting my time.

          • Bob Hadley

            You’re fibbing me nickshaw . you’ve spent so much time here already, why not adding some substance to your puffing?

            If hot air were brains, you’d be a genius.

          • JAMES PAINTER

            In your first paragraph you explain Keynsian economic theory perfectly. As you state, Keynsians claim that after government spending stimulates the economy, the spend should then STOP. The problem is the spending NEVER stops. Have you ever seen a government entitlement program ever eliminated or downsized after it served it’s purpose? The easy answer is no. Try reading a bit of Prof Milton Friedman’s work, free-market Capitalism, if you want to learn how the economy should work.

          • Bob Hadley

            During the Clinton era spending was substantially curved during the recovery. There, Congress and the president worked together to balance the gov.,

            I’m very familiar with Mr. Friedman’s works. He was very knowledgable utopian thinker. His vision of an almost pure capitalist society assumed that knowledge would flow freely thruoghout society and that, once in place, his almost pure captalist society would not be corrupted. But he was against any real laws or policies preventing such corruption.

            Too many ideologues assume that if only people were properly exposed to their p[oint of view, everyone would agree with them. When you think like that, it’s past time to stray from your bubble.

          • ROGERGB

            Bill Clinton was a fine President, Barack Obama is not a fine president and will most likely go down in history as the worst ever as he and Carter are running a close race.

          • Bob Hadley

            I don’t know how history will treat President Obama. I suspect his treatment will be more favorable than not.

            If Bill Clinton bedame president in ’09, he would probably have done a lot of the same things President Obama did. He would be much more adept, however, which would drive the right wingers even crazier than they are now.

            And remember much of the same crowd that was spreading hatred of Pres. Clinton from the moment he took office in 1993 is now spreading hatred of Pres. Obama.

          • Bob Hadley

            And if you think Bill Clinton was fine president, you must approve of his pushing through “the biggest tax increase in the history of the world.” Remember? That was the tax increase that many conseratives said would bring on ecomic armageddon.

          • Mike Graham

            So, correct me if I am wrong, But isn’t that tax hike in all actuality,The fical cliff? Once the Bush cuts expire, don’t we revert to the Clinton plan?

          • Bob Hadley

            Correcto! But the economy is much worse today than it was in the summer of ’93. That’s why Prersident Obama wants to keep the Bush tax cuts for about 98% of the consumers. That way demand won’t take a dive.

          • Mike Graham

            Well, now that the “cliff” has been “averted”, I see that your understanding of O’s motives is incorrect…3 minutes to read before a late night vote.
            The potus used this, as he has used anything else available, to push his agenda.
            A bill filled with pork, and no real solution to the problem, while spinning a gun ban to distract.

          • Bob Hadley

            Again, the short-term plan is to boost the economy by increasing demand, then (when the economy is finally on the upswing) make serious cuts and adjust tax policy.

            Most of the Repubs know that the economy will start to take-off once fiscal certainty is introduced. That’s probably one reason why they’re fighting President Obama at every step: they don’t want to economy to come roaring back under his watch.
            A lot of the Repubs in Wash DC, esapecially the crazies, are more interested in what Newt Gingrich called right-wing social engineering than in fiscal sanity. Just look at Paul Ryan’ proposed budget. It increases the debt by about $5 trillion over the next several years.

          • JAMES PAINTER

            Comparing the Clinton and Obama administration is unrealistic. First Clinton was not or ever has been a Keynsian, whereas Obama is almost pure Keynsian. The best thing about Clinton was he followed the hypocratic oath of “first do no harm”. When face with a bad situation i.e. Hillarycare

          • Bob Hadley

            “…Clinton was not or ever has been a Keynsian,”

            You either live in a parrallel universe or you make things up as you go along. Pres. Clinton was and still is a Keynesian. A few months into his presidency in 1993, Pres. Clinton tried to push through Congress a stimulus bill that was fairly hefty at that tiime. Although the bill failed, he later came up with backdoor methods stimulating demand.

            You need to read my post again. I said that Dr. Friedman advocated ALMOST pure capitalism. As i recall, he said that the only gov. service that should NOT be privatized was the military. In all fairness, I think he included law enforcement in that category. He only favored a few basic regulations but none that prevent laissez faire capitalism from being corrupted into conglomerate capitalism into monopoly capitalism into corporate socialism. How much of Friedman have you studied?

            As for Pres. Obama’s stimulus, there has been SOME waste and this waste was continously highlighted by the conservative media. It did play a role in saving our economy. For example, it saved jobs and created others. But it’s harder to appreciate something that was prevented than to demagogue some relatively small failures.

            As for looking in the mirror, I myself all the time. That’s one reason I interact with this website. I seek exposure to all kinds of views. In fact, I’m exposed to more views that challenge my views than that support my views. I don’t run away from facts that challenge my views. I distinguish between statements of fact and opinion. Apparently, you do very little of these things.

          • Walter Mattson

            So Obama wants to improve the economy? He says so in all of his talking points. However, the actual results of his first four years shows that he has done nothing. Absolute zero. The country is hanging on by a shoe string with nothing to show for Obama’s stimulus programs. I’ll give you one thing. Obama stopped the bleeding of GM but he hasn’t saved it. GM now wants more by requesting that the government forgive the loan. Even if the GM loan is forgiven and the US tax payer takes the loss in the shorts, Gm”s problems have not been solved. They will be back at the feed bag forever. The green energy plans that Obama thought would solve the US energy problems just made things worst. Solyndra and other green companies received tons of money and all of them have nothing to show for progress. In fact many have

          • Walter Mattson

            In fact, many have gone bankrupt or have gone to China for their production needs. Obama criticizes the large companies for shipping jobs to China but whenever his favorites do it nothing is said by him, the democrats or the MSM. Don’t you find that even a little hypocritical? If Obama had gone full speed ahead on the program that republicans wanted on energy, we would have had a real jump start in the economy. One that would match what ND is experiencing now in their energy fields. ND unemployment is around 1%. In addition, there would be a large economy boost to the remainder of the nation as fuel prices drop from by up to $2 per gallon. A $2 per gallon drop in fuel prices means $387 billion more dollars that would stimulate the economy. That is $3.87 trillion in government 10 year speak. All those funds without any government subsidy or tax payer funds since it would be done by capitalists and private funds. That is never going to happen as long as Obama is president because he believes that only government can create jobs. It is sad that the uninformed voters can not see though the propaganda that Obama has spread during all of his first four years and expect he will continue for the next four.

          • Andrea Rotondo

            Bob, You are promoting Keynesian fixes to an economy that isn’t following Keysian law. Keynes only promoted his fixes for a low demand economy assuming that we would be dealing with a cyclical downturn. However, that’s not what we have. We have a structural downturn. There is no lack of demand for goods and services, it’s just that there is no demand for the skills that people have. Rather than deal with that and fix the structure of the economy (i.e. reeducate people in the jobs that are in demand, we dig into our GNP and worse, borrow, to subsidize people who are basically economically worthless. Everything is outmoded in our economy, the politicians have blinders on when they think another stimulus will work. They don’t even know the beginning steps to get us out of the mess. All they, and you, can do is parrot strategies that worked in the 1950’s – it won’t work – welcome to the Greater Depression – welcome ot Athens.

          • Bob Hadley

            Great point! Stimulus spending should, in large part, be geared to getting workers trained or re-triained to needed areas. Unemployment insurance should be conditioned on getting some kind training, state and local gov. shuold make sure that training is available. This is a point Pres. Clinton makes in his recent book “Back to Work.
            It is my understanding, howwever, that there has been a real increase over the last two to fours of people enrolled in training and apprenticeship programs. It takes a while for this training to bear fruit.
            I do take issue with your statement that there is “no lack of demand for goods and services,” however. Irrespective of the origin of our economic woes and regardless of our increased economic growth, demand needs to be stimulated somewhat in the short-run.

          • Michael Bowler

            Don’t get upset, Bob. We just think think folks who fall for old style demagogues are kinda simple, it’s not that we hate you…we just have a hard time understanding why you’d admit so openly to being a dumbassmonkey.

          • Bob Hadley

            Hey Michael, did anyone ever teach you self-respect?

      • newyorker

        How do you explain those people who watch Fox News? Are they misinformed, ignorant or comatose?

        • Mike

          You want to talk about brain-dead, go to MSNBC. Or The Daily KOS. Or CNN. Or NBC. OR CBS. Or ABC. Or Current TV. Everything but FOX and some talk radio is left of center, sometimes psychotically so. Name one moderate or conservative reporter on NPR.

        • Bob Hadley

          You didn’t give me an “all of the above” option. :) LOL

      • ROGERGB

        The 50.6% Doom is talking about is the ignorant people that voted for Obama this time around and I blame the ignorant ones that voted for him for his first term. Bob Hadley if you can’t see what this jackass is doing to this country and see what direction it is headed you are part of the problem.
        You remind me of a guy in Canada that was giving me grief about socialism as he loves it and I feel it is going to be the demise of this once great nation. People like you Bob hopefully will live long enough to see if fall under a president that should have never been elected.

        • Bob Hadley

          You’re infected with the “Anyone who disagrees with me is ignorant” syndrome. You need to step outside your bubble and challenge yuor ideas. Then you’ll see who is ignorant.
          And yes, many who voted for President Obama are ignorant but many more who are anti-Obama are ignorant. Of course, there is valid criticism to be made of President Obama, but I see very little of it on this website.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie: Agreed. Have noticed several NPR “analysts” and AP articles stating, as a fact, that Rs are perceived as obstructionist and Ds as moderates, yet never hear NPR or see AP analyze the source of such perceptions. Also notice that when Ds (Nancy P comes to mind, but several others do same thing) are asked if we need to cut spending, first thing out of their mouth is how they just cut a trillion dollars from something, and I’ve never seen such a statement challenged by the press person asking the questions. Hope GOP realizes that best choice is to let this latest media driven crisis pass, there’s very rough terrain ahead whether they “cut a deal” or not. I predict that economy will get so bad even the press will turn on Obama and Ds (of course, after several more months or yrs of blaming Rs).

  • Expose Marxism

    What the Progressives have done to this country is immoral. We have a society of low information voters as predicted by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Adviser in the U.S. Department of Education. She blew the whistle on government activities about education and how the progressives where dumbing down the students deliberately. This is what they have created.

    Now more pointed to Mr. Goldbergs article is a report Just released, how convenient I know right? The report details how DEMOCRAT polices from Carter forward collapsed the housing market and the economy. It details the policies and whos they were. Democrat GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY.

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      No one was making bad loans to unqualified people until Democrats came along and threatened to drag banks into court and have them fined and branded as racists if they didn’t go along with the left’s Affirmative Action lending policies…all while federally insuring their losses


      Bulls eye, and in conjunction with this, look at the expansion of the ITIN loans to illegal aliens. It would be easier to get blood out of a rock, but there is still some data out there that tells us that was a screaming catastrophe. All of that effort also has to show up here: data disappears.

  • Bob hadley

    If low-information voters went for President Obama, the misinformation-voters and disinformation-voters are probably anti-Obama.

    • Switchlight13

      So Bob, you voted for the same person Al Sharpton, the Philly Black Panthers, the “free phones” lady and Rev Wright voted for?

      • Bob Hadley

        Oh yes, there’s one more category of voters who are anti-Obama: the wilfully ignorant voters, as exemplified by Switchlight. He’s on the same side as . Levine, Limbach, David Duke, Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain to mention but a few.

        He’s also a citizen (and presumedly a supporter ) of the countrythat sided with Joseph Stalin and Pinochet to mention but a few.
        Geeeeeez, will this guy ever get a grip?

        • Switchlight13

          I’ll take your answer as a “YES”.

          • Bob Hadley

            And I’ll take your non-response as a “YES.” :)

      • newyorker

        Bob, it appears that you voted for the same people those black people voted for…how dare you? LOL

  • Switchlight13

    The cowards in Wash DC never mention Medicade where high school drop outs are rewarded for having kids out of wedlock. Big Mama with 5 kids from 5 different men. WIC, EIC, SCHIP, Free breakfast/Lunch, crazy checks etc etc etc, It;’s all about protecting is Homies in the hood where grandparents are in their 30s and growing the Nanny welfare state in the USA. What kind of lowlifes could vote for someone Al Sharpton endorsed.

    • Newyorker

      Excellent racist rant….It’s those colored folks causing the problems…

      • Shane

        He didn’t mention race you lying liberal ahole! You just assumed he was taling about blacks, you racist.

        • Brian_Bayless

          He didnt say he was liberal, did he? You made that assumption the same way he called the post racist. You are a joke.
          By the way, what race of people do you think of when someone mentions “homies in the hood.”

        • ⓋcrandallgoldⓋ

          Of course Shane, how could anyone assume he was talking about black people when he used words like “homie”, “hood”, “Big Mama” and Al Sharpton. Are you incredible dense or just pretending to be?

        • Phil Silverman

          “BIg mama with 5 kids”? nah, that’s not racial.

      • Joe No-Gibs

        No race mentioned in his comments. You seemed to put a race in there. Take a look in the mirror racist.

    • Phil Silverman

      Your racially charged post will be reported. By the way, alot of segregationists wanted Romney to win.

      • Porkbevr

        Anyone with a lick of sense wanted Romney to win…… Duh!!!
        Report away you pathetic little man. Can’t fight your fight, go get big brother.

      • Joe No-Gibs

        Easy there Phil. Go upstairs out of your mom and dad’s basement and go outside and get some fresh air. Go back in and have mom give you some milk and cookies and you will calm down and feel better.

      • Tim Ned

        Well Phil, Castro and Chavez wanted Obama to win.

  • Wheels55

    I agree – let Obama own this economy and debt. Let his desires rule the next four years so it is clear that he has nobody to blame but himself. Of course, when that time comes to answer for his lousy decisions, Obama will probably get a concussion.
    Let’s throw into this discussion the down sizing of local, state and Federal law enforcement and military due to lack of funds together with the strong desire on the left to eliminate gun ownership will make this country ripe for attack and take-over.

    • Bob Macchia

      You are so right.

  • Eddie

    Good piece. There is one typo. It should say “When interest rates go up”, not “When interests rates go up”. Another thing, do you know we pay over $200 billion a year on our interest payments alone? I don’t think getting an additional $90 billion from raising rates on the “evil rich” will do anything. It’s all a bunch of hogwash.

    • Bernie

      Thanks Eddie, typo fixed.

    • Bob Macchia

      who cares about typos, the message is clear.

    • John Henry Lawton

      Hogwash for sure and a mere gimmick that appeals to “low information” voters.

  • Patrick H.

    It continues to amaze me how we’re broke and politicians can’t even cut money from our current levels of spending, but just agree to increase the spending by less than what they wanted. What a joke! I would love one of the Republicans to ask President Obama what cuts he has planned that will reduce spending from its current levels and not just merely reducing the amount of the increases in our spending. You’re also right Bernie on needing a Republican with charisma, John Boehner no offense to him is as charming as a mannequin in a department store.

    • Michael Bowler

      Why are you insulting dept store mannequins?

  • Reservecop

    Love you Bernie but your pissing in the wind trying to tell the brain dead GOP how to out fox Obama

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      He isn’t ‘outfoxing’ Obama. Obama essentially ran with a chicken in every pot philosophy, and the Democrats loved it. What Speaker Boehner is dealing with are the lunk-heads who think we can do that.

      • Phil Silverman

        every single President has promised that chicken in every pot. so what?? >>>>he promised to get Bin Laden in ’08 and even identified the spot where he was hiding. He promised NO TAX RAISES on the middle and he kept his promise. He gave tax relief to the small employer. He implemented Bush II’s TARP and now GM and CHrysler expect to sell 14 million cars globally in ’13/’14. He promised AHCA and delivered it (used Romneycare experts to write it). Now cancer patients able to pay a premiujm cannot be denied coverage for mercenary reasons.
        Boehner is the biggest stumbling block in DC, as he constantly cowers to the front group for the Kochs, the Tea Party, who demand he never read an infrastructure bill sent over by the Dems. The Senate has passed 12 of 32 GOP jobs bills…the House, nothing. The GOp encourages Red State governors to return stimulus $$$$. Boehner and his crew have a whole lotta chicken out in the smokehouse.

    • Phil Silverman

      “outfox” Obama? when he extends the Bush II tax relief program and his other programs? wanna go back to Iraq? Wanna go back to denying people with preconditions healthcare coverage they can afford? Wanna change Medicare into a Voucher program?

      • Tim Ned

        I would suggest Phil you read the 1100 pages of the affordable health care act in place of quoting your MSNBC talking points. The balance of the document has very little to do with preconditions. And it has everything to do with the greatest tax increase in American history.

        • Phil Silverman

          I’ll trade my “MSNBC” points 4 your Foxnews points any day of the week. AHCA has EVERYTHING to do with disallowing an insurer to deny coverage to a person with a precondition. Yes, many cancer victims passed because although they *could pay a premium*, they were denied that chance! The greatest tax increase in history…no. There are a number of surcharges and taxes in AHCAto rause 30+ billion $$$$ over a TEN YEAR PERIOD, to be paid by the super rich. Or does Glenn Beck disagree?