Obama and the Dolts Deserve Each Other

I can vividly remember my conservative friends telling me that class warfare wouldn’t work for President Obama.  Wrong, I told them.  Class warfare would work, envy is a powerful force, most Americans would have no problem if taxes were to go up on the so-called rich.  Why should they care, they would figure?  “My taxes aren’t going up.”

I bring this up not to gloat, but to make the point that the Republicans can’t win this “fiscal cliff” battle.  The president’s message is so simple that even your typical not-too-bright American who thinks the “rich” owe him something could grasp it:  The rich have to pay their “fair share.”  They can afford a tax hike.  Your government needs their money, so the rich need to cough it up.  Case closed.

The Republican position is not nearly so easy to grasp.  Let’s close loopholes, they say, and keep tax rates where they are (or maybe even lower them) and raise money the same amount of money that way.

But why is that better than simply raising rates?  Because, the GOP says, raising rates will hurt job creation and slow the recovery.  To which the typical American who’s barely paying attention asks:  But if taxes are going up on the rich one way or the other, and the same amount of money will be coming out of their pockets, what’s the difference?  Why not just go with President Obama — who cares about people like me — and get this whole thing over with?

Trying to tell Bozo America that the rich already pay more than their fair share would, of course be a waste of time.  Telling them that the top the top 1 percent of American households paid 39 percent of income taxes in 2009, according to the most recent data compiled by the Congressional Budget Office, and the top 5 percent of taxpayers paid 64 percent, would just leaving them scratching their empty heads and saying, “huh?”

Acknowledging that income taxes alone do not tell the whole story, because lower-income Americans do pay payroll taxes, and explaining that even then, the top 1 percent paid 22 percent of federal taxes while earning just 13.4 percent of household income and the top 5 percent paid 40 percent of all federal taxes, despite earning only 26 percent of all income … wouldn’t make a dent in their thick skulls, either.

The (Washington) Examiner says, “No matter how you slice the numbers, it’s hard to understand why anyone would think the wealthy aren’t already shouldering a burden commensurate with their blessings.”

That is, assuming that most Americans have a clue, which they don’t.

So what should the Republicans do?  Here’s my free advice:

Tell the American people that the Republican Party will not raise any taxes unless President Obama gets serious about cutting spending.  Yes, I know, they’ve already said that.

But they haven’t said this:  We know that you, the American people, will blame us, the Republican Party if we go over the cliff.  We know you will blame us when we slip into another recession and millions of Americans lose their jobs.  We know that if a giant meteor falls out of the sky and kills a pussy willow in Wyoming you will blame us for that too.  Good thing we no longer care what you think.

So let us, the Republican Party, make this very, very clear:  We don’t give a damn if you blame us.  Blame the hell out of us if it makes you feel better.  BUT WE WILL NOT SELL YOU, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DOWN THE RIVER, SO BARACK OBAMA CAN MAKE HIS LEFT WING BASE HAPPY.  WE WILL DO WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE SENSE TO APPRECIATE IT.

The American people have never heard such a clear, unvarnished message from politicians.  It might wake them up.  It might make the dolts say, “Hey these people really do care about people like me.”  Or it may not.  If it doesn’t, no harm no foul.  They were going to blame Republicans anyway, so the party will have lost nothing by being blunt.

On a personal note, I hope that every small business operator whose taxes go up, fires somebody – or several people – to make up for their lost revenue.  First, they should find out if, during the presidential campaign, the employee thought raising taxes on the rich was a good idea.  If yes, fire him or her and make sure he or she understands why you did it.  “My taxes went up, my profits went down,” the business person will say, “and you’re going to pay the price since you thought Mr. Obama had such a great idea when he said the ‘rich’ need to pay their ‘fair share.’ Bye Bye.”

Sure, this will cause a lot of pain and suffering.  Too bad I’ve reached the point where I don’t care anymore.  Barack Obama doesn’t understand how the economy works and neither do the slugs who voted for him.  They deserve each other – and the consequences of their actions.

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      P.S. I’M BEING KIND !

  • Adult

    :( both of you are big babies. Stop whining and start acting like grown ups and start making compromises. Half the worlds economy needs our economic power to drive their industries.

  • Arnold Ruff

    Lack of leadership equals “My Way or The High Way” no give equals no deal and “We the People” lose again. Find out the truth with Lou Dobbs, John Stossel, George Will and Bernie Goldberg, just to name a few.

  • Arnold Ruff

    He wants to win both houses in 2014, which will give him an open check book to finish his wish to change our American way of life! Maybe a 3th term? Or forever king!

  • http://twitter.com/denny64 denny64

    I watch you on real sports- you are sane. Is someone ghost writing this blog? Are you doing it for the money? Wealth has shifted to the rich since the bush tax cuts at the rate of third world countries. Please check your facts. Only 3% of small businesses make more than 250k. Of those only 7% are actually countries. You Bernie are a small business because you receive royalties from your books. Hedge funds are small businesses also. Also it’s only the 251k that gets taxed at higher rate.

  • Souvoter

    I saw a graph shown on c-span the other day that was held up for about 3 seconds before promptly being laid back down. That graph showed the disparity of the rise of wages over the years between the working class and the top tier (or the rich); IT made me gasp! If the Republicans want to win back the voters, they need to address this disparity so everyone can contribute. A DIE-HARD CONSERVATIVE

    • Tombr

      Here it its:


      So, why should a worker care when the corporation he works for has strong profits? He won’t benefit from it.

      • Souvoter

        So, Republicans and the business community need to out-bid and cut out the middle-men (govt. and govt. unions); create a new middle-class to support free markets and honest capitalism.

      • Mario__P

        This graph explains perfectly well what the problem with out nation is today. The ones at the top get a nice compensation and a bonus while the worker’s salary and benefits decline, regardless whether the company is successful or heading into bankruptcy. Due to this lack of accountability and utter greed at the top, is there any wonder why the electorate asks for more government intervention and social programs? The disconnected upper class should blame themselves for the weakened support for capitalism and not be making up lies that the electorate is brainwashed or uninformed. The reality is that the voter is very informed, as he sees his financial situation erode every year, and it’s the wealthy who live in a fantasy land. Once the top gets fixed, everything else will fall in place.

  • Switchlight13

    The SCOTUS to take up California gay marrige ban. How will Kagen decide? The suspence is unbearable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

    “Alinskyite Black Messiah” is racially charged and will be reported. >>>>> “b*lls”, “b*lls”, “go to h*ll”…William F. Buckley looks down and smiles. Taxes? Has Obama raised taxes on 95% of us? AND is going back to 39.6% on the super rich Socialistic to you? :)

  • Switchlight13

    I notice the rabbits in Blue state New York and the PRNJ have not blamed Obama for the pitiful response to Sandy’s aftermath. Strange because Bush was blamed by EVERYONE for the Katrina response. Glad I contributed nothing to either; not one penny to the rabbits and sheep except, of course, my hard earned tax payer “contribution”.

  • Venter

    Common Sense is gone. Anyone who lives on a budget, when times are bad, knows you have to adjust that budget , First you stop spending on unimportant things, you cut money household expenses. You turn off lights,lower heat, buy food on sale, reinvent your wardrobe, don’t buy the new car. You make changes because it is good common sense! The middle class is doing all of the above. The Harvard Grads in Washington are without common sense and they were not taught how to correct or even live on a budget OOPS Our country has had no budget for 4 years. The fiscal cliff is going to be blamed on the republicans. Therefore, let it happen!!!!!!!, Obama’s desire to tax the rich is a shameful excuse for Revenge on Success.

    • Switchlight13

      Unfortunately I don’t think most Americans have the common sense you attribute to them if the results of the recent election is any standard. I think they live on a credit card and hope for a bailout when the shoe drops. There are more takers then makers. The Sandy “victims” lived on the coast yet apparently none had flood insurance and now want, no they demand, that the rest of the taxpayers give them a free house via a Govt bailout.

  • Switchlight13

    Obama aka Hitler Lite now wants to claim debt hike power to himself without consent of Congress. Shades of Germany circa 1933. Also seeking to go around Congress to re-classsify firearms for a semi-auto ban. Germans voted in Hitler in 1933 and Americans voted Hitler Lite in 2012. Hitler hated Jews; Hitler Lite hates the white middle class and the Constitution..

  • Brian

    Right on, Bernie. Many people who want to tax the rich are envious of their success. Funny how they seem to ignore celebrities who are rich and often out-of-touch with regular folks. I wonder why. The GOP should have the guts to stick with their position and core values. Btw, notice that when the Occupy Movement began, the slogan was “The 99% versus the top 1%.” Now it is the top 2%. My question is how much longer will it be until this is increased to the top 5%, 10%, etc?

  • john nazzaro

    The GOP needs to pivot from taxes to costs ASAP, and articulate the inevitable increase in tax rates/obligation on the middle class resulting from sustaining current spending. That isn’t hard; the data is already available in the Trustees reports for Social Security and Medicare. Give Obama his rate increase (although I would be inclined to elevate the base to the actual upper 2% or $398000)with a year’s sunset clause with renewal predicated on demonstrated hard cost containment, tax code revision, and a change in base line budgeting/reporting with accrual accounting of unfunded liabilities.In short,tax and budget reform designed to tell the public the hard truth, regardless of electoral consequences. Then if they go down they have at least articulated their cause. CHANGE THE CONVERSATION (forget Norquist; that pledge was always foolish and has been overcome by events). The GOP needs to make a frank case on spending; right now they haven’t the time, and they are caught in hostile territory. They need to campaign bluntly on the unfunded cost of generational transfers (note I didn’t use the “entitlement” word). And they need a spokesman who can present and sell the concept that reform not only eliminates a 40% marginal tax rate looming for the middle class, but will eliminate the likely need to cut back current beneficiaries. Ryan? At any rate, if they are going to bite the bullet, make sure the public knows why. I understand Bernie’s frustration. But right now the public doesn’t get it: we need to go down, if needed and leave a reference point/warning for the next generation-fighting over marginal tax rates doesn’t do that.

  • Switchlight13

    The so called “Commander in Chief” of the armed forces. The empty suit called Obama WANTS sequestration so the military suffers and the nation is weakened while his Homies enjoy their food stamps, Medicade for illigitimate kids and the multible Wefare Programs the high school drop outs survive on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deborah.cote Deborah Cote-Deitz

    Bernie, will you marry me? This was FABULOUS!!!

  • Sue G.

    Thank you so much for pointing out that I am a dolt. Oh right, that’s because I’m part of the 47%….I lost my job in April and have yet to find one. Let go by a very wealthy company just because they needed new blood and didn’t care if I had 25 years experience, a degree and did my job very well. Now, I am considered unmarketable due to my age. And, the average time to find a new job per statistics is at least one year. So, look forward to no economic influx from my family. Just once, I would like to see one of you rich idiots try to live on $150 a week for gas, food and daily household expenses for a family of four. Oh, and by the way, here in Michigan, Hostess just went out of business, laying off over 15,000 workers while the CEO’s got bonuses. The middle class is not ignorant or don’t care, it’s just that we spend our time trying to survive and by the end of the day, we don’t want to watch depressing news or read any more about how you are trying to screw us over, we just want to go to bed so we can start all over again in the morning!

    • Switchlight13

      If Michigan was a right to work state Hostess would still be thriving. If you supported Obama in the election, don’t expect to find a job anytime soon with his economic policies. You got what you deserve. Wait till Obama Care kicks in: you ain’t seen nothing yet…lol……btw Michigan continues to vote Democrat. Expecting different results doing the same thing is called insanity. Move to busniess friendly Republican Texas or North Dakota. The economy is booming.

  • teddyg

    I agree with absolutely everything you said up until your “personal note.” Because the loss of profit is from greater taxes rather than a shifting demand, it would only make them loose more money to fire anyone for this reason. No one who understands business would suggest such a thing, making me realize that this is just another page of heated rhetoric

  • Switchlight13

    A Detroit city council member is asking President Obama to bail out the financially troubled city in return for residents’ overwhelmingly supporting his successful re-election bid…………Detroit is a bastion of typical Black incompetence. With an out of wedlock birth rate approaching 90% & a monumental violent crime rate, the city is expected to go bankrupt within 6 months baring a bailout. Ignorant Dolts and welfare Slugs indeed.

  • Dennis C

    I like the article and Bernie’s reasoning a lot. There is a big problem. It isnt about jobs or the economy to these people. It is about them having their hands out and King Barack promising to keep feeding them so the Dems can have their captive audience of people enslaved to the Government.

  • Whitney

    I offered the following analogy to my teenage daughter to explain why raising taxes on small businesses is a bad idea. I pay her an allowance. Let’s say the government raises my taxes to an amount that exceeds her allowance. Since we aren’t sitting on piles of extra money, something needs to be done to make up the difference. One option would be to cut out other expenses, such as upgrading her laptop. Another option would be to reduce her allowance to an affordable amount. A combination of the two approaches might also be necessary. Lastly, there may be no other option but to lay her off. (That’s a joke, by the way.)

    It’s a mystery to me why anyone would want to hurt those that are providing their livelihood. As the old saying goes, don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  • FloridaJim

    Obama has a short message easily understood and it rolls off the tongue “tax the rich” “pay your fair share” while the Republicans stumble over their message just as Romney did on “my 59 point plan” later magically changed to my “5 point plan” neither well articulated. Now John Boehner, who on God’s green earth would select John Boehner to confront Obama on anything? I say do not cave on taxes if you stand for anything it is no new taxes spell it out, stick with it and force Obama to weaken or tell the world every day you have given us a way out and if Obama demands” tax the rich” Obama is forcing America into the Weimar Republic.

  • Dave W

    Is there not some creative way to increase the taxes on the rich ($250K+ earners) but exclude the small business owners that the Republicans are concerned about?
    Also, why not a strong tax incentive tied to hiring in the private sector?

  • Switchlight13

    Obama wants to off the cliff. He gets his tax increase and cuts Defense by 500 Billion. He will protect his Homies from any cuts in Medicade for illigitimate kids & illegal aliens and the other welfare programs. The Dolts & Slugs don’t get it.

    • Darkon711

      You should be the last person running around calling others “dolts”.

  • Randall

    I say lets go off the cliff. Let the dolts feel the consequences of their vote.

  • ConservativeTexas

    I’ve been feeling EXACTLY the same way recrently (not caring about the pain and suffering that comes upon those who voted for Obama) but I’ve also been feeling bad for feeling that way. I’m just so frustrated that these people are bringing the entire country down it’s hard to care if they lose their jobs, homes or anything else. They voted for it as far as I’m concerned. Having said that, I really don’t want to be this way and I’m working on changing my attitude but those who voted for this Obama character are not making it at all easy.

  • mcweijun

    Truer words were never spoke Bernie. I just wish Boehner would memorize these words and speak them to the Dolt in Chief. Who gives a crap is exactly right. The idiots in this country have been trained to blame conservatives for anything that goes wrong regardless. That is so much easier than actually having to use your brain. As I navigate around my city tripping over empty medical marijuana containers and smelling weed everywhere I go, I have come to the same conclusion. I’m just going to grab a good seat and enjoy watching the left be miserable.

  • annettaf3

    This former Democrat is heart-sick to agree with this line of thinking, but it’s the only solution that I can think of.The U.S. economy is on a dead-end road and there is nothing to lose by throwing down the gauntlet to the Administration and Democratic Congress.

  • kcinco

    This is exactly what I have been thinking but couldn’t articulate so well. And when I think of boehner and his teary little acceptance speeches two years ago. It makes me sick to my stomach! What fools we were to believe his sincerity. I am really trying to tune out these “dolts” but am compelled to pay some attention to what is going on so I know when to hold onto the rails so I don’t get washed out with the tsunami. Washington DC nothing but a bunch of show boaters looking out for themselves and their jobs. How can we get these idiots out of office BEFORE the next election cycle?

  • snappa55

    I think Obama understands the economy quite well. He is doing just what he set out to accomplish; to bring America to it’s knees, turn us into a socialist, government dependent, whiny, whimpy nation full of secular, selfish, do nothings that think China is our national banking buddy and the United Nations is our government!

  • inteligman

    i disagree with your defense of bob costas, on the o’reilly show last night.
    what he told you doesn’t jive with what he really said.

  • inteligman

    you are absolutely right. i wish the republicans had the courage to follow your advice. THEYDON’T.

  • suellen

    Great article Bernie. I’ve been wondering wh the Republicans don’t hold a news conference right at the height of the public watching day and say everything you say!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Garvasi/1332211961 David Garvasi

    Again, you are oversimplifying, Bernie. It could be argued that many of those oh-so-generous, martyr-like “rich” (of which I am certain you are one), might not have such exorbitant “blessings” if they weren’t taking advantage of the hard work of middle class America. Not to mention our corporate “leaders” that have overstuffed their pockets by shipping jobs overseas by the thousands. And how is that income disparity doing, between the average worker and CEO? Oh, record levels? I see….you’ve skewed your argument to one side, and left out important facts. Very easy to do. Who are you to say what someone’s “fair share” is? I have the answer: you are NO ONE.

    Also, while I agree with you that most Americans are….”doltish,” I would argue that the majority of our most “intellectually challenged” citizens are actually proponents of CONSERVATIVE ideals (see the Southeast, for example). Don’t talk down to me, because I don’t share your political ideology – it’s pompous and unbecoming. Sorry Bernie, you DON’T have all the answers.

  • surlyrevenant

    VERY good article. I’m gonna start making regular tweets to SWPs. Stupid White People. My potential base is ENORMOUS. Especially with our colleges churning out millions more possible “followers” every year.
    non-sequitur — At the start of ANY recession, job loss is heaviest. As non-critical jobs disappear, as niche jobs go away, job loss slows. If no one does ANYTHING, job loss SLOWS. Usually SOONER.

  • http://www.facebook.com/larry.englander Larry Englander

    I love it Bernie. Firing someone is painful even to the employer who has to do it. But if he can say “You’re being discharged because of the policies set by your idol, President Obama” it’s so much better than saying “I can’t afford to keep you on” which sounds like whining.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

    Yes, just give Obama the tax increases for the wealthy in exchange for cuts in spending. The majority of voters wanted tax increases for the wealthy and cuts in spending just as Obama promised he would do. Hold Obama to his promise.

  • paul

    Bravo Bernie!!!!…….. Hopefully the Republican will adopt this. Like you say, the Republicans are going to lose anyway.. Why not be blunt and just tell it like it is.
    Businesses are are already cutting back, no one is getting hired and the economy is stagnating…

  • Switchlight13

    You call Obama supporters dumb dolts; I call them sheep. Same difference I suppose. Another very recent example is Blacks are all over the TV demaning gun control due to the NFL murderer/suicide incident in KC. Ironic that the group responsible for the vast majority of the violent crime in the US, the ones who celebrated OJ’s aquittal should blame the tool instead of themselves. A culture that kills over a pair of sneakers. The Left and their slaves are so dispicable.

  • David

    Your article is very insulting Goldberg! Please tell me what makes you smarter or the Republican party smarter than everyone else. That is why the Republican party lost because of your attitudes towards the people you serve. I cannot believe you called people dolts and slugs you sound very bitter. Even if you are right getting your point across by insulting will never get you anywhere.

    • Switchlight13

      Dolts, slugs and sheep = Dumb Americans voting for Obama.

    • RonKean

      It got the President elected. Romney is as decent and squeaky clean as they come but we know how he was portrayed.

  • jm313

    Let Obama raise the taxes on the upper class. Job creation will for sure slow and GDP will drop a little.

    Then all of us Republicans can tell the Left: We told you so!

  • trnsamcc

    Republican Party Should allow the Obamacrats own the debacle we are headed to. Let them raise taxes, let them own the consequences. Let them pay for their left wing philosophy and lack of knowledge about the economy and the free enterprise.

  • Rosemary

    Obama is doing exactly what he needs to do to make this a third world country just like so many others. What he does not understand is that if we are no longer the super power at the top, China and Russia will fill in the void.

    • Switchlight13

      I think China may have already filled the void. The Chinese Century.

  • greginmiami

    Absolutely right on the money, Mr. Goldberg.

  • John F. Tashjian

    I totally agree with you, Mr. Goldberg. And, if I may, here’s my modest proposal: let’s raise the tax on the wealthiest class by 100%; that way, when all the employees have been “downsized” and complain about it, the employer can legitimately say, “Look, I’m being taxed at the highest rate possible; I can’t afford to have any employees working for me. If you’re unhappy with this, then bring it up when you meet up with President Obama. Maybe HE can give you a decent wage.” As I am, currently, unemployed, this doesn’t really affect me, so I can get away with saying it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kenneth-Glenn-Koons/1313421958 Kenneth Glenn Koons

    If the Pubs cave, they will be saving….Obama and his dolts. Today, the IRS put forward 159 pages of new regs, laws, taxes via Obamacare. Ryan today said, no deal and Boehner is still floundering around talking deal. The MSM doesn’t care if we go over the fiscal cliff because Obama wants that to happen. So let’s go and forget these whining poor, minorities, and oh yes, the middle class will now find their taxes go up and then baby Obama will be revealed and it is too late. Of course, Pubs will get the blame. Ryan has to speak up more . BTW, all this baloney about the rich is just that. Taxing the rich would run the govt. for ….8 days. Then Obama will wipe out the PUbs altogether. The Pubs will not fight back unless the public rebels and I mean in just 3 plus weeks.

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com/ Cyberquill

    Luckily, I was too undecided to vote on Nov 6th — in Berniespeak, that translates to “too dumb to vote” — so at least I’m not a “slug.” Phew!

  • Brhurdle

    While I share Mr. Goldberg’s analysis of the problem, I don’t agree with his plan of action. I think it is never good to belittle the constituents no matter how wrong you believe they are – a prime example in my mind would be Alan Simpson who while having some good points regarding entitlements has alienated 95% of the people with his irresponsible comments. I think Mr. Goldberg has conceded defeat without realizing that the strategy must consider moves for next season. I’m not at all sure he has considered post fisical cliff crisis agenda.

  • http://twitter.com/robjohn_2001 Robert Johnson


  • Bob miles

    Thanks for saying this. We are doomed no matter which way this goes. I say let it go over the cliff even if the republicans get the blame. I say so what. Let it happen. Obama gets what he wants and the idiots who voted for him will get what they deserve.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bryan.gaines.98 Bryan Gaines

    Mr. Goldberg:

    What you’re discussing here is the natural “entropy” of any representative republic type government or parliamentary democratic government. It’s playing the numbers and the good old “80/20” rule.

    In any statistical sampling of people, whether you’re talking about workers in a company, church volunteers, parents of kids on a sports team, or voters in a representative government, 80% of all the constructive work, organizing effort, volunteer time, paying taxes, etc. is contributed by 20% of the group…the “Makers”. Conversely, 20% or less is contributed by the remaining 80%…the “Takers”, who basically are parasites on the efforts of the contributing minority.

    This is an undeniable fact that has been proven throughout human history. Think of the “Bread and Circuses” effect that brought down the Roman Republic. Pre-Napoleonic France, The British Parliamentary Republic (now pure Socialist), Athenian Greece, etc. They all went the same way.

    The easiest way that I have found to accurately identify a newly met stranger as a Taker is whether they try to deny that this obvious dynamic is true.

    Once a government evolves to the point wherein every single law-making office in the government is filled by direct popular election, and the only requirement for exercise of the voting franchise is breathing, then that republic is DEAD. The death throes can take a while to fade out, but the society is in its last days.

    By this rationale, if you want to try and pin down the “time of death” of the United States as a free republic, a good date to select is April 8, 1913. That was the date that the 17th amendment to the Constitution (making the selection of U.S. Senators subject to popular election) was enacted. From that point onward, the natural of entropy of the Takers growing in number and outvoting the Makers began its natural and inevitable progression.

    The Founders very specifically mandated that this should NEVER happen, because they understood that a buttress against the 80/20 dynamic was needed. They saw the lessons of history and wanted Senators to be selected by “indirect” means…they chose selection of Senators by the state legislatures as a cushion against direct election and thereby lessen the impact of the “Bread and Circuses” effect of the 80/20 dynamic.

    They also fought against the second factor by trying to limit the voting franchise to persons who actually contributed to the maintenance of the government (property owners, originally)….this is, admittedly, much tougher to do, although the “racism” and “sexism” issue is just a smokescreen for what they were trying to do….keep parasites from voting themselves more free goodies.

    Notice that, in every election for the years since 1913, the liberal Takers have slowly but surely narrowed the gap between themselves and the conservative Makers who make the country run? The 2012 election was the tipping point….for the first time, we re-elected a Socialist liberal without any possible alternative explanation (Johnson got reelected because Kennedy got shot, Clinton at least had the economy he inherited because of Reagan as an excuse, etc.) This time around, there is no possible excuse for voting for Obama other than “give me more free stuff and let someone else pay for it”.

    You have just experienced the last even remotely free election that the United States will ever see…..from this point onward, the Makers are an enslaved minority. And Takers very rarely ever become Makers again……more Makers just give up and join the parasites.

    The most delicious irony of this characteristic of humanity is that, for the most part, the Makers never complain about this…they just keep working harder. Right up to the point where they DON’T.

    At this point, all we can hope to do is to find some way to survive the destruction of the last days of the U.S. and hope to be there for what comes next. Unfortunately, the inevitable cycle will then probably start all over again.

    It is my hope that, rather than the United States experiencing what historically has followed the 80/20 collapse of free republics….to wit, totalitarian dictatorship (The Roman Caesars, Napolean, etc.), that instead one or more states will choose to leave the U.S. and start over, either as individual entities or some sort of separate group. Unlike the last time, you may notice that the “Red States” of the country now possess the majority of military assets in the U.S. and most of the productive industry.

    Yes, I know the knee-jerk reaction to what I’ve written…”Here’s another nutjob secessionist kook!”. But history says that I’m right.

    “Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roscoe-Bonnifitucci/100000459519027 Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Giving King Obama-Claus, the Marxist Moron in the White House, everything he, Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett wants in terms of a tax increase on the “rich” on adds 8-10 days of Federal Government Spending! These people are like Crack Cocaine
    Addicts…they can’t get their hands on enough of our Cash.

    Mr. President – It’s the Spending Stupid!


    To Comrade Obama and Democrat Morons in Congress: We have a Spending Problem Stupid! Central Planning in the form of Excessive State Control is already
    making America noncompetitive.

    To Obama-Claus and his comrades like the Idiot Geithner, the Budget Deficit is of NO Concern as we lose wealth. Geithner is a Genuine Communist Moron who is also a Tax Cheat!

    Patriots – RESIST the Marxist Occupier in the White House and his Politburo Demons. We must RESIST.

  • Dave Mathewson

    An absolutely spot on article. Fundamentally, the root cause of our economic demise are the idiot (Obama, etc.) voters that are a product of our government run educational system.

  • Bob From Virginia

    Yeah Bernie Goldberg, yes the people who vote for Obama deserve the results, unfortunately taxes will be going up on my boss too, and job he may have to cut…I don’t like to think about it.

  • CentralScruntinizer

    You talk about Obama keeping his left wing base happy, Bernie, but how many years are you going to peddle information that you know to be fake to your right wing cadre here and by serving as a fluffer for O’Reilly?

    I say this as a grateful member of the top marginal tax bracket, but does anyone think that the elimination of core middle class tax deductions would do anything but shift the tax burden harder onto the middle class and away from the wealthy? And class warfare as you define it has been underway since Reagan and the laffer curve, but it’s been waged by the rich and via lobbiests who was purchased legislation which tilted the playing field steeply in their favor.

    Go look at objective numbers depicting the staggering increase in both income and wealth concentration among to top 1-2% and the mirroring decease in this figures for everyone else. After 35 years of tax cuts and rampant deregulation like the repeal of Glass Steagall pushing the mammoth redistribution of wealth upward, there is finally some common sense movement to blunt this destructive trend, and what do the rich and their well compensated barking dogs like you call it? Class warfare.

    Nicely played Bernie. I hope your Fox and publishing royalty checks bought you a comfortable bed, because if you had a conscience, it would be pretty hard to sleep.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roscoe-Bonnifitucci/100000459519027 Roscoe Bonnifitucci

      Pleez…Put your BONG down and pick up a History Book. Marxist Dems have been at the Class Warfare thing since Karl Marx. And we all know what happens to Useful Idiots as well as the enslaved populations. Socialism is crap!

      • CentralScruntinizer

        I minored in History, which is probably why I understand that there are very few Marxists in 2012 America. There are a small cadre of socialists, and even one socialist in Congress, but not many. If you put down the WND and take a small step at living in reality, you’ll note that in the mid 1990s the democrats noticed that Union membership and financial clout was vanishing. They then made a huge effort, spearheaded by the newly created Democratic Leadership Committee, to reshape the party’s domestic policy platform to attract corporate money. Since then they have been republicans lite, and, brief bursts of election year rhetoric aside, light years from Marxism.

  • SeattleSam

    C’mon Bernie. when you want a five-year-old to like you, do you tell them that carrots and broccoli are important to their well-being or do you buy them ice cream?

  • BrianFruman

    Go Bernie! Effective tax rates vs marginal rates. It is important to note that Obama doesn’t realize companies have already voted special dividends for all of next year. Thats the funny part. Oracle for instance sent out 3 quarters of next years dividends out this year effectively deffering tax hikes till 2014. So any talk of higher rates are truly silly as these people can park their cash in muni’s earning 2 percent and pay nothing. Good job Obama way to decrease the revenue.

  • Moppie

    Lot’s of us don’t care anymore…you’re absolutely right the GOP will get blamed no matter what happens. God help us because nobody else will.

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    For the past few weeks I’ve been touting what I believe is the only solution, Bernie. Boehner and McConnell need to get all Republicans in Congress in agreement to give Obama whatever he wants in the bill. Simply, say to him “it’s your turn, so give us a bill; in written, ready for the floor vote, form”. Then, have every Republican vote present on it. Tell the American people you can’t in good conscience vote for the nonsense, but are willing to give the Dems their shot at a solution.

    It’s the only way I can conceive making the Dems ‘own the results’. I don’t think it will be that hard to push the blame on them. After all, they didn’t get all the votes in the prior election, only slightly more than 50% of them (less when you remove the illegal votes).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curt-Parker/1267641897 Curt Parker

    As a former public school teacher, I can assure you approximately 50% of the American population are too stupid to find their ample butts with both hands. I know that makes me sound like an elitist, but I don’t care. I’m also a businessman and I’m tired of being taxed out of my mind while watching my country go down in flames due to socialists like Obama and the modern Progressive Democrat Party. Wake up America; we’ve already gone over the cliff.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roscoe-Bonnifitucci/100000459519027 Roscoe Bonnifitucci

      You go girl!

  • Kevin Hubble

    The GOP has always been stupid in their “closing loopholes” argument. Each day day they should announce 2 or 3 SPECIFIC LOOPHOLES!!!!!! that currently exist that they propose to close. The closing loopholes argument is vague and it will never have the romance of the “Raising taxes on the top 2 percent” argument. They should announce these loopholes, who gets them, how much revenue they cost the government and challenge the democrats to repeal them TODAY! Paul Ryan and Tom Coburn have the plans that outline the specific cuts that would allow them to do just that. Then keep asking the democrats “yes or no?” Time to go on the offensive!

  • Eric

    Bernard, please dont overlook the fact that Obama is also working to crash the US economy to enable the arrival of a one world currency. I know you know, but factor this in, when you can, when the time is right. Eric

  • Kicker

    Making people suffer the consequences of their actions is critical. Too often, we sit back and feel sorry for those who are slowly, but surely, destroying our Nation, or, even worse, continue to allow them to be “our friends” because friendship is more important than Country.

    And that is not the fault of our political leadership!!

    We have to take action to make sure those who are promoting the “benefits” of socialism also get to know the consequences. That means firing them, refusing to patronize their business, refusing to have dinner with them, and all the rest of letting them know we are done playing “nice”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ted.wight Ted Wight

    All of you forget it. The conservative segment and the Republican Party of the United States citizenry has lost and will never regain power: it doesn’t have a clue how win. It has been playing on the liberals playing field for 80 years and is afraid to leave it. So lose, lose, lose. Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, Bernard Goldberg all failed us. NO BERNIE, class warfare did NOT win for the Progressives. Abortion helped but mostly it was an incessant — and successful — propaganda effort by the Left: anti-business, anti-Rule of Law, anti-free markets, anti-capitalism, anti-this, anti-that. From K – 12 union workers, to Far-left professors, administrators and instructors, through the NFM (Non-Fox Media) to the entertainment (sic) industry a relentless barrage of lies.
    The Left owns it all. The Left owns us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maxine.kreider1 Maxine Kreider

    Lot of negative comments on here. Sad that our country is so divided. While Obama manipulates the media and a lot of uber liberals, the GOP needs to hang tough. Romney may have lost to the main stream media bias and a Santa Claus type of campaign, he could have pulled the country out of the quagmire of the last 4 years. It was ironic when one of my friends that supported Obama had her 45 year old son permanently laid off and had to start helping with house payments, health insurance, etc. I told her – welcome to Obamaland. The more money given to Obama the more he wastes. The GOP heeds to cut off his money supply and stop enabling him.

  • ghostwriter381

    The only good Republican is one that does not hold elected office. Allen West will become a good Republican in 2013.

  • beniyyar

    When taxes go up under Obama, as they surely will, the past four years of recession and high unemployment will look like a picnic. And the next recession and even higher unemployment rates are guaranteed if the GOP doesn’t stand it’s ground and Obama gets his way with taxes and the debt ceiling.

  • Bloefeld

    Given that the Republican’s can’t win, why don’t they just let Obama have all of Bill Clinton’s tax regime? Then everyone gets a tax hike and the military gets gutted. Let Obama live with the results. The Republican’s can run a flying monkey in 2016 and still win big in the aftermath of Obama leading America off the fiscal cliff. In for a penny in for a pound.

    • ghostwriter381

      Dream on.

    • Mario__P

      That is probably the best option the GOP has. If the Republicans will fight Obama and the economy will improve, Obama will get the credit. If the Republicans will fight him and the economy gets worse, the GOP will get blamed. The Republicans can’t win by fighting. The only option left for them is to let Obama have his way and hope the economy will collapse, which I doubt it will. And the Republicans know that the economy will not collapse if Obama has his way; they just don’t want him to have all the credit. And the GOP doesn’t care about a total economic collapse; just look at 2008. The majority of the Republicans didn’t want any bailouts, which would have been economically disastrous. They wanted to approach the economic meltdown just like back in the late 20’s and early 30’s. Just let things work out. Yeah, right.

    • John Daly

      The problem with that is that Obama will NEVER live with the results, because he has yet to be held accountable for the state of the country and most likely never will be. It will be Bush and the Republicans’ fault until the end of the time. I honesty don’t think Obama cares how much damage he leaves behind, now that he’s been re-elected. When the media is your puppet, you can pin everything negative on the boogie-man of your choice.

      Thus, I think Bernie makes an excellent point. If the Republicans are going to be the fall-guys no matter what, they might as well do whatever they can to save the country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Lewis/599603720 James Lewis

    Bravo, Bernie. I’m taking the pledge.

  • MJWill

    Hi Bernie – overall I agree with you. However I have another thought. Why shouldn’t the republicans agree with Obama and raise the tax rates as he desires, but with actual budget cuts and entitlement reform. Essentially they will call Obama’s bluff, as he does NOT want any budget cut OR entitlement reform. Then the republicans can say to the American people that the President is “holding the middle class hostage” because Obama is not serious about getting the Federal government’s fiscal house in order.

    • http://www.facebook.com/maxine.kreider1 Maxine Kreider

      That makes too much sense. Taxpayers should demand cuts in the President’s and Congresses salaries for every month the budget is not balanced.

  • Tom manning

    maybe posterior would be nicer

  • Tom manning

    I would make it a GOYA to Obama Almighty–GOYA means -get off your ass and stop finger pointing.

  • Clifford

    I’m a 66-year-old, life-long Republican. If just once I could hear the GOP leadership (such as it is) say what Bernie suggests I could die a happy man.

    • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

      the GOP is in perfect communion with the RNC-Newscorp-Foxnews continuum. Are you kidding? You think Cantor, Boehnor, and McConnell disagree with Bernie on one single thing?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Heckman/100002025972689 Steven Heckman

    Amen Mr. Goldberg. It’s time to level with the dolts.

  • Mario__P


    This statement of yours is pretty lame:

    “…, I hope that every small business operator whose taxes go up, fires somebody – or several people – to make up for their lost revenue.”

    Why would revenue be affected by higher taxes? Did you mean to say “lost profit”? Increasing taxes on profits will lower the business’s income, but the money coming in, the revenue, will remain constant. If you’re worried about lower revenue, then you should not be suggesting to lay off workers; the smaller the workforce, the less revenue will be coming in. So, your suggestion for business owners to lay off workers will not benefit the business, it will lower its revenue and profits. To increase profits and value of the company when taxes go up is to expand the business by hiring more workers and reinvest the profits back into the business to avoid paying taxes on it. Seriously, Bernie, do you even understand the basics of capitalism?

  • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

    Ok..Bern’…Roger Ailes will give you your wekly pat on the heaf. 39.6% was a very successful bipartisan move and lended to the budget surplus that W. started with. Class envy is a programmed deal from the RNC. If there’s any such warfare it ‘s against the middle, who fight the manufactured wars, and have had their wages FLATLINE since the wonderous Gipper. But..keep those cliches a-comin’, Big Bern’!!

    • rdgeorge

      The budget surplus based on a tech bubble that grew under the magnificence that is Clinton? The housing bubble was also gestating at the same time with Greenspans ridiculous interest rates. It is possible to section off time frames that suit your political perspective but the 90’s were not a time off genuine advances in productivity they were a decade of bubbles. This is the time Enron and all the other rotten organisations were makign their fantasy profits and paying loads of taxes.
      The best things politicians could do is keep the hell out of the way and remember they are supposed to be the umpires not in the game.

    • alegalcitizen

      Oh, you don’t think the illegal aliens have had a hand in bringing down wages???
      I haven’t heard the Republicans saying anything about class envy, it just POURS out of Owebama though, and I’M middle class, next???

  • Mike

    Bernie, rather cynical – eh? Unfortunately, I think you’re correct. It’s amazing to me that a country as educated as we are cannot understand basic economics. If we continue discouraging the job creators, we will have fewer jobs. And it won’t be Bain Capitol’s fault. It will be Washington leading us over the cliff.

    • Mario__P

      Look who doesn’t understand the economic basics. Higher taxes = lower revenue? How is that?

      • wally

        I recommend you google “Laffer curve”.

        • Mario__P

          Why are you bringing up the Laffer curve? Bernie was talking about business revenue, not tax revenue.

          And on the Laffer curve, do you even know at what tax rate the peak tax revenue is? Obviously Reagan’s and Bush’s tax rates were on the right of the tax revenue peak, since they could not collect enough tax revenue to cover their bills. Clinton’s tax rates, more to the left of Reagan and Bush, managed to pay for the federal bills. So please tell us, what is that magic tax rate on Laffer curve to maximize the tax revenue efficiency?

          • falling321

            Once government spending hits a certain level, there is no amount of taxation capable of recovering the bills. Clinton’s tax rates DID NOT cover the bills. The supposed “surplus” was fiction, created by counting the excess SS taken in as usable government revenue solely for the purpose of making it appear that yearly spending deficits were declining more than they were, but the government debt clock ROSE every single year Clinton was in office and once the Tech bubble burst, we were left in a recession at the end of Clinton’s second term, which was quickly ended by the Bush tax cuts which left more money in individual pockets at all income levels, meaning more spending, more business growth and more tax revenues for the government. Certainly Clinton did better than Bush and far, far better than Obama in keeping costs down, but that had nothing to do with his tax increases, it was because a Republican Congress kept his spending in check. Today neither Republican’s nor Democrats are making any real attempt to keep government spending in check.

            Apparently you have forgotten that the Bush economy was doing qutie well, although government overspending was certainly going on and Bush should have been much more free with the veto pen, until the final two years of the Bush administration when his lack of response to the Democrat accusations finally took their toll and voters gave the House and Senate to complete Democratic control. It was then that government spending REALLY increased and Bush finally brought out the veto pen, but far too late to save our economy from the Dems inaction on quickly increasing gas prices, refusal to control Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the sudden increase in crony capitalism we saw in DC.

      • D. Bag

        Seems Mario’s blind allegiance to his party has crossed his wires to grasp how business works. That’s okay, Mario, we understand that your useless degree in Mesozoic Basket Weaving’s Impact on Homosexual Midwifery didn’t allow you to see how things work in reality, but we’ll clue you in.
        If you tax business more (like mine, I own two small businesses and emply 7 people including myself), we have less money to hire anyone new. My original plans to hire on for 2013 are now scrapped, which is one more job gone that would have otherwise been had it not been for the upcoming Obamacare fiasco plus Biden’s insistence on raising tax rates for small business. I could go on for days about how Joe has ZERO idea about how small business works (but, he’s filthy rich, never had to run one, why would he be any better informed than the average dullard?)

        The failed and idiotic notion that there aren’t many small business owners like myself who file jointly with our companies but make a fraction of the $250 “ceiling” will get screwed is what shows the Democrats have no foothold in reality. It’s illogical, and only helps create more foolish division that will hurt small business while making the dolts feel that we’re somehow FINALLY paying our “fair share” when we’ve been paying it all along.

        Considering that small business does NOT have the same abilitites to hide money and arbitrarily cut corners here and there to make up for changes in taxation is what the Democrats are lost in. They don’t know that small business with few employees means EVERYONE IS VALUABLE, if I can’t hire, I can’t grow. My employees and myself are stretched to the max now, and can’t take on more, but our margins keep shrinking and our costs keep going up (not that Democrats want to acknowledge that little inconvenient truth). But, that’s the “Democrat way”, they simply don’t care about anyone who isn’t blowing them out of envy and backing their insane plans that ultimately do more harm than good. It goes to clearly show that they equate the people who generate money as “evil”, and those who don’t want to work for it as “good” because they’re ALWAYS considered victims in their book, nuttiness to the fullest, but that’s what the party has become.

        When the Democrats finally want to look at things logically vs. through their bleeding heart emotions, we can actually sit down and talk about making changes that might work. As long as the leftists still want to play illogical class warfare games, they can go &*%$ themselves, I won’t support them in any way if they fail to use their heads for once.

  • brendanhorn

    Obama’s whole campaign was basically: Do you want your taxes to be raised? No. Do you want their taxes to be raised? Yes. Do you think this will help the economy? No, we are voters, we don’t think much at all.

    The American people saw how pathetically Obama, Boehner, and Reid worked together for the past two years and said they want two more years of that. The American voter is not too sharp. I think since Americans voted for more of the same, they should get more of the same. If it works, it would have to be seen as a miracle, and clear proof that there is a god.

    • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

      Obama never raised taxes on the middle! AND simply asked for a return to 39.6% for the rich!. Look to Cantor, Boehner, and McConnell.

      • rdgeorge

        I’m fascinated as to who you think will end up paying the Obamacare bills and the debt interest on the trillion per year added to the debt? All he is doing is what any cheat can do which is put off the day of reckoning hoping it will not come due on his watch. He may succeed. But to write that he hasn’t raised taxes on the middle when he has accumulated an extra $4trillion plus in debt is highly misleading, and I’m being charitable.

        • wally

          That is the reason most of Obamacare’s real bite was set to kick in after the 2012 elections.

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

          the same people expected to pay all of Cheney-Bush’s bills. By the way, what is the interest due EVERY YEAR by Obama, on the 11+trillion $$$$ debt he inherited. That raises the debt approx. 600,000 dollars every year.

      • Kicker

        No, Obama just increased taxes on companies that supply little things like food, energy, building materials, clothing, medical supplies and services, and a host of other goods and services.

        These companies then had to increase the prices they have to charge their customers, including the poor, poor, pitiful poor.

        But Obama’s hands are “clean”, at least to The Dolts!!!

      • jm313

        When Clinton raised taxes on the rich in the 90’s the economy was booming. It’s safe to raise taxes at a time like that but right now in a bad economy is risky.

        • Mario__P

          You claim raising taxes on the rich during poor economic times is risky. Is it also risky going through austerity measures during poor economic times? Just look where Europe got with their austerities, right into another recession.

          Also, although the economy isn’t where we would like to see it, corporate profits are at a record high. Obviously some of us can afford to pay a bit more in taxes, even during these economic times.

          • falling321

            Corporate taxes are at record highs because they are cutting their expenses to the bone in preparation for staying alive after all of the coming Obama tax increase hit them! They are NOT earning more profits in an apple to apple comparison. They are RETAINING more of what they earn by making the cuts needed to meet their 10 year budgets in a very uncertain budgetary time.

          • falling321

            So sorry, my fingers got ahead of me…I meant to say Corporate PROFITS are at record highs…

          • Mario__P

            Really? Is that the excuse for the record profits?

            The reality is that corporations learned they could produce and operate the same with a smaller workforce. That is why the new norm for unemployment rate is higher, as many positions got eliminated either due to take-overs and mergers, or simply by eliminating positions to squeeze more out of the workforce. So now the government is left taking care of the laid off workers, while the corporations are enjoying record profits.

          • falling321

            You are actually partially correct. But most of what you talk about occurred during the Bush administration. Now most of the businesses and corporations are just hanging on by their fingernails hoping to stay alive long enough to survive Obama and his massive new taxes and regulations. As a business owner I can tell you that if they thought they had enough work or the ability to expand these corporations would be hiring and expanding! They do not increase profits for their shareholders or themselves by sitting still. Our economy is in the tank, no matter what Obama said on the campaign trail or the media says in support of Obama’s policies. If you take the time to actually TALK to real business owners you would understand that they cannot hire, they cannot expand and they are going to continue to sit on whatever profits they make in order to stay alive for more prosperous times. There may well be a few businesses to point to and say are thriving, but they are few and far between and things are getting worse in the real world, not better.

          • D. Bag

            Why should anyone give a frog’s fat backside if “corporate profits are at a high” as if it’s THEIR fault the government can’t control spending worth a damn and is the one responsible for getting us into this mess? What the dolts have failed to undestand is, it is not OUR responsibility to keep paying for the government’s mistakes and poor choices, it’s THEIR job to correct it and not use us as a piggy bank for their wacky failed experiments. The government, as someone once told me “Could mess up a handjob”, and I wholly agree, they can’t seem to do much right.
            What you on the far left need to realize is that the government does NOT care about you, it cares about protecting itself, preserving its jobs, and using you to cover it’s costs. Why you feel an allegiance to the same force that twists the knife in your back is beyond me – I’ll never understant blind party allegiance nor will I ever understand liberal self-loathing and desire to make life fair (which can never happen, I wouldn’t be dealing with various factors beyond my control if it were possible), it’s such a silly mindset that it makes me weep for the future to know so many think like Mario does.
            If the Republicans actually stick to their guns and get tough instead of caving in, I will vote for them in 2016. If they decide to “meet in the middle” and push for amnesty, high taxes, etc., it will be the last vote they get from me, just like the Democrats got their last vote of mine 16 years ago (a mistake, but you lean as you get older…) Otherwise, if they don’t harden up and do what the party stands for and decide that playing the liberal “get votes at any cost by promising the world” game is a bad idea, they can go the way of the dinosaur and become extinct for all I care. Life now is about taking care of myself and my family first – the moves of the Democrats have essentially robbed me of my ability to help others as I now brace for higher taxes, so I hope they’re happy with the result of what happens when you vote on sunshine and rainbows instead of what reality holds.

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            because too many corporations pay NO taxes. because too much stimulus $$$$ went to Switzerland.

          • Mario__P

            If the corporate profits are at record high, either the workforce is not getting paid their fair share and/or there aren’t enough taxes being collected. Since the middle class income, as part of the total national income, has been on the decline over the past forty plus years, and since corporate taxes are nearly at their lowest since WWII, both apply here. Hence, we should care what the corporate profits are. It doesn’t do our economy any good having the cash hoarded at the top, as evidenced by the current economic situation.

      • falling321

        Are you truly this stupid? Who do you think pays for all the tax increases on businesses, large or small? The middle class of course! A business passes on every single dime in tax increases in the form of price increases. And if they cannot increase their prices to cover it, they also cut expenses…meaning jobs, hours, wages, benefits. And if neither price increases or expense cuts make the ends meet, they close their doors. And where do you think the tax increases should end?
        Feeding a bloated government more money is NEVER the answer, because that bloated animal is never full. Give it more and it will demand even more! Look at how much Obama has already expanded government spending and control…do you really think he feels he has spent enough and will stop now? Of course not! You simply need to look at his first proposal to the GOP to realize that he has no desire to reign himself in! And even if he DOES get every penny in tax increases that he has said he wants this time around…did you know that it would only cover 8 DAYS of government spending at the current rate of spending and would cost American’s AT LEAST 700,000 jobs? Even if he took 100% of every dime over $250,000 earned by everyone in America, it would not pay for a full year of spending at the current rates…and where would the money come from for businesses to grow then?
        I suspect you do not have a good grasp on how much money our government is actually spending, how much it is printing out of thin air or how much it is borrowing…every single minute of every single day in the name of our children, grandchildren great grandchildren, etc…all to pay off the wants of today’s entitlement generation. The ONLY way to get a handle on this is to cut government spending and cut it drastically…not just cut the future planned percentage of increases, which is all they are talking about doing right now.

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

          yeah, cut spending, the answer to Life. We can also cut spending on corporate welfare, on manufactured wars, and covering tax loopholes for multi-millionaires. You want to cut spending on the debt INTEREST left to Obama?

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

          I’m “stupid”? I can absolutely guarantee you’d never say that to my face. So keep your assertiveness training project; and all the Roger Ailes memo cards. :)

          • falling321

            I can absolutely guarantee I will never say that to your face either! I have no desire to know who you are in real life or where you live and you can rest assured that I won’t be trying to find you! But yes, your posts on here have proven beyond any doubt that you are either stupid or being paid to post these foolish talking points that surely even you know by now are not based in fact! I don’t need either assertiveness training or Roger Ailes to tell me anything, I have learned it doing the research, reading the papers and looking behind the talking points. NEITHER party is in my good graces right now, nor have they been for a long time! You make a big mistake when you decide that those who have not swallowed the Obama/DNC talking points whole as you have, must be swallowing else’s talking points!. Some of us actually run a business/businesses and understand from the ground up how badly Obama and his policies have hurt us!

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            If you can’t say that to my face then don’t put it in writing.

          • falling321

            Silly boy! First, I never said you were stupid…I simply asked if you were as stupid as you appeared! Your posts speak for themselves. You did not answer a single one of my points, you merely reverted to your childish retort meant to silence any opposition.

          • RonKean

            Your face? What are you saying? What are you implying? Breaking noses? Bloody knuckles? The first sign of civilized behavior was when man hurled an insult instead of a rock. But this is exactly what Bernie was talking about. We on the right aren’t dealing with civilized people. We’re dealing with people like you.

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            I’ll try again: you would never call me “stupid” in any one on one situation..not that I would want to have such an encounter with an apparently boorish, socially maladjusted, over-achiever.>>>you on the right? what a laugh!! uncivilized?? listen to Limbaugh, Coulter, O’Reilly, Alex Jones…. Palin? (“don’t retreat, reload”), Angle (“second amendment remedies”)??

  • Venter

    I am taking off my spiked shoes and putting on slippery soled shoes and I am going to enjoy the ride down the Fiscal Cliff. Republicans have to go on T.V. with a chalk board and explain what will happen with the Obama plan. Republicans should advertise ,useing 3 letter words , draw some pictures all on CBS, NBC, ABC prime time and explain how they can help correct America’s fiscal problems without revenge, and taxing success. The republicans cannot give in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..I take the Cliff!

  • Armchair Cynic

    The Republicans cannot deliver a simple, cogent economic message. Americans either aren’t paying attention or are incapable of understanding anything but Obama-simple campaign quips. My suggestion: offer to give Obama everything he wants (except the unlimited debt ceiling over which the Constitution would look askance), PROVIDED that Obama goes on TV and says, “I accept sole, personal responsibility for the effect on the economy resulting from this bill. I won’t blame Bush, Boehner, Europe, Trump or anyone else. If it works, I built the recovery. If it doesn’t, it’s on me.” People understand pain, not logic, math or history, let alone economic policy. This is a tough way to educate the public, but maybe the only way.

  • Phil

    I love your way of thinking, Bernie. Unfortunately, the GOP still labors under the delusion that they can make the media like them if they “moderate.” The media will NEVER like them. Why can’t they get that through their thick skulls? I would pay to see them try the approach you suggest here.

  • John Daly

    I agree. The Republicans need to take the lumps and bravely do the right thing for the country.

  • Patrick

    Good idea Bernie. Or they could do the opposite and give the Democrats everything they want and I mean everything. They could say, “Fine. It’s obvious you have a mandate from the people for what they want. However, don’t say we didn’t warn you about the consequences.” Frankly, the people who voted for what Obama has to offer can have it, warts and all. If anything bad happens as a result of it, they deserve it.

    • wally


    • falling321

      I agree that THEY deserve it, but the rest of us do not and the rest of us are the ones who are going to actually pay the price. Most of Obama voters are either those on some form of public dole so they won’t be paying these tax increases, or they are the very wealthy hollywood elite types who, thanks to fancy accountants, also won’t be paying most of the tax increases. It is we the true middle class, the workers and small business owners, mostly Republicans and conservatives, who will pay the bill when it comes due…both today and long into the distant future.

  • RonKean

    Yeah Bernie! Go Bernie! I’m with you, brother.

  • http://twitter.com/MAYBELLINE619 MAYBELLINE619

    I’m a “Bernie” freak anyway. This put me over the top in love with all things Goldberg.

  • http://twitter.com/MAYBELLINE619 MAYBELLINE619


  • Wheels55

    It seems that the pledge to not raise taxes was an attempt to tell people that Republicans will not sell out the American people. I think the word pledge threw too many off. After all, many people sign contracts and choose to ignore those documents (e.g. mortgages). Why would anyone think a pledge means an honest attempt at something? Politics has become just words – little substance. The majority of Americans seem to have embraced that. That’s why I think saying “we don’t care if you blame us” is a good idea – maybe that phrase is just words.

  • http://twitter.com/porcelain10 patricia

    The Sm Buz ppl are hanging on the cliff now! This will push them over…

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie: Good point, even people who aren’t dolts don’t grasp the Rs talk. This “fiscal cliff” crisis is pathetic, when both parties essentially plan to spend a tril more than revenue. Every year. The real crisis will hit when nobody buys bonds from such a spendthrift.

  • Terry

    You are exactly right. But the Politicians will sacrifice us all to save their own jobs.

  • http://twitter.com/porcelain10 patricia

    I had to end my sm Buz in 2009, after 20 years,I just decided I wanted to sleep at night and have $ in my GOLDEN years.

  • artlouis

    Is there any way that you can arrange to sub for Boehner? One day should be enough.

  • http://twitter.com/AdvoSnob AdvoSnob

    Preach it Bernie. Common sense that I’m sure the Republicans will toss out the window.

  • http://twitter.com/steveandrade3 steve andrade

    …is it too late to blame Bush for the Cliff

  • Kent

    Excellent piece!

    • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

      I’m sure Roger Ailes is beaming!

  • http://twitter.com/Mr_RichCarter Rich Carter

    If our republican representatives Would just stand. They have not, hmmmm, well then either they are stupid and don’t deserve their positions or they are complicit in this nation destroying and need to be in jail. I don’t think they are stupid

    • alegalcitizen

      I guess YOU didn’t see the Republicans submit a bill then, and the “Hairy Reed” didn’t bring it up for a vote, then we could SEE where they stand, but he didn’t do that so what’s the beef then Rich????

  • Joe McClure

    Good article, totally agree, too bad the Republicans don’t have the stones to follow your advice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

      DON’T HAVE THE STONES? :) Ya mean when they signed the Norquist pledge, created the plan to keep the bluecollar workforce unemployed while Obama was/is in office? Never read good jobs-infrastructure bills? return stimulus $$$$$?? ha!!!!!!!!!!!

      • John Daly

        Yes Phil. All of Obama’s abysmal economic numbers are part of a vast right-wing conspiracy. You figured it out.

        • CentralScruntinizer

          If Obama’s slow but steady growth numbers, (and record profits for corporate America) are abysmal, how do we term the last set of republican/Bush economic numbers of hundreds of thousands of job losses per month? Apocalyptic?

          • falling321

            First, if Republicans, who hold only the House are responsible for the failure of all of Obama’s policies, aren’t the Democrats, who held both the House and the Senate during the last two years of the Bush administration, responsible for all of the failures (namely the economic crash) that occured during the last few months of the Bush administration? Democrats seem to want to ignore that fact.
            As for Obama’s slow but steady growth numbers…they do not exist. All of the “jobs” supposedly created by this administration do not add up to the number lost during the same time period. They have lowered the reported unemployment numbers using tricks and mirrors…such as not counting people who run out of resources and who were forced into early retirement, easing millions onto the disability and welfare rolls and off the unemployment rolls and ignoring the millions of college grads and high school students who are entering the employment market for the first time and therefor do not qualify to apply for unemployment…now relegated to returning home to live off of their parents, hurting both their parents and their own future. A jobs counselor working with my youngest, recently told us that those graduating now can expect their future earnings potential to be postponed by 15 years! in other words, these young people will not start earning good money, owning homes, afford to have children, or expect to be fully financially independent for a full ten years after those who graduated during the Bush administration….all due to the way Obama’s policies have effected employment, wages and prices for those starting out today.
            BTW, those corporate record profits….they are there not because the corporations are MAKING MONEY…they are there because those corporations have made cuts across the board in order to remain solvent and ready to roll once Obama is out of office and his failed polices have been turned back!

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            yes, with Corporate profits skyrocketing, I’m sure those execs despise Obama’s “policies”. I’m sure Big Oil and defense contractors can only survive by furloughing.

          • falling321

            First “big oil” and “defense contractors” are hardly regular businesses…they are subsidized by governments, including Obama’s government. But regular businesses HATE Obama’s policies for the most part. Sure, there are some that have benefitted from his handouts, but those are run by big libs like GE and got specific exceptions to most of Obama’s tax hikes and regulations…at least long enough for them to support him through a few elections! And there is a big difference between a corporation which has cut expenses to the bone in order to keep a larger share of profits in their own coffers in preparation for the future uncertainty Obamacare and Obama’s massive number of new regulations are going to bring and REAL profits made during a booming economy when customers are in the stores and orders are flying out the doors. And we have absolutely not seen any of those kind of profits under Obama!

          • CentralScruntinizer

            You have a facinating way with facts. That’s a tidy and completely fabricated fact your jobs counselor pulled out. And if you think that record corporate profits are somehow achievable by cutting costs alone you might want to try some economic classes. Those classes might also touch on the causes of the Housing Collapse, which was primarily driven by deregulation of the financial sector via the republican sponsored bill Gramm-Leach-Bliley in 2000 (which, to be fair, was happily signed by Bill Clinton.) This allowed investment banks to create many ways to package and resell complex securities with lots of subprime mortgage backed securities buried and concealed, making them quickly saleable thanks to lax oversite by S+P and Moody’s who were supposed to assess their risk.

            Obama is a C+ president, but that’s a major step up from Bush or the prospect of Romney.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

            The job losses under Bush were a result of a collapse in the Housing market, which caused a crisis in banking. Bush saved the economy from crashing with the TARP bailout. The recession officially ended in 2009, so the slow growth in Obam’s last three years are due to Obama’s failed policies, like Obamacare.

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            really? Bush II saved the economy? except for his last year in office when in one 6 month period, 4 million jobs were lost. When he took to the podium in Oct. of 2008 he said nothing was saved…he said we were on the verge of a depression. and he left Obama with a 11+ trillion $$$$$ debt with 2 unfunded wars, unfunded pharma. and an unfunded 10 yr. tax relief program which yielded no jobs.

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            “Obamacare” is implemented fully in 2014. There will be 4 million new healthcare related jobs as a result. Or do you want to go back to paing an extra 1,000 dollars per. yr. to cover uninsured who WANT and WERE ABLE to pay but were denied because of precondition? But keep quoting Roger Ailes’ memo writers. Like Bernie does, obviously.

          • Brian

            Notice how insurance premiums are going up as a result of Obamacare. Expect longer waits in doctor’s offices and hospital waiting rooms due to Obama care and due to illegal immigration in states like CA. It is inevitable.

          • irene46

            increasing insurance premiums don’t have a thing to do with obamacare. i don’t know who your company is but my rates have been since before obama took office. they can’t blame obamacare for raising premiums every single year which they’ve been doing for years.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            Housing market collapsed primarily, though not exclusively due to the GOP obsession with deregulation, in this case the mammoth deregulation of the financial sector via the repeal of Glass Steagall in 2000. The sentence ” The recession officially ended in 2009, so the slow growth in Obam’s last three years are due to Obama’s failed policies, like Obamacare” is so flawed it defies help – The recession ended because there was growth, albeit it slow. That’s the definition of a recession ending. The growth you are railing about is the definition of the recession being over. And the slow growth is still due to the cratered economy from 2008. And the cherry on top of your Sunday of misinformation would be that Obamacare has impacted the economy or is “a failed program” neither of which are possible because it doesn’t start until next year.

          • Brian

            What about irresponsible home buyers who spent beyond their means or Fannie & Freddie? I admit that there was a lot of deception regarding the adjusted rate mortgage loans. But there are people who will spend as much as they can, without thinking about tomorrow. In other words, it was both. But hey, in US society, we are adopting a Scandanavian approach and feel that everyone is entitled to home ownership in the name of fairness.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            Yup, home buyers either buying too much home, or using their home as an ATM machine by taking money out on Re-fis during the boom played a part, as did the GSEs. But the difference is that those home buyers ultimately faced real consequences for their actions. The bankers and hedge fund managers who made billions off the boom, then got bailed out with literally trillions of tax payer dollars (TARP plus subsequent Fed bailouts) did not suffer any consequence and retained the massive fortunes made from the housing bubble.

          • Brian

            I don’t think Obama truly understands business and economics. Or if he does, then he truly has a Socialist agenda as he had a Communist named Van Jones in his administration and had the most Liberal record in the Senate. People are too dumb to admit these truths.

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            explain the socialism in offering a 3.8 to 4.4 trillion $$$$ deficit reduction package, including cuts to the big 3; implementing Bush II’s TARP. You think he doesn’t understand that the GOP has decided to block him for political reasons only, the bluecollar workforce be d*mmed? I guess never rasing taxes on 95% of us *is* socialistic, maybe you’re right.

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

          no conspiracy except for McConnell’s mission statement, plus an actual GOP meeting where it was specifically decided NOT to cooperate with Obama and the good jobs-infrastructure bills NOT to be read and stimulus $$$$ to be SENT BACK. Obama even tried to cut the Big Three and the Hiouse would not read that. So keep your RNC – generated nonsense. Stick wth Big Bern’ and Roger Ailes.

          • falling321

            Some states opted not to accept SOME of the stimulus money because accepting it tied future, large, unsubsidized spending on states for infinity. Those states have done better in the long run, than the states that accepted the handouts and then have had to pay out more and more of their own money each year as the original handout programs still continue. As for McConnell’s “missions statement”…have you ever heard one party saying they will do everything in their power to KEEP the other party in office? Of course not! Just as Democrats started working to keep Bush from being re-elected even before his inauguration, Republican’s did the same to Obama. But these two weren’t the first to find this happening to them…that is why they are called OPPOSITION parties. As for good jobs-infrastructure bills…give us some links, I have yet to see a GOOD jobs-infrastructure bill come from this president, although I did read a few passed by the 2010 Republican House which were completely ignored by Harry Reid…he did not even allow them to come to the floor for discussion, much less a vote! Same for all the House budget bills, healthcare proposals, etc. Apparently YOU are the one living in liberal LALA land. Face reality and recognize that those liberal talking points you keep spewing are 99% false.

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            mediocre, good, very good…the freaking House wouldn’t even open the envelope! JOBS-JOBS-JOBS needed asap and stimulus $$$$ returned and infrastructure bills not even read.

      • Switchlight13

        Keystone XL pipeline: 50,000 jobs lost thanks to the Obama. Billions wasted on “green” industries that went bankrupt.

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

          six thousand USA jobs, pal.

      • http://www.facebook.com/maxine.kreider1 Maxine Kreider

        Phil, you are deluded at best. Check out how many new “regulations” have been put out in the last 4 years. No wonder small businesses are just barely treading water. No investment is going on because business does not trust Obama. How many failed green energy companies to you need to see that. Check out how many jobs went to China, Brazil, Sweden, Mexico all with Obama’s blessing.

        • CentralScruntinizer

          Suggest you look to see how many green energy companies given government loans DID fail. The answer is 3 out of 26, not bad for start ups in a highly speculative business, and one that is pretty vital to the continuation of life on this planet.

          • PatriotLuvr

            @CentralScrutinizer – I suggest you learn how to count. Here is a list of the companies that went belly-up so far: Solyndra – LSP Energy – Energy Devices – Abound Solar – Sun Power – Beacon Power – Ecotality – A123 Solar – Uni Solar – Azure Dynamics – Evergreen Solar and Ener1. That’s 13 and counting. Money blown by ignorant bureaucrats gambling with OUR taxes.

            Source: http://www.dividedstates.com/list-of-failed-obama-green-energy-solar-companies/

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            well, solar is the future. it’s coming. shaky start shown above, but…it will be here. case closed.

          • kcinco

            If solar is the future, then why aren’t we using it now!?? It was attempted back in the 1970’s. It didn’t work then, it won’t work now. Deja vu.

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            like, for political reasons? like…big oil….? :)

          • PatriotLuvr

            Case closed? Why because you have no factual counter argument to a waste of our tax dollars, gambled by ignorant bureaucrats? Let private equity, who have expertise in the analyzing the potential, risk their monies on unproven ventures and either lose that money or gain the reward for taking the risk. This in no area for politicians or ignorant bureaucrats to be wasting our tax money.

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            so..solar is permanently O-U-T? :)

          • CentralScruntinizer

            Or you could get real facts from a credible site that will give you reality: http://www.factcheck.org/2012/10/romneys-clean-energy-whoppers/

          • PatriotLuvr

            There is nothing wrong with the cite. It was accurate at the time written. There are even more companies now that have gone bankrupt after taking our tax dollars.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            Interesting how 16 of the 19 companies you mention as being Surplus funded & now bankrupt were not on the list 5 weeks ago. I think you might want to recheck your sourcing.

          • falling321

            Evergreen Solar ($25 million)*
            SpectraWatt ($500,000)*
            Solyndra ($535 million)*
            Beacon Power ($43 million)*
            Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million)
            SunPower ($1.2 billion)
            First Solar ($1.46 billion)
            Babcock and Brown ($178 million)
            EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)*
            Amonix ($5.9 million)
            Fisker Automotive ($529 million)
            Abound Solar ($400 million)*
            A123 Systems ($279 million)*
            Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($700,981)*
            Johnson Controls ($299 million)
            Brightsource ($1.6 billion)
            ECOtality ($126.2 million)
            Raser Technologies ($33 million)*
            Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)*
            Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)*
            Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)*
            Range Fuels ($80 million)*
            Thompson River Power ($6.5 million)*
            Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)*
            Azure Dynamics ($5.4 million)*
            GreenVolts ($500,000)
            Vestas ($50 million)
            LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($151 million)
            Nordic Windpower ($16 million)*
            Navistar ($39 million)
            Satcon ($3 million)*
            Konarka Technologies Inc. ($20 million)*
            Mascoma Corp. ($100 million)
            * denotes those who have already filed for bankruptcy, but there are others who are also circling the drain!!!

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            gee, I guess batting .500 is a disgrace to humanity.

          • falling321

            When you are using tax payer money on a business that you KNOW will not survive due to China under pricing them at every turn…absolutely! And we have yet to see the total that will go under as there are several more barely hanging on by their fingernails. I suspect before it is all over, there will be an 85-95% loss of this money. It was nothing more than a massive payback to big Obama donors and their friends anyway, so I guess he achieved HIS goals…unfortunately, America got screwed!

          • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

            you got proof that someone KNEW the $$$$ would be wasted? By the way, Solyndra was a Bush II project.

          • CentralScruntinizer
        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

          yes, too many regulations. But Obama has given small business 18 instances of tax breaks. Check out outsourced jobs? Look up Bain Capital records. Obama has tried to invest in infrastructure and in small and medium businesses but too many Red State governors sent back the stimulus $$$ and the House refused to look at his bills. OVER-deregulation is the prime reason for the crisis – goes back to Reagan-Regan, when the ex-CEO of Merrill-Lynch became our go-to guy in DC.

      • EddieD_Boston

        You don’t get it dude. Infrastructure (shovel ready?) jobs are temporary. Private sector jobs are sustainable over the long-term.

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

          I get it…”dude” :) >>>>> talking about heavy construction jobs on tunnels, bridges, and roads.

    • eric

      dont have the stones is right. they need a “tea party” style candidate or wilder candidate, like Jesse Ventura, but also more American. Romney should have played right along the Obama commericals stating Romney closed companies and people lost jobs, of course he did, not all the companies he touched were big success winners. One of Romney points should have been would go to DC and close a lot of the Federal Government

      • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

        Jesse Ventura laughs at the Tea party the way any thinking person would laugh at ANY JOhn BIrch/segregationist outfit. Tea Party? Yes, all those great minds – Sharon Angle, West, O’Donnell, palin, Bachman, Tancredo.

  • Fl Pundit

    Great piece! I couldn’t agree more if I had written it myself.

  • ps5725

    i am in total agreement, and have been telling the Reps the same thing. Not even they listen!

  • Rebellion_to_Tyrants

    Bang! Way to go Bernie, I’m on board. Run a small biz, 15 employees. Can’t wait to fire someone.

    • switchlight13

      Just make sure it’s an Obama supporter.

    • ghostwriter381

      If you are making more than $250,000 you are not a small business.

      • http://www.facebook.com/maxine.kreider1 Maxine Kreider

        you really are that dumb!!! Many, many small businesses make over 250,000 in a year. They have to have money to buy goods and services. The banking system won’t even lend them money now. Farms are small businesses and they need money for the next year. You think of small business as the mom and pop store. They are beauty shops, restaurants, small mfrs, etc. Many file as individuals not businesses.

        • Ghostwriter381

          When they buy goods and services they write that off. They must have a stupid accountant. If over $250,000 they should pay 39.5%

          • SeattleSam

            It’s painfully obvious that you’ve never run a business.

          • Mario__P

            And neither have you. As a small businessman, you can buy a vehicle for business, which will obviously be used for personal use, and write it off. White off any lunches or dinners as business activity. Write off furniture and electronics as purchases for the business. Even write off trips. So after all those write-offs you still make over $250K, hey, that’s like making somewhere near $325K if you couldn’t write off anything. But regardless how much you make, you still pay the same rate as everyone else on your first $250K. If you don’t like paying more for anything over $250K, then donate the rest or pay your employees more. I’m sure whoever gets that money will be happy to pay 90% in taxes on it.

          • tim net

            I run a business Mario. You can’t write off vehicles in a business. You depreciate them over several years that goes against profits. Lunches and Dinners have to be justified as a business expense. Furniture and major electronics must be depreciated. There’s a big difference between making enough to depreciate versus a straight write off. Try it sometime! Let me tell you a little rule; you have to make it before you write anything off. With the corporate tax structure I can’t leave profits in my company as I would be subject to 50% taxes. I have to take the money personally and loan the money back to the company. This is ridiculous. Lower the corporate tax structure. Make it more logical for me to leave my money in the company which “I Want To Do”! And “Tax me when I take it out”. Try building inventory in a company. Inventory is an asset just like Cash in the bank. The difference is the IRS won’t take inventory for tax payments. This is why many businesses are up to the eyeballs in debt because they have to borrow for inventory. Unfortunately, Romney understands the complications of running a company. Unfortunately we elected someone that doesn’t.

          • falling321

            Thanks Tim, you put it much better than I could. Most people still think the old business tax write offs are still on the books…obviously Mario does. All I can tell him is that it is MUCH easier to just take the tax hit most of the time than do the paperwork needed to justify any possible writeoff and suffer an IRS audit to have prove you never walked into your home office to make a personal phone call, used the copy/fax machine for personal business or stored a single personal item there!

          • falling321

            You have obviously NEVER run a small business. The majority of the things you are calling write off do not exist any longer as write offs. I cannot use my car for both business and personal and write it off as a business expense. I cannot go out to dinner and write it off as a business expense unless my business actually requires dinner meetings (and how many do?), I cannot operate out of my home and write that off as a business expense, although I can write off a very small percentage of my home costs if i can prove that I never walk into that space unless I am performing a business related act. And why on earth should I be forced to pay far more than any other American on my hard earned dollars, just because Obama wants more to hand off to his cronies or to hand out to those he owes for their vote? You claim I should either pay more or just donate anything over $250,000…are you seriously suggesting that no American should aspire to earn more no than $250,000? Should ambition, hard work and self reliance really end when someone hits that mark? Because that is what is going to happen…already in 2011 there were in excess of 100,000 FEWER small business start ups than in 2010 and in 2010 there were in excess of 80,000 fewer small business start ups than in 2009. In 2012 that number is going to REALLY tank, meaning there will be millions more continuing to go without jobs.
            Somewhere along the way you have decided that those who earn the money are no longer entitled to keep the majority of that money…and that can only be because YOU have never been the one to earn the money, you have always been a taker and feel entitled to the profits gained through the sacrifices and hard work others have made in order to reach for their dream.

          • PatriotLuvr

            The pity is that due to blissful ignorance, they have no clue what is involved. They just parrot mindless platitudes.

      • Kicker

        You have no idea what a small business is. As a one-man business, I have been in the $250,000 total income range. And I have refused to hire additional people because it would just make more work for me, and not substantially change my total income after I get done paying the additional taxes.

      • SeattleSam

        Actually according to the government you are http://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/files/Size_Standards_Table.pdf