Numbers Don’t Lie, Liberals Do

Republicans are worried sick that the Democrats will be able to use all the nasty sound bites from the GOP debates in the general election. I’m not too concerned for a number of reasons, but the main one is that the GOP will merely have to produce ads in which we show Barack Obama saying, “I’m pledging to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term in office” and “If I don’t get the unemployment rate under 7%, I deserve to be a one-term president.”

For good measure, I would produce another ad in which I showed Obama and jobs czar Jeffrey Immelt giggling as the president says, “I guess shovel-ready jobs weren’t quite as shovel-ready as we thought.” The viewer would be reminded that this came a long time after Obama, Pelosi and Reid, shoved through a trillion dollar stimulus that they promised would turn around the economy.

Only a know-nothing know-it-all like Obama would even consider blowing hundreds of billions of tax dollars on solar panels and railroads, two things that Americans crave about as much as they do a case of measles or mumps.

In spite of Obama’s chief of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s insisting that our southern border has never been more secure, according to Townhall writer Katie Pavlich, there is at least one official sign posted in southern Arizona that reads: “Travel Caution: Smuggling and Illegal Immigration May Be Encountered in This Area.” But I suppose Ms. Napolitano can’t possibly see the sign from 2,000 miles away.

It’s also worth mentioning that the American Bar Association has rated a record number of Obama’s judicial nominees as “not qualified,” and they weren’t even referring to Kagan and Sotomayor. Or, for that matter, to Attorney General Eric Holder, under whose watch the feds allowed over a thousand weapons to be delivered to Mexican drug cartels and who, for good measure, refused to prosecute the Black Panthers for intimidating white voters. For purposes of comparison, the ABA rejection rate of Obama’s judicial appointments is four times as high as it was under Clinton or Bush. But I guess that’s to be expected when you keep trying to pay off hundreds of crooked Chicago cronies with federal judgeships.

Speaking of numbers, Newt Gingrich came under fire from the self-righteous Juan Williams for referring to Obama as the Food Stamp President. Led by Williams, liberals insisted that was a racist slur. But, then, those self-righteous ninnies consider every honest comment about Obama’s administration to be a racist slur.

Liberals were quick to point out that most of the 47,000,000 people now collecting food stamps are white. As typically happens when liberals start tossing numbers around, the purpose isn’t enlightenment, but obfuscation. Their intention, whether it’s food stamps or crime statistics, is to pretend that guilt can only be ascribed to white Americans.

In the case of food stamps, all they had to do was point out that the majority of those using food stamps are whites, not blacks. While that’s true, it’s also true that whites constitute two-thirds of the population, blacks roughly one-seventh. So while it’s a fact that whites are 34% of the folks on food stamps and blacks only 22%, 66% of the population is white and only 13% black. In case you’re one of those who never quite mastered percentages in junior high, let me try to clarify things. There are 310 million Americans, 205 million of whom are white, 40 million are black. That, we can agree, is quite a gap. On the other hand, of the 47 million Americans collecting food stamps, only about 16 million are whites, while nearly 10.5 million are black.

So, while I don’t favor Newt Gingrich in the primaries, I think we can all agree that he’s not a racist.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of Juan Williams.

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  • Burt Prelutsky

    cma: Sorry to be so tardy, but I didn’t realize that anyone was still posting about this article.
    All I can say is that you wrote a brilliant comment and it’s a shame that you aren’t an American. We could sure use several million more like you. Especially with a presidential election looming up.


  • cmacrider

    Sorry burt … double entry deleted

  • cmacrider

    As I understand your article you are making two points: (a) the Obama administration is incompetent and (b) these racists arguments by the Democrats are straw man arguments with no foundation in fact.
    As a non-American let me address these two points.
    On the incompetency issue I think you should bear in mind that JUST BECAUSE:
    Hillary Clinton totally bungles a State visit to a Third Rate Power (Canada) and is sent home with her tail between her pant legs by the Prime Minister;
    Janet Napolitano can’t figure out that there are different problems relating to the Canadian border and the Mexican border ;
    The Attorney General of the U.S. is responsible for gun running to Mexican cartels;
    The Head of the Energy Department can’t figure out that if it costs $10.00 to produce a solar panel which you can only sell for $5.00 that you can’t make money;
    The President can’t figure out that a pipe line bringing in millions of barrels of oil per day to the U.S. (and is 45% owned by Americans) is good for the domestic economy;
    The President can’t produce a budget which even addresses a 15 trillion dollar national debt;
    These are not reasons to suggest that the Administration is incompetent even if the rest of the entire world is looking on and saying “Where are the players of world stature that America always produced in every past Administrations …. The McNamara’s and Kissingers?”

    On the race card, it seems obvious that if Americans were good and decent people firmly striving to continuously make their society more just and equitable, then their history would show a people who:
    -Fought a civil war in which one of the outcomes was the emancipation of the slave;
    -An owner of a baseball team (say the Dodgers) concluded it was unjust that African Americans were precluded from major league baseball … and decided to break the color barrier
    -Decided that segregation was inherently unjust and passed legislation to end segregation
    -Ensured that, over time, more and more people from visible minorities would be able to rise to the highest offices in the land such as Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or maybe Secretary of State
    -Created a society where it was customary to see talented people irrespective of race or color become prominent in the media, professional sports, the entertainment field and business.
    But as I listen to Maxine Watters, Juan Williams and their ilk, I guess none of those things happened in America and everywhere you turn, racism abounds.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Doom: I can’t respond to your message because I can’t grasp what point you are trying to make.


    • DOOM161

      Liberals apparently see it as a bad thing that more people are on food stamps under Obama. That’s why they take offense to Gingrich calling him the food stamp President. Since they don’t have an argument, they play the race card (which should surprise no one) as if white people being on welfare makes Obama a better President.

  • DOOM161

    Even if 100% of people on food stamps were white, how would that prove that Obama is doing a good job of keeping people off food stamps?

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Tom: The 99%? Did you actually refer to the 99%? The only help that any American who’s willing to work and not depend on federally-funded goodies needs is for Obama, Pelosi and Reid, to retire. Perhaps to Greece.


    • Wil Burns

      Yep, Yep, Wedge issues are very important to the Republican party.
      With out them the stupid would notice they are being screwed.

      • Abort Leberal Fetuses!

        Why are you so angry? Is it because your mother failed to use her constitutional right to have an abortion when she had the chance?

  • Nancye

    Eric Holder should be in an orange jumpsuit!

  • Tom

    You couldn’t make the case for voting for Obama better. You show that the far right has nothing positive to say and has not got one single good idea that will help the 99%. At least you admit there are plenty of nasty soundbites by the cream of the Republican Party, a reflection of what the GOP has become.

    • Jeffreydan

      “You couldn’t make the case for voting for Obama better. You show that the far right has nothing positive to say… ”

      The “far right” has been talking about Barack a lot lately, a subject who doesn’t merit positive talk.

      “…and has not got one single good idea that will help the 99%.”

      Really now? Actually, plenty has been said about how we can help “the folks” (O’ Reilly reference), so either you’re unaware of it, aware of it and lying, or aware of it and ignorant of how economics and business work.

      “At least you admit there are plenty of nasty soundbites by the cream of the Republican Party, a reflection of what the GOP has become.”

      Republicans running against one another get negative. It’s a reflection of campaigning, just as true for democrats vs democrats, so your statement seems like a just another silly attempt to bad-mouth Republicans.

      Perhaps you could impress others and admit
      that democrats are veritable negative soundbite factories by comparison, it’s year-round, and THAT is a reflection of what democrats have become.

      And thanks for suggesting that there is ANY case whatsoever for voting for Obama–I love a good chuckle.

    • DOOM161

      So people that make $593k a year need government assistance? That’s the upper tier of the 99%.

      How has Obamacare helped anyone? Stimulus? Bank bailouts? Forced takeover of GM and Chrysler? Solyndra? Giving guns to Mexican drug cartels? $1.5 trillion deficits?

      I’ll check back later to see if you come up with anything.

      • DOOM161

        Still nothing. Got it.

  • G. Daylan

    Thanks Burt for mentioning Pelosi and Reid in this one.