New Poll: Nation on Wrong Track … So Which Party Gets the Blame?

I Want Your MoneyI read an interesting letter in the Wall Street Journal the other day.  It came from George in Seattle and was critical to how the president is scaring everybody over supposed “cuts” in spending brought on by sequester.  Here’s what George writes:

“Can you imagine the private sector responding the way this administration is, with a 5% cutback that isn’t a real cutback?  Imagine Hilton Hotels telling its customers that the beds might not be made.  Imagine Hertz saying there would be hour-and-a-half waits at the counter or General Electric postponing locomotive deliveries.  This is a reflection of how dumb the administration really thinks we are.”

I was with George right up until that last sentence.  Yes, he’s right that the Obama administration thinks the American people are not too bright. But it’s not just that the president and his team think we’re dumb. We are dumb.  (Not you and me of course.)

I’m reminded of how clueless the American people can be by a couple of new polls.  An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that 59% of us think the country is moving in the wrong direction; only 32 percent think we’re moving in the right direction.  When asked how the president is handling the economy, 44 percent approve, 51 percent disapprove.

When a vast majority of the American people think we’re heading the wrong way and believe the president isn’t handling the economy well, that’s very bad news for the people in charge.  Except when it isn’t.

The same poll tells us that 50 percent of the American people approve of the job President Obama is doing.  According to Rasmussen, 51 percent approve. (A Gallup poll just out has slightly different numbers:  only 46 percent approve of the job President Obama is doing and the same number disapprove.)

So let’s see if I have this straight:  about 6 out of 10 Americans think we’re heading south, more than half don’t like the way the president is taking care of the economy … and still half the country or a little more approves of the job the president is doing.  Granted, 50 percent isn’t great, but it’s not all that bad either.

Rasmussen also reports that consumer confidence has hit its lowest point since last November.  This should also be bad news for the president and Democrats in general.  But it isn’t.

According to the NBC/WSJ poll, Americans prefer Democrats when it comes to looking out for the middle class, for handling health care, and for dealing with Medicare and Social Security. Voters even prefer Democrats on taxes … and think the Democratic Party is doing a better job with the economy, but only by a 32% to 30% margin.

Republicans win when asked which party can better deal with the federal deficit and control government spending and ensuring a strong national defense.

So the folks think Republicans are better at controlling federal spending and getting the deficit under control … but numerous polls say they will blame Republicans for cutting too much if sequester – a fancy word to describe mandatory cuts in federal spending — brings on hardship. Get it?  Voters think spending is out of control so they’ll blame the party that wants to cut spending … for cutting spending. Brilliant!

Why the contradictions?  Because likeability counts … and a lot of Americans just plain like the president and they just plain don’t like Republicans.

Republicans scare the American people. Republicans come off as intolerant. Republicans (thankfully, very, very few) say stupid things about “legitimate rape” and how “even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something that God intended to happen.” And too often they come across as anti-science dolts who believe dinosaurs roamed the earth side by side with humans and that the planet is only about 6,000 years old.  Calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” and continuing to believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya or on Saturn or whatever the latest theory is, doesn’t help either.

Republicans have better ideas about how to get the country moving, but they have a terrible public relations problem.  They need an image makeover.  They need to at least seem modern.  They need to put a welcome sign outside a big tent. Most of all, they need an attractive, charismatic leader – a front man or woman to make their case so that ordinary Americans get it – a leader who won’t be afraid to condemn the screwballs on the right as well as the left.

Otherwise, in 2014, even if a majority of Americans still think we’re on the wrong track … it won’t matter.  Voters will go to the polls and elect Democrats anyway — the same Democrats who proudly tell us “We don’t have a spending problem” … which, let’s not forget, is something the voters don’t believe.   Don’t feel bad if you’re confused.

And if these tax-and tax-and tax-and-spend-and spend-and spend Democrats win the House and keep the Senate … these will look like the good old days.

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  • Telly Likeitis

    The substance (‘right track/wrong track’ public sentiment) will be formed by each party (casting blame on the opposition) in the months to come. How adept each party is at their artistic skills (persuading the public) will reveal the path forward for our nation. In manipulating the public opinion–and inspiring action via the electoral processes–the clarity of message conveyed by each political will ultimately be measured at election time. Let us all pray that the necessary message be registered with the greatest masses in order to sustain our democratic republic.

  • Telly Likeitis

    A political issue with substance is like a lump of clay in the hands of an adept politician. They can make it look like whatever they want. However, it’s still a lump of clay.

  • I Hate Fascists

    Bernie you are absolutely right. And that is why it is so very important that we marginalize these low information Democratic voters. We must implement stringent voter id laws and make sure it is impossible for them to actually obtain an id. We must force them to stand on line forever until they give up and go home. We must genetically engineer the electoral college so that right thinking Real American Patriot votes count more than dumb liberal votes. WE ARE THE REAL AMERICANS AND WE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT COUNT AND WE WILL TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK!!!!!!!!!

  • Keith “Lucky” Luxton

    It is definitely unbelievable, but I guess Romney’s 47% are still going strong, The brainless liberal group who are happy to live off the government while USA goes down the slippery slope to bankruptcy. Add to them the moneyed class who feel guilty about the money they have and support the democrat principles. While Paul Rand was talking his head off to try and protect us, what was the Republicans doing. I hear tell 10 or more GOP senators were living it up, dining , laughing and joking with Great Dictator “O” in a restaurant where the lowest check usually well exceeds $100.00 per person. Democrats commit the crimes against the people, while GOP aid and abet

  • LoneRanger8491

    Why should I say anything when you, Bernie, has said it for me/us. If I were to comment I probably would not say it so eloquently as you did.

  • Kathy Lang

    i saw a video done after the 2008 election where they asked people about quotes from the candidates and all the Obama voters thought that Palin really did say she could see Alaska from her house, yet they also assumed she said that she had been to “53 of the 57 states”. We have a good percentage of Americans getting their news from Jon Stewart & SNL, yet they call Fox “Faux News” go figure.

  • catonglue

    Even if Americans are confused and Democrats are further able to trick the electorate that there isn’t a spending crises and take the House, the Democrats will never be able to deceive the principles of economics.

  • Ted_in_CA

    it’s a real shame when “attractive and charismatic” trumps qualified and determined, but that proves how uninformed (dare I say ignorant w/o being called racist) our country truly is. Like I told my friend’s liberal daughter, if we were CEO’s interviewing applicants Romney & Obama for a high level mngmnt position within our company, we would have NEVER selected Obama based on their resumes – never.

  • D Parri

    Undecided, because it all depends on how well each party carries their message. Realistically? Both parties have sufficient guilt to foot the bill together. The Dems are just better in the current term.

  • BillinSDCA

    The PR of the GOP is just that – ‘PRETTY ROTTEN’. Supplant that with the educational state of the general population and you have a train wreck that can’t be avoided. The average voter knows nothing about the reality of the country and it’s potentially looming destructive end by liberal insanity. I believe we have reached the ‘no turning back’ point with the general electorate and the odds of turning back are worse than the chance of picking the winning lotto numbers next draw. I, personally, have given up all hope for a turnaround as long as the liberal media in in the same bed with Obama. You’d think they’d at least ask for a kiss the next morning but they don’t even go that far either.

  • amy jo

    It also doesn’t help the Rep when the media only report the stupid remarks and not the good ideas. If and when Biden says something stupid he gets a chuckle and “that’s just Joe” sick to death of journalist NOT DOING THEIR JOB!

    • govogue

      The liberal media people, obviously, have no consciences. It’s just unreal to know there are those who believe their hourly lying. Actually, they’re making fools of themselves and, definitely, should be held accountable for ‘false’ reporting. The ones who listen, to ONLY THEM, need to ‘wake up’ to FACTS.
      Stop being “DUPED”…….for your own sake!

  • Seattle Conservative

    I agree with the conclusion. Just curious, is there a history of political parties hiring PR firms? Seems like a reasonable idea but can’t remember hearing of a past example.

  • Bruce A

    What will happen in the USA when there is no money for the free cell phones?

  • FloridaJim

    With the media ignoring every lie, every embellishment, every misstep Obama has an opportunity to never be questioned in any depth and skate into 2014 with his campaign in full swing. With never a criticism and endless photo ops with the same paid dolts police, firemen, teachers, unions and students how can he lose.If only these people would look closely at how inept Obama is in everything other than campaigning they would see the “emperor has no clothes” and America is dying because of Obama. In D’Souza’ movie “2016” he explained how Obama would destroy America through the economy and it is coming to pass.

    • Wheels55

      It is really sad that so many believe the finger pointing that Obama has done since he took office. I actually get blank stares when I say a leader should not point fingers but roll up his selves to get things done. I have never seen Obama’s selves rolled up.

  • Upaces

    Blockbuster Revelation — They Are All In It Together

  • Brhurdle

    Although there appears to be a dichotomy in the poll results, it is perfectly logical if you consider that the President’s propaganda machine coupled with a compliant media has allowed him to escape responsibility for any bad results (the sequester is a typical example where the administration has falsely blamed the Republican party). Mr. Goldberg is totally incorrect in thinking that “Republican Light” will overcome the propoganda apparatus – if it was able to thoroughly characterize Romney (a thoroughly genuine person who is about as clean as you can find in the political arena) as a scoundrel there is no hope. I’m afraid that the grip the PR machine holds on the public will only be broken when the perks/interests of one of the coalition groups conflict with another group. Unfortunately, the damage to the country will be very great at that time.

  • soundnfury

    Bernie, I understand everything you are saying, but you neglected to add two points… First, the GOP has an image problem that is helped along by tone deaf politicians (Todd Acken, for example) making obtuse comments. But they are also helped by a hostile press that focuses obsessively on the way that our guy sips his water, while ignoring the repeated blunders on the left (including “the smartest man on the planet”). Second, does a man like Mitt Romney or Ben Carson get disqualified as stupid for faith in a biblical account of creation? If the answer is “yes”, then my second point reinforces my first.

    We live with the unfortunate fact that the 4th estate is also a 5th column.

  • Dennis

    Is it really a big surprise that the Chicago Con Man thinks the American people are idiots? They elected him twice, didn’t they?

  • Joel

    Another possible explanation. 15 to 25 percent of Americans can hold contradictory ideas in their heads.

  • JohninCA

    I agree completely with JohninMA. The MSM is doing a great job of running interference for OBama’s legions. All we haven seen is countless reruns of Obama spouting the doom the Republicans have brought upon us with THEIR sequester. If it weren’t for Fox news and Bob Woodward, nobody would call Obama on his lie.

    • govogue

      FOX gives FACTS. People who believe differently are, simply, choosing to be ‘out of touch’. YES, the truth DOES hurt; however, we can be thankful for honesty…….through Bob Woodward…..and those who tell the ‘real’ news. Also, Mike Huckabee is genuine!……….As is Dr Ben Carson. Morals, values, and honesty should prevail.

  • rreactor

    Bernie, without the complicity of the MSM, the public would understand that dolts populate both parties. When an Republican makes a idiotic remark, it make headlines and is covered by every outlet, when the Vice President makes a idiotic remark, he’s simply ignored or patronized as a loveable old coot, who just can’t help shooting of his mouth.

  • Russ Rogers

    Republicans DON’T have better ideas about how to get the country moving. They don’t have better ideas about how to balance the budget! When was the last time the budget was balanced? Under Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton RAISED taxes to balance the budget and during his time in office the US Economy created more jobs than under Reagan, Bush or G.W. Bush COMBINED! G.W. Bush cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans. Why? One justification was to buy JOBS for America! How did that work out. Job growth was tepid under G.W. Bush. Already Obama has netted more jobs for the American Economy in four years than G.W. Bush netted in eight!

    Let’s talk about fiscal responsibility. Republicans have Deficit Attention Disorder. They SCREAM about the deficit and the size of government when they are out of power, and do nothing but expand the deficit, debt and government when in power.

    The ONLY reason G.W. Bush netted the US Economy ANY jobs was because he grew the size of Government. Obama has achieved a growth in US Jobs, even as the size of government and the deficit has contracted.

    Did Republicans balance their tax cuts with similar cut in spending? No. Because Republicans only claim to be the “Guardians of Fiscal Responsibility.” When spending increased (due to two wars and and expansion of healthcare spending in Medicare Part D) were other programs cut, or were taxes raised to find balance? No. Why not? Because Republicans don’t have better ideas about the Economy.

  • Gradivus

    We’ve become a nation of not just useful idiots, but willful idiots.

  • New Yorker

    Fox News, the home of low information voters, is the TV home of Bernie Goldberg…how ironic?

    • Ed

      So what are you doing here, genius? Did you get tired of the liberal moral high ground, and now you are down in the muck with us conservatives? Careful you don’t have a thought that comes from your brain instead of your bleeding heart.

    • Juan Motie

      Oh, I see another east coast effete snob is spamming and trolling this comment section. I hear Foxnewsophobia is rampant in new york and other illiberal fascist east coast states!

  • wally12

    What would happen if a few rich republicans, conservatives and libertarians purchased three or four liberals newspapers and TV corporations and began a policy of stating the truth and at least promoting conservative editorials and slanting the news to counteract the existing left wing media. Sure, we have Fox news but it is limited by access and by propaganda from the left so many will not read or listen to Fox. I realize that many will not do this since news papers and some liberal TV corporations are not a good investment but I think it would be worth the price in an effort to turn the country around.

  • lsal

    First, celebrity counts. They are the only ones the youth of today look up to. Second, Republicans are like their boss who runs a good company but makes them work to hard. Obama is like Grandma gives them stuff and let’s them get away with everything. And will approve of anything they want wither it’s good or bad for them. part of the spoiled society we have raised.

  • Kathie Ampela

    The media have slanted every budget battle in favor of Obama. They paint the GOP as obstructionists. They never blame Obama for anything. While I agree that the GOP need more effective messaging to counter the cloud of media disinformation, that alone will not be enough. Likability has a short shelf life. Icons rise and fall. Obamamania! will jump the shark like everything else in the culture. When Obama becomes a liability for the democratic/big media establishment, they will throw him overboard. That’s when the GOP has the be ready with their message/messenger.

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    Amazing how dumb the sheeple are. Either that, or they believe there is nothing that can be done to stop the economic destruction; and they are going to support the party of handouts – since they’re going to need them.

  • Johnny Deadline

    Bernie – you nailed perfectly what bothers me about the schizophrenic nature of many of those polled. If a majority of people really believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction and that the president isn’t handling the economy well, how can any of them personally “like” the guy in charge? Their irrationality begs the question: Are many of those that say they like the president merely saying that to justify their own lousy judgment in putting this guy in charge – twice?

  • ted

    “Republicans scare the American people.” Is untrue. Propaganda — including all those polls Mr. Goldberg quotes — is what drives our politics now. It is almost all Left-wing and until the Republican Party figures out how to counter that, our country will move faster and faster toward and finally arrive at an authoritarian government. The Left wants to tell us exactly how to live our lives and are. It can only get worse. As they said about Germany, “It can’t happern here.” Ha, ha, ha. It will.

  • Sambo Caesar

    The people who think we’re doing fine are the same ones who can’t tell you who their Governor is, or what a deficit is. Duhhhh….

  • ted

    The people are NOT dumb. They have no frame of reference about what’s real. They get their knowledge from: Left-wing union teachers, Left-wing university professors, Left-wing media outlets and the Left-wing entertainment industry. Republicans are dumb not to understand that.

  • TS1776frdm

    Republicans need a PR Group and a DAMN good one Immediately. WE are the party that feeds the poor, gives hands up to the needy. We give away our own money to just causes. Dems give OUR money away as well, seldom theirs. Most of the 1% ARE Democrats that feed the Dem PACS to the tune of Billions of Dollars a Year. YES electronic voting machines DON’T work. YES every state culpable of allowing vote fraud must fix it. BUT no DEM in our society will change unless we shine the LIGHT on the That Is Being Done!! Republicans don’t have a Chance of ever winning another election unless we get the INCOCTRINATION and Vote Fraud Out, Truth IN and feed this (yes feed this) to the Uninformed on a daily basis and hey Are Being Fed Lies Continuously by the DC Progressive Media. Fox News, Sean Hannity-Talk Radio-Rush and the others are voices crying in the Wilderness of Ignorance all around them with Little Help coming from the Party that is trying to be honest and Just and truly AMERICAN Aimed at Saving our Constitution, Economy and the American Way of Life….But if We Don’t Tell Them, THEY WILL NEVER KNOW….NEVER, EVER KNOW!!

    Republicans Absolutely need an image makeover. AND it Doesn’t help to obliterate science in face of wrongly interpreted Biblical teaching. Nowhere in the Bible does it say the earth is 6,000 years old. My new KGB study Bible (yes I use many) clearly states that true Civilization (business/cities etc.) started in ME about 7,000 years ago. But a monk with a wrong calendar dated the Bible several hundred years ago and some people have used those dates ever since…which brings us the the Intensely Needed MAKEOVER. Our Children’s Futures Depend on What Our Party is Doing Right Now. We marched in Selma – Dixie Democrats beat the Republicans – Jews and Gentiles That Marched for Freedom and Peace. The Dems need to get over it; quit Lying about EVERYTHING-Especially the CUTS..which aren’t “Cutting” anything..Departments are just getting about 5% less money than they got last year. Which means that they so overspent (not military border security) but all the others so Overspent they can’t do with a small % less. This includes the Pentagon. Give Me A Break…

  • gbandy

    Obama is the all time greatest master at the Blame game so of course I expect the mentally challenged to blame the GOP for any “painful” cuts from Sequester. Now just imagine a society that allows a President to OVERSPEND the budget in the numbers of $6trillion ( that is 6,000 Billion for you Liberals) over the past 4 years complainin about a measly $85 in cuts??? If a Nation cannot cut this paultry amount than we are too far gone. Now who in this Nation has not seen there own household spendable income drop 2-5% in the last 4 years? Gas prices have doubled, higher food and utitlity costs, and of course higher witholding taxes. So anyone who now complains about the Sequester should really look who and what party is to blame. Now next will be the huge costs of Obamacare and that will really blow any cuts today.

  • eric90230

    Polls are inherently unreliable.
    They can be done incompetently; they can be done with bias. We don’t know how
    they choose the respondents, we often don’t know the questions, we often don’t
    know the multiple-choice answers, and we certainly don’t know if the
    respondents were being sincere.

  • nickshaw

    I think you may have it wrong, Bernie.

    Not about the perception of the GOP and conservatives but, by how those perceptions were manufactured.

    Are there dolts in the GOP that make our side look bad? Of course there are! The compliant liberal media has taken those few examples and managed to paint the entire right side of the spectrum as anti-science, anti-woman…well…anti-everything!
    Look how they treated Romney, a basically nice man who played by all the rules and he was turned into a veritable robber baron that probably eats children!
    The education system contributes as well, at all levels.
    Do they need a good publicist to change this perception? Of course they do but, how will he battle the monster already in place?

  • sean1

    First off, I’m convinced Obama is literally seen as a deity by many in this country. And there isn’t much you can do at the moment with a sea of wackos. As for the rest of us – well, by and large, we’ve become a country of teenagers. We think we’re damn smart, see those who push any kind of responsibility as “mean,” put a lot of stock in what’s “cool,” and have no patience for those who don’t see things the way we do. Of course, as a country, we’re going to pay for such a sophomoric world view. Like teenagers, though, we can’t see that day actually coming.

  • @jimnormanFLNC

    Polls say as much about the questions and they way they’re posed as they do about the answers. My own conclusion is that the Democrats are much better at messaging than the Republicans. It took Jimmy Carter to get us Reagan and Goldwater to introduce a libertarian conservative outlook. At some point, I believe that Obama will bring about a 21st century libertarian conservative. I only hope it’s not too late to fix the damage when that finally happens. Suppose Dr. Ben Carson decided to run . . .

  • NebraskaTPP

    This article hits the center target when it comes to understanding the American public. My concern is that Bernie continues to consider that the Republican Party needs to move more to the center. That is not the right direction. We need to move the GOP away from the Establishment side and its ruling elite. AKA the Karl Rove’s within the party. See, the only hope is to expose the beltway GOP and their desire to remain in power even at the cost of remaining the minority within the branches of government. That means they are more concerned about themselves than the nation.

    • Debdeb

      Wow, NebraskaTPP. Kind of radical. If you think about it, your words become the most effective weapon the liberals have.

    • Cindy Clites

      Kudos to you! Amen!

  • Lopey

    Right on Berrnie !
    Lopey (“one of the sainted middle class” ) 😉

  • BrianFruman

    Well I think we need to be patient. This administration will be held accountable for the economy and everything. I honestly believe they have run out of wedge issues. Gun control is promising it will destroy any hopes of Democrates taking back the house and may cost them the Senate. I predict by 2014 the Democrates with be worse off then they where in 2010. By 2015 the President will have an implosion in poll number worse then Busch.

  • Absalom

    I think Mr. Obama has been reading the Bible. Absalom in the Bible had a plan to win over the love of the ten tribes of Israel. 2nd Samuel chapter 15 vs 1 – 6.

  • Kitcrsn

    How much longer are these low information voters going to give Barry a pass before they realize their clown sitting in the White House is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

    • ted


    • Will Swoboda

      As long as they get want they think they are entitled to.

      • Dotty

        “Santa Claus” is in the White House. Sadly!

    • john1gun

      As long as the government checks keep rolling in, they couldn’t care less.

    • Wheels55

      I fear it will never happen. Even when we become the new Greece, these people will protest in the streets at real cut-backs while the rich live somewhere else.

    • soundnfury

      Hitler got away with it by blaming all of Germany’s problems on the Jews. Obama gets away with it by blaming all our problems on the “the greedy banksters”. Could that be racial code for “the Jews”?

  • john nazzaro

    Reasonable observations; the confusion is of course aided and abetted by the emphasis of a national press which seizes on GOP inanities and willfully ignores comparable foolishness by the Democrats. Obama’s most recent assertion that the sequester “wasn’t my idea” and “the sky will fall” nonsense are prime examples. The premise that the GOP has a political skill deficit and needs effective leadership is real enough, but exaggerated by a rather extraordinary media shield. The GOP could start by having a candid discussion with some of the right wing babblers (see Hannity as an example) who like to assert they are political spokespersons for the party. The GOP actually WON on the tax issue-98.5% of the Bush tax cuts were made permanent-but you would never know that from the post event rhetoric of the right.

  • Nancy

    How about we forget about blaming anyone and spend the time that would have been wasted in that activity in actually solving the problems????

  • JohnInMA

    Just my take on it, but even when (if?) the GOP gets their ‘messaging’ on a better track, they will still have an uphill battle as the media is a powerful counteracting force. After all, how many ‘commentators’ at most every outlet keep repeating that the GOP carries the burden alone for every bit of projected pain from the sequester? Most, if not all.

    Let’s be honest. The “Republicans scare the American people” because every gaffe made becomes a huge talking point and a focus in nearly every media outlet. The negatives are amplified and the ‘message’ offset. Perhaps it is deliberate, too. The prime example of how unbalanced it is? The steady series of gaffes from Biden, some ‘racist!!’ in tone, go almost perfectly unnoticed.

    • Wheels55

      It’s all based on people not thinking for themselves. As long as over 50% do not think for themselves, the liberal media can perform Jedi mind tricks.

      • JohnInMA

        I wonder if a lack of skepticism isn’t a factor to some degree, too. Beyond just thinking, what every happened to curiosity and quest for information? Nowadays, many simply accept what people in the media say, and especially those with their ideology. It works both ways, too.

        • Wheels55

          No doubt. I used to try to not believe everything the media said to explore other ideas. Now, it is natural for me to not believe everything they media presents. The main reason is what they don’t say – this is what has really pushed Obama along.

    • Dotty

      And, as Rush Limbaugh has said, the low-information voters do NOT think Obama is at fault for any of their problems, and so if they don’t wake up, it will be a frighteningly long time before things change for the better!

  • RedinDenver

    I’ve been checking the “direction of the country” and the president’s approval rating fairly regularly for the last year or two. I’m glad finally someone (Mr. Goldberg) is pointing out something that’s been boggling my mind for quite some time. Americans think the country is moving in the wrong direction; yet the presidential approval ratings don’t seem to reflect that. I’m beginning to think there are a lot of Americans who are schizophrenic!

    • Upaces

      Please remember that the Gallop Polls had his ratings in the crapper. He filed a law suit against Gallop. WE CANNOT TRUST THE POLLS. They do NOT reflect the truth.

      • RedinDenver

        The REALCLEARPOLITICS poll is an AVERAGE of ALL recent polls. I would like to believe that the polls are wrong; but I don’t think they are. And polling is the ONLY information we have to determine the mood of the country, as a whole. If you don’t use the polls, you’re just going by your own opinion and maybe those of people you know. I would say THAT is something that would be a lot less valid than the polls.

        • Upaces

          I’d like to hear more of your thoughts on this.

        • Upaces

          I have taken their polls. I like them. I agree with you wholeheartedly…more people need to go ahead to take the time to fill out their polls. IF we don’t, the true pulse of the Nation is not known.

          • RedinDenver

            I never answer calls from anyone I don’t know, so not sure if I’ve ever been contacted by any polling firm. And, yes, definitely — polls are only a small sampling, so are not infallible. I HOPE the pollsters try to do a good job of getting the proper cross-section of the population. But, as I said, it’s the only data we HAVE to, as you say, get an idea bout the pulse of the nation.

          • Keith “Lucky” Luxton

            I complete polls but they are usually from conservative sources like this, I cannot find time to read through all the garbage from the MSM to maybe get a glimpse of a Left wing poll. That is the problem, polls are usually run by right or left wing groups and all of them are biased, because the poll participants already think the way the poll taker thinks. And I doubt they conolidate these polls

    • nepakandy

      I’m with you on the polls being mind-boggling, but I think everyone is sooo afraid to say anything negative about the president because it ends up with a backlash of cries of racism. DO NOT criticise this president.

      • RedinDenver

        You wouldn’t think a person would be afraid of backlash, since their names are not asked or revealed.

  • Tim in California

    Bernie: Brilliant! I could not have said it better myself….

  • Robert Blum

    Which party is to blame for the US of A being on the wrong track? Consider the issue similar to analyzing a stock – for the short term and the long term.

    Exactly where are the Libertarians and the T party patriots in this consideration ?

    • NebraskaTPP

      Remember, the Tea Party is not aligned with the Libertarians. is

  • Wheels55

    It seems that a confused America benefits Democrats, so they just keep on confusing America. Those who are not confused have no real idea if the liberal politicians actually believe what they say. Sadly, I think most liberal politicians do believe their crap. They wake up and the first thoughts in their little heads become reality – like 170 millions job will be lost or go outside and shoot your shotgun twice.

    • Upaces

      I do NOT like those who are Dems…that being said, I have really lost faith in the Republican Party also. They have NOT done one thing to stop him! I am quite certain there are threats in D.C. for going up against him. There WERE 2 different Impeachments processes going on within a 48 hr period; and a recent one.

      Yet, they all just disappear. Something is reallly “rotten in Denmark”, i.e., D.C.

      • Wheels55

        I share your pain. After this last election, I changed to the Libertarian Party. In my view, they have bigger balls.
        I will say that Obama runs a great campaign, whatever it is for, and is able to bully his way around. All this with fairly low approval ratings and not even high likability ratings. This shows just how far down Republicans have gone and what an up hill climb they have – which explains why they sell out so easily.

        • New Yorker

          If you like big balls then you ought to join the Log Cabin Republicans….I hear they have a great convention…..LOL

      • Brian_Bayless

        Not only have the Republicans not done one thing to stop “him,” they ahve also not done one thing to help this country. When Obama was first elected, Mitch McConnell went on record saying that his goal was to make Obama a oneterm president. His goal was not to better the country or help Americans. Not only did he fail at his personal goal, he and his party have failed to help things here. Republicans need to stop blaming the media and start doing something worthwhile. They are the reason for their troubles. If you cannot take responsibility, you are never going to solve the problem.

    • murraytheky

      UPDATE!!! this just in: you no longer have to go outside to shoot your shotgun. a couple of blasts THROUGH the door will suffice.

      • Wheels55

        That must be the new stand your door law.
        I wonder how people still think highly of Biden when all he does is say dumb stuff.

  • Patrick H.

    Right on Bernie! Also, let’s not forget the fact that many people fear a return to the Bush years where Republicans lost their fiscal sanity and increased spending like there was no tomorrow and there wasn’t for many of them after the 2006 elections. In other words, Republicans need to distingush themselves and create an image apart from President Obama while repairing the damage done throughout the Bush years and President Obama’s first term.

  • West Virginia Matt

    Bernie, great article. Sadly, I perceive the future of Americans coming down to which side’s propaganda is more effective in persuading the moron masses. I routinely receive the disinformation e-mails from friends on both sides, and frankly, the right-wing propaganda is poorly written by amateurs, completely devoid of facts and legitimate sources, and so incredibly far-fetched that I can’t understand how anyone would commit dollars to fund their operations. The left-wing stuff certainly isn’t more factual, but it’s presented differently and uses real-world examples (such as the ones you mentioned) to allow conservatives to hang themselves. It undoubtedly helps the left-wing cause when the MSM, university academia, Hollywood, and some Democrats in Washington corroborate these stories daily.

    Notice that I used the term ‘disinformation’ and not ‘misinformation’. The latter term could refer to an article where the writer mistakenly posted inaccurate facts or committed an unintentional error in judgment. The former term is an advertent, blatant attempt to plant falsehoods with the purpose of supporting a hidden agenda. As we all know, the best lies contain statements that are mostly true.

    The same people who believe that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim who’s never paid taxes and is hell-bent on transforming the USA into a fascist dictatorship…these same people have no problem buying into the line that rape cannot cause pregnancy. If Republicans are too afraid to alienate this fringe segment of their party, then they have no chance in any upcoming election.

  • AssegaiGuy

    Frankly a majority of Americans are naive, or maybe I should just say it; stupid! Easily brainwashed and led by the nose. Americans are completing these surveys! Most people I know would rather watch a sitcom than pay attention to what is happening to our country. Racial guilt drives them to Obama who, after all is nothing more than a dumb adjunct professor who reads a TelePrompter well. It’s going to take a deep depression or a land war in America to get their attention.
    Otherwise you are right Bernie, Democrats take over and we become the Socialist States of Amerca.

  • tjrad

    I do find it humerus to see how republican stupidity is touted while democrat stupidity is ignored. Lets see Bloomberg “infinite money” statements, Fienstien “turn um in Mr. & Mrs America” Out right lies about sequester from the president never questioned in MSM. Sen. Reid talks about how the MSM has an obligation to report Dems are right. This list goes on and on for both sides. The real problem is the MSM’s continual suck up to the Dem party and the failure to recognize their own hypocrisy in reporting. If we had far and balanced reporting instead of newsertainment we wouldn’t have the problems we have today. The problem is the reporting for most americans is one sided or seriously slanted. Fare and Balanced is a thing of the past so we have a government completely out of control and out of balance since no one on either side really knows whats going on.

  • agnostrick

    Bernie, it seems people don’t believe the president has the ability to fix or even greatly affect the economy. They are so ignorant of basic economic and business principles, it lends itself to a sort of a what-will-be-will-be attitude. And other things – social issues, birth control, etc. – matter more to them. In other words, “If he can’t really do all that much about the economy anyway (ridiculous as it seems) we’ll just take the guy who’s modern and hip and so very compassionate.”

  • Jim Regan

    100% spot on Bernie!

    • Bernie

      Thanks, Jim …