Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

A line from one of my husband’s favorite movies, the original Clash of the Titans, is “release the Kraken.”  With that directive from Zeus, all Hell is supposed to break loose.  Well, I feel the same way when I hear those on the left telling Mitt Romney, “release the tax returns.”  I guess, according to the left, if Mr. Romney releases his tax returns, all Hell will break lose, his campaign is going to come to a screeching halt and we’re going to find out all sorts of dirty little secrets in the Romney household.  I’m sure that’s what the left is hoping.

Well, first of all, there is nothing in the law that says Presidential candidates MUST release their tax returns.  This is private information.  Would we require Presidential candidates to release their medical records?  I don’t think so.  The public, for years, wasn’t even aware of the fact that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was confined to a wheelchair.  Hell, we don’t even require President candidates to release their school records or their birth certificates.

What do those on the left think they’re going to find out about this man?  Are they convinced he’s lied about his income?  Are we going to find out he’s donated his underwear like Bill Clinton did in the 80s? Are we going to be horrified when we learn the percentage of income tax the Romney’s have paid over the years?

What difference should it make what percent he paid in income tax?  If he’s filed a legitimate and correct income tax return and he ends up with a lower tax bracket than some, why is he demonized for that?  If someone doesn’t like the fact that someone else pays a lesser percentage in income tax, then blame the Tax Code and those who have created this monstrosity.  If Mr. Romney, or anyone else for that matter, is following the Tax Code, then what’s the problem?

If someone else wants to pay more taxes, they’re free to do it, but I’ve never heard of one government official who’s done just that.

I wonder if people complained about the worth of President George Washington or President John F. Kennedy.  They were two of the wealthiest Presidents of this country.

President Washington had a net worth, in 2010 dollars, of $525,000,000.00.  Did anyone complain in 1960 when President Kennedy lived off of a trust fund from his father and would’ve inherited part of the family’s estate of $1 billion if he survived?  Consider President Lyndon Johnson who had a net worth of $98 million.  Did anyone complain at the time that FDR didn’t release his tax returns during his Presidency?  I doubt it.

But today, in these divisive times, with a President who panders to the “have nots” rather than encouraging them to pursue their dreams so that they, too, could become part of the “haves”, people with wealth are criticized and demonized and should feel guilty about their success.  Our President suggests to the successful business owner in this country that he/she didn’t build that business on their own.  BS, I say to you, Mr. President.  Mr. Romney gave away his entire inheritance and earned his fortune on his own.  We should applaud those successful individuals and not condemn them.  We live in a country that provides us with innumerable opportunities – it’s up to us to pursue them.

I don’t get it but if you do, God bless you.

Author Bio:

For over twenty years, Leona has tried to heed her husband’s advice, “you don’t have to say everything you think.” She’s failed miserably. Licensed to practice law in California and Washington, she works exclusively in the area of child abuse and neglect. She considers herself a news junkie and writes about people and events on her website, “I Don’t Get It,” which she describes as the “musings of an almost 60-year old conservative woman on political, social and cultural life in America.” It’s not her intention to offend anyone who “gets it.” She just doesn’t. Originally from Brooklyn, and later Los Angeles, she now lives with her husband, Michael, on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest, which she describes as a bastion of liberalism.
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  • Chief98110

    I believe that Mr. Obama’s campaign based on class warfare is at the
    root of all this rhetoric. He will go down as the worst president since

    • MarioP

      Another misinformed citizen. Bush2 is the worst president of nearly a century. Wake up and pay attention, and if you refuse, stop voting. 

  • terry



    • MarioP

      “bamas… real birth cert” ??? You must have been in that foreign delivery room, since you know something we don’t… 

      This is an example of that “wingnut”.

  • James King

    Leona, they don’t believe the slop they put out, the Dems, that is. They just want people to think they believe it. This lets them pick up ill-informed useful idiots along the way.

  • Dave O’Connor

    It seems to me that if there was any evidence of error or malfeasance with Romney’s taxes, this administration would land on him like a tone of bricks.
    But, evidently there is no evidence of that. 
    On the other hand, other than being shoe-horned into Occidental, Columbia and Harvard Law School, there is no evidence how Obama earned his way there.

    • Dannizmail

      Perhaps there is no evidence of wrongdoing with regard to Romney’s taxes because he won’t release information about them.  By the same logic, there is also no evidence that he has played by the rules -again because he chooses to conceal the information. On a previous occasion when he did reveal his tax information, a residency problem was discovered -one that potentially could disqualify him and which he had to correct. This means that he has demonstrated that he was either deceptive or made an honest mistake. It happened to be a “mistake”  that furthered, not hindered his political goals. Just as one cannot assume that there are tax discrepancies, we cannot, as voters assume that there are not- especially given his past situation.

       In seeking high office in the public sector, Mitt has the opportunity to demonstrate that he has learned from his past, has redeemed himself  and is fit to be President. This is  a question of integrity and transparency. He is only harming himself if he is playing by the rules.  Pleading the 5th is a good strategy when you are accused of a crime, but it certainly does nothing to engender trust or to enhance the character of an individual who seeks to occupy the highest office of the land. He needs to garner votes, and in the minds of many who have seen virtually every other candidate  in modern times adhere to the commonplace disclosure standards that the voters expect,  this is quite problematic. And they are right to inquire before casting their vote.  His decision places him in a precarious position with independents, who are thought to be the key in this election cycle.

      • Jeffreydan

          This is a non-issue to the people who really matter. 
          BO uses his opponents’ private/unseen records, even if they’re relatively uncontroversial, as weapons for his arsenal. That’s why democrats/liberals are making noise about this. They want Romney to lose. 
          The Republicans and conservatives are with Romney.
          Truly independant, straight-down-the-middle people are unlikely ‘to vote for incumbents who don’t improve bad economies or keep key promises. Independants who voted for Obama in ’08 knew little about him then (by design), and know far more about him now. Between a law-abiding challenger who won’t go out of his way to share something private, and a law-breaking incumbent who recently helped his AG duck an investigation, they’re going to lean toward the former.

          Your effort is admirable, but the argument ain’t selling. Integrity and transparency don’t matter to people who have decided to vote for Obama. 

        • Dannizmail

          This is the second time that you have responded to me when my comment was directed to another reader, chosen because I was interested in their opinion. The first time,  according to another reader, I “owned” you.  Despite your evasive attempts, avoiding the issue for those of us who are interested in a better nation shows your ridiculous bias. You have the right to that, but you really have responded with the weakest arguments that I have ever witnessed. The only reason to deflect and focus on the president (whom I did not mention at all in my statement) shows that you must change the subject because you are unable to formulate a reasoned response that carries any weight. I will not debate with you because you don’t appear to be very well educated and have yet to counter with a substantive, reasoned argument free of partisan folly when you butt in.    “A wise man told me don’t argue with fools”.  So this will be my final comment directed at incapable you. 

          As a Republican, you don’t speak for those of us who are independents; independents are more well informed than you may realize. We see the issue free of your “protect Romney at all costs because he is our candidate” mental block. No matter the hypocrisy  of his expecting others to do what he will not in the release of his tax returns, voter know enough to expect from Mitt Romney that which is important to our decision . Your cynical and completely off the subject : “Integrity and transparency don’t matter to people who have decided to vote for  Obama” statement is simply pitiful partisan hatred. Please learn to think before you speak; the ignorance in that statement speaks volumes about your intelligence/thinking process. 

          You should probably not respond to me with your partisan blather as you have yet to contribute something that does not reek of simplicity; notice your anemic:  “The Republicans and conservatives are with Romney” reply. Not much of a revelation there, Jeffreydan. Further, your anxiety that the president “uses his opponents’ private/unseen records, even if they’re relatively uncontroversial, as weapons for his arsenal.” illustrates that you don’t have much insight into the glaring fact that this is a political contest for the highest office in the land that both candidates have entered freely and of their own accord. Scrutiny comes with the territory. If one cannot stand the examination, then perhaps they lack the mettle to become the president. 

           In essence, you don’t even speak well enough for your own party,  to psychoanalyze any other voting bloc so you certainly shouldn’t venture a guess outside of your own. You only embarrass yourself. Your cerebral ineptitude at this is only amplified by your bellicose approach to those of us, such as myself, whom are not addressing you.  For you to judge my “effort” is laughable, considering your utter lack of substance. I would imagine the “the argument ain’t selling” response to my well worded mini-manifesto is your intellectual best.  I will no longer entertain your childish retorts as they focus on everything other than the matter at hand. I am here for a purposeful exchange of ideas with intelligent people who enjoy engaging in discussion -not with insular partisans who wish to change the subject to find a means to demonize their political opponents. Please understand my reasons to not be bothered with your false equivalencies, or your malicious, ill conceived, off-topic tommyrot.

          • Jeffreydan

              On this site we can respond to whomever we want, so you’ll just have to deal with it.

              You missed my point, which is you’re putting forth a straw argument. No matter how eloquently or thoroughly you word it, it all amounts to a non-issue. I explained that democrats and Republicans were already decided. I then explained why Independants aren’t likely to find this “problem” of any consequence.

              It’s one thing to “stand the examination” that candidates deal with, it’s another to deal with Obama as your opponent. Are you not aware of Obama’s M.O., or do you find nothing wrong with his 2 previous opponent’s personal, sealed records being opened up by a sympathetic judge and being clobbering with them? Any NFL team that makes it to the Super Bowl is going to play the game freely and of its own accord, but that doesn’t mean it should share any of its secrets with the other team. 

              You need a little education on the “integrity and transparency” statement. Many people are all set to vote for Obama, and weren’t planning otherwise. They might agree with his policies/disagree with Romney’s, all well and good, but Obama is demonstrably not a man of integrity and transparency.
              My disagreement with his worldview didn’t cause him to break his pledges of no lobbyists, bills on CSPAN, etc. It didn’t cause him to give hundreds of millions of tax dollars to ill-fated companies run by his donors. It didn’t cause him to cover up Fast & Furious. 

              I was going to compliment you on your writing and intelligence, but you admire them enough for the both of us.    

          • Misscued

            what you said well thats just dumb. he is way smarter than you and it shows 

          • Misscued

            ignore jeffreydan. he is a mentally ill troll. you can see that in all he posts

      • Dave O’Connor

        “Amercana” those pedestrian elitists didn’t seem to care:
        ‘In seeking high office in the public sector,’ Obama had the opportunity to demonstrate – and Amerca might have learned from Obama’s scant history – that he has learned from his past, has redeemed himself and was fit to be President. This is a question of integrity and transparency.’
        ‘He is only harming himself if he is playing by the rules. Pleading the 5th is a good strategy when you are accused of a crime, but it certainly does nothing to engender trust or to…’
        And, you’ll recall a well-titl;ed Obama campaign staffer did accuse him of a felony.
        But, as I wrote: Where’s the indictment except in evil slurs.

        • Dannizmail

          Interesting. I’m glad that you responded because I found your original  post intriguing. I don’t think that there should be any indictment of Mitt Romney; as far as I know, being wealthy is not in and of itself a crime. While I don’t quite understand some parts of your narrative, and why you altered the quotations of my statements, I believe that those who do seek high office should be forthright. 

           Despite the First Amendment, those who occupy public office should not make reckless statements with impunity. 
          As a matter of fact, Harry Reid’s accusation troubles me as he has not provided a reliable source that Mitt Romney has paid no income taxes.  Spreading rumors of this nature is in my own estimation conduct unbecoming of a statesman. But I believe that, unless there is a good reason for it, the tax return evidence should be available for voters to evaluate as it is the established standard. I would feel more comfortable in supporting Romney if he were more forthcoming. Several of my friends who are like-minded independents agree. My  first question to you is this: Do you believe that the original response that Romney has provided, that giving his tax returns gives the other side “ammunition” reasonable in a political environment? Considering that both sides will use anything available (because this is politics), I consider that the normal trajectory in the public square. For this reason,  this explanation seems hollow and, among many is a source of skepticism. Secondly, I am also  curious for a conservative insight also as to his more recent religiously based explanation for lack of disclosure. Do you think that his second explanation would have probably played better to independent voters had he proffered that originally? I certainly do.  I see the order of events as a political misstep, which may not have been as damaging if he had said that first. Now it appears to be an afterthought when the first explanation fell flat. Just curious as to how a conservative thinker views these dueling hypothesis and if you agree if that would have made a difference to undecided voters. 

          Again, there are those on this site who I will not bother to respond to as they provide no substance and provide only more than attempts to bash the political opponent of their choosing instead of engaging in healthy discussion. I am curious as to your opinion as a conservative. 

    • Ron F.

      Dave, why do you think there is no evidence of error or malfeasance with Mitt Romney’s taxes but “other than being shoe-horned into Occidental, Columbia and Harvard Law School, there is no evidence how Obama earned his way there'”.   There is no evidence that President Obama was “shoe-horned” into the schools, or that he was allowd in as a result of error or malfeasance so why do you think there should have to be evidence as to how President Obama got into the schools?

  • Roger Ward

    What’s a wingnut?

  • MarioP


    Thank you for agreeing the tax code is busted.

  • Jeffreydan

      “What is the single issue on which Mr. Romney has never flip-flopped?”
      Answer: respect the Constitution, for one.

      “Obama  released 8 years of tax returnsGW Bush 10 yearsClinton 12 yearsGHW Bush 14 yearsGeorge Romney 12 years.What is there to hide?”
      Answer: relatively uninteresting information about a law-abiding man, who knows that none of those other guys were on the wrong side of an assassin like David Axelrod.   

  • Ron F.

    How long have conservatives been asking for President Obama’s college transcripts?  There is no law that requires elected officials to release college transcripts.  In addition, I do not believe it is just liberals that have asked for the release of the tax returns.  Some Republicans have asked for the release of the returns and I think some of the Presidential contenders criticized him for not releasing the returns and wasn’t it Rick Perry who called Mitt Romney a vulture capitalist.  It is politics.  It is fair for Democrats to ask for more transparency and the tax returns and it is just as legitimate for Mitt Romney to say he will not produce them.  I do not care one way or another but I do not think there is anything wrong in requesting the returns and criticizing him for not producing them.  On the other hand, I think it is wrong for anyone to speculate as to why he doesn’t produce them.

    • fleurdelawer

      actually, Mitt never released his college transcripts either. Additionally, there is no long standing precedent of doing so. Mitt Romney’s dad actually started the precedent of releasing multiple years of returns because the executive’s job is to enforce the law. If the president does not follow the laws himself, how can he enforce them objectively? Additionally, how can he make credible tax policy if he himself does not pay taxes? Grades are wholly irrelevant to the job of president. Many great men were poor students. But how many Presidents were tax cheats? It is entirely possible that Mitt hid money overseas and then took advantage of tax amnesty. This would make him a one time felon who got away with it. There is a reason why even many Republicans believe this transparency is important….

      • Ron F.

        fleurdelawer, my comment wasn’t about President Obama not releasing the transcripts it was that it is not just Democrats that want a Presidential candidate to release private information.  It is politics and both sides do it.  Frankly I do not think any candidate should release any information beyond what is required by law.  If the electorate decides there should be more tansparency there is a procedure for changing the law.  As long as a candidate has paid what is legally due, the candidate is qualified to make credible tax policy.  The fact that Mitt Romney is not releasing his tax returns does not mean he is a tax cheat and Mitt Romney should not have to produce the tax returns to prove that he was not a tax cheat or that he paid the taxes.   And we can all disagree as to what is irrelevant to the job of President.  On the other hand I do not think President Obama should produce his college transcripts because of an allegation that he cheated or that he is hiding something.  I think grades are relevant.  I just do not think I have a right to see the grades or transcript.   Finally, I do not think there is a long standing precedent regarding how many tax returns are released.  Richard Nixon released 4.  Gerald Ford did not release any but released a summary.  Jimmy Carter and George Bush each released 3 years’ returns.  Senator McCain and Sarah Palin each realease 2 years’ returns.  Other candidates produced more. 

      • Jeffreydan

          Grades sure as hell mattered to liberals when George W. Bush was running. Suddenly you don’t care that the self-described “transparent” president, a supposedly brilliant man, is paying big money to keep his educational records hidden?

          Pardon me if your argument seems hollow.

  • Ddventures30

    god ha nothing to do with it

  • Heavyartillery

    Here you go over 533 documented lies mitt Romney has told I dont think we could trust a man who lies about 2 and a half times a day haha.

    • Jeffreydan

        You and your source are full of it.
        As much as you don’t deserve it, I’m going to give you some advice:
        1) Your post, your link, and the link after it merely accuse Governor Romney without showing any examples. Next time see if you can just link directly to the “lies,” otherwise you annoy people and make them suspicious.
        2) The fact your source is liberal doesn’t alone kill its credibility, but it sure wasn’t helped that the very first example wasn’t a lie. (When a president feels compelled to go to other countries and confess the USA’s supposed guilt for past actions, it’s pretty damn misleading to say it’s NOT an apology.) 
        The first few examples alone either didn’t establish that anything factual was contradicted, or that there was any intent to contradict a fact in the first place, which is the exact way you prove a lie.        
        3) Your source tries to use the 533 figure to intimidate, not educate. Saying something like “you can maybe dispute or spin some of them, but not hundreds” doesn’t suddenly make one word of your claim true.      

  • Clippyjen

    How long did it take to get obama’s birth certificate..I would imagine it took a long time to fabricate one…was he really born in the USA??????And I would imagine when Romney goes on vacation I would imagine he can pay for his own vacations…

  • GlenFS

    Why would we need to “verify” something that is his personal business and none of ours?  If he chooses to share it’s his choice to make, not anyone else’s.  The same for Obama’s scholastic records… I may be curious, but it’s his choice and none of my business.

  • Patrick

    Okay I understand your position and I do think it would be better if he released his tax returns than not (he is not legally obligated to, you must understand). That said, I do have to wonder though if some of the people who are calling on Romney to release his tax returns have already decided in their minds that he’s a tax cheat/felon and will simply claim that the tax returns are forgeries if indeed he does release them in the same way that the birthers did when Obama released his birth certificate. My point is basically that some who want the tax returns released have probably already made up their mind that Romney is a tax cheat and no amount of evidence they get will satisfy them like the birthers have already decided Obama was born in Kenya or wherever it is they say he’s from.

    • Ron F.

      Patrick, I agree that some of the people calling on Mitt Romney have already made up mind but don’t you think most people who called upon President Obama to realease transcripts, birth certificate, social security record had made up there mind as well.  This is all politics and genereally what we get offended by is which side does it.

      • Patrick

        Oh no doubt Ron, that’s why I specifically mentioned the birther movement in particular in my post. I know the birthers already have made up their mind that President Obama was born in Kenya and no amount of evidence (even the long form birth certificate itself) will convince them otherwise. I’m sure some [probably just about as many who want Romney to release his tax returns have already made up their mind on Obama with regard to his transcripts and social security record as well (which the latter sort of ties to the birther movement as well).

      • Patrick

        And oh trust me Ron, I get and agree with your main point: There’s more than enough of this politicial stand-up going around on both sides and we are getting nowhere as a result.

  • Tonny Wijaya

    The hypocrisy you Republican wingnuts display is astounding! You wingnuts used Bill Clinton’s tax returns to initiate and persecute Clinton over Whitewater, while spending $80 million dollars over 7 1/2 years. You wingnuts have for 4 years now been demanding and getting birth certificates, high school info, selective service forms, and dozens of other records from Obama. You wingnuts think Obama’s college grades from 3 decades ago are relevant and have been demanding those too as of late. However, you wingnuts don’t think the American people should be concerned with Mitt’s tax returns from the past 4 or 5 years? What hypocritical, lying, sleaze balls you wingnuts are! Shame on you!

    • Wheels55

      I’m not concerned about anyone’s tax returns, as long as they properly filed them and paid what the tax law requires. I, for one, would love this tax return deal to be minimized – now and forever.
      Clintoin may have been a little shady, but he was a good President. He knew to work with the Republicans.
      Obama has yet to learn to play well with others. He can organize a community, but then he has a blank stare when people are looking for him to do something positive for the entire country.

    • Jeffreydan

      A) Go ahead and try to argue that Clinton was an ethical man, and that saving money is a good reason to stop investigating a lying, stonewalling malcontent.
      B) Most “wingnuts” at this site haven’t been as demanding as you suggest.
      C) Of the people we do know Obama spent any real time with in his personal, educational, and professional lives, virtually every single one of them at best disrespected the USA and at worst felt it should be harmed; if you’re so transparent it’s something worth boasting in your campaign, you wouldn’t blow enough money to feed hundreds of orphans on concealing transcripts that make you look good; despite numerous examples to the contrary, liberals think he’s a genius. His transcripts are more relevant than you think.
      D) Not feeling ashamed yet. Maybe if you tried calling me more names…   

  • mdg

    Mr. Romney is running for President of the United States.
    This is a position of Trust.Ronald Reagan said, “Trust but Verify.”Mr. Romney has said, “Trust me,” re his tax returns.It is not unreasonable for voters to want to “Verify.What is the single issue on which Mr. Romney has never flip-flopped? He stands doggedly firm on never, under any circumstances, releasing his tax returns.Why?It is not just liberals who want to see Romney’s tax returns. It is 63% of American voters who do.The longer Mr. Romney delays, the more suspicious it appears.Obama  released 8 years of tax returnsGW Bush 10 yearsClinton 12 yearsGHW Bush 14 yearsGeorge Romney 12 years.What is there to hide? 

  • Roger Ward

    Romney should say that he’ll release his back tax forms …. as soon as Obama releases his school transcripts.  Obama has been extremely secretive about his school records from Punahou, Columbia and Harvard.  What’s Obama hiding?  I notice that Harry Reid has not demanded disclosure by Obama …. only from Romney.

  • Wheels55

    So, Obi Wan Obamie and Darth Ried use their Jedi mind tricks and say Mitt hasn’t paid his fair share of taxes and the weak minded believe that?
    Go visit Oz and get a brain.

  • Wheels55

    And John Kerry being very wealthy as well didn’t seem to bother liberals.
    This whole tax return thing is just another example of government intrusion – this time from the left side of government.

    • Tonny Wijaya

      Oh yee of short attention span… the Republican wingnuts were apoplectic over Kerry’s wealth and demanded (and got) John Kerry’s wife to release her tax returns even though they filed separately. Dole in 1996 released 30 years of tax returns.

      • Wheels55

        Uh oh, trying to read between the lines again?
        I never said Kerry didn’t produce his tax returns. I just said that the left whining about this whole Mitt is too wealthy and doesn’t pay his fair share deal didn’t come up from the left for Kerry.
        So, it’s OK to be rich, as long as one is a Demo? 

        • Dannizmail

          So if the wealthy on the left can open their IRS records for examination in pursuit of the highest office in the land, why can’t Romney? Your post gives all the more reason why Romney should be more forthright – if he wants the job. No, its not a requirement, but it might foster confidence that he is not operating against the interests of America by dodging taxes. He is not “too wealthy”; just too shrouded in secrecy. He reserves the right- but it might cost him the election.  

          • Jeffreydan

              Romney did open his records, and they showed absolutely nothing wrong. You’ll have to pardon my finding it more suspect that liberals are unhappy he obeyed the law. 

              If I ever get the opportunity, I’ll be sure to share your concerns with Governor Romney. He’d no doubt be grateful that you’re so enthusiastic about his winning the election.  

          • Dannizmail

            Very well. When you speak with him, explain to him that in the United States, public persons have far less privacy than those in the private sector and to be the president often takes more than obedience to the bare minimum legal requirements. If he doesn’t want the attention and fears scrutiny, tell him not to run for public office; he has obviously been quite successful in the private sector where the rules are different. Let him know that  almost 70 percent of independents are concerned about whether or not there are reasons why he is so afraid to  adhere to a tradition started by his own father and followed by Presidential candidates since the 1960s. Perhaps you could persuade him to give the electorate a succinct reason why he must be the exception before  he asks them to entrust him with their votes, which are precious. I am certain that he was aware of this tax return tradition when he ran for the presidency the first time. Again, tax returns were a problems for him when he ran for governor and  demanded the disclosure of  multiple years of returns from his opponent. 

          • Freddiek

            damn! You got owned

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    What we need to see is Barack Hussein Obama’s REAL birth certificate, the one he flaunts on campaing coffee mugs and T-shirts and at Press Conferences is a PROVEN forgery.  I bet were the Daddy’s name belongs there is a great big “UNKNOWN” in that space.  The “goat herding” Daddy is one big fraudulent story. 

    What we need to see is the Social Security Administration coming clean on why Barack Hussein Obama is allowed to continue to use a fraudulent SS# (042-68-4425).  They did say that they never issued this number to Barack Hussein Obama so why are they not pursuing this criminal activity?  Obama has been using that number for decades.  

    What we need to see is the Selective Service coming clean on why Barack Hussein Obama has not been investigated for fraudulently registering with them.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio has contacted them asking for more information. 

    When will Bernie Goldberg and his dear friend Bill O’Reilly begin to confront this fraud about this criminal activity?  If these crimes were associated with Romney and Ryan do ya think the media would allow them a free pass? 

    • Jeffreydan

        Clunker, you’ve worn out your welcome. GO AWAY.

  • S Lee Spencer

    This is good.  I haven’t seen Mitt Romney’s tax return, but I’ll bet a lot of money was donated to charity and church.