Mission Not Accomplished

Mission AccomplishedOn May 1, 2003, President George W. Bush flew onto the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln anchored off the coast of San Diego and announced an end to “major combat operations” in Iraq. As if that wasn’t bad enough given the years of war that followed those words, the president was standing beneath a giant banner on the ship’s superstructure that read: “Mission Accomplished.”

The vast majority of casualties in Iraq, both military and civilian, came after that speech.

“Mission Accomplished” became a kind of punch line that stood in for all the mistakes Mr. Bush and his team made in Iraq. President Bush standing under that sign was proof to his many liberal critics that he was a dolt, the worst president ever.

Never mind that five years later, in November 2008, President Bush told CNN: “To some, it said, well, ‘Bush thinks the war in Iraq is over,’ when I didn’t think that. It conveyed the wrong message.” Never mind that in January 2009, Mr. Bush said, “Clearly, putting ‘Mission Accomplished’ on an aircraft carrier was a mistake.”

Too late, Mr. President. Liberals (and some others) had already rendered their verdict: You’re really stupid and you don’t have a clue!

What could be more embarrassing than a president of the United States declaring – even though he never actually uttered the words – mission accomplished in Iraq?

Well, how about …

On October 21, 2011, this headline appeared on the official White House Web site: “President Obama Has Ended the War in Iraq.”

Or how about in December 2011, when the U.S. troops were about to come home from Iraq, President Obama gave a speech at Fort Bragg in which he noted this “moment of success” and claimed that America was leaving behind a “sovereign, stable and independent Iraq.”

Or on November 1, 2012, Mr. Obama, running for re-election, said in a stump speech, “Thanks to sacrifice and service of our brave men and women in uniform, the war in Iraq is over …”

Scott Wilson, a political reporter with the Washington Post, wrote this about Mr. Obama in 2012: “For much of that election year, Obama had included a line of celebration in his standard stump speech, one that among an electorate exhausted by more than a decade of war always drew a rousing applause: ‘Four years ago, I promised to end the war in Iraq,’ Obama proclaimed in Bowling Green, Ohio, in September 2012, and did nearly every day after until the election. ‘We did.’

No we didn’t, Mr. President.

It’s true that the president never spoke beneath a banner proclaiming “Mission Accomplished” but the banner was all that was missing from his message. A “sovereign, stable and independent Iraq” … “the war in Iraq is over” … “President Obama Has Ended the War in Iraq” … “I promised to end the war in Iraq” and “we did.”

It sure sounds like “Mission Accomplished.” ISIS, the army of terrorists waging war in Iraq while President Obama is, in the words of one journalist, engaging in Operation Martha’s Vineyard, never got the “war is over” memo. But somehow, the president who goes golfing while the world around him is on fire is spared the ridicule that W could never escape.

And they said Reagan was the Teflon president.

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  • D Parri

    No, Obama’s mission is not yet accomplished. He has a lot of geographic boundaries to still destroy.

    His agenda provides that, if a country bound by laws must also be a country bound by borders, then a country not bound by borders will ultimately be a country not bound by laws.

    If ever there was a “fundamental transformation” defined by strategy, then this is it.

    Once the boundary of laws has been crippled, then the Executive Order will in effect become the rule of law.

    • inwithandunder

      Yes, and at the risk of proving Godwin’s Law of the Internet, the only thing missing would be a Reichstag fire.

      • D Parri

        I believe that I came across some info recently that indicated the fire you refer to (which will actually be located in our Congress) will be fueled by the burning debris from hundreds of hard drives that have been stored and made ready for the operation.

        This ‘source’ also indicated that there were markings on some of them saying ‘IRS’, and even one was noted as carrying the tag of ‘L Lerner’ on it.

        Sounds suspicious, doesn’t it?

  • Ryan Nichols

    I honestly think he was told the war in Iraq would escalate after he pulled our troops. But he only cared that America’s war was over. And a massacre happened as a result. Bush was absolutely right. Pulling out too early would be a disaster. The only success in Iraq Obama cares about is pulling the troops out.

    • D Parri

      Yes, I agree.

      However, it is not the long-term good of an action that he looks at, it is the short-term political gain that he thinks he can muster. Truth or fiction do not matter in his logic, only the measure of personal gain he might derive.

      Actually, I think that he likes dealing in the fictionalized world better than the real one. The reason for that is because he can make up whatever story is necessary to fit his needs for PR campaigning, and the honest assessment of his performance never is favorable to him.

      Either he is horrendously incompetent or he is committed to ‘repaying’ the American people for what he has deemed the atrocities of the past by carrying out his responsibilities with the worst leadership we have ever seen.

      • Ryan Nichols

        I agree. I don’t think he’s totally incompetent, although I believe there’s incompetence. But he has a vision and it entails America not being the bully he sees us as. Even his own wife said she wasn’t ever proud of America. So of course he most likely shares that view and is changing it to what he believes we should be. But he won’t sit down and be honest with the public of exactly what he wants that to be. But i totally agree, he’s seeking “justice” for his percieved injustices. I also think he doesn’t see himself as representing all Americans. I think he can’t stand half the citizens, and looks to marginalize them. He wants us divided against each other.

        • D Parri

          Agreed, again.

          One of his greatest and most notable competencies is in the ability to divide the nation, a country made up primarily of people sharing a common national origin, against one another. The reverend Wright was a very good mentor.

          Also, my advice to the wife would be for her to find a country that she is proud of and promptly locate herself in it. Michelle should not subject herself to the agony of staying in America–especially when we are so unworthy of her.

        • Drew Page

          What you are saying is that Obama is a vigilante.

  • Ryan Nichols

    Iraq isn’t Kobe Bryant. So he’s just not that interested.

  • Cheryl

    Or how about “There is no longer a humanitarian crisis in Iraq” and the very next day there is a mass slaughter of innocents. Media should hold Obama accountable for that statement!

    • Drew Page

      That will never happen. Obama is the MSM’s darling. They will never concede that they were wrong in making him so.

  • Lou Thurston

    Thank god he’s lazy and incompetent. Imagine the mischief he could do, and could have done, if he were an accomplished and motivated politician like Lyndon Johnson. This brings up an interesting debate. Considering objectively the results, isn’t LBJ the worst president of our time?

    • Mark W.

      I thought so at the time, but he’s got lots of competition. I was in the army at the time and saw the April 1, 1968 edition of Stars & Stripes newspaper. The headline was about LBJ’s decision not to seek re-election. I thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke until I also saw it in a German newspaper. I was thrilled with the news.

    • Russ Perrine

      First, we should all thank Bernie Goldberg for providing this amazing forum to debate specific issues…such as LBJ decades after his time in the WH. Now as to what Lou wrote above, Lyndon Johnson may well qualify for worst award when you learn he moved Social Security into the federal budget (from FiCa) to pay for the Vietnam War. If that wasn’t bad enough, go find The Fog of War docu film where Robert McNamara confesses to faking the gulf of Tonkin incident to satisfy LBJ’s order to do so in order to hood wink congress to grant President Johnson approval to begin a bombing campaign to start a war. You can’t make this stuff up…

      • Mark W.

        Good points, Russ. Time passes and a lot of things get forgotten, as others routinely get touted. As for McNamara, I believe there is a special place in Hell where he now resides.

      • Drew Page

        He legitimized robbing the Social Security Trust (?) Fund not only to finance the Vietnam War, but to finance his “War on Poverty” as well. Too bad he didn’t have an exit strategy for either one. However, blame for the depletion of Social Security does not rest solely with LBJ or the Democrats. Subsequent Republican administrations could have passed legislation to stop the raiding of S.S. funds, but they didn’t have the guts to do it and now whine pitifully and wring their hands about S.S. going broke. All of these politicians, including today’s, who tolerated this are no better than embezzlers.

    • Stimpy

      I’m a bit nostalgic to hear “my fellow Amuricans” by this old lecher.

    • D Parri

      Here’s something to consider.

      Jimmy Carter, blessed soul as he is, was on a campaign to make home ownership available to everyone in the USA. His initiatives were the spark that eventually led to the sub-prime crisis and one of the biggest meltdowns of the American economy–ever.

      So, it was not from mischief that he led to the demise of the housing, loan, banking, and real estate industries all in one fell swoop, but he helped light the fire that ultimately did do it.

      • Drew Page

        Funny, isn’t it, how so many Democrat politicians want everybody to have everything, whether they can pay for it or not. They like to say, “We are the richest country in the world.” If that were true, there wouldn’t be any poor people; we wouldn’t have to borrow money from foreign countries by selling them our bonds; and there be no national debt.

  • Daniel

    I don’t know who is having more fun Bernie, our president or the fat cats on Wall Street. You have to hand it to the man. He really knows how to enjoy being the president. He reminds me of that old saying,”Give the toughest job to the laziest guy and he’ll find the fastest way to call it finished.”

  • wally12

    Bernie: Good article. I agree that Obama beats all other presidents in lying to everyone. One of the problems the US faces is that the liberal media lies with Obama and other liberal causes. Another problem is that there is not continuum in military policy when the opposing party succeeds in capturing the White House and congress. If the media had done its true job of investigating and covering the Iraq war maybe the general public would have accepted the war in Iraq as a process that could have been taken to completion. Instead, they convinced the public that Bush was ignorant and that the war was Bush’s war and not a bipartisan one. Even the opposing party uses wars as a political issue rather than as what it should be, a bipartisan issue, and one where the decision of staying or retreating is discussed and voted on by the entire congress of the US. Wars must have bipartisan support and the issues must be given clearly and convincingly to the media and the public. The war in Iraq was under control and the peace and rebuilding of the country appeared to be headed in the right direction. However, Iraq still needed the support of the US military and the guidance from the US to prevent what has happened since Obama became president. Obama promised to end the war and he did just that by not demanding that a “status of Forces agreement” be implemented to insure the completion of peace and rebuilding. We all see now that Obama’s decision was ignorant and purely political on his part. What would have happened if the US president who succeeded FDR had the same strategy as Obama? Just pull all troops out of Germany and japan after WWII and let them struggle on their own to rebuild a country and new government. I bet we would have seen a vastly different situation today in those countries and even a return to their old ways.

  • Drew Page

    Trying to hold Obama to his word is like trying to hold a greased eel with waxpaper gloves. All those things you thought you heard him say, he never said them. You must have poor listening skills. The same goes for the 60,500,000 who voted for Romney, we must also have poor listening skills because we thought we heard him say all those things he now denies ever saying.

    Unfortunately, for some of us, there were enough people who didn’t care what Mr. Obama said or didn’t say and re-elected him

    • Mark W.

      I saw the interview with Bill Ayres on FNC. He read from the same script: “I never said that,” “I never wrote that,” etc., etc., deny, deny, deny… even when the evidence is right in front of them. Ayres, Obama and his team all out of the same playbook…

      • Drew Page

        Both are disciples of Saul Alinsky.

  • Michael Dean Lewis

    You know Bernie, what gets me and all the rest of you is that you and they NEVER and I mean NEVER got the truth or meaning of the “Mission Accomplished” banner. If you and the rest of you had read ‘Decision Points’ by ex-President Bush you would be amazed but since you haven’t, this last post concerning W. is meaningless to me. However, that said, President Obama did, without any other meaning, state what he believed and wrongly. Sorry to have to correct you but the surprise I got in finding the truth had to be released.

    • wildjew

      It is unlikely I will read “Decision Points” by ex-President Bush. I voted for Governor Bush in 2000 but I lost faith and confidence in him soon after 9/11/2001 because of his bad faith and his dishonesty. So why don’t you tell us what Bush wrote was the meaning of the “Mission Accomplished” banner.

      • Drew Page

        That’s fine wildjew, you keep supporting the guy who couldn’t care less about Israel, who thinks that Israel is over-reacting to Hamas and who sends $500 million a year in foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority, controlled by Hamas. Perhaps the five terrorists the president released from Gitmo will return to the U.S. one day and you will have an opportunity to meet them first hand.

      • wally12

        So you say that Bush was dishonest. You are allowed to say that even though you are wrong. At least Bush got the consent of members of both parties before going to war. I don’t really know if he lied about WMD’s but he states that the information from intelligence was that WMD’s were present. There was evidence that Saddam had WMD’s and that he had previously used them on the Kurds. At least Bush had a plan in defeating Iraq and a plan for rebuilding that country. He didn’t get to complete his policy because Obama was elected based on all the negatives published by a liberal media and Obama. Obama’s policy was purely political on the Iraq war. He is ignorant of the necessity of continuing an opposing war strategy because he only wanted an exit from Iraq. He got that and now we are back into the same situation where Iraq is unstable and terrorist rule about half of the country. I have to say that Obama is consistent will his foreign policy. He wants the military to be downsized and weak so he has dismantled a sizable portion of the defense system. I believe he is a coward and really is not up to the task of military action. His first thought response to the Ukraine crisis was not to send military arms to the Ukrainians but instead to send military food,ie, K- Rations. I call Obama’s military policy in two words. SMORES RULE. Obama has continued is weak kneed military response in other areas. In Libya he sent bombers to assist in ouster of Gaddafi and then let the country fend for its self in forming a new government. With all his community organizing expertise he should have sent his SEIU and other organizers into Libya to be ready to form a government to his liking. Instead, the country is controlled by terrorists and in chaos. Remember his red line policy that he back away from? Obama is indeed over his head when it comes to being “commander in chief”. I believe he is controlled by his wife and others and hasn’t the fortitude to make military decisions on his own.
        Byron York described Obama’s policy in a few words that apply. Obama’s has stated on numerous crisis that he would “Put a lid on it”. Putting a lid on it to Obama may mean that the problem is solved. To me it reminds me of a pressure cooker where putting a lid on it stops the steam for a brief time until all hell breaks loose. If you really examine what has happened in most of Obama’s LID theory is that the problem never gets solved but rears it ugly head somewhere down the road. This also shows up in Obama’s immigration policy where getting funding to process illegal children does nothing to stop the immigration of children and other illegals.

        • wildjew

          I did not say Obama and Bush are comparable. They are not but I did not vote for Barack Obama. I voted for Bush. For all Bush’s shortcomings, I do not believe he has deep-seated issues with this nation and its founding principles. Bush to my knowledge did not sit in a racist church for twenty years listening to anti-Semitic, racist, anti-American sermons like Obama. But I do hold Bush and his long-term supporters largely responsible for the election of Barack Obama. I notice too you assume you know why I wrote G. W. Bush was dishonest. You do not ask me in what way I think he was dishonest nor do you ask me why I believe he exercised bad faith.

          • wally12

            Maybe you should explain why you think Bush was dishonest. I believe most politicians bend the truth or spin it in an attempt to cover or convince others of their statements.

          • wildjew

            Let me test your knowledge of historical and political events.

            1) What new formal policy (both Republican party and U.S. policy) did President Bush unveil with respect to the Israel-Palestinian conflict early October 2001, a few weeks after the 9/11/2001 Muslim terror attacks in New York and Washington? What was Bush’s stance with respect to Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria? Legal or illegal? Was Bush’s stance fundamentally different from Obama’s stance on Jewish presence in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Jerusalem? Did Bush formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?

            2) In view of the fact 19 devout Muslims (15 of them were Saudi nationals) hijacked and flew planes into the World Trade Center towers what did President Bush tell the American public about the religion of Islam and these devout Muslim’s faith? Was he honest with the American people about the religion of Islam or was he dishonest with the American people about the religion of Islam? Does it matter to you? What did President Bush tell the public about Saudi charities funding al-Qaeda? Did Bush tell the public that the bin Laden family are all Saudi? Did Bush tell the public someone in the White House authorized flights out of the U.S. for approx. 140 members of the Saudi royal and the bin Laden families at a time the FAA prohibited all domestic flights in the immediate aftermath of the September attacks?

      • Michael Dean Lewis

        Usually I don’t write someone with a ‘no name’ so I think you should look me up, id yourself and I will tell you. Ok?

        • wildjew

          Sorry, I must have missed this post. My name is Steve Klein. Are you the Michael Lewis who is a friend of a Michael Medved? If so, I just sent you a friend request. One of the reasons I post under a pseudonym is because I am quite active on counter or anti-jihad sites where hosts get almost daily or weekly death threats. Some of these nationally known counter-jihad activists are forced to keep 24 hour security which is very expensive.

      • Mark W.

        Just goes to show people’s values. I did not vote for Bush in the 2000 election; however, in the aftermath of 9/11 I came to admire him and returned to the Republican Party after a 30+ year absence.

        • wildjew

          Right. Your values and my values are apparently different as are our political priorities different. Or maybe our values and priorities are not that far apart but mine are so fundamental to me, a politician who runs afoul of them risks losing my support. That is what happened with former President Bush.

  • David Nelson

    How is it that the left has managed to delude the public that any mention of boots on the ground should be “streng verboten”, except, possibly, in the role of handing out aid packages to terrorists? Every single year twice as many people die in traffic accidents in the USA, many of them drunk or high on drugs, than all the soldiers in all the wars since Vietnam put together. The last four years alone have seen more traffic deaths than soldiers killed in all our wars combined since WWII. Where is the outrage? Where are the all night vigils and the marches on Washington? And why are these brave men and women who put their lives at risk to protect innocent civilians from murderers cast in the light of storm troopers and thugs? Just as the leftist celebrities who lasciviously ogle Marxism wouldn’t dream of sharing their own wealth in a manner consistent with their principles, so these misguided agitators would lick the boots of the military they denounce, were they actually IN a country run by terrorists and rescued, as they refuse us to rescue others.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    According to Breitbart news, POTUS is now directly intervening in restricting some ammo sales to Israel in their current conflict with Hamas? (Hamas by the way are Sunni Jihadists just like ISIS). One now, must really pose the question, just whose side is this guy on? Walking away from Iraq (and then Syria) may just be the symptom of a war weary Potus, but denying your friends ammo to defend against the same vicious enemies? The contradictions are beyond shocking. Muslims killing Muslims, that’s ok, Muslims murdering Christians, that’s ok, Muslims butchering Jews, just fine, BUT JEWS defending themselves, absolutely unacceptable. The word for either abandoning your friends, or assisting their enemies is “treachery”. This guy (while merrily golfing away the summer) is (happily it seems) doing both.

    • worker1950

      The silence of American Jews and Jewish politicians allows Obama and his administration to weaken support to Israel while giving 40 million to Hamas in the form of humanitarian aide to Gaza. The strongest supporter of Israel are Conservatives. Where is Barbra Streisand? Steven Spielberg? Barbara Boxer?, Diane Feinstein? Chuck Shumer?, Wasserman-Schultz, All those Jewish ‘fat-cat’ donors? All the Jewish young people who went to Israel on ‘birthright’ trips?

      • Drew Page

        Wait until they bring Sharia law into the U.S. big time. All these you mention can try the old approach of those being rounded up by the Nazis, “But I’m not a Jew.”

    • Drew Page

      Same thing goes for supplying the Kurds with arms and ammunition. Obama won’t do it. He says the 30,000 Iraqi Christians trapped up on that mountain without food and water no longer need our help. It’s a miracle. If you don’t want to see them die, just change the channel.

  • hihoze

    I think America is ready for a Libertarian leaning Republican. Not a Libertarian Libertarian, but a Libertarian Republican.

    • Stimpy

      Now you’re talking. Dismantle the damned police state that we’ve become and get government out of our face. Roll back about 50 million regulations and maybe we can get the economy going. BTW, that doesn’t mean open borders — any organism or country still needs boundaries.

    • A smile a day keeps blues away

      Libertarian, librarian, libertine… I get them confused.

  • hihoze

    The global fires are not Obama’s fault….I’m sure Bush is responsible but when The One We’ve All Been Waiting For, comes back from his vacation he will tell us who He blames and then we can all blame who ever He blames. Probably His predecessor, the previous administration, the R’s and of course Bush.

    • Drew Page

      He has already gone back to blaming Bush. “I didn’t call for the removal of U.S. troops from Iraq, Bush did.” Just like he didn’t draw a line in the sand about Syria, the world did.”

  • hihoze

    We are hopelessly locked into the D vs R game and neither party and no one in DC has any idea of what they are doing because they all want to rule the country and the world. It’s time for something other than another DC”ver

  • FloridaJim

    As long as the media is in the democrat tank America and Conservatives will fight with one hand tied behind their back and freedom moving away from us daily. Remember Watergate and Iran-Contra would not have happened if the President involved was a Democrat, they lie , cheat, steel , womanize, and destroy the country at every term in office. Even their idol, Bill Clinton, womanizer deluxe ,whose goal was to bed more women then his idol, JFK, and he made a great attempt with Clinton’s new mistress he may have the battle. Clinton’s only success , other than womanizing, was due to Gingrich forcing him into welfare reform otherwise Bill Clinton and Hillary have zero successes between them.

  • Brian Stover

    ISIS wouldn’t be this strong if President Obama were alive today.

    • David Nelson

      You can say that again.

  • CorruptMediaWatcher

    Good comments, Bernie! What’s so terrible is the corrupt biased media that feeds everyone the news, and thank goodness you wrote about it. It needs to be talked about daily. I guess the media hates prejudice, but only when it applies to skin color, nothing else.
    I find the work of Brent Bozell excellent. I am so appreciative of people who run against the conventional wisdom and really do some research which shows what the media is doing. Expose them. Both you and Bozell have and are doing that and I am grateful.

  • Roadmaster

    I’ll bet Nixon is eternally grateful that “W” came along and replaced him as the most hated, reviled President ever. Washington & Lincoln may be jealous though, looking down at Hussein Obama becoming the wisest, most loved and respected Preezy ever!

    • Jarob54

      Been smokin’ them blunts and chugging that malt liqueur all day waiting on that government check home slice? How many gold teeth on display.

  • JDinSTL

    I hear it wasn’t Obama’s idea to pull out of Iraq.

  • Ben

    Dr. Ben Carson for President

    • Mark W.

      I like Dr. Carson a lot. A whole lot. But, I’ve yet to be convinced that he would be able to govern from the Oval Office. I’m ok with him as part of a conservative administration (HHS perhaps), or continue as the commentator and conscience of America that he has become. But I’m not ready for another amateur in the Oval Office.

      • greggsan

        Mark… Our current president and his two predecessors are political pros. Are you SURE you aren’t ready for an amateur?

    • brickman

      Ben Carson asked the Ferguson police to have the officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown come forward to explain himself the day after the shooting. Still advocating for Dr. Carson?

      • Drew Page

        No, Ben Carson should be publicly disavowed for even suggesting that the policeman be given a chance to tell his side of the story. Why would anyone want to hear what the policeman accused of the shooting has to say. He should be turned over to the mob in the streets so they can kill him. Is this what you have in mind?

        • brickman

          It is amazing that a post questioning what Dr. Carson said becomes an attack on what I didn’t or wouldn’t say. You learned your Alinsky tactics well, grasshopper.

  • Matt McLaughlin

    Another b-word for W> sorry the SOB was ever born let alone have dragged us thru ‘Freedom Fries’ and ‘thumbed his nose at the world’ and trips to the Azores with T Blair, that bloody mess.

    • Drew Page

      What the hell are you talking about?

  • D Parri

    Bernie, I think you need to do some correcting on your comments you have made here.

    You indicate that Bush was beleaguered by the press for the mistake made on May 1, 2003. You also state that Obama never made that particular mistake–and the press has, essentially, given him clear sailing throughout his administration even though he hasn’t deserved the kind treatment by them.

    Well, one might surmise from your comments–although it would take a talented ‘surmiser’, or spinner of the truth–that if Obama were to make the same mistake then they would somehow be co-equal in their performance ratings.

    Well, I do not believe that Obama could ever rectify his mistakes in office to achieve the quality of leadership that President Bush showed. However, I do believe that president Obama has now set a new standard for being the worst American leader in history.

  • D Parri

    What was that most memorable Obama quote . . . let’s see now, oh yeah:
    “Hey, there’s nothing wrong in the world that 36 holes of golf can’t cure!”

    • Stimpy

      “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”.

      • A smile a day…

        or, “Deed eye due thaaaaaaat?”

      • D Parri

        Would that include the ‘witch doctor’? Perhaps there was a reason for his recent African summit that we haven’t heard about yet.

  • brad allen

    Obama has created a racially motivated power vacuum – he’s a pathetic racist that’s in way over his head and history will show him as a racinst thug like the ones currently burning down St. Louis.

    • floridahank

      Brad, your partial comment, “history will show” — may never happen with all the revisionist history being propagandized to our people, esp. the young generation — the present history books are far from showing historical facts even now. The book authors, publishers and book selection committees can totally distort history. So your comment on the truth coming out is not written in concrete, so to speak. With our world going in its present direction President Obama may be made out to have been a great President. Truth can be stranger than fiction , so only time will tell, and fortunately I won’t be alive to read all this krap!

      • Drew Page

        The winners write the history books. Remember that in November of 2014 and of 2016.

        • floridahank

          Your comment, “The winners write the history books” isn’t “written in stone,” because those with the most $$$ and power to influence do the directing and writing of anything of supposed value. Look at today’s corrupt presentations of bank’s financial deals, how the IRS lies about their investigations, how the military lies about their objectives, how politicians lie about their promises and their actual behavior and projects. No my friend, there is almost no honesty in America’s activities now and in the future. The history will be written the way the elite and powerful desire it, whether they be winners or losers. He who holds the gold makes the golden rules.
          Study human nature and you’ll see that mankind is corrupt, selfish and depraved when depending upon himself.

  • D Parri

    Ok, Mr. president, perhaps you should have said, “I promised you that we would get out of Iraq. We did.”

    Uh . . . no, not now because even that would be a lie now. No matter, what’s one more lie going to do to your reputation–it’s already been sealed.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Which Barack Hussein Obama is LYING? 1)The student who said he was Indonesian looking for Foreign Student Tuition Payment? 2)The Obama who “authored” a book saying he was born in Kenya? 3)The Obama who said we can keep our doctor if we like him and our cost would go down for healthcare? 4)The IRS Scandal is NOT driven by the White House? 5)He did not really know Killed the Benghazi Heroes? …or what on of the 32 Large Whoppers or 252 other impeachable Lies told to America and People of the World? Obama is a Pathological and Narcissistic Liar who uses Situational Ethics to justify his ends and the Socialist Policy he is deploying.

    • D Parri

      Easy, the Obama with his mouth open is the one that is currently lying.

  • lark2

    I am amazed by the “politicization” of every aspect of the nation’s activity. Certainly, the bias is palpable and irresponsible. Inspite of the clear incompetence of Obama, the media continues to prop him up. Perhaps they just don’t want to admit they were wrong so, they continue to protect him and very soon, they will transfer their allegiance to Hillary. Any fair-minded person … if you can find any … would have to admit, we were lucky to have W and we need him now more than ever. What an absolute loser we have put in the White House…. TWICE!

    • Drew Page

      Bush made mistakes, granted. Obama has never been right.

      • lark2

        Bush and every other President, made mistakes. It’s impossible not to … all were human beings. Obama’s issue is that he has NO qualifications of any kind. He is incompetent but, I do not blame him. The people, my fellow citizens, elected him TWICE. The problem with Obama is two-fold. One, we don’t know anything about him … his life and everything about him, is a mystery and there are lots of very legitimate questions. The media has not been interested in getting answers. EVERY other President has been carefully vetted. Perhaps, they have the answers but, they are covering for him. Two, He is a bold-faced liar! Not a pathological liar,… that would indicate he’s sick. He is not sick.

  • Shane

    Obama and the Left do not want to fight Islamic jihad terrorists anymore, but they are still fighting us and our allies. ISIS is one of the most savage group of jihadists in the world and it is up to the USA to stop them. We took out Iragq’s leader and much of their military, so we owe them.

    • D Parri

      It’s a shame, but the Moslem Obama has found out long ago that the American people are much easier to defeat than any foreign power.

      • brickman

        Speaking of lies.

  • artymgysgt

    WAs the “Mission Accomplished” sign put up y Bush people or was it a ships sign for completing the deployment of the Far East?

    • Roadmaster

      That was my understanding, that Bush had nothing to do with the banner, it was put up by/for the carrier’s crew. But it sure has been good Proggie bait, huh? Oh well – let’s keep banging away….


      Former Artillery Section Chief, M110/M109

    • semmy

      I do remember hearing once many years ago that the banner had to do with the ship’s mission being accomplished because it was being retired or that particular deployment being over… it’s hard to remember now. I never heard anyone arguing that case so I let it go. I’m glad someone else has that recollection besides me.

  • loupgarous

    Unfortunately, we have to recognize that the Great Double Standard applies here as everywhere else.

    When Nixon stonewalled Congress, set the IRS on his domestic critics, and used the intelligence agencies to spy on them, it ended in three Articles of Impeachment and Nixon’s leaving office in disgrace to loud lip-smacking by the national press. When Obama does the same things, the press’s reaction is “Move along, nothing to see here,” and Congress is too lily-livered to act at all.

    And so with Obama’s “The War in Iraq is Over” pronouncement. The one truly unprecedented thing Barack Obama did in Iraq is left it without an American military presence – ever since World War II, America ALWAYS secured its defeated enemies with a residual military presence strong enough to deter any potential enemies. If Maliki and his crew didn’t want to provide a Status of Forces Agreement, Obama’s path was clear – peel off bribe money until they came around – just as his predecessors did. Dishonest and inglorious? Sure. But it would have saved thousands of lives.

    But no one in the press – except for your good self and a few others in the conservative press – has rubbed Obama’s nose in his premature victory lap.

    Eventually, the people will get tired of the double standard and simply ignore the press. The first indication of that will be when the Democrats get skinned and flayed in November. Even a billion dollars’ worth of lies and bogus votes won’t be enough to do more than keep the Colorado Senate delegation in its present hands, but Colorado has become the textbook example of how to buy elections for over a decade.

    • D Parri

      I agree.

      Also, I consider myself a somewhat compassionate person but when I think about the trouncing that the Dems should get in November I never get any feelings of empathy for their losses. Should I?

      • loupgarous

        No. A Democrat politician these days can’t console himself that he’s only a crook, and that thievery at least has some honor attaching to it. Now, a Democrat must be a hypocrite in the bargain. No excuse.

    • Larry Swenson

      Iraq didn’t want our presence there.

    • Roadmaster

      “ever since World War II, America ALWAYS secured its defeated enemies with a residual military presence,” EXCEPT Viet Nam, where our withdrawal precipitated a holocaust which snuffed the lives of millions of Cambodians & Viet Namese.

      ISIS or ISL or whatever they go by this week is in the process of creating a blood bath rivaling Pol Pot’s, and might even put Hitler to shame.

  • joepotato

    Why should Barry “the Great BamBoozler” care about anything much less telling lies… He’s been given the ultimate pass… He’s impeachment proof… Even if something goes wrong which has been happening on a regular basis, there’s always someone or something to shift the blame to. He’s held accountable for nothing… but seriously, no one person could cause so much devastation to the USA or other nations without help… and no one could create so much devastation simply by accident…

    • D Parri

      And don’t forget, he is ready and willing to use the ‘black shield’ any time.
      His tactic, not mine.

    • D Parri

      The proverbial ‘elephant in the room’.

      The press has never acknowledged it even though it is the only reason for them to stand in their own corner.

      If the elephant had not been there, perhaps the press could have seen the entire room. “Elephant, what elephant?”, they said, as the world continued to burn.

    • Ben

      With POS like Pelosi, Reid, Shummer and most of the DEMS that are always standing next to Reid or Pelosi what else can we expect? Barry has some real pips supporting him. Please, please let us Republicans win the Senate. I want to see Reid UNDER the bus, train or whatever.

  • Russ Perrine

    President Kennedy would NEVER have allowed an image of himself standing under a banner such as President Bush did. That’s because JFK surrounded his office of the presidency with intelligent, experienced individuals who prevent that sort of gross misunderstanding. These type of people are attracted to a president who display the same qualities.

    • Patrick Murphy

      Bay of Pigs? Marilyn Monroe? Even the gods have their skeletons.

      • D Parri


      • Russ Perrine

        Bay of Pigs was begun under President Eisenhower who did not launch the action for same reason Kennedy stopped it. Cuba situation was corrected when USSR backed down and removed nuclear missiles placed there. Marilyn Monroe was Bobby’s girl friend. I believe you meant Judith Exner. Either way, you won that one…

        • Patrick Murphy

          You might want to check your history again. Monroe was JFK and RFKs girlfriends, but she definitely WAS JFKs.Bay of Pigs failed invasion occurred 17 Apr 1961. I believe JFK was president. Eisenhower May have started planning, but was NOT stopped by JFK.

        • Patrick Murphy

          Might want to recheck your redacted history. Bay of Pigs failed invasion took place 17 Apr 1961. I believe JFK was president. May have been planned by Eisenhower, but definitely approved by JFK.Marilyn Monroe was most famous mistress JFK. Jackie even wrote about her in late memoirs. Please stop changing history through your rose-colored glasses.

    • Tim Ned

      Robert McNamara lived the later years of his career with the shadow of the Vietnam War haunting him. He become secretary of defense under Kennedy. Kennedy was a great president and great man.

      But in retrospect you may be right. The Bush administration should have put out a media campaign pertaining to why the banner was there. But the media probably would have ignored the facts anyways.

      • Russ Perrine

        Robert McNamara appeared in a motion picture documentary called “The Fog of War” in which McNamara confesses to faking military reports about the Gulf of Tonkin incident. According to this one man film the Gulf of Tonkin never took place. Only Lyndon Johnson wanted the incident to convince congress to start Vietman War. LBJ further convinced congress to quietly move Social Security into the federal budget to pay for the expense of Vietnam. We are still paying for the ladder mistake. SSN was isolated within FiCa and was able to be funded as FDR wrote the act that began the payments that continue to this day.

    • loupgarous

      “Intelligent, experienced individuals”:like the guys who helped JFK dial down the resources alloted to the Bay of Pigs invasion until it became a tragic, lethal farce? The same guys who brought us to the brink of nuclear annihilation over exactly that sort of gross misunderstanding in the October Missile Crisis?

      You’re entitled to bask in nostalgia over Camelot, but you’re not entitled to confuse it with actual facts.

      The facts are that those “intelligent, experienced individuals” mired us in Vietnam after arranging for its president to be assassinated and two successive military dictators to serve in his stead, and nearly got us all killed in a global thermonuclear war, after a display of weakness which is eerily like the current administration’s “gross misunderstandings” evolving in the Ukraine, Syria and the South China Sea.

      • Russ Perrine

        President Kennedy broke the news story that Soviet missiles were present on that “imprisoned island” of Cuba. His agency for intelligence photographed the evidence and then displayed the photos at the United Nations with Henry Cabot Lodge as the US representative—just one of those intelligent, experienced individuals he placed there. Compare this history with what occurred on September 11, 2001 and you may understand the difference.

        • loupgarous

          He also left Adlai Stevenson to explain his lies over the Bay of Pigs to the United Nations, an invasion he never intended to win, and left the blood of countless heroic freedom fighters in the Playa Giron as a testament to his duplicity.

          George W. Bush survives ANY comparison with John F.Kennedy favorably, except in the eyes of the ignorant or wilfully self-deluded.

    • Shane

      Obama surrounds himself with far left America-haters.

      • D Parri

        That will be his true legacy.

      • Russ Perrine

        I hope what you wrote does not include Hillary Rodham Clinton. That would definitely put a crimp in her future election plans, if she moves forward…

    • Ben

      At least GW Bush didn’t have women coming and going to through White House for sexual pleasures. He is a person with morals, not like JFK or the liar Barry.

      • Russ Perrine

        President Bush and VP Cheney deregulated derivative mortgage trading along with sub prime house loans finally ending with Fanny Mae & Freddy Mac buying them all with AAA ratings engineered by Hank Paulson. The ensuing bailout to fanny and freddy was just under a trillion dollars orchestrated by Barney Frank. Both mortgage units were US Govt agencies allowing GW Bush (and Cheney) to move them into the federal budget so the bailout could not be reported had they remained public companies. Take a look at Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Barney Frank. That’s where all this is documented.

  • Royalsfan67

    Not to mention he is now saying he didn’t have a choice but to end the war due to the agreement that Bush put in place before Obama took office.
    So he ended the war until it looked like a mistake, then he took the usual tact and blamed Bush.

    • loupgarous

      Wrong. What happened was that Maliki and his cohorts had their hands out for baksheesh – bribe money – which, when discreetly paid would have given us a Status of Forces Agreement we could have lived with. And that would have been a lot cheaper than our current operation just in terms of money and the very high risk of a few hundred troops being mired in a Khe Sanh-type siege of our embassy by ISIS/ISIL/WTF.

      When that happens, it, too, will be blamed on Bush. It’s so nice to have an handy scapegoat for six years of utter incompetence.

    • D Parri

      An interesting thought.

      Try to imagine an Obama administration that never heard of Bush, never spoke of Bush, and had to rely completely on its own when explaining the actions and decisions that it has made. How would they do that?

  • Cecil

    Disagree. The banner indicated the mission of the ship was completed, hence, returning home. This was repeated accross the country as individuals deployed units returned home.

  • Jarob54

    Ah the best laid plans and mice and men. The plan was to campaign on ending the war and brining the troops home, all of them. Even when this was announced it was not the best plan. See it seems there were concerns that Iraq could turn into a powder keg in the absence of US troops. Mr Obama rebuked Mr Romeny’s plan of keeping at minium 10,000 troops in Iraq during the debates. The liberal press loved the rebuke and so did the liberal base. Then there was the reset button with Russia, again a bad plan and again the liberals laughed when Mitt Romney said, again correctly, that the former Soviet Union KGB operative Validimer Putun and Russia was the greatest threat to this nation.Then, that was the best of times for Mr Obama as the events that have unfolded and the predictions made by Mitt Romney were off into the future. But that future is now and the best of times have become the worst of times.Pitiful!

    • April Carter

      The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men…….no biggie but that is the line

      • Jarob54

        If you are quoting Robert Burns, you are correct. If you are a baseball fan and spent many a summers day listening to Vin Scully call Dodger games, then I’m correct.

  • PeterFitzwell

    If this current mess happened when the US pulled out of Iraq. What will happen when we leave Afghanistan?

    • Tim Ned

      The Taliban have a line for this, “Americans have watches but we have the time.”

      I believe that speaks for itself.

  • Mark W.

    I guess I’m the only dolt in the world that thought “mission accomplished” referred to the mission, not the war itself. Leave it to the critics to interpret it more broadly. In the military, there are many “missions” during a war. In retrospect, you can always see a different spin on anything you say; i.e., “what you heard is not what I said…” That’s why two other words were invented: “clarification” and “apology.”

    • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

      The message was specifically meant for military personnel aboard that aircraft carrier.

      The media understood that at the time, but recognized that the optics could easily be manipulated to portray Bush as aloof if they presented it in the false context of the war as a whole.

      >>I guess I’m the only dolt in the world that thought “mission accomplished” referred to the mission, not the war itself.

      • Royalsfan67

        I remember reading that the banner was put up by the ship itself, not President Bush or his staff. But a lib or the media will never pass up a chance to ridicule a republican, even if they know it isn’t the truth

        • El_Tigre_Loco

          Why I will never, ever give money to the local newspapers nor pay for cable. Starve the beast.

        • Tim Ned

          Tough to Google and get the correct answer but it appears that the request for the banner was from the ship but was produced and hung by the White House. The ship had just finished the longest deployment by an American ship since the Vietnam war. And I believe the ship’s captain stated it was related to the ships deployment.

    • Brhurdle

      Let me express agreement with your analysis. The media as well as Democrats were predetermined from the start to think the worst since the general conclusion was that Bush 43 had stolen the Presidency from Gore. They were determined to prove him to be a dolt and succeeded marvelously. I have come to accept that history has been distorted and will show Bush 43 as a mentally challenged monster. I can only take solace in what my parents told me – consider the source.

    • JMax

      It might have helped if the president had landed on the carrier on Marine One instead of in a jet wearing a flight suit and harness looking like he’d just returned from a sortie. That optic was more in line with the banner than a helicopter landing dressed in a suit.

      • Tim Ned

        I believe you are correct here. But they all seem to put on the theatrics. I recall the Obama team passing out white Cloaks to his supporters on Obama care a few years ago during a White House presentation. Yes they were doctors, or, that’s what they stated.

      • Mark W.

        I remember feeling proud that our Commander-in-Chief, having been a jet fighter pilot, would fly onto an aircraft carrier at sea, illustrating his connection with the troops. I remember feeling embarrassed that his predecessor (who was effectively a draft dodger) would visit military and naval installations wearing jackets and hats with military insignia. I am still embarrassed that the current CIC, who has a definite disdain for our fighting forces, does the same thing, using the troops as props behind him as he gives speeches.
        Yes, it is theatre. Maybe none of them should do it. But, in some cases, it has become theatre of the absurd, as Tim Ned points out about the doctors in white coats sitting in the Rose Garden, looking like they’re in an ad for a hemorrhoid treatment. I’ll leave it to the readers to decide.

        • JMax

          Bush was just as much a draft dodger. He went into the Texas National Guard to keep from being drafted.

          Do you have pictures of Clinton or Obama wearing hats or caps with military insignia? I’d love to see them.

          Saying Obama has “definite disdain” for the troops is just a sad lie.

          • Mark W.

            Maxie, you never fail to amuse with your convoluted thought process to defend your positions. The same month I came home from active duty, George Bush voluntarily enlisted. He, like thousands of others, may have decided to do so to have some choice as to branch of service, training and occupation — I don’t know his motivation. He grew up the son of a fighter pilot… that may have been his inspiration. The bottom line is… he served his country. Saint Bill, on the other hand, had the mindset of thousands of others, too. Some of them fled to Canada, some used other means including deferments, claiming conscientious objector status and putting pressure on local Selective Service Boards. I can put faces on some of those people, too. Bill quit trying to avoid the draft after the lottery was instituted and he was awarded a very high number. Maxie, serving honorably in any branch of our armed services is not equivalent to actively working to avoid military service.
            As for Saint Barack… you have to be willfully blind to see that he has just as much tolerance for the military as he has for Benjamin Netanyahu and State of Israel. Well, except for part of the air force… the crew of AF1. And AF2. And Marine1. And maybe the 8th&I.

          • Mark W.

            Correction to the line: “As for Saint Barack… you have to be willfully blind to see”
            Of course I meant: you have to be willfully blind NOT to see…”

          • Jeff Webb

            Thanks for posting, Mark. The mere idea of having to refute a claim that GWB was somehow morally equivalent to BC, including in service of country, gave me a headache.

          • JMax

            I didn’t say that Bush tried to avoid military service. I said that he tried to avoid the draft.

            During the height of the Viet Nam war, I was a college student. I had a student deferment. I worked hard to maintain the grades to keep me in college and out of the Army. Was I actively working to avoid military service? You could say that. My 21-year veteran father was all for me staying out. When the lottery was instituted, I too had a high number. I wasn’t “awarded” this number. Like Clinton, mine was the luck of the draw. That’s why they call it a lottery. I still worked and got my college degree and MBA.

            Is there some way that you can actually prove your sad assertion that Obama has disdain or intolerance for the military? Because otherwise it’s just your fantasy, Markie.


          • Mark W.

            Max, Max, Max… Thank you so much for the link to the April 2009 news article, reminding us that in early 2009 everybody–well, a whole lot of people–loved Mr. O — and he loved them back! But, to your question… No, Max, I don’t have a quote that I can pull out of Mr. O saying specifically that he doesn’t like the military. It may be my fantasy… but it may also be my keen sense of observation. Over the past 6 1/2 years since he first announced his candidacy, there have been times where it is evident by his comments and attitudes… the way you can tell whether someone at your place of work, a club, an organization likes you or not. Outwardly putting on a face of tolerance, but you know how a person really feels by the comments he makes. And, when Mr. O interacts with the troops… it is a completely staged and carefully managed event, with plenty of smiling faces present for the cameras. Some might call it propaganda. I think you would find, if a poll of soldiers was taken today, that among the troops Mr. O would be as popular with them as Mr. Johnson was when I was in uniform. I bear you no ill for earning good grades and staying in school through grad school and for receiving the deferment and a high lottery number. But you missed out on so many other interesting experiences, including travel to some interesting places… As for the non-military presidents, I think they, too, missed out. Which is a shame, because watching old WWII movies doesn’t match the personal knowledge that first hand experience and understanding provides. And that makes for a wiser leader.

          • Jeff

            You can watch Michael Phelps at the Olympics and think you know a lot about swimming, but if you’ve never been in a pool before, don’t expect to jump in the deep end and emulate him.

          • JMax

            “there have been times where it is evident by his comments and attitudes”

            Which comments? Which attitudes? I also have keen observational skills, and I see him as having deep respect for the men and women of our military. He has honored them for their skill, courage, accomplishments, and sacrifices in numerous ways: from MOH ceremonies, to speeches about and to our forces, to visits to Afghanistan, to citations for SEAL Team 6, to observance of returning coffins, to allowing all soldiers to serve openly without regard to sexual orientation.

            I challenge you to come up with one (in context) quote, speech, law, event, or image that feeds your keen sense of observation for Obama’s disdain for our military.

            “it is a completely staged and carefully managed event”

            Like landing on an aircraft carrier?

            “And that makes for a wiser leader”

            Except maybe in the cases of George W. Bush and John McCain.

          • Mark W.

            Love is blind… and you are definitely in love… big time.
            But, we’ve known that for a long time now.. haven’t we?

          • JMax

            Just as much as hate…and you definitely hate the man…big time. But, we’ve know that for a long time now…haven’t we?

            I notice you couldn’t come up with anything to back up your “keen sense of observation.”

          • Mark W.

            Let me be VERY clear. I never said I hate Mr. O. Where did I say that? Don’t pull that b.s. on me. I can disapprove of some of his policies and some of his actions without hating him. I would appreciate an apology. If you do not love Mr. O, as I said, then I apologize to you.

          • JMax

            You didn’t say you hate the president. But your posts weren’t about his policies and your disapproval of them. It was about your keen sense of observation that attributed ugly and unsubstantiated fantasy attitudes to the president. Since Obama has never verbalized these feelings, nor demonstrated any validation of your keen sense of observation, I can only assume that your keen sense of observation is colored not by your policy differences but by your intense dislike for the man personally. If that intense dislike doesn’t meet the threshold of “hate”, then I apologize.

          • Mark W.

            Thank you for your apology. You and I will rarely agree when there is any criticism of the president. I do hope that you won’t allow your affection, admiration or loyalty (however you want to describe your connection to him) to keep you from questioning or challenging his policies. The best interests of our nation should always transcend personality, regardless of who are in the leadership positions. Thank you for the debate.

          • JMax

            I’m not averse to criticism of the president if it’s actually a disagreement with a policy and not an attack on the person. If you don’t believe in universal health care, that’s fine. If you do and you don’t like the ACA, propose something better. Don’t tell me he’s arrogant. Don’t tell me has disdain for the military when you can’t possibly know what is in his mind and he’s never uttered a disparaging word against the military.

            I’m for single payer health care. I didn’t like it that Obama didn’t press for it, but I understand the political difficulties he faced at the time. I don’t like it that Obama is sometimes too quick in reacting to some things. I didn’t like it that he assumed that people in the IRS had ill intentions without knowing more of the facts. I don’t like that he failed miserably in communicating to health care consumers that “Obamacare” is not an insurance company that would replace their insurance company, but a system of health care insurance consumer protection rules. I don’t like that Obama didn’t end all the Bush era tax cuts.

            I don’t love him. I think he’s a lot better than the alternatives that have been offered.

            “The best interests of our nation should always transcend personality”

            Damn right. And disliking someone’s personality should not mean that he doesn’t have the best interests of our nation at heart at all times.

          • Jeff Webb

            >>I challenge you to come up with one (in context) quote, speech, law, event, or image that feeds your keen sense of observation for Obama’s disdain for our military.<<

            Perhaps how he throws big piles of money at every wasteful domestic program under the sun, but pinches pennies with military spending.

            Or maybe how while running for president, he said how concerned he was about all the problems plaguing the V.A. and firmly pledged to fix them, then after he got elected, paid no attention it while hundreds of veterans suffered & died.

            Or the number of times he's attended fundraisers compared to the number of times he's visited the troops.

          • JMax

            “Perhaps how he throws big piles of money at every wasteful domestic program under the sun, but pinches pennies with military spending.”

            Your source? I believe that the Congress determines spending.

            “Or maybe how while running for president, he said how concerned he was about all the problems plaguing the V.A. and firmly pledged to fix them, then after he got elected, paid no attention it while hundreds of veterans suffered & died.”

            No more than the presidents and congresses before him, so that doesn’t make your case.

            “Or the number of times he’s attended fundraisers compared to the number of times he’s visited the troops.”

            Hugely bogus comparison. I challenge you to name any president since Eisenhower who has visited troops anywhere near the number of times they have attended fundraisers. Bush went to 318 fundraisers in his two terms. I challenge you provide ANY numbers on the number of times any president visited the troops in order to back up your absurd assertion. How many times did Bush acknowledge, much less attend the return of military coffins from the Middle East Wars?

            Your link is a homepage for a very partisan website and offers no contribution whatsoever to your argument.

          • Jeff Webb

            >>I believe that the Congress determines spending<>No more than the presidents and congresses before him, so that doesn’t make your case.<>Bush went to 318 fundraisers in his two terms<>Your link is a homepage for a very partisan website and offers no contribution whatsoever to your argument.<<

            If partisanship is at issue, then you lost the argument before you even challenged Mark. You're very partisan, so you're certainly not a credible source, right? Obama is tremendously partisan, yet you find him quite credible.

          • JMax

            Wow, your logic is like a bouquet of dead flowers that smells bad.

            Congress passes the budget, but it was Bush who pushed for and got the surplus busting tax cuts. It was Bush who went to war and financed it outside the budget.

            “But the “everybody does it” excuse makes yours?”

            No, I didn’t say that.

            “Yesterday you outright rejected the idea Obama had any disdain for the military”.

            Correct. And I still do.

            “and today it’s no big deal to you that he does have it, since he’s not the only one”

            I didn’t say that at all. I didn’t say ANYONE has disdain for the military. Your suggestion that I’m moving the goalpost is erroneous.

            “Obama campaigned on the V.A.”

            Nobody has solved the years of VA issues yet. Obama failed to fix it. Every single politician in Washington campaigns on the VA. None have fixed it. That doesn’t mean Obama has disdain for the military.

            “But for the love of Pete, leave George Bush out of it!”

            Not until you leave Obama out of it. My position is that your complaints about Obama ring hollow if you only count the last six years and not the last 14.

            “You’re very partisan, so you’re certainly not a credible source,”

            I am not a source at all, so credibility is irrelevant.

          • Jeff Webb

            >>I didn’t say that at all. I didn’t say ANYONE has disdain for the military.<>Every single politician in Washington campaigns on the VA.<>Not until you leave Obama out of it.<>My position is that your complaints about Obama ring hollow if you only count the last six years and not the last 14<>I am not a source at all, so credibility is irrelevant.<<

            Sorry, but you made it relevant the moment you equated being "very partisan" with lacking credibility.
            Your choice: either being "very partisan" in nature automatically makes what you say questionable or invalid or it doesn't. Which is it?

          • JMax

            I googled “Obama campaigned on the VA”, and I found this:


            That’s a hell of a lot of disdain. Thanks for the tip.

            Here’s some more disdain for you:


            “You’re questioning critics of Obama’s presidency because their criticisms only cover the period of time he’s been president.”

            It’s not about your criticism of Obama’s presidency. It’s about you’re making up crap about the way he feels.

          • Jeff Webb

            So, you aren’t going to show examples of all the previous presidents campaigning on and pledging to fix the V.A.?

            And again, yes or no: does being very partisan make what one says automatically questionable or invalid?

          • JMax

            I google “bush veterans” and all I get is the Swift Boat crap. I guess Bush didn’t care enough about the VA to campaign on it.

            On the other hand, Obama did campaign on it and as I showed, did very well at keeping those campaign promises.

            Yes, on either side, as far as questionable. Good sourcing helps.

          • Jeff Webb

            >>I google “bush veterans” and all I get is the Swift Boat crap<>I guess Bush didn’t care enough about the VA to campaign on it.<>On the other hand, Obama did campaign on it and as I showed, did very well at keeping those campaign promises<>Yes, on either side, as far as questionable. Good sourcing helps.<<

            But not automatically invalid?

          • Mark W.

            Good observations. Mr. O’s attitudes and values are observable, if not always quantifiable by quotable statements.

  • ivannavi

    It seems to me that the Presidential Oath of Office falls short when compare to the oath required of our military enlistees.

    Presidential Oath of Office:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    Military Oath of Enlistment (except National Guard):

    I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

    Military Oath of Enlistment (for National Guard):

    I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of (STATE NAME) against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of (STATE NAME) and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to law and regulations. So help me God.

    I figure that ISSI fails into the category of a foreign enemy.

    • JMax

      As you likely know, the Oath of Office for the president is written in the Constitution. What is your point?

    • Ben

      If Obama or MOST of his administration tried to enter the military or get a Civil Service or Non appropriated Fund job, they would could not qualify. Question: Have you smoked MJ or taken illegal drugs? A yes answer is a disqualifier.

    • criolle

      There IS a notable difference between the officer and enlisted oaths in that the oath taken by officers does not include any provision to obey orders; while enlisted personnel are bound by the UCMJ to obey lawful orders. – 5 U.S. Code § 3331 – Oath of office

      • ivannavi

        Interesting. Thank you for this insight.

        • criolle

          S’arite, pal. Thanks for an intelligent, coherent reply.
          Polite conversation DOES exist on the web!

  • Lougjr1

    Thank you again Bernie, but thanks for your effort to wake up the American electorate but my guess is that they ignore you and make the same mistake and vote the same people back in power that is responsible for putting them in jeopardy of losing their country !!!

  • nickshaw

    To give the devil his due, Bernie, America’s war in Iraq was over and the government there was no better or worse than what was there before.
    That it has been invaded / taken over by another group that, in the long run, will be no better or worse than the current or last regime should be none of our business until they attack another sovereign state or us.

  • Concernedmimi

    Proves he doesn’t walk on water; OR able to heal the earth

    • PeterFitzwell

      According to the mainstream media. He does walk on water. He also wasted Bin Laden by himself, saved the world & brought the Olympics to Chicago.

  • Ksp48

    The Ship’s mission was accomplished and it was coming home.

    • AFlaVet

      And that’s what I always took it to mean.

      • Mark W.

        Whew! I’m not the only “dolt” that thought that! (re: my comment above…) We are the clear thinkers, after all.

    • nickshaw

      That may be true but, it would have been better if Bush had turned around and said, “The mission of this ship has been accomplished but, we have a lot of work ahead of us!” or some such.
      Ah well, hindsight is always 20/20…errr…sometimes.

  • Johnny Deadline

    Excellent column Bernie! Here’s my take: you will never get the mainstream drive-by’s to admit their reporting hypocrisy for the same reason Obama will never admit he’s wrong. Both the drive by’s and Obama are thin-skinned, disingenuous and both never let the facts get in the way of the story they want to tell.

    The Big Slobbering Love Affair continues ad nauseum…

  • allen goldberg

    Bernie: Why are you so surprised? Obama is a fraud. Period. Deceit is his profession, and he has practiced it well in our country. The media treats all of this like business as usual and seldom if ever questions this creep. The deceptions, lies, and poor performance will all be hidden because he’s a liberal…. but one day, our kid’s kids will look back and ask..why would anyone sane and as intelligent as a bowling ball have voted for this fraud…and in comparing resumes, Romney should have been elected….but instead will always be viewed as inept..because the media shapes the narrative, Obama brings a whole new dimension to ineptness and fraud. Anyone with more than 10 active brain cells knows this.

  • MaleMatters

    For effect, we need two side-by-side pictures:

    -Obama declaring, “Al Qaeda’s on the run”
    -Black-flagged convoys invading Iraq and killing people by the hundreds, including small children.

    • AFlaVet

      Not to forget that the Hildebeast’s finger prints are all over the ME too….”reset” anyone?

    • Snorpheus

      Yeah, remember Baghdad Bob? Obama is “channeling” him…

  • Tim Ned

    “The president has not taken any options off the table, except that he did leiterate again in his statement that under no circumstances would he be sending American troops, boots on the ground, back into combat in Iraq,” Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said last week.

    This is the only President in history that can put “boots on the ground” without putting “boots on the ground”.

    • Indi4ever

      That’s because they are wearing sneakers.

      • Tim Ned

        Air Obama’s obviously. LOL

  • Marian Degner

    I think the media twist…. You right about media irresponsible statements don’t give real picture.
    I can’t imagine in how many wars US would be and how much treasure will be the cost if John McCain Cain it”s in power.
    I’m glad some other countries, like Later spend their money get crazy Jihad together so Obama c an bomb them effectively. Now in Syria Muslim brotherhood crying how tired their are from the war what their started and asking Muslim, Arab, Christian Nations to stop As ad, but their don’t call Jews. Their still like to bomb & kill Jews. Screw them.

    • boats48

      Do you proof read your stuff before post it? Maybe you should try writing in your native tongue, and using Google Translator, because it definitely is NOT English!

  • savage24

    The only reason we are seeing some of the liberal media criticizing Obama now is they have a new mental midget to support, Hillary Rotten Clinton. Also Obama is a lame duck president with a nothing policy regarding our country. Obama has gotten away with his lies for almost six years due to the lap dog media that has now switched it’s alliance to another liberal that is just as bad as Obama. He will go down in history not only as the first black president but the worst president in this country’s history. Truth in journalism has ceased to exist in this modern era.

  • Seattle Sam

    If the press were not covering up for him, President Obama would not appear to be made of Teflon either. Maybe last Saturday when the President said leaving Iraq “was not my decision”, the reporters might have pointed out how many times he had previously bragged that it WAS his decision? Not going to happen.

  • scott autry

    “Too late, Mr. President. Liberals (and some others) had already rendered their verdict: You’re really stupid and you don’t have a clue!”

    Sure… That’s when he lost all those voters. That’s when they decided to despise him…

    Like with Palin… Or… Did they hate her instantly, just like Bush, because the nanosecond her name was announced on the ticket, the media laid out a blitzkrieg Hitler would have been proud of – trying to nuke a woman off the ticket as fast and as vicious as they could – and all those liberals who didn’t know Palin from Eve or Adam – simply and rabidly followed marching orders?

    The idea liberals made a “decision” with Bush at the point you mention doesn’t wash – but your overall point is fine…

  • Josh

    A maniacal assknot releases a dangerous, slow-killing contagion on the public. Another guy steps up and proclaims, “I can stop the spread! I can help the problem!” so we give him the job. After some time, the new guy says it’s A-OK and the contagion is contained. Now the healing can begin. But, wait…come to find out it hasn’t been contained. It’s only getting worse. It’s spreading more rapidly now; it’s mutated and is killing more people more violently and it’s not slowing down.

    So the new guy just gets to blame it on the maniacal assknot? NO! We already know his part in it; new guy, we picked you up to handle it, not to ignore it and pretend you handled it and to continue blaming it on the person we were already blaming for it.

    Many will just agree that the OG was a maniacal assknot for the sake of argument, even though they don’t believe it, just, please, do something, new guy, and stop blaming it on the old guy! Okay — he was the world’s worst person. We get it! You happy, bro? Now…do something!

    We’d all be friggin’ dead, dying, fighting or hiding if it was happening here with our inept political process and posturing and point-scoring for prolonged profit.

    And I’m making a promise to myself to try something. The next time I rewrite an SEO landing page for a client unsatisfied with the previous work, I’m going to do a total lackluster job. If the client has anything negative to say, I’m going to blame the previous writer for my inability to complete proper work. “That’s the mess I was left with! You expected me to fix it?” It’ll just cost me a few bucks, not lives. So it’s worth it to see just one time how it works IRL and not in the twisted dimension that is the political sphere.

    • JMax

      Things might have been different if the local authorities hadn’t decided to remove their hazmat suits and to not segregated the sick from the well.

      • Josh

        Yeah. Mighta, As long as it’s not the new game taking any responsibility, I guess. Always everyone else.

        • Josh

          new guy* even. Though “game” still fits.

  • brad ghorn

    I think the media twist will be that this is not Obama’s fault because he inherited Iraq. Just like negative economic news is not Obama’s fault because he inherited the bad economy. He inherited all these bad things so nothing is his fault even though he is the one that declared he would be ready from day one. We are now in year six and he is still not ready to lead this country. Sadly, it is looking like he will never be ready. He chose to convince people that he was the one to lead this country. He really did not inherit anything. Every president has problems they must deal with. Some presidents succeed and other presidents fail. What they inherit does not define them. A president is defined by what he accomplishes. Obama has accomplished almost nothing since the end of his second year as president.

    • Josh

      Sure seems to be the standard. Something good happens: Obama’s a fantastic president; intelligent, Johnny-on-the-spot, fierce, demanding c0ck-of-the-walk SOB.

      Something goes bad: Not his fault, you see. Bush. Cheney. Republicans. Tea Party. Capitalism. Corruption. Apathetic nation. The odds are stacked against him! (And this one is the one we hear 50:1 because, unfortunately, things go bad far more often.)

      The guy is covered. And he’s probably going to be covered for decades.

    • Jim Pell

      Obama inherited everything except a respect for American principles, traditions and exceptionalism, without which, he is worse than useless to his country and to the free world. He is merely one insignificant man; it is the American electorate and the press who are responsible for these wasted years.

  • hughmcgrath

    They did the same thing in early 2012 when the economy jumped with good jobs numbers in Jan, Feb and March if that year. The president boasted that his economic polices were working and liberals James Carcilke and Bill Maher chiding the GOP on Obamas economy. By May it was all reversing and they were again calling it Bush’s fault. The cop-out legacy is more like it.

  • Brian Stover

    Actually at one point we DID accomplish the mission.
    1. We got rid of Saddam.
    2. We helped Iraq get a new constitution.
    3. Iraq held a democratic election.

    If a country wants a democracy, they must be willing to pay the price, otherwise no amount of assistance will help.

    That’s the main difference between Iraq and Israel.

    Obama does not know who our friends really are, or how to treat them.

  • gold7406

    Bernie, you are correct, but this administration will never accept any fault concerning anything about Iraq, Afghanistan, CIA, NSA, IRS and INS.
    Getting a Nobel Peace Prize awarded so soon, clouded all forms of logic and enhanced the administration’s ideology, whatever that happens to be this week.

  • kayakbob

    Next the President will blame the Toyota Tundra truck for the advance of ISIS in Iraq.

    • PeterFitzwell

      Bushs fault.

    • Stimpy

      We should bomb whoever paid for all of those trucks. That transaction shouldn’t be that hard to track down. Was it Qatar? How about we start bombing them.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    If you want to know what “mission accomplished” looks like, it’s not hard. After a fierce war with Germany and Japan they are now amongst our best allies. After the war, the “lights” as Churchill so eloquently put it, started coming on again across all of liberated (by the Americans, British, Canadians and their allies) Europe. Yet when you look to Iraq, all we see are the “lights” dimming (if not out). This will go down in history as a war lost, not won. Yet it had been won. For a very brief moment (to belabor the metaphor) the lights indeed looked to glow. Again to Paraphrase Churchill. “Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many, to so few”. Unhappily, this is exactly what ISIS (the new usurping Caliphate) can say of the current U.S. administration.

  • Skip in VA

    This president (small capital letter intended) reminds me of my car radio. Just by pushing a button I can get a different station. Obama is like that. He can push a button and one minute say, “Yes, we can”. Another button and say, “Oh no, I didn’t”. Another button, and he shows outrage at the IRS targeting conservative groups. A different button, and “They’re phony scandals.” And on it goes. Problem is the American Taxpayer is paying for this radio and it sucks!

  • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

    Brilliant comparison, Bernie.

    • kayakbob

      Comparison..or contrast? :-) But the overall point Bernie makes, and I think you are supporting, is that this is the how the so called MSM still make their mark. They can’t determine what we all think, but by their “reporting” they can determine what we talk about, and often how that discussion is framed.

    • Bernie

      Thanks, John. Appreciate it a lot.

  • Wally C

    ” “I promised to end the war in Iraq” and “we did.”
    But now he says “I didn’t end the war”?