Musings About Israel and Obama

I believe that eventually there will be peace in the Middle East. It will probably only take a few more of these “peace process” sessions before Israel cedes so much land to its enemies that it will simply disappear from the face of the earth.

Part of Israel’s problems is that it got suckered into calling some of its territory “settlements”. That was so dumb that it gave the lie to the long-held notion that we Jews are smart negotiators.

Let’s face it, most of the United States at one time or another belonged to some other country. Sometimes we paid for it, as we did with France and Russia, and sometimes we fought for it. But once it was ours, it stayed ours. We didn’t call it a settlement and we didn’t hand it over, although I believe that Obama has plans for Arizona that he’s not quite ready to announce.

A motto for Jews everywhere, but especially for Israelis, is “never again”. It means that never again will Jews quietly enter cattle cars and go off to be exterminated by Nazis — be they pagans or Muslims. That’s why I was so surprised that Netanyahu was wasting his time chatting with nincompoops in Washington when he should have been back in Tel Aviv, planning an attack on Iran.

I can only assume that Netanyahu, poor misguided schnook that he is, has his eye on a Nobel Peace Prize. Has everyone forgotten that Hamas, a gang of murderous thugs that everyone but Imam Rauf agrees is a terrorist organization, a group dedicated to the elimination of Israel, controls Gaza? It seems to me that if anyone even utters the words “peace process” within earshot of an Israeli prime minister, he should run in the opposite direction.

Speaking of Hamas reminds me that when people suggest that democracy is the answer to peace on earth, I say it’s a load of hooey. Democracy sounds good, but it all comes down to who’s voting. In Gaza, Turkey, New York, Minnesota and California, we can readily see the downside of democracy.

The tragic truth is if Iran gets its nukes, “never again” will be as absurd a motto as “hope and change” because, for Israelis, there won’t be an “again.”

I am not the least bit surprised that, considering his family background and his 20- year affiliation with the Trinity United Church, Obama favors the Arabs and the Muslims in the Middle East. What does astonish me is the silence and apparent acquiescence of Jewish politicians like Charles Schumer, Henry Waxman, Barbara Boxer, Brad Sherman and Dianne Feinstein, who invariably play the Israel card in order to garner votes and fill their war chests when they’re campaigning, but are mute when their party leader shows his obvious preference for the other side.

When Obama was first elected, bigoted liberals predicted that, because he was a black man, a white conservative, no doubt a Tea Bagger, would do him in.

Fortunately, in spite of allowing party crashers to slip into the White House, the Secret Service has managed to keep him safe. I, for one, never believed he was in any greater danger than any other president. In fact, I was confident that his greatest risk is that he might fall victim to an exploding ego.

Frankly, I think Obama is the least competent chief executive in my lifetime. And, no, I didn’t forget Jimmy Carter. However, if you say that to a liberal, he’ll defend Obama, insisting that the president isn’t concerned with details because he’s a big picture guy.

I couldn’t quite grasp the concept until I realized that some of the really big pictures over the past several years have been “Ishtar,” “Battlefield Earth,” “Alexander the Great,” “The Postman,” “Town and Country,” “Cutthroat Island,” “Heaven’s Gate,” “Waterworld” and “Howard the Duck.”

Obama, a big picture man? I should say so. “The Rise and Fall of a Community Organizer” certainly ranks with the worst of those turkeys.

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  • Ken Besig, Israel

    In a very real sense, peace is thriving in the Middle East, especially between the Arabs and Israel. You see, Middle East peace is not the same as let us say peace between European countries or America and it’s opponents. In the Middle East, peace is the situation where everybody is always at everybody else’s throats, where leaders liberally insult and ridicule each other, where the most absurd and incredible charges of war crimes, massacre, and human rights violations are the order of the day, where war is just a gunshot or border violation away. You have to understand that the Arabs do not think the way Westerners do, to them, treachery and duplicity are the deepest wisdom, trust is weakness and stupidity, where lies and fabrications are the fundamental principles of diplomacy, and where the killing and physical abuse of the citizenry is the hallmark of proper politics. The Jews of Israel have to somehow walk the fine and difficult line of living among these bloodthirsty, aggressively violent, ignorant, largely impoverished, inbred, and entirely untrustworthy half savage Moslem Arabs, while at the same time providing her citizens with democracy, prosperity, education, and security. All this at a time when American foreign policy is managed and led by the Moslem born, Left wing, Reverend Jeremiah Wright educated, anti Israel half White President Barack Obama. There used to be a time when the Israeli delegation to the peace negotiations would at least have the Americans supporting them while they dealt with the hostile, vicious, and treacherous Arab delegations, nowadays with Barack Obama’s open antagonism towards Israel, we are even denied that support. This along with the Lebanese George Mitchell and the pro Arab Hillary Clinton refereeing the talks, may God help us! Netanyahu is doing an excellent job given the situation that has been forced upon him, holding the anti Israel Obama team at bay without offending the Boy Wonder Barack, while at the same time trying his best to make it appear that he can actually deal with Arabs who make no bones about their heartfelt desire to destroy Israel and murder all the Jews they can get their filthy hands on.
    So Bert, this High Holiday season with Yom Kippur tomorrow, it would be fitting if you could express a little more understanding of the difficulties Am Yisrael is facing a this moment and when you go to shul tomorrow, offer a prayer to HaShem to protect and guide his Chosen People, the Jews.
    All the best,

  • Ariel Shaul

    Actually, Charles Schumer has not been mute wrt Obama and Israel. The thing that surprises me is that we are not requiring Saudi Arabia to formally recognize Israel and to halt support to terrorists. We need a Saudi commitment to peace before we sell them aircraft that would give them air superiority in the region. Saudia Arabia tried to destroy Israel in 1948, and giving them too many weapons could cause the ultimate disaster, a full war between the 2 countries.

  • Doug

    Obama is the political equivalent of Tony Robins. Great speaker, no depth. Real issues face the electorate, at home and across the globe and require a vast real-world understanding of practical solutions. Motivational speeches get awful thin in the absence of meaningful applicable tactics.

  • David

    “Not again”. I think you had better reconsider that thought. I am sure that Germany in 1930 had a few Bloombergs who insisted that everyone just get along and that the Nazis had rights just like everyone else.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Scarlett & Richard: Thank you both. I’m not sure Obama has a choice in the matter when it comes to impersonating Carter. Like Carter, he is a mental midget who believes himself to be the smartest of men. What’s more, I believe that Obama, probably as a result of all the times he was abandoned in his childhood, is a psychotic who has convinced himself that the force of his personality and personal charm will carry the day. He is, after all, The One. It helps to explain how he has managed to squander all the political capital he had a scant year and a half ago.

    Regards, Burt

  • Scarlett

    I could not have said it better myself, agree 100%

    • Richard

      Scarlett and Burt, I agree with you both 100%. I especially hope Obama keeps up his Jimmy Carter Impersonation come November 2012.