Why Are Nearly Half the Voters Still Slobbering Over Obama?

O FundraisersI don’t get it.  According to Rasmussen, 47 percent of likely voters approve of the job President Obama is doing.

Yes, it’s true that more disapprove – 52 percent.  And the breakdown reveals that while only 24 percent “strongly approve” of the job the president is doing, 41 percent “strongly disapprove.”

But I’m fixated on the fact that nearly half the likely voters polled think Mr. Obama is doing just fine — or better.

Yes, I know that a certain percentage of Americans would continue to slobber over this president and say they approve of his job performance even if they had just seen a video of him in Red Square making a deal with Vladimir Putin to sell half the United States west of the Mississippi to Russia for $1.98.

But 47 percent?

They called Ronald Reagan the Teflon president but the title now belongs to Barack Obama.  Nothing sticks to him.  Not Fast and Furious, not the trouble associated with ObamaCare, not Benghazi, not the IRS scandal, not the deal for Bergdahl, I’m betting not the border crisis and not anything else, including his less than forceful response to Mr. Putin for Russia’s role in the Malaysian plane disaster.

Apparently not the anemic economic recovery, either.  Last month, the U.S. registered a gain of 288,000 jobs.  Sounds good, right?  But here’s the rest of the story:  That same month we lost 523,000 full time jobs and gained 799,000 part time jobs.  There were only 12,000 new full time jobs created.

Americans know Mr. Obama is not doing well handling the economy — and they give him low marks when pollsters ask.  But still, nearly half approve of his job performance.  Huh?

A day after four Americans were killed in Benghazi, the president hopped on Air Force One for a fundraiser in Las Vegas.  A week or so ago he went to Texas for more fundraisers but didn’t want to take time out to personally see what’s going on at the border.  That would have been nothing more than a photo-op, he said. And hours after nearly 300 innocents were shot out of the sky, he went to New York for more fundraisers.

And 47 percent of Americans think he’s doing a good job?!

Either Rasmussen is suddenly a lousy pollster or half the American electorate don’t know enough to qualify even as low information voters.

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  • toni haynes

    If this man doesn’t go down as the WORST president in history, there is no truth or rationality left on this planet. He has failed on EVERY front. I just PRAY (and I’m not even particularly religious) that we all can survive the last year + of him and still be able to fix the damage he’s dome.

  • A.Alexander

    Obama`s endless failurs have the only cause: he does`not love his country: he is anti-American.

  • Bill Bradford

    The problem is that most blacks do not know anything about politics and when there are polls they do it 50% blacks and 50% whites and some Mexicans in there as well. The blacks of the United States I am going to say 9 out of 10 don’t have a clue about anything political they just know they get food stamps but they dont know why they know they get free rent they don’t know why so they give Obama the credit. So there is your answer if you get free rent and free food and you can seat around a smoke pot and do heroin all day why not support him. That is the United States of America and that is exactly were the democratic party wants to keep it so they can keep on bleeding all the money from the purse.

    • PiGiraffe

      I wouldn’t say that it’s blacks. I would say that it’s those with the ‘ghetto’ mentality. “Oh, the law only applies to the people who don’t like me.” Not all black people are like this. I can see where you’re coming from with the whole lower-class-uninformed thing, but it’s not being black that makes people poor, it’s a lack of education. And a lack of education comes from the “everyone is against me mentality”. Just something to think about.

  • Mark Creighton Sr.

    Steve apparently is our typical liberal friend. When all else fails make a specious claim of racism to shut down a discussion.

  • ted

    With the educational establishment, entertainment industry, media and most other forms of communication in America being propaganda outlets for the Democrats and progressives, I wonder how there’s 25% conservative-leaning voters. Facts, lack of successes and rational argument are not a part of their conversation. This war on race, women, unions and most everything else is one of the most successful propaganda efforts in history. And with marijuana spreading like wildfire, lower IQs and dependent users will multiply…more Democrat voters. It is over Bernie as you’ll see in November.

  • Roy

    Steve – Steve – Steve Fair – Racists? Really? Let me take a wild guess and say you never approved of much George W. Bush did while President. If I’m correct as I suspect I am would I than be justified in calling you a racist? Of course not. Why then is anyone who does not agree with President Obama is a racist?

    • Steve Fair

      Roy, Roy, Roy. My dislike for Bush had nothing to do with his race. I was a big Clinton supporter. He was white, wasn’t he? I didn’t like Bush because He stole the presidency in 2000, He was a corporate shill from Day 1, He embraced global isolationism, He ignored warnings about Osama bin Laden, Ramped up war on drugs, not terrorists, turned a budget surplus into a record deficit and got us into a totally unjustified and unwinnable war in Iraq. Now how about telling me specifically why you hate Obama.

    • steves_59

      His beady little mind can’t grasp that people don’t like him because he’s an incompetent boob, who unfortunately found out that “the unbearable lightness of being B. Obama” wasn’t enough to qualify him to lead this country.
      So, like most of the other rabid Obama supporters, he plays the race card. Unfortunately, it works because his targets are too cowardly to call him and his ilk out for it.

      • Steve Fair

        There has been nothing “incompetent” about Obama’s Presidency. In fact it has been a sea change in success from his predecessor. Hate-filled racist losers like you scream “incompetence” and “scandal” because you can’t accept the notion of a black man as President nor the results of elections.

        • steves_59

          Of COURSE it would be racism. Of course.
          It’s all you losers have left, is screaming “racism” every time someone takes Teh Won to task for not only his incompetence, but the sheer absurdity of his entire administration.
          Laughable. Eminently laughable.
          “Hate-filled racist losers.” Heh.
          The REAL loser, besides you, is the American people. We’ve been losing for the last six years.

          • Steve Fair

            Keep listening to Bernie and Rush fool. Obama was reelected convincingly and a Democrat will win the White House in 2016 and probably for decades afterwards. It all over for your types.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>Keep listening to Bernie and Rush fool.

            Keep avoiding the decimation of your own arguments, unenlightened one.

            >>a Democrat will win the White House in 2016 and probably for decades afterwards.

            If they beat black black candidates, however, they will be racists. Right?

            >>It all over for your types.

            Oh, it’s been over for informed voters for some time, Steve. No doubt about that.

          • Steve Fair

            oh the same ‘informed’ voters who claimed Benghazi was a scandal?

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            No. Those are the people that actually care enough about this country to stand up to an administration that lies about how 4 American patriots died. The uninformed ones are the people blindly running interference for what the administration did.

            And by all means… Keep changing the topic to avoid addressing your debate failure.

          • Steve Fair

            Sorry Johnny, but a Republican headed committee had to finally admit this week that there was no scandal or administration wrongdoing by the administration. Especially in light of the fact that under Bush there were 7 embassy attacks and 54 Americans dead. But no mention of scandal until the black President. Funny how that works.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>a Republican headed committee had to finally admit this week that there was no scandal or administration wrongdoing by the administration.

            Are you talking about the report that has yet to be released and is currently being spun by Democrats to put the best possible face on it? Or are you talking about the Benghazi hearings which haven’t even started yet?

            >>Especially in light of the fact that under Bush there were 7 embassy attacks and 54 Americans dead.

            That talking point’s been debunked repeatedly (which I’m sure you know but don’t care), but please remind me… Which YouTube video did Bush blame for attacks under his watch, and which victims’ families did he lie to about it?

            >>But no mention of scandal until the black President.

            Ah! Racism again! Awesome! Because we all know that Hillary Clinton hasn’t been receiving any heat for Benghazi. Right?

          • Steve Fair
          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>No administration wrongdoing in Benghazi http://www.dailykos.com/story/

            Now read the actual piece instead of just the headline.

            >>Embassy Attacks under Bush http://thedailybanter.com/2013

            Here you go: http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2014/05/13-benghazis-under-bush-debunked-2853280.html

            You’re welcome.

          • Steve Fair
          • Jeff Webb

            >>under Bush there were 7 embassy attacks and 54 Americans dead<<

            Bringing up President Bush and playing the race card: the two favorite hobbies of debaters in over their head.

            I'll indulge your distraction for a sec:
            How many ambassadors reported suspicious activity and repeatedly asked for security before the attacks, only to be refused? Did Bush & his people lie about the circumstances surrounding the attack, including right to the grieving relatives' faces with the victims' caskets right there?

          • Steve Fair

            LIES. The ambassadors were never refused a direct request. BTW it was the Republican Congress which refused to fund increased embassy security.

          • Jeff Webb

            >>The ambassadors were never refused a direct request.<> BTW it was the Republican Congress which refused to fund increased embassy security.<<

            Irrelevant. They didn't cite funding as the reason for turning Stevens down, and besides that they could have removed everyone from the area like other countries did with their personnel as a precaution.

          • toni haynes

            I have doubts they even knew it was SPECIFICALLY asked for..if indeed it truly WAS..I know they would would have gotten it. There’s not a Republican that would have voted that request down…even some few Democrats, for that matter. Even if they HAD, and it was denied, do you REALLY think the White house would have missed that opportunity to use it to make the Republicans look bad Truth is, it didn’t fit the Obama narrative that “Al Qaeda was on the run”…That’s why they were denied security and four patriots died. It would have been a CLEAR admission that they were lying….I’ve never seen so much lying, corruption and scandal (MONTH after MONTH, a different one), coming out of our White House.

          • steves_59

            Show me where Bush lied about it, moron.

          • steves_59

            LOL. You don’t get out much, do you?
            Take a look around, sport. We’re not going to be paying for your entitlements TOO much longer.

          • Steve Fair

            I’ve been a taxpayer since I was 15. But thanks for revealing your stupid racism. Not like I’m surprised.

        • Bill Bradford

          All blacks all racist it is the whitie of America that keeps you in food stamps and heroin. If the black community would wake up and stop taking handouts get a education and a job they would be able to see through the slumber of there drugs, but they cant and they wont because why? Because white men keep holding you down. Really it is time to get over being black and feeling cheated in life. Odummie because he is black is the only reason you like except if you are in the class above then I can understand that also but to say he is doing a good job CRAZY!!!. What he is a educated black man that is a fool and a coward and a liar and a cheat.

  • Steve Fair

    It’s not real complicated. Half the voters recognize that the President saved the economy from depression, has stewarded an improving and energized economy, ended two ground wars that we were losing, killed Bin Laden and got the ACA passed. The other half are racist yahoos who will never accept a black man as President.

    • steves_59

      You really need to put the crack pipe down.
      Accusing half this country of being “racist yahoos” speaks far more about your own stupidity and prejudice than it does about these alleged “racist yahoos.”

      • Steve Fair

        Yeah okay racist.

        • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

          Serious question, Steve: Are you TRYING to sound like a moron in this exchange?

          When the president took office, his approval rating was in the high 70’s. You think those who approved of him then, but don’t now, became racists in 6 years? And you think this who didn’t approve of him then, based on his stated agenda, are also racists?

          If your honest belief is that a black president can’t also be a bad president, it’s you that can’t see beyond the man’s skin color.

          • Steve Fair

            Daly, stop trying to insult my intelligence. Every President has an initial grace period with high approval ratings. Did you VOTE for Obama? Either time? Then how the hell can you be trying to take credit for his election? Obama never got more than 42% of the white vote which means there is a white majority who have always been opposed to him. Many of that group are outright racists who hate the notion of a black President. And for all you clwons who yap about how bad a President his is, please tell me how his predecessor’s administration was superior. In ANY way.

          • Jeff Webb

            Do you think Republicans would approve of things like ACA, tax increases, cutting military funding, illegally declaring Congress to be in recess, and deciding to not enforce certain laws if John Kerry or John Edwards were president, Steve?

          • Steve Fair

            What tax increases? What military cuts? What non enforcement of laws? Provide the proof of your assertions here with links.

          • Jeff Webb

            The question is based on your logic. I’m willing to give you links if you really want, but before we tangentify, at least answer in part: If the Obamacare law had been “Kerrycare” or “Edwardscare,” and if one of them had made the “recess” appointments, do you think Reps would approve?

          • Steve Fair

            Yes, I REALLY want them. And are you really suggesting that Obama is the first President to make recess appointments?

          • Jeff Webb

            Fine with me. Is the part on ACA and the appointments too difficult for you to answer?

          • Steve Fair

            Okay I’ll play. The Rethugs would have opposed the ACA as well. But the Rethugs would NOT have made an issue of the President’s citizenship, his academic credentials, supposed scandals regarding “Benghazi”, outrage over his recess appointments (every President has done them), his vacations (he has vacationed LESS than all 4 of his immediate predecessors) of his use of executive orders (once again he has used that power LESS than his predecessors, were he white. Now PLEASE, stop evading and provide evidence of your assertions.

          • Jeff Webb

            >>The Rethugs would have opposed the ACA as well.<>outrage over his recess appointments (every President has done them)<>the Rethugs would NOT have made an issue of the President’s citizenship<>his academic credentials<>supposed scandals regarding “Benghazi”<>his vacations (he has vacationed LESS than all 4 of his immediate predecessors)<>his use of executive orders (once again he has used that power LESS than his predecessors<<

            No, he has used that power far, FAR more. Using the # of EO's as a metric doesn't hold water, never has. It's about the impact and the propriety.

            A standard EO typically covers smaller, administrative matters, like the procedural specifics on executing a law passed by Congress. Issuing EO's as a replacement for Congressional legislation is a whole 'nother matter. And, once again, see (B).

            But let's suppose every one of your accusations is truly objective and fact-based; do you seriously think a white POTUS wouldn't get similar criticisms? Reps opposed Dems before BO arrived, and the more liberal the Dems' effort, the more adversarial the Reps got.

            The links:




          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly
          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>Daly, stop trying to insult my intelligence.

            Now that’s rich.

            >>Every President has an initial grace period with high approval ratings.

            Then you’ve just negated your entire argument. How can you say half of the country opposes him because of the color of his skin, when he came into office with such high approval ratings (much higher than most presidents, in fact)? Is your argument really that racists are inclined to give a black president the benefit of the doubt?

            >> Did you VOTE for Obama? Either time?

            Hell no.

            >>Then how the hell can you be trying to take credit for his election?

            I’m taking credit his election? What are you talking about?

            >>Obama never got more than 42% of the white vote which means there is a white majority who have always been opposed to him.

            THAT’s your definition of racism? Then what does it say when McCain and Romney each received a single digit percentage of the black vote? Wouldn’t that be a far more significant example of racism, using your definition?

            >>Many of that group are outright racists who hate the notion of a black President.

            Based on what? Your gut?

            >>And for all you clowns who yap about how bad a President his is, please tell me how his predecessor’s administration was superior. In ANY way.

            In ANY way? Okay. The national debt. Or is it racist for me to point that out?

          • Steve Fair

            Bush ran up the debt more than all of his predecessors combined. Obama ran up the debt bailing out the economy. If Cain or Allen West were the GOP nominees they would have got the same percentage of the black vote as McCain and Romney. Like most other black Americans, I have voted for virtually dozens of white politicians, sometimes against black competitors. Name ONE black you ever voted for.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>Bush ran up the debt more than all of his predecessors combined.

            As did Obama, matching Bush’s 8 year-debt in just 3 years.

            >>If Cain or Allen West were the GOP nominees they would have got the same percentage of the black vote as McCain and Romney.

            And I would argue that John Edwards and Hillary Clinton would have received the same (if not a smaller) percentage of the white vote in 2008 as Obama did.

            >> Name ONE black you ever voted for.

            Is that how someone would prove to you that they’re not a racist? Whether or not they’ve ever voted for a black person?

            Though I’ve voted for a number of non-white candidates over the past 20 years, I never have and never will vote for someone based on the color of their skin. Though I grew up in the Denver area, I’ve lived in northern Colorado since I was old enough to vote. The only black candidate that has ever been on a ballot here (for either party) was Barack Obama.

            So let me ask you a question: If you only had the opportunity to vote for one white candidate, and that candidate was a Republican running for the U.S. presidency, would you be a racist if you didn’t vote for him?

          • Steve Fair

            You white conservatives claim you would never vote for someone based on their skin color but you certainly will NOT vote for someone because of skin color. The evidence? Name the elected black Republican. And don’t tell me Tim Scott. He was APPOINTED to the Senate.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            First of all, I must say that this routine with me asking you a question, and you totally ignoring it because you know it decimates your shallow arguments, is pretty telling.

            >>You white conservatives claim you would never vote for someone based on their skin color but you certainly will NOT vote for someone because of skin color

            And by “certainly,” you of course mean “in my fantasy world in which I reflexively presume awful things about people who don’t love President Obama the way I do.” Just figured I’d go ahead and correct that for you.

            >>Name the elected black Republican.

            THE elected black Republican? Are you of the belief that only one black Republican has been elected to public office in this country? Are you of the belief that only one black Republican has won a GOP primary?

            Instead of continuing to presume things that you don’t care enough about to research, why don’t you spend a few minutes on Google? It will keep you from sounding as silly as you do today.

          • Steve Fair

            LMAO!!!!! Speaking of avoiding and ignoring questions….you clowns are a laugh a minute.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            What did I avoid?

          • Steve Fair

            NAME THE BLACK ELECTED REPUBLICAN. And why do you think that is?

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            Again, there’s no “THE” because more than one black Republican has been elected to public office in this country. But if you’re only asking for one, I’ll give go ahead and give you two at the federal level: Allen West and J.C. Watts.

          • Steve Fair

            This is a joke. Are you serious? Both West and Watts are private citizens. West LOST his jerkwater house seat after one term and Watts left politics after repeatedly being disrespected by his fellow Republicans. The reason why there are virtually no people of color in the GOP is because they have actively promoted themselves as the White People’s Party for the last 45 years. You guys look very silly denying the obvious.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>This is a joke. Are you serious? Both West and Watts are private citizens.

            NOW they are. That doesn’t change the fact that they were elected. It also doesn’t change the fact that a number of black Republican politicians have won GOP primaries in big races, only to lose in general elections – typically in blue states, which according to you would make those voters racists. Right?

            >>West LOST his jerkwater house seat after one term

            Another example of delayed racism on the part of an electorate, right? You’re hilarious, Steve.

            >>Watts left politics after repeatedly being disrespected by his fellow Republicans.

            Not according to him.

            >>they have actively promoted themselves as the White People’s Party for the last 45 years.

            No they haven’t. That’s what YOU’RE promoting them as.

            >> You guys look very silly denying the obvious.

            Look who’s talking.

          • Steve Fair

            But white Republicans have won general elections in those same states. So why can’t black Republicans win any statewide elections on their own? Allen West was a Tea Party novelty who lost his re election when the novelty wore out. In 2010 32 black Republicans ran for Congress and only West won. Black Democrats hold the highest offices in the land from totally diverse districts. But the GOP remains lilly white and guys like you accuse US of racism. It’s so ridiculous it’s bizarre.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>But white Republicans have won general elections in those same states.So why can’t black Republicans win any statewide elections on their own?

            Well obviously, its because those racist Democrats are more comfortable with a white Republican than a black Republican… Right? Isn’t that consistent with your theory?

            >>Allen West was a Tea Party novelty who lost his re election when the novelty wore out.

            So… It had nothing to do with race? This goes against your entire belief system!!!

            >>In 2010 32 black Republicans ran for Congress and only West won

            And half of those candidates won their GOP primaries, didn’t they? That means that Republican voters chose them as their nominees.

            >>guys like you accuse US of racism.

            Have I called you a racist, Steve? You’re the one throwing that charge around on this website. Not me.

          • Steve Fair

            John, you have a national party that has exactly ONE person of color elected to meaningful office and you’re telling me it has NOTHING to do with race??????????

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>You have a national party that has exactly ONE person of color elected to meaningful office

            First of all, is there a reason why you’re not including non-whites who aren’t black in that number? Are racial minorities who aren’t black no longer “people of color” anymore?

            Secondly, I don’t dispute the fact that a huge majority of black voters vote for Democratic candidates, and did so long before Obama ever ran for the presidency.

            For a long time, the Dems have told black communities the things those communities have wanted to hear… and it’s paid off for them politically, even though the Dem policies themselves haven’t done a lick of good.

            I for one, would love for Republicans to stop conceding the minority vote to Democrats, and actively engage those communities and make their case for why conservatism is a far better alternative than liberalism. The GOP has been neglectful when it comes to that. No doubt about it.

            It’s tough to sell the power of individualism and self-reliance to people who have historically been discriminated against – especially when the other party’s intent on casting racial minorities as victims until the end of the time – but the GOP needs to better engage.

            So there IS a race component to this discussion. It’s just not what you’re describing.

          • Steve Fair

            Non white Republicans like WHO? Labrador? Who else?

          • Steve Fair

            And are you actually saying that blacks cannot intuit their own realties or best interests? That sounds racist.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            Do you not consider Hispanics people of color?

          • Jeff Webb

            I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit confused. Maybe there are certain standards that must be met.

            I can only hope that someone like Ted Cruz or Bobby Jindal would qualify as a person of color, because God forbid I’d vote a politician who fails the lib color test if I were given the chance.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            Maybe “people of color” is a secret club that we don’t know about… like that “Skull and Bones” thing that the “Don’t tase me bro” guy was screaming about a few years ago.

          • Steve Fair

            Ted Cruz is white. I’ll give you Jindal. You guys are still avoiding the real issue. Anytime an organization, entity or political party can count their minority representation on one hand, there is a problem.

          • Jeff Webb

            Cruz is Latino, genius.

            >>Anytime an organization, entity or political party can count their minority representation on one hand, there is a problem<<

            The real problem is people who stoop to the evil of calling others racists out of mere supposition.

          • Steve Fair

            Once again Einstein, “latino” is not a race. You have white, brown and black Hispanics.

          • Jeff Webb

            You’ve never heard of colloquial speech, have you? If you want to play word games, it’s fine with me. Say, Steve, why do you keep calling Obama’s white critics racists, when Obama is white too?

          • Steve Fair

            You are sounding insane now. Obama has plenty of black critics like Tavis Smiley and Cornel West. Obama like many black Americans has mixed race ancestry. But he clearly identifies as a black man and that infuriates the likes of you.

          • Jeff Webb

            >>Obama has plenty of black critics like Tavis Smiley and Cornel West.<<

            That's a good point. Please explain how a white person's criticisms are motivated by racism even when a black person shares the same criticisms.
            Then please explain why you would describe Senator Cruz, a Cuban-American man, as white. (I suspect it's because admitting Republicans voted a minority into office makes it harder to play that little race card of yours, but hey, you just might have an interesting reason.)

          • Steve Fair

            Wow, you’re obviously not very bright. You do know that the aboriginal people on the island of Cuba were Taino Indians, right? I assume that you also are aware that Cuba, along with much of the Western Hemisphere was conquered and colonized by white Spaniards. I can only hope that you aware that black slaves from West Africa were brought to Cuba and other Carribean islands to harvest sugar and other crops. So many Spanish speaking people can be white, Native American, black or mixed race. Ted Cruz is a white man as is Tomas Regalado, Mayor of Miami. The newly appointed Secretary of HUD, Julian Castro is a hispanic of aboriginal descent. Boston Red SOx slugger David Ortiz is a black Cuban. Do you understand this now?

          • Jeff Webb

            >>Wow, you’re obviously not very bright<<

            You're hurting my feelings, cupcake. Now I'll clarify things for YOU:
            You're playing word games here, and you damn well know it. This is obviously not about
            racism per se; the real issue is anti-minority BIGOTRY. If you really don't get that, then I want to see you try to argue it's worse to oppose someone because he's black than someone else because he's Latino, since Latino "isn't a race." If you do get it, then you understand that these evil accusations of GOP racism you throw around just look even weaker when people like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are mentioned. A smart, enlightened guy like you certainly opposes prejudice even if the minority on the receiving end isn't black, right?

            Now do what you demand of others and answer my question: how can white people's criticisms of BO be motivated only by racism when there are black people sharing the same criticisms?

            And you can forget about playing the race card with me. If you were remotely familiar with me, it'd humiliate you to try.

          • Steve Fair

            Who said white criticisms of BO are ONLY motivated by racism? I certainly didn’t. However when this President is subject to treatment, disrespect accusations and standards that none of his predecessors had to deal with, then it is only logical that the motivation is racism.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>Who said white criticisms of BO are ONLY motivated by racism?

            So now you’re saying that while white people critical of Obama are all racist, there are also additional reasons for why they don’t like him. What a brave switch in positions. lol.

            >>However when this President is subject to treatment, disrespect accusations and standards that none of his predecessors had to deal with, then it is only logical that the motivation is racism.

            Just out of curiosity, were you without a television set between 2001 and 2009?

          • Steve Fair

            My God, you are a pathological liar. Where did I say “white people critical of Obama are all racist” WHERE? If you can’t produce that quote from me at least have the character to admit that you made it up. Just like you do most of your arguments.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            My mistake. You think that about “white conservatives”, not “white critics.” The difference being, of course, that you wouldn’t label a white Democrat who criticizes Obama a racist, like Hillary Clinton, even though it was her who spearheaded the Birther movement which you’ve attributed to racism.

            Your words, Steve-o: “You white conservatives claim you would never vote for someone based on their skin color but you certainly will NOT vote for someone because of skin color.”

          • Steve Fair

            Moonwalking faster than Michael Jackson in his prime I see. I stand by my statement about white conservatives. Prima Facie evidence is that modern conservatism in America was driven in large part by anti-black animus. All the icons of modern conservatism, Goldwater, Buckley and Reagan, were anti-Civil Rights.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            Hilarious. You take exception to the notion that you believe all white people who are criticizing Obama are racists, while embracing the belief that all white conservatives who are (or aren’t) criticizing Obama are racists.

            In other words, your accusations of racism are entirely based on partisan politics, and are not part of any honest critique.

            I think anyone who reads your posts here already knows that, but this should at least help you self-reflect a bit on how truly reliant you are on other people to do your thinking for you.

            Very rarely do I see someone so pridefully embrace their blind devotion to people who couldn’t possibly respect them, but hey… some people would rather feel needed than think for themselves.

          • Steve Fair

            Wow, you are a bundle of racist arrogance, aren’t you? Now what makes you think that the GOP respects YOU but the Dems don’t respect me? Surprise me with a rant about “government handouts”. LMAO!!!! Unbelievable.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            I’m not a shill for the GOP or any politician, Steve. If you actually bothered to read my columns instead of screaming “racist!” or “liar!” anytime someone challenges you, you’d know that.

            You, on the other hand, proudly present yourself as an unpaid White House press secretary, blindly touting all of the administration’s talking points, while refusing to comment on the facts that decimate your scripted spin.

            And by the way, I checked your comments again and realized that I was right the first time about who you believe is racist.

            Your words: “It’s not real complicated. Half the voters recognize that the President saved the economy from depression, has stewarded an improving and energized economy, ended two ground wars that we were losing, killed Bin Laden and got the ACA passed. The other half are racist yahoos who will never accept a black man as President.”

            You wrote that half of VOTERS (not conservatives because they don’t make up half of the electorate) are racists. And of course it’s the half that didn’t vote for President Obama. So explain to me again how you DON’T believe that critics of Obama are racists?

          • Steve Fair

            I haven’t seen anything from you but foamy mouthed attacks on Obama, shilling for the GOP and snide assertions that black people can’t think for themselves and are being used by the Dems. How are the Dems using US and the GOP not using YOU? Please explain.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>I haven’t seen anything from you but foamy mouthed attacks on Obama, shilling for the GOP and snide assertions that black people can’t think for themselves and are being used by the Dems.

            And none of that’s true. That’s what makes you a liar, Steve… and a sad shill.

            It’s YOU who doesn’t think for yourself… not because you can’t, but because you don’t want to.

          • Steve Fair

            I’m deeply hurt. But you damn sure won’t answer my question because it will reveal you to be a racist once and for all. How dare you suggest that I can’t think for myself or intuit my own realities but you, the almighty white guy, always makes reasoned political decisions which are respected by the GOP. The nerve.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>I’m deeply hurt.

            No you’re not.

            >>But you damn sure won’t answer my question because it will reveal you to be a racist once and for all.

            What question? I answer all of your lame questions, even when you never answer mine.

            >>How dare you suggest that I can’t think for myself

            I didn’t say you “can’t.” I said you don’t want to.

            >>but you, the almighty white guy, always makes reasoned political decisions which are respected by the GOP. The nerve.

            I’m an individual, Steve. I’m not some poster-child for “white guys.” Sorry to throw a damper on your racial stereotyping sensibilities.

            I have never sought to be respected by the GOP. I’m a fiscal conservative, libertarian on social issues, and hawkish on foreign policy. I don’t tout party lines, and I don’t shill for politicians.

          • Steve Fair

            Sigh. I’ll ask this AGAIN. “How are the Dems using US and the GOP not using YOU?” What are, particularly middle and working class whites, getting from supporting the GOP besides “white pride”? Tell me. How are us stupid black folks being “used” by the Dems?

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>How are the Dems using US and the GOP not using YOU

            Who’s US? I don’t understand that part of the question.

            As for the second part, they’re not using ME because I don’t tout party lines and I’m not an apologist for the dumb stuff that Republicans do. Get it now?

            >>What are, particularly middle and working class whites, getting from supporting the GOP besides “white pride”?

            I reject the premise. Conservative policies have nothing to do with race. They’re not about helping “white” people. They’re about helping PEOPLE by creating and preserving an environment where one’s success is determined by that person, and not by the government. Lower taxes help businesses survive, compete, thrive, reinvest, and hire more people. This is how jobs are created. That’s how the economy is strengthened. A competitive economy is what increases people’s salaries. Less government dependency and more private sector opportunity means more people pulling themselves out of poverty and living better lives. I’m not against safety-net programs. I just want them to help the people who NEED them – not those who choose them as a lifestyle.

            >>How are us stupid black folks being “used” by the Dems?

            Steve, Do you honestly believe that I think black people are stupid? Do you truly, honestly believe that, or is that what your beloved Democratic party wants you to think about people like me?

            If you answer THAT question, maybe you’ll answer your own question, as insulting as it was designed to be.

          • Steve Fair

            Unbelievable. You said yesterday that blacks vote Democratic and get nothing for it. You just said today that the Dems don’t respect us (blacks). So what does that mean? You conservatives rant all the time about how conservative policies create jobs and strengthen economies. But I am old enough to remember Reagan leaving office with record deficits for the time and the greatest stock market crash since 1929. I also remember in 2008 the economy was shedding a half-million jobs per month and the market was in freefall. Today we have added over 200,000 jobs a month for 2 consecutive quarters and the market is booming.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>You said yesterday that blacks vote Democratic and get nothing for it.

            Explain to me how black Americans are better off under Obama than they were under Bush. Less unemployment? Nope. Higher salaries? Nope. Explain to me how black Americans are better off living in states/big cities governed by Democrats than they are in ones governed by Republicans. Explain to me what the Democratic party has done to EARN over 90% of the black vote.

            >>You just said today that the Dems don’t respect us (blacks).

            I said no such thing. I said that Dems don’t respect YOU. It’s not about race. Anyone who mindlessly touts the party line, and serves as a dedicated party apologist for EITHER party isn’t respected by the leaders within those parties. They know they have your vote no matter what, so you’re inconsequential to them.

            >>But I am old enough to remember Reagan leaving office with record deficits for the time and the greatest stock market crash since 1929

            You’re an Obama supporter and you’re criticizing Reagan’s deficits? Please.

            Are you old enough to remember that Reagan inherited an absolutely awful economy and he left office with a 5.4% unemployment rate, very low inflation, and turned our GDP positive with an average of 3.8 percent PER YEAR? Even with the stock market crash in 1987, we rebounded from it quickly because the overall economy was so strong.

            >>I also remember in 2008 the economy was shedding a half-million jobs per month and the market was in freefall.

            I do too. It was awful. A 30-year mortgage bubble burst and it claimed many victims. I lost my job in in the second year of “recovery summer” because my company could no longer ride out the slowest economic recovery in U.S. history, and went out of business. I lost insurance plan and later my doctor because of Obamacare.

            >>Today we have added over 200,000 jobs a month for 2 consecutive quarters and the market is booming.

            Two consecutive quarters. Wow. And the recession only ended only six years ago with still the worst workforce participation rate since the 1970s.

            In 6 years, Reagan averaged nearly 350,000 jobs a month – not for 2 quarters. We’re talking 24 quarters. After 6 years of Reagan, 72,000 MORE people were in the workforce. Obama is still in the negatives.

            >>the market is booming.

            True. This nation’s biggest corporations are doing well… unlike small businesses and people’s salaries in this country.

            Now which topic do you want to switch to?

          • Jeff Webb

            >>Now which topic do you want to switch to next, since you won’t address anything I just wrote.<<

            "President Bush missed several spots the last time he waxed his car."

          • Steve Fair

            WHAT? Didn’t you just read what posted? When Bush left office the economy was spiraling into a depression. foreclosures were at an all time high and we shedding jobs at the rate of 500,000 per month. Obama has presided over a steady recovery. The unemployment rate is declining. And most black people believe the ACA is a positive thing. The areas with the largest black middle class populations (Prince Georges County, MD, DeKalb County, GA, Nassau County, NY etc are all DEMOCRATIC counties. Most black people are working to middle class. Not the ghetto dwelling cretins you righties incessantly portray. What have the Dems done to earn 90% of the black vote? That’s freakin easy. Supported Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Fair Employment, Open Housing and Anti Discrimination laws. Supported black candidates at the polls. Recognized that black Americans are predominately law abiding and productive citizens and deserve to be treated as such. You just can’t help yourself, can you? This last post of yours is proof that you believe black Americans are too stupid and emotional to know their own best interests or to intuit their own realities. But you’re no racist, right? LMAO!!!!!!

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly



            >>Didn’t you just read what posted?

            Yes, Steve. I actually read what you write, and respond to it. I’d love for you to extend the same courtesy to me one of these times.

            >>When Bush left office the economy was spiraling into a depression. foreclosures were at an all time high and we shedding jobs at the rate of 500,000 per month.

            A depression? That’s debatable. It was, however a truly awful situation – a deep, deep recession. I won’t make light of it at all. It changed a lot of people’s lives, including my own.

            Now, would you like to explain to me what Bush/Republican policies were responsible for it? If you’re going to assign blame squarely on Bush, merely because he was in office when it all came crashing down, that’s fine. But if you do that, you then also have to assign blame to President Obama for all of the problems our country has faced while HE’s been in office. Is that not fair? Are you prepared to do that?

            >>Supported Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Fair Employment, Open Housing and
            Anti Discrimination laws. Supported black candidates at the polls.

            I’m not asking for generalities and bumper-sticker slogans. I’m asking for actual policies – ones that you can tie actual results to. Let’s start from the beginning of 2009 when President Obama took office. How have Obama and the Dems bettered the civil rights situation for blacks? What have they done regarding voting rights? Which Open Housing and Anti Discrimination laws are you talking about? What do you mean by ‘supporting the black candidates’. The GOP supports black candidates as well. Are you insinuating that they don’t?

            >>Recognized that black Americans are predominately law abiding and productive citizens and deserve to be treated as such.

            You’re saying that the GOP DOESN’T recognize this? If so, give me an example.

            >>You just can’t help yourself, can you?

            What does that mean? Is it out of bounds for me to ask that you qualify your accusations?

            >>This last post of yours is proof that you believe black Americans are too stupid and emotional to know their own best interests or to intuit
            their own realities.

            How so? What did I write that suggests that? I asked you what the Democratic party has done that has helped black Americans in the era of Obama, and I’ve got to tell you… the answer you gave me was really weak. Can you give me actual examples beyond hope-and-change generalities?

            >>But you’re no racist, right? LMAO!!!!!!

            Explain to me what makes me a racist, Steve. Is it because I asked you questions that you can’t answer, and thus you’ve chosen to dishonestly extend my criticism of you onto all black people? Or is it simply because I didn’t vote for Obama, which is how you defined racist voters just the other day?

          • Steve Fair

            This is so tiring. I answered your questions. I vote for the Democrats because they more closely support issues that I support. Real simple. The GOP tries to make it harder to vote, harder to prove discrimination, harder for minorities to advance. Bush sicced his Justice Department on private schools which chooses to have Affirmative Action programs. Santorum and Gingrich during the last national election suggested that blacks prefer welfare to work. GOP Congressman Brooks of Alabama claims that the Dems are declaring a “war on whites”. Why hasn’t Boehner reprimanded him for that nonsense? The GOP and their media spokesman DO NOT recognize black Americans as productive and law abiding citizens. Instead they portray us as this troublesome, deleterious outgroup sponging off of the “producers”.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >>This is so tiring.

            Think of how I feel. I’m the guy who actually takes the time to respond to your questions instead of just calling you a racist and a liar.

            >>I answered your questions.

            Not really.

            >>I vote for the Democrats because they more closely support issues that I support. Real simple.

            And yet you can’t really list the benefits of voting Democrat, huh? That’s my point.

            >>The GOP tries to make it harder to vote,

            Only for those who are trying to vote fraudulently.

            >>harder to prove discrimination,


            >>harder for minorities to advance.


            >>Bush sicced his Justice Department on private schools which chooses to have Affirmative Action programs.


            >>Santorum and Gingrich during the last national election suggested that blacks prefer welfare to work.

            No they didn’t.

            >>GOP Congressman Brooks of Alabama claims that the Dems are declaring a “war on whites”.

            He’s an idiot, just like the Dems who are claiming that the Republicans are declaring a “war on women.”

            >>Why hasn’t Boehner reprimanded him for that nonsense?

            For what? Saying something stupid? No one in the Democratic party, including Obama, ever reprimands the Dems for their “War on Women” vitriol.

            >>The GOP and their media spokesman DO NOT recognize black Americans as productive and law abiding citizens.


            >>Instead they portray us as this troublesome, deleterious outgroup sponging off of the “producers”.


          • Jeff Webb

            >>Who said white criticisms of BO are ONLY motivated by racism? I certainly didn’t.<<

            Oh, you absolutely did, and you told John you stand by one of your statements that led me to ask the question.

            Speaking of which, are you ever going to answer it, or have you exempted yourself from the standards you place on others?

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            I’ve come to learn over the past couple of the days that Steve NEVER answers the questions posed to him, while demanding at the same time that other people answer his.

            It’s all part of staying on that DNC script, I suppose.

          • Jeff Webb

            Don’t forget, when I asked him if he thought Obama’s critics would be okay with the ACA, illegal recess appointments, etc., if John Kerry were the president doing it, and he managed to answer. He tried to avoid and distract from it, and he only answered on ACA, but that’s more than most libs do. On that post he went from an F to a D-, to his credit.

          • Steve Fair

            Hispanic is not a race. You have white, brown and black Hispanics.

          • toni haynes

            Democrats, black or white, have taken every city they run and run it into the ground.

    • The man’s black

      Now that’s funny!!!

    • Logan russ1122 Adams

      steve, you have to be racist and like Barry because of only his color. No one in their right mind would believe what you claim to believe about what Barry has done. No one is just that plainly delusional.

      • Steve Fair

        No my friend. I am a black man who speaks truth to power and racists can’t deal with it. You clowns hate Obama because you can’t accept a black man as your President. And don’t tell me how much you love Ben Carson and Allen West.

        • steves_59

          Bull spit. That’s all you can do, is shriek “racist.” Your day is almost done.

          • Steve Fair

            Oh yeah? Where am I going? I got news for you buddy, This country is getting more and more LIKE ME and less and less like YOU.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            >> I got news for you buddy, This country is getting more and more LIKE ME and less and less like YOU.

            Uninformed? No doubt about it. Steve Fair’s finally right about something.

          • steves_59

            No, it isn’t. The out-and-out race-baiters such as Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Obama, and yourself have had their day. The pushback is starting and your time is coming.

          • Steve Fair

            LMAO!!!!! You obviously don’t like black folks and that’s YOUR problem. And what is this pushback you’re referring to? Race war? Puh-leeze. Most of you clowns are scared to come into black neighborhoods.

          • steves_59

            I don’t like race-baiters regardless of color. It’s shriekers like you that set race relations back decades, not white people.
            You used the words “race war,” not me, you racist scumbag.
            But if it comes, it comes.

          • Steve Fair

            I asked you a question which you are obviously avoiding. What is this “pushback” you’re referring to? And how are Sharpton, Holder et al “race baiters” and O’Reilly, Mo Brooks, Hannity etc are not?

          • steves_59

            You accused me of not liking black people, which I categorically reject. The pushback I referred to will be at the ballot box: Democrats are losing across the board in polls, and will take a beating in the upcoming elections. You’re the idiot talking about race wars, not me… but if one starts, I won’t be backing down.
            Show me where O’Reilly, et al are running their mouths about racist this, racist that?

          • Steve Fair

            Are you kidding? Almost every week O’Reilly has some commentary on the “corrosive elements of black culture”. Of course according to that idiot, all black men are either saggy pants wearing gangstas or deadbeat fathers.

          • steves_59

            So, there are no “corrosive elements of black culture,” yet anyone who criticizes Obama is a racist?
            You can’t even see your own hypocrisy, can you.

          • Steve Fair

            Ohhh, this ought to be good. Why don’t you give me your interpretation of what “black culture” is?

          • steves_59

            Why should I?
            Why don’t you do it instead? Since I’m a racist in your eyes, I couldn’t *possibly* understand or know anything about *real* black culture, now could I?
            You do it.

          • Steve Fair

            You do realize this is a total copout, right?

          • steves_59

            LOL! You’re a funny guy… why should I respond to your crappy troll-bait? Why should I even care about “black culture?”
            I deign to respond to your troll. *You* go ahead and post about “black culture.” See if you can keep the words “racism” and “racist” out of it.
            I’m betting you can’t.

          • Steve Fair

            You endorsed O’Reilly’s assertion that there were ‘corrosive elements of black culture” but you don’t know what black culture is. Typical righty. Head is so far up your butt you exhale farts.

          • steves_59

            Show me where I endorsed O’Reilly’s statement. You can’t, because it didn’t happen. You’re not just an idiotic dipstick, you’re also a liar. Just like Obama himself.

          • Steve Fair

            Wow. Didn’t you just ask “So, there are no “corrosive elements of black culture,” ?

          • steves_59

            What I said was this: “So, there are no “corrosive elements of black culture,” yet anyone who criticizes Obama is a racist?”
            And out of that you got… I endorsed O’Reilly’s assertion that there were “corrosive elements of black culture.”
            Yeah, that makes sense.
            What do you sell, Steve? Snake oil, unicorn turds, and rainbow sandwiches?
            You’re almost too stupid to engage with.

          • toni haynes

            Statistics can be ugly…

          • toni haynes

            Duhhh…. now WHY would that be? Could it possibly be that haters like YOU live there?…..How ’bout taking responsibility for beautiful little (black) children dying in drive-by shootings, who have NO choice but live in ghettos, held hostage in despair and hopelessness by a welfare state?
            How ’bout NOT passing on your mentality of victim hood and Black racism to THEM, so they have a chance to believe in themselves and realize their potential?..GOD what a hypocrite

          • Bill Bradford

            Funny thing Steve you say everyone is agreeing with you not one person on this site is talking proObummer except you everyone is a racist except you so you are right and everyone else is wrong Yep you are definitely a ODUMMIE supporter. That is the topic is there one more Odummie supporter besides Steve please speak up.

          • steves_59

            You’re clearly too stupid to draw breath, you dummy. Show me, through my posting history or ANY of my posts in this thread, where I could possibly be mistaken for an Obama supporter.
            Now, unless you were referring to that idiot troll Steve Fair, in which case you owe me a freakin apology, shove off.

          • toni haynes

            Don’t let this guy get to you. He’s just another race-baiter…

          • toni haynes

            I suggest you get some genetic testing, son. Your picture shows your skin color JUST light enough to have…I dunno…maybe a wee bit of EUROPEAN descent there….somewhere…duhh…gonna have to get a better excuse to hate a whole group of people you don’t even know, I guess…

        • toni haynes

          Why would any of us bother? I guess it’s politically correct to be a racist now, if you’re a black person. Enjoy yourself!

          • Darkstar

            BTW, you’re very stupid.

    • toni haynes

      Obama PROLONGED the recession. Just ake a 101 course in economics and see for yourself.
      As for accepting a black president, that’s a racist cop-out on YOUR part. Personally, I’d sell a kidney to have Ben Carson win. The man’s a patriot and BRILLIANT..Unlike some people, he doesn’t make excuses for personal/professional failure…maybe that’s why he doesn’t seem to HAVE any… apparently having a higher concentration of melanin in his epidermis isn’t the ONLY, most important thing that defines him as a human being! Being an AMERICAN is.
      And he’s a UNITER, not a Marxist divider like Obama..maybe you should stop assigning motives and assuming belief-systems based on OTHER peoples race…..or have I just given you another excuse to hate whitey, here???

      • Darkstar

        Why are you responding to a year old post? Have you no life?

        • toni haynes

          I guess for the same reason you chose to RESPOND To a comment page a year old now, Jackass.
          How ’bout YOU get a life.
          I posted 28 days ago and haven’t been back since. Just saw YOUR response forwarded to MY computer. How ’bout YOU cease cyber-stalking people who obviously don’t agree w/you and develop a thicker skin.
          If you respond again, it just going to be automatically deleted before it’s read..now go away and punch a baby in the face or something. That should make you feel better.

          • PiGiraffe

            I just love it when people banter about trivial matters like time. I myself reply to seven- and eight-year-old posts because I’m done with my homework and really, really bored.

          • Darkstar

            Unbelievable. The cow attacks a post I made a year ago and then accuses ME of stalking. Are you familiar with punching babies and sick stuff like that? You’re creepy.

  • Thurly

    Maybe it’s Mitt’s 47% doing their moocher suck-up thing.

    Then again, according to Gallop, Obama’s approval ratings (29%) soar above those of Congress (7%). Maybe people don’t blame Obama as much as they blame Congress.

    I’m not entirely surprised he’s under 50% approval. The country has solidified the divide between left and right. Partisan news channels relentlessly pummel the bad guys and pump the good guys. Few read news across the divide.

    You should try it sometime. It’s a discomforting experience but worth the investment of time.

  • Lisa Harrison

    To answer your question: Every single person I know who voted for Obama has a mental illness. Every single one. Whether they’re on psych meds, drunks, incapable of successful relationships, have serious family dysfunction issues, three that I know of have been institutionalized. The list goes on. Very weird & unstable people, very sad.

  • EdWalton

    The main stream press railed against President George Bush, they weren’t able to do any real damage until Cindy Sheehan, President Obama & staff will continue to give never-ending scandals to trivialize his administration.

  • brickman

    To answer your question – They have considered the alternative.

    • lark2

      Really. And what is that alternative you apparently fear?

      • brickman

        President Michelle Bachmann or President Rick Santorum or President Herman Cain. Along with Sec of State Louis Gohmert or Steve King.

        • lark2

          Wow. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • LHS

    You know why half the supposed voting public is still slobbering.
    Free stuff and dumbed down, indoctrinated lemmings created over two generations. The question is how to CHANGE this, Bernie.

  • Wally C

    http://thenewjournalandguide.com/commentary/item/4641-local-voices-will-there-be-another-black-president-after-obama? This is an article I found on a website. It gives insight into what the Black community believes.

    • WhiteHunter

      Thanks for that link, Wally. Just finished reading the article. It’s disgusting, and frightening because I can’t help believing that “Shedrick Byrd” is indeed presenting an attitude, a viewpoint, a myth, and a blindness to truth and reality that is, indeed, widespread among Obama’s worshipers, especially the black ones.

      Every single claim he makes for Obama–and every slander he sneers against Obama’s political adversaries–is a crazy lie. More than a lie: a hallucination in the mind of a delusional, seriously mentally ill person who is completely disconnected from reality and immune to facts. And these people vote–sometimes multiple times!

      Over the years I’ve had a few black friends–people I worked with, on completely friendly terms, rather. They all seemed like perfectly normal, rational people, and a lot like me in qualifications, manners, values, etc. Our only difference, on the surface, was our respective races, which didn’t matter at all.

      But then, again and again, with most of them, I’d have a startling epiphany at some point that what I saw of them at work in the office was only one facet of their lives. There was another side that didn’t usually show, but that disturbed me very much when it did.

      In almost all cases, there was a deep-seated hatred of all Republicans, and often of Jews (and almost universally of Israel). Their loyalty to the Democrat Party was absolute and fanatical, no matter what. Some of them firmly believed in crazy, completely irrational conspiracy theories–the most common one that AIDS had been concocted in laboratories by the CIA and “the Jews” and unleashed in the ghettos to exterminate blacks, especially young black men(!). One of them casually mentioned that she eagerly looked forward to “Reverend Farrakhan’s weekly radio show.”

      There was often also an undercurrent of paranoia–the conviction that, even though they were living prosperous, middle-class lives and earning the same salary as I was (and in some cases were senior to me on the org chart and earning a lot more), they were still, somehow, always “disadvantaged” and whites were, somehow–despite all of the proof to the contrary–“out to get them.”

      Not one of them ever found anything wrong with or intrinsically unfair (even at this stage of our history) about “Affirmative Action” discrimination against whites–people like me.

      I had the very uneasy feeling that in a crisis–racial mayhem, with a mob coming for me–I might not be able to depend on them for protection against their “brothers.” I hope, but am not completely confident, that I was wrong about that.

      This, I think, is the current state of race relations in our country–needlessly, frighteningly. And far from doing anything to tamp down this madness and promote sanity and rational brotherhood and mutual trust between the races, Obama and especially Holder have at every opportunity done and said everything they can to aggravate and inflame it. And that scares the daylights out of me.

      • Steve Fair

        Typical white racist. Thinks he is the all knowing and wise adult and blacks are just whining emotional children.

        • Jeff Webb

          Typical Steve Fair. Too lazy and cowardly to directly respond to the substance in Hunter’s comment, so desperate to shut others up he plays the race card at every turn.

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            I’m pretty sure he was legal eagle’s replacement. 😉

          • Steve Fair

            What substance? This was garden variety racist garbage. The blacks he knows all hate Jews, Republicans and think somebody is “out to get them”. It’s nonsense. LIES. GARBAGE. You guys spew this garbage in a pathetic effort to rationalize your own hatred and resentment of black people. And always remember Jeff that this is one black man who will always call you out on your racism ever time you express it.

    • lark2

      Wally, thank you for your link. I enjoyed reading it from beginning to end however, I do wonder when a person’s Color became a “qualification” for the presidency of the United States of America? In this country, we have all kinds of people … articles like this are always interesting because of the insight one gets into the minds of others. It is “interesting” but shocking to hear the thoughts of people who are truly mentally ill. This is the nature of life in a truly free society and I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere or anything.

    • Roy

      Wally C – just read the article. It should be subtitled Wiil America have another Progressive Democrat Black President? Although there are more and more Conservative Blacks they are drowned out by the Dems and dismissed for not following the Progressive “agenda”

  • buckrodgers

    President Obama will be supported by African Americans no matter what he does good or bad, so any poling is flawed, that’s why white democrats who need African Americans to win election have remained silent, remember Joe Manchan the gun-toting senator who turned his back on his own constitutions on behest of his master, or how about Harry Reid who makes a fool out of himself every single day trying to defend our President, white Democrats still control the party but their becoming more and more dependent on minorities to win elections, President Obama also controls the liberal media along with Hollywood, institutions that have been able to remain predominantly white, by acting like their the self-appointed spokesperson and saviors of African Americans, these ar individuals who never miss an opportunity to label everybody but themselves a racist,before President Obama can change America,he has to fundamentally change the Democratic party, by replacing the old white guard with minorities.

  • gongdark

    You still have enough people?, sorry , drones who still salivate, like Pavlov’s dog, when they hear the sound of the monthly federal stipend dropping into their mailbox. If it did stop, they’d be sitting, staring at the mailbox as though something was going to happen. These are the “stupids” this low informational, etc etc….ad infinatum.

  • Trooth

    I don’t know who Rasmussin interviews or the spin they give to their data but the vast majority of Obama supporters I know have either stopped defending him or have given up on him and rejoined the ranks of the low information non-voters.

    • http://avengah.wordpress.com Matt Davis

      I read an article on another site about this phenomenon. The reasons they gave are exactly what I thought – I’m surprised this site doesn’t see the connection. While they may not like Obama and the Democrats, many of these people hate what the Republican Party currently stands for in their eyes: theocracy, war on everything they hold dear etc. So they feel they must support Obama lest they be seen as supporting the GOP.

      • texasjo

        That could be. And it is the way republicans have been spoken of that creates false illusions. They are trying to do good for the country, and democrats are trying to control the country.

    • texasjo

      Oh, that’s good news. Thanks.

  • Brhurdle

    Mr. Goldberg knows the answer to his question but is prevented from saying it since he would be immediately eviscerated by his fellow journalists – race. It’s interesting to watch the approval/disapproval polls which have stabilized at approximately 42% approval. No matter what failure appears that is attributable to the ineptness of the Presidential Administration, the approval rating never goes below 42%. This is an indication that “approval” is unrelated to job performance and is conditional upon other attributes. Similar to unconditional love a parent has for a child, no matter how bad the transgression the child will still be loved. It is therefore obvious that 42% of the US population is so vested in having a minority succeed that they would never admit his failures.

    • gongdark

      he’s not a minority. he’s not black.

  • tootser

    That’s because most of the people who vote for him are illiterate including the Democratic politicians. Also, the black illiterate people who do not read the news or follow Fox News for fair and balanced reporting don’t know any better. They vote for him BECAUSE he is black and for other reason except to get free stuff which they now find out is a sham! I don’t know why those who SEEM intelligent, especially CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC are all in bed with Obama! He must be paying them off.

    • Jeff Webb

      >>I don’t know why those who SEEM intelligent, especially CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC are all in bed with Obama!<

      Actually, Bernie has explained it very well over the last couple of decades in his books, columns, and TV appearances: they’re liberals who support the liberal pol.

    • texasjo

      The people BEHIND Obama are paying them off.

  • Silas

    Did we miss the “Dawn of the New Age”? An age where those who have their head up their Eye-Phones can’t or wont take the time to notice their country well on the path to ruin. We are witnessing the seedlings of the 1960’s taking full root. Every problem and ill we have today as a country can be traced to that decade. The “Age of Nefarious” is upon us.

    • Mark W.

      The problem with living in the “eternal now” is lack of perspective. There are too many distractions for the average person to really understand what is going on in the geo-political world. This is why history is so important, so that we can look back with a more clear vision and see the cause and effect various actions had in similar circumstances. We live in a cloud of information and misinformation, trusting the media to sort it out for us. And when the media is biased, that is the perspective most people will accept. We no longer hear the word “propaganda” very much, but it is very much alive.
      (Age of Nefarious… excellent and funny, very funny!)

  • Tonethousand

    Another stat that is amazing, in the poll that showed that BO was the worst president since WW-2. Unbelievably, only 8% of those polled thought Jimmy Carter was a lousy President. Not only are we stupid, we have the collective memory of a goldfish.

    • Mark W.

      For those of us who lived during certain time periods, we vividly remember the circumstances of events… Hungarian Revolt, Cuban missile crisis, Vietnam War, Watergate, Iran hostages and rampant inflation, Lebanon marine barracks, operation Desert Storm, and the impeachment of a President. But, now, to a large portion of our population, these are events they learned from a history book, just as I learned about the events of WWII and before. And we know that the approved history books used in our government schools are written without bias. So, it’s not surprising that the elderly ex-president known for building houses with Habitat for Humanity gets a good approval rating 33 years later…

      • texasjo

        It’s especially galling to listen to what is taught and preached when I lived through it, including WWII. Politics can be a very dirty game. And, their ways degrade all those from the Revolutionary War to now who died for our freedom. We are not free, we are controlled. Especially with the use of media.

    • Frederick Theobald

      I believe the results are due to the people who are polled. 47% are stupid,about 43% are really stupid and 10% are Republicans.

    • gongdark

      your insulting the goldfish.

  • ulyssesmsu

    Just watch the next issue of “Watters’ World” on the O’Reilly Factor and see how completely uninformed are the people he interviews. It’s unbelievable. God help us if any of these people ever actually vote.

  • David Nelson

    Many of them are not LOW-information voters, they are MISinformation voters, as in the very issue Goldberg is most well-known for: media bias. Lies, half-truths and distortions spew out of Hollywood, the Huffington Post, Colleges, newspapers, TV, etc. etc. in nearly Orwellian proportions. Virtually everywhere thought is exchanged, the delusion of liberalism is accepted as not just politically correct, but the moral equivalent of justice, integrity and fair play — while the right is painted as troglodytes, clubbing women over the head and dragging them off by the hair. That the left actually stands for self-interest, intolerance and cowardice is invisible to those addicted to being righteous.

    • Bob Olden

      Very well stated. Amazingly, my well educated offspring are quick to throw a “fact check” at me when I make pro-conservative statements, yet they don’t bother to do this about the liberal misinformation. It just goes to show that ignorance is often a choice.

      • gongdark

        they have been taught what to think not how to think

        • David Nelson

          Yes. I think the ‘choice’ is fundamentally emotionalism. They don’t recognize that failing to make tough choices often has even tougher consequences. Republicans are resented the way children resent a strict father, while democrats play the all-loving mother, as the kids eat eight candy bars a day, and fail to graduate from school.

    • texasjo

      You are right on!

  • Russ Perrine

    President Reagan was our best president. Keep in mind he switched political parties before becoming president. That’s how to acquire experience !

  • Russ Perrine

    One term US president would immediately cut in half the need for fund raising. Passing a law to make political donations part of tax reform would take care of the other half. Then the elected officials would be forced to perform the work they were elected for.

    • gongdark

      how about “dubiously elected”

  • Perry

    I have to agree with the poll. I constantly barrage my democratic friends with
    “How do you like your (our) President now ” after one additional failure after another and they always answer blindly ……….We still like him……..don’t ask me
    why I cannot explain it. I only know they are following a path of sheer obedience
    to their alleigance to the Democratic machine. Robots they may be and several
    indeed are low information voters.

  • paperpushermj

    ” Either Rasmussen is suddenly a lousy pollster or half the American electorate don’t know enough to qualify even as low information voters. ”
    Obama has avoided any connection to difficulties facing those that make up that 47%. Also what % of that 47% are made up of African Americans, Obamas most loyal base.

  • Warbo

    If it’s any consolation, Rasmussen is much more generous to the President than pretty much all other polls out there. Gallup and Pew both show 44%, and Reuters has 37%. People are seeing through him, but he still has a strong base of yes-voters who will swallow anything he puts in front of them.

  • Tim Ned

    I believe the polls are revealing of Obama supporters. It indicates to me they are unhappy about the economy but still believe in the nanny state agenda. It’s like they hate going the wrong direction but too stubborn to question the navigator.

  • justlittleoldme

    I blame it on the main stream press. Josef Goebbels was an amateur compared to the people running our news media today.

  • Seattle Sam

    Rasmussen also reports that 40% of the population is still not sure that Obama is an American citizen. And a third are still convinced the Warren Report was wrong. So believing in nonsense is not exactly confined to Obama slobberers. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/lifestyle/general_lifestyle/july_2014/have_we_got_a_conspiracy_for_you_9_11_jfk_obama_s_citizenship

    • Drew Page

      I will agree with you Sam, not everything that happens in government is a conspiracy. But if you think there are no such things as conspiracies within the government you keep right on believing in the Warren Commission Report. The government probably had a darned good reason for locking away the details of the Kennedy assassination in the National Archives for 75 years at which time, coincidentally, most anyone over the age of ten at the time Kennedy was killed will be dead.

      • Sacramento

        Kennedy died fifty-one years ago.

  • Sams_1

    Life is like a cocktail party….a rock concert….being on Jimmy Kimmel and being “IN”.
    I have always loathed the “in crowd and the sheep”

  • Brad Gillespie

    I think most people get their news on their yahoo feed or by watching the major news networks; you don’t get much except fluff this way, certainly nothing meaningful or critical of Obama or his admin. If you just catch the evening news you will see Obama giving speeches — to the average person with little knowledge they sound perfectly ok. That’s their comfort level until something catastrophic happens; why mess with anything else: it might make them uncomfortable.

  • Sams_1

    Proof that there are real people out there like us and the rest are automatons

  • Matt McLaughlin

    Obama, obama, obama…..GOP can’t get past the brother. meanwhile no word about GOP 2016 Candidate.

    • Drew Page

      There are lots of Republican Senators, Congressmen and Governors from which to choose a GOP candidate, there are even a few who aren’t currently holding elected office. However, the minute one starts to get a little press the Democrat smear machine kicks into overdrive. Christy was the darling of the Democrats when he was hugging Obama, but the minute he started being taken seriously as a GOP candidate for 2016, hear came the attack dogs barking about “Bridgegate”. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry being killed as a result of illegal gun running by BATF (Fast & Furious) or the four Americans, Including our ambassador, murdered by terrorists in Benghazi were written off as phony scandals by the president and his supporters, but “Bridgegate”, now there was a real scandal with terrible consequences to America.

  • KCGranny

    The answer to the question is simple. These are people that don’t really follow the news-what is happening on a domestic and/or foreign level. THEY don’t read; they don’t care. They are liberal, Gay, Hispanic and Black most likely.

    • Drew Page

      Comments like yours aren’t going to entice Gays, Blacks and Hispanics to support the GOP. You have just reduced them all to cultural stereotypes that don’t follow the news, don’t read and don’t care. Insulting those in these groups isn’t necessarily the best way to recruit them over to your way of thinking.

      • KCGranny

        I’m not recruiting but merely trying to explain the 47% favoring BO. They are separate groups so I am not equating low info voters with gays, Hispanics, etc. Most blacks will support him no matter what. Am I wrong? All are distinct groups. In fact I’m very supportive of Gays & minority groups especially Libertarians!

  • Gmak

    “And 47 percent of Americans think he’s doing a good job?!
    Either Rasmussen is suddenly a lousy pollster or half the American electorate don’t know enough to qualify even as low information voters.”

    It’s the ignorance of the typical American, IMO… not a lousy poll or Teflon on POTUS. And worst of all, “high information” professionals I speak with still support POTUS due to some inexplicable historic, family legacy DNA-based Democrat Liberalism they carry and cannot intellectually sever. It’s the most disturbing exhibition of both denial and mesmerism combined… the same mental block seen in the 1930s into the ’40s that led German Jews to the ovens saying, “He can’t be serious in his speeches; Goebbels didn’t really mean that; oh, that was just a figure of speech in Mein Kampf…” This guy has accomplished everything he said he was going to do about “transforming the US.” Gawd help us… amazing how absolutely “dumb” Americans en masse have become.

    • mplo

      Frankly, I think that there’s an awful lot of arrogance, willful ignorance, and willful stupidity among many Americans, along with a great deal of naivety. I have come to believe that many, if not most Americans, regardless of who they may be, or what their walk of life is, have a nasty, vicious streak in them.

      One also has to bear in mind that, since there’s still an awful lot of guilt over our history of slavery, so that they’re loathe to criticize President Obama, lest they come off as being racist.

      • 4deuce

        When you see the proliferation of so-called reality TV shows that are now the majority of new TV show releases, you can begin to understand how dismally uncritical the American public has become. Name more than 3 reality shows (not the so-called talent show variety) that highlight people with true positive qualities and demonstrate themselves as people of character and integrity? Most shows seem to feature, greedy, lazy, ego bloated, mean spritied people that take pleasure in acting in decidedly anti social ways. When someone has no idea who the Speaker of the House, the Vice President or the Secreary of State are but know the names all of of this week’s contenstants on American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, they will be the ones giving thumbs up to Obama’s performance.

        • chevron1144

          Sad but true. As for the those who are paying attention, I saw a congressman on C-SPAN respond to a question of what he thought of Eric Cantor (Majority Leader) in The House of Reps losing his primary election. Answer: “America is scared and America is angry.” I agree with that answer at least for those who are paying attention.


  • chevron1144

    BINGO! 50% are totally disconnected from what is going on. I don’t know how you fix that.

    “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

    Samuel Adams

    • Sams_1

      It ALWAYS reminds me of the loafing humans at the pool getting ready to walk to the EWAKS cave to their demise..stalwart apathy and ..sonnabulism

  • Brian Stover

    Now that Obama has discovered that the fun of the elections is over, he refuses to perform the tough functions of the job he campaigned for. So he goes to fundraisers where people osculate his posterior, and he plays golf.

    All of his complaints about the previous administration have become worse during his administration.

    Hopefully we will elect a President in 2016, and not a celebrity.

  • TJ

    The major media is actually keeping the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania in such high ratings status. If they would go after him the way they did Richard Nixon, he wouldn’t have any popularity at all. As amazing as his percentages are, the more amazing (and disgusting) reality is how many of our citizens know little or nothing about what he is really doing to undermine this country. Their
    ignorance is our peril, this will not end well.

  • phollrah

    Barack Obama is not, and never has been, eligible to be president of the United States. If the Democratic Party had hired an executive search firm to prepare a list of the 100 black men most capable and qualified to be president, guess what. Barack Obama’s name would not have appeared on that list. Many of our most influential conservative pundits and journalists… including Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Bernard Goldberg, Bill O’Reilly, and dozens more, have refused to even debate the issue. If Obama is to be believed, he was born with dual US-British citizenship. However, if those I mentioned above would like to convince me that, just because he was born in Hawaii to an American mother he was a “natural born” citizen at birth, they will first have to convince me that the Founding Fathers, just five years and eleven months after the British surrendered at Yorktown, would have sent to the states for ratification a constitution that would have allowed a man with dual US-British citizenship to be president of the United States and commander in chief of the Army and the Navy. To think that they would have done so requires a willing suspension of reason. The mess we are in now can be laid at the feet of those who refused to vet him at the outset.

  • D Parri

    It seems a little odd to think of it this way, but I don’t know any other plausible explanation for the 47% of voters who still support BO.

    BO has only accomplished one thing since entering politics. He campaigned like the dickens before he was elected and he has campaigned like the dickens all the time that he has been in office. The major difference is that now he has an unlimited budget for campaigning and fundraising, and the American taxpayer gets the bill.

    So, gauging him on the one single thing that he has accomplished–campaigning–he has made significant improvement in his ‘game’ over time. However, as a president I would absolutely give him the crown and glory of being regarded as the Worst American President, Ever.

  • joepotato

    How can some people be so D*** stupid…? I can’t answer that but check out the Mark Dice youtube video interviews for documented evidence of “stupid on display.”

  • worker1950

    Bernie, to answer your question why 47% of voters still believe Obama is doing a good job? The MSM, They have encapsulated Obama in a Teflon cocoon. First they make every effort not to report Obama’s policy failures, poor performance, constant fundraising, and obsessive vacations. When the MSM is forced to report something negative, the article never says “The President” or “Obama” is at fault, but instead blames “The Administration” or “The VA” or “The IRS” or “The State Dept.”… When Bush was in office it was always clearly stated that “Bush” was responsible. The Media made it seem as if GWB was personally running the day-to-day operations of every Federal agency.

    Reading or listening to the MSM since 2009, you would never know that Obama was responsible for anything.

    • Cosette

      Good observations!

  • George Burns

    Right now, today, these facts can not be disputed:

    1. A Ukrainian terrorist organization possesses military weaponry which can blow a commercial airliner out of the sky when it is flying at an altitude of over 6 miles.

    2. An Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist organization has established a middle eastern Muslim “caliphate” which will no doubt harbor and train more terrorists whose sworn objective is to destroy the United States.

    3. Just since October 2013 over sixty thousand children are now languishing within our borders in disease ridden squalor as unrepatriated illegal aliens.

    4. Israel, after having been pounded by over 2,000 Hamas launched missiles, is engaged in a fierce and escalating ground war in the Gaza strip.

    In the face of all these calamities, our President intends to spend three days this week making fundraising speeches on the west coast for the Democratic party.

    Excuse me. Forget about the ridiculously high percentage of slobbering voters. When will our free press finally demand that Barack Hussein Obama do his job and act as a true United States President? How long will the press allow this man to shirk his sworn responsibilities? When will the press do ITS job and come to the defense of the people of the United States by exposing and commenting upon the President’s ineptness and lack of leadership skills?

    • joepotato

      Aw c’mon George… You really don’t expect an Islamo-Marxist with fake ID to do the job YOU think he’s supposed to do, do you? He’s a puppet and a fraud, and the agenda is to transform the USA, most likely by destroying it in some manner…. So he really is “doing his job”… (to the detriment of the nation)

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Romney was right

    • Ted Crawford

      Exactly, and Governor Palin ‘bulls eyed’ the Crimean invasion, in 2008!

  • he’s black

    no question. he’s black and has been running with it the whiole time.
    funny, the brothers are way worse off now than they were before obama.
    makes me laugh even harder

    • JMax

      You are laughing because “the brothers” are worse off?

  • Iggy Autry

    Here, I give the Media full credit…

    Polling is of the masses, and much of the masses don’t pay attention. They are not going to go out of their way to be informed.

    So, unless the media is going after him like they did Gingrich or Palin or Bush Jr., the average person walking the street will not have heard enough negative notes to sway them away from Obama…

    This is where having a one-sided Media becomes a real problem: How it influences the people who don’t pay attention to the news.

    What I mean is — when the Media wants to crucify someone, they make the noise so loud, the average person hears it.

    Conversely, when they went hog wild praising Obama, the average person heard that as well.

    But, now, since the Media isn’t beating the war drums against Obama, the average person is watching something else on TV and just sticking to the sports page if they bother with the news at all…

  • Lc Goodfellow

    What keeps the country afloat this terrible summer?

    Some American companies produce more gas and oil than ever despite,
    not because of, the Obama administration.
    Most Americans still get up every day, work hard and pay more taxes than they receive in subsidies. American troops remain the most formidable in the world despite the confusion of their superiors. The law, regardless of the administration, is still followed by most. And most do not duck out on their daily responsibilities in order to golf, play pool or go on junkets.

    It is still a hard thing to derail America in a summer — but then again, we have a long way to go until fall.

  • gemax

    why did 58 million vote for Sara Palin?

    • lark2

      I don’t know how many voted for Sarah Palin but, without any question, I would rather see her in the WH than this disgraceful idiot we have there now. The media has succeeded in destroying her but, she has been correct in everything she has said. She didn’t get any Affirmative Action slot at HARVARD but, she worked for what she got …she was a successful Governor and she is an accomplished person … unlike OBAMA who has NEVER had a job or accomplished ANYTHING … other than get elected. More importantly, Sarah Palin is a PATRIOT. No one doubts that. I don’t blame you for your feelings about Gov. Palin … when the media and the DEMOCRATS work full-time to destroy a person – no one can survive. Where was the “War on Women” … ?

      • Cosette

        Sarah would have been on the job, and tough enough that an incident in Benghazi would have been unthinkable. She would have been today’s “Iron Lady.” Don’t doubt it.

        • gemax

          Would she have lied like Bush about Iraq that left 5000 US soldiers dead?

          • 4deuce

            Try, if you can manage it, to actually stay on TOPIC gemax. I know being confronted with the opinions of people who see Obama as a man and not some sort of American Idol creation is difficult for you, but trying to shift to subject to Palin does not make Obama any better as POTUS.

          • gemax

            what topic?your psychotic dreamworld?

          • Jeff Webb

            >>what topic?<<

            Explains why you brought up President Bush.

          • Jeff Webb

            >>I know being confronted with the opinions of people who see Obama as a man…<<

            Just in the interest of accuracy, I see Obama more as a whiny little girl.

          • Drew Page

            Still blaming Bush. You are a broken record and can be replaced with a bumper sticker.

      • gemax

        58 Million like I said.And she quit on Alaska.

        • 4deuce

          If Palin “quit” on Alaska, Obama has “deserted” the USA. At least Palin had enough class to resign in writing.

          • Josh

            I think regardless of which party one supports, or which particular politicians, something has to be acknowledged about public service that would never be allowed in private industry:

            If you’ve been elected by people, and are being paid by people, including your trips and food and security, you can up and abandon every single one of those duties for which you were elected, if you wish to pursue higher office.

            I can just see a person right now working at Home Depot and deciding that, for the next year or so, he’s not going to actually go in to work. Instead, he’s going to run around filling out applications for better-paying jobs, while still being employed by the Home Depot.

            This nonsense has to change. We allow too many public-sector employees too much leniency. It’s bad enough that they in no way have to operate on any sound economic principles. We will simply absorb debt to pay for a failing product with the public sector. To top it off, someone can abandon their duties while seeking a higher position, and we don’t bat a damn eyelash unless it’s the D to our R or R to our D.

        • Integrity

          She did Alaska a favor. Too many outside groups were becoming involved in Alaska’s business. Her departure allowed the State of Alaska to resume business as normal. The fact that she had to do this shows how despicable some groups actually are. QED

  • gerry

    I urge all posters to read Newsweek’s Matt Patterson’s column about BO’s pre-presidential life and his unremarkable qualifications to become president of the United States. This exemplary column appeared in the last issue of the magazine. Check it out at newsweek.com. and share with your friends.

    • wildjew

      Is Newsweek always five plus years too late vetting a potential president?

      • Tim Ned

        Yes, cancelled my subscription probably 20 years ago.

    • Iggy Autry


      I couldn’t find an article like that at newsweek and a different site said it first ran at American Thinker.

      I disagree in part with the article. I think the race factor was involved, but, I believe there is much more, and more troublesome, behind the Media malpractice we saw in 2008:

      Rev. Wright wasn’t a big deal to the Media. Because, they generally agree with him. Bill Ayers wasn’t a big deal to the Media, because they worship him.

      Would the Media have gone nuts if a white man (like Clinton) had those two close associations? I don’t think so.

      Would the Media have gone nuts if a Republican had those associations?

      Well — this is the key point: A Republican would never have had such associations —– because —- conservatives DO NOT view the United States as an oppressive nation that has been a net negative in the world…

      A conservative Republican would not hang out with the type of people The Left – including those dominating the Media higher education, and Hollywood love.

      You will not see conservatives in Hollywood flying down to legitimize a Hugo Chavez.

      You will not find a conservative reading like a bible the works of Saul Alinsky.

      A conservative would rather punch a Noam Chompsky in the nose — but the elites in the Media love the guy’s thoughts…

      Why did the Media champion Obama? Yes, race had a part in it, but I firmly believe 2 things were more important: 1. Ideology. 2. The fact he was largely unknown.

      He was their Manchurian Candidate. That is why they fought tooth-n-nail to keep stuff buried – and then – defend him when stuff did leak out on the Internet and in Fox News…

      The Media was more than willing to destroy the last ounce of credibility it had. They didn’t do it just based on race. They did it because they liked Obama as a complete package…

  • Gloria

    Someone said you will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American voter.’Nuff said.

  • Jarob54

    There are three types out there. Those who can’t or won’t admit they made a mistake voting for Mr Obama. Then you those who have bought the political farm and can’t escape the mind games, so they keep playing those mind games together chanting the mantra to the bitter end. And then there are those who haven’t a clue what’s going on and they go with the flow.

    • FlaVet

      Then there are those who only want to get even with the “man”. After 50 years…we’ve gotten no where.

  • DanB_Tiffin


    Thomas Sowell on Obama:

    “Like other truly talented phonies, Barack Obama concentrates his skills on the effect of his words on other people – most of whom do not have the time to become knowledgeable about the things he is talking about. Whether want he says bears any relationship to the facts is politically irrelevant.

    A talented con man…does not waste his time trying to convince knowledgeable skeptics. His job is to keep the true believers believing.”

    • wildjew

      Americans who don’t have the time to study the issues do not need to knowledgeable about the things Obama is talking about. All they needed to see was the racist-supremacist who mentored him for twenty years; the figure Obama drew inspiration from; among other unsavory people.

  • Mark W.

    After posting my earlier tongue-in-cheek psychological analysis, I got to thinking about people in my extended (in-laws) family… long time Democrats, all now retired. One union loudmouth believes unions=Democrat and each deserves equal loyalty. Another had a career in two Federal departments and has been dependent on the government for his livelihood, starting in his teens. Federal workers love the Democrat party; they do not fear losing their jobs as they might to a small government Republican. Their loyalty to the Democrat Party supersedes whoever is in office, so a radical like Obama is ok with them–and they defend him. These people cannot defend policy issues; there is no debate or even polite conversation. It is always Democrats=good; Republicans=bad + stupid beyond belief.
    I can’t stand to be around them anymore.

    • FlaVet

      Then Lois Lerner should be their potus, right? Except when they have to pay taxes right?

    • dandlac

      I work in DOD, first as an Army Officer and now as a DOD Civilian – I have defended this country. I am a staunch constitutional conservative – I assure you, I despise the Democrat party and there are many like me who feel the same about the Dem party and Obama so it is definitely not fair to characterize all Fed workers as loving the Dem Party. Having said that, there are a lot of them (especially in other branches besides DOD – like at State which is a bastion of liberal ignorance) and they are doing everything they can to load DOD with ever more loyal liberals (at highest levels who are hiring more beneath them) and are purging the department of true defenders of the country and our constitution. I beleive it is a coordinated effort (like IRS targeting Tea Party, etc) to destroy the DOD and our country’s ability to defend itself. Those that are not concerned about what is going on in our country are either stupid, or complicit or want to keep their pittance gravy train running – those groups are your 47%. People better get off their butts and vote large in 2014.

    • joepotato

      That’s a special kind of stupid….

      • mplo

        Willful stupidity is more like it, imho. There are people on the Left who are aware of what’s going on, and kept away from Obama from the get-go, and voted for a third Party instead of voting for either Obama or his GOP opponent at the polls back in 2008 or 2012. Then, there are those on the Right who call Obama a Socialist or whatever. There are also those on the Left who think Obama’s wonderful. The people on the Right, as well as the Left, who take on such willfully stupid attitudes, imho, are the worst, imho.

  • kayakbob

    First off….47%…hmm…where have we heard that number before?

    But regardless, without seeing the actual question asked, I tend to believe roughly 47% of people that call themselves “likely voters” give the President their approval. First, I doubt these are ALL truly “likely voters”, because who is going to admit they aren’t likely to vote? Very few people I would say.

    Come election day, this 47% is probably going to turn out to be 35% – still a significant number.

    Second, every day I still hear people talk about how many “bad things” Obama “inherited”, as if no prior President ever inherited anything. Why keep that one going? Because it is easier than re-evaluating a previous decision.

    And second, a lack of perspective on what economic policy can do. Most people I know were children in 1978 and 1979, or weren’t even born. So they don’t know how much things improved between 1979 and 1984/85, due to a change in economic policy and a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e at the top.

    And because they don’t know what can be, they don’t think it really matters who is at the helm. So why not feel good about their previous choice and say they approve of this President in 2014.

    Yeah, it’s circular. But as good an explanation as any I say.

  • morefandave

    It would be interesting to see what the results would be in an environment where disapproval didn’t lead to an automatic charge of racism.

  • Roadmaster

    Lo-info? No, they’re more likely in the “don’t know s__t from Shine-ola” catagory, OR, “couldn’t pour pee out of a boot if the directions were written on the heel,” OR, “so DUMB, if they was cows, I wouldn’t drink their milk….”

    (For you city folk – dumb cows eat really bad tasting weeds and stuff which makes their milk taste REALLY BAD!)

    • FlaVet

      LMAO…but it’s sad and true at the same time.

  • FlaVet

    Bernie…he’s “hip”, he’s “kool”…he’s down with the “folks”. And if truth be known…most of us know that 1/2 the country would burn down if this guy was sent walking. Matters not if he’s competent…or judged by his “character”…..we know it’s all about skin. Ask Holder….he knows the low down.

    • Sams_1

      Nope not all I keep remembering Caroline KENNEDY Schlossberg going on about how he was the true legacy of her Father JFK,
      as they used here dumped her then gave her a post.
      Don’t be too simplistic . There are many cards in his wallet. Master and Visa, and we have to mitigate against them all to succeed

  • firststater

    Nothing wrong with Rasmussen and I would say calling the 47% favorable, or any part of it, low information voters is quite off the mark. Keep in mind when it comes to President, information I believe, be it high or low, does not come in to play. Untll such time as voters feel a very direct effect of the President, it is essentially a beauty contest. Keep in mind Congress has a favorable rating in single digits, but, you can count on the vast majority being returned for another term. Seems everyone’s representative is in the lonely <10% favorable. Want to rectify this sad state of affairs? Fix campaign financing for real

    • TheOriginalDonald

      As long as the MSM favors the liberal candidate fixing campaign financing is akin to doing away with A1.

  • Annetta Forrer

    I think the 47% are like doting parents or grandparents who have a favorite child who can do no wrong. No matter how naughty or misdirected that child is those parents/grandparents make excuses and still brag about how superior their kid is.

    There is no way to get through to them and like those doting parents, many in this country are still so enchanted with either the idea of our first black president or with him personally and they just won’t change their minds about him. It’s not rational, so it’s best to not look the polls and try to understand them from a rational viewpoint.

  • Wheels55

    Clearly, almost half of American’s think the President’s job mainly involves fund raisers, vacations, pointing fingers, photo ops, executive orders and saying dumb things.
    So, why isn’t Jimmy Carter considered a better President?

  • veeper

    Simple answer…..

    political party unity and black community code…..

    • FlaVet

      ^ 100

    • dandlac

      I think you will see everyone in the dem party (minus the blacks) run from obama over the next two years, blame everything on him, and hold up hillary as their savior. The majority of blacks (90%) will never go against him just because of his half black ethnicity. There are 10% of blacks (people like Allen West, Ben Carlson, Tim Scott, etc ) who see the truth and hopefully they can do something good with the other 90% but when you look at the race baiters and haters on the other side, it is unlikely – besides the dems have given these people a sub standard of living they are content with – they dont have to do much except make more dems.

      • Cosette

        Hillary? Now it seems to be Elizabeth Warren…

        • FlaVet

          Dope-a- hontis? great…run the ward churchill in drag.

          • TheOriginalDonald


        • dandlac

          Nope Elizabeth is a red herring being put up to make it appear that the dem party ran a legitimate preliminary campaign.

          • Fat lady’s still singing…

            Not so fast, my friend… after more revelations, controversies and scandals, Hillary won’t seek the nomination, deferring to age, health and “family.” There may be another Secretary of State who is tempted to throw his hat into the ring, so don’t rule out Mr. Kerry. And Ms. Warren is no more a red herring than was Obama…

  • JASVN67

    Berny, this article is a head scratcher for sure. Perceptions are reality and the MSM bolster that perception to perfection. IMO it is because of these slobbering people that quite possibly, America has seen its better days, that our Rebublic is but a shadow of what the founders intended for it to be. Mid terms are fast approaching which will for sure fore tell our destiny.

    • dandlac

      If we dont vote in force in 2014 and 2016 we are done. 2014 to take the Senate from Reid and 2016 to keep the house, the senate and the WH. But we must get everyone, and I mean everyone, to the polls.

      • TheOriginalDonald

        If Cochran is the GOP candidate for MS there’s no difference between Rep and Dem.

  • brad ghorn

    i wish congress would come up with a law making it entirely illegal for a sitting president to do fundraising. What the hell work can be done while the president is fundraising and what do these “fundraisers” cost the taxpayers? I would be surprised if fundraising does not cost taxpayers more than the funds actually raised. Apparently the average voter does not care that the president is not actually doing his job so much of the time.

    • dandlac

      Spot on – the president is supposed to represent the entire country, not just the party that he associates with. To campaign while the president is unethical. An ethical violation is one where the mere perception of wrong doing is the test. When Presidents do this they are being unethical to the highest degree – but there is so much money for the partybosses that neither side has the balls, or the desire quite frankly, to stop it. We the people should!

  • justintime

    As always, Bernie has his finger on the pulse of the issue. I want to know who are the 47 percent of likely voters who approve of the job Obama is doing. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? This is what scares me the most because I’m deeply concerned that the American people have lost their will to fight and defend our country. I can’t help but feel that we are losing our country. The terrorist are knocking on our doorstep. It’s no longer a matter of if but when they attack us — AGAIN. So when I hear that 47 percent actually support this guy, who in my opinion is the text-book example of gross incompetence, it scares the bejesus out of me. No matter how you slice it, he’s in over his head, he’s not up to the job, he’s out of his league.

    • Drew Page

      Who are they? Are you kidding? The 40% who think Obama is doing a “good job” running the country are mostly among the 47% of working Americans who pay no federal income taxes, get food stamps, rent subsidies, welfare checks, Medicaid and the promise of amnesty.

  • jim leblanc

    Join the aclj.org and slow down the liberals and obama in the court system is the only real practical way for traditionalist conservatives to fight back

    • garbo77

      Yes, the aclj organization fights hard for the truth and to protect American’s rights. We owe them much and it is important to keep them in our prayers; for their safety, finances and to continue in good health until, through our prayers, God puts an end to this sinful nonsense!

  • jim leblanc

    Said it before..will say it again..the media dominates the minds of the 40%..there is no solution to ignorance on behalf of the 4 out of 10 who think Obama is trying but big bad republicans are mean..

  • Bklynnygirl

    It’s the “media” Bernie, covering his butt.

  • Shane

    I am convinced that about 40% of the American voters are clueless and just go by what John Stewert tells them on his “comedy” show. Just watch “Waters World” on The Factor to see how ignorant so many Americans are. Also, some white people think it is racist to say anything negative about the incompetent tyrant Obama.

  • NealKaye

    According to my poll, 100 percent of those who think Obama is doing a good job are complete imbeciles.

  • garbo77

    My question is: From whom was the poll taken?

    • Paula

      Is this what you mean?

      According to Rasmussen, 47 percent of likely voters approve of the job President Obama is doing. – See more at: http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/nearly-half-voters-still-slobbering-obama/#comment-1495944423

    • Shane

      From likely voters.

    • garbo77

      You might very well be right. If that be true, it would appear the the poll was taken by liberals. Of course, that would make the survey totally useless. That would be like believing what the news media reports!

    • Wheels55

      at the border as soon as illegals crossed into the USA

  • warddorrity

    Obama is a malignant narcissist; worse, he is a puppet of will to power driven psychopaths. He and his minders have no intention of walking away. There is only one way this can end.

  • Sue

    Many of the 47% have a black chip on their shoulder and will never own up to their stupidity. Many of them are on the take and feel they have to keep saying he’s great. They’re too afraid to walk away from the progressive plantation, and they don’t want to risk losing all that “free stuff”.

    • Paula

      They might be getting a little testy when it comes to obama… more than one group has complained that the money being spent on illegals should be spent in the African American communities.

    • Shane

      White liberals are too gutless to admit that Obama is incompetent and that he is not securing the borders or deporting illegal aliens.

      • FlaVet

        I’m waiting for those “children” to start climbing over those walls of the gated, guarded elitist crowd. Should be fun to watch when they start squatting on their lawns…rather than mow them. Of course…they have security to chase the unwashed masses they so love….away.

  • Drew Page

    You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. 47% of the wage earners in this country don’t pay federal income taxes. Romney knew that and had the “insensitivity” to say it. Do you think they want a change in the status quo? Do you really think the vast majority of blacks and Hispanics are going to bite the hand that feeds them (or at least promises to feed them)? Do you think the majority of Hispanics are going to vote for anyone who opposes “amnesty”? Any system that is based on the presumption that it’s appropriate to rob Peter to pay Paul can ALWAYS count on the support of Paul. What don’t you get Bernie?

    • Wheels55

      I agree and go one step further – Obama would have eliminated taxes for another 5% so his approval rating would be above 50%. Too bad for him that the House has some common sense.

  • Stimpy

    Aside from the ethnic group that is guaranteed to support him en masse there is that peculiar phenomenon I’d call the Pied Piper effect. This silver tongued so and so continues to charm the liberal media and liberal masses, despite having a secret agenda to bring down what he sees as the colonialist power United States. Check out the “2016” movie. What is depressing to me is to see how so many of my young relatives, who I would consider intelligent people, sucked into this liberal kumbaya group hug mind-set — all while threats around the world mount. This empty suit president with the sibilent ‘sss’s keeps on doing his thing. Nero fiddled. This guy pipes away, while the whole country burns.

  • RedinDenver

    47% think he’s doing a good job ….. Just another indicator of what trouble this country is in. I have to assume that, in addition to lower-than-low information voters, the numbers also include either partisan Democrats who put party above country; and/or people who are enamored because Obama’s either ‘cool’ or black.

    With so many, for whatever reason, putting the good of the country behind their own selfish concerns, I don’t see anything getting better any time soon.

    • HFH1

      One must agree; the malevolent misanthrope was RE-ELECTED!

  • Barancy Peloma

    well, those who do give him approval are those who will never accept that he’s terrible at his job. and we will never see the mainstream media ever take his administration to task over anything as they are like-minded liberal progressives and he represents their hopes and dreams. they get their message from the administration and repeat it like a parrot to the rest of us and never question or dispute it.

  • CQ

    It just goes to show that 47% of the polled public do not keep up with the news. Even if they watched only the 3 major TV network news reports, and paid attention to it, the percentage approving Obama would drop only a little. Too many people are just so glad that a half-black man is the figure-head for the nation, they don’t care what he does. I am not racist, I would be very happy to have Dr. Carson or Herman Cain or Allan West as president; I am just not happy with Obama’s ideas, and methods, for changing the nation.

    • Drew Page

      I would agree with your choices of Carson or West, I’m not too sure about Herman Cain.

  • gerry

    I feel certain you have read the superb column written by Matt Patterson in the final issue of Newsweek. It is the best expose’ of Mr. Obama I have read. Patterson, with the help of Norman Podhoretz have disrobed this totally unqualified, incompetent and socialist politician as no journalist has ( with the exception of Mr. Goldberg). I sincerely believe the column ought to be debated
    during your next appearance on blowhard Bill O’Reilly’s show. You can read the column by logging on to the Newsweek home page. It is a real eye opener.

  • radjahshelduck

    Bernie, my liberal Facebook friends will routinely post things about how dreadful big corporations are, how they should be broken up, etc.–and then about two weeks ago they all reposted something about how great a president Obama is because the Dow Jones is up since he took office! I’m certain they don’t even stop for a second to think about how contradictory that is. You can’t logically say big corporations have too much power and influence and then say that the Dow Jones going up, making those entities more powerful, is a good thing. Unless, of course, making the rich richer can be used to buttress the case for the Obama Administration.

    • Longhaul

      They hate corporations, but love watching their 401K’s go up do to the rising market. They hate corporations but many would be destitute when the corporations broke up and THEY lost their jobs. Very interesting indeed.

  • floridahank

    God made his only mistake when he created man and let him grow into using his own will intelligence — 50% were made stupid liberals. Sorry God, but that’s the way I see your creation.

  • WVF

    I don’t understand why Mr. Goldberg doesn’t get it. Wasn’t it P.T. Barnum who said that, “There’s a sucker born every minute?” In addition, America has a huge population of ignorant, non-English speaking legals and illegals. Besides these two overwhelming facts, approximately 47 percent of American citizens are receiving government monies. So, why does any intelligent, educated, American have trouble with this enigma. If this is not enough, let’s just keep piling on by pointing out that for at least the past five decades liberals have practically destroyed the public educational system of this country.

  • Johnny Deadline

    The only difference between Nero fiddling while Rome burned and Owebama is Owebama takes a selfie of himself fiddling to share on social media while America burns.

    Do the 47 percent of Americans that think Owebama is doing a good job even qualify as low-information voters? If apathy and ignorance were an energy resource America would be energy independent somewhere between eternity and forever. I have potatoes at home that know more about American government than most Obama voters.

    Unfortunately, if having to show a photo ID to vote is considered discriminatory, can you imagine how mandating a voting requirement that all voters pass a basic civics exam would be pilloried?

    • Longhaul

      Wish there was a way to give you a “Thumbs Up” or a +1.

      • Johnny Deadline

        Thanks Longhaul; appreciate the thought. Lots to say about President Selfie but little time to say it! :)

  • Mike

    Bernie, this is proof that zombies do indeed exist and they’re the ones that polled in that 47% category for Obama. Sadly, our zombie-ism will be our downfall…..

    • Mark W.

      Yeah, great description… no wonder “Walking Dead” is so popular.

      • Mike

        Sadly true, Mark….

  • ampxd

    The Tea Party is a political force in the country. The only problem is that not only is attacked by Democrats, but by the Republican establishment as well. In order to win the next election, these two have to unite forces. The Democrats have way too much influence with the general and social media. Trey Gowdy for president!

    • Longhaul

      Another “Ross Perot” moment I hope we can avoid.

      • Mark W.

        The Dems would be thrilled to see the Tea Party folks breakaway into a third party. They will badger them to do it… I was one of the 20% who voted for Ross Perot who I liked at the time, but I regretted it later as it gave the presidency to Bill Clinton. A breakaway Tea Party would guarantee a Democrat win in 2016. I will never again support a third party, relying instead on focused people like Cruz, Rubio, Gowdy, Paul, etc., to effect change from within for a more conservative, robust Republican Party.

        • Longhaul

          Ditto. On all counts, including me and Perot. No more “divide and conquer.”

        • Drew Page

          I’m afraid you are right. What we need is a coming together of the Republican party, both the conservatives and the moderates. We need to stop calling each other “RHINOs” and “right-wing extremists”. The common enemy is liberalism and socialism, that’s what needs to be defeated. The idea that one-half of the country should be forced to pay the bills of the other half is the idea that needs to be defeated. The bigger the government, the bigger the government failures. There are very few things the government does efficiently and effectively and looking at this administration, I can’t think of one.

          • ampdx

            The way it’s going the government or those who pay taxes will not be able to sustain the entitlement programs and more less those on food stamp, welfare, etc. We are broke already, just surviving on fumes…each day thousands of retirees join those of us already retired….how long it will last?
            That’s why we need someone like Trey Gowy for president, no nonsense, brilliant, knows the system, commands presence and authority.

      • loupgarous

        No, because the national Republican party can’t give us an electable candidate, anyway. Their best bet would be to step out of the way and let the Tea Party reclaim the Presidency. Of course, if they were REALLY concerned for our nation, they’d just convene a Kool-Aid party and put us out of their misery.

    • WVF

      Without a doubt Trey Gowdy is the best hope of America!

  • Dan

    At least half of our citizens are now thanks to our educational system Mentally Ill

    • gold7406

      The new teachers are Apple, Google, Facebook and Skype/Facetime.
      They can be referred to as mental marijuana, a brain pinball or a social slot machine.

  • Mark W.

    Here’s the answer: It is psychological, and thinking of the great psychiatrists like Freud, Adler, Krauthammer… I realized that the affliction of Obamaitis is best explained by Pavlov. Conditioned by the relentless rhythmic chants of “Yes We Can” and “Hope and Change” during the 2008 campaign, the Obamaites came to relate Obama with their innermost fantasies: free this, free that, free something else. After months of conditioning and idol worshipping, the trap was set. Then, as the Obama presidency proceeded and unemployment benefits were extended time and time again, idol worship evolved into idle worship. At the mention of Obama’s name, the bell rings in the Obamaites brain, in which is heard “Yes We Can, Yes We Can”… So, when the pollster calls, “Do you approve of Obama’s job performance?” The respondent really hears, “Do you approve of (yes we can, yes we can, hope and change, hope and change)…” as tears come to their eyes.

    • Cosette

      Funny. And probably more truth to it than we know!

  • Tony Lawrence

    Many Americans see the GOP and Tea Party as racists and
    obstructionists. They offer nothing but no. They offer no new ideals to counter the Presidents ideals. Some also understand that their are things beyond his control as was 911 for President Bush who I felt meant well but was incompetent. The President isn’t responsible for Benghazi. Nor has any proof been provided he is conected to the IRS scandal where conservatitve and LIBERAL groups were targeted.

    Even when the President uses a ideal they offered he’s denounced. The ACA is built in large part on the Heritage group plan. The Heritage group is a conservative think tank. The GOP said they had no plans to work with the President from day one and have made good on that plan. Its a wonder that Obama could get anything done. My feeling is based on that ideal many see the President fighting a constant uphill battle. After 911 this country stood behind Bush. Mr. Obama has never had most of the countries support or Congress.

    Lets not forget it was President Bush who allowed Wall St. His war and tax refund as well as not watching the banks to help bankrupt this nation. Our debt has decreased under Obama. Stocks are at all time highs. Jobs are returning. Well we can always count on Bernard to bring some balance to all the Obama love, right.

    • Bryan

      You sir, need to actually learn the facts about the progress of Civil Rights in America, who has championed it, and who has opposed it.

      Here’s a start for you:


    • gold7406

      Are you looking via beer goggles or a hallucinogenic fog induced in the demosphere from subsidized mj? Many Americans view the GOP and the Tea Party as patriots. The other side of a far left scale.
      When this administration’s appointment Van Jones came right out the box and then the bizarre state dinner with Salahi’s. That was a prologue of coming attractions. Jones was carefully selected, not a mistake as the msm was gullible enough to believe. The Salahi’s were going to be used as a funding source for the Dems, due to their involvement of the US Polo Association. [desiree rogers smelled the money]
      Revisionist history is grand, but at best it’s fiction.

    • Longhaul

      The question about Benghazi is not the president’s lack of fore-knowledge (although there were many signs, and requests for increased security). The Benghazi issue is that it was a terrorist attack, which was denied, and framed as being the result of a spontaneous demonstration due to an “internet video” that nobody ever saw. Americans were sold this fake narrative to protect Obama right before the election.

      You are incorrect that GOP had no plans to work with Obama from day one. At the beginning of his presidency, Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) expressed concern about Obama’s ideas for the stimulus package. Obama notoriously said, “I WON,” (the election) meaning, “I don’t care what you want or think, I WON the election and we’re doing things my way from now on.” (except when it comes to the Obamacare debates being televised on C-SPAN which he promised, and which Nancy Pelosi then immediately shut down, saying “Yes, well, the president promised a lot of things during his campaign…”

      It was Barney Frank and HIS ilk that caused the mortgage meltdown. I know. I was in the industry: both mortgage AND investing.

      Stocks are at all time highs because the dollar value is lower — it takes more dollars to buy the same thing, so share prices rise — so what. As well, the markets have been VERY (VERY!) “thinly traded” since 2009. Look that up to see what it means.

    • WVF

      Obviously, you are a victim of liberal mental disorder.

    • Ted Crawford

      The problem is actually that Obama has NO NEW ideas!
      His idea of Gun Control, isn’t new, it’s been the Leftists goal for decades!
      “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device for denying Gun Ownership to the Bourgeoisie!” Vladimir Lenin
      “All Political Power comes from the barrel of a Gun! The Communist Party must command all the Guns! “Mao Zedong
      Throwing even more money at EVERYTHING and raising taxes to pretend to pay for it isn’t new either!
      “The way to crush the Bourgeoisie is to grind them between the Millstones of Taxation and inflation!” Vladimir Lenin

    • CQ

      Unfortunately, Mr Obama HAS had most of the country’s support – at least the voting has gone that way. I do NOT understand why Republicans stay away from voting out of spite for RINOs. RINOs would still slow down what has been happening at break-neck speed under Obama.

    • Sue


    • Drew Page

      Still blaming Bush? Even Obama doesn’t do that anymore. Your guy has had five and a half years to improve upon what he “inherited”. All he has done is make a bad situation worse, that and continually lie.

  • k962

    I consider Obama an enemy of America! Who would allow criminal gang bangers to cross our borders? Who would allow diseased children to be shipped all around the country, without medical checks? Only an enemy of the Americaqn people!

    • Longhaul

      Who would not fire an entire agency that illegally sold assault weapons to south american drug cartels, while at the same time advocating to the american people the dangers of citizens own those very same weapons?

      • Find the Truth

        Oh you mean Operation Wide Receiver??? That’s right the Bush Adminstration ran a gun running operation BEFORE this President was elected…You would know that IF you read something OUTSIDE of the “conservative” bubble.

        • LAPhil

          Those guns had GPS devices on them so they could be tracked. The guns used in Fast and Furious didn’t.

          • Find the Truth

            That’s just nonsense, NONE of the chips worked AND they were discovered by the purchasers…face it, law enforcement in general does some shady things in order to infiltrate the organizations of the bad guys, this isn’t new…

          • Lc Goodfellow

            ” Why the hell are you here ?”

          • Find the Truth

            To provide a sense of REALITY to the people here as most live inside the tightly controlled conservative media bubble…

        • Longhaul

          Yes, I mean the operation that, after it was made known, President Obama seized the documents for which Congress placed a subpoena and held them under “Executive Privilege.” Transparent? Yeah, right.

          • Find the Truth

            and President Obama is of course the first President to use executive priviledge right??? Give me a break, NO President releases documents on law enforcement operations that will OUT the names of the people working for us and with us…it would get them all killed.

          • Longhaul

            You redact that part, silly.
            Also, in order to invoke Executive Privilege, usually it must include information to which the president is aware, but of which would cause harm to national security. The point is, Obama said he didn’t know about it. So… which time was he lying? Just curious….

          • Find the Truth

            The executive branch is co-equal to the legislative and is under NO obligation to follow House directives…they do or do not because they choose to.

          • Ted Crawford

            It is the Content and Context that is so troubling with Obama’s Executive Orders!

          • Find the Truth

            Nonsense, nothing he has done is outside the powers granted to him in the Constitution…he gets to execute the laws as HE sees fit…same as every President before him.

          • Hyperbolic D.A.

            I repeat myself: you are either a total idiot, or you are just saying these things to amuse yourself with our replies. Either way, I’m quite sure you are the one previously known as Legal Eagle. Or his clone. He was just as annoying, anyway.

          • Find the Truth

            I’m neither an idiot or purposefully annoying you…you just can’t accept the fact that a President you don’t like is doing things fully within his powers as granted by the Constitution and you’re letting your emotions are get the best of you. We need to deal in facts, you’re not, you’re becoming emotional and stomping your feet while hollering about how you’re right without proving in any way that you are right…I’m not Legal Eagle.

          • Ted Crawford

            I just re-read my post, it was very short. NOWHERE in all 14 words did I find the word ‘Constitution’ !
            Instead I referred to “the content”, wherein he usurped legal Legislation, to further his personal agenda, not, quite, to the point of being un-Constitutional, but definitely, extra-Constitutional, and to a degree many stages beyond ANY previous President !

          • Find the Truth

            I didn’t say or imply that you used the word “constitution”, I used it in order to explain to you that his executive power comes DIRECTLY from the powers given the executive by the Constitution. The President doesn’t report to the House of Representatives or the Senate, he’s the ONLY member of our government elected by the entire nation and as such has just as much power as all 535 of them combined. He doesn’t need their permission to execute the laws as he sees fit…

          • Ted Crawford

            Au Contraire ! The President and Executive Branch are limited by the provisions of Article 2 of the Constitution, with the exception, with respect to the method of election, described by the twelfth Amendment !
            Which contains the Official Oath of Office. Said Oath includes these words, “…preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”. NOWHERE does it state “do everything possible to avoid the provisions of the Constitution i don’t like”!
            This isn’t accidental, but perfectly intentional!
            “There are two enemies of the People, Criminals and Government. Let us tie down the second with the Chains of the Constitution, so they do not become the Legal version of the first!” Thomas Jefferson

          • Find the Truth

            Yet he gets to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution” as HE SEES FIT and that doesn’t include getting permission from you, the conservative movement or the Republican party…you people lost and will continue to lose, I think your attitudes might have something to do with it… Elections matter…

        • Ted Crawford

          Were you to do even the most cursory research you would have found that, with respect to Operation Wide Receiver, only a few hundred weapons were ever involved, none of them were ever lost, none of them were ever allowed to cross any International Borders, and none of them were ever used in any crimes! Also ALL of them were recovered! Very, very different results from Fast and Furious!
          The very fact that this attempt had been made and proven unworkable, makes the debacle of Fast and Furious even more egregious!

          • Longhaul

            Thank you.

          • Find the Truth

            Wrong…very few of the guns were recovered, they all went into Mexico where they were supposed to be followed by Mexican authorities, they were not. Why do you write a post that’s a flat out lie???

          • Ted Crawford

            It would seem, giving you the benefit of doubt, that you have…mistakenly(?) gotten the two operations confused. What you describe is the final outcome of Fast and Furious, not Wide Receiver.
            Can we also assume that you are unaware of a very successful Gun Sting, that was run, efficiently, with the full knowledge and corporation of the Mexican Government in 2007? ‘Armas Cruzadas’ achieved 500 arrests, 300 inditements, 2,000 lbs of Coke, 50,000lbs. of Marijuana, 2,300 weapons and $3 Million in cash!
            Perhaps you would be better served to expand your sources of information!

          • Find the Truth

            Armas Cruzadas had nothing to do with Wide Receiver or Fast and Furious, it was an entirely seperate operation by ICE in coordination with Mexican authorities. I suggest you not try to deceive me…

          • Ted Crawford

            Reading comprehension a problem for you? I made NO attempt to “deceive’, you or anyone else. I simply pointed out that, when properly executed these types of operations can be successful!
            Fast and Furious was done without even contacting the Mexican authorities! A cross border operation, sans the consent of all Countries involved is a violation of International Laws!

          • Find the Truth

            Is telling the truth a problem for you??? I think you might also suffer from a mass case of naivete, the United States government DOES NOT always inform foreign governments of our operations as telling them might COMPROMISE the operation…see the elimination of Osama Bin Laden for an example. The Mexican government cannot always be trusted…neither could the Pakistani government in the case of OBL

    • Find the Truth

      Why don’t you put on your uniform and get down there??? I’m sure all the professionals in the Border Patrol could use your “expertise” in determining who they let sneak in…how about you STOP trafficking in conspiracy theories and join the rest of us in the REAL world??? NOBODY is allowing criminal gang members into this country!!!

      • LAPhil

        BS! Do you read the news? A lot of these “children” were MS-13 gang members and had gang tattoos all over their faces and necks, but of course they couldn’t be turned away because they were OTM’s.

        • Find the Truth

          Nonsense! We do NOT allow know criminals to enter our country under ANY circumstance…why don’t you provide a link to your “news” source???

          • LAPhil

            I’m not willing to take the time to educate you about this. There have been numerous reports on the news confirming this to be the case.

          • Find the Truth

            You can’t educate me because your “knowledge” consists of nothing but innuendo and rumor, you have no facts…conservatives are suckers anymore, one of your talk show hosts says something and you all buy it like God Himself said it…be a little more critical, you might actually learn something.

          • LAPhil

            Oh, I’m plenty critical and I’m always careful to keep an open mind. You on the other hand have a mind that’s closed and already made up. Tell you what, why don’t you do your own research about the criminals entering the country instead of demanding that I prove it to you. You do know how to Google, don’t you?

          • Find the Truth

            My mind is open to persuasion, you just need REAL facts and evidence to force me to reflect on my position. You don’t have any…Again when you have proof that a member of the United States government has INTENTIONALLY allowed a known criminal to enter this country, you get back to me. I’ll join you in trying to convict that individual of a crime…

          • LAPhil
          • Find the Truth

            So you provide me with a link to the magazine of the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY and the Heritage Foundation’s blog in addition to the conservative Breitbart site and expect me to believe it??? Come on man, this is an OLD game by now, one conservative group makes a false claim and all the others repeat it as fact…in the REAL world, we call it PROPAGANDA.

          • Hyperbolic Dumbass

            You’re funny. “We do NOT allow…” Hilarious, when it’s all over the news! Didn’t you used to post under the name “Legal Eagle?”

          • Find the Truth

            “when it’s all over the news!”
            I’m supposed to just take your word for it??? How about some proof? You make claims, it’s your responsibility to back them with evidence…do you have any??? If you don’t I suggest you re-evaluate your position…

          • H.D.A.

            If you weren’t tuned in, just google it like everyone else. I’m not going to do your homework for you… LAPhil is right.

          • Find the Truth

            I’ve done the homework, there is NO THERE there. If you’ve got evidence of any member of the United States government INTENTIONALLY allowing a know criminal into the United States, get back to me. I’ll be happy to help with trying to get that person indicted and convicted of the crime they would have committed by allowing that individual to enter…

          • Drew Page

            There are none so blind as those who will not see. Better get yourself a seeing-eye dog.

          • Find the Truth

            How about some EVIDENCE??? I see you have none… You are not a diety I therefore require some proof of what you say, sorry pal but I don’t know you and don’t trust you.

          • Josh

            Not trying to troll too hard here, but why the exception for deities? Everything/one else must provide proof, but, well, if you’re a deity….

            How would one know a deity then?

          • Lc Goodfellow

            Eagle, your blind as a BAT !
            try CNN, while their still with us, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and yes, even the hated FOXNEWs.

            No American under the age of 60 has the slightest notion of this country’s history.
            I have a black President that has wasted, what could have been the most historic moment in the years of this country. – He didn’t !

          • Find the Truth

            Where are your links??? I just a few years shy of sixty pal and I can tell you one thing, I have FORGOTTEN more history than you ever knew.

      • k962

        And obviously you are one of the low info voters that infest our country! I have seen these gang bangers covered in tatoos being processed by the Border Patrol! Where the hell have you been, playing with your Iphone?

        • Find the Truth

          Any time you want to debate son, I’ll teach you how little you truly know…I find it amazing that a “conservative” who poll after poll shows to be the LEAST informed of the American voter has the temerity to question the knowledge of another…it’s called hypocrisy son.

          • Ted Crawford

            Really? Ole omniscient one!
            Chris Cabrera – Vice President – National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) – Local 3307
            Apparently, according to you, disingenuously claims that many gang members, including many from MS-13 ARE crossing the Border. He further stated; “Until we start mandatory removal, I don’t think anything is going to change! As a matter of fact, i think it is going to get worse!”
            Art Del Cueto – President NBPC Local 2544, agrees and states “we must treat minors with gang-related tattoos the same as anybody else” He went on to say, “It’s upsetting….a lot of them are not going to face deportation!”
            It seems readily apparent, just who is “uninformed” here!

          • Sue

            Ted, you can’t reason with irrational people. Don’t even waste your time trying.

          • Find the Truth

            Where is your link? I supposed to just believe you? I don’t… Don’t you know how to provide a link or even the SOURCE of these “quotes”???

          • Ted Crawford

            Seriously?! Are you so much of a lazy, entitlement junkie that you can’t even Google Criminal Gangs-
            border? why would you accept any source I would provide in any case? Perhaps that’s why you are so woefully uninformed!

          • Find the Truth

            Really??? I see you have resorted to the sloth like behavior of “conservative” trolls and started name calling because you’ve got nothing…when you can PROVE that criminals have INTENTIONALLY been allowed to cross our borders by a member of the United States government, I’ll be waiting to have a real debate. I suspect I’ll be waiting a VERY long time…

          • Ted Crawford

            “it’s called hypocrisy” Indeed, and you are it’s poster child!

          • Find the Truth

            I do what I say and back it up with facts…like I said, come on back when you’re ready to actually debate as now all you’re good at is calling names. Any idiot can do that and you’re the poster child!

          • Ted Crawford

            How, and more importantly, why, would anyone “debate”, when all you present is innuendo and rhetoric?
            The one thing, even remotely appearing to contain substance; “nobody is allowing Criminal Gang members into this country”, is easily debunked by simply Googling it!
            There is no debate possible on that issue!

          • Find the Truth

            You’ve suggested that criminals are being ALLOWED to enter, you need to back that up as that would be a criminal offense, you’ve provided NO documentation of such a crime, only innuendo and speculation. Debate requires FACTS, you’ve provided none.

          • Ted Crawford

            OK, I’m silly enough to try, although it’s a virtual given that you, as is typical of Progressives, will reject whatever proof is offered, that doesn’t fit the accepted Progressive narrative !
            Washington Post article July 14, 2014

          • Find the Truth

            You still haven’t offered any proof…I suggest you learn how to post links, ask your grandchildren if you don’t know.

          • k962

            Really? Obama progressives are liars and distortionists! I am no “son” and served in the military and believe me you are not older than I “sonny”! You state no facts and nothing but a name caller, which most liberals are! The average liberal couldn’t tell you how many US Senators there are or how many congressmen are in the House of representatives! I know because I have asked these dumbots!

          • Find the Truth

            I’ve been doing battle with the liars of the right for 35 years, this has NOTHING to do with this President and everything to do with your inability to tell the truth. If you’ve got something to back up your nonsense, bring it, I suspect you won’t because finding such evidence requires WORK and THOUGHT something you obviously are unwilling and unable to do…

          • k962

            Don’t congratulate yourself too much here! Lets start with your cabal of current socialist leftists in Congress.today’s Democrats are not that at all. They are Socialist Democrats.Everyone of this progressive caucus in Congress has been endorsed by CPUSA or the Socialist Democrat Party. The founder of the Progressive caucus Bernie Sanders is a Socialist. I have done the work, you claim, you don’t fool me. I lived among leftists before and I know your methodology!.

          • Find the Truth

            So we have a “cabal of socialist leftists”??? Good Lord, you better resurrect Joseph McCarthy to ROOT THEM OUT! We have now and always will have a mixed economy, nobody in Congress has suggested we nationalize any industry. All you’re doing is fear mongering in order to scare a few uniformed people in the hopes they’ll vote for the Republicans. What about the “cabal of fascist theocrats” hiding in the Republican party???

          • k962

            And You accuse me me of not Knowing what I am talking about? Maxine Waters on several occasions has suggested that the oil companies be nationalized. Gee, just like Hugo Chavez huh? I think you are nothing but another Clanging cymbal!

          • Find the Truth

            She is ONE member of a body that includes 435 members…Republican members have suggested that we NUKE the entirety of the Muslim world, yet I don’t generalize that to the entire party and that’s EXACTLY what you’re doing. The oil industry is half nationalized now as the federal government subsidizes them to a massive degree and don’t think that if the US was involved in another massive war that the govenrment wouldn’t take what they needed from the oil company reserves. Naivete is strong with you…

          • k962

            LOL Want to name the Republican members that want to nuke the entire Muslim world! You are a delusional. Maxine waters is part of the 72 members of the Progressive caucus, who are all social democrats! Wake up and smell the coffee!

          • Find the Truth

            I suggest you familiarize yourself with Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, Steve Stockman and Steve King. You’re referring to the Progressive Caucus, that caucus espouses the principles of Americas greatest president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

          • k962

            Want to name the name and date of their statements to Nuke the entire middle East? I know you can’t ! The Progressive caucus was founded by Bernie Sanders of Vermont! By the way the only overt Socialist in Congress! He founded it in 1991,that is a little past FDRs time!

          • Find the Truth

            Sanders is an independent who follows the principles of FDR…just use the Google machine, you can see every kind of crazy quote from the nutjobs I mentioned.

          • k962

            Right out pf Wkipedia !

            Bernard “Bernie” Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is an American politician and the junior United States Senator from Vermont. Before serving in the Senate, he represented Vermont’s at-large congressional district in the United States House of Representatives and served as mayor of Burlington, the largest city in Vermont. Sanders is a self-described democratic socialist,[2][3] and has praised Scandinavian-style social democracy.[4][5] So much for your bilge!

          • Find the Truth

            Do you believe you told me something I didn’t already know??? Sanders is perhaps the ONLY US Senator who unceasingly works for the benefit of the average American yet you don’t get it and would vote against him if given the opportunity…you are the 1% best friend, you vote for THEIR interests and against your own…heck of job chief!

          • k962

            Nice Dodge! Liberals are very good at it! You claimed he was an “independent” which was pure crapola! Conversation finished! You don’t fool me!

          • Hyperbolic Dumbass

            What poll is that? Yours, asking your pot-smoking friends?

          • Find the Truth

            I don’t smoke anything nor do I consume alcohol…yet I found when I worked in the alcohol distribution business that most conservatives were hard core boozers…

      • Drew Page

        It is obvious you have never been to East L.A. or South Central. It’s also obvious that you have not checked the prison records of those incarcerated in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas prisons to learn the percentage of illegal Mexican inmates with gang affiliations.

        And BTW, the border patrol agents aren’t the ones letting illegals sneak in. that distinction belongs to Barack Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder.

        • Find the Truth

          We’re talking about the children coming here…I don’t dispute that gangs exist in prisons, 95% of the prisoners are FORCED to join AFTER they enter prison for protection. BTW, Barack Obama and Eric Holder don’t work on the border, so if illegals are getting in you are in fact claiming that our Border Patrol officers are incompetent…

          • Hyperbolic D.A.

            You, cur, are an idiot. And that’s putting it politely.

          • Find the Truth

            Is that really all you have little one??? You can’t beat me so you call me names…it seems that such tactics have become normal in the so called “conservative” movement…it used to have a few intellectuals, NOT anymore.

          • Tim Ned

            The union president has stated that they are overwhelmed with children and are not able to perform their duties. NPR article below:


          • Find the Truth

            Of course they are overwhelmed, that’s why the government is trying to move some of the kids to other facilities, Congress specifically Republicans need to get off their rear ends and help provide funding to get the job done.

          • Drew Page

            So you believe that 95% of the Hispanic prison population only became gang affiliated AFTER being sent to prison? Now I know you have never been to East L.A. and south Central.

            No, Obama and Holder don’t work on the border, perhaps if they did they would do something about putting a stop to illegal immigration. Perhaps they would make sure the “fence” was finished. Perhaps they would see to it that enough border patrol agents were hired to turn back the illegals. Perhaps they would enforce the immigration laws of the United States and deport those who entered the U.S. illegally or who overstayed their visas. The problem with our border patrol officers isn’t that they are incompetent, it’s that there are just too damn few of them.

          • Find the Truth

            Just a guess on the number who join in prison but they do have to join to survive, I’m not sure anybody has ever studied the subject. The President and Attorney General can do very little on their own, CONGRESS must do their jobs and that means REPUBLICANS, specifically Boehner MUST allow votes on immigration issues to get anything done. The Senate passed a bipartisan bill with extra funding for more security at the border yet Boehner won’t even let it come to the floor for a vote…it would pass tomorrow as enough Republicans would join the Dems so we could start to move forward and fix the mess. We cannot ever stop all illegal immigration as our borders are massive, don’t forget about the coast lines…Republicans are happy with the status quo, as the status quo keeps enough low wage people in the labor market and suppresses wages for all of us…remember that Republicans are a corporate party first, last and always…

      • Lc Goodfellow

        Border Crisis: Illegal Immigrant ‘Children’ Include MS-13 …
        Washington Free Beacon ‎- 6 days ago
        You may crap through feathers but you’re no Eagle !

        • Find the Truth

          How about a REAL news source, NOT a conservative propaganda organ…

          • Tim Ned
          • Find the Truth

            The Washington Times is another conservative propaganda organ…

          • Jeff Webb
          • Find the Truth

            Ok, that’s a real source yet all it covers is a statement from the guy running for Governor, it provides no proof of criminal gangs being allowed in. Try again…

          • Jeff Webb

            >>Try again.<<

            No. I backed up the claim. If you're now going to call Abbott's honesty into question, then it's on you to prove he's lying.
            You think some anonymous liberal posting stuff online is more credible than a conservative serving as the top legal authority in the nation's biggest southern border state?

            If all it takes for info to be unacceptable is the source's politics, then you lost the debate before it started. Live by the easy dismissal, die by the easy dismissal.

          • Find the Truth

            No you didn’t…providing a quote from a politician with VESTED INTEREST in seeing a particular result is NOT proof. You buy his BS, I’m not…why is it that you folks seem so naive and believe everything a rightwinger says???

          • Jeff Webb

            >>No you didn’t…providing a quote from a politician with VESTED INTEREST in seeing a particular result is NOT proof. You buy his BS, I’m not.<>why is it that you folks seem so naive and believe everything a rightwinger says???<<

            Why should any remotely objective person buy what a left-winger says?

          • Find the Truth

            I don’t have to back up anything, I’m the individual in this conversation who requested PROOF, you gave me a quote from a politician, that’s not proof. As we say in Colorado…that dog don’t hunt. Come on back with some facts pal…

          • Jeff Webb

            >>I don’t have to back up anything, I’m the individual in this conversation who requested PROOF<<

            You've already moved the goalpost twice, first with LC then with me. You think your rigged game is fooling anyone, FT?

            Dismissing sources just because they're conservative and/or politicians is a cheap, convenient little cop-out for you. When you call someone a liar, expect to be called out on it here.

            Only in liberal la-la land can the Texas AG not be a credible witness to criminals crossing the TX border.lol

          • Find the Truth

            “You’ve already moved the goalpost twice, first with LC then with me. You think your rigged game is fooling anyone, FT?”
            I haven’t moved the goalposts at all, you’ve never complied with the original request for proof. I guess you’ve never been in or watched a courtroom on TV, your quote isn’t proof pal..

      • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

        Is that you, ‘Steve Fair’? Sure sounds like you.

  • Nicholas344

    Obama likes to lead from behind. Obama and his administration have adopted the doggie position and now lead the people from behind. Many apparently enjoy it so eagerly bend over to receive whatever Obama is selling. I’ve been shafted enough by this administration so I refuse to turn my back on his leadership.

  • chopkoski

    Look through the remarks here and one can come to the conclusion that it is the “Zeitgeist” that is holding sway and that Zeitgeist is a corrupt pall that is a combination of the Obama charisma that has been swallowed whole by media…and many schools, from K to college. It sees the world as just a step away from being perfect and that that cause of it not being perfect is the Republican Party, with the Teaparty running offense. But time will wear out any Zeitgeist…although one wonders about this lingering defense of an “unprepared” President and his abysmal record.

    • Longhaul

      As in the kindergarten song they tried….

      “Barack Hussein Obama… Mmm… mmm… mmm…!”

  • Longhaul

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic.

    • chopkoski


  • Mr. Common Sense

    It has been going on for six years and will continue until he is out of office. Those who like getting stuff from the government or want to get stuff from the government, will always like him. He isn’t quite Jimmy Carter, but he still has two more years to get there.

  • ronneeh

    I believe that yes, it is true many are just the low information people but I feel the number is much higher of those who lost their moral clarity. They are also the people who just don’t care (like Obama), as long as they have money and all is well for them, but they will be the same people screaming and wailing the loudest when this country goes down the tubes, pulling and tugging them along with it.

  • PeshawarJim

    When has anyone regularly read in the mainstream media stories detailing the nature of progressivism? Not very often. But then how many pieces have been written about the “vitriol and hatred” of the Tea Party? Plenty.

    One of the reasons President Obama is so revered is that most American journalism has abandoned its responsibilities and has taken up advocacy. In having done so, many of the people of this country are not only uninformed, they choose to be uninformed – the absence of information conforms to the narrative they choose to believe. They live in a universe that is not based on reality – it exists only in the collective minds of progressives.

  • Longhaul

    Many of the 47% may have “friends” who live in Colorado?

    “The problem with socialism is that eventually, you run out of OTHER PEOPLE’S money.” – Margaret Thatcher

    The hand that is feeding these folks is NOT the government — it’s their fellow citizens, their friends, neighbors, family. The government *creates* nothing. The government cannot “give” something to one person that it hasn’t already taken from someone else. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

  • http://rocketscientistsjournal.com Jeff Glassman

    I get it! Polls are media events. The media are biased. The poll results are biased toward the media viewpoint. The only polls to be trusted are those on candidates or ballot measures that are close to being validated by an election.

    For starters, see Gawiser, SR & GE Witt, “20 Questions a Jounalist Should Ask about Poll Results”, available all over the place.

    Today on FNC, Brit Hume told the audience that the US was war weary, and that Putin had 80% approval in Russia. Where’s the laugh track? Polls spelled backward are sllop.

  • Peep

    I’m going with 47% get stuff from Obama.

    • Paula

      From his stash!

  • gbandy

    One thing is right now there is a large portion of the electorate on some type of Government subsidy. Whether these subsidies be on Obamacare, Food Stamps, Cell Phones, Housing, or just Welfare, Obama has pushed more people into poverty than ever in our history. So who wants to bite the hand that feeds them? Obviously there are millions who gave up and realized being “taken care of” by the Democrats is not such a bad thing. Just look at the tens of thousands of new Welfare recruits Obama is shipping into the US now.

  • Lc Goodfellow

    Jmax, your still a jerk.
    Who, really, is Barack Hussein Obama…? and you still don’t know.

    If you’re hungry enough, road kill will make for a king’s feast. Liberals were so hungry for someone like Obama, he seemed like so much more than he really was. Or is!
    December 2007. “If I find out that somebody is doing that, they will be fired. And I have been absolutely crystal clear about this, and I have been clear about this for a very long time. That’s not what I believe in, that’s not who I am,” Obama
    – Does everyone think this Government is smarter than the people that elected them ?
    Another Obama-sponsored spot states flatly: “Mitt Romney’s not the solution. He’s the problem.” So much for the promise of hope, change and bipartisan unity that propelled Obama to victory in 2008. To win a second term, the Democrat who once pledged to usher in a more civilized political era has turned to highly critical commercials – at turns personal and snarky – to go toe to toe with Romney in a campaign noteworthy for its negativity and intensity.
    – “If you don’t have any fresh ideas, use stale tactics to scare people.’ If you don’t have a record to run on, paint your opponent as someone people should run from.
    – “Make a big election about small things,” – Barak Obama

    The first is the most important.
    1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people.
    – Remember when Nancy Pelosi said: “We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it”
    – A physician called into a radio show and said: “That’s the definition of a stool sample”.

    2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
    – You can’t make the rich poorer without making the poor, poorer.
    – “Gas prices have increased 200% since Obama’s election”, “ Obama failing on jobs; unemployment still above 6.5% after 6 years ”
    – Obama is dead-set on granting amnesty to millions of illegals.

    3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
    – The national debt has gone up 60 % during President Obama’s first term. The national debt is $ 17.4 trillion and Obama is responsible for almost $ 6 trillion in 3.5 years.
    – Obamacare, and Big Government – and the higher taxes that will come with it. The rich will clearly be paying more, along with everyone else.

    4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.
    – June 9. Breitbart News reported then that H Reid was calling for more gun control before the facts were in on the Las Vegas attack.
    – The failed Senate bill would not have stopped any of these, but it would provide an impetus for the creation of a national gun registry.

    5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)

    6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.
    – It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

    7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools

    8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor.
    – This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.
    – The Census Bureau defines poverty for a family of four as earning $23,550 or less.
    – “Today the nations of the world may be divided into two classes – the nations in which the government fears the people, and the nations in which the people fear the government.”

    – It’s because they hate people who disagree with them more than they hate anything else in the World.
    It’s not about winning politically, it’s about the destruction of anyone who disagrees with you.

    After watching a documentary about the tragic story of Jonestown, I was struck by the utterly unthinking way that so many people put themselves completely at the mercy of a glib and warped man, who led them to degradation and destruction. And I could not help thinking of the parallel with the way we put a glib and warped man in the White House.

  • Will Starr

    What are we to expect when the liberal media hasn’t bothered to report Obama’s many failures?

  • Daniel

    Well Bernie, I guess you would have to ask one of the 18 year old saggers who walk up my sidewalk all day long. They are sagging a $50 pair of new jeans. They are wearing a $250 pair of sneakers. They just left the local groceria where they cashed in their new EBT card for $200 cash. Now they are headed to one of the 6 medical Dope dispensaries located with a half mile radius of my house. Next stop will be Stater my brutha’s for some 40s and home to the section 8 housing to blast some gangster rap. What’s not to love?.

  • lark2

    I have also wondered about this issue and I really have no answer that makes any sense. This is not a partisan situation. Fundamentally, it speaks to the intelligence of the American electorate. I am driven crazy everyday by the people I see with their faces buried in their “smartphones”, driven by keeping up with the Kardashians, and their concern for Bill and Juliana’s Miscarriages. I have seen young people who think the Fourth of July as a celebration of the start of Summer and Memorial Day as a day to remember our good fortune and good health. Our school children can’t read and write and they know nothing about anything. They think Obama is cool and that is all they know or wish to know. These are the 47% and I am deeply concerned about our future. I’m sorry to ask … but, where are our schools? Ignorance is bliss.

    • Richard Schwartz

      Yeah, lark, you hit the nail on the head. It’s going to be tough to change because this goes right over conservatives’ heads. No challenges as The Grand Ol’ Party just keeps chugging away. I hope for change, but don’t see how.

      • lark2

        Richard, To be clear, Political considerations have nothing to do with my comments … Liberal, Conservative, Democrat, Republican , Libertarian … whatever. Even Obama is not part of the issue I have outlined. The country is VERY sick … In my opinion.

  • Jenn

    Love you Bernie. I read recently that Scott Rasmussen was given the boot…from his own firm. Maybe that’s the problem.

  • Ted Crawford

    It seems to me, that this is the Traditional, Historical, path EVERY Democracy has followed!
    Our Founding Fathers clearly knew this:
    “Remember Democracy never lasts long. it soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a Democracy yet that did not commit suicide!” John Adams
    American Politicians, long ago, proved de Tocqueville correct:
    “The American Republic will endure, until, the Politicians realize they can bribe the people, with their own money!”
    With at the very least 30%+ people depend on the Government for EVERYTHING, Alexander Tytler is vindicated:
    “Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of Government. It can only exist until the Voters discover they can vote Themselves Largesse from the Public Treasury…”
    Even the, now extinct, Liberal Democrats understood:
    “Unless Democracy is to commit suicide, by consenting to it’s own destruction, it will have to find some formidable answer to those who come to it saying;”I demand from you in the name of your principles the rights which I shall deny you later in the name of my principles!” Walter Lippmann
    The problem, very clearly is Democracy, which became our, degraded, form of governance on March 4, 1913!

  • theFantom

    What I find interesting is how much a partisan will “allow” because the person’s views are generally favorable to what would otherwise be offensive or inappropriate. This is true on both sides of the aisle, but there must be limits, no?

    Fast & Furious: no big deal. Didn’t some middle-upper manager resign? Does anyone really believe that a transnational sting operation was conceived and executed locally with no top management notification? Holder claiming Executive Privilege (or hiding behind it)–no big deal.

    Benghazi. Didn’t the ARB find that errors had been made, and isn’t that enough? That Hillary and high-ranking officials weren’t interviewed (under oath or otherwise) is of little concern. Did anyone lose a job or get demoted? Apparently only one whistle-blower.

    DOJ hounding Fox News’ Rosen (and his family). No biggie. AP reporters being bugged. No biggie.

    Mark Steyn captures it better (as always): IRS isn’t worthy of investigation but Outhouse-gate, in some small parade, gets the royal attention:


  • Larry Venable

    47% who think BHO is doing a good job…pretty unbelievable.

    At a time when there is not a single accomplishment you can point your finger at…indeed it’s more like any single item you discuss – its what he’s done to muck it up.
    The only explanation is low information voters and a MSM that literally will step in and give coverage favorable when they can; or just leave out reporting items which will hurt him. Joseph Goebbels himself couldn’t have done a better job.

    Once he loses the Bully Pulpit; this will change. As the wheels come of the Nation’s economy at some point folks will be faced with the hard facts about how BHO was the destroyer. He will go down in history as the great divider.

    I’m wondering how long Hillary will say everything thats gone wrong is George Bushes fault.

  • Marvin Katzen

    Never underestimate the stupidity of the American public.

  • Shay

    Simple: they who voted for him believed in the “idea” of a historical black president. They won’t deny their own desire to believe it.

  • MaleMatters

    Most of that 47 percent pays little or no attention to the news, and when they do, they tune in only to Sawyer/Pelley/Williams.

    This may explain it:

    “Why Barack Obama Won Twice” http://relevantmatters.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/why-barack-obama-won-twice/

  • John Phillips

    Bernie, you got the answer to your confusion on your last sentence. We now have a majority of voters who are either in the low, very low, or no information bracket. The dummy -down policy of our education system has worked. The government now has low information workers to pay taxes and who are easily distracted and misled by the media. When you have cartoon characters like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi continue to stay in power that says all that needs to said on the climate in D.C. The transformation is not only underway, its almost complete.

    • Jenn

      You know. I’m thinking this poll is skewed (sp). I have personally educated friends who voted for O and are now completely aware of what’s going on. Something’s up with these numbers. Or the questions. As I posted up top: Scott Rasmussen was kicked out of his firm. What questions are they asking and where are they going to ask them?

  • Steve

    Because the Republican House is afraid ob being called racist. Come on Bernie…call it for what it is. Obama gets a free ride because he is the first Creole President. He is hiding behind the race card and even you Bernie are afraid of that.

    • Ted Crawford

      Curiously, Obama has just slightly more justification for claiming “African American ” linage, than Elizabeth Warren has to claim “Native American”!
      Genetically, Obama is really over 40% Arab, NOT African American.
      Clearly, his background indicates a much larger and earlier Arab, Muslim influence, than anything to do With America!

    • bkwcomments

      If the Republican House had any concern for the country they’d do their f’ing jobs and maybe Obama could do a better one. You know why so many are disgusted with a Republican politicians and their supporters? Because the Republicans hate the idea of a successful black president so much they’d rather spend time and money making Obama look bad than trying to improve the US.

      • Ted Crawford

        What color is the sky, in your Progressive Fantasy Land today, Comrade?

        • bkwcomments

          Blue, just like my state and my politics.

      • Jeff Webb

        >>Because the Republicans hate the idea of a successful black president<<

        Your surrender is accepted.

  • Craig1748

    Most of the American public is clueless about the economy; about foreign affairs; about politics in general. They vote for a guy like Obama because he is charismatic and funny! A huge percentage of them are on some kind of Federal handout programs. They honestly could not give you any specifics on Fast and Furious; on Benghazi; on the IRS scandal; on NSA spying on them; on Bergdhal or our Marine in jail in Mexico……..simply because they do not care!!! As far as most Americans are concerned things will just keep going on, nothing will ever change the way they live or want to live and we will always be “free”. They have no concept of groups that would love to slowly push America into a Third World country where the people who actually work for a living have to support half the population that does not care due to Federal handouts and Federal programs. It all starts in our schools…….most kids don’t know squat about our history, our culture, our country and their individual state histories. The Democratic Party’s left wing liberals have seen to that.

  • ted

    Add to that all the cash devoted to praising Democrats and Obama from trial lawyers and union bosses who get their money indirectly from the Democrats they elect. And while the world burns Obama is raising millions, perhaps near billions from billionaires. Little is said about that. Ignorance is the Democrats stock in trade. IT WORKS IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED!

    • bkwcomments

      How many Republican politicians attend fund raisers?

      • Ted Crawford

        When did you stop beating your children?
        One idiotic rant certainly deserves another!
        GET A CLUE!

        • bkwcomments

          Wow, I guess the truth hurts, huh? BTW, I don’t have children but I’ve spent lotsa time caring for my nieces and nephews and no, I never beat then, except at games. I don’t believe in always letting them win.

  • abe

    It is what Rush Limbaugh says, he appears to be on the outside looking in, He is trying hard to do a good job, but it is the Republicans standing in his way, that is the message, Obama has NO INTEREST to get involved in the world’s headaches or the work to be done at home…He likes the aura of being president but not the work

  • joepotato

    Bernie, I believe the numbers are skewed due to how and who they’re doing their samples… They don’t ever seem to get into “flyover country” and some areas where Fraudobama’s approval would be in the teens… The other possibility is that we have so many “no information” voters and welfare parasites that getting any of these morons to think logically would be next to impossible… Well, that’s all I got…

  • ted

    Not to be impolite, sir, but if you don’t know the reason you are as blind as they are. 1. There is little truthful information given “We the People” by the media, educational institutions, the entertainment industries and most celebrities. 2. The president himself, his Attorney General and most government/union employees continue to praise Obama and depreciate Republicans. 3. Most Americans are products of the union-monopoly teachers who typically are anti-business, anti-Republican pro-green, pro-government. Yes, the Right reads this, the Wall Street Journal and watches Fox; they get mostly the truth. That’s about it.
    So, please get real, stop the BS and help figure out how to break the cycle of propaganda.

    • JanelleHumbert

      Not a bad beginning, Ted…….keep it going.

    • bkwcomments

      “Yes, the Right reads this, the Wall Street Journal and watches Fox; they get mostly the truth.”

      Oh my god. I just threw up in my mouth.

      • Ted Crawford

        Perhaps it those, illegal(even in Colorado and Washington) stimulants you ingest!

        • bkwcomments

          Why can’t you come up with a valid, or even witty if not valid, retort instead of accusing me of beating children and doing drugs? Have you no concept of political discourse? Your party should be ashamed of people like you.

          • Ted Crawford

            What possible “valid or witty” retort is possible in the face of idiotic ranting, such as your above post! You want valid retort, present a substantive post!

          • bkwcomments

            One resorts to calling another an idiot when one can’t come up with a valid response. Ranting? You don’t know the meaning of the word.

          • Ted Crawford

            So you put the exclamation point on my post! Still simple rant nothing whatsoever substantive!
            Mr. Lincoln had some very sound advice, it might behoove you to heed!
            “Better to be silent and thought a Fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt!”

          • Jeff Webb

            >>One resorts to calling another an idiot when one can’t come up with a valid response.<<

            And when real bottom-feeders can't come up with a valid response, they play the race card.

  • John H

    Apparently, a lot of Americans are just stupid.

    • joepotato

      I’m sure that accounts for a good portion…. Have you seen the Mark Dice videos on youtube…? He’s got the documented proof for your allegation… funny stuff (& pathetic too)

      • bkwcomments

        Did you ever watch the old “Jaywalking” sketches on The Tonight Show? There were some real idiots showcased, but I don’t recall them ever naming their political affiliation. So one can only deduce that the group split the same as the general population.

      • Benzona

        Check Were Mark Dice started first.

        Clue ” 9/11 was an inside job by the US G’ovt.”

  • jonshepp

    O’Reilly had a producer go out, in May of 2013 to ask New Yorkers on the street if they knew about Benghazi. Only one did in the edited segment, while the rest didn’t know what it was or maybe thought it was a new drink, laughing. Your article just proves that when the media joins the government, as it did in the Third Reich, people have no idea what is going on. What is more amazing they seem to not care they don’t know what is going on. Watch for yourself.


    During Bush’s term, the mainstream media had a death count of our soldiers overseas almost every day, while under Obama their concern about deaths in our military literally evaporated. Our vets, at least those that have an iron in the fire, needed to protest in large numbers outside the entrances in New York City of ABC, CBS, and NBC, while not forgetting CNN in Atlanta or the socialists over at the Huffington Post, America’s answer to RT News.

    Change happens only when the people demand it. In a Republic like ours, people are charged with that responsibility, my assuming from what we are seeing it is rarely taught in today’s public schools.

    As a side bar, the media got the message that the public no longer gave a damn when virtually all national outlets and large news reporting agencies refused to publish the death of a teenager, Jesse Dirkhising, in August of 1999, a 13-year old murdered by two adults. If you Google Jesse’s name, you will find out why the media threw sand in the boy’s face again to be sure he was buried. From that time the media seemed to realize no one was paying attention to what was going on around them, its mission statement changing from reporting the news to reporting, “It ain’t news until we say it is!”

    Bin laden understood, when he arranged to murder innocent people in the trade towers on 9/11, that it was those same innocent people who elected leaders that would set the agenda for a country’s direction in influencing the world, and therefore the rightful enemy especially if they had no idea of what was going on around them.

    • Ted Crawford

      How could a rational man expect the Main Stream Media to expose Obama? Obama is, in no small part, actually their creation! Now like a doting Mother, they are desperate to protect their delinquent offspring, at all costs!

    • loupgarous

      When my son died in Iraq, CBS News pestered my daughter-in-law and me to give them interviews for their sad, mournful piccolo solo-accompanied list of the Iraq dead for the CBS Evening News. To our credit, not a single family member of the squad who were lost with my son cooperated with Rather Biased News to help them slant coverage of the war.

      Now, I notice that the piccolo no longer sounds on CBS Evening News, even though men and women still die in our wars. But, of course, when Obama kills people, it’s not as bad as when Bush was doing it.

      • jonshepp

        I am deeply sorry for the loss of your son. I can’t image what you went through, our son coming back from Afghanistan.

        The corrupt media continues to ignore or buries the stories that don’t fit their liberal agenda and why they continue to support Obama no matter how horrible he leads. I remind surfers to my site that Obama is the first crotch-salute president, as named by some in the military.

        Conservatives had warned in the 2008 election that Obama, after his crotch-salute in 2007 at a Democrat fundraiser, had usually only voted “present” when he was in the Illinois Senate. Their concern was right on, Obama basically voting present again this time for an entire nation of 300-million people, the national media not wanting us to remember those warnings.

        As an FYI, I put out a weekend e-mail of the week’s news that folks will usually not find in the mainstream media. One of those releases is below “that supports your comment” to my posting.


        When reading the above Web page I released to my e-mail list in January of this year, scroll down to a link for a Web page where parents reported CNN told them that it only leads in the news if it bleeds.

        If you remember it was also CNN that released the video given to them by terrorists several years ago of their shooting one of our own treasures and killing him. The terrorists designed the video for the progressive idiots at CNN, the converted audio reporting the terrorist said, “Don’t shoot until the women and children are out of the way.” What a hoot! CNN’s ideology, as others in the mainstream media, trumps our founder’s again and again.

        Bernard had warned of this years ago in a book talking about the ASNE, (American Society of Newspaper Editors), and how the org formed in the mid 1970’s now colors the news as much as it can across the nation so the liberal perspective is always properly and correctly represented.

        Best regards.

  • loupgarous

    Follow the money, Bernie. “47%” happens to be the percentage of American citizens who either don’t pay Federal income tax and/or are getting “entitlement” payments for some reason. Shame to say, this includes retirees who ought to hate Obama for his constant raiding of the Medicare Fund and his steady movement toward denying retirees and the disabled medical care (as in DHS’s decision to stop paying for anti-rejection drugs for kidney transplant patients) in order to pay for ObamaCare. Unfortunately, the retired will have to feel the bite before they realize what curling up with a snake gets them.

    • bkwcomments

      That “47%” includes plenty of Republicans. Unless you don’t think Republicans collect SS retirement benefits, Republicans somehow miss layoffs or plant closing job losses so don’t collect unemployment, Republicans aren’t serving in the Armed Forces while needing SNAP to feed their kids and housing assistance to keep a roof over their heads, etc.

      • loupgarous

        I didn’t say Republicans weren’t in that number. I’m disabled owing to terminal cancer, so I’m all too aware of the fact. But your comments show your mind’s already made up. I won’t engage in a battle of wits with a half-armed opponent.

        • bkwcomments

          I am sorry you are battling a terminal disease. Truly. I wish you well. However, people citing the magic “47%” are generally doing so to disparage Democrats. That is why I pointed out that group includes Republicans. Many forget or ignore that fact. And I don’t understand your insult based on my reply. There’s nothing half-witted about it. BTW, it would be half-legged in my case, not half-armed, due to a recent amputation. :)

          • loupgarous

            I regret your loss of a limb. But my insult was provoked by your lecturing me on something most Americans know – that ALL political parties have someone in the “47%.” By the way, my wife and I DO pay Federal Income Tax and have since we were old enough to work, until very recently. I wish that everyone paid at least a token amount of Federal Income Tax to remind them that the river of benefits from government isn’t free. Not even total confiscation of the assets of the “1%” could solve the nation’s deficit – only a hard-headed attitude toward containing Federal spending can do that. And before you tell me, I know that both parties are fond of passing pork spending. A lot of Republicans need to be shown the door out of Congress, too.

  • AA

    To all of you replying to JMax comments below……… Don’t waste your breath on these type of people! They are very immature in general, severely lack common sense, and try to shroud themselves as smarter than the rest just because they had better grades than most (in their opinion). He probably never played a down of football or inning of baseball growing up and he’s bitter because he was the last player selected for kickball while in grade school. You all know the type. Zero common sense and LOVE big government. So with that said: Name one, just ONE ‘Hallmark’ social program that has ever cost less than 10 year projections according to the CBO? Name one “Max”. You can’t!! Government should provide the basics and that’s it. Spare us the condescending “where is the evidence?” it rings hollow to anyone with half a brain. As any idiot could figure out there are issues….. or why would the Lerner’s et al plead the fifth and lawyer up to the nth degree? We all went to school with people like you and no one enjoyed it in the least. People like big Max are the one’s that are running down our great Country…….

  • linda garris

    The latter. Too many just aren’t paying attention because it doesn’t affect them. They receive benefits ,don’t pay taxes, and play the lottery every day. Hard workers are being replaced with hard handouts. My neighbor couldn’t afford obamacare. So she cut her hours to part time. Now she gets it for free, plus food stamps, rent rebate and lowered utilities. She didn’t make enough to take vacations or move and no chance of a job paying more. So she’s happy. She’s now doing as well as welfare recipient.. is she happy with Obama who put her in that position in the first place? Idt she’s paying attention. Many just struggle to get by. So when they get free stuff are happy. Someone knocks on their door, tells them GOP will take their food stamps and voilà a dem voter. I’m going to apply for help. But I will never vote for a liberal. If you aren’t a social conservative and are broke ,u will be happy with dems taxing workers. There aren’t enough fiscal conservatives anymore because too many are pt workers. Fiscal conservatives are the so called one percent. Many don’t care ant social issues. Low info voters believe its good to go after oil companies for more taxes to pay for more free stuff. I wonder how this will end? There are not enough workers to support the country and their vote pretty much doesn’t count anymore.

  • Probus

    Bernie, this is no surprise to me. The media, with the exception of Fox and talk radio, does not report in a fair and correct manner as they do when a republican is president. I’ve seen this since JFK was president when there were only ABC, CBS and NBC. Do you actually think Nixon could have gotten away with the voter fraud in Illinois as JFK did, or the Bobby Baker scandal as LBJ did?

  • CmonMann

    “even if they had just seen a video of him in Red Square making a deal with Vladimir Putin to sell half the United States west of the Mississippi to Russia for $1.98”.

    Bernie, you are very close on that one. keep an eye on this administration – they could very well be collateralizing the Chinese debt with real American assets – like LAND!! They will literally sell out the US.

  • James

    WHY?? Because has bins like you Goldberg write stupid commentary like this instead of doing your job!!! Were are the investigative reporters of old. The ones looking to right a wrong or win a Pulitzer or SOMETHING??? Their all hack “JURNALISTS” that are more interested in getting invited to the parties and onto Air force 1 then actually doing there unwritten constitutional duty of exposing treason and keeping or government and elected officials honest. Goldberg your no exception… Your so deep in the pocket of the Republican establishment propping up the status quo you make me sick. The blue blood country club dinosaurs of the Republican party need to go if were ever going to achieve ANY sanity in our Federal Government. Look how a two bit community organizer has run rip shot over the RINO’s and they have no response, no ideas and no LEADER. The very people that have new ideas and a will to fight for the people are crapped on by the Republican party and people the likes of you Goldberg. Then you ask a stupid question like why half the public are slobbering over Obama??? You and your RINO buddies offer NO alternative and your such weak conservatives (if y’all can even be called that) you can’t even bring people over to conservatism by explaining it well and actually standing up for it. Who wants to vote for anybody that can’t explain their so called position and is to weak kneed to stand up to the left on principle and they cave at the drop of a hat. People vote Principle! People vote Strength! People vote FOR SOMETHING! It’s all about winning for you RINO’s and then holding on to power. You and the rest of your RINO cohorts time has passed and it IS TIME for new ideas and new blood to actually right this ship.

  • Buzzeroo

    According to Real clear Politics, Rasmussen is consistently in the region of twice as positive about Obama than all of the other polling outfits. Even when he does something particularly egregious causing some of them to plunge as far as -19% disapproval over approval with the rest -save Rasmussen well down as well, he’s floating no worse than -6 or -7 on Rasmussen. Either ALL of them are off or he is. There is absolutely nobody that I know who even knows anybody–including traditional liberals who were Obama voters -twice- who are satisfied with him in the face of all of the double dealing obfuscating ‘carrying ons’ by him and his administrative miscreant cohorts. So, despite Rasmussen’s marvelous reputation for his past accuracies,which makes it most difficult to say, I think that he is now full of crap and should be totally ignored.

  • Paula
  • Ed I

    Why do 40+% still support Obama? For one thing it is as much a statement on the state of the country as it is support for Obama. Most know very little history, either world or US. However, it is much more about constituencies. Start with union leadership, specifically government employees unions, the LGBT community, feminists, almost every minority community, organized environmentalists, long standing yellow dog Democrats, and while none are monolithic in their beliefs they will all vote for and support any Democratic candidate any time over any Republican. Even though the Democratic Party, Obama specifically, give them a lot of lip service but little real benefits, they believe the lies instead of the truth and the hard data. Most have bought in totally to the liberal and far left lexicon. They reject any idea that the USA is the freest and most exceptional country in history. They only dwell on the bumps and warts. They are relatively easily convinced, against all the evidence, that big government is the answer to any and every problem. The younger generation just coming of voting age, didn’t live through and are seldom told about the Carter era. Most haven’t even been taught how our government is suppose to work. They see little problem having an imperial President, that is until someone is elected that doesn’t agree with them 100%. Even though the Soviet Union collapsed (rebranded?), China has embraced government controlled capitalism and most socialistic states are in deep trouble many on the left still naively dream of a socialistic workers paradise. Yet when folks in the middle and right of center do not say informed or even vote, then people like Obama, Reid and Pelosi kept getting elected.

    • http://batman-news.com 1940voter

      When you look at the higher education system and the primary school system this is what you get. The left leaning and progressive tools of society control the minds, idea’s, and actions of a vast majority of Americans entering the workforce and engaging in commerce. They are a mind numbing group of lemmings who think that inaction or failed policies have no consequences for the future. This group will be paying for Obama’s disasters for the next 60 yrs.

  • savage24

    Well if you are into believing polls, Rasmussen had a poll the other week that said about 80% wanted the congress changed out. Amazingly the congress has about a 90% retention rate in spite of these polls. It’s the questions asked in. the polls that give false results. How often do you see a straight yes or no question in these polls? I give the pollsters the same credence I give this administration, ZERO.

    • loupgarous

      And that’s the bottom line – money (or votes) talk, BS walks. As long as poll questions can be written to give the person buying the poll the answers they want, they’ll be unreliable indicators of the national mood, at best. Now, I belong to several online communities, and can’t find anything like a 47% level of support for Obama. But in the apartment complex I live in, support for Obama is strong and goes across racial lines, mainly because it caters to the retired and disabled, who have been dazzled with fear, doubt and uncertainly about the Ryan budget and other ways of rationalizing funding for Social Security.

      They don’t seem to realize that Obama’s already planning to keep them from getting life-saving care so he can fund his ObamaCare from the Medicare Fund. THIS is the truth that could get a good 20-30 percent of the populace “strongly disapproving” of Obama.

  • Seattle Sam

    Cognitive dissonance. How can he be a poor president? I voted for him.

  • rbblum

    Why are nearly half the voters still slobbering over Obama? Why does a woman appear to slobber over a man (who is physically/mentally abusive towards her)?

    • Paula

      Stockholm Syndrome

    • CmonMann

      Who is John Galt?

      • Paula

        “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

    • loupgarous

      Cognitive dissonance. Where I live, retired people are STILL backing him strongly despite his raiding of the Medicare Fund.

  • jazzdrums

    so someone below got it right..uninformed, low informed or people who don’t know they are alive unless they get a paper cut think he is cool…they don’t care and more than that the administration of romper room juveniles and the leader just does not care what anyone thinks…it is a quite simple explanation

  • Allan

    Blame it on the opposition plus:.
    1)They are more interested in eating their own.
    2)They are cowards and thus enablers.
    3)The good ones are too cerebral.
    4)Many on the right believe in big government.
    5)The news media actively supports Obama and the left.
    6)The schools teach political correctness.
    7)Hollywood plays up to political correctness.
    8)We are fat, yet want more and more. Thinking is not a priority.

  • Pete

    It’s simple. Among liberals — which represent about half the electorate or likely voters — to disapprove of Obama’s performance would indicate that a person is racist — at least, in their minds. No liberal wants to be labeled a racist even if they know deep down in their whatever that he is a rank incompetent.

  • Haaseline

    Why surprised?? Nobody cares any more. If the rest of those who do will stop getting into mud slinging and come up with sound solutions in a easy to grasp patter ( for the 41% ) more might get it. The I’m right , your wrong banter doesn’t work anymore. Toast, FINE, Done…Over…. and out!!

    • Paula

      WE need to unite and organize!

      • loupgarous

        We need a “big tent.” What we have are people in charge of the RNC who won’t tell the litmus testers to go to Hell. So libertarians, gays (a surprising number of whom ARE conservative – or would be except for how bigotry has been written into so many politicians’ plaforms) and people who don’t pass through the eye of the religious needle are lost to the party. Like it or not, we have a big country and we need more than just the “elect” to win elections. Bigots lose elections because they deserve to.

        • Ted Crawford

          “Bigots lose elections…”
          Obama’s election, twice, seems to belie that !

          • loupgarous

            No, it verifies it. Since you apparently have to pass a litmus test not to be rejected by the religious right, the religious right repels many people who are conservative in nature and more than willing to help elect a decent president. The Left has the built-in advantage of being the place where people who’ve been told they’re inferior outcasts go. And they won the last two Presidential elections.

            We can’t rely on people to see the Left’s double standard of preaching tolerance and practicing intolerance. We, unfortunately, have to play an honest game with our supporters, and be that tolerant party the Left claims to be,

          • bkwcomments

            Again, a dictionary would be helpful.


          • loupgarous

            Good point. I ought to have said, “Barring voter fraud, bigots lose elections.”

      • Haaseline

        OK, lets do it !..WE can do it!

        • Paula

          I’m not a leader…but I’m good at follow through… I think we need too!

          • Haaseline

            Okay I’ll take the lead!!

          • Paula

            OK you can organize? How do you want to work this? I’m game!

          • Haaseline

            Meet me in our secret hiding place!!!

          • Paula

            LOL silly

          • Haaseline

            Thats President Silly to you Paula

          • Paula

            OF course! President Silly. Nice ring, eh?

  • allencic

    I asked an old friend who’s a huge Obama supporter what he liked about O. Even given the obvious mess he’s made of this country he still loved Obama “because he’s the coolest and smartest President the country’s ever had.” Good God! After that comment I don’t think I could trust my friend’s opinion on any subject at all. And my friend was a well educated college administrator and teacher.

    • CmonMann

      Your friend’s occupation pretty much explains his/her slavish devotion to the chosen one…………

    • Paula

      I know! I’ve heard because he is uniting this country. We have been the aggressors to long.

      Look at this, written 2 years ago. This paints obama as the hero that he thinks he is:

      angie p answered 2 years ago

      I support Obama because…
      1. Saved the collapse of the American automotive industry by making GM restructure before bailing them out, and putting incentive money to help the industry

      2. Shifted the focus of the war from Iraq to Afghanistan, and putting the emphasis on reducing terrorism where it should have been all along

      3. Relaxed Anti-American tensions throughout the world

      4. Signed order to close the prisoner “torture camp” at Guantanamo Bay

      5. Has made the environment a national priority, and a primary source for job creation

      6. Has made education a national priority by putting emphasis and money behind new ideas like charter schools, but speaking directly to school children in telling them they have to do their part.

      7. Won the Nobel Peace Prize

      8. $789 billion economic stimulus plan

      9. Appointment of first Latina to the Supreme Court

      10. Attractive tax write-offs for those who buy hybrid automobiles

      11. Authorized construction/opening of additional health centers to care for veterans

      12. Renewed dialogue with NATO and other allies and partners on strategic issues.

      13. Beginning the process of reforming and restructuring the military 20 years after the Cold War to a more modern fighting force… this includes new procurement policies, increasing size of military, new technology and cyber units and operations, etc.

      14. Better body armor is now being provided to our troops

      15. “Cash for clunkers” program offers vouchers to trade in fuel inefficient, polluting old cars for new cars; stimulates auto sales

      16. Changed the failing/status quo military command in Afghanistan

      17. Closed offshore tax safe havens

      18. Deployed additional troops to Afghanistan

      19. Ended media “blackout” on war casualties; reporting full information

      20. Ended previous policy of awarding no-bid defense contracts

      21. . Ended media blackout on war casualties and the return of fallen soldiers to Dover AFB.

      22. Ended previous policy of cutting the FDA and circumventing FDA rules

      23. Ended previous practice of forbidding Medicare from negotiating with drug manufacturers for cheaper drugs; the federal government is now realizing hundreds of millions in savings

      24. Ended previous practice of having White House aides rewrite scientific and environmental rules, regulations, and reports

      25. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has created 2.1 million jobs (as of 12/31/09).

      26. Ended previous policy of not regulating and labeling carbon dioxide emissions

      27. Ended previous policy of offering tax benefits to corporations who outsource American jobs; the new policy is to promote in-sourcing to bring jobs back

      28. Ended previous policy on torture; the US now has a no torture policy and is in compliance with the Geneva Convention standards

      29. . Launched Recovery.gov to track spending from the Recovery Act, an unprecedented step to provide transparency and accountability through technology.

      30. Ended previous practice of protecting credit card companies; in place of it are new consumer protections from credit card industry’s predatory practices

      31. Ended previous “stop-loss” policy that kept soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan longer than their enlistment date

      32. Energy producing plants must begin preparing to produce 15% of their energy from renewable sources

      33. Established a National Performance Officer charged with saving the federal government money and making federal operations more efficient

      34. Established a new cyber security office

      35. Expanded the SCHIP program to cover health care for 4 million more children

      36. Expanding vaccination programs

      37. Families of fallen soldiers have expenses

      38. . Provided the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with more than $1.4 billion to improve services to America’s Veterans.

      39. Federal support for stem-cell and new biomedical research

      40. Funds for high-speed, broadband Internet access to K-12 schools

      41. Responded with compassion and leadership to the earthquake in Haiti

      42. Immediate and efficient response to the floods in North Dakota and other natural disasters

      43. . Launched Business.gov – enabling conversation and online collaboration between small business owners, government representatives and industry experts in discussion forums relevant to starting and managing a business. Great for the economy.

      44. Improved housing for military personnel

      45. Improved conditions at Walter Reed Military Hospital and other military hospitals

      46. Changed failing war strategy in Afghanistan.

      47. Improving benefits for veterans

      48. Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants…) after years of neglect

      49. Donated his $1.4 million Nobel Prize to nonprofits.

      50. Increasing opportunities in AmeriCorps program

      So, there’s that

      *** loony lefties are nuts ***

      • bkwcomments

        And your point?

    • loupgarous

      “If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for…but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong. If this is too blind for your taste, consult some well-meaning fool (there is always one around) and ask his advice. Then vote the other way. This enables you to be a good citizen (if such is your wish) without spending the enormous amount of time on it that truly intelligent exercise of franchise requires.”
      – from “The Notebooks of Lazarus Long,” by Robert A. Heinlein..

      It seems you’re well-provided with a well-meaning fool. Take advantage of his opinions by using him as a lodestone to mark the way NOT to go.

      • allencic

        I certainly agree with Heinlein and with similar comments by Mencken. My friend and I are at opposite political poles and I could never be as gullible, naive, and just plain un and ill informed as he is. I’m sure we’re on opposite voting sides of every issue and political figure. It’s just more obvious with an incompetent narcissist like Obama.

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com/ Cyberquill

    Derangement Syndrome, whether BDS or ODS, often redounds to the benefit of the leader that triggers the derangement, making his supporters take the position that if [insert “liberals” or “conservatives”] get their panties in such bunches, then our guy must be doing something right.

    • loupgarous

      And, unfortunately, Bush Derangement Syndrome has been adopted as editorial policy by too many “reputable” media outlets. No way would Candy Crowley be employed anywhere but a sidewalk if she didn’t have strong corporate support for her biased dreck from CNN.

  • 550d8e4c

    I think a lot of people have been asking the same question. This blog does a pretty good job of defining the situation.


  • nickshaw

    Unfortunately, I believe door number 2 is the correct answer, Bernie.
    Sad but, true.

  • Ksp48

    Romney was correct.

  • woulddragon

    Perhaps it is because Barack Obama is Svengali reincarnate. He seems to have some almost hypnotic “Je ne sais quoi” that makes his base fawn all over him in, to quote the title of a book that I recently saw, a “slobbering love affair” that seems to be fatally parasitic. Mark my word: in the event that Obama loses his life in whatever manner, his courtesans will follow him onto the funeral pyre.

    • nickshaw

      Along with the wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of clothing.
      Who says progs ain’t got religion?

  • Joh

    The concept of an “informed electorate” has been lost. I equate Twitter to people you went to high school with who handed you their yearbook and you suddenly felt compellled to write something in it when you really had no clue who that person.
    People see Obama on The View or Letterman and think he’s cool and that he couldn’t possibly be the narcissitic twit Fox News makes him out to be, Sadly, he is that twit

    • disqus_yeZNegncsV

      You need a compliant news media, however, to give what could be called legitimacy to the nitwits on the view or to the surly Letterman, who comes alive when Obama visits.
      I’ve been saying for years that two shows re-elected Barack Obama–“The View” and “Ellen.” They reach millions of women of many interests, of differing backgrounds. Their brown-nosing of Obama and face it, his charm, dancing and schmoozing, won him millions of female votes.

      • Joh

        Precisely! That would be the “slobbering love affair” Bernie cited in his book

  • Ben-Lavi

    One factor has been a good chunk of the media running interference for him. I thought things were off the rails back when Bill Clinton was president, this however, takes it to a new and unseen level in a democratic country.

  • allen goldberg

    Frankly, I think the pollsters have figured out how to ask questions that provide them with the end results they seek. Dishonest? Unethical? Yes….and based up this President’s performance…NO ONE should approve. NO ONE. I thought we were supposed to be Americans FIRST…not party members. He and Holders regularly BREAK THE LAW and do it knowingly ..and for that alone should be removed….

    • nickshaw

      “Breaking the law” is subjective in this brave, new, prog world.

    • JDinSTL

      Party First – for Democrats. Just like the old USSR.

  • mitchellvii

    47%. Romney is having a good laugh about now.

    • David Gorton

      If so, he’s laughing to keep from being totally disgusted, like me; it seems to be a real sad situation for our country to be in!!

  • Josh

    There’s something about most people who post on political topics that really gets under my skin, R or D or I or whatever. Not in a “OMG I’m outraged” kinda way, but more like “Dude?” And that’s the fact that people tend to keep things aimed at the federal level and the big positions and such, ignoring what really leads to a guy like Obama keeping support from the average youthful American.

    You have to look at the smaller causes, most of which are probably off of everyone’s radar; many of which are definitely off of mine. But the president and these big-name politicians are little more than symbols at the end of the day to the average person.

    Look at something that helped get Obama elected and reelected in the first place: Social media. It seems many people ignore that culture. But it’s a serious part of the mainstream today. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube — these places are safe havens for social justice warriors and progressives to congregate. They literally tell you, repeatedly and without filter, what matters to them and what they’re looking for and why Obama’s still okay with them.

    Basically, he’s not a Republican/conservative. They view the right as religious fundamentalists who want to take away their freedoms, starve the poor, get into more wars, etc. They view the right as all white people who are racists and who appropriate culture and who don’t care about other people. It’s ironic and idiotic, of course, since they themselves are totalitarians who want to control speech and create special standards and the like, but their views permeate the culture. People are scared to go against them.

    Do you think it’s the old liberals responsible for people being fired for their opposition to gay marriage? No. It’s the young raising holy hell about it and influencing the real world.

    What do you think matters to more Americans: The video game industry or who the president is? I’d say the former. Over 120 billion in video game sales since Obama’s been elected. Yet these young progressives are so influential that they’re completely changing the market based on the complaints of feminists and other young progressives who say that female tropes are sexist and lead to real-world discrimination and rape.

    Businesses are ignoring smart business to cave to these people just so they’re not thought of in the same vein as Republicans!

    It doesn’t matter if Obama does a good job, a bad job, or whatever else he does or doesn’t do. He’s not a white Republican. And that matters. Even if it doesn’t matter to a lot of voters, they still may very well care about what their peers think about them personally for neg-rating Obama. “OMG, are you, like, literally a racist now!?”

    Calling them “low information voters” is accurate in your context and many separate contexts. Though in their context, they just don’t give a damn about the economy. They care about social justice. They care about not being Republicans and not being associated with anyone who’s even associated with Republicans. Their “information” is different. Theirs is a completely separate set of rules and principles and issues, and Obama’s the ideal figurehead. Hillary will be too.

    Republicans are going to have to figure this stuff out eventually. It’s their butts on the line. Many of them might not believe in evolution, but they need to evolve nevertheless. Not necessarily on what they believe, but in how they brand themselves to the public, or how they allow themselves to be branded by the other side.

    • CnyChu

      Josh, you nailed it! Excellent post. I might add, putting it simply, we’re in this mess because stupid people are allowed to vote. And do!

      • TraderBill

        And they reproduce, too…

    • IUBBallfan

      That’s the most concise response I’ve read to our mess in a long time. Yes, social media is flooded with this viewpoint, and it makes the rest of us believe it’s the majority and not a subset of our culture. Divide and conquer is working well at the moment.

      • Josh

        Whatever they’re doing is working. That’s all I know.

        There might very well be a surge before ’16 that puts a Republican in the White House. But that’s really meaningless when you break it down. What about states and cities and counties and universities and courts and government agencies and all these other thousands of areas in America that will still be controlled by totalitarian progressives looking to institute social justice? Other parties and politicians and pundits need to focus their efforts on these subsets of culture more so than on the presidency, IMO.

    • USMC69

      Good post. I think you left out something very important though. Why are these “low information voters” this way? They spout their “social justice” (which most of us “senior citizens” recognize as a slogan from Marxism and Communism) ideas – ideas that are not new and have failed everywhere in the world they have been tried. They believe almost anything they are told – even when it has been proven to be false. So, I wonder, are they just stupid or has our educational system just made them so ignorant – we would have been better off to not sent them to school in the first place?

      • Josh

        These ideas are brand new to these younger individuals, though. They’ve been spoon-fed this nonsense in some college class with “studies” in the title. They come out feeling as if they have the mysteries of the universe unraveled. When they face harsh realities, like defaulting on loans, being denied for loans, not getting the career their professors promised were waiting, etc–basically when they find out life is hard–this is when they double-down on what they were taught.

        They believe things are only hard because injustice, patriarchy, capitalism, Republicans, white people.

        They need more than someone presenting a different ideology, or someone telling them they’re wrong. They need advocates and politicians directly on their level, in their age range, showing them examples–empirical evidence and logical explanations–of just how they’ve been led astray, and how more personal responsibility and individuality will suit them better than a collective led by big government.

        They’re dreamers who end up blaming every ill in the world on people who don’t share their dream. Nobody is able to show them that their dream is actually a nightmare wearing a hippie flower necklace to disguise itself. The Republican(s) (or any non-progressive) to bring reality to their doorstep will change this nation.

    • disqus_yeZNegncsV

      No doubt about it that the social media avenue is something conservatives and moderates haven’t figured out. It’s not just the young, now, who are totally hooked on it. It’s just about every middle aged person too.
      My feeling is that the only way the GOP will beat the next dem candidate is with a big personality sort. The only one with that is CC and yeah, I’m as ticked at him and disappointed in him as the next person. One thing I would love, though, even in the primaries, is for the old CC to make an appearance and tell the rears off of certain groups. The guy can be articulate extemporaneously. For instance, I think he could actually turn the country to making fun of Sandra Fluke sorts if he were himself.

      • Josh

        I agree with a big personality…something to latch on to per se. Though more than that, it has to be an accessible, approachable message. It can’t be as polarizing as a lot of politicians are. A Republican candidate is going to have to create an appealing brand overall, not just a likeable personality.

    • Mark Cragin

      Very interesting and well done, but after reading it, I’m depressed, and despairing of America’s future.

  • DaveW

    Bernie, it’s a combination of diehard Obama/Democrat supporters, low information citizens and, very importantly, those that consider the option of the Republican Party to be totally unacceptable so say they think Obama is doing ok so that they don’t show support for the alternative. Republicans have a bad image with a large and growing proportion of the population and they are on the wrong side of social issues such as gay rights and abortion. People would rather “pretend” that Obama is doing ok than support the alternative.

  • RobK

    Isn’t it obvious? Nearly half of us pay no income taxes and receive at least some form of federal subsidy. People are just doing what they always have done – voting their pocketbooks. Other than Obamacare, which created a major new federal subsidy and is appreciated by these folks, none of the other scandals affect them. Indeed, open borders may assure the continued vitality of the “welfare state” and Obama is its chosen champion.

    • USMC69

      Obamacare, another one of those “free” programs that supposedly will help the poor. Once it is in place and the “death” panels start operating – those “uninsured” poor will have any less healthcare then they did pre-Obamacare. Cost-benefit analysis does not help you when you pay no income taxes.

  • Brian Stover

    The emperor still has no clothes.

    The only time he is the smartest man in the room is when he is sitting on the toilet.

    He needs to get to a good sports bar to hear what the people really think.

  • Bob Bernet

    A majority of Americans are no longer engaged in current events or much of anything outside their immediate sphere. Unless something enormous happens, life as we have known it in these United States is over. USA: 1776 – 2009. R.I.P.

  • Paul

    Given the relatively free pass Obama gets from the non-Fox media, I’m surprised it’s not higher than 47%. As JMax said, all the scandals are phony, Obama’s associates are all pure as the driven snow and Jeremiah Wright’s church is no different than any other. When everything you see, hear or read tells you all is well, it’s easy to conclude that Obama is the best we could’ve hoped for.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Right off the top you get 95 of every black or probably every bi-racial polled. That doesn’t say much for them, does it? You get over 50% approval, I would guess, from those who are Hispanic and a high approval from Asians. Why? Identity politics. Remember, it’s soft approval, but they consider it betrayal to say anything bad about the first minority POTUS. I know. I’ve talked to these people. There’s a reason POTUS and his people keep playing the race card. It’s a reminder….don’t betray!

    Rasmussen, I would also remind you, was pretty wrong with the last Presidential race poll too.

    • wildjew

      I don’t know about Rasmussen. Near the end of the race between Obama and Romney (around the time Romney slipped terribly in the last two debates on foreign policy / national security) most polls showed Obama slightly ahead of Romney nation-wide. At the time I was listening to Rush Limbaugh religiously – not so much today. Limbaugh assured his listeners the polls were wrong; that he did not believe them. After the November elections he had egg all over his face and had to admit he was wrong. Very wrong. I think think this Rasmussen poll (if other polls corroborate it) is ominous just as I thought it a very bad portent that millions of Americans would elect this dangerous man and then re-elect him.

      • SonofaGip

        The Rasmussen poll is using 2012 voter models which is why Obama has a higher approval than other polls where self-identified democrats have dropped a few points.

  • JMax

    I’m a liberal. (Ask anyone here.). I don’t know anybody who “slobbers” over President Obama. I don’t. Most of us liberals complain about one thing or another about the president. But we all realize that what we have is way better than the alternative. And we understand what was handed to him and who refuses to help him.

    Bernie, do you actually read the comments here? You could use the comments to write a new book called “A S**t-covered Hate Fest”. Socialist, Kenyan, Marxist, incompetent, arrogant, tyrant – Obama derangement syndrome. (I almost forgot baby killer.) I think most of them believe that without armed insurrection, Obama will serve a third term and beyond.

    The reason why 47 percent of the people thinks nothing “sticks to Obama” is because there is nothing to stick. None of these so-called scandals rise to anything more than mistakes by people in the field. They have been investigated over and over at a cost of millions by inspectors general, Congressional committees, and media reporters with little or no evidence of corruption (except the VA bonuses).

    You should be sophisticated enough to understand that the president is “in the Oval Office” wherever he is.

    I don’t think you should confuse the majority of Obama voters for the few morons that Jesse Watters puts on The Factor for entertainment. Most of us are well-educated and have multiple sources of information with a broad variety of biases and qualifications. We are the farthest thing imaginable from “low information voters”. We question our president constantly, but in the end it comes down to a two-word alternative – John McCain.

    Now read the replies to this comment.

    • wildjew

      I’ve got a copy of Bernard Goldberg’s, “A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media.” Like you, I watch him on O’Reilly and I read his columns. Mr. Goldberg strikes me as a moderate conservative. Moderate (maybe liberal on social issues) and conservative on issues such as the size and scope of government and government intrusion, lower taxes, strong national security, etc. He is no right-wing ideologue.

      I could be wrong. I don’t think Bernie Goldberg is buying what you are trying to sell here; that as Obama has told O’Reilly for example, there is not even a smidgen of corruption in the IRS or that Obama isn’t in any way culpable for the false Benghazi narrative, the IRS scandal, the border crises or this lackluster economy.

      As for me, I saw in Obama a man who sat in a racist church for twenty years listening to anti-Semitic, racist, anti-American sermons. That is all I needed to see. Obama ran with PLO activists, jihadists, racists, anti-Semites, etc., his entire adult life. Please don’t tell me a politician’s long-term adult associations do not matter. I learned first hand as a political activist a politician’s long-term adult associations do matter.

      • JMax

        “Obama ran with PLO activists, jihadists, racists, anti-Semites, etc., his entire adult life.”

        Huh? Obama has held elected office for 17 out of 32 years of his adult like, including President for the last 5 and a half. Can you name one PLO activist, jihadist, racist, or anti-Semite that he’s “run with” during those 17 years of his “adult life”, much less the years he’s been in the White House? Do you by any chance have complete transcripts of the 20 years of sermons from that church?

        • wildjew

          Rashid Khalidi, the late Edward Said. Ali Hasan Abunimah.

          Arab-American Activist Says Obama Hiding Anti-Israel Stance

          Anti-Israel activist said Obama was a regular guest at events for “Palestine” in the past decade and is hiding his views in order to get elected.


          • JMax

            Ran with?

          • wildjew

            Stay in the company of someone or some group or “keep company with”?

          • JMax

            He’s a politician and a community organizer. He attended political meetings with constituents or within the political community.

          • wildjew

            At Al-Azhar University in his speech to the Muslim world, Cairo (June 2009) Obama boasted: “….my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims…And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

            President Obama identifies strongly with the Muslim world and with the Palestinian cause. His administration recognizes the new PA coalition government which includes Hamas. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, al-Qaeda of North Africa in Libya; he is negotiating with Iran’s mullahs on their nuclear weapons program, seemingly buying the Iranians time, we’ll see. I think Obama is more than a community organizer and a politician.

          • JMax

            Regarding Obama’s “boast”: what is your issue with it? it sounds like he was trying to connect with the audience for that speech. I can’t find one word of that quote that I find objectionable.

            I myself believe that the only way to successfully fight terrorism is look for ways to get angry and disconnected people invested in a society and institutions that they will not want to destroy. I think it’s very positive that Obama identifies with the Muslim world and with the Palestinian cause. It’s a good way for them to identify with America through a leader that is reaching out to them.

            You can’t reach lasting agreements with the Israelis and Palestinians if you exclude a major constituency in the process. Things are not black and white.

            Obama is absolutely doing the right thing by using diplomatic means to take down Iran’s nuclear weapons potential. The best thing we can do in Iran is to not piss off the moderate constituencies in Iraq by unilaterally dropping bombs on them.

            “I think Obama is more than a community organizer and a politician.”

            Implying what?

          • mplo

            Oh, come on now!! Do you really and truly believe that Obama has done anything for the Palestinians? Obama began parroting AIPAC’s line the minute he took office, back in 2009, for one thing. For another thing, Obama has been “mum” about Israel’s continued occupation of the Palestinian Territories (i. e. West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem), with its demolition of Palestinian homes, and the rough treatment of Palestinian civilians living in those Occupied territories.

          • wildjew

            I don’t think Obama or his State Department have been exactly mum regarding Israel’s building in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. Barack Obama is I believe the first American president to ask or demand a building freeze for Jews (and only Jews) in Israel’s capital. The following is what Obama said in part at Al-Azhar University (the place where Muslim scholars sanction martyrdom operations (suicide bombings) of innocent Jewish women and children:

            “The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. (Applause.)……

            As the Holy Koran tells us, “Be conscious of God (Allah) and speak always the truth.” (Applause.)

            ….my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims…So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed…..And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear. (Applause.)

            So let there be no doubt: Islam is a part of America….The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. (Applause.) …. Now, much has been made of the fact that an African American with the name Barack Hussein Obama could be elected President. (Applause.)

            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 4, 2009
            ON A NEW BEGINNING
            Al-Azhar University
            Cairo, Egypt

          • wildjew

            Obama Pressures Israel To Curb Anti-Tunnel Defense

            6:56 PM 07/20/2014
            Neil Munro
            White House Correspondent

            President Barack Obama stepped up his efforts Sunday to limit Israel’s gradual destruction of Hamas’ tunnel network in the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza, which now conceals many of the rockets and jihadi units that attack Israelis….

            Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/07/20/obama-pressures-israel-to-curb-anti-tunnel-defense/#ixzz387YsQtDW

          • JMax

            Well the article has a catchy headline, but there is nothing within the article to support it. Try finding a link from somewhere besides the Daily Caller.

          • wildjew

            Here is what I don’t understand. Stay with me. I have a question from you at the end of today’s Israel National News piece. I am going to post the whole thing (with **** for emphasis****) because I don’t see anything extraneous:


            US Calls for Israel to ‘Do More’ for Palestinian Civilians

            US insists Israel must ‘live up to own moral standard’ on protecting Palestinians…****even when they cooperate with Hamas.****

            By AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff

            First Publish: 7/21/2014, 9:49 PM / Last Update: 7/21/2014, 9:57 PM

            Israel must “do more” to protect civilians caught up in the crossfire of its assault on Hamas in the Gaza, the White House said Monday.

            “We would like the Israelis to take even greater steps to ensure the protection of civilians,” spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters. His comments came as US Secretary of State John Kerry headed to the region to push for a ceasefire.

            Reaffirming Israel’s right to defend itself, Earnest said it was “unacceptable” for Hamas “to continue firing rockets squarely at Israeli civilians.”

            “At the same time, we also want to make sure that Israel is doing everything that they can to live up to their own standards related to protecting the welfare and well-being of ****innocent civilian bystanders,”**** he added.

            US President Barack Obama said earlier that he had dispatched Kerry, who was en route to Cairo, to push for an **** “immediate” **** ceasefire in a conflict.

            Obama also said that while Israel has the right to defend itself against a barrage of Hamas rockets, Washington has “serious concerns about the rising number of Palestinian civilian deaths and the loss of Israeli lives.”

            “That is why it now has to be our focus and the focus of the international community to bring about a ceasefire that ends the fighting and that can stop the deaths of *****innocent civilians,***** both in Gaza and in Israel,” he said.

            Approximately 550 Palestinians – mostly Hamas terrorists – and 27 Israelis have died since the operation began two weeks ago. Twenty-five of them were IDF soldiers.

            ****It is unclear what else the US believes can be done to prevent the civilian casualties, after the IDF has proven over and over again that Hamas has been encouraging Gazans to become human shields.****

            Hamas has openly boasted about the “success” of its strategy of ****using civilians as human shields**** during Operation Protective Edge, which is now ending its tenth day, and the IDF has published extensive evidence of the practice.

            Hamas has in the past urged Gazans to ignore warnings from the IDF about upcoming strikes, in remarks caught both on Hamas-sponsored television and on the radar of international media outlets.

            Hamas’s “Public Security Ministry” in Gaza even made official statements Thursday encouraging more civilians to refuse to heed IDF warnings ahead of a possible ground offensive.

            In addition, several of the rockets fired from Gaza have never made it on to Israeli soil, and may be partially responsible for Palestinian Arab deaths from within Gaza itself.

            **** By contrast, the IDF has dropped leaflets, sent phone messages, and issued general warnings to all civilians within range of upcoming airstrikes to prevent further harm. ****

            To complicate matters, a close look at the casualties recorded on the Hamas side reveals that most of those “civilians” are likely terrorists, according to a report released last week by CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America.

            However, the evidence has not swayed international media from presenting a skewed view of the conflict.


            Here is my question JMax. Like Germans who helped elevate the Nazi party to power in Germany, Palestinians overwhelmingly support / voted for the Hamas terror government. Notwithstanding during the second world war there were no “innocent civilian bystanders” in Germany. Germans were “enemy civilians.” The same holds true for the Palestinians. They are ENEMY CIVILIANS. Obama knows it. His State Department knows it. The Pentagon and the U.S. Defense Department know it. Does Barack Obama take us for fools JMax? Do you?

            Can you imagine an “ally” of the United States and England lecturing FDR and Churchill to the effect that, “We want to make sure that he U.S. and England are doing everything that they can to live up to their own standards related to protecting the welfare and well-being of innocent German civilian bystanders” as USAF and RAF bombers were firebombing German civilian cities? How about an “ally” of the United States lecturing Harry S. Truman, “we also want to make sure that the U.S. is doing everything that they can to live up to their own standards related to protecting the welfare and well-being of innocent Japanese civilian bystanders….”?

            What do you think U.S. officials would say to that ostensible ally?

        • RRusso

          Sometime the truth hurts, so you deny that Rev. Wright is a racist , black separatist?

    • disqus_yeZNegncsV

      Wow. How in the world can you say what you did about the scandals? You must have your head in the sand, only watch tv news or read the NYTimes.

      • JMax

        Any legal charges? Any hard evidence of corruption?

        These “scandals” have been out there for up to five or more years. What has been proved? Where is the corruption? Where is the connection to the White House? How incompetent can Darryl Issa be to not have to have put any of this conclusively to bed by now?

        No sand around here. I watch little TV news. The NYT is one of a multitude of news sources that I use. What’s yours? NewsMax?

        • disqus_yeZNegncsV

          Seriously, Max. Have you watched the Congressional hearings on the IRS? Fast and Furious? The VA?
          Any other US Attorney General would have been called “corrupt” by the main stream press, with daily cries from that same press for his firing by the sitting POTUS had the AG failed to appoint a special prosecutor for F&F and now for the IRS and the VA.
          Absent those cries on all the networks, the average American has no idea how Eric Holder is NOT behaving as the chief law enforcement officer for the people of the country and is instead acting as a behind the scenes protector of the POTUS. He is worse than John Mitchell every thought of being.
          Without a fair press, Americans who don’t read much (or not at all) or Americans who have only a singular news source, are in the dark.
          There is simply no way an honest American who has watched those hearings can say the AG is doing his Constitutional job, but the only way most would know that is for the press to report it. I’m retired so I have the time to devote to watching the goings-on. Depressing, too.

          • JMax

            Seriously, I have watched some of the hearings. They are for the most part a circus with Issa as the ring master and head clown.

            What did the hearings of the IRS prove that the Inspector General didn’t already say in his report? Inappropriate prioritizing methodology and poor management on the part of Lerner. This has nothing to do with Obama nor Holder.

            Fast and Furious? What’s the scandal? That an ATF agent was killed at the site where a straw purchase gun was found? With no evidence that the agent was actually shot with that gun? What IS the scandal? What is the need for a special prosecutor? Everything is out there already.

            VA? We’re learning about the VA. This stuff has been going on for years. It has nothing to do with this administration. Yes, the people who falsified data in order to get bigger bonuses are corrupt. This has nothing to do with Obama nor Holder.

            “Holder is … acting as a behind the scenes protector of the POTUS.” Really? How so? John Mitchell was convicted of crimes and went to jail. What crimes has Holder committed? What has he been charged with?

            “There is simply no way an honest American who has watched those hearings can say the AG is doing his Constitutional job” Sure, if you listen to Issa and the rest of the kangaroo court. What job is he not doing?

          • disqus_yeZNegncsV

            That the AG hasn’t made a serious effort at investigation is the scandal of the highest priority. You see, he has powers those Congressional committees don’t have, and ….you know, after reading what you’ve written I see that you’re against even an investigation with the prosecutorial privileges. Issa? You bet, media hog, but not so Trey Gowdy, who, I wish, had been in charge all along.
            Still, you make Issa the issue, not those responsible, which tells me all I need to know…you’ve bias enough to conclude that nothing unusual happened. I am sorry there are those who feel as you do, very sorry for my country.

          • JMax

            “That the AG hasn’t made a serious effort at investigation is the scandal of the highest priority.”

            Serious effort at investigation of what? Those responsible for what?

          • Jeff Webb

            >>VA? We’re learning about the VA. This stuff has been going on for years. It has nothing to do with this administration.<<

            Ridiculous. Obama talked about the VA's problems in his presidential campaign, and said he was going to fix them. The person responsible for the VA while those corrupt people scammed the bonuses was appointed by Obama.

            Saying it had "nothing to do with this administration" is just more of the same blind, partisan denial.

          • Jeff Webb

            >>Fast and Furious? What’s the scandal? That an ATF agent was killed at the site where a straw purchase gun was found?<>With no evidence that the agent was actually shot with that gun?<<

            Wrong. It is circumstantial evidence, but that's beside the point.
            Even if it turns out they didn't use one of their F&F guns, for American-murdering scum to even have ATF-misplaced weaponry in their arsenal at all is reprehensible enough.

          • linda garris

            Why argue with him. He either isn’t paying taxes, loves gay marriage and abortion. He doesn’t care conservatives were targeted but would be having a stroke if progressives were. If he pays taxes he’s wealthy enough tobget loopholes. Stop arguing you can’t change an old pervert, who’s watching MSNBC and probably smoking pot. He doesn’t believe in defending ourselves, supports Islam and gays while missing the point that Islam is killing gays in the middle east cause mms isn’t reporting it. He is also most likey anti Christian. He’s enjoying arguing with you. He looks like a Pillsbury dough boy pervert. Ewwww. Stay away, far away from him. Pray for him if you can stomach saying his name. Our country has gone too far cause of him. Indont see a way back. One day he will pay 75% taxes. Maybe then his eyes will open. Doubtful

        • RRusso

          Fast and Furios, documented lies by Holder, and the President, Benghazi, documented lies by the president, ACA documented iies by the president. How Obama care working?

          • JMax

            I’m not familiar with “documented lies” by Holder or the president. Do you have a link to information on this?

            What “documented lies” by the president regarding Benghazi?

            I know of no “documented lie” by the president on ACA. I’m familiar with the poor way that he conveyed that “Obamacare” is NOT a government insurance plan with government care providers.

            Obamacare is working quite well so far, actually.

          • RRusso

            Really, what planet are you on…If you like your insurance you can keep it (LIE) If you like your doctor you can keep him (LIE) Holder was placed in contempt by congress for a reason, He lied

          • JMax

            Planet Earth. I like my insurance. I kept it. This is true for all but a small number of consumers. Insurance companies change their lists of approved providers all the time. Blame them if you couldn’t keep your doctor.

            Holder was held in contempt by Congress for one reason. He refused to turn over documents to the Kangaroo committee. (He probably found the committee contemptible, too,)

          • Jeff Webb

            >>Insurance companies change their lists of approved providers all the time. Blame them if you couldn’t keep your doctor<<

            You're pulling this again, J?
            To save RRusso a little time: Obama said repeatedly that under no circumstances whatsoever would people lose their doctors/policies as a result of OC.

            I'm sure you remember people's costs spiked way up, not decrease "as much as $2500" like BO promised.

          • RRusso

            You sound like Clinton, in that it depends on what is is?….You can keep your insurance as long as it meets all the qualifications / demands of the ACA, If that were not true why did they issues so many exemptions to unions , and friends of Democrats. I guess you honestly believe that Benghazi was due to a video that no one saw? King Obama and company has been lieing since the get go, unfortunately we don’t have any Watergate type journalist to force the issues. I feel sorry for you

          • JMax

            They issued exemptions to churches too.

            Are you aware that there were protests against the video (that nobody saw) at the American Embassy in Cairo as well as protests in Indonesia and other parts of the world prior to the Benghazi attack?

            We have lots of Watergate-type reporters. They just can’t seem to find the smoking gun you believe is out there.

            Take your “sorry” elsewhere.

          • RRusso

            First they are not looking for anything Mainstream loves O, 99% liberal like you. Yes I’m aware of the street protest in Cairo, but it was not a planned insurgency attack, with mortars, rockets etc. The only people who buy on the video BS are people like you. Lets just agree to disagree, as I’m not going to convince you of the truth and you not going to get me to buy the lie

          • RRusso

            PS: I suppose that all the computer’s that crashed at the IRS, for anyone dealing with Lois Leaner was a coincidence?

            Now IRS Reports EVEN MORE Computer Crashes, Doesn’t Know If Emails Still Exist

            12:29 PM 07/21/2014









            &lt;img class=”avatar avatar-96 photo” width=”64″ height=”64″ src=”http://cdn01.dailycaller.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/patrick-howley-2336336962.png” border=”0″ alt=”Photo of Patrick Howley” /&gt;Patrick HowleyPolitical Reporter

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            IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane said in transcribed congressional testimony that more IRS officials experienced computer crashes, bringing the total number of crash victims to “less than 20,” and also said that the agency does not know if the lost emails are still backed up somewhere.

            The new round of computer crash victims includes David Fish, who routinely corresponded with Lois Lerner, as well as Lerner subordinate Andy Megosh, Lerner’s technical adviser Justin Lowe, and Cincinnati-based agent Kimberly Kitchens. (RELATED: Meet the First 7 IRS Employees Whose Computers Crashed).

            “You stated at the time that document was produced to Congress, the document, the white paper in Exhibit 3[the June 13 memo], that it was accurate to the best of your knowledge. Is it still accurate?,” a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee investigator asked Kane.

            “There is an issue as to whether or not there is a ‑‑ that all of the backup recovery tapes were destroyed on the 6‑month retention schedule,” Kane replied.

            “So some of those backup tapes may still exist?,” the investigator asked.

            “I don’t know whether they are or they aren’t, but it’s an issue that’s being looked at,” Kane said.

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            Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/07/21/now-irs-reports-even-more-computer-crashes-doesnt-know-if-emails-still-exist/#ixzz388BgdH80

          • JMax

            Don’t know. I guess the select committee will find out what Issa couldn’t.

          • OKWishbone

            There will be no “documented lies” because the president does no write his lies down in order to document them or give his lies in any formal, official context. He gives them in speeches and public appearances and campaign promises where he can always come back and say: “What I meant was…” and “What we were trying to accomplish was…” The whole thing about, “You can keep your doctor..” was a lie and he knew it.

            He also told us all that he would have the most transparent administration in history. That has turned out to be a lie. His health care panel met in secret with no Congressional participation. His habit of legislation by Executive Order has imposed laws on the people secretly without their knowledge or consent.

            The promise there would be no lobbyists in his administration is a joke. They are everywhere: in every Department, Office, Agency and Position.

            I don’t quite know what to say about your claim that Obamacare is working quite well so far, actually. You obviously have your own private health insurance or are not familiar with anyone who qualifies for Obamacare who has signed up successfully. Maybe you should give it a try. Call a doctor and try to make an appointment. Be sure to tell him Obama is paying for it.

          • JMax

            Hah! You’ve exposed yourself as a low information voter (I assume you vote).

            “Obamacare” is a set of rules primarily for the purpose of consumer protection and providing access to health care for people who hadn’t previous had it. One does not “sign up” for Obamacare. One signs up for a private policy with a private insurance company which pays for benefits from private doctors, private clinics and hospitals, and private pharmacies. If one is qualified due to income, one signs up for a state Medicaid policy which still pays for benefits from private doctors, private clinics and hospitals, and private pharmacies. It would be idiotic to tell a provider that “Obama is paying for it” since that is completely untrue. The consumer’s private insurance company will pay as usual.

            I personally know people who have bought private insurance through the ACA exchange and are thrilled with it. They had no problem signing up, either. It’s the same for millions of people. The qualification for Obamacare is not being covered by an employer policy or Medicare or VA.

          • OKWishbone

            Everyone has always had access to healthcare. If you walked into a hospital, they were obligated to treat you whether you were able to pay or not. In your little payment circle I see no origin of the money. In yours, and the people you personally know, money is something that magically appears out of an ATM after pressing a few buttons and they believe that benefits from the government like food, housing, and healthcare should be just as easily received. The rest of us know that work for the physically able is the vehicle for the realization of life’s benefits among them, private health insurance. “One signs up for a private policy with a private insurance which pays for benefits from……” Now in this Socialist financial merry-go-round I see no place from which the money used for the purchase of insurance and the payment of benefits begins or ends. It looks like money is taken from me and others like me to give payments to someone else who in turn puts back nothing into the pot. While I continue to pay in, an ever-growing number of non-contributing sponges continue to take out. Obama does pay for it and here’s how: If OKWishbone gives you money and you go buy a car with that money, who bought the car? If Obama gives money to Obamacare recipient X and they go buy insurance, who bought the insurance? And if OKWishbone gave Obama the money through taxes, then who gave the money to Obamacare recipient X and is not OKWishbone entitled ( I hate that word) to object when that money is getting wasted?

          • JMax

            “Everyone has always had access to healthcare.”

            No, they’ve had access to the emergency room for critical care. They don’t go for care of diabetes or other chronic diseases or for flu shots or other preventative care. Studies show that this lack of insurance coverage was costing the average insurance consumer pay $1,000 extra a year for their insurance premiums.

            “In your little payment circle I see no origin of the money.”

            What does this mean?

            “In yours, and the people you personally know, money is something that magically appears out of an ATM after pressing a few buttons and they believe that benefits from the government like food, housing, and healthcare should be just as easily received.”

            You have no idea what you are talking about. You are describing one of Jesse Watters’ edited man on the street people. I am nothing like your fantasy.

            “Now in this Socialist financial merry-go-round I see no place from which the money used for the purchase of insurance and the payment of benefits begins or ends.”

            You really don’t have the first clue about how the ACA, the financial system, taxes, insurance, and the economy work, do you?

          • OKWishbone

            People have always had access to healthcare and that continues to be true whether you choose to believe it or not. Ever heard of Medicaid? If the poor needed care for the conditions you described the government provides Medicaid for the poor and has since 1965. Obamacare is nothing more than a glorified expansion of Medicaid covering everyone in the country with the worst healthcare plan in the world.
            You continue to be confused about the source of funding for Obamacare. I can understand your confusion. As a liberal, you have been lead to believe in the mythological “federal funds”. Actually, there are no federal funds, only those funds which have been wrenched from the paychecks of working individuals in sovereign states. These monies are then sent to Washington DC where corrupt politicians skim and waste their share and then return to the states through the Federal budget that fraction that they believe we serfs can handle responsibly. None of that money was ever federal, it arrived in Washington by way of the states. When Washington returns some of that money back to the states from which it came, does that make it federal money? When you get an IRS tax refund, is that federal money or, is that just a refund of your own money that you had overpaid? When you get change back at the grocery store Is that the store’s money, or is that money that you overpaid to begin with that they are returning to you? So, yes, people like you do believe money just comes down from Washington because you didn’t know where it started from in the first place. They have to take it from you first in order to give some of it back to you later.
            On your next trip to the ATM to collect your benefits, say hello to Jesse Waters for me and ask him if he would check with Nancy Pelosi to see if she is finished reading the ACA because JMax has already finished and wants to know what’s taking her so long.

          • JMax

            Yes, I’ve heard of Medicaid. Not everyone is eligible for Medicaid. http://www.medicaid.gov/AffordableCareAct/Medicaid-Moving-Forward-2014/Downloads/Medicaid-and-CHIP-Eligibility-Levels-Table.pdf

            “covering everyone in the country with the worst healthcare plan in the world.”

            That’s just pure baloney. For one thing, only a small percentage of Americans get their insurance from the ACA exchanges. I get mine from my wife’s employer. Same insurance we had last year, three years ago. For another thing, there are a multitude of insurance plans available on the exchanges that are quite good. I personally know people who have gotten policies from an ACA exchange and are very happy with it. I’ve read the options on several state exchanges and they are good and very flexible.

            “You continue to be confused about the source of funding for Obamacare.”

            I’m not confused at all.

            “As a liberal, you have been lead to believe in the mythological “federal funds”.

            A straw man and a lousy one.

            “wrenched from the paychecks of working individuals”

            Pfft. Are funds for F-35s and nuclear aircraft carriers “wrenched” from your paycheck? I pay my taxes willingly. It’s an integral part of being a resident of America.

            “individuals in sovereign states”

            There are no “sovereign states” in America.

            “On your next trip to the ATM to collect your benefits”

            The only benefits I collect are the ones I am entitled to because I’ve paid FICA taxes for 40 years.

            “check with Nancy Pelosi”

            Unlike apparently lazy people like you if have cared to actually read the words she spoke in the context in which she said them. Here is the quote:

            “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”

            Legislation is never final until it is passed by both houses. Until that happens, what’s in it can change many times, especially legislation that is as controversial as the ACA was at the time. The idea that Pelosi or anybody else didn’t know what was in it absurd.

        • Ksp48

          These “scandals” have been out there for up to five or more years. What has been proved? Where is the corruption?

          Its all around you if you are willing to open your eyes. If you had posted once or twice, I might believe that you really don’t know, but after seeing your many many posts, i have to conclude otherwise. The guns didn’t just walk across the border, the video was not any reason at all, you cannot keep your insurance or your doctor, it does make a difference, Lois Lerner did not irretrievably “lose” her e-mails, the IRS was illegally used to influence an election, and on and on for anyone willing to see.

          • JMax

            My eyes are very wide open and they have read many different sources of information on all these “scandals”.

            Nobody said the guns just walked across the border. The program began pre-Holder. There were mistakes made but the program was meant to track straw purchases to the cartels. Some of the ATF plans to carry this out were thwarted by local and state law enforcement. Where is the corruption? What is the lie?

            The video was never blamed as the sole cause of the Benghazi attack. The terrorist recently caught who was a leader in the attack has said that the video and riots it caused in Egypt were an inspiration for the attacks he helped carry out.

            The keeping insurance was incorrect for a small number of consumers, not a lie. All insurance carriers change their lists of approved providers all the time. The ACA didn’t remove doctors.

            Most of Lerner’s emails sent to others in the government have been recovered and provided to the Kangaroo court. The loss of the hard drive occurred before there was a committee investigation.

            There is no evidence whatsoever that the IRS illegally did anything, much less to influence the election. Applications for exempt status were seeking stamps of approval, not permission.

            I’ve been willing to see the non-Hannity side on all of these issues. Have you?

        • Jeff Webb

          >>How incompetent can Darryl Issa be to not have to have put any of this conclusively to bed by now?<<

          Concluding investigations tends to be delayed when the people being investigated keep stonewalling.

    • Tim Ned

      I believe JMax if you questioned the vast majority of Democrats they would state the cause of our economic collapse of 2008 was GWB. Because BHO stated so prior to his election, and after. Any educated and well read person knows it goes deeper than party lines. I don’t believe the fools on Waters World represent the vast majority of the Democratic party. But when I hear Democrats mimic BHO’s one line response on the economic collapse, maybe Jessie is interviewing the main stream of the democratic party.

      • wildjew

        I did not vote to re-elect President Bush in 2004. After the September 11, 2001 attacks George W. Bush let me down to the point I lost faith and confidence in him. Nonetheless people who think this lackluster economy and virtually every other thing Obama blames Bush for will still blame Bush in January 2017.

        • Ksp48

          I was just the opposite. I had not voted for Bush in 2000, but did so in 2004. I was thankful that he (and not Gore ) wasPresident after 9/11.

          • wildjew

            I understand. In his speech to a Joint Session of Congress and the American people (Sept. 20, 2001) President Bush rightly said: “Every nation in every region now has a decision to make: Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.”

            In early October 2001 Bush unveiled a vision for a Palestinian terror state in Israel’s heartland that he worked out with our Saudi enemies late August 2001 — days before a Saudi proxy attacked the U.S. in New York and Washington; 15 of the nineteen hijackers were Saudi; the bin Laden family, Saudi. Bush became the first American president to make the establishment of a Muslim-enemy state in Israel a “formal goal of U.S. policy.” Bush-Rove codified it in the Republican party platform, August 2001.

            In his speech to a Joint Session of Congress and the American people (Sept. 20, 2001) President Bush said:

            “I also want to speak tonight directly to Muslims throughout the world. We respect your faith. It’s practiced freely by many millions of Americans and by millions more in countries that America counts as friends. Its teachings are good and peaceful, and those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah.


            “The terrorists are traitors to their own faith, trying, in effect, to hijack Islam itself.”

            None of this is true of course. The religion of Barack Obama’s birth, its teachings are not peaceful and good.

      • JMax

        I’ve never heard ANY Democrat state that GWB was THE cause of the economic collapse. It’s NOT that simple and every informed Democrat knows that. Blaming GWB is simply a proxy for “this started before January 2009”. That said much of our huge deficits can be directly related to Bush policies including tax cuts and unpaid for wars. Jesse is only providing entertainment.

        • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

          >>I’ve never heard ANY Democrat state that GWB was THE cause of the economic collapse.

          Have you never heard Obama give an economic speech?

          >>It’s NOT that simple and every informed Democrat knows that.

          Not according to practically every Democratic mouthpiece in front of a microphone for the past 6 years.

          >>That said much of our huge deficits can be directly related to Bush policies including tax cuts and unpaid for wars.

          Most? Anywhere close to most?

          • JMax

            I’ve heard him give many. Never heard him say the Bush was THE cause of the economic collapse. But I’ll watch a video clip if you have one.


          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            Here you go. There are plenty more just like it:

          • JMax

            This is the perfect video! Thanks for sharing. The president clearly says he will not return to the failed theories that have been tested for the past eight years.

          • USMC69

            No, but he loves to keep pushing his owned failed policies.

          • JMax

            The policies that have created 48 straight months of job growth and 8.7 million jobs?

          • Tim Ned

            Pretty close to what we lost in the recession. However if you look at the jobs gained versus what was lost, it’s a whole different picture. I’m being generous in agreement with you considering I don’t believe flipping burgers to be a real job. But nothing wrong with including those in the numbers.

          • Jeff Webb

            >>The policies that have created 48 straight months of job growth and 8.7 million jobs?<<

            Policies that created 48 straight mos. of anemic, meager job growth, millions of full-time jobs replaced by part-time and lower-paying jobs, the worst workplace participation numbers since Carter, and millions more people in need of food stamps.

          • USMC69

            I love how you throw out the numbers. Why is unemployment not changing? Oh yeah, you don’t include the number of full time jobs that were lost so he could claim all the part time jobs he created.

          • JMax

            I know. Numbers are facts. Who cares about facts?

            “Why is unemployment not changing?”

            Hmmm. 10.0% unemployment Oct 2009. 6.2% unemployment July 2014. 10=6.2?

            “Oh yeah, you don’t include the number of full time jobs that were lost so he could claim all the part time jobs he created.”


            But in the last year, new full-time jobs outnumbered part-time jobs by 1.8 million to 8,000. For every new part-time job, we’re creating 225 full-time positions.

          • USMC69

            Unemployment rate has fallen from 7.8% to 6.2% since Obama took office. What is missing from all that is the long term unemployed that are not included in the number anymore. And all that 225 number…that would be for the year 2013 only. Again, a year in which our gov’t has lied to us about so many things. How many of those jobs are government (or government contracted) that produce or provide nothing but gov’t monitoring. Too much not being told. I don’t buy it.

          • JMax

            “Unemployment rate has fallen from 7.8% to 6.2% since Obama took office.”

            Sure, and the price of gasoline has doubled under Obama. Pffft!

            Unemployment is a lagging indicator. The great recession led to a 10.0% unemployment. It took a few months and the stimulus to stop the bleeding and turn things around.

            “What is missing from all that is the long term unemployed that are not included in the number anymore.”

            Some of the long term unemployed are coming back, which accounts for the up tick in July. Others, such as baby boomers like me, will never come back.

            “that would be for the year 2013 only”

            Look at the next graph. It’s pretty much the same since 2010.

            “Again, a year in which our gov’t has lied to us about so many things.”

            The BLS is lying? Based on what evidence?

            How many are government? 11K of which a net 1K are federal (includes Postal Service).

          • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

            How is it “perfect” when it totally negated what you wrote above?

        • Tim Ned

          Yes, but if Jesse was to ask mainstream democrats the following question, how would they answer:
          1) Did SCOTUS ban contraceptives through the Hobby-Lobby decision?

          • JMax

            If they were mainstream Democrats, Jesse probably would edit them out. However, they would answer, “Of course not.”

          • Tim Ned

            JMax, having a couple of daughters who required contraceptives to treat medical conditions unrelated to birth control; I say you are totally wrong. Had it been contraceptives, I would have been up in arms. It took me days to find out the four that SCOTUS determined need not be covered by Hobby Lobby. My local newspaper the MPLS Star Tribune wrote several front page stories and numerous articles and never once stated the facts. I had to go to Fox News to find out.

            Let me give the NY Times some credit. In there news coverage of the initial decision they dedicated one sentence from a multi-page news story that was “totally” opinion, to summarize the decision. The rest was an ad for democrats.

            I think Jesse would find out that both Democrats and Republicans would a bliss to the actual facts.

          • JMax

            I’m a bit unclear on what you are saying here. Any mainstream Democrat knows that the Hobby Lobby was about HL claiming on “religious liberty” grounds that they should be exempt from being required to pay for employee health care insurance which covered four types of contraceptive methods they erroneously claimed were abortifaciets. The Court on 6/30/14 affirmed that HL was not required to pay for coverage of the four methods. However, on 7/1/14 they ruled that any closely held company could claim exemption from having to pay for insurance that covered ANY of the 20 FDA-approved contraceptive methods on the grounds of “religious liberty”.

            I’m curious what facts the MPLS Star left out. We’re you under the impression that any contraceptives were by the decision of the Court banned in general? Can you clarify your issue?

          • Tim Ned

            The Star article left out the entire context that the Hobby Lobby ruling ruled on 4 of 20 methods of birth control.

          • JMax

            The Court issued an order the very next day that Hobby Lobby and any other closely held company could refuse to pay for ANY of the 20 FDA-approved contraceptives.

            I still don’t understand how this affects you or your daughters unless you work for Hobby Lobby or another closely-held company with religious objections to contraceptives.

      • AA

        To all of you replying to JMax……… Don’t waste your breath on these type of people! They are very immature in general, severely lack common sense, and try to shroud themselves as smarter than the rest just because they had better grades than most (in their opinion). He probably never played a down of football or inning of baseball growing up and he’s bitter because he was the last player selected for kickball while in grade school. You all know the type. Zero common sense and LOVE big government. So with that said: Name one, just ONE ‘Hallmark’ social program that has ever cost less than 10 year projections according to the CBO? Name one “Max”. You can’t!! Government should provide the basics and that’s it. Spare us the condescending “where is the evidence?” it rings hollow to anyone with half a brain. As any idiot could figure out there are issues….. or why would the Lerner’s et al plead the fifth and lawyer up to the nth degree? We all went to school with people like you and no one enjoyed it in the least. People like big Max are the one’s that are running down our great Country…….

        • Tim Ned

          Actually I disagree with you. I believe in the courteous discourse in discussion. I haven’t read all of JMax posts but I haven’t found him rude in any I have read and he seems to be up on the issues.

          • Bob Hadley

            Thank-you Ted for your mature post! If we want to work out our national problems, conservatives must speak against excesses on their side and liberals must speak out against excesses on their side. Anyone who says that liberals are dishonest or have bad intentions are ignorant and/or blinded by passion. And the same goes for anyone who says that conservatives are dishonest or have bad intentions.
            There are a great many decent, honest, loyal and hard working liberals.. And there are many decent, honest, loyal and hard working conservatives.
            We should take a note from our founding fathers. The delegates to our constitutional convention fought like cats and dogs. But they continued their dialogue with each other until they reached an agreement – actually, a compromise: the Constitution of the United States of America.

    • Sam Brownbutt

      Exactly. This is not a “forum” for intellectual discourse. It is a right wing hate-fest that exists for no other purpose except a place for miserable right wing cult followers to bond and unite and ignite their inbred hatred. Goldberg is a bitter old has-been reduced to taking Koch Bros blood money to operate this cesspool. Liberals are bad for business and will be showered with abuse. Including by the so-called “moderators”, recall one well known liberal commenter who was advised to “bend over and take it like a man” and then adding insult to injury was blacklisted when he did not comply. You are the only liberal who is still allowed to post here but make no mistake, if you do not know your place which is to be sheepish and submissive it will happen to you too.

  • SonofaGip

    The democrats have been successful in creating a country where the job performance of the president is irrelevant. Twenty percent of Obama supporters are freeloaders getting government programs. Another twenty percent are social liberals (mostly single women and millennials) who support gay marriage, free birth control, and abortions…. The democrats then only need to get ten to fifteen percent who are useful idiots, i.e, those who think it’s cool that Obama’s a celebrity and want to tell everyone they voted for a black guy and those who vote democrat because their family has always voted that way.

  • http://johndalybooks.com/ John Daly

    A good portion of the electorate just never fell out of love with the “idea” of President Obama.They still see the same charismatic, well-spoken, hip candidate who became our first black president, and they’re sticking with the idea that he’s great for the country, regardless of the state of our country.

    It certainly helps that since his first day in office, the media has let the president get away with assigning blame for all of the country’s problems to other people. It used to be that the President of the United States was held primarily responsible for the country’s woes by Americans (regardless if whether it was deserved or not). Not any more.

  • SkyCitizen

    Bernie, Thanks for writing about a subject that no one else is writing about. Americans today remember as much about the Cold War as they do the Boer Wars. History and lessons learned always fade with time however in today’s “connected” culture the time of forgetfulness has been shortened greatly. I would go so far as to say sixty days would span any story from occurrence to obscurity in the mind of the public. The term Orwellian might come to mind except it’s one of the few things in America that’s not government funded.

    This phenomenon of forgetfulness is not isolated to American culture but to all cultures moving to a net based society. We once had the luxury of time to read or hear a news story, react emotionally, discuss it with others and consider its impact. Now its just the emotion of “this thrill going up my leg”. Real discussion and reflection have become orphans.

    If you want a real wake up, ask the 52 percent who would agree that Obama sucks and then ask them why?