Note to Dems: Please Take E.J.'s Advice

Peter Wehner on liberal columnist E.J. Dionne

E.J. Dionne Jr. is upset and confused. In a column citing an abysmal (for Democrats) NPR poll, E.J. writes that

the numbers in the NPR survey are so bad that Democrats might pause before becoming lemmings. There is something preposterous about how the administration and congressional Democrats have lost every major public argument that they should be winning.

He then lists some of them: the stimulus bill, the health-care bill, and the deficit. Dionne can’t understand how “Republicans who have little to say about how to solve the nation’s major problems are dominating the country’s underlying philosophical narrative.” After all, the problems plaguing America are because government has not been intrusive and active enough. Yet somehow, some way, “the GOP is managing to sell the idea that the big issue in this election should be — government spending.”

To the modern liberal mind, this is utterly incomprehensible.

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