NPR’s Alicia Shepard is a Pinhead. And how about Nina Totenberg?

When you live inside the liberal bubble, you have no sense of reality.

  • Rogan

    Let me tell you about Alicia Shepard. She defends the firing of Juan Williams because he makes a comment that NPR might think borders on racism but Alicia Shepard herself borders on racism but it’s againt White people so NPR and the liberal media and probably the media as a whole doesn’t see it as racism because as she said, ” racial issues are usually viewed from a minority viewpoint and white people are the majority and really have nothing to complain about”. Oh really? Does she really believe that she has such an understanding of the whole world that she is qualified to say that no White people have anything to complain about when it comes to all the complexities of race relations? What about 40 years of legalized discrimination called Affirmative-Action?
    Alicia Shepard also decided that she speak for the whole media and NPR and said that the issue of recognizing White people as European-Americans “sounds so raicst”. But it doesn’t sound so racist to recognize black people as African-Americans or orientals as Asian-Americans or American Indians as Native Americans or the people who come from south of our border as Hispanic-Americans. No that’s not racist but for White people to have their recognition for where their race came from is rasist. That must be an example of all those ” lots of double standards in the world” that she mentioned to us. Hmmmm……….I guess she’s ok with spending her life working as a journalist and receiving all these awards for exellence in journalism but at the same time practicing double standards that she herself would probably call unfair. I guess as long as it falls in with NPR’s programming it’s not such a bad thing, huh?
    She said that calling White people European-Americans was “not relevent with NPR’s programming”. Nice to hear that the whole race of White people aren’t relevent. Hmmmmmmm??????? There’s your double standard.
    When she really showed her true colors was when she used one of her colleagues ethnicity to throw a jab at us. She asked “so what would you have us do, have Michelle Norris identify herself as African-American everytime she goes on the radio”? Our response was “of course not, that has nothing to do with the issue we’re talking about”. She had no futher comments on that rediculous, racist remark. I just wonder how Michelle Norris would feel if she knew that one of her trusted colleages would be so insensitive to use her status as an African-American just to throw an insult at someone else? Especially when it was totally off base and “not relevent’. Once again, there’s that double standard.
    Alicia Shepard really has no business passing judgment of someone else for slipping up and making a stupid insensitive remark when she herself is guilty of the same thing. Difference is, her remarks are not public knowledge caputed on video and her remarks are directed against the “silent majority” that she and her people see as “not relevent”. By her people, I mean the liberals. The do gooders who use very selective standards for dishing out their good deeds.
    I suggest you follow up on this story if you really want to upset NPR and especially Aicia Shepard but you probably won’t because underneath it all you are part of the meida too and eventhough you’re more conservative it’s probably “not relevent” to your programming either. And I’m sure you folks do subscribe to AP and wouldn’t want to upset them, now would you? I mean, they do have their style book that all you journalists see as the journalistic bible.