Newt … his Ex-Wife … and the Media

A few words about Newt Gingrich … his second ex-wife … and the media.

There’s nothing about this story I like.  Nothing.  First, let me state the obvious: Marianne Gingrich can feel any way she wants about her former husband.  I don’t know if she’s telling the truth, or not.  And frankly, I don’t care.  What I find offensive (something the media have completely ignored) is her willingness – make that, her eagerness – to reveal personal conversations that supposedly took place inside the privacy of their marriage.  If she wants to tell a close friend or two what she thinks of Newt, that’s one thing; but telling her sordid story to total strangers on national television is something else.  In my view, it’s low class.

Then there’s Brian Ross, the ABC News reporter who did the interview for Nightline.  Ross is a very good reporter. But this was not his finest moment. During an interview with Ross, Bill O’Reilly said he would not have done the interview.  Neither would I.  When a reporter gets involved with tawdry material, it has a way of rubbing off on the reporter.  Besides, Ross went on a Washington D.C. radio station to plug the interview and said, “I think we start by knowing that what an ex-wife has to say we all take with a grain of salt, I hope, because that’s what ex-wives can be known for.”

If you want your viewers to take the interview with “a grain of salt” why put it on the air in the first place?  Sorry I asked, because that answer is easy:  RATINGS.

There’s an easy formula to follow in such matters:  sex = ratings.  That’s why the story was on the air.  The official reason, of course, was that Marianne Gingrich’s story tells us something about Newt’s character.  Then why should we take it “with a grain of salt’?

Finally, there was CNN’s John King, who hosted the South Carolina GOP debate, and hit Gingrich with this right out of the box:

King: “Mr. Speaker, I want to start with that this evening. 

As you know, your ex-wife gave an interview to ABC News and another interview with The Washington Post. And this story has now gone viral on the Internet.

In it, she says that you came to her in 1999, at a time when you were having an affair. She says you asked her, sir, to enter into an open marriage.

Would you like to take some time to respond to that?

GINGRICH: No, but I will.


GINGRICH: I think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office. And I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that.


KING: Is that all you want to say, sir?

GINGRICH: Let me finish.

KING: Please.

GINGRICH: Every person in here knows personal pain. Every person in here has had someone close to them go through painful things. To take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary a significant question for a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as anything I can imagine.


My – my two daughters – my two daughters wrote the head of ABC and made the point that it was wrong, that they should pull it, and I am frankly astounded that CNN would take trash like that and use it to open a presidential debate.


KING: As you noted, Mr. Speaker, this story did not come from our network. As you also know, it is a subject of conversation on the campaign. I’m not – I get your point. I take your point.

GINGRICH: John, John, it was repeated by your network. You chose to start the debate with it. Don’t try to blame somebody else. You and your staff chose to start this debate with it.


Let me be quite clear. Let me be quite clear. The story is false. Every personal friend I have who knew us in that period said the story was false. We offered several of them to ABC to prove it was false. They weren’t interested because they would like to attack any Republican. They’re attacking the governor. They’re attacking me. I’m sure they’ll presently get around to Senator Santorum and Congressman Paul.

I am tired of the elite media protecting Barack Obama by attacking Republicans.


Whatever the backlash against Newt Gingrich, the backlash against the media – from conservatives for sure and from moderates, too,  I think – will be greater.  And for good reason.

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  • Wallace Flint

    Hi Bernie,
    As a conservative Republican sinse voting for “I Lke Ike” Eisenhower, I really enjoyed Newt jumping this clown on this item. The media has clearly shown whose side they’re on. Somehow I feel that with their backing, it’s going be harder to beat Obama this Novenber. I hope I’m wrong!

    In God We Trust!
    Wally Flint0 Boonville,NY

  • Cathleen M Hunt

    I could envision Mr. Gingrich as President of these U.S. He looks the part and shows strategic leadership hubris. That being said, I don’t know if I would vote for him. Personally, I am troubled by his marital affairs or indiscretions. These activities can define the substance of the man. It bothers me, too, that the media is labeling his present wife a devout Catholic, yet she was having a relationship with Mr. Gingrich while he was still married. Nevertheless, myself being a Catholic, I believe in redemption, if that is what it is: redemption…and forgiveness. I want to say also that I agree with you, Mr. Goldberg, the personal comments made public by wife #2 were inappropriate. Anyway, with all this focus on ratings and polls, I’m afraid we may be electing or re-electing the leader of our beautiful country based more on emotion rather than intellectual reasoning.

  • Karen Gadberry

    Frankly I don’t care what the media says about Newt’s past. I didn’t cared what they had to say about Cain’s either. The media just needs to be truthful about things. I know…like that would ever happen. People are so used to hearing so much garbage about every one that they forget to listen to the important things. Who cares where Newt pokes his pointer! Just as long as he does right by his constituents. The media deserved what they got and I hope to see him give them more! Why do they think they need to protect Obama anyway? He isn’t anything special and he sure as hell hasn’t done anything to help this country but trash us.
    So many people need to be pulling their heads out of their ass and vote for someone on the good side, Newt or not! Just not Obama.
    In my opinion, Romney is a clone of Obama.

  • Joe Shuttleworth

    My $.02. I don’t think it hurts, too early. Could sway someone who is not predisposed to vote for him anyway. Be a bigger hit on the media, though it won’t move anyone who listens to the MSM, and anyone who doesn’t trust the MSM this just reinforces the view of them. Will it hurt if he were to get the nomination? Way too early, IMHO

  • Ken Besig, Israel

    From Newt’s ethics violations to Newts failed marital relationships there is something about Newt that just doesn’t sit right with me.
    Newt’s explosive reaction to the CNN reporter at the debate confirmed for me at least that Newt lacks self control and is easily stampeded.
    Newt Gingrich is even less suited tempermentally for the Presidency than Barack Obama. And even though Newt might talk rings around Obama in a debate, Newt has proven by his past record, like having a kaffee klatch with Nancy Pelosi over global warming, that he talks a little bit too much.

  • Randy

    Everyone better take a deep breath and think about old Newt. I just don’t believe he is what he seems to be. Listened to a guy on “Morning in America” that claimed to know Newt. Made the point that everything Newt does is to make Newt look good including that one year of tax returns he’s released. Doesn’t it seem like he paid a high percent of taxes? Wonder what the rest of his tax returns look like? Why doesn’t he release a few more years? Like the years he got monies from Fannie and Freddie? Might it not be possible they don’t make old Newt look so good? Makes you think. I also don’t think we need to elect a republican who seems to have been cut in the mold of Slick Willie. Not so sure about a man that can’t keep is zipper zipped. That combined with attacking a guy who makes money in the free market from the left makes me wonder if he’s not a devil, I mean liberal democrat in disguise!

    • Drew Page

      Randy — You sound like a nosey proctologist. I don’t give a damn how much money Newt Gengrich or Mitt Romney made or how much tax they paid on that money. Why do you? Their earnings and their taxes are between between them and the IRS.

      And by the way, who appointed you to the ‘zipper police’?

      • Randy

        It’s not how much, it’s how. Every dime Newt made off Fannie and Freddie was a dime out of my pocket. And as far as being the zipper police, if a man can’t keep his word to his woman then who will he keep his word to? A man keeps his word, even if it means his own destruction.

    • Michael

      “Listened to a guy on ‘Morning in America'”

      Why? :) Morning in America is a great title, but it is a desperate, shallow attempt for a losing network to tap into Reaganesque appeal, and the show’s content is more like Morning in a Small Insular World of Self-Important Liberals.

    • Hideyuki

      David -That’s true, but can you cucolnde from that that it doesn’t matter if you win Iowa? That’s the issue Romney is struggling with right now does he go all in in Iowa and risk losing?

  • Al Neil

    Character change requires critical self-evaluation and the development of specific tactics to change. It is important to evaluate the character of every candidate because it’s 24/7, but this is nothing more than a defamation and gross invasion of privacy. It is far different than Billy C’s bald lies and perjury. We have to find a way to concentrate on our shared value of respect and expect our media and candidates to do the same. Time to be analytical and disciplined rather than emotional and selfish.

  • Bob Ziegler

    Dear Bernie, I’m writing you to seek your opinion on my theory regarding this election years attempt by the media to again select the Republican Candidate for President. Like before in 2008, McCain was down financially and in popularity, but they didn’t want Obama to face Romney back then just as they don’t want Obama to face Romney now. So they revived McCain with the “He’ll reach across the aisle to Democrats for cooperation” nonsense. The Republicans took this in, and well we know what happened. Again, Romney is the best Republican candidate, then and now.
    So now the LMS has to unseat Romney as the presumed Nominee. They ask themselves “What can we do to make this happen? Let see, Gingrich surges in the polls when he goes on the attack against us (the media). Romney of course loses ground.” So what does the media do to make this happen as of late, well let’s see, they put out Newt’s 2nd ex-wife, and have her talk about his smarmy marital behavior on the night of the South Carolina Debate. Then proceed to have the first question out of the box at the debate be directed right at Newt about the ABC interview with his 2nd wife Mariann. I can’t help but to think they did all of this, of course knowing that he would unload on them at the debate, knowing in turn that the sometimes weak Republican voter would go wild with applause and cheer (which they did, and vote for him in the South Carolina Primary just because he’s only candidate who slams the media (which most Republican voters can’t stand) hence taking votes and steam out of the Romney campaign. I Hope and pray that the Republican Voter wakes up and sees how they’re being played…AGAIN! WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!

  • Florida Jim

    I would much rather have a Newt that has no past history of problems of many sorts but most people do not have that type past. This election is so important to America that I want the very best candidate, polished by conflict, to address Mr. Transparency. If Newt wins great if Romney wins great as long as both have developed a good answer to everything thrown at them by the Obama/Axelrod/Jarrett sleaze machine. I pray either will confront Obama with his many, many past sins which have been ignored by the lamestream media-Newt definitely will and I hope Romney will also if he is our candidate.



  • Gena

    Mr. Goldberg, as usual I agree with you 100% and I agree with Mr. Gingrich as well. Especially his remarks as to how the media attacks make it hard for decent folks to be willing to get into elections, especially if they are conservatives and are aware they are going to be attacked relentlessly attacked for anything the media can manage to dig up.

  • Irene Forbes

    I think the question was a set-up..gave the Grinch a lot of time to sound off and show a
    real “macho” side to his “injured” persona..
    he should thank CNN

    • Drew Page

      What makes you think Newt isn’t thanking CNN, at least privately?

  • Jane Redmond

    You spell it out concisely with “high class”.

  • gerry tache

    Kudos to you for your excellent analysis of the Newt/John King story.

    According to a recent poll 77% of American’s disapprove of the liberal media’s leftwing bias. While I am not an enthusiastic Gingrich supporter I believe his brilliant response to King’s loaded question could lead to his victory tomorrow in South Carolina

  • Ken Hansen

    In my various media sources they have misunderstood the point Newt was making in his response to the ‘Open Marriage’ question – Newt never said ‘I shouldn’t be asked such questions’ he called out John King for making it the first question. That question sets the tone for the rest of the debate.

    With $15 Trillion in debt, 8.5% unemployment with millions more too discouraged to keep looking for work, with billions in ‘green initiative’ job investments blowing-out all around us, with mid-east violence increasing after our combat troops left and Occupy Wall Street protests growing increasingly violent & desperate, the first question John King wants answered is a response to fantastical claims by a bitter ex-wife?

    John King made the infamous ‘boxers or briefs’ question from Clinton’s era seem, by comparison, a more reasonable question than his own.

    Remember how Newt swatted down the ‘boxers or briefs’ question?!

  • F Jan

    John King made a white racist comment and Newt should have called him on it. If Newt was not white King would never have made asked that racist question.

  • IndependentLasVegas

    Newt hit a homerun with 2 out on a 3-2 count in the bottom of the 9th to win. He crushed the liberal media with his response about his ex wife and ABC. Walk off homerun and he’ll win SC!

  • The Obama Timeline author

    Funny, I don’t recall the media covering Obama’s relationships with Larry Sinclair, Larry Bland, Donald Young, Kal Penn, or Reggie Love. Of course, a Democrat’s sordid past is never newsworthy.

    And when will the Los Angeles Times release the videotape of the Rashid Khalidi dinner at which Obama made anti-Israel remarks and a jihadist children’s dance group performed?

    • Obasi

      Avec une bande de bras casses comme ca, Obama est assure de l’emporter, et c’est tant mieux !! Ce pvarue Gingrich va bien commettre une bourde, lui aussi

  • The Obama Timeline author

    According to The New York Times, “ABC worked for months to get [the] Marianne Gingrich interview.” ABC’s Brian Ross defends the decision to air the interview, telling the Times, “We don’t sit on stories.” Ross must have “forgotten” that every network sat on the story of John Edwards’ extramarital affair—but he was a Democrat.)

  • Sunnyr

    Republicans are being HYPOCRITES when they rail against Bill Clinton and John Edwards but turn around and vote for a dirtbag like Newt Gingrich. The man is devoid of anything that comes even close to integrity and character. He is an empty vessel and will never get my vote for ANY position in our government. We should be cleaning out the garbage, not voting more in.

    • Will Swoboda

      Hey Sunnyr, The dems want the American people to think they are united but the the real reason that you never see a Dem disagree with another Dem is, it is not allowed. Why is Newt a dirtbag and Clinton getting his ashes hauled under the oval office desk not? I almost forgot, you are not allowed. Sorry.

      • Cristal

        Oui ISBNINFO (booksticker for short!) je ne suis pas de tous cortne une gros impots sur l’essence si l’impots est simplement pour ameliore les routes et ponts

    • Drew Page

      Take a pill, Sunny. Then move on to MoveOn.Org. You will feel better sharing stories with all the other agrieved liberals.

  • Webmaster

    I’m putting this story on my Web site tonight with the headline, “Bernard Goldberg hits it out of the park.”

  • Shane

    Excellent column. The news media will do anything to hurt a Republican who poses a threat to their messiah, Obama. Without witnesses, this is just unsubstantiated attacks on Gingrich.
    The liberal MSM went very easy on Clinton, ignoring claims of rape and sexual harassment.

  • Jeannette

    People who are well adjusted, have agreeable marriages and are reasonably happy with their lives rarely make the news.

    What surprises me about this entire tawdry bit of “news” is the idea that N.G. could find three women who eventually wound up marrying him.

    In any event, I don’t want to know anything about it. Many people have the same opinion.

    However, I’ve heard sex sells, so maybe CNN made a name for itself. So did ABC, although they’re names I have long ago forgotten except for wanting to watch the debate, and except for having watched the same tawdry bit of non-news (Newt-news-is-no-news) spew itself all over Fox.

    • Mta

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  • EddieD_Boston

    1. I have to agree w/ liberals on this. Repubs are the party of family values?
    2. I give Newt credit for throwing a haymaker. Repubs never fight back.
    3. I thought leading off a debate with that question was awful given what is at stake in Nov.
    4. What if 2nd wife isn’t into sex anymore? What’s a man to do? File for divorce and get screwed in probate court and lose everything to her? Happens everyday in MA. The discrimination/sexism nobody talks about.
    4. I played high school football w/ Kings cousin.

    • Barry Baker

      I Stayed @ A Holiday Express, A Believer Of The Word Of God, Forgiveness Of Our Sins Are Instant, Restoration Is A Process, Newt Is A Gifted Believer & Not Perfect, Newt Has Real Solutions Newt Knows How DC Works, We Do Not Need Another On The Job Traning 4 POTUS, Obama’s 3 Years Has Cost American Jobs. Romney Is A Mormon & He Believes He Can Become A God N The Teaching Of Joseph Smith Is Mormonism Christian?A Comparison of Mormonism and Historic Christianity.
      Our Country Foundation Is God & We Need A POTUS 2 Put God First. I Am Voting 4 Newt

    • Drew Page

      Eddie — The Republicans are as much the ‘Party of Family Values’ as the Democrats are the ‘Party of the Working Man’. Equal B.S. on both sides.

  • robin in fl

    I was never a big Newt fan,but after hearing his response to that lame question re: his marriage from years ago,I actually like him a LOT more…. and dislike the media doing (trying to) hatchet jobs like this even more then ever.

    I had marragies that didn’t end so nicely also…I left them at that..private.I know the facts.I don’t need my face rubbed in them years later for no reason other to try and humiliate me.

    I never thought that this was some secret information re: NEwt..I assumed it was already out there for many years,So what’s news worthy enough to start a debate with it now.

    Clinton lied about his affairs both to the public and his wife,but thats ok…J Kennedy had how many affairs??who knows ,but most were not even brought out until after he died.

    yea like I have heard somewhere.””First remove the log from your own eye,before removing the splinter from your neighbors eye”..something like that get the point.

    yea,I like Newt a lot more now.

  • daniel buckley

    Wasn’t she his second wife?She did the same thing to his first wife.The liberal media wants to neuter Newt and smear his current wife at the same time.John King should stick to whining about congressional redistricting.Another rotten liberal moderator,The propaganda machine in need of another mouthpiece after Newt kicked this one in the teeth.

  • Shirl

    If this Ross guy was such a good reporter, why is it that we know nothing about Obama’s past except he was born in 2008 with a ready-made family and got elected president. The lame-stream media lost ALL credibility with this disgusting antic.

  • Bill Hurdle

    I am inclined to believe that Mr. Gingrich’s two failed marriages with admitted infidelity are fair subjects for criticism. I am also inclined to believe that pursuing unproven accusations of “open marriage requests” are unwarranted attacks intended to damage the candidate rather than enlighten the voters. I think the debate formats are too open and conducive to personal sniping as opposed to being informative about the candidates’ approach to governing. The mass media will do a very thorough job of vetting Republican candidates (as opposed to the gloss over of Obama and his past associations).

  • Nancye

    How does Marianne – second wife – have the nerve to criticize Newt. Uhhhhhhh – wasn’t she running around with him while he was still married to his first wife? What goes around comes around. He wanted an “Open Marriage” according to her. What did she want when he was married to wife #1? Get lost Marianne!!!

    And yet, people like her are always “found”…cough…cough…by the lame stream media to speak out against someone and something that happened YEARS ago. Hey people – Newt’s “baggage” is OLD BAGGAGE – all of us already know about it. It doesn’t matter anymore – if it ever did.

    I think Newt is the smartest of the lot of GOP candidates and the only one who could mop up the floor with Obama during a debate. That is, if Obama has the courage to debate him. I think he (Newt) is the one who could take our country back from Obama’s policies that are driving us over the cliff.

    • Nancye

      P.S. I’m waiting when the next host of a debate to begin it the way he did last night, for all the candidates to simply walk off of the stage and leave said “host” standing there with egg on his face.

      Doesn’t the Lame Stream Media “get it”? We don’t like them! We’re sick of their gotcha questions. And so are the candidates. Why in the name of good sense would GOP candidates agree to go to a debate on CNN anyway? Geeeezzz.

      • Bill Hurdle

        My congratulations on an excellent idea! Have no fear, the mass media would paint them as unreasonable and unsuitable for election since the Office of the President requires a cooler head.

      • Roadmaster

        BAD IDEA!!! Those media pukes absolutely live for a “walk off.” It’s their crowning glory.

        Do you think John King was chastened after that slap down? Heck no, he and his buddies went for beers afterword and there was a lot of congratulations and back slapping going on, I assure you.

        Newt has been the only one with enough balls/nerve to call out the media, and from now on ALL GOP candidates MUST take these bastids head on, expose their hypocrisy and remind them of what their constitutionally protected job is – telling the TRUTH, exposing corruption, standing up for the oppressed and keeping an eye on tyrants, NOT covering for them…

      • Will Swoboda

        Hi Nancye,
        I really don’t know what upsets the liberal media about Newt’s sex life. Aren’t they the ones who don’t want the government in their bedrooms. They are the ones who don’t want anyone to judge anyone’s behavior. In this case you would think they would be applauding Newt for wanting an open marriage. Give the liberals a free hand and I’ll be able to marry my dog in a few years. After all, who are you to judge how I feel about my dog?

    • Fred Pasek

      I actually hadn’t thought of that, Nancye. Good point. Doesn’t make what Newt did right, but it certainly makes her a hypocrite.

      I like Newt. I think he’d make a great president, but I think we have to face the fact that he’s a sleaze. If the Dems try to say a sleaze doesn’t have the moral character to be president, then we ask them about their icons like Kennedy and Clinton.

      More and more, moral issues are irrelevant in elections.

    • Sydney A. Odell


      I think you are right. Newt is by far the smartest of the lot. What better way to take the focus off of his abilities than to bring up the old baggage, and what a waste of time. It would be a pleasure to see Mr. Gingrich debate Mr. Obama. Thanks for your comments.

  • Joe Gallagher

    I have had the great pleasure of having had 3 marraiges, and 2 live-in relationships in my life. I have felt very lucky to have had the love of these women. I know that past relationships DO NOT affect the way I lead my life today, other than to enhance it. I’m certain they do not cloud my feelings about how my country should be run!!

    • Will Swoboda

      Hey Joe,
      I’m fairly certain that the passengers on the plane that Capt. Sully was able to emergency land on the Hudson River without any loss of life are not interested in any of his personal baggage. Everyone has baggage.

  • Vicki Sempek

    Great column Bernie. You understand the media. Newt was right to handle this the way he did. CNN and John King look very small indeed. It’s one of the reasons I quit watching CNN. Would they open a debate with a question for Obama about Tony Rezko, George Soros, Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers? Give me a break! Obama’s handlers and media clones would use the race monger card immediately.

  • Chris

    Everyone needs to make his/her own personal decision. It seems odd to me that the front running candidate used to be pro-choice…that would be pro-abortion. Now Romney has said that he was confronted with a piece of legislation that changed his mind and he is now pro-life. I take him at his word. Should we not give Newt Gingrich the same consideration? He was confronted with a religious conversion and realizes now that his actions were wrong and says so publicly. I take him at his word. Is sex more newsworthy than the murder of unborn children? I guess so.

  • Fred Pasek

    Don’t stop there. This is a coordinated attack, sure as poop. There are no e-mails going back and forth, and no meetings in the dark halls of power, but Hollywood, the media (CNN< ABC< Newsweek, etc..), the educational system, the Democrats, and everyone else who wants to see Obama re-elected, or at least the closest approximation of Obama, namely, Romney, is working in synch to bring down the more conservative candidates. They time their attackes for greatest impact. They try hard not to conflict with each other's big news. And ratings are a byproduct. If it was just ratings, then they'd go after Obama's past with the same enthusiasm they go after the Republican candidates'. Just think of the ratings they'd get if they got an old buddy of his that he used to snort coke with to open up and give up some "crazy shit" ol' Barrack used to do. No, this is a systematized destruction of conservativism.

  • Dave O’Connor

    I’ve heard and read and commend all the remarks about character and integrity, and in the background I hear liberals licking their sticky fingers.
    Personally, when so much is already known, I’d move on with a shrug. But the nagging of the media won’t let up; and to me they’re filling their poison-cartridges to use in the election.
    Remember, the media and Obama are joined at the groin.

    • Mike Jackson

      More like fused.

  • Bob Pruitt

    I can’t help but put the ex-wife of Newt using
    sUpposed “open marriage” allegations to the
    supposed sexual allegations against Herman Cain,
    and wonder if there is a cabal of sorts using
    this type of material as a political tool to get
    rid of a candidate.

    • Mike Jackson

      More than likely, but in Gingrich’s case, it’s a lot easier to find as he’s been a public person for years.
      Say what you want about his first marriage, but that was also his high school math teacher. I’ll give him something of a pass on that one. I do know she wasn’t in the hospital, etc. when they divorced.
      I don’t know the details of his second marriage, nor do I care to.
      Now, if he wins the nomination and trades horses, so to speak, in his first term, he won’t have a second term.

  • kayakbob

    Personally, I don’t have a problem with the media going after Newt on this. My problem with it is this – the media not only had no interest in “personal character” when John Edwards was…well..we all know NOW what he was doing. They did everything they could to ignore his “personal character” until they just couldn’t ignore it any longer.

    But then again Edwards wasn’t cheating during the [specific] timeframe that his wife was battling cancer…so I guess his “personal character’ is ok, then. huh.

  • Michael

    For those who don’t think they can support Gingrich because of his failed marriages, consider a few things.

    I like Romney, but he just doesn’t seem to be a fighter. I’m afraid he’ll let Obama and Obama’s team of ruthless political throat-cutters thrash him left and right.

    I respect Santorum, but I don’t like him, and I am afraid a lot of other voters won’t like him. He makes people feel like he’s looking down his nose at them. He comes across as the kind of guy who, as a deacon or elder in a church, makes the less-than-perfect people afraid to be in his presence. He’s like the high school principal no kid wants to encounter in the hallway.

    If, like many Republicans, you are not happy with some of Ron Paul’s domestic or foreign policy positions, then that leaves you with the one guy who can and will take the fight to Obama, to the mainstream media, and to anyone else who wants to get in the ring or even shout at him from the stands: Newt Gingrich.

    So, we can sit in our imaginary pews and self-righteously condemn Gingrich for his past marital problems, and stand by while Obama gets four more years of appointing liberal activist federal judges who will do far more to wreck American culture and society than Newt Gingrich’s failed marriages.

    Or, we can help get Gingrich elected and look forward to conservative judges, lower taxes, fewer government handouts (re: welfare reform), and a man who understands, values, and espouses the principles of Western civilization that made America great, and the individualism that made America exceptional.

    So, if you just can’t help but be self-righteous, then make your point and vote against the past philanderer. Help re-elect a guy who will enable more abortions, more race-baiting, more federal “programs,” more persecution of Christians at home and abroad, more “talking” to Iran (as if they haven’t made their intentions clear), more advancement of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and others who hate America, hate Israel, and have sworn to destroy us.

    The world may be on fire, but at least you will have made your point.

    • begbie

      “…that leaves you with the one guy who can and will take the fight to Obama, to the mainstream media, and to anyone else who wants to get in the ring or even shout at him from the stands: Newt Gingrich.”

      That’s what makes him different…and maybe that’s exactly what we need. Maybe he’s not a good husband, but maybe he’ll make a great President. His skeletons are out. If he’s elected, what’s left to attack? That’s a clear advantage for President Gingrich.

      • Roadmaster

        Newt is a conundrum for me – for as many things he’s done that I like, there are almost as many that I don’t. Slapping the taste out of snotty, media elites pie holes is one of my favorites, though.

        I sure would hate for my 1st wife to come back on me after almost 20 years. Not that I did much of anything wrong to her, she was just nuts. I’m sure she would have more class than Gingrich’s ex. She may have been screwy, but her manners were impeccable.

        • Mike Jackson

          Newt’s a conundrum for me too, but I agree with you about his slapping Brian Ross around. Most refreshing and most folks like it.

          • Raouf

            Je crois bien que Marx a jmiaas parler de classe moyenne’ et il n’a pas assez fait attention au salariat’ .qu’est-ce qu’il arrive quand le surplus value’ n’existe plus .?

      • Mike Jackson

        Gingrich has both fire and passion. I don’t see that from Romney. I live in Iowa and it seems like he’s been here since 2006.

  • ScottOnCapeCod

    Thanks Bernie as usual you put a fine point on the story. Newt was right to be upset, there will never be a good time for anyones sins to be revealed, and even though Newt asked for God’s forgiveness, there are consequences for his behavior. This unfortunately is one of them… the timing was poor but so were his “alleged” actions towards his past wives.
    I love Newt’s intelligence, but he’s made some really dumb, dumb choices

  • Northwoods Doug

    This is the kind of media conduct that makes independents flock to the Party Out of Power. As usual, Newt handled it well. In a debate, Newt is the only one in the GOP who’ll be able to best the President…mainly because he’ll be able to use the facts to his advantage.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Do you want to know what the biggest part of this story is? The distraction it has caused. Obama has just handed the Canadian pipeline money to China…20,000 jobs gone (but an endless supply of food stamps readily available)…and we are talking about Newt’s ex-wife. The media can’t be this stupid, it has to be by design. The media and the dems are forcing the GOP candidates to defend themselves over tax returns and ex-wives…and a critical, election changing issue blows past everyone! ABC News puts on it’s phony morality police uniform and eats up 2 days of the news cycle. Meanwhile, Obama hands China our pipeline money and we are watching a freak show and yelling over false racism and class warfare charges. Bravo! Well done! It’s 1998 all over again…while we were watching Monicagate, Osama and the boys were gearing up for the big one! Thank you, Legacy Media, I’m sure the WH appreciates the effort!

    • begbie

      Just wait until Obama loses his reelection bid….the focus will be on why? why? why?….Even while the motorcade arrives then leaves the capitol for the new President’s inauguration. I’ll be surprised if it’s even covered.

  • Carlos E. Vargas

    What a low life this guy Newt seems to be. It is hard to believe there are people like this around us. At any rate, I will VOTE FOR HIM TO BE OUR next President.

  • begbie

    Whatever anyone has to say about this “vetting” of republican presidential candidates, I wonder when the media will get around to vetting the President.

    They sure didn’t worry about character when we found out about is close associations with Rev. Wright or Bill Ayers. No vetting for the President’s experience…business, executive, legistlative or otherwise. No vetting of his investments or tax records. No vetting of his school records and published papers from his time at Harvard.

    So why in the hell should we take this seriously now? Newt may or may not have done these things that this bitter ex-wife says he did, but Clinton set the bar when not only did he actually do those colorful things in the peoples’ Oval Office, but then lied about it and ultimately got caught!

    Spare me the media’s “responsible search for character”. To clear thinking Americans, this is a concerted effort to clear the way for Obama’s second term. Nevermind the issues, just luanch personnal attacks to win because that’s all the dems have at this point.

  • Terry McCollough

    Bernie, well said. While I think that some of the personal actions and decisions of Newt are well deserving of criticism, these particular events are not recent. It is fine to report on them in the regular course of the campaign, as has been done. Do it in depth if it is appropriate. In this instance both ABC and CNN put themselves in the same category as the National Enquirer…..tawdry tabloids. CNN started the debate, and make no mistake that was a carefully chosen “shot”, in order to draw attention and to sensationalize it’s own image. Why can’t “reporters” simply report the news as it happens rather than try to create, control, shape and many times, invent the story? What would Walter Cronkite think of the actions of both networks?

    • Mike Jackson

      Hey, be nice to National Enquirer. At least THEY didn’t pursue the story!

  • JohnInMA

    Instead of “waking up”, so to speak, most media outlets continue to offend all but the most PC crowd with varying frequency. In other words, the only segment of the population they overtly “protect” with their editorial choices, selection of phrases, and reported topics is the most progressive or politically correct folks. Their influence is waning for the larger population, and the management seems hell bent of expediting that.

    • Dave O’Connor

      Point, John,”…most media outlets continue to offend all but the most PC crowd with varying frequency….” And that PC crowd is a pretty ‘common’ – as in base – lot. That’s like the hockey fans, who, in spite of the score, are disappointed if a fight doesn’t break out. So they’ll want even more red-meat for the pay-offs. Tis stuff will be their store.
      Remember and declare;the media and Obama are joined at the groin.

  • rick geiger

    Excellent writing Bernie, right on the mark!!

    • Rida

      Hello there, I found your wsteibe by means of Google whilst searching for a comparable subject, your web site came up, it appears good. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  • Ray Jacobs

    Wow…..Conservative media is all over a sitting President and the details of his infidelities but they suddenly grow some decorum when it concerns their guy.

    • JohnInMA

      The fact that Gingrich was unfaithful is very, very old news. Gossipy, reality TV type interviews stink in general, but especially when they cover no new ground and simply give opportunity to “freshen” the old. Of course, partisans of both sides relish the chance to completely dehumanize and demean any opponent. Clearly you are in that category.

      • Dave O’Connor

        And yet, we know nothing about the academic data on the President; neither his grades nor his applications (any Federal loans or exceptions for status).

    • begbie

      Details of his infedelities? Actually, we’re mostly concerned about this President’s policies which is the way it should be. But since we’re talking about Gingrich and his marriages, let’s go ahead and discuss Obama’s associations in his personnal life too. Let’s do a real character comparison and see who’s more “fit” to be President.

    • Paul Borden

      If you don’t know the difference between a private matter involving a couple and a president, or any person really, taking advantage of their position of power over a subordinate, then I may be wasting my time here, but the result of the Clinton-Lewinsky kind of makes sexual matters like this generally irrelevant. The public has shown it didn’t care that Clinton was a scum bag in personal behavior as long as he did his job. So if it didn’t make a difference then, why should it now?

      • begbie

        Great point, Paul. Here’s a cigar!

      • Bruce A.

        Exactly, the mainstream media blew off the Clinton affairs as a private matter & did hound Hillary with it. The double standard was also pointed out then by journalists with a brain.

    • james mayfield

      Thats the point…SITTING PRESIDENT which Newt is not…but, I dont care if slick willie got head in the oval office, the fact that he LIED under oath when asked. Your post holds no merit.

  • Rob Wallace

    It appears to me that the MSM, as a rule have given up any pretense of being impartial observers in their slavish adoration of Obama & the liberal cabal. I agree there is a backlash against the media coming, but I’m wondering how you think it will manifest itself?

  • Richard Allen

    What Gingrich did in his personal life and bedroom hold no real fascination for me. I am agreed that ABC and moderator of the debate acted with purposeful malice toward Gingrich and should be severely boycotted. Excellent article Bernie!

    • Tee

      Je les as vus Sandigirl doagmme il n’y avait pas une video dans la chambre de DSK a Sofitel j’imagine celle de Vendredi soir est mieux C’est pas possible cette homme/ours

  • richard mcenroe

    Whatever you feel about the media’s tawdry behavior, they have done us a service.

    Newt Gingrich indulged in appalling, erratic personal behavior in his first marriage. Then, when his first wife got sick, rather than stand by her, he quit the marriage.

    Newt Gingrich indulged in appalling, erratic personal behavior in his second marriage. Then, when his second wife got sick, rather than stand by her, he quit the marriage.

    Newt Gingrich engaged in erratic behavior as Speaker of the House, as reported by members of both parties and the Administration. Then, when his own party forced him to resign the Speakership, he also resigned the Congressional seat he had just handily won, at the expense of his constituents.

    Newt Gingrich has big ideas. He talks tough. He can yell at reporters when he has a friendly crowd behind him. But when the pressure is on, when character counts, it turns out all Newt’s character is bad. He quits and runs.

    Is this someone we can rely on to stand up to Obama in the campaign and reform the government machine he has grown fat on over the years?

    • Susan Frost McHugh

      Thanks Richard – I also believe that CHARACTER COUNTS. The conservative movement will be UNDONE by someone like Gingrich being nominated. I’m a conservative, but I’m not a hypocrite. If it was okay to go after Bill Clinton and his bad behavior, it’s okay to go after the GOP candidate.
      And one last thing, Newt: “Every person in here knows personal pain. Every person in here has had someone close to them go through painful things.” That is just laughable. YOU caused the pain, not all of us can or want to say that. Your daughters probably don’t give a rat’s ass about their philandering step mother, but they certainly care a lot about money and power, just like their dad. You can’t bully everyone, Newt!!

      • begbie

        If not being a hypocrite is as important to you as it is to me, let’s hault our character judgements at the door of a marriage. There is a reason why the divorce court is one of the most volatile venues in our justice system….it’s because it’s usually a war of words and half truths. This was a very bitter divorce and it’s still boils over, as many who have been through it could relate to.

    • ken nixon

      This is a 1% vs 99% question, The 1% is by the press that wants to aggitate and create sensationalism. The 99% thats the voters, do not get questions that the voters need answers necessary for voters to make sound judgement on which candidate will: 1. find jobs for the 20,000.00 people out of work. 2. cut the cost of Gov. sponsored projects. 3. Ballance the budject, 4.Reduce every Gov. agency by 20%. 5. Stop giving our tax money to every Tom,Dick & Harry in all of the countries that hate our guts and would kill us if they got the chance., It makes us less liked.6. Get a grip on all of the Illegals that enter our country and take away our jobs, close the borders once and forever.7. Mr. Newt Gingrich is the most brilliant candidate that has hit the seen in my life time of 80yrs, and believe me I have followed them all from Rosevelt to Obama. Obama is over his head, simply because he had no cridentials, only a big mouth, that spewed out one falsehood after another when he was campaign in 2008. wake up America and put a person in the Whitehouse that knows his ass from his Elbo.